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Kyle Boller: the lost years

Having failed to live up to franchise-quarterback expectations in Baltimore, Kyle Boller has a second chance to fulfill the promise he hinted at coming out of California in 2003. His new work address is St. Louis, his new team the Rams and his new job is backup to Marc Bulger on a very young, rebuilding team. Boller, 27, signed a one-year contract with the Rams on Sunday, and now we'll find out the rest of the story.

During six seasons with the Ravens, Boller was either terrible, overmatched, undercoached or overhyped. He probably lost the confidence of his teammates before he lost the faith of the fans. It didn't take long, and by the time the Ravens' new coaching regime rolled in last year, Boller seemed pretty much an afterthought. He spent his final season in Baltimore on injured reserve with a shoulder injury that happened when he was left to fend for himself in a preseason game against the Vikings.

The bottom line shows 53 games, 42 starts, 45 touchdown passes and 44 interceptions. Not good enough for the 19th pick of the first round in 2003. Why did Boller fail? There are many theories, but one of the most insightful comes to us from former Ravens teammate, and now Rams center, Jason Brown. This is what Brown told Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch at last weekend's Rams' minicamp:

"Kyle Boller with the Ravens, I love him to death, but you see what getting hit one too many times early in your career can do to you. He became gun shy instead of getting the ball and standing back there with poise and then being able to step up. If there was a flash of anything, something -- it might have been far to the edge -- he was like [flinching]. And he started to scramble. You have to have faith in your offensive line to where you say, 'Hey, I know these guys are going to give me the seconds that I need in order to get this ball off.'"

If Boller gets a chance to play in 2009, it'll probably be because Bulger didn't get those seconds. And Boller isn't likely to get them, either. He has a defensive-oriented head coach in Steve Spagnuolo, and a first-year offensive coordinator in Pat Shurmur. Whether that combination can salvage Boller's career remains to be seen. But it can't do worse than the Ravens' coaching line of Brian Billick, Matt Cavanaugh and Jim Fassel.

It becomes clear now that some quarterbacks, like Joe Flacco, have the mental makeup to play early as a rookie. Others, like Boller, need more time. In 2003, after the team traded back into the first round to get him, Billick made the decision to start Boller in the season opener against the Steelers. For the rest of Billick's tenure, he defended the strategy and he defended Boller. Obviously, Boller was not compatible with the strategy. And it wasn't all his fault.

The Ravens got the quarterback thing right last year with some exquisite coaching and Flacco's tough mental character. They will always look back at Boller and wonder what might have been.


I think jason brown is just trying to cover his own backside. Kyle stood in the pocket many times and took some devestating blows and he showed he had the guts and heart to take a hit until the end of the 2007 season. The problem wasnt Boller. Check how many QBs we had prior to kyle and none [ something like 17] of them panned out. Seems to me you have to blame the coaching staff and their system, or maybe the LINE. Unfortunately Kyle Boller is going to another team with a poor line....and what do you know Jason Brown is in that one too.

I hope Kyle gets his second chance, stops having nervous feet, and becomes the QB I hoped he would. I never really lost faith in him. Good Luck Kyle

Two Words: Good Riddance. And one more thing, he's an NFL quarterback, he is expected to get up after getting hit. Giving him credit for taking tough hits is like complementing a running back for running toward the goal line instead of backwards. I'm still waiting for a poster on here to say he was "tough as nails". Who cares? Did he make good decisions, did he look comfortable in the pocket, was he accurate on long range passes? The answer to all of those questions is a resounding NO.

I love Joe Flacco but it was obvious to me that our O line did a much better job protecting the QB last year than in the past. It would have been interesting to see how Kyle would have fared in Cam's new offensive system with a line that can block.
Good Luck Mr. Boller!

Thankfully, six terrible years of this guy are finally over. The weird thing is, in all those years I never once saw him throw the football through the uprights from his knees. Hehe

To be outstanding, a quarterback needs a decent offensive line and someone to throw to.. The Ravens' offensive line has until the past year been so-so or worse. That line is the spark of the offense; all else revolves on it. Finally, we are getting one. Now we need a deep threat to throw to.

Kyle Boller was not deserving of a 1st round pick. He completed barely 50% of his passes at CAL and his form was so inconsistent that his college coach strapped his left arm to his body in practice in an attempt to enable Boller to learn to replicate his delivery through muscle memory. That alone should have been a warning to any team looking to draft him.

