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August 23, 2010

Happy Birthday, Cal Ripken

We've been promoting my Cal Ripken interview for the last couple of days, and now you can read it right here or watch Part 1 of the video right here.

The interview took place late last week at the Baltimore offices of Ripken Baseball. As you will see and hear, Cal is pretty comfortable with turning 50 and still has a lot he wants to accomplish in the game of baseball. Check it out.

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Great interview Pete,

I know.... you still hate me, but........

Great interview all the same.

Imagine Cal and Buck one day running this organization together.

We can dream, right?

Good stuff Pete!

Happy B Day to Cal!

Cal provided the greatest memories so far at OPACY, as who will ever forget when he broke the streak or his final game? Great suff from #8.

I love your post, thank you for sharing.

A great interview. Cal actually answers questions and says something meaningful. To overuse a phrase, he clearly has the "right stuff." Whether he could turn the good ship Oriole around and into the playoffs might be beyond his control, but I highly doubt that it would not make significant advances.

People who think that Cal would automatically make some great GM really don't know their baseball history. The history is littered with great players who didn't fare well in the front office or as field managers. I'm not saying he won't be a good GM if he chooses that path, but one never knows.
It is good to know that Cal would be excited to come in UNDER Macphail and learn the ropes though. Just like Buck wanted to come in and work UNDER Andy as field manager. All knowlegable baseball people can recognize this team is very close to being competitive for years to come thanks to 2 time World Series winning executive Andy Macphail. Thanks to his building a future juggernaut with this young pitching, just a few key moves in the off season will have this team very nicely set up. That's why Buck came here, because he knew there lots of pieces in place already.
Go O's Go Andy Go Wedge....err Buck... Go Cal!!!!
Playoffs 2011!!!

Very cool! Thanks for this interview--I'm really looking forward to the next installments of the video. My wife and I just became parents a couple months ago, and it's powerful to hear Ripken talk about raising his own children as such a vital part of his life. Neat to know that a hero of my youth remains a hero for me in fatherhood. Thanks, Cal.

Pete -

Good interview. Especially now with the club playing poorly this year, it's nice to read something pleasant about the O's.

Cal made 2 comments which seem to hit the nail on the head about the club. When talking about his father, he said he was " of many instructors and many people in the organization that pulled together in the right way"

"...but in the end, it's about organizational excellence, and I think the Orioles are still aspiring to go back to organizational excellence"

The issues aren't really the prospects that we draft, the players we have, or just who's managing the team; it's more the lack of development the players get in our system. We need one voice, one common approach at all levels, and the right instructors and coaches to do it. Get Trembley back to work in the minors. Put Samuel in the Dominican. Bring in more talenetd people in the right positions all working together.

cal is the best. bring him back to play, maybe he could be our #1 pitcher this time around

What a great interview. Imagine that a legend would actually answer questions.

Smitty, What is your posting about? One would think that the idea of working under the current regime would be a huge negative for Cal. In fact, the hope for most in Baltimore would be that Mr. MacPhail will be moving on in time for Cal to come in and take over once his son is off to college.

You're right about great players not working out at times. But we're talking about a legendary baseball family. A family who grew up together learning the game the right way. Anyone would have to agree that Cal wouldn't be your ordinary ex great coming in to take over.

To steal the phrase, Cal Ripken has forgotten more about the game than Mr. MacPhail will ever know. Mr. MacPhail hasn't won the rings you speak of for a very long time. Cal hadn't even won his second MVP yet. That's how long ago it was. And now Cal is 50.

I'm sure Mr. MacPhail was excellent back in his day, but he hasn't been for decades. There's a reason old players, managers and execs who once were great, retire. It's because they no longer have the stuff to get the job done.

Cal, when he's ready, would not only bring back certain elements ingrained from his father, he would do so in an upgraded way that would be exciting to rally around.

I think it would be embarrassing for Cal to come in under Mr. MacPhail. If Nolan Ryan can call the shots and turn an entire franchise around, why couldn't Cal? No disrespect to Mr. MacPhail, but time passed him by long ago. His record proves it.

When Cal's ready, it would be a shame to not get him started as soon as possible. Not to work under Mr. MacPhail. The idea is actually laughable. No, Cal should be given a chance to turn this thing around once and for all.

