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July 30, 2010

Orioles: More headlines ahead?

The Orioles certainly filled the front page of the sports section with the hiring of Buck Showalter and the deal that sent Miguel Tejada to the San Diego Padres for young pitcher Wynn Pelzer. Now, I'm wondering if Andy MacPhail will do anything for an encore.

The deadline for making trades without passing the players involved through waivers is Saturday, so there's still plenty of time to dispatch Ty Wigginton to some contender or even Jeremy Guthrie.

I really doubt the Orioles do anything with Guthrie, who has pitched way better than his record. If you look past the combined won-loss for the past two years, I think the guy remains more valuable to the O's than he would be to anybody else. And, if there's any hope of trading for a big bat in the offseason, the club will need all the pitching depth it can muster.

The thing that remains unclear at the moment is whether MacPhail cares at all about preserving some competitiveness for Showalter. If so, he might want to hang on to Wigginton, who has provided a big chunk of this team's offensive punch this year.

I'm pretty sure the Orioles wanted to be in a position to deal Kevin Millwood at this point, but the lackluster offensive support early in the season combined with his midseason collapse and stay on the disabled list took away any hope of flipping him for some decent prospects. It's been that kind of year.

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No mention in the Sun, but did anyone see the espn report on how this went down?

PA wanted Demps, with Buck being his 2nd choice.

AM wanted Wedge.

When AM didn't want Rick, he had no choice but to at least go with PA's 2nd choice. He couldn't diss PA twice, right?

So welcome Buck...... great to be wanted - huh.....

This is going to be fascinating to watch.

Only in O's land.....Only in O's land

The Plan Is In Place And On Pace.

Oh, wayne, wayne, wayne, always stirring up trouble. Haven't you ever been told to do something by your boss that you didn't want to do? Did you pout and make faces and stomp your feet on the floor? I'm sure you, being the upstanding young man that you are, did the best you could and made the best of the situation.

Well, if the owner wanted A and the GM wanted C, they compromised on B. And you know what? It is a great move. And to be fair, Buck was not the first choice of the Yankees when he got his first job, there were many other under consideration and he was basically a compromise pick. It happens. You're not going to have a 100 percent plurality all the time, you know.

Things will be just fine.

Regarding Millwood, scouts can see past the won loss record but unfortunately all that's left is a lame right arm. A lot of people on this blog could hit him.

As to Wigginton, he's been a sub .250 hitter with no power for 2 plus months now, in the middle of the order no less. Pretty sure Showalter would be ok without him. I would think Buck would rather evaluate than placate.

Get rid of those guys

Great article about how most Orioles fans hope Buck's first day goes - check it out!

Buck is on board.. yippeeeee. If he didn't bring along about 12 players with him, nothing much is gonna change.
I can't blame Samuel for how he feels, but I hope he stays to coach 3rd. Buck should give him a call & make the move less uncomfortable, for the remainder of the year anyway... is there ANY chance MacFail could feel slighted in some way & leave with Samuel? Then it could be a positive thing for the team!

I am on record about the fire sales & how I feel, they are merely a salary dump by the FO if you ask me, but they probably did get all they were gonna get for Tejada. Also, I really don't expect to see Pelzer in the O's rotation, ever. I'll be shocked if he makes it as a middle reliever or gets past AAA.
Jettisoning Tejada is one thing, but giving away your best power bats or your legit 4th OFer is quite another. Especially if all they get back are iffy AA types.
Now IF they can get Bahston to take Gonzalez.... DO IT! IF they can include Hendrickson, at no extra cost, even better!

Some teams DO get good return for their players.... look at this example: Nats trade all-star closer Matt Capps and cash to Minnesota for catching prospect Wilson Ramos and minor league lefty Joe Testa.

Ramos is legit. He could very well be their starting C of the future. Capps was on a one yr contract, he isn't promised to Minn past this year & they had a decent closer in Rauch. Still the Nats got that much for him. THIS is what the trading of your best players should be about! IF the O's start dumping salary guys, they better get more for the better ones! Otherwise, it is what it is, just dumping salary & having VERY little to do with "restocking" with legit prospects no matter how this inept FO tries to spin it.

Shafted again! Hey, I'll take the 3rd base Coaching spot. I'm sick of these cheap polos MASN makes me wear anyway.

