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April 8, 2011

Jones, Orioles erupt

adamgetty.jpgThe Orioles' newlook offense had been fairly restrained through the first five games of the new season, but there was reason to believe that it would pump up the volume on Thursday night against struggling Tigers starter Brad Penny.

Turns out, Penny was not really the problem. He gave up four runs -- and the game-tying home run to Adam Jones in the sixth -- but turned in a workmanlike performance. It was the bullpen that came unraveled in the O's five-run seventh.

Jones (left) snapped out of an early 2-for-19 slump with a bunt single, the two-run shot and a sacrifice fly. Third baseman Mark Reynolds delivered his third RBI double in the last four games and also drove in three runs. Say what you want about Reynolds' and his proclivity for striking out. He has been very tough in RISP situations, especially with two strikes.

Vladimir Guerrero delivered his first home run as an Oriole earlier in the game, so the heart of the lineup arrived just in time to bail Chris Tillman out of a rocky performance in his second start of the season.

Best news: The Orioles continue to successfully buy time until the rotation gets back to full strength. Jeremy Guthrie was back in the clubhouse and said before the game that he's very hopeful of starting against the Texas Rangers on Sunday.

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We've accepted that AM will pick up fillers, projects and Cub system rejects. That's WHAT HE DOES?

Look at his track record with FA's prior to coming here and since.


Then how about writing a piece?

When does it even get OLD to someone like you? I know, I know, my ranting gets old to you Pete (so no need to be your usual trying to be clever self).

And NO NEED to tell us that it's still EARLY. Because you said that last year, and the year before.


Just tell the truth PLEASE. Talk about how AM will give us fillers, projects and rejects with so called upside.


And while you're at it, please ask Z to STOP writing his free agent reports and updates. They're DEPRESSING, RIDICULOUS and MUTE (as pertaining to our beloved O's).

Posted by: wayne | November 19, 2010 4:11 P


A nice healing song for you would be "Coldest days of my life" by the Chi Lites

"I remember, oh, yeah
The signs of springtime
There were birds, music everywhere

Some of us played, oh, yeah
And some of us cried
Can’t you see, oh, can’t you see
The tears in my eyes"

Heal my brother...go Os

Please ban Wayne--has anyone told him we are 5-1 and really haven't played up to potential yet? First time in years we have a competitive team to root for and he continues to respond and act like a patient from Cookoo's nest.

the rain in spain falls mainly on the wayne.

that's why he's so miserable

Uh... it's "moot" Wayne. The rest of us only wish we could put you on mute...

Imagine what wayne would be like if the O's were 1-5...

I think he needs a 20mm suppository and a 10 mile hike to cure what ails him...

Can someone say "fundamentals"? This team looks & talks confident, and is playing this game the way it is supposed to be played. Tampa, Detroit? Pretty good teams that wished they had started the season against someone else. Never too early to test what we're made of, either - Texas this weekend and then, the Yankees. Bring it on.

Jonesy was very good last night. His defense was good. That bunt single was terrific. I have never seen anyone drop a bunt single better than Jonesy. Didn't he do that to score a winning run last year?

The home run was just: for realz player?! You're going to throw what/where at me?! That ball left the bat like a rocket.

I'm not going to go as far as saying Jonesy will get on the roll now. He still has holes in his game. He is young. But if we're going to give the young pitchers a pass because they're young, let's give Jonesy a pass every once in a while.

We've got the best team we've had since 1997 and all you guys can talk about it the idiot, Wayne. Just ignore him, and he'll go away, hopefully. We're 5-1 , the big hitters are just waking up, we've had numerous injuries,and we've played right thru all of that. I can't wait until our guys are all healthy and the big hitters get on a tear. Go O's. I'm enjoying this, in spite of Wayne and the doomsdayers.

So the reports are "Mute", Wayne? As in, they don't make any audible sound. That's interesting. A more rational, educated person might be inclined to say that the posts are "moot", but who are we to judge.

