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January 23, 2011

Orioles: My take on Guerrero

The Web continues to buzz with rumors that Vladimir Guerrero is headed this way, and everybody around here is scurrying to dismiss them. Only Andy MacPhail knows for sure if the O's have any real interest -- and he's not exactly stoking the hot stove on this one -- but that doesn't necessarily mean the Orioles won't trot Guerrero out at FanFest next Saturday.

The Vlad-to-the-Orioles speculation is based largely on agent talk and the fact that -- with Jim Thome, Manny Ramirez, Andruw Jones and Johnny Damon off the market -- there aren't a lot of places left for an aging DH to go.

Guerrero was hoping to make one more big score off his terrific comeback year for the Rangers, but nobody seems willing to give him the two-year deal he's believed to be seeking. If you believe the whispers around the Warehouse, the O's are not willing to spend a lot of money to fill a spot on the roster that is already filled adequately by Luke Scott, but if Guerrero becomes desperate enough to sign a one-year, incentive-laden contract, then they wouldn't mind bringing him in and using Luke in left field.

Of course, there are some possible variables in play. If Andy MacPhail is working on some kind of deal for a starting pitcher that includes Nolan Reimold, Felix Pie or Scott, then Guerrero might become more attractive.

If the price is right, I think Guerrero would be a low-risk gamble with a high upside. If he can jack up one more season like last year, he could be the final piece in a potentially explosive batting order that could truly change the subject at Oriole Park this summer.

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I don't see how Guerrero is a better fit here than anywhere else. We've already added three RH bats this offseason, and we still need to find out what we have in Pie and Reimold.

Add in that I still hate him from the 2003-04 offseason, and I say forget him.

Look at the line-up with Vlad batting cleanup and Luke Scott in LF. Then look at the lineup with Luke at DH and Pie/Reimold in LF. Please. really? Just sign Vlad!

i do not see vlad signing with the orioles. like steve said he turned his back on us when he signed with the angels. i am not exactlly a luke scott fan because scott is qute streaky.i would still like to see the orioles sing jeremy bonderman and nate robertson. yea bonderman has had some injuries. columbus took a chance.

Frankly, I think adding Vlad would make things exciting. Luke in left isn't too bad on a part time basis. Then you send Reimold to the minors and Pie is #4 which keeps him healthy. But with Luke, Vlad, Lee and Reynolds, now we actually have a legitimate line up. If those young arms continue on their way, then we have some excitement brewing for the 1st time this century!

If nothing else, then we have pieces we can use as tradebait. I could actually get excited about baseball this season.

Sign Bad Vlad for two years worth 5 million (more than what manny got). Put him at DH, then scott in left field. Then trade either pie or reimold and a prospect for a number 2 pithcer (veteran) and add a lefty into the bullpen. This team might not be too bad after all! GO O'S!!!!!

Look at Vlad's numbers last year. He had a great May, good June and average at best July, August and Sept. Where was he in the playoffs? He had 20 HR's and 75 RBI's pre All Star and 9HR's and 40 RBI's after. He had 6 RBI's 0 HR's and 15 SO in the post season. I don't get the hysteria to get him. Come July it will be who can we trade him to.

Get Vlad.
Come On!


Name me the team in major league baseball that will trade us a veteran starting pitcher on a level with Brian Matusz or Jeremy Guthrie in exchange for Pie or Reimold and a prospect.

Any team will do, and please also name the pitcher they would trade us.

Thanks, I'll be waiting (but not holding my breath).

I think this speculation is being fueled as much as anything by the lack of other suitors. The Rays are clearly out, as are the Twins and likely the Jays.

Texas could give Vlad part-time ABs at DH (splitting with Young), but I think Vlad wants to play full-time. Same goes with the Angels, who seem to want Abreu at DH and are pursuing Podsednik for CF (and they have Bourjous as a fallback option).

What other teams have been a) in the Vlad conversation? and b) can give the guy 500-600 ABs? Right now, that looks like a short list, with the Orioles maybe the only team on it.

That could certainly change - especially if Vlad's rice drops in the $4M-$5M range - but right now, I think insiders are looking at the O's as his best option. I would assume/hops that AM and company are at least having conversations with Vlad's reps at this point.

Put me in the NO column unless we plan to move Scott OR that we have wild card shot (sure!!)
Vlad would add some punch though suspect his numbers will decline @cost of defense
(Scott over Pie in LF) and speed (Pie our fastest out, Vlad our slowest in). The big cost however is that we throw both Pie & Reimold under the bus for what - a couple more wins for 4th/5th place club??
Don't know if Pie/Reimold are part of long-term solution but we know that Vlad definitely is NOT.

Vlad can hit, it's undeniable. But he could barely run back in 04. How much longer can those old knees hold up?

@ Johnny Hamer

According to Vladimir Guerrero of the Los Angeles Angels he does not have any problems with his knees nor will he be having a surgery. Guerrero said that his mother's side of the family had one leg longer than the other and he had inherited this. That is why at times it looks as if he is limping but that was not a fact. Guerrero told the press through a translator.