His inability to repeat sound mechanics on subsequent throws continued through his pro career and his attempts at screens and swing passes were amateurish shot put like attempts. Throughout his tenure in Baltimore he would make teriffic throws followed by off the back foot wounded ducks up for grabs.

Yes, Boller is a very nice young man and we all wish him well. Billick expected far too much of him far too soon and his ego would not allow him to admit that Boller was drafted too high and should never have started his first year and maybe in subsequent years.

Good luck Kyle..

Can we ship Mike Preston to St. Louis to?

There are always 2 schools of thought about Boller:

1. He's no good
2. He has the talent but was in a crap system that nearly got him killed with receivers that thought the ball was radioactive.

Because Flacco had a certified offensive genius in Cameron coaching him and a very energized team (working hard to impress the new coach) around him, I lean slightly more towards #2.

However, if you want a sort of reverse might have been look, keep an eye on Jay Cutler.

Here's a guy who physically resembles Boller (slightly bigger). In Denver he was on a team with a great O-line, a certified offensive genius as a coach, good running backs and very good receivers.

In Chicago he is on a team with a questionable O-line ( they had to sign Orlando Pace, formerly all world but also probably burned out),no recognizable wide receivers, a good running back and who is the OC?

Assuming everything stays more or less the same, let's see how well Cutler does when he starts getting pounded like Boller was and has no great offensive mind helping him out.

Boller will probably see time. Unfortunately, it will be because St. Louis has a crap O-line that has gotten Bulger beaten to a pulp the last few years.

Ravensman and Joe,

No, the line did not do a better job protecting Flacco. Flacco did a much better at avoiding the rush. Boller was horrendous in this area, leading to many sacks that were his fault, not the offensive lines.

In 2005 and in 2006, the Ravens fielded essentially the same line. However, in 2005, when Boller started 9 games and had 293 attempts, he was sacked 24 times. One year later, playing with essentially the same line, Steve McNair attempted 496 passes but was only sacked 16 times. Somehow, even though McNair attempted more than twice the amount of passes, he was sacked considerably less. The reason is that McNair was adept at avoiding the pass rush, but Boller wasn't.

Here's further evidence: When McNair managed to get sacked only 16 times in 2006 despite almost 500 attempts, Boller got sacked 3 times in only 55 attempts. Did the O-line block better for McNair? No, Boller just couldn't avoid the rush.

Flacco is also adept at avoiding the rush. So, while it appears that the offensive line was the cause for some of Boller's problems, it really wasn't. Boller was the cause of his problems.

I like Boller as a person. He was beat up in the press, by teammates, and by fans, but he never said an ill word about anybody. He's a good guy, but he's just not an NFL QB.

Good luck, Kyle. Try to stay in the NFL as long as you can. You may not be good at what you do, but you can't go anywhere else and make millions of dollars playing a game. If all of us weren't too good at our jobs but were paid well, we'd stick it out too, albeit nowhere near as gracefully as you.

I hope that Boller can regain his confidence. It was way too much for him, to be thrown to the wolves like that.
We had a run first O-line and the kid paid the price for that.
Good luck to Kyle.
And , a piece of "good luck' as we re-signed Samari Rolle to a new 4 year contract.
Smart move for all concerened !


Good point about avoiding the rush( see the "immobile " Dan Marino).

Somehow though, I would think the coaches, who should know more than you and I, would have seen that too and done something about it. So I have to feel like Cameron and his staff would have had Boller and his line together, playing better. How much better, we'll never know. This is why I feel the most important thing is to retain Cameron for a least a few more years. Payton has had Tom Moore all these years and Cameron is absolutely critical to helping Flacco reach his full potential.

As for the McNair example,it always struck me that the line played harder for him and, being a lot more savvy, he just got rid of the ball quicker and more efficiently.

I love Kyle "Happy Feet" Boller to death ...

But Jason Brown hit the nail on the head. He got spooked by being hit too often and too early.

Having the nickname "Happy Feet" may be a compliment at other positions (or sports), but not at QB.

Kyle, your a stand-up guy and "tough as nails", but that ain't helping the Ravens! Good luck to you!

J--I like your analysis. Everyone seems to forget that McNair played behind the same line that Boller did and also got killed, but was still able to lead the team to 13-3. Boller was a class guy that never said a bad thing about anyone when he easily could have, but in the end, he just never inspired the confidence or exuded the confidence of a pro quarterback. Quick--can anyone name how many games Boller led us to victory when we were losing in the 4th quarter? There you go....Good luck, Kyle--you and the Ravens deserved better

Kyle Boller really was above the BS of the media trying to beat up on him. Compared to Mr. Campbell down the road and some others in the league, he comes off as a mature young man.