Honestly, if you can't take even a shred of joy from what's happening, then it won't even matter if/when we make a postseason. You are clearly grasping at your overstated opinions at this point. That you are so unwilling to see any positives right now is apalling. No one is going to sit here and say that this is Andy Mac's magic at work. We all know that Buck is the real Jedi Master at work. But it's kind of funny, I don't recall Pete even mentioning Andy in this post at all (by name or by job title). You are a depressing sack of bile and vitriol who clearly isn't happy unless he has something to whyne about. If you want something to whyne about, just move to NY already, pussy.

agree, meso, Jones hit two balls right on the button. So did Luke Scott. And Mark Reynolds two rbi hits were pretty well hit too.. And Matt Wieters blistered that ball to center field. Nice to see, 5 -8 , hitting rockets

I have an AC Slater blow-up doll in my closet.

I have a Zach Morris blow-up doll in my closet.

The actual Screech lives in my closet.

Upon closer inspection, that first wayne post looks like someone just copied and pasted an older post just to show how ludicrous he is. That would explain why it was so out of context of Pete's post. You're still a d-bag, wayne.

Rangers have a best record versus money line, O's second best. Congrats O's backers.


Agree with your take on Jones. I'd add that a lot of people missed what he did last year. After starting off badly in April and May, like just about everyone else on the team, he hit 300 with a 490 sl% the rest of the way.


suckers..typical of you all to celebrate after 6 Red Sox will be ahead of you Oreos in 1 week

dont get played

And this is where we see the difference between guys like Meso and Gil and guys like wayne.

When things are going well, Meso and Gil can actually see it. When the O's are 5-1, those two have the capacity to be happy about it.

wayne, on the other hand, has stooped to complaining about attendance, while casually insulting everyone else's intelligence.

On Adam Jones: He had a nice game last night, for sure. But one game doesn't solve anything. Let's see him lay of those breaking balls for an extended period of time. Let's see him get that kind of wood on the ball for three or four weeks.

On Chris Tillman: He had lot more movement last night than I've ever seen, but, just like the game against Tampa, he was working from behind in the count on almost every hitter. Didn't work so well against Miguel Cabrera, Victor Martinez and the sudden offensive force known as Alex Avila.

The lack of velocity was also concerning. If you can't locate an 89-mph fastball at this level, you're going to get destroyed. To be successful, Tillman's either going to need to rediscover a few mph on that fastball or he's going to need to develop Koji-esque control.

On the lineup as a whole: As Hunter and Flanny were saying last night, that was what MacPhail had in mind when he put this lineup together. Markakis and Lee didn't do much last night, but it didn't matter, because we've got hitters from top to bottom. Heck, even Izturis took part in the fun.

And, just like a pitching staff competing with each other, a lineup like this is going to push the guys who aren't hitting to step it up. I have complete confidence that Lee is going to be completely up to speed in another week or two. Even with only a few spring games under his belt, he's never looked over-matched. And with the hacks he's been taking, it looks like the thumb/wrist problem is over and done with.

Vladdy already looks great. Sure it's frustrating when he swings at the first pitch with men on and no outs and hits a lazy fly ball, but the guy is still a ridiculously talented hitter. He's still got the pop to hit a home run to dead center and he's still got the bat control to slap an outside breaking ball for a single between the first and second basemen.

But, when it comes down to it, as we've been saying all along, this year is going to come down to pitching. The bullpen looks real solid with Gregg, Koji, Accardo and a healthy Jim Johnson. That guy has been filthy!

So, can Guthrie put up a typical Guthrie year? Can Britton be successful in his rookie campaign? Can Arrieta settle in as a middle of the rotation guy? Will Matusz have a healthy year? And if he does, will he live up to lofty expectations? Can Tillman be a serviceable number five?

That's what it comes down to, fellas. And Week 1 has certainly been encouraging on that front. But the real test is coming up this weekend, with a three game series against the undefeated defending AL Champs, and then three games against the Yankees in New York. If we come out of those six games at 4-2 or better, this team, playing at this level, is pretty much for real. 3-3 and I'll still be excited about a .500+ season. Anything less than that, and we're most likely not going anywhere north of fourth place.

Re: Adam Jones.

I love the guy, and I'm one of the few who think he actually deserved his Gold Glove. Not to mention his first All-Star appearance he had the game winning RBI for the AL over the NL.

But Adam has almost 1700 AB's now in his very young career, and his bad habits have stayed the same.

