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Dead To Me: Good grief! The Colts are still gone

Each week at the Toy Department, in addition to offering one of our writers the chance to endorse something they feel strongly about, we'll also give one of our writers a chance to dismiss something -- however unpopular that opinion may be -- in a segment we call "Dead. To. Me."

This week, Candy Thomson makes the case for why it's time to get over the Colts midnight move


Let's pause for a moment to remember that the Colts left Baltimore for Indianapolis 25 years ago Sunday.

OK, that's enough.

Yes, The Sun will have stories about that fateful day just as sure as Gov. Martin O'Malley will take credit for the grass turning green as part of his "Smart, Green and Growing" campaign. (Now don't you get all mad, Marty. Snarky press is better than no press at all).

When it comes to anniversaries ending in "5" or "0," news organizations can't help themselves. Just once, I'd like to see coverage of the 16th anniversary or the 31st anniversary of something. Won't happen, though.

But just because we lack the discipline to stop rehashing old news doesn't mean the good people of Maryland should sink to our level and wallow in grief and anger. 

Yes, the great escape in the Mayflower vans was a blow to sports and civic pride. Yes, it took a dozen years to right that wrong by stealing another city's team and spending taxpayer money on a new football stadium that requires fans to shell out money for a seat license before shelling out more money for the actual seat.

Time out: I am the daughter of a died-in-the-wool Colts fan who proudly wears her Ravens shirt IN PITTSBURGH, where she now lives. My granddad worked for Beth Steel and saved up money to move from a rented house on Hudson Street to his own home on Fait Avenue in "the county." My parents met while bowling in the Standard Oil league and their first date was at Bud Paulino's on Lombard Street in Highlandtown. So, I GET IT! (Otherwise my 81-year-old mom will beat the crap out of me)

Start the clock: The Colts are gone. We need to move on, especially the folks who don't have a dog in this fight. I mean, when Indianapolis came here three seasons ago for the playoffs, tons of Baltimore fans who screamed about the Mayflower hijacking and the Irsays were barely alive in 1984. You may be old enough for a personal seat license now but it does not include grieving rights. 

And anyway, things turned out OK. The Ravens won a Super Bowl. Joe Flacco looks like the real deal. On any given Sunday, the noise level at M&T Bank Stadium creates goosebumps on goosebumps and sets off car alarms.

Besides, you could be a Detroit Lions fan. How lousy is that?

The five stages of grief are: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Sports are all about the moments and the memories. Real Baltimore Colts fans have both. For the sake of our sanity and future generations, we need to take that final step.


Poll: Compare the Baltimore and Indianapolis players at each position and pick the best Colts overall.


Candus----got news for you. We've accepted that the Colts are gone. It's the Sun that won't let it go. Let it go. Thank you.

I was in 6th grade that year, and remember the sorrow among friends and family. Sunday afternoons with my uncles changed to Sundays just staying home the next few falls. It was truly depressing. And, I still feel bad thinking about that lost time. But, if they had not left I wouldn't have met my wife. We met at Camden Yards which would never have been built if they stayed. I love the Ravens for free(not a PSL owner). More importantly, I love my wife and 4 daughters - all Ravens fans.

Sorry, but I'll never get over it. I thought I was a few years ago when the Irsay's won the super bowl. I think I softened but still whenever I see them play a game the hatred bounces back. You see my father was a self employed contractor (aka home improvement contractor, but back before the 80's when everyone wanted to be one). He had a lot of Orioles and Colt players as clients. He worked 50-75 hours a week, which in reality meant we didn't do much together. My mom would take me and my friends to O's games. My dad was a die hard Colt's fan who had season tickets through a group of people associated with his barber. When I turned twelve a ticket in my dad's group became available and after some finagling my dad got two seats together and gave me one. My brother was somewhat older then me and was in the Colt's band so I lucked out and got the ticket. I think by now you can see where I'm going with this. Going to Colt's games was basically the only time my father and me had to bond together. That was a special time I'll never forget only to have Robert Irsay rip that away from us. So, excuse me if I'm one of those people who can't let it go.