Of course he was put into a position by the franchise where he could not succeed and of course he did not help his cause by some really bad throws over the years. As another blogger said, getting some nice bucks for as long as he can as an NFL QB is a good thing and great for Mr. Boller.

The Lost Years are the best description. We will never know what Kyle could have been. Billick and Cavanaugh's system and play calling drove me insane for years. No receivers, no play action passing with a great running game, what did we expect. I always gave Kyle the benefit of the doubt and wondered how he picked himself up off the grass so often. His mechanics were poor, his feet were impossible but he never had a chance in Baltimore and we as fans lost one if not two Super Bowl runs because of this mismanagement. Although looking at Ozzie's boy, Leftwich, we probably would not be any better.I think Jason Brown should have kept his trap shut as to Boller, but he will have to live with him now. And I am glad that Pace went to CHicago, that removes him and leaves us with Anderson. A much better situation and we can now look for a RT and wide receiver.

J, I think you should start writing for these bums. That's an excellent piece of your sentiments right there and it's exactly what I came here to write. I could not have said it any better. I actually think I would have said it slightly worse. Regardless, I digress.

Kyle Boller's problem was the happy feet. Vengloss, perhaps you don't remember this, but there were several instances each offseason of Kyle Boller talking about retooling his game and he would go on and on about how him and quarterbacks coach x or Billick or Fassel were changing the way he dropped back and sat in the pocket. It's been tried before. But it's not in the game, it's in his mind...

...which is why the team got him a psychiatrist. Because it's the mental aspect that messes with him. Sorry. Saying that coaches didn't do what others would for Boller is an outright lie.

I hope that Kyle Boller has the opportunity to show all the "bad mouthers" wrong! He displayed a "great attitude" and was probably thrown"prematurely" to the wolves! Very Unfair to leave him unprotected so often--No wonder he became "fearful"-who wouldn't?? I hope his second team appreciates him more!! GOOD LUCK KYLE!!

Kyle Boller will be a star in this league. You heard it here first...

All of you who keep referring to Boller as having a bad line, which position is most critical?...LT. And who was Kyles LT? A soon to be HOFer named Jonathan Ogden.

Joe Flacco and Jonathan Ogden were never teammates, but Joe did OK. Hmmm.

Kyle Boller was a goldfish. Ever feed goldfish to bigger fish? If the bigger fish misses the first strike, the goldfish swims over an inch then GULP! He's gone.

At the end of his tenure, Kyle became stronger in the chest and the legs. All he had to do was run for 2 first downs and maybe 20 yards a game to keep Billicks ball control offense afloat (as well as hiding his shortcomings)...and all Kyle did with that chance was run into the back of Mike Flynn's ass.

This kid Boller is the real deal.

He has the attributes to be a legit NFL star.

I just saw him throw a football from the 50yd line on his knees through the goal posts.

Joe Montana can't do that. I gotta hurry up and tell Ozzie we found our franchise QB.

I've only had this feeling once...the other...Elvis Grbec.

i for one wish boller luck and success in st. louis.
he wore the raven uniform proudly and should be remembered as such.

He one like 5 out of his 20-something road starts, the only big one was that Jets OT game in '04. Flacco, as a rookie, won 2 playoff roadies and went 7-4 overall. The years we've made the playoffs since '03, KB wasn't under center.

Vengloss is right, there have always beem two schools of thought about Boller:

1. He's no good
2. He has the talent but was in a crap system

I've never understood why this has to be an either-or proposition. It's both!

Anyone could watch Kyle play, and see that he's inaccurate and slow with the football and has lousy mechanics. He should never have been considered a franchise QB, and certainly should never have been thrown to the wolves. And anyone could watch Brian Billick's sorry parade of offense and see that the system was crap. Billick should never had been entrusted with a 1st-rd QB.

A guy like Shanahan might have been able to coax mediocre (not great) production out of Boller. Too bad about Kyle. Great kid, fabulous attitude; lousy passer.

I must admit, I like what "J" said. Never thought we should have drafted Kyle since he had so so college numbers at Cal. He did look good on some YouTUbe films.

Kyle always reminded me of another #7 early in his career..Bert Jones. Bert had a rough start, probably could have used a Johnny U. Kyle could have used a year or so on the bench, and the guy we had from Louisville could have played another season or two. Water over the dam now though.
The year the Ravens went 13-3, Kyle looked very good off the bench, and I thought he was turning a corner. He had the best #2 QB ratings in the league, and he completed several long passes. No one looked very good the following 5-11 season. Would have liked to see Kyle's progress with a year of Cam's offensive and Jackson as QB coach (who was QB coach for Billick).