Pete -

Read your column about Showalter's hiring. Maybe Andy's performance is being judged for the rest of 2010, and based on results, he goes in the offseason with Buck still here. That way, Buck's credibility is intact regardless of results. O's do well? Buck's the man. O's do poorly? Wasn't Buck, it was Andy.

Any chance of that happening, or is Andy with us regardless?

The O's are 32-70 WITH Wigginton. So exactly how many additional wins do you get by keeping him?

It's that kind of dumbfounding logic that has led the Orioles to be in the position they are in. Trade him because any value you get in terms of salary relief OR a prospect is far greater than any value you would get by keeping him and seeing him walk at the end of the year.

Oh, and FYI- Wigginton's numbers since May 23rd (well over two months ago):

.212 BA, .611 OPS, 3 homeruns.

wayne - Link?

Anyway, who cares how it went down? I'm just happy that this team finally has a legitimate big league manager with a history of success.


I agree that it's a great move. I just felt the insight provided was interesting.

I also feel it's not optimum for a manager not to be the first choice of either the Owner or the GM. Makes it a little different listening to AM's press conference come Monday knowing Buck wasn't his guy.

Bottom line... it's at least an interesting story. One you'd hope we'd see in the Sun.


I have no idea how to forward links. Sorry. I'll try to find the reporter who did the piece though.


If Macphail hasn't been canned by now you can bet he is GM for life or as long as he wants to be here planning to lose. He is PA's boy, for a reason we may never know. I think it is mainly to let Andy take most of the heat for his failed franchise.

Wayne, I do find it interesting that we find out more about Macphail and Angelos and their machinations from the National media than locally, not that the local guys don't know the same things and more. I'm sure if you could get Zreibiec out for a few beers he could tell you stories about those two losers that would curl your hair.

Wayne, is this the piece you're going on about? This extensive, Pulitzer Prize worthy piece with eye-catching detail like "some believe MacPhail wanted Wedge"?

I'm really glad the O's hired Showalter. Not only does it send a message of intent to the players and the fans, but it puts a experienced, winning manager in the dugout. How long has it been since we had one of those? Seriously!

P.S. Wayne, you can get a head start on hearing MacPhail's thoughts on hiring Showalter while "knowing" that he "wasn't his guy".

I find the timing of this announcement very interesting... The O's trying to steal a little thunder from the Ravens opening of full training camp... If so, a weak attempt...This team is still 2-3 years away, at being 500..Unless Buck can blow bubbles out his $%&, patience is once again what the O's will ask of us...


In fairness to the Sun, Buck did work for espn, thus his friends there were surely to have the scoops.

That doesn't mean however, that there shouldn't be follow-up stories as to how it went down.

I actually think it does matter how things transpired. It would be VERY unusual for the first choice of either the Owner or GM to not be selected, especially when their first choices were available.

Can you think of a similar situation?

Maybe nb's right in that it doesn't matter how Buck got here. Personally though, I don't believe we've heard the last of this.

I have to hand it to he Dipper though. Knowing he didn't get the gig, realizing he was the owners first choice... yet he did his gig with a smile on his face for masn last night. had to be tough.


Nah, that's not it. Si touches on it but it's not nearly as in depth as the piece I read. I'm actually trying to remember where I saw it now, but it'll eventually come out. I'm very surprised the Sun hasn't said a word by now. Very, very peculiar.

Headlines I need to see...
Crowley FIRED!
Hendrickson traded to the Durham Bulls for a bag of baseballs!

Re: The Media.

You know what gets me, I live in Maryland, been an O's fan my whole life, but happen to be in MoCo. So yesterday when I turn on Sports Radio to listen about Buck's hiring and get a listen to fans reactions...I get nothing but "Strausberg didn't pitch, I feel robbed that I went to the game and he wasn't"

Look, I realize that Nationals are closer in proximity to me than the O's...but since I've been a fan of baseball for longer than 4 years, I think the media in this area could, maybe even ought to, talk about the O's a little bit. I mean, a Manager hiring vs. sore shoulder. Lame.

For where I sit, the MASN deal isn't biased enough. I think the Nat's should be giving up 40 million a year to the O's.

It pisses me off like the Sun pisses wayne off. No, scratch that, more pissed off. If it's possible.

Pete - All this banter about who was Angelos' first choice or MacPhail's first choice (and, by the way, we've not gotten any confirmation that the names thrown out are ever correct), the important thing is that they ended up with (by far) the best man for the job.