And I love the idea of Buck working for Cal. There's obviously a ton of mutual respect there. Seems they both understand the game in a way that would once again make Baltimore proud of their home team.

Great interview Peter. I really enjoyed reading it.

Wonderful interview Pete. One of the best I've seen of Cal in a long time.

Great Post PeteR. I agree that once Cal is ready, he should be given full control. That is if Angelos could do such a thing. And if we're really honest, we know that even if Cal is a couple years away, the transition would be easy since the team will still be losing. Maybe not losing like they are this year. But still losing.

Save us Cal. Save us from this current abyss..

smitty thinks that andy hired buckarooooooo.

smitty thinks andy''''s rings when kirby puckman was still playing matters.

How many rings does pat gillick have?wasn't he run out of town smitenstein?

lets see how shanonmontanan does in dc. he has two rings as well and almost a decade sooner than andywhack has.

smitty ---- we all have to admit ---- you make every one of us a little stupideeeeer just by readddding your post.

smitty and andymac-loser. both on the same 9 year rebuilding plan.

Happy Birthday Cal! Show us the way, and hurry up about it.

Shut up Wayne!

Hahaha i don't think that was wayne (there are more of us than wayne that think AM is a joke) but he still made great points. you can tell because the warehousers always get mad when the truth gets told, right NC_terpfan?

man the terps don't even play in NC, no wonder why your so mad at the world

Yeah...that's it I can't handle the truth..You figured it out. What a genius...Perhaps we are just tired of the shrill redundant commentary. Why can't we just focus on Orioles and not this stupid Andy McPhail crap. I got it..You guys hate Andy. Who cares...I'm not in his fan club but it just get's boring. You guys act like Potter cares what you think. Can't we just talk about baseball...

The Terps don't play in NC. Do you know where NC is located? Have you heard of the ACC?

"stupider" is not a word...but since you don't think that the GM hired the coach, I suppose I wouldn't expect verbal eloquence.

Buck isn't the coach he's the manager smitty. by your thinking then, AM didnt hire him. truth hurts, doesnt it?

"Manager (baseball), coach of a baseball team"
The truth is AM hired the Manager (coach of a baseball team)
Wow, you really got me there Wayne, you like schooled me.

How can a player not score fom 3rd on a double-play grounder? Someone ask Adam Jones.

how did 1st and third no outs turn into no runs?

instincts...can you teach those?

don't you usually run on those to stay out of the double play?sometimes you just don't know what to think...

Hey smitty,

Are you coming on as someone else, agreeing with me, then calling yourself if I'm posting under a different name?

Oh my..........

smitty next time get it straight before you post it.

hows AM's big bonus baby now? mr matt "gidp" Weiters. what a rallykiller, guthrie looks good tho

yo wayne how about jones sitting at thrid on that double play? one more overated AM stooge

so, does AM get credit /blame for Wieters or not? Wayne, whaddya say? Help auntie out...

It's easy...

When a player does good, Andy gets no credit.

When a player makes a blown play, it's Andy's fault and the guy is overrated. (or "overated" depending on your understanding of the English language)

This is the new math.

Though perhaps he may also be ovaated... which I think has something to do with being full of eggs after a large breakfast.

I gotta stay consistent... Wieters is not an AM guy..... He sure looks lost though, doesn't he?

By the way....

You ALL realize Luke is the best hitter on this team, right?

Can you imagine if he had nearly the number of at bats as Markakis?

I mean I appreciate Nick, and he's still a young guy. But anyone who hasn't noticed how the league has adjusted to him, simply isn't watching. And he has just as much protection in the line up as Luke does.

Meanwhile, Luke is as consistent as it gets. Streaky? Accept for April, he has shed that tag.

Who do you think Buck feels is the more valuable hitter at this time?

Nick is valuable..... But down the lineup on a good team

Was Paul Newman ovaated in "Cool Hand Luke"?

Yes, Newman's character was ovaated.

Newman himself, however, was underrated as he should have taken home the Oscar that year.

weiters wasn't AMs guy? i thought weiters came in 07 when AM came. he sure plays like a AM golden boy.

yes luke is the best hitter. markakis is a joke, figures that he got a big contract from the warehouse.

meanwhile people ignore the truth and pass time talking about eggs LOL

Not true CIH,

Plenty of posters would love to give AM credit for something other than that Bedard trade and the new spring facility. WE'D LOVE TO.