I know this story is from 2007, but I was wondering why his knees were shot, because I really don't remember Vlad suffering any real injuries during his career. This is the answer I found.
Also, I really think the blood is in the water with Vlad and the sharks (O's fans) smell it. We have to sign Vlad, I really do believe that's what we want. This includes myself! As for our left field situation, Andy Mac was hired to resolve this kinds of situations. He will just have to figure it out and hopefully elegantly.
As for starting pitching, Kudos to leonard of all O's fans! He is the second one to join me on the Bonderman train! What is the hold up here?

Sign Vlad to a one year deal! Honestly what do we have to lose? O's have been in the cellar since the late 90s. He is a RBI machine and last year our top guy at that was Wiggy with 70 some. Don't know about the rest of baltimore but I'm happy with just a .500 team.

Signing Vlad (3) is probably contingent on trading Luke Scott (2).

Trading Luke Scott is probably contingent on getting his pay for 2011 worked out (1).

1, 2, 3... the dominoes must fall in order.

Of course, rumors about signing Vlad complicate getting Luke signed as under the assumption that he would not be traded, it would mean more field time for Scott, increasing his value.

Also, you don't have to trade Scott for a veteran pitcher. You can trade him for prospects and sign a Duchscherer if the return seems better.

this is a no brainer. sign him to a one year deal. the guy kills lefties. our lineup right now consists of guys who don't do well against lefties. sign vlad, move scott to left field. we need to score as many runs as possible. that needs to be the goal.
pie is then our 4th OF.

Roberts, 2b
Markakis, RF
Lee, 1b
Scott, LF
Vladdy, DH
Reynolds, 3b
Jones, CF
Weiters, C
Hardy, SS

Bench: Riemold, Andino, Izzy, Tatum

Starting Rotation: Guthrie, Matusz, BLANTON, Bergesen, Arieta

Pie and Tillman to the Phils for Blanton.


You people who don't want Guerrero here are either bigots or fools who know nothing about baseball.

I'd take Guerrero now over Scott, Reimold, and your father's left nut any day of the week.


You are an idiot.

There are a few good reasons to get him and a few not to.
Too many right handed bats in the new lineup and the fact he had a great year last year (just 15 point higher batting average than Luke, but a lower slugging and on base percentage) should all be considered .
If you have watched Vlad in the last 2 years you realize he can break down at any moment.
This only makes sense if Luke is traded.
Vlad is one of my all time favorite players. The idiots who don't like him because of 2003-4 are convieniently forgetting we the O's offered below market value for him and told him he should take it. The O's screwed that one up and Pudges offer the same year.

I am neither a bigot nor a fool. And I certainly know something about baseball, at least as much as you, Hal. And I vote against bringing in Vlad. And here's why.

Indeed, these reasons have been very well expressed by posters before me, but I'll say them again. Vlad cannot run, he's limited to DHing, and Scott fills that void very well. Vlad is old, 36, how many years does he have left? He got off to a great start last season, but as was pointed out, his performance dropped off considerably after the break. And he was persona non grata in the playoffs. We need to see what Reimold and Pie have, both have shown those proverbial flashes of greatness, but have not been able to sustain them. Now is not the time to give up on either. The Orioles are on the fringe of being a contender, at best, I don't think Vlad is going to put them over the top, and certainly not at the expense of a couple of young players with upside. Vlad is a one year option at best, so what's the point?

If you want to try and package Scott, Reimold/Pie, and maybe one other for a legit starting pitcher, and then sign Vlad, that's one thing. But trading those guys for filler is a whole nother thing, entirely.

And sizemo, trading Pie and Tillman for Blanton, you're kidding, right? Blanton is owed 17 million, which I wouldn't mind paying, if he were worth it. But he's not a one or a two starter, he's not a three, he's barely a four, and maybe not even that. And that bench you mentioned, you're kidding about that, too, right? That's bench is beyond anemic. You forgot about Fox, you forgot about having any punch from the bench. Sorry guys. Not going to work.

Rodent, you can add me to the Bonderman bad wagon, as long as it's with the understanding that he's on a minor league invite and that no one expects a whole lot out of him.

Even if Guerrero does not produce the same numbers he did last year, he offers a legitimate clean-up spot presence that no one else on the roster currently provides. Sorry, Ken, but do you really want Luke Scott as your clean-up hitter? I would be all for trading Scott and letting Pie and Reimold share playing time in left field. I say take the chance on Vlad and see what happens. The potential upside far outweighs the arguments I see being made against signing him.

I can't believe anyone would say no to this deal. Signing Vlad cannot hurt us in any way. He would not be holding some prize prospect back and I"m sure Scott would get his at bats from LF, 1B. and DH. Another strong bat in this lineup would make us that much more scary at the plate. This guy can still hit and this is a fact.

Please, get this deal done. I know it comes down to money and the O's are just waiting for the price to drop a little more. That's why they're dismissing the possibility of this happening. They want the price to come down even more. No one here has said anything that makes any sense as to why we shouldn't sign him. I truly believe he's coming here. No one else wants him. I"m going to be a happy camper in the next week or so. Welcome Vlad!

Scott can play outfield without a significant negative impact on defense, or he can be traded. I'm okay with either. Both Reimold and Pie would be valuable bench players, and that's EXACTLY what they would be on a contender... not starters. That said, if Scott brings the most trade interest, I will personally drive him to the airport (as long as he agrees not to get all Ted Nugent in my car).