I believe the hiring of Showalter will one day be looked back upon as the most significant move of the MacPhail era (at least up to this point in time) and the most important move ove the last decade or so for the Orioles.

wayne -

Just copy the web address from the top of the browser and paste it in your comment.

Typical.... Let's now disect how the hiring "went down" instead of discussing that this team has finally made a move that makes all the sense in the world. Come on guys, I know you are pissed about 13 years of losing, but we just hired a manager who has had success fixing situations like the one the O's are in right now. The guy is a baseball grinder. He's not a "just happy to get the job" guy like the last 3 or 4 managers we have had here. From everything I have ever heard about Showalter, the guy would not have taken this job for the paycheck. There are plenty of other jobs in much less competitive divisions that would have been offered to him in the offseason. We finally have a manager that has the resume and experience to put these prima donna losers in their place. I don't think we will be contenders over night, but I expect the attitude and the complacency with losing in the organization to change almost immediately.

I can't wait for the first guy to try and give a half-hearted effort on a play...especially Mr. Bubbles in Centerfield...
This is something to be excited about. I know it doesn't change this horrific season, the last 13 horrific seasons, or change the players we have on the roster. What it does is give me hope knowing the type of manager Showalter is, that this team will be competitive again. He will get the most out of everyone in an O's uniform. Now we just have to hope that Andy gets him a few players who's "most" is better than the guys we have now.

Hendrickson for a bag of balls? Now you see, it's that kind of wild asking price that just kills deals....

Regarding Greg's post of "Wigginton's numbers since May 23rd (well over two months ago):

.212 BA, .611 OPS, 3 homeruns."

How can this be so?!! Ty has always assured us that as long as he kept getting ABs, he would produce at an impressive level.

Compared to the vast majority of the other hitters on the team, Wigginton has been producing at an impressive level & that includes one guy named Markakis too!


Do you have any info on the make up of Buck's previous coaching staffs? There may be some of those guys he'd like to bring in for next year.

Brian -

That should read "Compared to the vast majority of the other hitters on the team, Wigginton had been producing at an impressive level." Then May 23rd came, and he fell apart.

No Not Brooks, based on the entire year. His #s top most of the other guys. Instead of bashing him, some of you should be bashing Markakis for example, those #s from the 3 slot (most of the year) & for $66M are laughable. Wigginton doesn't play everyday either.

Brian -

I know you just came over from Roch's blog, but still...

Ty Wigginton doesn't play every day? Seriously? The guy has played in 95 out of 102 games this season.

And I'm not going to bash Markakis for two reasons. First off, he's not a #3 hitter. He's a #2 hitter who's been forced into the 3 spot because this team has a historically bad offense. Second, it's not Nick's fault the organization pays him like he's a middle of the order power hitter.

Despite his recent collapse, Markakis is having a fine season. Sure, the power is down a bit, but guys have off years. Add to that the fact that Nick was expected to carry this offense and he's nothing close to an offense carrying hitter.

Brain. I agree with your points re: Markakis. His power numbers have dropped drastically; let's hope it's an off season. Maybe he'll bounce back because if he doesn't, 11 mill/yr is an awful lot of $$$.
Wiggington is not an everyday player so that's why he has come back to earth.All we'll get for him is a mid-level prospect who likely isn't good enough to ever don the Oriole colours.
So we might as well keep throwing him out there because the sad reality is that we don't have anyone better in the minors.

No , not, compared to Markakis, Jones, Tejada when he was here, etc, Wigginton did not play EVERY day. Most days true, but regardless, his #s are right there or better. I think he takes an unfair amount of chit from Woes fans & you can add to it, the guy can play several positions, VERY important with limited bench players available. Markakis is way down in HR & also in RBI from his norms.


Tony P in AZ,

I certainly agree that Showalter was the best choice, but I have to say that there is some relevance regarding the selection process.

Peter Angelos will still be signing the paychecks, and I hope that's the only role he'll have in running the baseball operations now that Showalter is manager. IF it's true that MacPhail compromised on his choice of manager so as to please Angelos, then that must mean that MacPhail does not have as much autonomy as we've been led to believe.

