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Boldin would be a bonanza for the Ravens

In their offseason of critical reinforcements, the Ravens could be about to strike again. If GM Ozzie Newsome can pry Anquan Boldin loose from the Cardinals, as he is attempting to do, the Ravens will have upgraded their passing game in a major way.

Boldin is the best of the veteran wide receivers on the trade market right now, a market that includes Cleveland's Braylon Edwards and perhaps Cincinnati's Chad (nee Johnson) Ocho Cinco. At 6 feet 1 and 217 pounds, Boldin is a physical, punishing receiver who gets yards after the catch.

He isn't the speed merchant who will stretch the field for Joe Flacco, except when he turns the 10-yard slant into a 70-yard touchdown. But he is a threat anywhere on the field, and he would have a big-time effect on the offense, especially in the red zone. Last season in Arizona, Boldin had 11 touchdowns -- and 89 catches -- in 12 games.

Entering his seventh season, the 28-year-old Boldin has been nagged by injuries. He has missed the equivalent of one full season -- 16 games -- in six years.

According to Sun reporter Jamison Hensley, who broke the story, the Ravens are willing to pay first- and third-round picks for Boldin. Then they'll have to re-do his contract; that, after all, is the reason he's forcing his way out of Arizona.

And there will be competition. Several teams have receiver as a priority in this month's college draft. The Eagles, with picks 21 and 28, have the ammunition to make a deal for Boldin. The Giants, sitting at 29, are already reportedly talking to the Browns about Edwards.

The Cardinals are likely to dangle Boldin all next week, raising the ante with each conversation. Newsome can hang with the big boys in those talks, though. The question is how far he's willing to go. Getting Boldin would allow Newsome to truly grab the best available player, satisfying the team's biggest need.


The Oz is blowing smoke. He really doesn't have cap room to sign him to a new contract. While Boldin is a "great" receiver, he is not a deep threat and he is often injured. Nice to have a guy like this but we have other greater needs.

I don't have time for a thorough response other than to say you have no clue what you are talking about!

We can fill this need in the first round and keep the third. With those other teams paying like crazy, great receivers will be on the board at 26!

Although we may have greater needs on the team, I think you have to take advantage of every opportunity to make the team better. With Mason a bit older and beat up, Heap a little less productive catching the ball, we need to give Flacco something to work with.


i think WR is definitley our greatest need and Boldin, though not a deep threat, would dramatic improve the Mason, Clayton, Williams cast. Its either the proven pro-bowler, or shoot for a WR in the draft, which can be a crap shoot. Boldin will produce results immediately, in fact in we get him, i predict he is the first Ravens touch down week 1. Yes, a bit excited. Go Ravens.

He can't stretch the field and he's slower than some tight-ends. The reason he catches so many passes is that he is always in single coverage because Fitzgerald is always doubled. He'll be the one doubled if he leaves AZ.

Boldin is a great receiver, but giving up a 1 and a 3 for him would be a step back in the teams overall progress......I understand draft picks are unknown commodities, but right now Kenny Brit looks awfully solid and versatile.....Jeremy Macklin's popularity has sliipped with the emergence of Heyward Beyand.... he is a threat to score whenever he touches the ball and would be the Ravens equivalent of Santonio Holmes,...and even the durabilty questioned Percy Harvin would be pretty dangerous and a sourse of concern for any NFL Defense....that second pick could be Cornelius Ingram,a monster of a man who could be a huge solid tightend for years to come....or maybe Darry Beckwith ,Tyrone Mckenzie, or Gerald Mcrath to take the place of the departed Bart me the price outweigh's the gain....I would still use the first pick on the very unique Sean Smith who would instantly give the secondary of big fast physical presence at corner...if they're serious about winning a superbowl somebodys got to cover Moss/ Owens /Johnson /Marshall/ Chambers/Vincent Jackson etc.....and neither Foxworth, Washington or Rolle are up to it.... not in size or strength...Smith would make the back half of that defense airtight...and we know what the front of the defense would still be able to get either Robiske Iglesas,or Massaquoi.