There is no negative to signing Guerrero. At best, we have a seriously dangerous lineup that will bring a lot of excitement to Baltimore and win a lot of games. At worst, we parlay the signing into a solid prospect from a team in contention at the trade deadline. Someone will want to make a push, and that someone will part with a pitcher or two to get Vlad from us. The only thing I'm not sure about is draft pick compensation for signing Vlad (I don't know much about type A/B free agents), but I know that the signing (whether to push for the WC or trade him at the deadline) is worth whatever garbage third-rounder or whatever that we would lose. It's not like the FO has much success drafting anyone in ANY round, let alone mining rough diamonds.

I like a Rudy story as much as anyone else, but I reserve that kind of sentimentality for the movie of the week. In reality I want the best and most intimidating lineup that the Orioles can field. If Reimold and Pie were going to do it, they would have done it. Thank you for your service, and good luck in your future endeavors. The reverence shown to Luke is, I think, more indicative of how low our standards have fallen as fans than a tribute to his value to a baseball team.

Ray, you brought up a good point about Scott. What everyone seems to be forgetting is that Scott has had playing time at 1B AND Lee has been prone to injuries. If the O's signed Vlad, I don't see Vlad and Lee staying healthy all season. Scott will get his reps in at LF, DH, and 1B, and Pie and Reimold will get their reps in in the outfield. Orioles fans have been desperate for some kind of positive sign for 10+ years and we're finally getting it. Signing Vlad will just be icing on the cake. I, like many O's fans just want to see one winning season.

Everyone knows about his knees but he will not be expected to play in the field.

Without that wear-and-tear, expect 40 homers and 125 rbis from the on it.

To the guy who first called me an idiot: 'I'm as big a Vlad fan as there is....' B-llsh t....if you were, you'd want him on the team.

Ray, you brought up a good point about Scott. What everyone seems to be forgetting is that Scott has had playing time at 1B AND Lee has been prone to injuries. If the O's signed Vlad, I don't see Vlad and Lee staying healthy all season. Scott will get his reps in at LF, DH, and 1B, and Pie and Reimold will get their reps in in the outfield. Orioles fans have been desperate for some kind of positive sign for 10+ years and we're finally getting it. Signing Vlad will just be icing on the cake. I, like many O's fans just want to see one winning season.

More is better! Of course he has to be cheap why else would the O's show ANY interest, its the Oriole way!

Vlad can flat out hit and he destroys LH pitching which the O's need all the help they can get when you look at the Yanks and Sox.

Either we want to be the best we can be or we don't. As stated previously gives the O's some flexibility on the trade front as well! Go for it and quit talking about it!

Unfortunately Buck like Trembly before him is another one of these AR defensive minded managers; he will never settle for Luke in left field which queers the whole deal.

@ Ken

I am glad you're aboard the Bonderman train!

John K is that's the case, I doubt if Reimold is high on the totem pole either.
His defense isn't bad, it just isn't good either. Plus achiles injuries are a real pain, no pun intended. It take awhile to heal fully. That's why I like Tyler Henson. I know he would be making a huge jump. He certainly has all the tools to be a defensive ace in LF. Just not sure if he's ready for hitting in the bigs. Would love to see him do it though! Why he was playing 3b for awhile is beyond me. Wasted the lad's time if you ask me!

Interesting debate on Vlad. Some numbers for numbers sake...

Luke Scott
AVG OBP SLG OPS Games Played
2008 .257 .336 .472 .807 148
2009 .258 .340 .488 .828 128
2010 .284 .368 .535 .902 131

Vladimir Guerrero
AVG OBP SLG OPS Games Played
2008 .303 .365 .521 .886 143
2009 .295 .334 .460 .794 100
2010 .300 .345 .496 .841 152

Luke Scott has seen his numbers have gotten better, and Valds have gone down.

Now I'm no Luke Scott apologist, but the team does need A Power Lefty bat. Wieters, Pie, Nick, and B-Rob are the only other "power lefties"....yeah, exactly.

I'm good with Vlad at a discount, but I'm iffy on Luke in Left only because he's not as good defensively as either Riemold or Pie.

And remember, years ago Pie was called the "the next Vlad". Clearly he has not lived up to that billing, but he also hasn't played a whole season.

As for Starting Pitching, the Angles were shopping Kasmir last year...Can the O's sign and Trade Vlad??...

Paulie how's that possible?
The Angel's just acquired Kazmir in 2010. Why would they have traded him just as soon as they acquired him?
Makes no sense

Sorry Paulie,

If I would read the facts first, I would be better off... much better.

Anyway Kazmir was traded in 2009.
Not sure why I thought it was last year in 2010. Oh well...


'the Orioles are on the fringe of being a contender'.

A contender for what ken? A contender for 4th? 3rd worst in the AL?

ken, please just pay your bet and say something for once that has a chance of becoming accurate..

Just once. Please?


Luke Scott playing left field?? Shades of Benny Ayala playing left field for the O's. Not a good thing!!

Boy I tell ya word gets around fast when you write something. I did like this quote:

Mark Reynolds might put together a good season, J.J. Hardy might bounce back, Nick Markakis could turn his power numbers north, Adam Jones could reach stardom and Matt Wieters may figure it out. If that all happens, the Orioles will greatly improve. But those are big “ifs” and there are a lot of them. Plus, there’s a ceiling for their success in the American League East anyway if things do finally go right.

