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Tweeting up with the Joneses

I think we can all agree that grandparents and newspapers are among the very last people on the planet to understand new technology. But why is at that NBA players seem to be on the cutting edge of this stuff? They got the best cell phones and the latest music players. Their laptops are so up-to-date, you’d think they simply save the receipt and exchange for a new model every Monday.

Gilbert Arenas was hip to blogs before most everyone else. Shaq Twitters when he’s walking through the mall and Charlie Villanueva broke the news of Jim Calhoun’s health condition last week via a tweet. (Sports by Brooks has more.)

To satisfy our need-to-know, we need athletes in other sports to catch up. Here, I’ll even help them get started with suggested debut tweets:

Jon Scheyer had a random thought while shaving this AM: mom was right about my face freezing this way.

Rafael Palmeiro just heard about the HOF. So excited. Booking a block of rooms in Cooperstown now.

Rafael Palmeiro Nevermind that last tweet.

Greivis Vasquez thinks UConn reminds me of an AAU team.

Gary Williams advises you to ignore Greivis' Twitter updates. It’s cultural. Message gets lost in translation.

Coach K just sat down for dinner. I’m so much better at eating than everyone else.

Miguel Tejada just got the news: 1 yr probation. lol i love this country

Daniel Snyder At owners meeting. Just proposed a 162-game schedule for next season. Cash money!!! LOL

Lance Armstrong woke up today in quite a bit of pain here. Not sure if it’s enough for another book deal, though. : (

Myles Brand is looking the other way.

Ralph Friedgen just caught Franklin with his feet on my desk. Again.

Pat Summitt is bored.

A-Rod wonders Why does that reporter lady keep following me?

A-Rod Nevermind. That’s Madonna.

Matt Wieters is still waiting. But if I have to spend another three months eating at an Olive Garden in Bowie, Im gonna go crazy.

Steve Bisciotti At owners meeting. Wish Snyder would STFU already.

Dave Trembley If ur not busy tomorrow, stop by stadium. Holding pitcher tryouts. Bring own glove.

What else?


Aahaha! Good stuff. I'd be willing to bet that UConn doesn't even receive a slap on the wrist from the NCAA, but i'll bet every other coach in the Big East is praying for rain on this one. Calhoun deserves to finally get biyatch-slapped by college basketball for his consistently shady recruiting tactics.

The Toy Department is already making a pop culture impact:

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