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Billick wishes he said 'more stupid things'

For all the grief we give Brian Billick about enjoying the sound of his own voice, he's always been pretty good at providing a chuckle or two, even if it's at his own expense. Preparing for this weekend's NFL Draft, the coach-turned-NFL Network analyst took part in an online chat yesterday for Just three questions into the chat, it temporarily veered off track. Blame Ben in Corona.

Ben, Corona: When you were coaching, were you cognizant of saying things that would land on a Coors Light commercial? And if possible, can I get a "Let's wedge it?"

Brian Billick, NFL Network: I wasn't at the time! But if I had, I would have said more stupid things. Those beer commercials pay pretty well. LET'S WEDGE IT!

Billick spent much of the chat dishing out the safe and the vague. (Though to one fan who asked about rookie quarterbacks, Billick did say, "There would be those who question your judgment in asking me a QB question.") When asked about Anquan Boldin and the Ravens, here's what Billick had to say:

First off I have to confess to my admiration to Anquan Boldin. He would make a huge difference for the Ravens and give Joe Flacco the presence he needs to take that next step in his development. Unfortunately, I don't think the Ravens will be willing to give the Cardinals the price for Anquan Boldin. If it indeed takes a first- and third-round pick to secure the deal. I doubt Ozzie Newsome would pay that high of a price.

Just for fun, after the jump, let's take a look at a couple of those Coors Light commercials starring Brian Billick. 



Billick isn't giving himself enough credit. He has said plenty of stupid things.

-Scott Mitchell is my QB
-Stoney Case is my QB
-Eric Zier is my QB
etc., etc., etc.

And Ozzie Newsome said some stupid things too, Scott sign here, Stoney sign this, Eric here is your contract...ect, ect, ect...monkey see, monkey do! It takes a Village, see EC.

One thing Brian Billick is not, is stupid. Otherwise, he wouldn't be making $15 million for doing nothing for the Ravens (counting this year and the next two). So, he saud, "Where do I sign?", when Bisciotti offered him the extension. And now, he's saying, "thank you very much", because he now gets at least four paychecks: Ravens, Fox, NFL Network and Coors. Now, who's stupid? Answer: Anyone who thinks a QB can succeed in the NFL without a legit #1 WR, no protection from his O-line, and two OC's as creative as someone with a low IQ that just had a pre-frontal lobotomy. Or, Ozzie Newsome.

You guys are forgetting the grand-daddy of them all...Kyle BOLLER sign here

Whoaaaaaa, Ozzie hating? Are you kidding me? In Oz we trust, baby! You guys are lamers to insult the Oz-man.

Oh, and easywriter: Cam hasn't been available for 10 years...We are pretty darn lucky that the Dolphins got rid of him. I still think Cam could make a great HC, but many do not.

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