Here's the rest of the article. Also, you should see some of the surly comments at the bottom. They are more surly then even what is written here.

The Bottom line is this, there's a lot of fans that want him in Baltimore, me included. I think it's quite clear that he is not 26 anymore, he's 36. I am not expecting the man to work miracles much less be MVP. I just gotta believe whatever the amount we sign him will be roughly the same as the amount he brings. I call it a wash financially, if not the O's make some extra bread. Which is fine by me. The big thing is can we trade Luke Scott and Pie. I think we can and we should. I also think we should trade Guthrie. I would match up Guthrie and Scott to get "something". We match up Pie and a prospect "non pitcher" and get "something". Lastly, I am done writing about this. It's Andy and Peter's call, whatever they want to do. I am washing my hands of this matter and I am done blogging till Fan Fest. Lets see if I can do it!=P

It's a slow news month. That's all.

If he's cheap, say $2 million or less, sign him. If not, let him play elsewhere.

Brilliant Squirrel,,,,, Let's trade away the only starting pitcher the team could count on last season for someone who we can only hope will some day produce the kind of stats Guthrie pulled off on a lousy team.

You may be the smartest Oriole fan there ever was.

Because it's your money, right Section 34?
It's so great how so many want to save Peter Angelo's money, isn't it? I hope the old guy appreciates it.

Count me as another against a Guerrero signing unless Scott can be traded for prospects. We aren't likely to contend next year, and therefore Vlad is too much of a risk for no reason. And it means that Reimold is done, which may be no great loss, but it's not the sort of calculation that a team looking to contend in 2012 or later should be making.

"there aren't a lot of places left for an aging DH to go." Really? If you're Vlad, would you be angling for 600 ABs (unlikely as an aging, fragile DH) or one/two more shots at the post-season?

If he's hard-up for a little extra cash (and AM decides to "shock the world"), maybe he lands here. But hard to imagine that Vlad sees the O's as an attractive option at this point in his career.

That said, he would absolutely help the team - or at least give the team the potential to be better offensively than it would have been without him.

I've never quite understood why not to add a player you think can help you win games, unless it's about money. Regardless of position or depth at the position, assemble the best talent you can and let the best players play.

If Vlad is too expensive for the '11 payroll, don't sign him. If he fits in the budget, there is no drawback.

I dunno WHY the Angles were putting Scott Kasmir out for trades, but that's the way it was reported last year.

I also dunno why Max Scherzer, Edwin Jackson, Matt Garza, Carlos Zambrano, Shawn Marcum or Armando Galarraga would ever be moved either... (either rumored or have been list)

More food for thought on Starting Pitchers....

Kevin Millwood -- 5.10 ERA 190 IP
Jeremy Bonderman -- 5.53 ERA 171 IP
Joe Blanton -- 4.82 ERA (that's 5.32 ERA in the AL). 175 IP

Chris Tillman -- 5.87 ERA
Rick VandenHurk -- 5.09 ERA

So even with Millwood going on the DL for 2 weeks around the all-star break, he still out did the the other 2 guys in Innings Pitched AND ERA.

And Kevin Millwood pitched in the AL East for a whole year and has worked with Buck before.

Or even why VandenHurk, Tillman, and Britton shouldn't be battling it out for the 5th spot.

Personally, I say let Tillman, Britton, and VandenHurk battle it out. Each has proved they have mastered AAA. Which one wants to be in the MLB....

This is great! Just think of the prospects we can get for him in July!!!

There you go again 'Sizemo' being brilliant. I klike your idea's, now tell the FO...Vlad and Blanton would make the O's an contender this year....that's right a contender.

Sign Vlad, and don't trade anyone because of it.

It's not our money, and will anyone feel sad if Angelos makes a bad $2-3 million investment? No. People get hurt, and it's good to have some depth. Reimold will get a chance to play every day in Norfolk, and Pie will have plenty of opportunities to rotate through with injuries and resting players. If nothing else, it will be more fun to have Vlad on the team, and will give the Orioles more publicity.

There is nothing to lose, if Reimold or Pie deserves more playing time, and Vlad is not cutting it, then trade him for 1 or 2 low-level prospects.

Sign Vlad, sign one more serviceable or low-risk/high-reward starting pitcher (again, injuries and/or inconsistency WILL happen), a mediocre lefty for the bullpen, and see what happens.

Having watched the Orioles for many years and seeing that overall trends in baseball I think sometimes the "fans" are blinded to the concept of team and chemistry. Would the addition of a one dimensional player really add to the team? In the three young players, Scott, Riemold and Pie there is an obvious future. With Vlad there is only one year in a lineup that might not be able to protect him as others have done ala Bonds in his last years when the BOB was the call of his game. While it might look good, I think that some of the fans who think they are really do not know much in assembling a team. An example is the Mets with a very talented lineup but no chemistry. Or even the Yankees who suffer under ARod and his self centered style of play. Considerthe long term effects of this move before rallying behind it.

It's McPhail's job to assemble the best 40 man roster he can, it's Buck's job to get those guys to play together as a team and create chemistry. It's one thing to avoid a known problem like Manny, but Vlad has never been considered anything but a great teammate and a guy who helps you win games. If McPhail wants to create a team with chemistry, the first step is to start winning ball games.