Wish Kyle all the best. Everyone can say what they want, but he was a professional to the end here in Baltimore. Good luck Kyle hope for all the best, you at least deserve another shot!

BIG Mistake not re-signing Kyle.......he needed a chance with an actual offensive plan ....i will still wear his jersey unlike many other players that we have cut.......GOOD LUCK Kyle......light it up, prove the naysayers wrong!....

Bert Jones came in with a heritage and a potential. They also brought in an unknown wide out that became very famialer with Bert. Bert struggle for very few years and DID SUCCEDD. That is more than you can say of 98% of the SUN 3 or less grey cell genuise'. He may not have been a Hall of Fame but neither was of Pittsburg cast off from the University of Louisville. I believe that he is now in the HOF.

Kyle Boller will be a star in this league. You heard it here first...

Posted by: ItIsMe | April 6, 2009 8:31 PM


Way to stick your neck out "ItIsMe."

PS: By "this league" I assume you mean Arena?

No, JoeG, with your jokes and humor. Canadian...

Don't get me wrong Flacco is a huge step up from Boller, But Flacco got better protection. Thats why Heap had fewer catches he stayed back to block. Most of the time the offense only had two receivers going out for passes. They talk about how good this line is well lets' see how well they do without extra help!

Kyle Boller will always be regarded as, "Billick's Folly"! He may not have lived up to the hype, but he certainly lived up to his college performance, to wit: strong arm; average to below completion percentage; inconsistent; inaccurate. Add to those facts, his "happy feet", lack of poise and lack of pocket presence and, "voilla" - they got what they drafted! To his credit, he was a stand-up guy whose courage and character were beyond reproach! Good luck in St. louis.......

Kyle Boller will always be regarded as, "Billick's Folly"! He may not have lived up to the hype, but he certainly lived up to his college performance, to wit: strong arm; average to below completion percentage; inconsistent; inaccurate. Add to those facts, his "happy feet", lack of poise and lack of pocket presence and, "voilla" - they got what they drafted! To his credit, he was a stand-up guy whose courage and character were beyond reproach! Good luck in St. louis.......

He was a class act the whole way. People may not look up to him as an athelete but they should look up to him as a high-character individual.

The NFL could use a lot more players like Kyle Boller.

Good Luck Kyle. As a Ex-season ticket holder, it is my opinion that Kyle's problems were rooted in Mike Preston's weekly racially slanted and unfair criticizm,like his crush on Anthony Wright. This eventually was picked up on by some others in the media and carried over into a small segment of the fans and some teamates. He continued this with the latest crush, "Tray Smith" who called Flacco, John Flacco on draft day. The St. Louis Rams will soon find that they have a top starting quarterback in Kyle and egg will certainly be on the face of Ozzie for not supporting him. The final staw for Kyle was the $32 Million "warrior", McNair, who was totolly washed up upon his arrival here. I don't think the owner is going to forget that anytime soon. Our good fortune is that we have another and probably better franchise quarterback in Joe Flacco.

Uh, Joe in Brick, Boller was 2-0 in "McNair's" 13-3 season.

Boller wasn't worth the first round pick but that wasn't Boller's fault.

Boller shouldn't have started right out of the gate but that wasn't Boller's fault.

Boller should have had someone to throw to besides Todd Heap but that wasn't Boller's fault.

And oddly enough, Boller actually did better than Leftwich, the much bally-hooed journeyman in the making.

The only real Boller highlight was the Monday Night game against the Packers. Oh, there were other good performances but highlights? Nah.

Unfortunately, his lowest lowlight was when he was injured and about 20,000 local jared's cheered. Too bad B'more can't send them and their double-digit IQ's out of town, too.

Good luck, Kyle. Having a Steve DeBerg type of career ain't the worst thing in the world.

My 2cts.

The last 2 years of J. Ogden's career, he was not even the shadow of his prior self.

Kyle was getting nailed 2 steps into his drops, that isn't his fault.

What was his fault was making really bad decisions. One game in particular, in Pittsburgh, the team was in field goal range and on 3ed down, he scrambled and forced a throw into triple coverage at in the end zone. Picked off and no points. All he had to do was throw it away and take the 3 pts... No game awareness...

And he has lousy mechanics...