Nice thoughts, it is time for a city wide acceptance of the colts being gone. The new has arrived and the Ravens have a great organization. Flacco is the real deal and the next ten years should be entertaining to watch now that we have a legit QB.
Go Ravens! Draft DHB!

If you got it, you wouldn't write about Baltimore "stealing another city's team." That's the kind of smack we hear from Cleveland and Pittsburgh fans.

Modell moved the team. Baltimore didn't "steal" it anymore than Indianapolis "stole" the Colts. Irsay did that.

In addition, I hate people who sanctimoniously tell others what they should "get over." How about this? Get over your own ego and the fact that some people (for whatever reason) are still bitter. That's their business, not yours.

My grandfather worked at Beth Steel also....LeRoy Walker

I could not agree more with "Davids" comments above. He "gets it." I believe in forgiveness for the most part but honestly UNDERSTAND former Colts Fans that cannot let go...

Their deep seated memories are wrapped up in the Baltimore Colts history. The key distinction between the Indianapolis "acquisition" of the Colts and the Baltimore "acquisition" of the former Browns is that we, respected their rightful retention of their teams NAME, COLORS, and heritage. Irsay did NOT afford us the same courtesy. His son, appears to be a very decent fellow and I respect that but his father was and remains in my mind, the antithisis of anything decent or civil.

Nothing wrong with harboring some resentment of being wronged. Move on to some degree, yes, however, you are entitled to feel the way you feel and to not be told HOW YOU SHOULD FEEL by someone that mistakenly believes they are somehow more ENLIGHTENED than you.

Give me/us a break, already...

Not until the HOF creates a section for Baltimore Colts that is distinct from the Indianapolis section. Make it overwhelmingly clear that those players played for Baltimore, not Indianapolis. It's the one remaining slap in the face by the NFL that hasn't been fully remedied. (And when JO gets elected, put the Ravens display right next to the Baltimore one.)

Yet even that really won't be enough, not until Indy decides to replace the horseshoe on the helmet with something else. They can have the team, but watching them dress up and masquerade as my childhood heroes still feels like a smack in the face every time I see the horseshoe.

While I will never ever in a million years wish the Colts and the Irsay's a good team, in a way I am really happy they are not in Baltimore any longer as I am a die hard Ravens fan. I live in Steelers country so I take a lot of grief when I were my Ravens garb. I think what upsets me the most is that the Browns were made to leave everything in Cleveland (ie records, colors team name etc) while no other team has had to do that when they moved to another city.I am glad though that they are the Ravens and NOT the Browns.
I know it is a business and the owners need to do what is best at the time for their team.I also know that the Colts did not start in Baltimore and neither did the Orioles.

There has always been a bit of revisionist history about the series of events that led the Colts to move out of Baltimore. Carroll Rosenbloom would have moved the team to Tampa had Irsay not agreed to swap franchises with him.

Irsay flirted with moving the team to Jacksonville in 1979,(he even stated to Jacksonville's city officials that it wasn't a matter of "if" but "when"), so the eventual move to Indianpolis shouldn't have come as a surprise to anyone.

I accepted it but the name and colors should have stayed!! That I will never let go. If you do, you dont understand sports and history!

Some people rue the day when the baseball Giants left New York. Most of them are dead now or close to it. For the so-called "beloved" Colts in the early 80's, if this city loved them so much, then why didn't you attend the games?? Even the classic playoff game against Oakland in 77(I was there as a kid!!) was blacked out because of all the "love" that the fans had shown the Colts could not sell out the game. Give me a break already!! No one in their right mind would have turned down Indy's offer for the Colts. Sports is a business and only children lament that their favorite player didn't give them their autograph. I love listening to local sports shows to hear all of the whiners whenever the Ravens lose. No strategy talk, but always how the refs stole the game. Are there any grown men or women sports fans in Baltimore? If so, I can't tell. Keep on crying in your Natty Boh, losers.

Yup. It's the Sun that keeps this nonsense alive and every time they bring up the old Colts, they're telling our current Ravens that we don't want them, but want the Colts instead. That is SO FAR from reality. The true fans have moved on, and most never even rooted for the old Colts anyhow. Get this people... the Colts are our ENEMIES. We should hate them just as any other team in our conference. Not because they used to play here mind you, but because they are the competition.