Yikes it would be a pretty steep price to get him. I like Boldin a lot but I'm against giving up a 1st and a 3rd for him, plus he's gonna want a new contract as well and I just don't see how the Ravens could do that right now.

I could understand giving a 1st & 3rd for a proven #1 receiver - but has Anquan really proved that? Yes, he would be good here, but are we giving up the chance to get a real #1? Is the next Larry Fitzgerald or Randy Moss available in this years draft? Now if AZ wants to trade Fitzgerald for 2 #1s, then WHERE DO WE SIGN!?!

do NOT trade your draft picks for this
guy...he is not the speedy receiver
we need..he is injury prone and
has but a few productive years left.
build with youth for the future

Boldin is S-L-O-W! He is on the high side of a 4.5 40.

For Boldin to be successful we would need to still have a break-away threat to open up Boldin inside.

Get a legitimate break-away threat and you'll think Mason has taken youth pills he'll catch so many balls.

I was all for the swap until I read the preceeding posts, which - rightly or wrongly - have convinced me otherwise.

But one thing is certain: Under no circumstances do we make this deal without a long term contract in place. No rental on earth is worth a first and third round pick.

I know a lot of people will disagree with me, but I think a first and a third round pick, along with the ginormous contract he will require is too much. This feels like something the Redshins would do...

It's not beyond Newsome to talk with the Cards just to raise Boldin's stock. If another team in the market for a receiver dumps a first-round pick on him, we'll be in position to pick up a better player at the same position.

As for the truth of the matter, we don't currently have the cap for it, and Newsome is known for grabbing more picks in the draft - not less.

He is like in his 7th season. ...a 1st and 3rd-rounder, NO! Don't do it.
If he was in his 4th or 5th season, definitely. Make the trade.

Cap room wouldn't be a problem if we trade them Suggs straight up. It could very well happen. The Cards can only put so much cash into the receiver position and we could draft Ayers or Tyson Johnson at 26. Don't know if I like it but it seems the most logical deal.

If Ozzie wants to, he can find a way to make all these contracts work. And to anyone who feels that the Ravens have "bigger needs" than receiver, you're out of your mind. If the Ravens had a receiver of Boldin's caliber last year, we would have another Super Bowl trophy.

Draft the NEXT Boldin, Ozzie...don't overpay.(unless the entire Cards offense is coming also)

after this season the wide receivers we do have all become free agents. this could be a chance to get a big time playmaker in the red zone. we have always had trouble scoring TD's on a consistent basis. this would solve that problem. plus giving him a 4 year deal would solidify a definite #1 guy.
i'd give up the 1st this year, and a third for next season.
w/ boldin we really could go far again in the playoffs.


I think the wiz may express interest and drive up the price without really wanting Boldin. I think Torry Holt is still out there (he would be less expensive) and then we grab another top shelf WR in the draft. We could use Boldin, don't get me wrong. He is a nice receiver, but I agree Fitzgerald as expected does help him, and primarily his price is too high.

I would do this move in a heartbeat (or the Suggs trade, which someone mentioned earlier). For you people saying Boldin is going to need a lot of money, guess what? So will any 1st round pick.

He's slow? So? The guy is a monster. Have you see our play inside the redzone recently? It is horrible. And if he gets double teamed, we have D Mase and Clayton in single coverage. That also helps to open up the running game.

Our D does not have many years left, and now is the time to strike while the iron is hot. We do not have 3 years for one of these draft picks to develop into the player Boldin is today.