I really do wish him luck, and he may yet turn into a good qb. Just glad it isn't here in Baltimore...

I think the guy was gun shy like Travis Taylor. Product of a poor system. Never missed a game and seen him take some hits that few would get up from. No quarterback can be any good when he is on his back half the time. He did drop way too many balls and make some dumb choices. Also the line did protect McNair and even Smith and Wright better for some odd reason so maybe some back drop or locker room issues we did not know about.

i wish him the best of luck. Sometines it is good to see a guy go somewhere else and be great like Priest Holmes did. I think he was a class act just had some issues

Boller had potential but that was on his own. A QB, if any good, will make a system work no matter how crappy it is. I saw people say Flacco had better protection this year then what boller had.....Are you crazy? Flacco got laid out over 30 times...I would say that is about equal to what boller had. Boller just took to long in the pocket making reads an poor desicions. Boller was just awful. Flacco and Boller are opposites of each other. Boller had decent WR not good or great but he did have a younger D. Mason by 5 yrs and his accuracy caused slow development for Clayton. Plus he always seemed flustered in the pocket. Flacco has great poise, after he took a sack, he seemed to get right back up and get a completion for more than the yardage lost. With the exception of the Pats game in 07 I never saw that from Boller. I do wish him luck in St. Louis but it doesnt look good.

I don't get the people who still love Kyle "Nerves" Boller, especially after seeing Flacco last season. Are these the same folks who were so crazy about Chris "deer in headlights" Redman? These guys are scrubs at best! I just don't get it?! Is it the golden boy thing?

Two schools of thought:

1) He's no good.
2) See #1.

We all watched him from 2003 on and saw what he could do. Every now and then you would get a tease at his abilities when he would connect on a deep ball... until his "happy feet" showed up on the next play. I have no ill will towards the man, but Boller was never and will never be anything other than a backup quarterback. He just doesn't have that mental "toughness" you see in starting NFL quarterbacks.

Analyze it anyway you want, but history speaks for itself.


Are you kidding me? Jason Cambell is a class kid who has played in 8 different offenses in 9 years. (including college) He had the unfortunate luck to be drafted by a franchise that is a model of instability and may not make it as a pro because of that.

But class. Please!!

Compare how he handled the suggestion that he would be traded compared to Jay Cutler. Boller had a more stable organiztion and a better O line what he never had and Jason Cambell still doesn't have are legitimate number one and two recievers.


please name one specific example where jason campbell exhibited immaturity.

I think it's quite easy to come to an understanding about a few things.

1. Kyle Boller was not worth a first round pick.
2. Kyle Boller should not have started as a rookie.
3. Kyle Boller was forced into a terrible offensive system with a terrible offensive line and perenially the worst WR tandem in the league (Ron Johnson, Travis Taylor, Frank Sanders, Clarence Moore).
4. Kyle Boller may never be a good number one starter, but he is an above-average backup.
5. There is absolutely no reason to hate Kyle Boller. He tried his best, never talked bad about the team, took it, was gracious when he lost his starting job, and dealt with more from the fans/media than any player should.

Flacco is obviously better, and in retrospect, Boller should never have been taken with that pick. That being said, he deserves our well-wishing in St. Louis.

I didn't say it first, but add me to the list of those who believe Boller will still end up being a decent QB. Look at all of the QB's who passed through the Ravens system. Billick, who was an alleged offensive genius, couldn't or didn't bring out good from any of them. QB's are obviously the leader on offense. With no one to teach Boller how to be the leader in an age heavy offense, he already had a strike against him. A line that couldn't block for any of the worst QB in the league was strike two. Add to that the physical wear of being constantly laid out, it was already written by the NFL gods that Boller would fail. A good Offensive coordinator would have educated Boller enough to rid him of his happy feet, as well as the poor decisions he made. If you look at his athletic abilities alone, he should have been an excellent QB. Fact is even Brady or any QB would not have faired well under the Ravens system. I'm glad we now have new minds working the Ravens offense. I'm excited with our new QB. I actually feel that we are set to really challange any team, even better get even with the Steelers for last year.

I hope and believe that Boller will succeed somewhere in this league. He is a decent guy, who will be missed by those he blessed with generosity and donations. I hope it doesn't come down to his ability beating us with the season on the line.

Good luck to Kyle. The league is big enough for someone of his abilities to play.