Please Baltimore Sun staff. Find something else to write about and quit giving OUR team an inferiority complex.

One more bit for those who can't "get over it"...

You're not true Ravens fans and you hurt our team. Please move to Indy and go love your Colts again. That is your only solution.

True Baltimore Colts fans are not Ravens fans.

Baltimore is my city and the Ravens are not my team. True Baltimore Colts fans are not so quick to forgive the league complicity in the move by throwing more money at them.

Ravens fans are welcome to their illusions, but Baltimore NFL football died that day and nothing associated with the NFL is ever going to bring that back.

Long live the Baltimore Colts. Champions of Super Bowls III, V, and XLI.

I can understand the anger towards my deloved Indianapolis Colts; I just find it ironic that you too stole a team that was one of the most storied teams in NFL history and moved them to Baltimore....You are all just as bad as Indianapolis, you are JUST AS GUILTY!! The "Irsays are evil" Give me a break Robert died like 10 years ago and he is the one who moved the team not Jim Irsay. Move on and enjoy the Ravens!

IMy family had season tickets to the Colt games since the beginning. I actually went to the '59 World Championship game between the Colts and Giants with my dad. It was different then and it will never be quite the same. We should have our colors back with that classy horseshoe instead on that dumb looking bird on the helmet.

In response to Al Chyron, the NFL is a business, get over losing the Colts, Teams move all the time. The only thing you can be bitter about is not having the name and history of the Colts left behind. Go follow Peyton and the new Colts or quit watching Football all together. Ravens # 1 in true Baltimore Sports Fans Hearts.

In response to Al Chyron: The Colts lost Super Bowl III...not a real fan are you? In response to Kevin: Its actually not the exact same as stealing the Colts. Baltimore are not the Browns, the Ravens do not claim any Cleveland history. So its actually not ironic. look up the definition of ironic for a more clear interpretation. The Colts of Baltimore belong to be respected as such in the Hall of Fame. That is my beef. John Unitas never played in Baltimore and there are currently 1 actually colt in the hall of fame not from Baltimore: Eric Dickerson, what kind of messed up history is that. And if i see one more Indy COlts est. 1953, ill puke. The Ravens dont say Baltimore Raven est. 1946. SO now that I have cleared that up for you, I hope you will understand it is not the same thing.

Hey Mack,

The mistake Colts fans made has been made by other fans in other cities: sports teams belong to the owners and not the fans. Teams can be moved; extortion pulled off on local pols, all in the name of "Business".

Fans are not forced to buy tickets to support a franchise that is not worth their entertainment dollars. How has Kentucky basketball or Notre Dame football done lately, in spite of continuing sellouts for home games?

Grow up, OK? Stop your whining......

This is exactly what has to happen. You need to let go. I still root against the Colts, as I have since they left. But come on, guys; in the end, it's only football. I used to scoff at people from outside Baltimore who said Baltimore has an inferiority complex, but when I see people use the word "hatred" when talking about a football team, well... I start to think they may be right.

Yes, it sucked when the Colts moved away. But it was a FOOTBALL team, not anything of great importance. Baltimore is a great city in many ways; in other ways, it needs to grow up. And this is one of those. It's football, people, not life...

To: Joe & Al Chyron:
I am the person who wrote the thrid entry telling the story about my father and me. My father has past on, I have three sons and we're all die-hard Ravens fans. I cherrish my Baltimore Colt's memories, and to some degree I have moved on, onto my loyality to the Ravens. So, I can be fans of both teams. As for Joe, my feelings are for myself. This in no way takes anything away from or hurt the Ravens. I actually think the Ravens officials understand our feelings, as they too have honored our beloved Baltimore Colts hero's in their ring of honor.

I was a Baltimore Colts fan back when their team colors were green and gold so that should establish my bona fides. I now live in Pa. My wife and I held BALTIMORE Colts season tickets for years and we even shelled out for the Ravens extortionate seat licenses. I love the Baltimore Ravens and go when we can but I will never forgive or forget how we were treated by the Irsays and the NFL in the Tagliabue era. John Unitas is not an Indianapolis Colt.