Boldin hasn't always had Fitzgerald with him. In 2003 Boldin caught 101 passes from the likes of McCown and Blake and the next best receiver of Freddie Jones (TE) with 55. The next best WR was Bryant Johnson with 35 so he can play while doubled team.
Now the age, salary and any injuries are another concern especially if you give up too much. However as far as on field play (hustle, catching, blocking) he is top notch. After getting his face smashed up, he surprised people by returning several weeks later.
I'm not sure if Mason and Boldin would be a good pair. I think Mason would need to move on, especially if his salary cap number is high.

I agree with Finder, no cap room for what Boldin is asking, Matt jones is available , size ,speed and would come cheap to recover his career.

lmao @ trading suggs. some people are really nuts or just no absolutely nothing about the game.

im not so sure we should give up a 1st and 3rd and pay the guy 9 million a season. sounds pretty steep for a 7th year guy

The claims that he can't exist without Larry Fitz are ridiculous. He has been a very consistent receiver since being drafted in 2003, for 6 different quarterbacks (Jeff Blake, Josh McCown, Shaun King, John Navarre, Matt Leinart, and Kurt Warner), with 502 receptions, 6496 yards, and 40 TD's. He is a talent. We are not all of the Al Davis mindset, where a forty time is more important than past performance. Bring on Anquan Boldin. Flacco to Boldin has a ring to it. Ozzie Newsome is telling us as FANS (not personnel experts) that the draft does not hold a comparable talent at that position when the Ravens draft at 26. Now, name me one Ravens receiver in the last 6 years that has comparable statistics. Just one.

Do we want to make a Superbowl run this season? If yes, trade for Boldin. If no, draft a young WR to groom for the future. I say Ray Lewis isn't getting any younger. Trade for him.


Why are you guys saying no we can fill that void with the first round pick and keep the third??? Have you been awake for the past 12 years. As good as the OZ is he can not draft a reciever. We have bigger needs??? No we don't! This has been the Ravens biggest need next to Qb since about 99

there is no one available at pick 26 that will be able to make the impact that boldin will. he is in the prime of his career and his coming to this team automatically makes us a bona fide SB contender. We were 4 minutes away from the SB last year. With him as a #1 and Mason as a #2 and Clayton in the slot with Heap as the TE our offense will be top 10 in the league. Name me the Squealer cb that can cover boldin for a whole game. As much as I don't like trading picks this one makes too much sense. Ray isn't getting younger. This gives us a 2 year window at the SB after which there is going to be a work stoppage anyway. Do it. Do it now and don't look back.

I'd point out that the knock on Bouldin coming out of FSU was that he wasn't a burner. He's not but he's turned himself into an upper eschelon receiver, multiple pro bowler. That's the same thing with Nicks and Britt. A 1st & 3rd is ridiculous. Tory Holt is still available and does have speed and amazing hands. Keep the draft picks, draft Nicks, sign Holt. MUCH better way to go.

This is the perfect trade for the Ravens IF it's a good trade. Suggs for Boldin straight up is not good. I thought about that for a while during the season, but even though we have a lot of LB's, Suggs is only 24, 25. He still has a lot of upside. I really want Boldin. Even if he's double teamed, that leaves Mason open like he was all of last year, and you saw what happened. So I LOVE Boldin here, but don't give up too much. If Oz can pull it off, more power to him, but don't give up too much.

Just what the Ravens need. Terrell Owens 'light' Boldin is another guy who is going to want to redo his contract every year. Not to mention all the time spent with injuries. Who wants another whining cry baby who plays for himself instead of the team. Now if Fitzgerald was available I'd say go get him, but Cry Baby Boldin? No way.

Boldin is definately worth a 1st round pick. You don't know what you're getting with a 1st rounder anyway. You may get the next Jerry Rice, but as far as the Ravens have drafted with first round WR's, it doesn't look good. Oz will take the best player available, but if it looks to be a thin draft, I'll take Boldin. Proven WR. Our OL is getting stronger, we filled the need in CB, our D is getting older so we still need draft picks, but if we can get Boldin with a few draft picks, I'll take him

Oz, please don't let this happen. The guy is great but he's nagged with injuries and he's only 3 years away from when most receivers are considered old. Not worth it to me.

