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There's nothing that Brooks won't sign

In his lifetime, Orioles Hall of Famer Brooks Robinson has given thousands of autographs, scribbling his name on everything from baseball cards to body parts – arms, legs, heads and feet. He has signed body casts, sneakers, golf gloves and footballs.

On Sunday, April 19, Robinson will appear, pen in hand, at a sports memorabilia show at the Pikesville Hilton from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

We asked No. 5 to list (and comment on) the strangest items he has been asked to sign:

1. A pet rock

"Remember that fad? I used a Sharpie and the autograph turned out fine."

2. A brassiere

"The woman was wearing it at the time. At a card show in Chicago, she just pulled down her dress a bit and asked me to sign her bra. Who am I to say no to that?"

3. Easter eggs

"Someone wanted them autographed before an egg hunt."

4. A photo of former Orioles teammate Frank Robinson

"The fan didn’t have my picture, so he had me sign Frank’s instead. I did and then wrote, ‘We’re not brothers, just cousins.’ "

5. A musty old locker from the Orioles’ clubhouse at Memorial Stadium

"The guy swore it was my locker too."


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Photos: AP (top) and Gene Sweeney Jr. / The Baltimore Sun (bottom)


brooks is the nicest person you could ever meet.

Absolutely, Brooks is the best. The one time I met him was after his playing career and he'd started into broadcasting. I asked him how he liked it and he responded with such enthusiasm as if my asking that question made his day. I think he makes everyone he meets feel that way. What a great human being and a true Hall of Famer in life as well as baseball.

Brooks is one in a million. One in a billion.

April 19 is the 32nd anniversary of Brooks's last home run. It was a cold rainy night at old Memorial Stadium. Dave LaRoche of Cleveland was the pitcher and I think the Birds were 2 runs behind. Brooks came up and as I recall fouled off a dozen times before hitting one into the left field bleachers to win the game. I scored the game on the card that came in the program and waited until he retired and determined that that was his last home run. Then I took it to a game late in 1977 when he was a coach and asked him to sign it. I have it framed on my wall.

i met brooks and chuck thompson
years ago in the oakland airport
when they were covering the
orioles on the west coast.

brooks autographed my plane ticket,
and both brooks and chuck took
a few minutes to talk eventhough
they were busy getting ready to
leave the terminal.

i was in the coast guard at the time,
and they made me feel very
proud to call baltimore home.

As Baltimoreans ,we are truly fortunate to have a relationship with such a fine individual as Brooks Robinson.
It's unfortunate that the Angelos group didn't include him in some capacity to represent the Orioles when they had the chance.They are likewise leaving Mike Flanagan out in left field now,after 35 years with the club.

I met Brooks several years ago in Va. Beach when I was in college and he was opening a Crown gas station. I got him to sign my Fender Stratocaster. He joked someone had aked him to sign a bowling pin, then talked about how he and Joe Walsh were friends. WHen I told him I was from the Eastern Shore, I couldn't stop him! He gave me so much cool O's stuff (and signed them all) I felt like I was on a game show. It's great when your boyhood heroes turn out to be great people.

I've had the privilege of talking to Brooks several times over the last thirty-five years or so, and he is always makes every meeting memorable. He is always a true class act.

Modern day ballplayers take note... this is what it is like to have some class and to play the game for more than money.

I would watch baseball again if Brooks did the color commentary on tv.

How about all those times he sat out in the parking lot of a new Crown Gas Station Grand Opening, signing for FREE! A free autograph from a Hall of Famer on any item is hard to come by today.

Brooksie is B-More baseball - Old School....My Dad was Brooks' BIGGEST fan. I don't know if it was intentional or not but I was born on 5/18...Brooks' birthday. I wore # 5 throughout my amateur days of baseball. I drove with my dad from O.C and our vacation straight to Cooperstown to see Brooks inducted. We made a sign with a vacuum cleaner on it in a # 5 O's jersey sucking up baseballs and made the televison coverage of the ceremony. I saw him several times in personal apperances and he was gracious and accomodating to everyone he met. I only hope the current 'rift' between him and the O's resolves soon so he resume his place as a daily presence in the Oriole family. B-MORE LOVES # 5 !!!!!!

