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O's news you never thought you'd read

So much for the sweep.

The Orioles just lost to the Yankees 11-2 to finish their first series of the season. Still, taking two of three has got to feel pretty good.

I'm about to head down to the clubhouse and start working on a column for tomorrow's paper. But I just had to pass this along to you. I picked up this news release in the pressbox this afternoon, and I couldn't believe what I was reading.

Now my Japanese isn't the best. I have no formal training. (And I have no informal training for that matter.) But I'm pretty sure this release is announcing the signing of Roger Clemens.

Or that a Matt Wieters statue will be unveiled outside the ballpark on May 1.

Or that every broom brought into Camden Yards for today's presumed sweep will be donated to the city's sanitation department.

Or that the Orioles will host a special Mark Teixeira headless bobblehead doll promotion when the Yankees return to town.

Or maybe it's a memo to Teixeira that says, "Boo boo! Boo! Boo boo boooo! Boo! BOOOO! Boo. Boo! Boooooooo! Boo-boo-boooo!"

Or most likely, it's just a food menu on Orioles letterhead.

At any rate, I've got to get down to the clubhouse for interviews, so I'll let you offer your best translation.

(After the jump is an enlarged image, in case your own Japanese benefits from enlarged images.)


I need to brush up on my Japanese but I think it refers to guidelines for camera men and the need to present credentials and something about computers blah blah blah... sorry it was either that or a bad joke...

I actually clicked on this link thinking it was a meaningful article about the Orioles. Probably along the lines of "news about the orioles you never thought you would read". However, it was just another piece of garbage with a fake headline that usually comes with this crap website. I was greatly dissapointed...again.

mjb, send me your address and I'll be happy to mail you a full refund of zero dollars to compensate you for the time you spent reading this free blog post. Indeed, how dare we.

The Toy department is just trying to poke some fun at the little things in sports, so mjb, dont click on the link and quit your crying, you guys are stating to sound like Colin Cowherd with all this whining!

hahaha. Kevin, good come back against the troll. I think it's great to see O's news printed in a different alphabet. How do you say O's win the world series in 2010 in japanese?

I apologize, that was harsh. And I do admit I was in a bad mood after the Orioles fell apart yesterday to miss the sweep, which probably lead to the negative comment. I usually enjoy the blog posts and have no problem with them. I know I should have found a better outlet to vent my O's anger, but this was the first place I came to... so once again, I'm sorry.

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