Showalter aside, the Orioles will not amount to anything if they don't buy mad bats this off-season. If Angelos is still involved in this process, then I fear we'll see more of the half-baked has-beens that have found their way onto the O's these past few years.

not brooks. I feel that Markakis is more of #3 hitter than a #2. Up until this year, he's been around the 100 RBI mark, even though he has hit in many spots in the order thoroughout his career,including 2nd. The problem is that the Orioles often hit guys in the wrong spots, either because they don't know how to set up a lineup, or from lack of skilled hitters(probablya combination of both!). For example, Wiggington is NOT a cleanup hitter, Tejada should NOT hit #2 and Patterson isn't your typical lead-off man.
But back to Nick.Obviously,the supporting cast is weaker this year, due to a large part because of Roberts' injury. He is surrounded by hitters that won't/can't work counts/get on base/etc. The end result is less men to knock in, thus less RBI. That still doesn't explain him hitting only 6 HRS so I chalk it up to an off-year.
I feel that if the Orioles can get Roberts healthy and we can find a #2 hitter, along with a true power hitter-like Dunn/Fielder, then Nick can be the#3 man.
On most teams, your best hitter is hitting in the 3 hole and unless someone really steps it up-ie Weiters-then that's where Nick should go. I think the Orioles are paying him 11 mill to hit in the middle of the order and knock in his 100 runs and maybe hit 20 dingers/year.
I guess to sum it up so far this year is that most of Orioles lineup is filled with 7,8,9 fact,many of which should be bench players rather than starters.

Ty Wigginton being Ty Wigginton is not Ty Wigginton's fault. He is what he is. He is a serviceable utility guy, but on a club as lacking as your 2010 Orioles he has become one of the offensive leaders.

On a club as lacking as your 2010 Orioles he became the team's lone all-star*.

(*Each MLB team is required to have at least one all-star representative, even a team as laughably lame as the Baltimore Orioles)

Miggy is a class act & it's pretty obvious he wanted to be here (can't say that for half his teammates).
I hope he gets his chance to help the Padres to post season play & does well.He & a half dozen ex-Orioles out there.
My hunch...Bell is going to bomb & Miggy may be headed back to the Charm City next year as a role player.
As for the kid we picked up...the scouts say he "is raw & needs serious help mechanically". Translation: he's dead in this organization...he's number 22 in a line that stretches from the mound at OPACY straight to MeFail's office.
The Orioles mantra has to be Send us your tired, weak & ineffectual so that we may make them weaker, dumber, and as disabled physically as allowed by MLB.


You're really gonna quibble over a 5 game difference?

Well, Markakis and Jones have both had 2 days off, they've played in 100 of 102 games, so they haven't played EVERY day either.

Tejada played in 97 of the 101 games played while he was in Baltimore this go around. That's 3 more games than Ty, since you can't count yesterday.

And his #s are "there" (not great though) in terms of HRs and RBI, but he hasn't done anything for the past 2 months, which has dropped his BA to about .250. Given Markakis' near .300 BA and .380 OBP and the fact that he's near the top of the league in doubles, I'd hardly be crapping on him the way you are if I wanted to sound at all knowledgeable of what I was talking about.


Up here in York County pa, the Orioles get remarkably good coverage by the York Newspaper company even after all of the losing seasons. Their games are carried by radio 910 over in Hanover, a memebr of the Orioles network of weak 5000 watt radio stations. Losing WBAL 1090 hurt the marketing effort around here because you didn't have to change stations driving from DC to Reading, or well North of Harrisburg., Pa. There is still an Orioles store in the York Galleria Mall, although the number of people wearing Oriole caps has dwindled in recent years. Several local bars used to sponsor bus trips to the games in Baltimore but no more. There is a statue of Brooks Robinson at the new Sovereign Bank stadium where the York revolution play in the Atlantic League. He is a local legend in York County having played for the York White Roses, an Oriole farm team back in the day where he began his career. The Orioles owned this market at one time and can have it back by winning. That's a novel idea, isn't it? someone should mention it to Andy.

Bit of a write up on the O's new arm from an outside prospective:


Yeap, when teams don't win, only the truly Fanatical will support a team, like you and I. I guess what really gets to me is the size of the DC market, and that fact that the O's aren't represented in an area they run. Now, local shops carry 1-2 O's items (if at all). The Orioles shops in DC are gone. Local retailers tell me, when I grip about the lack product, that MLB won't "allow" O's stuff to be stocked in the stores.