Conversely, Tillman has 129 IP, Matusz has 220 IP, Arrieta has 106 IP, and Bergensen 297 IP.

Jones has had more than twice the time as the young starters, and has already made an All Star team...something even Nick Markakis has been denied.

Between Nick and Adam, who's the better MLB player?

I'm not giving up on Jones, I'm still a huge fan, I want him to excel. Excel! He's the longest tenured of the Baby Birds, and he should be showing more progress than he has. At least with Strike Zone recognition. I still have Adam down as 31 HR's on the season, so I'm not hating.

I wanted him to be the BMW M5, but he's just a BMW 545. Just.

@not brooks,

Oh no you di'ent! Did you just call me a fair weather fan :-) ? I'm just messin' witcha.

I found very little positive to talk about in the past 4 years, and it pained me to watch this ballclub being run like the deaf leading the blind. A lot of my frustration had been bottled up from years of losing and seeing my beloved team being tranformed into a hot sack of manure, to put it mildly.

But this right now?! This is what I've been waiting for in years! How could I not be excited? I know that I have to temper my expectations, but the stock market has a better chance at crashing than the O's playing like they were under Dave Trembley. Enough said about that. I don't want to start getting into my feelings about the ownership, gm or anyone else. A lot of that hasn't changed, and it won't until my O's make us proud.

But this right now?! I'd have to be a fool not to be excited for them. I'm watching games and I'm actually enjoying them, win or lose. Small sample size, but I feel that with Buck this team has a chance.Skepticism is always in the back of my mind, because we've been burned too many times. However, I'm always excited about wins, always have been, no matter the record.

not brooks;

When Tillman first came up a couple of years ago, how fast was he throwing? In clips I saw of him last year he was 89-92 and not hitting the top end of that range all that often.

Regarding Jones, to repeat comments I made a little while ago, he hit 300 with a 490 sl% for the last 4 months last season. He certainly couldn't have done that if he didn't have at least some ability to lay off the outside pitch.


I'm actually on the record as flat out saying Cakes deserved the All Star before Jonesy. However as a conspiracy theorist that I am, I thought McPhail pulled some strings to make his "moves" look good.Not to diminish what Jonesy did that year; however Nick is the most underrated outfielder in all of baseball. We're lucky to have him.

-- Gil,

Totally agree with you on Brad Bergensen. I don't see him as a MLB pitcher...maybe a #5. I've never been sold on him, but he's got the stuff between his ears, if not in his arm.

-- not brooks,

Tillman is an enigma. I can't figure it out with that guy; location, MPH, secondary stuff, attacking hitters, getting ahead in counts, mental all just comes and goes. I wish it could come and go between starts, but it comes and goes between innings. Yikes.

Agreed on Adam, and with Derrek Lee. D-Lee's AB's have impressed me to the point of tears already. Working counts, ninja strike zone literacy...omg I've forgotten what that feels like to watch an Oriole doing such. Seriously, it's an unbelievable joy.

And I'll give due were it's due. Mark Reynolds can work a good AB too. Having not seen him play all too much, and the 200K's, I thought he was more Adam Jones than Derrek Lee. But he's laying off pitchers-pitches, and working counts. Loving his plate discipline and pitch recognition so far, and I can see why was a #3/4 hitter. I think his moving up in the order happens within the next week if he maintains his good AB's. Not to mention the defense. (Glad he got ride of that 1996 glove that "caught" that line-drive on Wednesday...that was a ratty-ass glove).

dan -

Tillman's fastball topped out at 94 back in the 2008 season.

Here's a link to a scouting report from when ranked their Top 50 prospects after 2008:

Back then, Tillman topped out at 94, and consistently tossed low-90's heaters. Now, he's topping out at maybe 91, while generally throwing his fastball somewhere in the 87-89 range. That three mph is absolutely huge for a pitcher like Tillman, who doesn't have a ton of movement on his fastball. Also, the curveball and changeup aren't as good when there's only a two or three mph difference between those breaking pitches and the fastball.

I have absolutely no idea why Tillman lost the "umph" in his fastball, but I would guess it's something mechanical or a mental thing, where he's taking a bit off to get more movement.