You know after reading all of these posting from folks on why not to trade for Boldin the main thing that has struck me is it is obvious that these folks are all caught up in drinking the NFL draft kool aid. We all get thirsty for it this time of the year! Stats, forty times,mock drafts , dreams and wishs!! YES some of those dreams are going to come true BUT QB and WR are the two hardest positions to predict in football by far! AB is the real deal folks way before FITZ GOT THERE> THIS A SPECIAL TALENT for a 1 and 3 at the position that we are drafting at NO BRAINER! People if we truly believe that we are only a couple of pieces away from the big dance you have to go after him. He is PROVEN not a draft hopes and dreams. I trust Ozzie too in the draft that is why I would not be surprise if somehow he makes magic with the remaining picks that he would have after this trade to fill a couple of other needed spots!!

You know after reading all of these posting from folks on why not to trade for Boldin the main thing that has struck me is it is obvious that these folks are all caught up in drinking the NFL draft kool aid. We all get thirsty for it this time of the year! Stats, forty times,mock drafts , dreams and wishs!! YES some of those dreams are going to come true BUT QB and WR are the two hardest positions to predict in football by far! AB is the real deal folks way before FITZ GOT THERE> THIS A SPECIAL TALENT for a 1 and 3 at the position that we are drafting at NO BRAINER! People if we truly believe that we are only a couple of pieces away from the big dance you have to go after him. He is PROVEN not a draft hopes and dreams. I trust Ozzie too in the draft that is why I would not be surprise if somehow he makes magic with the remaining picks that he would have after this trade to fill a couple of other needed spots!!

Save the long term money for sizzle and next year ngata, we need a reciever playing for rookie money...

I don't want this god damn crybaby on my team!...we are the RAVENS!


I'm pretty sure that 99% of the people commenting don't know anything about Anquan Boldin. If it weren't for the playoffs, we would be debating who is better between him and Fitz. And to all the delusional people saying we need a speed receiver, HEYWARD BEY IS NOT GOING TO BE AVAILABLE. He is one of the fastest rising players in the draft. So we are looking at either Percy Harvin (who also will probably not be available), or Hakeem Nicks (the most likely option), WHO ISN'T FAST. And to all the people talking about speed, here's something for bout we get a PHYSICAL receiver? Who on the roster fills that role? Boldin is THE MOST PHYSICAL wr in the league. And finally, to those saying that the reason he was good was because he was getting single covered (he wasn't)....Wouldn't it help us if Derrick Mason got singled? That NEVER happened last year (except the beginning of the season). There's maybe 5 corners in the league that can cover D-Mase 1 on 1. Make the trade, ignore these ignorant people Oz.

Make the trade now!

Short and sweet... the 26 pick for AB is a no brainer! 40 times don't make a player. Ray Lewis did have a great 40 time but is one of the greatest LB's to ever play the game. If you remember OZ wanted AB coming out of college and was going to take him with our 2nd round pick but AZ picked him. With AB in the fold Clayton will feast on any teams 3rd DB. Mason is Mason and Todd Heap will be 1 on 1 all day in the deep middle of the field. That's how AB helps open up the deep ball. No more 9 men fronts to stop the running game. Learn football people!!

Trade Suggs and, maybe, a 3rd round pick for Boldin. He's just what this offense needs and we'd need to unload the $$$ of Suggs' next contract in order to afford Boldin and Ngata. Suggs is so over-hyped around here. 8.5 sacks this past season and 5.5 the year before --- BIG DEAL!! He's good, he ain't great. We've got a stable full of young LB's to replace him with.

Picks one and three for Boldin would be a huge mistake for the Ravens . He's not the type of wr they need plus the salary cap would be compromised with the kind of money he's seeking . He's catches many passes because he plays with a great receiver Fitzgerald and the opposition has to double team Fitzgerald and single cover Boldin so he's not the wr that he seems to be . He could be as good as Mason but that's debatable . We'd be better off going for the draft and possibly getting Darius Hayward Bey and if he's not the wr we need we still have our existing wr's which with the more experience after this past season .

