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Poll: Desperate single people LOVE Phelps

To Kevin, et al

Subject: For the second day in a row, I'm forced to apologize for a headline

You might want to check out this link. Match.com, as you may or may not know, is a popular dating site. Not that I know anything about it. (For the record, I am NOT the same rmaese3641b who enjoys Scrubs, Wes Anderson movies, seaweed salad, the Sunday Times crossword puzzle and California Pinot Noir.) Anyhow, where was I? ...

Oh, Michael Phelps, Baltimore's miracle merman... Match.com users decided pretty overwhelmingly that Phelps should captain their dream team. In fact, 81 percent are on board. And I have no idea what that even means. From the release:

"It's clear that Michael Phelps has found a place in the hearts of our members," said Darcy Cameron, senior director of marketing and advertising for Match.com. "In honor of his historic accomplishments, Match.com would like to offer Mr. Phelps a free membership until he finds that special someone, even though we don't anticipate that he'll be single for long!"

The poll also found that Match.com members dig beach volleyball. In addition to advancing to the gold medal game, Kerri Walsh can celebrate that Match.com members selected her as the female Olympian that they'd most like to go on a date with, taking 36% of the vote.

Fencing may seem like the most chivalrous sport, but according to Match.com members, it's definitely not the sexiest. That title went to beach volleyball with 58% of the vote.

Additionally, when asked who they would rather have "pick them up when they're down," 65% of Match.com members decided to go for the gold with swimming sensation Michael Phelps, while only 35% selected Bela Karolyi. *Kerri Strug was not available to participate in this survey.

So he gets a free membership? Wow, that's generous. I'm sure Phelps is going to have a tough time getting dates. I'm sure girls back home are totally turned off by eight gold medals and all those endorsement deals. Yeah, that makes for a bad profile.

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