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C'mon, just be honest

This has not been a sterling week for the concept of full disclosure.

Between the fudging of facts, the sins of omission and the outright lying, we're once again, as that Sports Illustrated writer once famously said about Bob Irsay, fighting a losing battle with the truth.

I'm not sure if I'm more tired of Jay Gibbons, who couldn't even come convincingly clean in his big admission/apology yesterday, or Samari Rolle, who duped me and a lot of other people into backing his "boy'' claims by leaving out a particular detail of the argument with the official -- that he started it.

He sparked it all in the final seconds of Monday's game by griping to Phil McKinnely that he "never played the game.'' He was incorrect. He was unnecessarily antagonistic. And he didn't mention that in the locker room the night of the game, only a day later, after the firestorm had blown up and the debate had begun. Neither did the other players who picked up on that theme. They took that word out of its real context, and then went further and shoved it into a different context (based on the timeline of when everything actually happened, Bart Scott hurling the flag into the stands had no connection whatsoever with the Rolle-McKinnely confrontation).

The NFL backed McKinnely and the crew. The league should never have been in the position to have to back them on the so-called controversial calls; every game is full of them, but every game doesn't end with players on the losing team insisting, in essence, that the games are fixed. As the NBA's David Stern has said throughout the years of accusations about his league, by doing that, you're charging him with a crime.

As for the Rolle-McKinnely confrontation, I still say refs have to be above that, and belittling Rolle with such a personal, loaded response is out of line. On the other hand, can these guys grow up at some point and stop resorting to name-calling when they don't like the way things are going? Oh, and can they also tell the whole truth next time they try to publicly bury somebody and his reputation?

Gibbons? There's nothing else to say about him except, "You're completely full of you-know-what.''

The chronology of lies laid out by Rick Maese this morning was priceless. Here are two further reasons why everyone should be sick to death of Gibbons: All the previous denials had to do with failing drug tests and using steroids. Well, Fibbons (er, Gibbons) was using hGH, not steroids, and testing was not a factor.

Then, in his statement, he played the injury-rehab card. Oooh, good one. I've never heard that one before. Hey, it was all on the up-and-up, which is why he made sure he didn't tell anybody about it and carefully worded every response over the years to avoid mentioning anything about it. You do that all the time when you take meds to get over injuries. Besides, doesn't everybody get help with recovering from an injury by getting a prescription from a doctor they don't know, going online to an out-of-state pharmacy and using a credit card? I did the same thing when I hurt my shoulder a couple of years ago, except it was the exact opposite.

Of course, if you're a ballplayer like him, why not lie? As long as you don't do it in front of a grand jury, you're pretty much in the clear (pun intended). Then again, he eventually told the truth, way after the fact, after he got busted, and didn't snarl at any reporters while doing it, so I guess we can all move on. His cap size never grew, his numbers never grew, he didn't challenge any hallowed records, so what's the big deal?

OK, so the entire premise of this item, about our athletes needing to be honest? Uh, never mind.


I agree about Gibbons. He lied repeatedly and now wants forgiveness. But Rolle has a valid point. He was emotional and did not keep his cool but that dosen't give anyone the right to call him "Boy". To those of us raised in a segregated society, the word " Boy" has a connotation that still stings.

I am guessing at your age but I do not think you can appreciate what segregation was like and how demeaning the word "Boy" really was and is.

I agree about Gibbons. He lied repeatedly and now wants forgiveness. But Rolle has a valid point. He was emotional and did not keep his cool but that dosen't give anyone the right to call him "Boy". To those of us raised in a segregated society, the word " Boy" has a connotation that still stings.

I am guessing at your age but I do not think you can appreciate what segregation was like and how demeaning the word "Boy" really was and is.

It's sad that sports has turned into this repulsive mess.

We always knew the USA was a nation of liars (oops -- I should haved used one of the euphemisms, e.g., spinmeisters or politicians) and hucksters (oops-- there I go again, please substitute a suitable euphemism, e.g., merchandising agents or TV ministers).

The Orioles are no longer an escape from reality. Baltimore MLB today has its Gibbons and its Palmeiros instead of its Robinsons (Frank & Brooks) and Ripkens (Sr and Jr).

At least pro wrestling is unchanged. It is frankly honest about its cartoonish phoniness.

Mr Steel ,
The game monday night was the best game played by the Ravens offence this year. The defence has been playing great all year despite the injuries to key players . They are still the best in football and showed that Monday night. How many other teams Defences could hold the New England offence to as many forth downs as the Ravens did until the refs gave it away. As for the reactions of the Ravens players on the field to these miss calls by the refs is understandable . Shore the Ravens offence and defence made some mistakes but that is not what cost them the game. Remember Baltimore, Irsay moved the team but it was the Rosenbloums that gave it away

Okay, since we're going to be honest, let's remember that Jay batted a mere .230, and that's a big factor in our inability to look past Jay's fabrications. If Jay had batted .330, we'd treat him like royalty, regardless of what he injected.

I can't defend Gibbons' using performance-enhancing drugs or his statements, but the public outrage would be different if the drugs had made the O's a competitor. Considering that undeniable fact, hypocrisy isn't restricted to the ballplayers.