The guy is an enigma. He certainly has the tools to succeed, at least as a mid to back of the rotation guy, but he's just a step or two below where he needs to be right now.

-- dan qz,

Fair point. In fact, it was last years resurrection that lead me to believe he had turned the proverbial corner and was going to to be the 31 HR, 292 AVG, 17 SB guy I thought he would be this year. It very early, and I'm certainly nit-picking to a degree, but watching his AB's can be vexing. If he swings at a bad one, it's like he's lost for the rest of the AB.

Buck said it best: "He needs to take the emotion out of his AB's." I think that's probably dead-right. One pitch in a sequence seems to be able to pull him out of his "plan" too easily and than it's hack time.

Hopefully he get's straightened out quickly and remembers his successes from last year. Maybe he's just a slow starter...there are plenty of All Stars types that have a hard time getting it going year after year.

A trip down memory lane...wayne style

That's ok Pete,

You can make up for it though by telling people what you know about what went down in the hiring of Buck.

While some in the national press came right out and said he was PA's pick, while AM was steadfast in wanting to select Wedge, the local press has never seriously confirmed such.

All writers like yourself have said is that you reported that Wedge was AM's first choice. But you said nothing when the Buck move went down.

How come the real story was never told? I'm not saying you should have told it, I'm just saying many of us wish you had.

Pete's reply: Wayne. I don't know why you keep harping on this. I've written here and Jeff Z has written on many occasions that Andy's early preference was Eric Wedge. Nobody can totally confirm it, because Andy isn't going to publicly state that Buck wasn't his first choice. It wasn't like he announced that or went out and tried to sign Wedge and failed. It was the beginning of the process and once all the candidates interviewed, Buck rose to the top of the list. Whether that was entirely because Peter wanted him or whether the consensus just gravitated that way is unclear. Either way, you've got a problem, because you've got to either give Andy credit for a process that led to Buck or you've got to give Peter credit for making the right decision. Since you're a bottom line guy who always threw the Orioles record in Andy's face, I think to be consistent you have to look at the bottom line and say the right decision was made either way. If you're simply on a crusade to continue to blast MacPhail as incompetent, then you can choose whatever you want to make that case. Go to town.

Posted by: wayne | October 29, 2010 10:04 AM

The guy is an enigma. He certainly has the tools to succeed, at least as a mid to back of the rotation guy, but he's just a step or two below where he needs to be right now.

Reasons why he's an enigma

1.) I think Tillman is still getting used to Connor. I think he will grow under Connor's tutelage. Tillman would not have grown under Kranitz for whatever reason.

2.) The Orioles Mgmt has to show confidence in Tillman. He will never thrive if he feels, if he's going to be sent down to AAA everytime he has a poor outing. Showalter should come out and say, he's staying the whole year. I think that would help with his confidence. Who works well when they are walking on eggshells. I know I don't and neither does Tillman.

As a side note, Tillman should have mimicked Brad Penny. Last night, change balls after every pitch, walked around the mound, pick up the resin bag and drop it down. He should have dragged his feet as much as Penny did. Maybe, that would have calmed him down. Game would have taken 8 hrs if they both had done that, still what is good for the goose should be good for the gander.

Lastly, Tillman should just go with his best stuff. If he can conjure up his 94 mph consistently, then he should do so. This cutter crapola is for the birds =P.

I grew up in NYC, and I remember when Buck had the Yankees in first place at the All Star break after more than a few years of that not happening. Believe me, this is possible. And it felt great to be on top after 81 games...

paulie -

Despite the .182 average, D-Lee has been my favorite Oriole to watch at the plate this year. You can just tell that he knows exactly what he's doing up there. With these 10 and 12-pitch at bats, he's reminding me of Eddie Murray up there. And once Lee gets up to speed, I think he's going to prove that he's got a few good years left in the tank.

I've enjoyed watching Reynolds too. It's painful to watch a massive whiff on a good fastball, but it's also painful to think about how demoralizing it is for a pitcher to see Reynolds hit the ball as hard as he does. Any of those three doubles he's hit this year would have been massive home runs if he got under the ball a bit more. And I'm impressed that he's only struck out five times in his first six games in a new league. Especially since he's faced pitchers like Price and Verlander.