In my estimation, MLB needed to be a little more respectful/understanding of the O's fans in the area. I mean, what type of fans are loyal to the O's for decades, and as soon as a new team comes in, they turn faster than marry-go-round with a NASA engine. Shameful.

but as the great Jerry Jones said, "winning cures all problems."

Posted by: Chris in Hawaii | July 30, 2010 2:41 PM

You took the words right out of my mouth, Chris.

Yes Chris I am when it's part of the equation. My REAL pt is that this guy is doing far more than several of his teammates but he catches most of the BS & short sighted folks want him dealt...& for what, some 27 yr old minor league lifer? WHY????
But hey, I'm the guy who said resign Huff too instead of Atkins, so what do I know?
So you think Markakis is having a good yr & is playing up to the huge contract & you question me on sounding like I know what I am talking about? :-) U r funny... ease up on the pineapple juice fella.

I have to agree w/ Jack somewhat, I am not feeling it where Bell is concerned. I think he needed a full yr at AAA, he is getting rushed but isn't that the new "Oriole way"?


Is it really that "short-sighted" to trade a guy who will be a non-type A or B FA at the end of the year and who will not be a part of the future of this team?

And as for your 27 YO minor league lifer comment, what the O's could have got is this:

And really? You're gonna rag on Markakis for not "playing up to his contract"? I didn't realize that when a guy puts up numbers similar to his career mark (his OPS is in line with career numbers), he's not "playing up to his contract." You do realize that just because you give a guy more money, he's not necessarily going to play better than he has been playing, don't you?

Sorry, that was me at 4:13 EST... 10:13 HST

"How do you know he won't qualify as a Type A or B FA?"

There are currently 20 players (including the likes of Jose Bautista and Felix Pie) standing in line ahead of Wigginton awaiting to qualify for even Type B FA status.

Ty Wigginton is not achieving Type A or B status.


If you think the Orioles Radio announcers are homers you should listen to the Nats TV crew. They whine about every close pitch and every close play. I can only take an inning of it before I have to switch channels. Rob Dibble makes me sick, as he thinks he is God's gift to pitching. Palmer makes him look like an amateur. The orioles games are carried on MASN2 up here, the Nat get MASN1.

I gew up in Laurel and have seen two Major League baseball teams move out of DC and no doubt the current one will make it three in a few years. The Nats are only slightly ahead of the Orioles in attendance, which is pretty pathetic for a new team playing decent baseball. I know a lot of people from the DC area and they could care less about baseball, it's all Redskins all the time. The Orioles have lost fans because of losing, the DC area has yet to fully embrace the Nats and I don't think the area ever will. There are tons of yankee fans around DC partly because of the because of the transient nature of the area and partly because many of the yuppies can only root for a winner.

Brian -

No one is ragging on Wigginton for Opening Day through May 22nd. He was fantastic during that time.

But he's been beyond awful since May 23rd. And that's what everyone is ragging on him for.

Go put another tally on the chalkboard keeping track of people who bash Markakis based on his RBI total. Then explain to me how he's supposed to drive in runs when no one gets on base ahead of him. Then tell me which of his numbers are "dismal" aside from his home run total.

Earlier today I took a sarcastic stab at Ty Wigginton. The remark was focused at the ONLY thing that irritates me about Ty:

When he is not playing on a regular basis and his batting average doesn't look very good (e.g., last season), he blames his lack of hits on not being played.

After his hot start earlier this season he was asked what made the difference in his bat between last season and the beginning of this one. He stated that it was all because he was getting to play almost every game.

As has been noted, Ty has continued to play almost every game this season, but his numbers have fallen significantly since the end of May. So, playing "everyday" does not seem to be the key to consistently good production (as he has claimed on multiple occasions to the media).

Other than this one issue, I'm glad Wigginton is on our team, he has been a valuable asset this season, I am not hoping he will be traded (unless he brings a great return), and I wish him the best (whether that be with the O's or another team).

Also, it would be interesting to see if demanding a little less of him (having more days off) would increase his effectiveness at the plate (help him get back into a consistently positive groove).


Markakis power numbers are a direct result of andy Macphail's failure to fill gaping holes last winter and give him some protection in the lineup The kid can flat out hit, and is being pitched around. Put someone like Matt Holliday behind him and Nick would probably have 15 or 18 home runs right now, no doubt in my mind. By the time Andy gets around to spending some money on marquee talent{If he ever does} Nick will be in New York anyway. Losing wears on all players, even the very good ones like Markakis.