This doesn't fit the OZ model for building a team, giving up that much in the draft for another possession receiver/red zone target. I think he is driving up the asking price for Boldin to force some of the other WR-needy teams to ante up, allowing the few good WRs to fall to the Ravens late in the 1st. Anyway, Cam ought to be able to find a few diamonds in the rough later in the draft.

Suggs is 25 year old perenial pro bowler. So he only has 8.5 sacks, he is a complete football player that you can build a defense around for 5-7 years. How many picks does Reed get because the QB has spent Monday and Tuesday watching film of Suggs and he just wants to get rid of the ball. Boldin is a bigger version of Mason without the heart. I definitly think he'd improve our offense and think between Clayton and Williams we could have a deep threat in our midst. Just don't talk about trading Suggs for him. They put the franchise tag on him for a reason, because you can build a franchise around a player like that.

Trading a first and third and giving a HUGE contract to Boldin is DUMB! Same sort of thing we did with McGahee!! How did that work out? You guys have a lot of faith in Ozzie for some reason. It is strange. The guy hasn't given us or the defense an offense in 10 years......At least we have the 4th best QB in our division next year..

we cant afford boldin..suggs is only 25..he has yet 2 play his best football.we need him resigned.i say get rid of jarret johnson and a 3rd rounder 4 peppers.go with the 4-3 and apply pressure every down..draft howard-bay and sign holt 4 depth..stick to our defense cam will make it happen with what he has..Flacco is no longer a rookie he will be fantastic.

I feel that Boldin is good but not worth the money he may be asking,or woth those picks in a trade I think Heyward Bey, Percy Harvin, Hakeem Nicks,or Jeremy Macklin (if he is still available in the draft) would be excellent to make the Ravens a possible high- powered offense and playoff contender again

I don't think you give a first and third pick in this years draft not with just six picks total. I would go after a WR or TE. Mason and Clayton will be fine this year. Remeber Clayton and Heap their rookie years?

I love Boldin, but his contract demands coupled with a 1st and 3rd rounder is too much for him. Bolding also takes a beating on the field which is starting to catch up with him.

I'd love to add Torry Holt as a stop gap and add some youth to the defense.

There is no question, this move would create a cap money problem for next year. But as I drifted through the posts it occurred to me that the one who might greatly benefit from this move would be Todd H.. The increased presence in the passing game would take the double team off of him and free him from having to block so much of the time. I think ' Raven 31 ' clearly spelled out the entire scenario. The ' X ' factor of course is injuies. and keeping him on the field.

This by far would be one of the most compelling trades in the Ravens brief history. We've always been able to survive with mediocre receivers, but now with the franchise quarterback in tow with Flacco, a 1st and a 3rd for a young, proven Pro-Bowler like Boldin seems intriquing. I'm not oppose to hearing the trade offer, but if I need to get younger on defense and the cap number is low, then we don't do it. Torry Holt is a great option I agree, but he may not like playing outdoors as he played indoors his whole career. Ozzie will make the proper call on this as he has in years past. Although our window may be closing, it isn't closed yet....Go Ravens 09

i would honestly PREFER heyward-bey.
but in the real world, boldin is a great add. he has been THE solid man for that electric cardinals offense throughout all of their turmoil. he has seen alot of single coverage, he may get doubled here, but who wants to leave derrick mason alone on single coverage? that's almost a guaranteed first down every time. that opens room for clayton or williams to head deep. some of his injuries are attributed to freak injuries and illegal hits [the infamous head shot]. he is a quality receiver.
i don't think we have the cap room, and the contract he is asking for may be too much for the team to absorb in the long haul. he isn't a head case, he just wants his due pay. he and fitzgerald's numbers are not that far apart and boldin has tenure. loyalty and common sense says that they would get at least close to similar contracts. wouldn't you argue and make a fuss if your same titled, equally contributing co-worker got double your salary?
in the end the draft picks are too much to wager right now. flacco needs someone to grow with. but that never rules out those people being mason, clayton, williams and a rookie.