I remember being at the game in 2006 when Steve Mcnair got hurt. My entire section started chanting "Boller, Boller, Boller" in order to give him confidence and let him know that the fans were behind him. What did he do? Fumble the first snap he took. I'm so happy to see Boller go. Yes, Billick misjudged his talents and threw him to the fire, but, Boller couldn't get out of his own way half the time. Look how many times he fumbled snaps and fumbled the ball when he was scrambling with no defender within 10 feet of him. He shouldn't have been drafted until the 4th or 5th round let alone the first round. Had Ozzie now caved into what Billick wanted, who knows how many more championships we could've had. Instead, our championship defense of the past 10 years was always brought down by our offensive ineptitude.

Does anyone else remember that he had four different OC's during his five years as starting QB? I think that was worse for his progress than anything else. How are you supposed to become a good QB if the game plan changes every year?

I heard that Kyle Boller eats babies.
...which is the REAL reason Billick insisted on drafting him.

It always cracks me up when people apologize for KB. "it was the line's fault. It was Billick's fault." Funny how no one remembers that 400 yr old Steve McNair went 13&3 behind the same line and under the same coach. The only thing Billick did wrong in relation to KB was not designing a play where he could throw the ball through the uprights while kneeling on the 50 yd line and not being able to admitt that he was wrong about his decision to start him on day 1 with no veteran backup. Face it, KB sucked and eventually it cost Billick his job.

I will miss his patented 'sui-sack' -- which Grossman later copied -- where the QB takes himself down behind the line untouched.

Jason Myers,

Regarding that fumbling the snap business. Last year, Randy Cross, who was a pretty decent center and guard, I believe, on those earlier 49er Montana teams was asked about fumbled snaps.

Cross said that the majority of the time that fumble was the fault of the center. It sort of makes sense when you consider Boller was a backup who hadn't played for a while and Flynn was used to McNair's cadence at that point.

Kyle was never a 1st round pick. He was less than a 50% passer at U. of Cal. The Ravens panacked and Billick thought just a strong arm would do. Wrong! The best thing Billick could say about Kyle after the draft was " Kyle can sit on the 50 yard line and throw the ball into the end zone. Well there is more to Q-Bing than that. Along with his stumbling and bumbling he never had any blocking. He took a beating. Just a bad pick. On Kyle's side he did give it his all. I wish him well. God knows the Ravens made him rich.

I never got to see the first year Kyle started but I did watch most years after that and a couple things were obvious to me watching Kyle play. 1: The team didn't try and play for him. Whenever he was he getting nailed you never saw any of his teammates help him up or congratulate him when he made a play, so it was obvious the team had no confidence in him. 2: When Air Mcnair became a Raven the team was happy they had their own guy they could like there. They tried much harder to keep him upright than the did for Kyle and when Kyle did step in that year he did great (5tds no pics) and showed he had potential left. 3:Coach B had no idea how to handle a young Qb. He has never been able to devolepe a young Qb...or WR....or CB....I'm not saying Kyle would've been a pro bowler with a better coach but I do think he would be a lot better off than he is now. Check this out, out of all the WRs that came through Baltimore how many of them were able to stay in the league after the Ravens cut them? Travis Taylor and Marcus Robinson are the only ones that come to mind and he lost Marcus Robinson after his rookie year. So maybe he if would've had a steady vet to throw to like Flacco has that would've helped him. Best of luck to Kyle in the future and hopefully he will continue getting better and one day get to start again.

I really don't understand the hate some fans have for Kyle Boller. He did the best he could under very difficult conditions but came up short of expectations. That is not a crime it is just a fact.

Looking for blame? Ozzy is rarely spoken of when Boller's name is mentioned. But who screwed up on the pick for Lefkawitz? Who made the trades to get Boller? Ozzie is declared a genius for his clever and successful picks - and rightfully so. But he has to be held accountable for his choises that don't work out. To my knowledge, he has never stood up and admitted he made a mistake and let the head coach take the all the heat.

Many anti-Kyle Boller fans appear to be stressed that he found another QB job in the league - wonder that they are the same ones who predicted he would never get a chance. Sorry, you gotta just live with it.