I'll never forget - but will always be thankful for the Ravens!!!

It is quite possible that my hatred of the NFL in those days drove me to the school library on Sundays and I may not have ever graduated college if not for that. Still, you should be tied up and made to watch diner over and over.

Tom here, from Indianapolis. Big fan of the Indianapolis Colts.

I don't pretend to know the grief/resentment you hold for the team leaving. That said, the televised and reported behavior by Ravens fans during the 2006 playoffs was despicable, and an awful representation of the kind of people in Baltimore. Makes me glad to be a Hoosier, where folks don't find reason to harbour resentment and negativity. Like blaming the late Irsay on your dad not spending time with you (that little anecdote was both rehearsed and ridiculous -- how many times have you told it? You're an adult, so it's time to stop trying to get attention for daddy-issues, like a self-centered teenager). I'm proud to say I DON'T GET IT. And surely worse things have happened to each of you than a sports team moving. So do you Baltimore Colts fans behave the same way every time you feel slighted?

To the Ravens fans: I don't like you either! Go Colts.

I'm with most of the rest of 'em. I accepted the loss of the Colts years ago, but No! i'm not over it. Not as long as they wear our colors and our helmets. Why not a nice checkered flag on the side of the damn helmet, they could be the Indy Racers for crying out loud, but no. As long as they rub our noses in it, I'm rooting against them. that's why the gang in Cleveland need to calm down as well, no orange helmets in Baltimore, no Jim Brown or Otto Grahm in the Baltimore Browns section of the HOF. No Candy, clearly I'm not over it at all.

Sorry Candace, but I don’t think you do get it, and you’re probably too young to truly understand the interlocked emotions that existed between Baltimore Colt fans and their players dating back to the fifties and going forward. I am old enough, I do remember, and here’s the problem as I see it. The NFL and Jim Irsay still lock Baltimore’s football legacy into Indianapolis. It’s a ridiculous scenario not accepted by old Baltimore Colt players—Matte, Marchetti, Moore, Parker, Donovan, the late Unitas and more just to name a few. When Modell brought the Browns to Baltimore, pressure from the league made him return the name and history to Cleveland. Nobody did that for Baltimore when the franchise moved to Indy. Look at your own statement. “Sports are all about the moments and the memories. Real Baltimore Colts fans have both.” Well, not according to the NFL. Someday, when those old enough to remember the Colts in Baltimore are gone, Baltimore fans might forgive, but I won’t until the NFL returns our legacy. You and I know that will never happen, and while I’m a Ravens fan and have no say in the way the NFL handles Baltimore’s football history, I’ll just have to live with the way it is. Those of us who lived through the Colts’ history in the fifties and beyond realize the special empathy that existed between the Colts and their fans, and that makes forgiveness even more impossible. The people in Indianapolis—fans and owners—don’t know what being a Colt really meant. I do, and I won’t forgive or move on without a return of our football history.

I live 3000 miles away in a remote area of California's Central Valley now. Born in Baltimore, I was in college at JHU at the time.

A couple of weeks ago I walked into a local shop to schmooze with the owner. turns out his shop was decorated with sports memorabilia, he himself was from Newark Delaware.

On the way out, I spied in a glass case a 1960s era signed Johnny U football helmet.

I am not too proud to say my knees quivered and turned to jelly and I gasped at the sudden unmistakeable sight of the old blue horseshoe.

It came from somewhere deep inside, I don't know where, but that is what this is about.

Athough the colors fade, the Baltimore Colts will outlast the Baltimore Sun in myth and memory. As for Irsay --may he burn in Hell! Otherwise, I don't feel strongly about it.

Hey IndyTom:

I didn't blame Irsay for my father not spending time with me. Can you read?
His work to support our family kept him from spending time with me. I blamed Irsay for taking our time together away. And I don't have any daddy issues. My father and I had a great relationship and he taught me how to be a great father.

@ Mason Dixon Dude,

You proved my point exactly!!! You can't make an argument about not attending the games but on the other hand whine about Irsay leaving. Cleveland, Cincy, Minn. and others have not won Super Bowls but they always supported their teams. Baltimore was ripe for the picking and the great Robert Irsay made a great business decision. Y'all Baltimore fans ought to thank him because he scared y'all straight. I see the Ravens are not hurting for attendance. A hard lesson taught to the front-running Baltimore fans. HAHAHAHA!!!