Boldin would add a bunch of flexibility to the Raven offense. Secondarys would go nuts trying to cover our guys. Sing this guy but write the contract so we don't get hammered if he misses a bunch of games.

Watching Boldin steamroller some hapless Steeler cornerback would be HUGE!

don't do it. we have a good track record in the draft. with all of the big name receivers on the market, there might be a chance that some of the quality receivers in the draft drop down, which will give ozzie the opportunity to strike again.

Too many valuable draft picks for a guy who is 28 and been on the DL much of the last few years. Then, if you get him, you have to rework his contract and pay through the nose. Nope, do it the Raven way, through the draft.


Couple things.

1. We need a wide receiver with attitude. Boldin is aggressive and physical. That's what we need in the AFC North. We already have a deep threat in Williams, if he can stay healthy.

2. If we draft a receiver in the first round, don't expect him to have an impact this year or maybe even next year. College wide receivers don't play against press/man coverage in school. It takes time to make this transition to the pros. Boldin is obviously more experienced in this manner.

3. The Ravens aren't rebuilding, we're trying to win NOW. We have one glaring hole and that is WR. Why not fill it with Bolding if the deal is right? I trust Ozzie won't overpay. Besides, we don't have many picks this year anyway - this would be a good year to pull a trade like this. Next draft we'll receive supplemental picks for lost free agents (Scott, Leonhard, etc.) in addition to the normal allottment.

4. In the back of Ozzie's mind is the possibility of a non-capped season in 2010. If it happens, there won't be a problem signing our other free agents. This point isn't too important, but must weigh in.

Conclusion: Get this deal done.

How about trading Heap and a 2nd round pick for Boldin and Leonard Pope?

Boldin would be a great pick-up regardless of the lack of elite top-end speed. He fits the bill of a "Ravens" player. He can bring the defenses mentality to the offensive end with his physicality and passion to play. Mark Clayton and Demetrius Williams can fight for the deep threat spot next to him and allow mason to run the slot.

Do not underestimate Clayton's deep threat because he was playing much better by the end of the season last season and showed potential of why we drafted him first round.

Trade for Boldin now! Some of these people don't seem to know as much about football as they think. Larry Fitz wasn't consistenly doubled before this year's breakout. Check the stats. The numbers are close. And keep in mind Boldin missed 4 games and still had better numbers than a lot of good receivers who played all year. Injury prone?? Come on, the guy takes a hard hit, helmet to helmet, in a very vulnerable position. Name one player in the NFL who wouldn't get injured off of a play like that. And what Ravens fan in their sane mind really prefers Heyward-Bey over Boldin? Are we making a comparison between an established veteran with excellent hands, toughness, and overall ability, or some rookie who didn't show up in big games in college, is known to drop passes, and isn't that tough? This, along with every other pro sport is about winning now. Who wants to wait 2 to 3 more years for someone to possibly develop when you can win now?

I have been a Cards fan for 25 years.There is no Cards reciever that i have enjoyed watching more than Boldin. Yes, I know that Fitzgerald is opposite Boldin. Boldin has been a stud from day one. He holds the NFL Rookie record for recieving yards in a debut (217 yards).2003 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year. Multiple Probowls 2003,2006,2008. "Q" is the fastest reciver in NFL History to 350, 400, and 500 catches. Boldin creates mismatches for the defense because he can line up in the Y, Z, and Slot WR positions. Want some Wildcat insert Boldin . (The Cards used him in this package last season.)Boldin is still young at 28 years. With truth serum in their veins , DB's in the league will tell you that Boldin is the last reciever that want to see in the open field with the ball in his hands. Boldin has running back power and skills after the catch. Yes he has a injury history mostly because he plays the game so physical. I would much rather have to ask the player to scale back or dial it down as oppose to having to motivate the player to play to his potential and talent level. Boldin is the ultimate team guy. He has taken a huge PR hit the last year and in my opinion it is unjustified. Remember people were talking about the Cardinals. The young QB Flacco could use a talent like "Q" to help accelerate his developement. Ozzie get this deal done before the Jets, Titans, Eagles or Giants aquire this great player.