I'd be first in line in fact.....

But maybe you want to list all the excuse why the team won't come close to your projections CIH. You want to list them for us?

Or how about digging up your old post about how well Millwood would do even after his unbelievably bad spring... You gonna talk about his great april with no run support.

Come on CIH... be honest and don't be misleading anymore. Be a fan. I can respect that. Just don't take your frustrations out on fans that know what they're talking about.

And don't be defensive.... It's not a good look

With Floyd on the ropes, having thrown 90 pitches through 5, the team has the opportunity to knock him out by having a couple good ABs and what do they do... gift him a 7 pitch inning.

Buck, please bring a new hitting philosophy with you to Spring Training!

9 pitches, to be precise... but the point remains!

Guthrie sure is hanging in there so far, though (Konerko strikeout!)... I hope I don't have to eat those words soon.

it looks like MW is becoming a pretty good defensive catcher. And he's learning the hitters, and calling better games.
I think the offense will come, he's hit everywhere he's been, and I think that the young players with ability will improve under Buck and the coaching staff.

"Or how about digging up your old post about how well Millwood would do even after his unbelievably bad spring... You gonna talk about his great april with no run support."

Millwood always has a bad spring. If you couldn't see the logic in bringing Millwood to the team, especially considering his numbers versus the AL East last year, then what is there to say??? Sure, he didn't pan out, but Millwood wasn't the horrible move that Atkins was.

Your problem, wayne, is that there is no middle ground with you and you don't see anything objectively. I'm not the first to say this. I won't be the last either.

chirs in hawaii there doesnt need to be middle ground when wayne and keith rowe and mesoangelos and me tell the truth. if you cant handle the truth dont waste your time coming up with excuses for pitchers like millwood who has had excuses all his career.

Please point out the excuse I made for Millwood where I said, "he didn't pan out."

Not the horrible move Atkins was? I'm not so sure about that, especially considering the money spent.

And Chris, with a team like this, and with so many fans realizing it would be this way... you bet it's hard to find middle ground.

Is the middle ground that the team won't be the worst in history?

Is the middle ground how well the young players have grown...which they haven't?

Is it Buck.... Someone even PA had to force on AM?

I'm sorry. I look at the small crowd at OPACY each night and can only think of the posters who said attendance will be up because there was a good turnout at FanFest. Hard to find middle ground there.

Truly.... the only middle ground is HOPING Cal is here in a couple years, and that Buck isn't fired before then.

Cal in, AM out.... Buck the manager.

Now that's middle ground enough to renew my tickets.

smitty = auntie climacus.

But it's not funny and it's not working smitty. you just look stupid like usual.

Go O's Go O's Go O's

Yes. Trading a reliever who posted a 7.00+ ERA the prior year for a starter who posted a sub-4.00 ERA the previous year (with a sub-3.00 ERA against teams in your division) is not nearly as bad as paying $4.5 million to a guy coming off a year in which he posted a .229 BA w/ .342 SLG%.

Middle ground would be you bashing anyone when they deserve it and giving credit to anyone when they deserve it. Unfortunately, you don't understand the second part.

Just like in his last start, Guthrie almost always makes one big mistake in a game. Another reason why he is at best a No. 3 starter in a good rotation. That first winning August since '97 doesn't look likely now. Need to split final six games.

tell em wayne! peopple always make excuses like millwood starts bad, or roberts was hurt, or pie was hurt, or gonzalez was hurt or johnson was hurt or koji or bergesen was hurt, but that shouldnt excuse a 2-16 start like those players are that important.

if we had a real bat who got injured, maybe that would be a good excuse for losing but we don't have any impact player like that becaues AM won't spend the money (oh wait accept for on hobgood LOL). AM set this team up to lose when he should have been at spring training making sure the young players were actually getting better not worse

Angelos had to go behind AMs (wedge loving) back just to hire buck. AM probably met buck for the first time at that press conference when they hired him

Funny how "auntie climacus" mis-spells "except" the exact same way as someone else on this blog...

Did you graduate at the head of your class from The wayne School of Posting, auntie?

Wow, wayne. I can't figure out what would be more embarrassing: to find out that you're actually behind this "auntie" character, or to discover that this really is one of your disciples. Either one seems pretty revealing....

Sorry Chris, not me.

I may have spelled that wrong once or twice long ago but you guys set me straight.