Haven't posted since I RIP(d) myself last winter (Wayne, you were being especially obnoxious). That said, your comment to Ken made me laugh (I'd still rather read his posts). Maybe its funny this year because I suspect the O's will actually be enjoyable to watch.


Scott is better than Guerrero in every way(except throwing arm).
So why would we trade Scott to "make room" for Guerrero ???

Trading Pie to make room for him is stupid as well.
Why would we give up speed as well as youth and replace it with a broken-down has-been who can't even walk straight up.

Scott and Pie are assets to this team.
Guerrero would be a waste of space..

Where you see a 'potentially explosive batting order' I see Reynolds striking out, DLee hitting into double plays, and Vlad pulling up lame running to first base.

For a player who has done so little, what is it about Nolan Reimold that makes his name keep coming up in talks about left field for the O's?
Would a contender - any contender = consider a player like Reimold in discussions about its outfield other than a possible 4th or 5th outfielder. And that's even a long shot.

Vladimir Guerrero. Where to start...

I'm just going to jump in, with no particular method to my madness.

We should definitely pick this guy up. He is obviously going to be a relatively cheap signing. I doubt the Orioles offer more than one year to Vlad, I think they are focused on having a low payroll this year to plan for next offseason. If it were me in the front office, I would sign Vlad for anything up to 4-5 million. Yes, I know he is past his "prime", but he would be coming to another hitter's ballpark in Camden Yards. Maybe we don't see the moon shots, but I would take 40 doubles and 100 RBI's anyday. A lot of the points about his fielding are valid, and I don't disagree. But I think that we can make it work in the field for Vlad. I'm not saying put him in left everyday by any means. But I think if you were to see what you have in Spring Training and early in the first month of the regular season, if Buck can see that the Orioles can contend, I think that maybe Buck should put Vlad in left field for some of the "low-key" games, such as Kansas City, Seattle, Cleveland, etc. Gives the guy some more importance in the lineup and the field, but still keeps us in the win column. Besides, we can't expect Luke to play left field every day. Obviously, Pie should be retained as a utility outfielder/pinch runner. However, if we can trade Pie plus others for a formidable starting pitcher if other options are not available, I would seriously consider that as well. Look, you can say that signing Vlad would be a mistake, he costs too much, he is a defensive liability, he is too slow, etc. But as long as he is hitting .285 or higher and driving in 100 runs, that is all we can ask for and expect. And quite frankly, we didn't have anybody drive in 100 runs last year. The lineup is all about protection, and obviously Guerrero provides protection. Does anybody know where to pitch to him? The guy hits anything, and maintains a decent average. Bat Nick 2nd, Reynolds 3rd, Vlad 4th, Jones 5th, Lee 6th. Obviously, you can't pitch around any to get to the other. We have to get this signing done. It's going to bring us all out to the ballpark to see a future Hall of Famer, it's going to give more money for bigger acquisitions down the road, it's going to help the players' psyche knowing we actually think they can contend, and it may actually help us get that much better.

Regardless anything on Vlad, I am amused by the name-calling being displayed (bigot) and the misassumptions (the Ted Nugent reference). No wonder Congress is full hate. They are a reflection of We, the People.

I am further amused at the thought of trading Vlad if things don't work out. Let's see ... no one really wants him now, but we'll get "a prospect or two" if he proves he has stayed around too long.

I am even further amused at the idea that there is no risk in signing Vlad. Someone will have to move for the opening day roster to be at 25. There aren't a lot of players who can be sent to Norfolk "on hold" while we see what happens.

Luke would be the most likely casualty in a Vlad signing (either before the fact or after the fact). Luke can play 1B and LF, but is that what you really want? His inexperience at 1B is painfully obvious, and he needs an embossed invitation before he makes a move in LF.

At Camden Yards, you need a Brady Anderson type in left. Pie is closest. Reimold gets a decent read on the ball if he can make the parent roster. Scott, no way. He won't make blatant errors but the opposing BA's will increase.

So either Scott plays a lot of LF (yikes!) or is in a semi-plattoon with Vlad. If it's a genuine righty-lefty thing, Scott will get most of the AB's anyway. If not, you're lessening the AB's of someone who is well-known for being streaky. Scott's stats are improving as a direct relationship with increased playing time.

I am neither for nor against signing Vlad. I can be more definitive once I see what the opening day roster might look like.

I am against signing him as a stand-alone move. The Orioles became suspiciously DH-ridden between the last championship and Murray for Bell/Bolton. That didn't work out real well, and for good reason.

If there's a bigger picture in mind with Vlad in the orange and black, I'd like a better focus on what that bigger picture might be.

One thing is clear no matter how things shake out. The Ravens' motto is Next Man Up while the Orioles' motto is Last Man Standing.

Ok Waspface, I'll try this again if you'll agree to focus on sentence comprehension.

1. The Nuge reference was just because that's what I imagine that Luke Scott listens to get pumped up for a long day of stalking through the forest covered in deer piss with his hick friends. I apologize for the ambiguity. I guess this really has nothing to do with baseball, so I retract it.

2. The thing about unloading Vlad for prospects at the deadline is this: If he doesn't play well, oh well. He'll be gone next year. If he does play well, it will be easy to make a transaction with a team that wants to add more firepower for the playoffs. No matter what we get back, we will have won, because we got something of value for a minimal investment. Personally, I don't care if Angelos wastes a few million dollars on this bozo and gets nothing at all out of it, because he has more than enough money. And at one year, he won't be blocking any of our thirty-year-old "prospects," nor anyone we might be able to sign next winter.