lots of people point to boller but rarely mention:
1. the incredibly predictable & poor offensive system
2. the run first [& 2nd] - throw 3rd mentality
billick's play-calling was for survival not progression. who is there to fear when the offense is so soft? defensively teams preyed on that. no deep threat? no x-factor? no possession receiver? no quality fullback? no offensive line? the easiest way to disrupt that was to get to the quarterback. every possession for boller wasn't about scoring, it was about running down the clock and not losing field position.
i feel bad for the guy. YES he had some hellaciously bad habits and i like every other fan have been irate over some of his mistakes. what everyone forgets is that when things clicked, he seemed like one of the best quarterbacks in the league. if its frustrating for me to watch boller take a 2 step drop and get creamed or pressured literally 2 seconds later, imagine how frustrated he felt. to is credit he took plenty of hits and got up. he NEVER had a true coach until steve mcnair became a raven. the first quality receiver he ever had was robinson and the team dismissed him in short order. after that it was mason, who caught almost 10 passes in the first game. that was the story of the season as well. heap & mason and an occasional run by lewis. focus on those three and the vanilla offense collapses. did boller call the plays? NO. did we always have a quarterback with a cannon arm and poor offensive coordination? YES.

in my estimation he was drafted by the wrong team. hopefully his habits can be undone by this change of scenery. remember he is only 27! if his future teams develop an offensive line and actually have a couple legitimate weapons around him, i sincerely would not be surprised to see kyle boller going to a few pro bowls if he starts. -- in the same respect i can see him as a career back-up in the wrong situation.

don't hate boller. hate the factors around the guy that put him in that constant lose-lose scenario. that's why baltimore still supports him to an extent eventhough he was bad or is no longer here-- we saw the madness around him.

Boller was never deserving of his draft status and was a mistake from the get go. Sure, he could throw a pass from his knees through the uprights at fifty yards, but in the NFL, being on your knees means you've been tackled and an outstretched receiver is a much smaller target than the uprights. This was Billick's folly from the beginning and it cost us five years and Billick's job. Billick would craft games in order to have Boller's arm win it. Remember against the undefeated Patriots a couple seasons ago when all we need were a couple yards for better field goal range to put us up by two scores with a couple minutes to go? Billick had Boller toss it to the endzone in order to have his genius draft pick finally come through and win the big game. What happened? The pass was underthrown, picked off, and the Pats drove down the field for the winning touchdown.

It will all happen again too. When Billick gets another coaching job, he'll signe Boller. Guaranteed. He will spend his life trying to justify that pick and recertify his genius.

I want to say farewell and good luck to Kyle Boller .
Before anyone trash Boller down , please look at circumstances he was in . First of all , did we ever heard him being LATE for meetings/practices? No . did we ever heard him calling out his teamates or even his coaches ? No. did he ever spent enough with coaches , studying film , and practices ? Yes . did he ever trash Baltimore or even other cities/teams? Not that I heard of . did he ever use his GF/Spouse/women as punching bags ? Thank God no . did he tried the CRYBABY game when Troy ,McNair , Blake took his starting job? No . Did he ever got caught drunk in car , or with illegal substances anywhere ? No . did Boller bought a home in Baltimore so he could work with Ravens during the offseans? Yes .
Yes , we can question Mr Boller's talent and inconsistency , but we cant speak negative about his CHARACTER . Now lets look at what we cant defend Boller on :
1) The Offensive line , during Boller's tenure , the Offensive line was not best BUT it was ABOVE average . This unit included Pro Bowl-soon HOF Ogden , Mutialo , Flynn , Pashos , Zeus , etc. Now the detractors are saying these guys didnt protect Boller , if that is case , then how do you explain McNair having Pro Bowl year and taking the Ravens to playoffs with basically the same linemen ? Not to mention having more snaps with fewer sacks ?
Sorry , I dont buy Offensive Line theory . 2) Wide Receivers- Now this is another thing Boller detractors are using . I concede this is an better argument for Boller's failure BUT can someone explain to me how McNair (broken body and all ) was able to pass for 3,000 plus yards during 2006 season? If McNair could do it , why couldnt younger and healthier Boller also ? 3) The Coach - When Boller drafted , even Ozzie was the GM , this was the one instance when Ozzie ( to his later regret ) bought into what Genius Billick was selling on Boller . Billick fell in love with Boller's WORKOUT feats , that Billick neglected/overlooked Boller's career 47% pass completion in 4 years at CAL ( yes , 47% , this should been RED FLAG ) . 47% is bad in NFL , but in College ????? In hindsight , Boller was type QB you invest during 4th or 5th round under PROJECT pick . Like a Matt Jones project . The conclusion is Boller is Ravens second 1st round bust ( Travis Taylor was the first one ) . Mr Boller , I am sorry your Ravens era didnt pan out BUT I know you TRIED your best . Good luck in St. Louis !