Just because I wasn't alive for the move doesn't mean I can't be mad about it. What happened to the Colts was wrong! Cleveland can bitch and moan all they want but the fact is they got to keep their history and Baltimore did not! You don't even have had to witness old Colts games to be mad about that, Unitas, Moore or Berry are not apart of Indianapolis at all, they're Baltimore sports heroes.

Most of us know what former Baltimore Colts players have to say about INDY. Stealing the entire history of the team and calling it their own. I feel some guilt about taking the Browns, but we left them pretty much everything behind (history/stats/colors). Going into Indy and seeing championship banners for titles won in Baltimore is a sin. That's why Bob Irsay is slow roasting in the depths of hell. Anyway, Their gone and it took them twenty some years to produce a winning team. It took Baltimore five years after The Ravens arrived.

Colts are old news, let them think they have a team that has no personality to it's city. Baltimore is all Ravens now.

Back in the day, we kids would play football most anywhere there was room. Someone makes a good throw,they'd yell "Johnny Unitas!" Or other Colt players' name for the corresponding football move. And,when someone would score they'd go in singing "da da da dadadada"-- the old B'mo Colt fight song.
B.Irsay could have called the team the Racers or whatever but no. He tried to buy our history.This from the guy who traded Johnny U to SD. You can't buy our B'mo spirit,or our memories.
If J.Irsay wants the Colt legacy, make thier copy of a band play THE Colt fight song ,unaltered, after they score. And pay copyright fees to boot. Also, the league owes us that niche in Canton. Ohio,that is.

I had Colts season tickets for the last 11 years. One ooldest son was a ball-boy and I had several Colts' players as friends. That was then, now is now. My team is the Ravens, we have our own colors, heros and good memories. Soooooo, when the sun writers stop this "looking back" and find current stuff to write about, some of you can let it go.

What a bunch of cry babies! This newspaper and all of these Ravens fans! Get over it! Sit in the corner and do the "dirty bird" sopping wet from all your tears sucking your thumbs...GO HORSE!!!

You still donot get it. Irsay was, is and will always be a bum. If you REALLY had any sense of the past you would not write dribble like this.


David, Steve from Bel Air, Jim and the other "smitty" all hit the nail on the head.

I'm glad we got the Ravens, but "Indianapolis Colts" is STILL just WRONG.

Who cares? And if you do here are some statistics: 1 SB in 13 years for the Ravens. 1 SB in 25 for the Colts. That's as many championships in half the time. Screw the Colts. Go BALTIMORE RAVENS! You are OUR team.

I was at the Hall of Fame and to see "OUR" colts, our Baltimore colts together with the" Indy Irsays" left me with a sick angry feeling in my gut. I wrote a letter to the Hall expressing my feelings. In the words of Johnny U " Nothing against the people of Ind. but I played for the Baltimore Colts" As far as the commment on your blog It's hard to forget that long period when on Sunday all you hard to root for was the opponent of Indy or the Skins. We also miss the time in the Grand old lady of Balt. Memorial Stadium It's a sadness time doesn't heal but does soften Remember if they are real Colts They are Baltimore Colts

our dad, mom, uncles and aunts
grew up during the 50's rooting
for the colts.

batlimore was a little town somewhere
between new york and washington...

on 33rd street, the outdoor insane
asylum and the screaming colt
fans' assembled on sunday afternoons..

the colts were something special
and teams and fans do not have that
anymore... a connection to
community and a bond that will
not be broken...

to the ravens, glad your here. to
the indy colts, you'll never understand
the family we had in baltimore,
they were called the baltimore

Is this blog a joke being done by the Sun? If on April 1st I go to the Sports page for some real Orioles and Ravens news and am not inundated with stupid headlines...then touche, editors. Best April Fool's joke ever.

