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A National Holiday

What was anticipated in the Sun this morning, apparently is officially happening: the Nationals have an owner. ESPN.com is saying that the conference call sealing the deal will take place at 4:45 ET this afternoon. It's the Ted Lerner group, which should make for an interesting little dynamic between the city and baseball since that group was no better than third-favorite among D.C. officials.

Washington waited 34 years to get a baseball team, and 35-plus years to get a team with an actual owner. Major League Baseball's clock just doesn't seem to tick the same way everybody else's does.

The question now: how will the competition between the Nats and Orioles shape up? Well, the Nats still need seven straight losing seasons (after this one, which seems to be a lock) to match what the O's have done. Of course, with this bullpen, the O's will be on course to stretch their own streak to nine.

If nothing else, though, the sale should bust one myth: that it's all Peter Angelos's fault the Nationals games aren't on TV. If ever there was a time for Angelos to pour everything into putting the games on, it's now, with Nationals fans emerging from panic mode and returning to full-fledged, undying support of the team that finally has someone in charge of it. Now, the money is lying right on the table in front of both Angelos and Comcast. Someone needs to go ahead and take it, get the games on TV and get this rivalry started for real. If you can't even see who you're supposed to hate, what's the point?


Hey David when will the Sunpapers list the rookie free agents coming into Rookie Camp next week?

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