I would be opposed to bringing Vlad on board as it would actually be a step backward. We have enough RH hitters, Scott adequately filles the DH spot and Vlad's health is definitely an issue.
I know there is some thoughts that maybe he gets hot and by mid-season, we can unload him for prospects but that's a stretch. Most teams aren't going to give up much for an aging DH.
Besides if Vlad had anything left in the tank, why hasn't some other team grabbed him by now?

I forgot about the multiple posting phenomenon. Sorry ya'll.

I don't want him, and I don't think we're getting him (maybe wishful thinking on my part). I can see him winding up in Detroit or Toronto, maybe Cleveland.

Luke's entrenched as this team's DH. And why not let Pie/Reimold give you likely the same production at a fraction of Guerrero's cost?

Sign Vlad and Millwood to one year deals with incentives. Start Riemold at AAA to see if he can get back on track.

The only way I trade for Blanton if i'm the Orioles GM is, John Singleton comes in the trade from the Phillies. He will be the 1st baseman prospect the Orioles need on the farm and thought he is only 18 he will be up in the majors by the end of 2013.

No Vlad. I don't need to see Vlad for 1 year at a cost of finding out whether Pie and Reimold are the real deal and here for years. Both have looked great in spurts over '10 (Pie) and '09 (Reimold). Let's see how they do and give them the ABs in left.

Roberts 2b
Markakis rf
Vald dh
lee 1b
Reynolds 3b
weiters c
scott lf
jones cf

This lineup could be as good as The boston Redsox. 20hr potential from all 9 hitters makes since to me and you would have a proven 300 hitter in vald 30hr 100rbi. This pickup makes since all the way around the board. Then you trade Tillman and Rem. to Phillis for Blatton and sign Mark H. 1yr incentives laiden contract. Give Vald 2yr and he can retire as an Oriole. I wouldn't had came to the O's back then we stink back then. Now we have a chance at a wild card a good manager and excellent coaches its more attractive now. Win win situation. Go O's!

Can we please stop the "Reimold/Pie and Tillman for Blanton" comments? Blanton is not worth much at all, maybe a VandenHurk and a Frederick prospect.

Also, please do not sign Hendrickson. I've seen enough hitters improve their BA through him.

Guerrero, yes, if only to send Reimold to Norfolk to regain his stroke. We need Pie as #4, nad this would give us some depth. It would not stall Pie or Reiold's development. If anything, our younger guys get to be around players who have had success. Success DOES breed success.

If you hit the ball over the fence, you can take your time running around the bases. Go get Vlads!!

If the orioles signed Vladdy. The linupe would be probably the best they have had in years. It could look something like this.

Roberts 2b
Markakis RF
Jones CF
Vladdy DH
Scott LF
Lee 1B
Wieters C
Reynolds 3b
Hardy SS

This linupe could give baltimore some excitement they havent had in awhile.

If the orioles signed Vladdy. The linupe would be probably the best they have had in years. It could look something like this.

Roberts 2b
Markakis RF
Jones CF
Vladdy DH
Scott LF
Lee 1B
Wieters C
Reynolds 3b
Hardy SS

This linupe could give baltimore some excitement they havent had in awhile.

Did I really just read something that cited Vlad's postseason failure as a reason to not sign him? Seriously? Do you know that the Orioles haven't been in the playoffs for 14 years? We're not quite at the point where one's playoff experience should make or break any kind of deal. That is faulty logic, to put it nicely.

Here's what the Orioles should do. Trade Luke Scott for a starting pitcher. Of the 3 OF's kicking around (Pie, Reimold, Scott), he's the most established and therefore, could earn a higher chip in the trade. Plus, I think he kind of stinks. Is anyone lauded at their job for splitting their time between being great and being horrendously bad? He talks too much and used to (maybe still does) bring his pistol to our clubhouse. I know him and Pie are all buddy-buddy, but for serious, Andy, dump this guy before he hits .170 for the first 2 months of the season.

Vlad would be a great signing. He is such an aggressive hitter, and he doesn't strike out. Who cares that he didn't want to play here back then? The Orioles, as an organization, have been junk for a long time. Players want to win, and not just in hopes of not losing 100. And we're just starting to see the possibility in the distance of not being junk. I feel like that is a huge drawing point, and that a good year with Vlad might just entice more free agents to want to play here.

Make baseball exciting for this city!

GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!

I've been an Orioles fan for over 30 years and generally when you hear this much buzz about a player coming to the team, they usually do. Where else is Vlad going to play? Japan? You can bet Andy MacPhail is working this for every penny he can avoid having to spend...And as some people have noted, signing Vlad doesn't mean we have to trade Luke Scott. Scott and Pie platoon in the outfield, Vlad DHs and Reimold starts the season in Norfolk where he can get regular at bats because that's what he needs. The Vlad show is almost like a magician's trick, i.e. look over here, look over here, when in reality, the trick is happening over there...that is, what's Andy got up his sleeve as regards starting pitcher and lefty reliever as those are two needs he himself has said he wants to come no rumors on that front? Hmmm, I'm thinking that perhaps we'll see more than Vlad trotted out in an O's uniform on Saturday...gotta love baseball this time of year, the closest thing to Christmas-level anticipation! What "gifts" will we be unwrapping in the coming weeks? Looking forward to it, no matter what the haters, trolls and naysayers have to say...Oh, yeah, and Go Steelers...And take the freakin' Pirates withya!...P.S. Any word on the Simon front??

