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October 17, 2010

Ravens: Too conservative?

It's easy to say now that the Patriots are driving the field, but the decision to punt at midfield on fourth and a half yard was too conservative for my taste. The Patriots already had shown they could move the ball and the punt surrendered what little momentum the Ravens still had in the game.

The decision only emboldened the Pats, had just scored on a clutch third-down pass from Tom Brady to Deion Branch.

So, here we are at the two-minute warning with the Patriots knocking at the door. Let's see what happens.

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Pete regardless of what anybody says this loss falls squarley on the coaches. The play calling was absolutely pitful. What is with that dink and dunk bulls--t to ray rice. They didn't play to win this game. Our special team coach should be fired, week after week we get called at least 2 or 3 times agame for a push in the back. Shame on harbaugh and the rest of his coaching staff.

The offense and play calling in the 2nd half are a F****** joke ,,, They gave that game to New England on a silver platter..

Cam you SUCK

To call the Ravens coaching today "conservative" would be would be an understatement. In the 3rd quarter with a 10-point lead against Tom Brady, Harbaugh and Mattison started playing defense like it was the end of the game. Why did we go conservative on defense, letting the Pats back into the game and giving them momentum for the 4th quarter and OT? Our players were better than their players today- blame for this loss goes to the coaches.

Harbaugh better learn how to close games against good teams- this should have been a W today and he and his coaches gave it away.

Echo prior respondents - hang this one on Mattison & Cameron.
A 3-man rush on Brady on 3rd & goal from five will cost you every time. Let Brady complete what 8 straight w/o a blitz. On offense we're dinking to Rice while Brady is taking shots down field. OT play calling was horrible, would have to have made 4 first downs to get in FG range while Brady would do same with 1 or 2 passes.

One week Harbaugh, goes for a 4th-and-goal at the one on the very first possession rather than taking the easy points and lead. Another week, he allows a team to keep their timeouts as the Ravens "protect" a late lead with incomplete passes.

The newsflash is the Raven defense is pretty good. It is not great. It is not dominant. I'm not even sure if it is Top Ten. The statistics that favor it are more because they are not on the field all that much.

Today was a perfect example.

When the Ravens led by a 2-to-1 margin (20-10), their time of possession was greater than 2-to-1. In what should have been a comfortable lead, the Raven D was giving up more points per minute, than the Raven O was scoring.

Instead of going for more scoring, the play became predictable. What made this even worse, it was happening on both sides of the ball. It was the Patriots who were forced to be predictable or risk a foolish mistake. The latter didn't happen because the Ravens played into their hands by clutching what they already had.

This team needs to learn to score. And keep scoring. And scoring TD's in favor of FG's.

All of those yards and all of that time of possession don't mean squat if points aren't the reward.

It all reminds me of Gene Mauch -- perhaps the most overrated managers in baseball. Once when his Angels had a division series lead, Mauch was bunting his best hitters early in the game. Reggie Jackson, one his players, ruefully said, "When you have a team down, you need to go for the jugular." The Angels would go on to bow out.

During the telecast, Earl Weaver was in the booth. Weaver, who was uncommonly stiff as a color man, made one of his few poignant remarks about the stupid 19th Century bunting. He said, "Play for a run; lose by a run."

Ladies and gentlemen, we have the football parallel: Play for a FG, lose by a FG.

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