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Orioles solve pitching woes for a day

At various points yesterday, Brett Favre joined the Ravens, A-Roid was traded to the Orioles and Gary Williams nabbed recruit Lance Stephenson.

One bad thing about the Internets is that everyone with a keyboard and a web site has a killer joke saved up for April 1. And they're all funny until about 10 a.m. By noon, you groan but grin. By 3 p.m., you can't wait for April 2.

Well, here we are -- April 2 -- a full day removed from the silliness. But there was one joke that remains funny to me this morning. Camden Chat broke the news that the Orioles signed Pedro Martinez. It was the photo that made the post:

Here's a brief excerpt but be sure to click here to read the entire post:

Orioles skipper Dave Trembley said he had not yet determined where Martinez would slot into the rotation. Current starter Jeremy Guthrie could not be reached for comment, but his Twitter feed read, "Pedro is an ace in any clubhouse", indicating there will be little friction regarding the rotation order following the surprise signing. 

In a humorous turn of events, the announcement was delayed by nearly an hour because Martinez was tracking down and bargaining with relief pitcher Dennis Sarfate to wear uniform number 45, the number Martinez had worn in previous stints with the Red Sox and Mets.


Photo: Camden Chat


I am not gonna lie. I was shocked and thought this was true. With the rotation looking like it does now, it wouldnt suprise me.

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