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Adam Jones' escape from San Diego


Back when this blog was firing on all cylinders (hang with us; we'll get there again) I professed my gigantic man crush on Orioles center fielder Adam Jones, and compared him to the opening pages of a great novel. Since every good novel needs to explain a character's back story, I wanted to make sure Orioles fans spotted this story by Chris Jenkins of the San Diego Union-Tribune about Jones' teenage years. It's kind of cool to think that Sam Horn and Jones are from the same neighborhoods.

As Jenkins points out in the piece, it's sort of remarkable that Jones didn't even really play much baseball until he was in high school, which makes you feel like he has even more untapped potential than what we're seeing right now.

It's also a nice reminder of just how important mentors can be in urban areas that are threatening to be overrun by drugs and crime. It always saddens me when I hear people rip on city schools, especially when it's talk radio knuckleheads who have never stepped foot inside one, blaming teachers unions or overpaid administrators for a litany of problems. It's always more complicated than that. Sometimes, it just takes one person to care about a kid and use sports as a vehicle to focus their lives in the right direction. And for every kid like Adams Jones who becomes a Major League Baseball player and has his story told, there are hundreds who simply make it to graduation or get to college, and it's no less of a success.

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someones a bleeding heart!

yes, it only takes 1 person to do that, but in a city with 150k school aged children, you need more than 1 to make a dent.

all comes down to the parents parenting and people taking responsibility for their actions. no need for overpaying teachers or administrators to be parents AND teachers if parents do parenting.

they dont dare set foot in those schools as they are war zones.

Stick to sports, not politics

As someone who considers herself to be a mentor of sorts (in this case, my nephew), I'd like to think you're right.
I'll take making a difference in one kid's life over doing nothing anyday.

Please write about whatever you want. It's your toy box and you can pick the toy.

Great story on Adam Jones he is going to be a super star

shamrock- It scares me to there are people in the world who think like you, let alone tell every one about it!

Good points Kevin. As individuals we are responsible for OUR actions. No doubt about it. However, we also have a choice on being positive or negative. Just ask the 'hater' who posted before me! Opinions are like.....everyone has one!

hey hey... didnt say i wasnt proud of the kid or what he did wasnt an accomplishment, I just didnt like the politicized paragraph at the end.

if we just had more mentors, the world would be peaches and cream. No, if people made better choices, like Adam Jones, the world would be peaches and cream. taking a swipe at (conservative) talk radio hosts who bash our woefully inadequate schools and the legislators who dump money on the problem like it is supposed to make a difference.

More money isn't the answer, better decision making is. making snide comments isnt the answer either.

And since when are the streets of SD that rough? run into a bunch of surfer toughs picking fights over waves? a bunch of local news teams having throw downs in the industrial part of town? Brick killed a guy with a Trident?

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