Hey Joe,

Congrats on the Steelers my man...

Now go enjoy your inflatable date.... but don't forget to take your false teeth out this time.

Nice team those Steelers.... Has anyone seen their fans up close though? Seriously...... Imagine, Pittsburgh woman in Dallas. The place will never be the same.

Vlad is going back to Texas.Bet on it
Another snub to O's b/c they wont pay

Scott is a good DH - Vlad is a great DH, or at least has been for a long time, granted you never know when a star will finally have old age catch up to him. But he had a great year last year.
If they can trade Scott for a starting pitcher, even a 4th starter type, I think signing Vlad makes sense. But I don't think that's very likely. I think Macphail is trying to do that now and having no luck.
So, is Vlad worth signing if we keep Scott? Tough to say - it takes away abs from Pie, and to me he is the young position player that most needs to be "found out about" on the Orioles.
Personally, I would like to see Reimold start in AAA and tear it up there before we count on him at the big league level.
I think that, most likely, Vlad DH and Scott LF are a better combo than Scott DH and Pie LF as far as 2011 goes - but I also think there is a chance (small, granted, maybe 15%?) that Pie is a late bloiming star and I think we need to find out about him. If they can do that while signing Vlad, and keeping Scott (again, I don;t think we can trade him for what we're looking for) than I say go for it. But I would like to know about Pie by the time 2012 rolls around.


The following are the batting lines for Felix Pie in his injury shortened year last year and Vlady's post AS game stats.

AB Hits 2B 3B HR BB SO
Pie 288 79 15 5 5 13 52
Vlad 270 75 13 0 9 14 30

For the record, that's a 274 BA, 306 OB%, 413 SL% for Pie versus a 277 BA, 313 OB%, 425 SL% for Vlady.

In other words, in the 2nd half last year, Vlady did a remarkable impersonation of Pie at the plate without being able to run a lick or contribute anything defensively to his team.

Does anybody really wonder why Texas isn"t rushing out to re-sign him, as well as at least 27 other MLB teams if we're to believe the reports we're reading.

About Vlad G, let's not forget the last sad days of Albert Belle & Sammy Sosa playing out the string, and one last big pay day, before our eyes in Baltimore. No more aging superstars delivering only with their mouths and not their bats, EEENNNUUUFFF!!!
As for DH, what about mixing Jake Fox into the equation. He has excellent minor league power hitting stats, and is already valuable as a backup at Catcher, Third, First & Right. So why not give him some at bats when Scotty is in Left, or having some time off. A semi-platoon DH if they're both hitting and subbing around the field could work, and certainly won't cost what a last paycheck for a old hitter would.

Images of Sammy Sosa, Will Clark, and Joe Carter in O's uniforms fill my head. We have not had a good record with aged hitters recently.

If we were a team that actually wanted to compete, we would pounce on a deal like this and not worry about the ramifications of "blocking" unproven players. I think 30 HRs/300 ba for 5 mill or less sounds PRETTY GOOD.

At the very least, this would help put people in the seats. At best, we get a productive year out of Vlad.

Sign Vlad. The guy is a hitter. Hitting the ball over the fence, in the gaps or down the line is entertaining. The Orioles are in the entertainment business.
The lineup of Markakis 2, Reynolds3, and Vlad4 means Markakis and Reynolds will see better pitches. Batting Jones 5 and Lee 6 means Jones will see better pitches. If Jones swings at the low and away stuff put wieters in front of Lee and see what he can do with a steady diet of fastballs. Use Vlad and Lee as protection for these guys we think are rising stars. Lets see how far they rise.

Sign Millwood. If Millwood had any run support last year he would have had a .500 record. What was his era. into June? Was it in the 3's. Do you think he would have been helped by some 80, 90, and 100 rbi guys in the lineup? Millwood knew he had to pitch a shutout to have any chance to win. Will our young pitchers that we think are rising stars be helped by this kind of lineup? After making us pay to see Brandon Fayhe and Garrett Atkins Andy owes it to us to sign Vlad.

If we were a team that actually wanted to compete, we would pounce on a deal like this and not worry about the ramifications of "blocking" unproven players. I think 30 HRs/300 ba for 5 mill or less sounds PRETTY GOOD.

At the very least, this would help put people in the seats. At best, we get a productive year out of Vlad.

Haha wayne.... That's the funniest post I've seen this year. Funny because it's so true.

Thanks for clearing things up, Rocket.

Your Point #1 -- name-calling and hate -- my reading comprehension: on-target and confirmed. Although I did leave out stereotyping.

Your Point #2 -- wear a hat and no one will notice.

MP Bernosky -

That is the most foolish thing I have ever read. Well, almost, I'm sure. Dude drove in 100 and hit more homers than anyone on the o's last year. And hit 300. Playing out the string? Man, I wish we had a few more players "playing out the string."

Sign Guerrero.

Lets see if Barry Bonds is available.

And then trade Tillman and Pie and Weiters and Matusz and Scott for Blanton.