Wow. Look at all these comments. I can still remember Boller starting that first game in Pittsburgh and wondering why in the hell they threw him to the wolves like that. My laymans opinion on Boller is that he is just too exciteable. You can see it when he talks, when he is in the pocket, when he plays. He just does not have "it." Flacco clearly does. That is the ability to be comfortable on the field and to react cooly and calmly to pressure. Add to that the fact that the line was not good and he was always facing pressure and he was doomed to fail. However Kyle was a standup dude though and I always hoped for the best for him. I am sure when I see him play during the next 10 years with other teams, I will always chuckle to myself but it is a damn shame the years this team wasted with him at QB. Think about the 2003 season. A 2000 yard rusher and a top ranked defense and the team could not even win a playoff game. There have been far worse players and biggest busts in the NFL, but he was clearly not worthy of a first round pick so you have to chalk him up as a bust. Do I feel bad for him though? Hell no. I would love to be a first round bust and play in the league for 10-12 years which is what I think he'll end up doing. Think about. He has 6 seasons in. He will probably kick around for another 5 but who knows. Good luck KB.

Boller can't read a defense and throw the ball consistently to the open man: Flacco can. That is the difference.

In comparing the blocking for Flacco as opposed to Boller, J, Harbaugh kept the tight end in as an additional blocker a heck of a lot more than Billick did.
On the whole, I wish Kyle Boller the best in St Louis. I think his main problem was a skittishness in the pocket (Flacco's much calmer)which never allowed him to read the whole field and make good decisions.
Cam Cameron was a definite upgrade over anything Billick did as OC. It would have been interesting to see how Boller would have performed in a new system and with new coaching--BUT I wouldn't go back. Flacco's the man.

The school of thought that Boller is just a terrible NFL QB is the only correct one. I have never seen any QB anywhere be given so many excuses as this guy. He just isn't cut out to play the position at the NFL level period. Lousy mechanics, terrible poise and inability to escape even mild pressure, combined with inaccuracy and bad decision making add up to being just plain BAD! Good riddance.

All I know is this. We as Raven fans are always biased in our point of views of our players. It is hard for us to look at our players objectively since we love our team. I have friends who are fans of other teams. Every one of them said that Boller was horrible. My Steeler friends pretty much knew that Boller would hand them the game at some point. I've never seen any "good" QB fumble as many snaps as Boller. I've never seen any QB drop back and have the ole empty hand as much as Boller. I've never seen any QB trip over his own feet as much as Boller. He just simple was not a winner. He didn't win in college or pros. Flacco was part of a winning system in Delaware and he knows how to win.

Boller good luck you've been a true gentleman departing the Ravens true sign of class and not pointing fingers here and there. I just hope you can become that QB we all been hoping you be; good luck and god bless you my friend.

Not much that can be added here, and there is an element of truth in most all previous blogs. Kyle Boller is a stand up guy who isn't of starting NFL QB caliber for a variety of reasons. Wish him well in St. Louis, maybe there will be some redemption for him there. To the blogger who compared Kyle's start to Bert Jones start, you're killing me! Go back and do some research before you make such a ridiculous claim!

Kyle will turn the corner.
He will turn the corner.
He will turn the corner.

MAN...All the crap Kyle had to live with here. The Jim Fassel offensive plan. The Cavanaugh years. Think what a coach like Cam Cameron would have done for him. St. Louis now has a good BACKUP QB. I like Kyle and that is what he will always be. Not too bad. By any means it still is being a player in the NFL.

Kyle; good player, tough as nails, no offensuve line. Still he was not a 1st round draft pick. He did stumble and fumble. The Ravens made a less than 50% passer in college a rich man. Good luck to Kyle. At least Kyle is still playing and Billick is where he belongs on the sidelines.

Kyle Boller is a good QB, plain and simple. Bummer he has had some injuries and not he best supporting cast through his career. I hope he gets the opportunity to show what he can do with the Rams, however seems he is put back in the same situation. Don't forget... Boller Holds the all-time Baltimore Ravens record for most career passing yards (7,846) not too bad if you ask me.
Watch he will still become an elite QB in the NFL..... Boller fan all the way.

Just in case anyone thinks Boller can't succeed from here on out, Jim Plunkett was a first round bust with the Patriots (he was basically beaten to within an inch of his life up there), then moved on to the 49ers when they were really awful, then finally wound up with the Raiders backing up Dan Pastorini. Pastorini broke his leg and Plunkett went on to lead the Raiders to two Super Bowl wins.

Boller certainly has the talent but his biggest problem was between the ears, his and everyone else's...he needed to leave Baltimore because even if he did get better, no one here was ever going to believe it.

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