If not, this is quite possibly the worst collection of sportswriters all contributing to the same cause. Ever. Would never, ever touch the paper if there were any other way to get in-depth Orioles coverage from a third party.

ok... "things turned out alright" that we eventually did what Indy did and stole the Browns. However - do your homework - we were "this close" to getting the Bucs. Look it up.
And where are the Browns colors, history, records, etc - oh yeah - Cleveland. Where does Baltimore's same reside? Oh yeah - a town known for driving really fast in a big round track. Love the Ravens, bleed purple, but "get over it" doesn't sit well.....

You all are welcome to forgive and forget. I don't harbor any ill feelings toward the Colts. But, personally, I won't rest until I pee on Irsay's grave. I live in the Midwest now, so I'll start looking soon. Once that's done I'll move along. Other then that, I'm fine.

I also grew up as a Baltimore Colts fan and even attended the Colts = Steelers playoff game in the 70s when the small plane landed in the upper deck at Memorial Stadium.

Since the Colts moved, I lost my taste for pro football for many years, realizing it's just a business, any team can move at any time if they want to. So, I don't spend a dime on any team, watch football on TV only, and root for any team I want. Only when the Ravens win do I root for them, when they lose, I don't watch.
It keeps your emotional sanity, saves a ton of money, and it's great being a fair weather fan, I highly recommend it. Lesson learned from the Colts move: Don't ever, ever get too emotionally involved with a professional sports team, it's unhealthy!

I was born and raised in Indy, I now live about 50 mins outside Baltimore and can't wait to go see the Colts beat your Ravens again in a blow-out on your turf! GO INDIANAPOLIS COLTS!!

If one more person cites the Football HOF as having the Baltimore Colts players listed as Indy Colts players I'm going to SCREAM!


Go there and see for yourself. I DID!

To Naptown:

That comment is typical of the drivel spouted by common hillbilly Hoosiers like yourself.

Thanks for perpetuating the stereotype buddy. Have a fantastic day chief!

I don't care where they play they are still the Colts!!! And they belong to me!!! As far as I am concerned Indianapolis is just the west side of Baltimore. My Colt love will never go away

Colt Fan Forever

When ths city of Baltimore stole the Browns from Cleveland they lost all rights to ever again complain about the Colts leaving. The city and the fans and Art Modell, are no better than Indy and Irsa. In some ways they are worse as they know what it felt like to lose a team, yet perpetuated that same crime on Cleveland.

Eventually everyone who remembers the Baltimore Colts will be dead, and we won't have to have this conversation ever again.

I am one of the ones that still hates the way we were treated by irsay & the league. That said, Baltimore politicians were as much at fault with this as anyone. You cannot back yourself into a corner by not addressing the issue and then try to throw a hail mary on 4th and long (Eminent Domain). Schaffer was caught with his pants down on this one. Never trust politicians and sports owners.

Irsay was evil and was not a local owner. no one should have trusted him, especially the mayor. The NFL compunded the problem by not leaving the colors, name, history, They are as much to blame as anyone. Rozelle was so worried about the leagues lawsuit with Al Davis that he rubber stamped the move, didn't return our history.

Let's hope the Ravens are locally owned forever, o r we may see moving vans again someday.

I am one of the ones that still hates the way we were treated by irsay & the league. That said, Baltimore politicians were as much at fault with this as anyone. You cannot back yourself into a corner by not addressing the issue and then try to throw a hail mary on 4th and long (Eminent Domain). Schaffer was caught with his pants down on this one. Never trust politicians and sports owners.

Irsay was evil and was not a local owner. no one should have trusted him, especially the mayor. The NFL compunded the problem by not leaving the colors, name, history, They are as much to blame as anyone. Rozelle was so worried about the leagues lawsuit with Al Davis that he rubber stamped the move, didn't return our history.

Let's hope the Ravens are locally owned forever, o r we may see moving vans again someday.

"Those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it ! "
Agree with most of the above; Baltimore Colts fans will never "get over it" and shouldn't. The atrocity that was Robert Irsay ("A Devil on Earth that one !" per his OWN MOTHER) and what he did to Baltimore SHOULD never be forgotten.