I agree with Jason that the dude is smitty. I also agree though that he doesn't do it very well.

smitty my man, try to be funny. I root for you all the time but you just stay the same.

Also Chris, I do get the second part. But if you look back at my post, I NEVER agreed with the trade. All one had to do is look at Millwoods previous 2 seasons + the fact that Ryan wanted to get rid of the guy so badly.

In a pitching starved league, you don't think someone else would have given up more than Ray if they thought the guy was the goods?

I'm just saying it was right there for all to see... accept (see how i've been spelling it correctly?) for AM and his crackerjack scouts.

So where would I have given credit?

smitty..... keep doing what you're doing.. but BE FUNNY

Umm, Wayne, you misspelled "except" by writing "accept" in your 9:34PM post and again in your 10:39PM post... just as "auntie" did at 10:22PM.

That seems kind of funny, doesn't it?

"I may have spelled that wrong once or twice long ago but you guys set me straight."

Do you really consider just over an hour (9:34 PM to be exact) oh so long ago?

"Accept for April, he has shed that tag. "

smitty thinks im wayne and wayne thinks im smitty. birdfan and chris think im wayne and they also think this place is a spelling bee

well how do you spell LOL?

who gives a rip when this team is set up to lose

i think that the lack of an effective shutdown type righthander in the pen forced buck's hand and he let guthrie pitch to beckham. oops.
Homers, they happen.

and for this team DPs happen.

they had opportunities to score early in the game, and did not take advantage.
Jones not scoring on the DP, and simon's run in the8th...those things mattered.

How about next yr they try this thing with another bat or 2 and a #1 starter.

Funny how "auntie climacus" mis-spells "except" the exact same way as someone else on this blog...

Nah... Wayne only writes 1 line sentences. Hes too self righteous to use another name. Likes to see his work, yet wont create his own free page?


shouldn't it be climac-'t'us? Like Climatic?

wayne knows fewer about baseball then he do as regarding spelling and in terms of grammer.

Speaking of obsessed... in lieu of talking about the blog post, you spend your time accusing people of using multiple names because they don't agree with you and prove you wrong in every instance.

AHHH CRAP! I almost forgot!


PS- 'big fan' is on... wayne in a nut shell.

I have no problem with Buck leaving Guthrie in to face Beckham. Guthrie has been by far this team's best starter so you have to give him a longer rope than the others. My biggest problem is Wigginton being our No. 3 hitter. I know he's had a nice year for a utility-type guy but he bats 7th on most teams.

hey wayne...

Did you realize in the Sandlot, mr myrtle claims that he would have beaten the Babe's record and knew him well?

Baseball wasn't integrated in the 1930's. Blind or not, Myrtle wasn't playing on the Philly A's.

What kind of message does this send to the kids? Segregation never happened??? Get on the phone to 20th century fox!!!

Come on Wayne...we are counting on you setting the record right. A trip to the West Coast might do us (I mean you) some good...

Obviously I want the O's to win as many games as possible this season, but I don't think it's so bad that Buck gets to see some of the bone head plays like Jones not going home on the DP or Jeremy struggling to get past 6.

I know a lot of people think that the cast will be the same with the Crow and all, but I doubt any of them will be back.

Jeremy better be careful or he's going to get a bad reputation for hitting batters. I thought Beckham and Rios were intentionally hit.

When did Felix become a gold glover out in LF? My God, is he doing some great stuff out on the field. Good for him after the sh*t he took.

I have some friends in Chicago who are O's fans, They have the MLB package, but when the O's play the Sox, the games are only shown through Comcast. Anyway, they said that Stone kept saying that Bell was acquired by the Dodgers for Josh Bell and that Blake continued to perform well in LA while Bell struggled? Stone can't do a little research? Blake was never a member of the O's and was on the Dodgers way before the O's and LA made any type of trade.

I've heard the Hawk a lot and I can't stand the guy. Anyone here like him? I have no problem with the announcers rooting for the home team, but he takes it to another level with his screaming and reenactment of Meg Ryan's famous scene in When Harry Met Sally by screaming YES, YES every 5 seconds.

I can't stand Jimmy Hunter, but if I had to listen to the Hawk all year, I would go nuts with his Stretch, Stretch and He Gone or his love affair with Paul Konerko. Come on Paulie, Come on Paulie....WTF?