This is a trade that the Ravens have to make. Anquan Boldin is a playmaker. He doesn't have the elite speed that many fans want, but he's a tough receiver that can help with Flacco's maturation. Anyone who says the only reason he is good is because he has been playing next to Fitzgerald must not remember that Boldin was putting up big numbers in Arizona before Fitz and Warner were there (His QB at the time was Jeff Blake).

Boldin would be the right choice, but not at the required price. I say offer Todd Heap, The 2009 2nd Rounder, and 2010 2nd Rounder for Anquan Boldin and The Cardinals 2009 3rd Pick and we have a deal. I think this works because with the newly acquired L.J. Smith and Sypniewski provides solid depth this season and we could use our 1st Rd pick on Pettigrew if he's there at "26". We could then use our 2 third rounders and fix the O-Line and add depth at LB. Boldin is a top 5 WR no doubt about it, and he would be the target our young Flacco would need on his run to stardom. Mason will be gone after 09' and depending how well Clayton does this year I can see him receiving a new contract. Williams could possibly have a breakout year and if so... Imagine Boldin and Williams on the outside with Clayton in the slot in 10' I see the future and it's leaning towards balance with this team. Ozzie will get it right as always and we will be playoff bound.

Go Ravens!!!

Ozzie is a draft day genious...simply put your faith in him and assume that he's making the right decision. Priority #1 - sign suggs to a long-term deal!!!!

The trouble with getting Boldin to sign any long-term "contract" is that he does not honor his contracts. That's why he wants out of AZ. He'll do the same wherever he goes. He's selfish and immature. No Boldin. Character counts.

As a steeler fan, I am really hoping that the ravens don't pull this off. Boldin is outstanding, and anyone who thinks that he would suffer away from Fitz is clueless. Boldin would become your Hines Ward, and then you'll realize how valuable a player like Ward is, if you didn't already realize it.

Charles, you are a real dreamer. Anyone who thinks Heap carries any trade value is fooling themselves. The Cards would be more likely to take your proposed trade if Heap WASN'T included. Seriously, who wants to pay money to a player that is historically on the sideline more than the field. And of course, two 2nd rounders wouldn't be enough, not to mention how ridiculous it is to ask for a 3rd rounder back. Keep dreaming. I already mentioned that I am a Steeler fan, so you can discount me as being biased.... but trust me, I'm much closer to reality than you on this one. Heap will have to return to health and rediscover his once-impressive skill set to regain any value.

All of you nay-sayers talking about WR not making an impact in year one. Look at Anquan's 2003 Rookie campaign, with the likes of Jeff Blake throwing to him, 101 catches and 10+ TDs. Look at Marques Colston, Eddie Royal, DeSean Jackson as rookies... I don't even want a WR in the first round this year, they are always over-hyped. The true WR gems always come later in day one or early in day two.

I want Lourinitus in the 1st and Robiskie in the 2nd. and I'm not a Buckeye fan, Terps all the way. But, DHB is being OVER HYPED around here because we are all Terps fans. He is TOO raw to groom with Flacco. Cam Cameron will help Ozzie with the offensive picks this year, he did last year. I.E. RAY RICE AND FLACCO.