Should it matter that AM's first choice was Wedge? I feel hiring Buck was a very good move, but there are no doubt some underlying issues ahead.

There's NO question Wedge would simply have been a good AM soldier. Buck however, well we're potentially talking about an entirely different environment.

Who would you trust making decisions on any newcomers for the 2011 season - Buck or AM?

Isn't it troubling that the answer to that question is so obvious?

Let's see, if you're Andy, who would you rather have? The good soldier or the control guy?

Put another way, does anyone think Buck would have chosen Atkins, Gonzo, Millwood, Eaton, Hill, Freel, etc, etc the last couple years?

This will be fun to watch?


The fact that Andy waited this long to hire an experienced major League manager gives us some insight into how he dithers and procrastinates dealing with the obvious needs of this franchise. Since day one Andy should have started rebuilding the talent level of the team at the major laegue level. The team could have been competitive by now. He has done nothing, and I mean NOTHING to move this team towards competitiveness since he got here. As we said since 2008 this was never a zero sum game. He should have been working at both ends of the spectrum all along. The team is no closer to winning than it was when he got here, most of our talented pitching prospects are failing because they were rushed, and frankly, Showalter will make little difference in wins and losses over the long haul as it stands right now. Some fans are fawning all over this move but is nothing more than a diversion from the fact that the Orioles are still the worst team in baseball from a talent standpoint. Talent wins, not managers.

Macphail has wasted 4 seasons and he finally hires a manager who has run a major league team before. Big deal.



To Kevin Cowherd. Possibly the best, tell it like it is piece written in the Baltimore Sun in a very, very long time.

No sugarcoating, no appeasing the warehouse (in any way)...... just getting down to it.

Very Impressive!

Bravo Kevin.... Bravo

Wigginton has had a good yr. Period. He has filled gaps in 2 positions too. Markakis has not been up to his norms, there is no disputing that if you look at the #s. I know he & Roberts can do no wrong in Turdland, but come on guys... I am shocked at the lack of knowledge in some areas here & the favoritism factor too.

Brian -

No one is disputing that Nick's power is down. It's a fact. It's plain as day. He's not hitting home runs. But that doesn't mean he's having as miserable of a year as some people are claiming.

Wigginton had a good first two months. Since then, he's been awful. And sure, he did an admirable job filling in at first and second. Woot. Whatever.

When it comes down to it, all of this failure is MacPhail's to deal with. Nick's power numbers wouldn't be so miserable if he had lineup protection. Wiggy wouldn't have to live up to the standards of an every day player if Andy had acquired a suitable first baseman, third baseman and a decent fill in for Roberts.

You say you're shocked at the "lack of knowledge" here. I'm shocked that you continue to confuse difference of opinion for lack of knowledge.

"Markakis has not been up to his norms, there is no disputing that if you look at the #s."

Nick Markakis' career OPS: .835

Nick Markakis' 2010 OPS: .816

You're right Brian, with no protection in the lineup and getting absolute crap to hit, he's a whopping .019 off his norm. Obviously, he's worthless.

Got to be in the top ten of over the top hyper-critical nonsense to be spouted by the outhouse boys in quite some time.

I mean the best they can say is "not Andys guy" LOL Ok "andy wanted wedge" and "Peter really wanted Dempsey".....even though he could have hired Dempsey about 8 times before he REALLY wanted him THIS time...


This will be the 3rd World Series ring for AM and first for Buck. That will be pretty cool.

Go O's Go Andy Go Buck (not andys guy but we love you all the same!

He's not Andys Guy but we love him all the same!
So all the thanks needs to go straight to Mr. Angelos.
Thanks Sir.
Thanks for over ruling your failed GM and giving us 2 Time World Series winner Buck.....What?....oh.....2 time manger of the year to go with 2 time World series winner and failed GM Andy Macphail

I'm with Kevin Cowherd also. What a brilliant piece saying this should have been done weeks ago....brilliant insight I tell ya....cause if this had taken place weeks ago, no telling where we might be now....we may have won 32 straight games and be fighting for 3rd place....I'm with Wayne and Kevin on this one ....Andy showed why he's called MacFAIL ....again...
I mean,sure he got him here for three and a half years (that's 5 and 2/3rds for you Gil)...but he could have locked him up for 3 and 5/8ths years....I mean anyone can see why that's so important...I am now officially on Wayne's side and it's good to see we have recruited Kevin Cowherd

The plan is in....well you know the rest!!!