Rapid change of subject: A bit more on the Rangers...

They're hitting .284/.353/.603 as a team. And they're tops in baseball in strikeouts, with just 27 in their first six games. 13 home runs, 15 doubles, four triples. This is going to be a true test for our pitching staff.

And their pitching staff has been very good as well. Both the O's and the Rangers have 54 total innings pitched. Our O's are the best of the best right now, with a 2.33 team ERA. The Rangers aren't too far behind, with a 2.83 mark.

This is going to be an interesting series. I can't wait!

I think Adam Jones will be fine. As many have pointed out, lots of really good players start slow. Check out some box scores around the league - you can start with you know who in St. Louis. Jones, like many O's, had great stats AB (after Buck) and I think he'll continue along those lines. Let's see what his stats look like in Mid may and then we can evaluate him. He may never have a good K to BB ratio, but that doesn;t mean he can;t be a productive ML hitter. The most encouraging thing he did last night was steal that base - Adam is fast enough that if he becomes good at getting leads and jumps, he could steal 25+ bases, which would bring a new dimension to his offense.

Tillman has cause for concern. I see above that he used to throw mid nineteys. All I can say is that in all of his games that I have watched, he rarely hits 90. He's usually 88-89 with his VERY straight fastball. His ratio of pitches per out is also troubling. Consider - it took him almost 100 pitches to get through 6 innings when he was throwing a no-hitter!
Lots of you guys are saying you like his stuff - I am not watching the same pitcher. I don;t see that he has much of any "stuff". Last night, as usual he looked extremely hittable. And my guess is that he knows that, which is why he nibbles, which is why he throws so many pitches per out. He's like a very poor man's version of Dice K.
If he's hurt, then I would reconsider much of what I just wrote...but it's not like he's going to gain 5 mph on his fastball just because he's 22.

Assuming Duch never makes a start (seems like a safe assumption) I think Tillman and Bergeson have about 5-6 starts, until Matusz is ready, to make their case as the 5th starter. My money is on Bergeson, at least he has a history of pitching well for a stretch of starts.

A I have always said, I like Tillman and I think he will be an effective Major League pitcher. Not a Jim Palmer, more like a Storm Davis. It is difficult to live up to the hype that accompanied Tillman to Baltimore. Maybe the radar gun readings in the minors of a mid 90's fastball were a little high. I think he is physically capable of 90 to 93 consistency, but mid 90's may never happen.He appears to be a little bit lackadaisical in his delivery and could probably step it up a notch. He will get plenty of starts to prove himself.


Thank you! "lackadaisical" is the damn word I was trying to find to describe Tillman. Maybe it's a maturity thing. He needs to stop acting "cool" and just focus and be relentless. You know, like Jeremy is. Attack, attack and keep that freaking tempo up. But that of course comes with above average conditioning that Jeremy has. He is a freaking horse. I just don't think Tilman is physcially strong.

If the Os were 0-6 or 1-5, we'd be writing them off already. 2-4, we'd say "Typical." 3-3, we'd be encouraged. 4-2, we'd be happy. But 5-1, "This is great!" And they've done it against two pretty decent ball clubs. Can't wait for them to see what they can do against last year's AL champs this weekend. And when they put the Yankees and BoSox in their places, Wow!

Look at the standdings today and that is where the Os are going to be all year, at the top of the heap.

P.S. Keep running Tillman out there; sooner or he'll catch fire.



I've been away since I left for the game yesterday, only to come back to people re-printing my old post.... Then seeing people actually responding to those post.

I know you miss me guys, but you're truly taking things to a weird level.

Anyway...... Thanks guys....

....for re-printing my post.... Why?

Because they were spot on. whewww.

Hey nb,

Regarding a post of yours yesterday..... I do go to those other parks my man. In fact, I'll be at Yankee stadium against the O's next Wednesday. WIll you be there? Do you ever really go to see MLB?

And while I do attend games in Bowie and Frederick, I'm one of those that enjoys the game at the highest level.


Less than 12k last night folks. Cold? Huh??????

It's April baseball... of course it's chilly. I thought this was a baseball town?

Guess what? It's NOT.