Ray Rice is "THE TRUTH"

And please, stop opening your idiotic mouths about trading Sizzle. Are you people effing crazy! Sizzle is the truth. 8.5 sacks, so what. 2 INT Returned for TDs... That's a difference maker. Half of the INTs come from the pressure he puts on the QB and the QB putting the ball up too quick. So many NFL games are won, not by the numbers, but by the intensity a person plays with. And Sizzle, has ALL the utensils for us to build a defense around for the next 10 years when Ray is done.
There is a reason that we have franchised this man for TWO years in a row.

#55 needs to be a LIFETIME Raven, like JO, Ray Lew, and Ed Reed. PERIOD!

Point I'm trying to make here is, as much as I love Boldin's physical ability and pure grit on the field, he is too much of a liability for us to trade a 1st and 3rd for. Let's see what Demetrius does this year, I really feel like he is the key to our offense this year.

I forgot I left something out,
In Ozzie I Trust!
I know he will make the right decision, whether he makes the trade or not.

If you've been a REAL Ravens fan from the beginning, how can you possibly argue with the way Ozzie has drafted. He is, according to ESPN, NFL Net, etc. the best GM in the NFL. And to me also.

To much to give up, a number one next year and a number 3 this year I could live with but I think we are going to get our reciever of the future with our number one this year. We do not have a lot of draft picks to play with this year and I think we would be giving too much our future away. I would love Boldin or Edwards but in Ozzie I trust.

Take a look at what the beat writers that cover the AZ Cards say about Anquan:

one guy says:
“Trading Boldin would be a dramatic change for the Cardinals. Boldin, who turns 29 in October, has made the Pro Bowl three times in six seasons and is an iconic figure with the team.

For years, his leadership skills, work ethic and desire were lauded by team officials, and he commands a large amount of respect from his teammates.”

here’s what the other writer says
“Trade Boldin, and the Cardinals could regret it for a long time.”

There is also a link to a radio interview where “Q” sounds like an intelligent and community minded guy - not the “whiner” brat that he has been labeled lately.

In the offseason, he runs a big charity event called QFest that attracts over 30 other NFL stars to help send kids to college. Part of his training regimen includes boxing, even though his face is held together by steel plates from the nasty hit he endured - but came right back from to get in the game.

Anquan Boldin would be a Raven type man all the way. He’s tough, fearless, more team minded than perceived, and talented. Other teams would fear him and have to game plan and double cover. He’s the type of fighter that would love to knock heads with our foes in the AFC North.

Please trade the unproven picks, re-negotiate his contract, add a late round 2010 pick if you have to, just GO GET HIM!

First and Third is a small price to pay. How long did it take to get Flacco. Chris Redman, Derek Anderson and Boller in the draft. Stoney Case, Elvis Grbac, Scott Mitchell, Anthony Wright, Kordell Stewart, Brian St. Pierre, Steve McNair and a how many others. If we had the opportunity to trade a 1 and a 3 to solve the problem 8 years ago we could have been a dynasty. Get Boldin and move on. The 2010 draft Flacco will still only have 2 seasons under his belt and we can appease everyone and draft a young receiver for him to grow old with.

This is the deal...the only players that the Ravens really covet is Hayward Bay and the tackle A. Smith, and from the looks of it neither are going to be available. The coincidence is that to get in position to get these players you will also have to trade a 1st and a 3rd to move up, and thats if you can find a trade partner in time. So either way for the Ravens to get what they actually want they are going to have to trade the pics.

other options that i see that would be fulfil that down the field need would be T. Holt or i hate to say P. Burress or M. Jones from Jackonsville. Jones is interesting because he has all the pysical tools and he would come cheap, plus i would be interested to see what he could do in a real down the field passing offense.

Bolden,Mason an Clayton will make one of the best trios in the NFL


What bigger needs to we need to fill? WR is the biggest need and there are not enough good WR in the draft to fill it. The Ravens have a late first round pick, and the third round is not the ravens best round for picking players. Making this trade is a no brainer if you want to give Flacco more confidence and try to make a run at a superbowl while Ray is still here go for it.

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