Living in Boca Raton I am an outsider when it comes to the Ravens. Growing up in Baltimore as a Colts fan was truly wonderful. I didn't miss a home game for 25 years! But that's history. What truly amazes me is the near illiteracy of most of the writers. I guess you can be a die hard NFL football fan, or a literate person; but not both. I'd rather see Obama win with his game plan.

I went to the hof and saw all the Baltimore players who never played for Indianapolis and are listed under Indianapolis. I saw it with my oun eyes. Even the name of your hillbilly city was stolen from the Indians. Irsay had a right to move the club, but not the Baltimore Colt name, uniform, or history. The Baltimore Colt players are orphans in the league because of it. Also Irsay was a drunk. Why else would you trade a club from a city the size of Los Angeles for one from Baltimore

That is an excellent sermon...I won't argue with any of the points. But I wonder if it really applies to any of us out here in the pews?

I think Baltimoreans have collectively accepted it and moved on. How many out there refuse to root for the Ravens because they still root for the Colts? Very few.

There is a difference between moving on and simply forgetting. We'll never forget.

It's like my grandmother who suffered through the Depression. She recovered, and moved on, but still relished telling stories of sacrifice whenever the topic arose. Let us hold onto that same sentimentality for our Colts.

It's also like the untimely death of a spouse. Eventually you move on. Remarry. We have. But you don't forget.

I'll will never forget the morning my family awoke to the news that the Colts left in the middle of the night. That photo of the Mayflower trucks still haunts me to this day. Whenever I see a Mayflower truck the sorrow and sad memories of that fateful day hit like it did years ago. I will never forget what Irsay did to our city and its fans. I played football for Calvert Hall and our games against Loyola at Memorial Stadium in the late 70's were a high point in many of our lives, not just for the game and rivalry, but the chance to go into the locker rooms of the Colts player, meet a few of them and see what Our Colts were like when not playing on Sundays. When I see that other team wear OUR colors and horse shoe helmet it bugs me to no end. Thank God the statue of Johnny U is at M&T stadium, whenever I go to a Ravens game I look at it and remember the good old days when OUR COLTS were the team every other wanted to be. I love the Ravens, but man it would have been nice if we could have kept the Colts name at home. Go Ravens, Baltimore loves you, thanks for being OUR team now.

Candus Its a generanal thing the 35 and under Baltimore football fan most are Ravens fans those are the future fans of the team the older Baltimore football fan has an attachment to the Colts no disrepect but as they pass away the memory of the Baltimore colts move will pass away with them 25 years Is a long time they have been gone almost as long as the team was In Baltimore what does that tell you.

Hi Candus

I see a lot of posts and didn't read them all so I may be repeating something.
I'm over this incident for quite some time even though I did enjoy the Colts. But, here's the caveat, what I don't like is the comparison to "stealing" another team. Cleveland kept the name, colors, history, etc. and received promise of a new team, which hey acquired, plus a new stadium.This was all done as the decision was being made to move the team. Baltimore was told to build a museum.
And I never saw anyone investigating the relationship between Tagliabue and J. Kent Cooke who was fairly vested in keeping a team out of Baltimore.
I don't live in Baltimore and I don't like football anymore, and think most of the coaches are psychopaths, but I believe Baltimore has always received a bad hand in this whole deal.
Here in NYC we have better class of thieves at least they deal in billions and have the common sense to stay out of sports with the exception of the duped Wilpons' who have some connection to a very non interesting team. The team has been irrelevant for so long I have trouble remembering the name. Maybe someone took them and no one noticed.
To be fair I find the city of Baltimore completely guilty of stealing the St. Louis Browns and probably harboring animosity towards the Midwest.
As for the stadium etc. The coliseum is still standing so perhaps we can use all the new stadiums as monuments to a country who's leaders and assorted governments (from the local to the federal) would rather have stadiums than healthcare.
See you, I have to go coach little leaguers’ and I have a number of meetings with their agents, parents, conditioning coaches, nutritionists, (My wife is a baker she owns a bakery she tried to bring the team cupcakes, she was tried and is now in prison) and position coaches this AM. After the meeting I will make sure that we win with what we have and ensure that no children have fun and at least some of them come away with psychological scars.
Most of my original team is gone because a travel coach took them I was told by our commisioner that we will receive replacement players within 25 years.