Fans in a baseball towns show up when the team has started off hot. Instead, The O's have drawn less than 25,000 fans the past two games.

Baseball town?

Sorry.... St Louis is a baseball town folks.

Baltimore is a football town. While some can debate it in the Sun - in an attempt to fill space, it's not even a debatable subject. If they could accommodate such, the Ravens would draw more fans than most O's games for pre-season practice in Westminster. Fact.

Unless of course, the Yanks or Sox were in town.

But me?

I can do both. I can appreciate the Ravens while enjoying baseball at the Yard.

And for you who think I'm putting money in the pockets of an organization I claim to be awful? Very true...... But guess what geniuses? 1) My money means nothing to PA, since he prospers from his cable deal, and 2) You think I'm going to allow that moron to 'win' by keeping me from my seats and MLB at the Yard?

Think again o brilliant ones.....


Keep re-printing my old post while I'm away. Otherwise, I'll be missed.

See ya, Manny Ramirez!

(holier-than-thou comments truncated)

(wins/losses subject deflection truncated)

And for you who think I'm putting money in the pockets of an organization I claim to be awful? Very true......

(spin attempts truncated)

Posted by: wayne | April 8, 2011 4:18 PM

First off... Considering the fact that the closest MLB franchise plays their home games about 450 miles from my home, I don't really go to MLB games, wayne.

Second, you think Angelos would "win" if you didn't go? Quite the contrary. He "wins" every time you renew your season tickets and every time you go and sit in your seat. By continuing to go to the games, you're continuing to support something you don't agree with.

Think about it, fella. If you didn't agree with the way McDonalds slaughtered cows, would you eat their hamburgers? Sorry, wayne. But by continuing to buy your tickets, you're supporting Peter Angelos, no matter how insignificant the support is. Play with the words all you want, but there's really no way around that. If you don't care, that's fine, but don't try to pretend that it's not true.

Last, I wish you could lighten up, not for anyone else here, but for your own sake. The team you claim to love is playing damn good baseball heading into a very important series against a very good team. Everyone else here, including Meso and Gil, is excited, but you're talking about attendance and how Baltimore isn't a baseball town. Real sad, man. Real sad...

Mike in Columbia;

Totally agree with your take on Tillman and Bergesen. Maybe it will change in a couple of years, but to my mind Bergesen is a more developed pitcher at this point.

A lot a people forget how good Bergesen has been. In 09 when he first started for us, his ERA was about mid to high 5s for the first half dozen starts. Then he found his groove and put together 15-16 starts averaging 7+ IP and an era in the low 2s. He wasn't good, but outstanding.

Then the line drive that took him out and the shoulder injury in the offseason doing a commercial and he just wasn't close to ready when last year began. He had a lot of trouble but finally got it together again around the time Buck took over. He put up 8-10 starts to the end of the year very reminiscent of what he did in 09.

So, I'm in Bergesen's camp until he shows me he can't do it. He's shown me he can and I think he will.


Thanks for the post.....

Ya see, the thing is.... I've only posted once since prior to last nights game. Other then that, it's been about people either re-posting my old post or talking about me... I can't help that my man. I don't make people obsess over me.

Anyway, Nope...... no spin here nb. My friends and I fully know that we're giving our money to the warehouse... but think this through nb.

We've had our seat since before PA. If we give them up, we'll never do nearly as good, even under new ownership. Not possible.

PA wants our seats, and we know it. There are empty seats all around us every night nb. Guess who owns a majority of them? You guessed it.

They (he and his boys) want them to occasionally give to their circle. Problem is, their circle only fills the seats occasionally.

nb, John Angelos seats down by the dugout are maybe used a twenty times per season. And it's usually when the Sox and Yanks are in town. And guess what hats those people are wearing?

So yes nb... giving up our seats allows the Angelos team to win in a couple ways.....

1) He gets to use our seats for his circle, and 2) He keeps us from attending MLB near our home city.

Call that spin all you want... your choice.

I'd trade Adam Jones and Matt
Wieters anyday for Manny Ramirez!

the rain in spain falls mainly on the wayne.

that's why he's so miserable

At which poing people start claiming that Catholics aren't Christian....

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