I was no fan of Gibbons' play in 2007, but Roch got it right. To the extent ballplayers can 'fess up, Jay was a straight-up guy this time in a world of very mixed-messages.

This whole steroid witch hunt is a joke, plain and simple. Really, does anyone really get punished for doing these drugs?

Gibbons has every incentive to lie -- he could keep doing so until evidence came up.

It did and he found God.

Uh, sorry to burst your bubble David - NBA games have been fixed by crooked officials - even playoff games. It's a fact.

To suggest that it's not possible in the NFL is both naive and likely wrong. At the risk of a bad pun, I'd bet heavily that many NFL refs are betting on games and making phantom calls, just the same way as has been done in the NBA.

my father referred to me often as "boy"
and ususally it referenced some poor
or inappropriate behavior of mine which needed correction.
i find nothing wrong with referring to a child as aboy!!

100% honesty in NFL? What's they smoking?
I remember a certain Balt player openly admitting that he had given less than his best.....A bad call on a Colt Packer FG that dearly cost Balt... and how about earlier in Monday nights Pat game when a man in Pat ble kicked a ball half-way accross the field and nothing was called as it was the week before against "Buddy Lee". Let's face it folk, for some reason, ever since the Ravens came to Baltimore, Modell has been a villian and the officials have had it in for the Ravens....yet...What about Irsay stealing our Colts...ya see elephants have long memories, they never forget.

Really like what you had to say, you along with Maese. Rhetorically speaking, I am not sure why Gibbons got so much support from Roch. Really surprising about Roch

Hey David

I had posted a comment about your opinion on Gibbons. Was just wondering which ones get published. It was an endorsement by the way. :)


The "boy" comment is demeaning and unnecessary, but considering the official in question is also African-American, you would assume that he would know the implications of that statement. Is it possible the context was completely different...like based on age, or behavior, or the fact that that official in response to the accusation that he "has never played the game" was playing when Rolle was a boy?

If you can't stand to be called a boy than you are not a man. "Man did you call me a boy"? Well you ***** ** **** lets fight. Yeah that's real cool. Grow up.

As a Baltimorean living in Boca Raton, Florida, I can look at the Ravens-Pats game from a distance. Wow, what a difference there is in the two organizations, the fans and the writers. The New England organization and its' fans are a class act. They readily admit that they were lucky to come away from Baltimore with a win. Their players make touchdowns and never make idiots of themselves by prancing and girating in the endzone. Their coach, while a cheater, at least knows when to run and when to pass. I miss the Balamer Colts with all my heart.


Because a player got emotional, that gives a referee the right to be belitting? Come on, just because Rolle didn't know that the guy played football, he gets to retaliate with ANYTHING much less the loaded word of "boy."

Sorry, Mr. Steele, Rolle didn't start anything that doesn't happen on every sporting field everyday.

The NFL should be ashamed of itself. They NEVER have been honest about referees mishandling a game or making a mistake. They always spin things to make the refs right. They may not have fixed a game but to always spin rules so the refs come out on top is the biggest lie of them all. How did you miss that one?

I logged on to the web site to get the players response to the fines and thought their reponses showed general remorse for their actions. I'm from NY and watched the game and was appalled at the way the players acted at the end of the game. I mean you might expect that from a Midget Pop Warner team not the Ravens. I mean they lost total control and focus, Just imagine if they hadn't received 35 yds. in penalities. They would have had plenty of time to get in FG range so they no one to blame but themselves. The BOY comment coming from a McKinnely has a different meaning than it would from a white Ref so I can't see how Rolle would get that upset. Face it the Ravens should have won the game but lost all composure when they needed it most and that might be just a reflection of there coach.

I quit watching NBA basketball decades ago because the refereeing got so bad. "heroes" who were talented and in the NBA marketing machine got a preponderance of calls. Teams from big TV markets also did well. After all, the last thing the NBA wanted to see was two small market teams in the finals. Once you realize it's fixed, you're a sucker to watch it as anything but an exhibition game. There are numerous mobsters who declared just this about baseball in the old days. But if you want, keep believing in Santa Claus and honest professional sports.

I watch NFL football only casually, don't care who wins, and witnessed a couple of obvious "lets make sure the big ratings teams win" games this week. I saw enough to realize that obviously it's a fix. The only question is if it's a hard fix or a soft one. A soft fix would be a ref merely being assigned to a crummy schedule if the calls don't go the way the NFL wants. One doesn't have to say a word. No overt crime is commited. It's just understood that if you make the close calls against the annointed hero teams, your officiating career isn't going to be pleasant. As in many things in life, people just innately know the score and unfortunately, most go along to get along.

The media hype surrounding annointed teams in big markets and the huge sums of money involved virtually guarantee quasi-fixed games. Get used to it, America is now almost totally corrupt. Why should this be any different?


I'd guess that David is closer to the age where he is able to appreciate segregation than Samari Rolle is!


The sad part is that Gibbons was still a horrible player even with help. it must mean you have to have talent in order for steriods to boost your play. it also doesn't surprise me about Bigbe. the orioles have a history of keeping white players who have these spurts of appearance of talent.

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