As a kid growing up in the mid to late 80's we did not have a team here so I never got interested in the NFL until later and when the Ravens arrived and that special 2000 season came then it "registered" Those memories all those years I could have had with my Dad and friends were stolen from me and that is where my anger to the Colts move is. The hall of fame players from the Baltimore era were before my time but it's cool to here stories and maybe when there records are set straight to have Baltimore next to them things will be forgotten!!! The Steelers and Colts are public enenmy number 1

I was 8 years old when the moe happened and and it took until the Ravens won the super bowl for me to realize what having a team was about and those memories with my Dad and friends that never happened so that's where my anger is and the fact the Colts and the NFL still to this day present history wrong. Go Ravens


Can I accept the fact that the Colts left? Yes. I am 25 years old so it makes it a little bit easier for me than it does a lot of others. But my father was a die hard Colts fan and a season ticket older. The stories I've heard from him along with his stanch loyalty to Baltimore sports taught me a lot about the type of void that people felt during the late 80's and early 90's in our town. If acceptance is the last stage of the grief process I think eventually most people in the area will get there if they haven't already. But that doesn't mean we can't still hate the Colts. This isn't a family or a political issue, its sports, and events such as the Colts exit from Baltimore 25 years ago fuel emotions, enhance rivalries, and boost interest in sports as a whole. I will always hate the Colts, just as I will always hate the Steelers and Redskins, the Yankees and Red Sox, and Duke Basketball. But honestly, is there anything wrong with that???

whether people remember, care, or not, the historical record shows that the colts were in baltimore, won championships there, and declined under i^#^y. that outlasts everyone's lifespan. philadelphia has 9 pennants which the athletics won, boston had the braves, brookly, the dodgers. etc.

thank goodness for the ravens, so we don't have to always look backwards.

The "stealing a team" thing is unbelievably intellectually dishonest. Is there not a team called the Cleveland Browns now? The whole world took pity on them and handed them a new franchise.
Baltimore got no such pity, just the likes of Paul Tagliabue suggesting that we spend our stadium money on "a museum." Our history, name and colors were all allowed to leave- and no one cares. The city of Baltimore and its fans got jobbed.
No, I don't hate Indianapolis- there's not much there there to even really think about. It is the league that is to blame for turning its back on Baltimore Colt fans.
And you wonder why Baltimore fans think, and know for that matter, that there is undeniable league bias against us?
Candus, after uttering that line I knew the rest of your column had no credibility.
Go Ravens!
Put Art in the HOF!

The only reason Cleveland was able to keep the Browns name, colors, and history is because unlike the Baltimore fans who sat back and whined that they were being wronged, the Browns fans stopped NFL buisness, overwhelming fax machines, disrupting meetings until Cleveland was promised a new team. The Colts left town because the fans didn;'t support them, Art Modell left town because he was a poor business man who failed as an owner... see him selling his interest in them after moving to baltimore. Cleveland averaged 70,000 + fans, while I went to many of baltimore games and saw people dressed as empty seats. I have a question: What do you say to a baltimore raven in a three piece suit? Will the defendent please rise!!!!!

@ Kevin,

I like Ray Lewis but other than the last sentence in your entry you were dead on. This is a city or victims when it comes to sports. Everybody is against them, the league, the refs, the boogeyman(Robert Irsay). The biggest bunch of hypocrites this side of Judas. They did not go to the games but yet they continue to blame the great Irsay for leaving a dump of a stadium half-full on game day, for a domed stadium sold-out with season ticket holders. You tell me, who is the wise one and who are the idiots??

Brian Keller,

I think the Browns' move to Baltimore pretty much discredited the Jack Kent Cooke/Paul Tagliabue conspiracy theory. The owners voted to award franchises to Charlotte and Jacksonville in 1993 because many of them (including Al Davis, Georgia Frontiere, and Art Modell) saw that Baltimore had the most lucrative stadium deal of the five expansion cities and thus wanted to use Baltimore as leverage for better stadium deals.

Now that the Indianapolis team plays at Lucas Field; they should take the name Oilers and use it as their own and give us back our Colts name with our beloved royal blue and white.

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