Berkman going to Yankees. Assume he gets back to being Berkman. Is that a 1st base option that people will get behind?

(obviously if he continues his down year, it's a little different).

And lol, did you see the stat they flashed comparing Markakis to George Brett? How timely. (and if you missed it, the comparison showed the players through same amount of AT BATS. Nick was better in virtually every Offensive stat...but the largest margin in Nick's favor were HR's.)

now I'm scared...the blog bully is calling me names...I guess if it makes you feel manly...
you are really cool though..
Your friend,


If the Plan is so much in place. If the rebuilding is on pace. If things are going according to plans. How come everyone, including the national and local media is saying that the team is a disaster? You can't have it both ways.

If this is just a stage of rebuilding, then why would the national and now local press be all over the Orioles? Why would they have fired the manger prior to mid season, and why would so many seemingly be in panic mode?

Smitty, no disrespect, but you are an alarming person. Instead of saying the national and local media are wrong, you like to pick on guys like wayne. I actually think he brings up a good point about Buck. He agreed with the hire, but the question of why he wasn't Andy or Peter's first choice is a question that at least should be answered.

I don't know. I think it's great to be a true oriole fan to the core. But when you're so biased, unable to even reason with people, then what do you have? I just think credibility matters. Some around here simply lack any whatsoever.

Go root for another team turncoat smitty. I back the Orioles a million percent, but you just come across as dumb.

oooh ooooh Go O's Go O's. Look how geeky I am. Look how I always sound stupid. ooooh ooooh your friend. your friend

I'm smitty and i'm funny. oooh ooooh I'm the funniest person i know. Good thing because i sure have no clue about baseball. i bring up the 2 rings all day long. look how smart i am

Problem is smitty? You make people who really are backing the Plan look stupid,

"If the Plan is so much in place. If the rebuilding is on pace. If things are going according to plans. How come everyone, including the national and local media is saying that the team is a disaster?"

The plan is talented youth.

Youth takes time to develop.

If it wasn't a good plan, and the players weren't talented, why did the national and local media say they would be good?

As for why national (wayne can fill you in on the local media angle) says the O's are a disaster is because they are.

Today vs. tomorrow. It's a process called learning. It's ugly to watch.

Brian said

"but the question of why he wasn't Andy or Peter's first choice is a question that at least should be answered."

It's just dumb and it's hearsay and it's irrelevant to anything unless you are looking for reasons to find fault...

The fact is this is just speculation so whats the point?

Hope that helps

I've got a question for you geniuses

From all accounts Buck is a very smart and savvy baseball guy.

How come he would take a job which by many accounts will take years and years and why would he want to come work for "the worst GM of the past 20 years"

Maybe Buck and AM know a little bit more about this team and the future prospects and the timetable than the posters here who rip AM all day and night...

You can't have it both ways...either Buck knows that the plan is on pace or he's just as dumb as Macfail.

Money stupid

He couldn't have gotten money at one of the other 5 jobs that open up in a few months? They would have him manage as a volunteer?
Nice try though

What, all the sudden everyone is knocking on Bucks door? He's wanted to coach since 2006 dummy. But now he's hot property?

The Orioles just gave him a huge pay increase, with no one competing for Bucks services. The Oriole Way

Nice try dumy

Pete's reply: Just a tip. When you call someone a dummy, it's a good idea to spell dummy correctly.

Buck's credentials speak for themselves.


Takes young clubs, and makes them win.

Not once, but twice.

Won AL Manager of the year.

Not once, but twice.

How dumb is it to try and argue he's not a Great Manager pick?

How dumb is it to argue against a Winner coming to town unless you really just don't like the O's.

He's a winner.

He wins.

And that's bad?

nice try knuckle-head.

An encore: AM should Resign!

He'd get a standing O vation!

I told you so!

The truth will set you free!

who said Buck was a bad selection? You typed all that for nothing you idiot.

good point Keith.

After hiring a wining manager, it's more obvious than ever Andy has no idea what he's doing.

A real GM would have hired the cheapest guy for the job with the worst record.

Since the plan is to be cheap after all, right? That's what Andy and Peter planned all along. Be cheap, make money.