Oh...forgot to add....we made the drive from O.C. to Cooperstown in a little piece of crapola Chevy Chevette. Don't know if you remember those things but we had to turn off the A.C. when we were going up the mountains in N.Y. Saw the Hall of Fame game at Doubleday field there against the Cards. The old man set up quite a trip there and gave me a great memory and made me a fan of Brooksie for life. (Sorry for the dissertation).

Brooks has signed so many autographs that few have a high dollar value. However, the personal value of any of these is priceless.

My favorite autograph was in 1971. Brooks was at my church for a father and son night. He was signing autographs on the team picture for the World Champion Orioles for 1970. When I got up to him, they were out of the Oriole Pictures; so, I got my autograph on the picture of the World Champion Colts. Pretty cool, Brooks.

Brooks Robinson is the NICEST and MOST FRIENDLY ORIOLE I have ever met. I like him so much I have a 1983 replica road jersey with his name and number on it and wear it proudly where-ever the Orioles play.

I have numerous items he's autographed over the years like the 10 foot street banner with #5 on it and a picture of him leaping into the arms of Dave McNally after winning the 1966 World Series (Andy Ecthebarren also signed the picture too. Sad that Dave is no longer alive to do the same).

One night back in the 60s, Brooks came out to Edgewood Junior High (as we called it then) for a clinic with kids (and I was one of the kids). He signed my autograph book without blinking -- and after the clinic ended, while he was talking to one of the adults and I was waiting my turn to say something to him, he reached out, took my ticket, and signed that -- left-handed, without thinking. I think that was the most amazing performance I ever saw from him off the field. Truly a class act among class acts.

Brooks is the best ever...i met him at a golf outing for JH Children's Center and he stayed until the very end and signed and talked to interesting side note is that he signed autographs with his left hand...

I received the Norman Rockwell print of Brooks signing a baseball on Christmas from a friend. I said I would get it autographed before I had it framed. My friend didn't believe Brooks would autograph it. I sent it to him at Crown Central (in a tube mailer). I sent return postage. he signed the poster & returned my postage. He or Crown Central paid the return postage. Thjat's Brooks.

I'm still proud that I named one of my sons Brooks Robin. I have a 29 year old picture of Brooks holding baby Brooks. I'll treasure it forever.

I hope I'm as lucky. Take my 2nd test Monday at St Agnes. Quiz : what famous high school did Brooks attend. think racial cross roads when the Gov. blocked the front door. #2 What Colt player was drafed next to last in the intire draft, played great here and backing up Zonka and Kick for 2 years in Miami. Was a senior at Kent St. when all hell broke loose.

I met up with Brooks many years after he retired. He was signing at a car dealer in Calvert County. While in line I pulled out the ticket stub from Thanks, Brooks Day, from Spetember 1977. When I got to the table he looked at it and asked why anyone would keep a thing like that. I told him my grandmother said to always carry a religious article with you. That's how I felt about Brooks, he was like a god, bigger than life when you're a kid. He signed and we chatted a few moments about that day. I went as far as to name my son after him. Its just ashame of how he has been treated by the ownership of Peter Angelos and the Orioles.

How lucky we are to have seen this gentleman grace our town for the last 50 years. For 45- 55 yr. old guys like me who didn't have a dad to look up to Brooks was a tremendous role model and still is today. Thank you Brooks and God Bless.

WOW. Not a single negative coment, and rightfully so. I met Brooks as a kid on many occasions while working at Buddy Paolino's restaraunt in Highlandtown. He was the nicest man I ever mt. He made time to chat with me. What great memories and what a great Man, as far as I am concerned. Thanks Brooks and I hope you Stay close to our O's. You're one of the main reasons that I am a Lifetime Orioles fan.

I see I'm not the only one to name a child after Brooks Robinson. Except I named my *daughter* after him. Her middle name is Brooke, and with a surname starting with "S," well, it SOUNDS LIKE "Brooks." :) (She also has a very understanding mother...)

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