What a bunch of childish retards.


It's a blog retard. What do you expect?


You guys seem to more reasonable than most other bloggers on this site. I have a baseball question. I believe the easiest position for the O's to upgrade is first base. Do you think the Orioles will have a shot at Konerko or Dunn? Am I missing another position that has impact talent? It would be hard not to upgrade at SS and 3rd but I don't see the type of impact talent at those positions. What do you think?

Thanks SHAM,

Yeah, I don't see the point of using another name. Thanks for having my back.

What is funny though..... For affect (or is it effect?), smitty is mispelling the same words I do so you can all react the way you are.

Now that's funny. Proud of you smit.

Anyway, and again.... all I've said is that ALL of the stats during the era when Blacks were not allowed to play in the majors are forever 'tainted'. Every last stat.

Now I'm not saying there weren't great players, because there obviously were. I'm just saying we'll never know the truth because too many great players weren't able to represent.

Much worse than the PED era, in my opinion.

Three best players on the team:


We saw the team without Brob. Imagine this year without Luke and Guthrie.

Oh myyyyy.

@NC_Terp Fan

Dunn loves the area and I think the O's can get him by going an extra year. They have to overpay, but this is a legit power hitter who will make Nick, Adam, Matt and Luke better.

I don't know what Buck thinks of Bell or Wiggy nor do I think he will show his hand. Jorge Cantu can play 1B or 3B so I wouldn't rule him out if Wiggy demands X number of AB's. Cantu is struggling for Texas, but he's put up very good numbers for the Marlins.

Looking at SS, unless they can get Stephen Drew in a trade, I think Izzy makes the most sense.

The most interesting position is LF. I love the way Felix has played, but if they could (dreaming) get Carl Crawford, they would have one hell of an offensive team with guys who can steal in Brian and Carl, hit doubles and HRs and I think that's how you avoid long draughts by getting guys that aren't all or nothing.

You have constructed an image of yourself as an all-knowing watchdog of every move made by the Warehouse.

It behooves you -- when you pick at mistakes by others -- to do your best to remain error-free in your postings.

You use the English language as if it were a chainsaw, not like a rapier, which is the weapon of those who attempt to convince others.

You should be ashamed to be the author of the following: "Meanwhile, Luke is as consistent as it gets. Streaky? Accept for April, he has shed that tag."

In retrospect,do you realize that you should have used "except," not "accept?"

Or, are you unaware of the difference in meaning?

Before using this platform to criticize others, do your best to avoid mistakes that act as speed bumps for readers who are caught off-guard and forced to waste time deciding what the devil you were trying to say.

Blogger, heal thyself!


Thanks for the post.....

And please know that I only criticize if I feel someone is being a racist, etc. I would never criticize grammar because as you noted, I don't even know how to use the word accept or except.

Or lets just say that I do know (because the grammar police bring up it), yet I subconsciously don't pay attention.

And why is that?

I don't care.......

You think Pete cares when me misspells words in his own bog? Should he care?

Besides, we have posters like you to constantly correct us. Someone should always have a role in life.

Bottom line GG,

Keep reading...... perhaps you'll learn something

Whoa! In his 10:52AM post, did wayne say, "we'll never know the truth"?

That's a good start, wayne. Confession can be a healthy discipline. Now, as to the possibility that "auntie" isn't just some creation of smitty's, but may actually be one of your legion? I've been wondering how long it would take for your irrationality to attract a following--could this be the beginning of wayne's army? On second thought, It seems more probable that "auntie" really is just you, wayne. When are you going to confess to that one?

@NC_TerpFan, I think that Dunn would probably be the guy--both Konerko and Crawford would be a little out of their senses to leave their respective teams for Baltimore. Dunn probably wouldn't mind leaving the Walgreens "Natinals", on the other hand.

Regarding SS, stick with Izturis. Great glove with a penchant for clutch hits.

Bell? Do major hitting work in the cage over the offseason.


Thanks for the post.....

Further proof Wayne thinks the blog is his.


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Optimistic, Tigers always bounce back for new and fresh challenges.

Further proof Wayne thinks the blog is his.


Who needs fact or accuracy when you have unbridled emotion?

We are starting a new initiative in the same category of this blog. Your blog gave us important information to act.

Come on Wayne...we are counting on you setting the record right. A trip to the West Coast might do us (I mean you) some good...

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