Nick is a steady player who probably should be batting 6th on a decent team. His speed numbers, bunting ability don't make him a really good second hitter. As far as his pay goes, he's grossly overcompensated for a 6th place in the order hitter!

However, he is our most consistent all around player. Just shows you how we have to overpay to keep our own let alone someone elses free agent.

I told you so!

THe Truth will set you free!


I wish Mr. Showalter all the success in the world. But before I crown AM with doing one good thing I believe some results are in order!

Were no longer counting wins and losses this year. Buck is strapped with a bunch of castoff coaches and no bats or pitching. I like the Buck hiring, but its wait and see if its a good thing. It won't matter if YOUR BOY AM doesn't get him some real players!

You've read the story on this blog, Buck wasn't either AM's or PA's pick, he was the default pick, so I wouldn't give AM credit or blame for this move!

By the way, is it Uncle Andy to you? Who but a family member getting free tickets would defend the WORST GM in all of baseball, look at our record!

I told you so!

THe truth will set you free!

All those getting carried away with 'he's a winning coach'.

The guy barely has a wining record and he has helped turn some teams around that were primed to do so. But the only thing the guy has won is coach of the year honors.

Dave Johnson won that the year he was fired. Means nothing.

And paulie..... Andy wanted Wedge you ingrate. Why are you and smitty so stupid? DUUUUH. Because you're the same dude.

If Andy didn't want Buck, why is he here?

Oh, I see. Only the first choice counts, it doesn't matter what he did. It's what he didn't do that your on him about...awesome.

Oh, and Jason. the article which your taking as gospel, reads "Some believe Andy MacPhail...". Believe is conjecture. It does not say he did. Even wayne was able to put it in perspective and ask Pete for a follow up, before jumping off the deep end. But to you...that's all you need to read. Rather, mis-read. You illiterate.


I totally respect the "wait and see attitude." No need to jump to conclusions. I wish we all could have the same view toward young players,...but that's another thing.

For the record, there's no way he finishes the season with a .500 record right? So it'd be unfair to blame him if the season continues as is, yes?

First off, Showalter is 882-833 and that includes the D-Backs 97-loss first ever season. That is hardly barely over .500.

(You can insert he'll be under .500 by 2012 if you want.)

Secondly (and also pointed out in The Sun article by, egads!, Dan Connolly? Really? He is now off of zero on the respect meter), Showalter has a reputation. His success everywhere has led to mysterious or explainable (I report, you decide) ousters followed by a three-year hiatus from managing. His first job was with the organization (NYY) he spent many years with. That was followed by a team starting out and two teams in sorry states.

Just because five (or whatever) managerial jobs will be available, that doesn't mean he would get or even be interviewed for any of them.

(Quick aside, I am rather impressed by the quotes by those who supported him.)

Thirdly, what is he risking by managing the Orioles anyway? Even if the team got worse in '11 and '12 (30 wins? 25 wins?), how much blame would really be placed at his doorstep? MacPhail hasn't done much and what he has done is with mixed results at best (and that's being generous from my point of view), and there are those who can't give enough support for him because of what he stepped into. My goodness, even Trembley is given a there there reassuring pat on the back for crap he did because he was dealing in crap.


After 13 years of futility, having to find a new coaching staff in the offseason, a team with a history of poor scouting at best, a very weak minor league when speaking of non-pitching prospects, what I feel are horrible owner and GM and the worst line-up in all of the major leagues, I think going .500 is an unrealistic goal for 2011 with our current players.

Buck is better than our last four or five managers, but how much difference a manager makes at the Major league level is the question? As far as managing games the X's and O's maybe 6-8 games a year.

The Orioles need a culture change and that will take time and a BIG COMMITTMENT of MONEY! I think even with this hiring there are too many factors that may be out of Buck's control!

But this is a fine start! Just not where I would have started. I think it would have been better to hire a special assistant to AM for the rest of the season, at which time he became the GM and AM retired to spend more time with his family or accept a job with MLB. Then the new GM the new Manager, that way our manager would be "his" guy working off the same sheet of music on the same "Plan". Together, they could develop the scouting department, based on previous contacts, hire coaches. If given the right amount of authority and SALARY Buck can make us respectable!



WTF are you talking about ?

I dont have any posts in this thread

You are a peculiar and stupid individual

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