Signing Vlad means Scott playing more often in LF and frankly, I don't think he hurts the team that much defensively. It would also mean Reimold would likely start at Norfolk, whch may be a good thing in the long run. So, Pie would back up all 3 outfielders and get some starts and Vlad would be the DH.

What Vlad would bring to the lineup would more than make up for any defieicences Scott would brng to LF. Buck wants to win now and I fail to see how adding Vlad wouldn't help the team. Guys, Buck isn' looking at this as a developmental year. He expets the pitchers to be as successful as they were when he took over last year and you can bet he thinks the team is much better offensively than tehy were when they went 34-23 for him.

Finally, why trade Scott and/or Pie for a starting pitcher? Contrary to what some of you believe, either one of them or both of them would bring no more than a true number 3-4 pitcher in return. DHs and unproven youngsters don't fetch number 1=2 starting pitchers.

Keep Scott, the team needs his bat. Keep Pie and let's see if he developes this year. Don't waste any money or prospects on free agents with dubious track records. Let what you have fight it out for the number 5 pitcher on this team.

This is an amazing amount of comments. I still believe Vlad is exactly what this lineup needs to be considered "competitive." The obvious bonuses are there: trade-bait if the O's are not contending (likely); or we have a HOF slugger if the O's somehow are within Wild Card range with playoff experience.

Reimold obviously needs time in AAA; Scott is not that bad defensivel at all. Pie on the bench is tremendous depth.

If Andy does not reveal Vlad as a bird at Fanfest, I will be really disappointed. This would be the icing on the cake for (most) O's fans desperate for a big name and a big bat.

I forgot to add my two cents on the Opening Day lineup:


If Jones and Weiters can progress this season like we expect them to do under Buck, then there isn't a hole in the lineup.

This guy is agreat hitter! This is the final piece of the puzzle. We could compete with anyone, anywhere at any time. If you can get him for two years even better.


I guess I am late to the party on this but I agree with you. Since you update your blog infrequently I don't check in much. With baseball season approaching I hope you step it up a notch.

AM's brilliant rebuilding continues - See Patton

signing Vlad makes sense, thus it will not happen. c'mon people, keep up. we're the o's.

Vlad goes to a team that will contend next year: Bos, Oak, maybe Anaheim.

If the O's do sign Vlad and he sucks. It will still be a better sign than Garrett Atkins.

Get Vlads NOW! Sooo much production for relatively small pay-check. Amazing he is still available......huge potential reward for small risk. Best part of all: he is very fun to watch play....doesn't strike out a lot and crushes the ball. Just what is the problem in getting him in an Oriole uniform?

Napoli to Texas just increased the O's leverage. Guess that last spot on the 40 is yours Vlad, does 1yr, 3 Million sound good?"

Without trade for Starting Pitcher, which it increasingly looks like, I still would like this squad. Long spell of health might lead to 300-400 more runs scored! Regardless, HR production 1-9, and bonafide professional hitting in the power spots!

B.Rob, 2b
Markakis, RF
Lee, 1b
Scott, LF/DH
Vladdy, DH
Reynolds, 3b
Jones, CF
Weiters, C
Hardy, SS

Bench: Pie, Reimold, Tatum, Izzy

Starting Rotation: Guthrie, Matusz, Bergy, Arietta, Tillman

All depends if you think we have the Reimhold of 2009 who would hit 30 hr in a full season or of last year of the 200 ba. I think he will rebound and make Vlad an afterthought. We need youth and speed on this team, not old and slow. Look at our SB and baserunning last year. Was it a coincidence that we did better with Brob back with some speed threat on the team?

Forget Vlad unless your trading or dropping him midyear to make sure Reimhold is back to form in AAA, but I think Brady has helped him and we'll see the better version in 2011.

Time to stop being cheap and put the best possible product on the field. Rather then put together a competitive team that can compete every night, we quibble about $1M and try to get Vladdy cheap. We are doing the same with Scott and Guthrie. These are the actions of second class organizations and it is time that we move beyond that. How we can give Gonzales $12M and then quibble about $3.5M between 3 players is ridiculous! Vladdy will pay for himself in increased attendance and wins - that should be enough to warrant a 2yr $10M contract.

If we give Buck the talent, I believe that we will be competitve in the AL East. Let's give him what he needs to compete.

Sign Vlad and I will buy season tickets. Luke Scott has had 1, REPEAT 1 good year. He could go back to being a below average hitter. Vlad forces a pitcher to throw to whoever hits in front of him. Vlad remains a feared hitter. Trust me. No pitching staff fears Luke. Please please sign Vlad. He gives us many options.

BONDERMAN? Seriously? Apparently the loser brigade hasn't seen him pitch in either of his 2 last years following his forearm issues. That's right! That's why his own team isn't even interested in a minor deal with him. It's this simple: tops out at 86mph and slider (his past out pitch) is now a "hanging" slider that says "hit me" as it approaches home plate.

HE IS MEAT, ALONG WITH ROBERTSON, the lefthanded version of BONDERMAN.

Come on Rodent, you can find a more positive train to hook up to than the loser-leonard, "vlad's not coming here" model. Your ideas have become increasingly hard to fathom lately. Are you alreadt partying over the Vlad news? The losers are sobbing in their beer, as they should.

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