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June 29, 2010

O's: Dempsey's interview Thursday

Rick Dempsey was scheduled to be interviewed for the permanent managerial position this afternoon, but the interview has been rescheduled to Thursday. The postponement allowed Rick and high-ranking members of the front office to attend a memorial celebration of the life of long-time traveling secretary Phil Itzoe.

I spoke to Rick for a moment after the event, and he seemed happy that the rescheduling will allow him to interview at the law office, presumably with owner Peter Angelos in attendance.

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I know that everyone wants someone with major league experience. It makes sense, I can't deny the logic, I've made the very same case myself many times. I also know the odds are very long, but dammit, I just can't help but pull for Dempsey. The guy wants the job so bad it hurts. He knows the game, has several years managing at AAA, and wants this team to win more than anything in the world.
I hope he pulls a Harbaugh and just blows them away with his passion and commitment. I doubt it will happen, and fully admit there's a strong case for going with a proven ML winner, but my gut says give it to Rick.

Hopefully while they are in the law office, Dempsey gets slapped with a restraining order and is told to never return and to stop begging for this job. If any one of the previous 5 gm's wanted him, he would have already been manager, been fired, and got the tee-shirt. Enough already Rick, your embarrassing. Be happy with the gig you have with that other circus clown Hunter, or just move on.

The biggest thing going for Dempsey is that he WANTS the job. Valentine is out, Eric Wedge and Buck Showalter seem to be the only others who interviewed, but so did Valentine for some reason.

For what Showalter and Wedge offer, I have no real preference between those two and Dempsey. Dempsey is more of a "fan favorite". People just LIKE him, but there's no baseball logic to back up him being better than the other candidates.

I wish him well in the interview, but he's on the level with Showalter and Wedge in my book.

I hate to play Devil's Advocate here, but what happens if Dempsey gets the job and it doesn't work out? Does he eventually get fired too? How bad might that breakup be? Why would the organization put itself in a position to alienate another beloved former player? Look what happened between Yogi Berra and the Yankees in the 80's.

Rick Dempsey is an idiot. He shouldn't even be on TV let alone trying to lead a ball team on the field. He can't even be trusted to be a good manager for a little league team.

I don't get the negative comments about Rick Dempsey. I think he can step in and do the job because:

1. He knows the organization, which means he knows whose opinions to trust and whose opinions are suspect. He will have a voice in replacing scouts and minor league managers as well as be able to bring in a new coaching staff.

2. He is a former catcher which is invaluable in working with pitchers, setting up the defense, and in assessing when a pitcher is spent during the course of a game. The Orioles of recent years don't seem to know how to play intelligent baseball. I think Rick could change that.

3. As I said above, I think he will bring in new blood to the coaching staff and we will see a new, more aggressive atmosphere in the dugout.

4. He bleeds orange and black. He wants to be part of getting this organization back to being successful again.

No more rookie managers! The Orioles need someone with experience in the major leagues, preferably with a winner. Since Valentine is now out of picture, the logical choice is Buck Showalter.

I can't say anything bad about Dempsey. I agree, he bleeds Orange and Black. He knows baseball. And look at this mess he gets stuck with. Where else can you find someone even willing to work with Angelos? My biggest concern is that he may be too nice. I want to see someone who is willing to put his cleat up someone's arse when he needs it. Perlozzo - too nice. Trembley - he seemed comatose to me. Give me fire and brimstone! PLEASE don't give us these boring managers ANYMORE.

Give Rick the job. He may be even the answer for GM or Ernie Tylers old job. Just him out of the both, please!

Interview or lunch ?

Give Rick the job. He may be even the answer for GM or Ernie Tylers old job. Just him out of the booth, please!

Oh, one more thing. If he is willing to sack Terry Crowley, I definitely would give him my vote. ANYBODY would be better that what we've got hosing down our hitters with Crowley-itis. Mike Deveraux, Brady Andersen, Heck, I'd even take Kevin Costner. Even a PRETEND hitter would be better than what the O's have now. A PROVEN failure. Did I mention his .250 lifetime batting average? His 42 career homeruns? There is a good REASON why the crow was little more than a bench player.

I don't want Rick Dempsey.
Keep him within the O's Organization.
But I think he's too emotionally involved to do the job. Plus, he would rip out his remaining hair because of the frustration.

I heard Joe Torre might be looking for a new job next year. I would consider him.
But after blowing a 6 to 2 lead against the Yankees Sunday night I am not so sure. Also, if they got him. He could bring Don Mattingly along. But leave Larry Bowa on the west coast.

I don't want a retread. And that's how I feel about Wedge and Showalter.
Someone said we need new blood.
Why not try a new name like Damon Berryhil. Or even bring back Cal Ripken.
I just wouldn't let him be GM.

Whomever the Orioles decide on. I just hope this person has a tremendous passion for the game and brings back the Orioles to their former Glory!

THE KING OF THE DOUBLE PLAY STRIKES AGAIN blowing 2 walks. Way to go DP Miggy.

No question that Rick Dempsey is the most qualified candidate. The fact that he is a former Oriole is just a bonus. He should have been named manager 10 years ago. They need someone that can come in, make demands of the players, and not accept losing.

Buck would be the logical choice. He's proven and aparantly is interested in the job. And if you look into it, everywhere he goes, he gets fired and THEN that team completely turns it around (see Yankees mid 90s, DBacks '01, and now Texas). But having said that, Dempsey would give it everything he has to help get this team back to respectability. He knows everyone in this organization. But could a guy with no major league managerial experience get it done with this team? So to me it's one of those two, and I'm not so crazy about Wedge. He had one and a half good seasons with Cleveland, and in the end Tribe fans were calling for his head on a platter, with my dad being a Tribe fan I know that. Buck or Rick in my oppinion.

rick's rsume, former oriole player, series
mvp, colorful,fan favorite.
take showalter and edge, but not as manager

He'll probably show up in a clown outfit.

C'mon you Naysayers...give Dempsey some credit. He has passion for the game and the O's.

As for the logic of 5 GM's not hiring him so they must know something...tell me..."How'd their manager picks work out?..

He is a World Series MVP and he knows winning. He doesn't just know the Oriole way, he LIVED it.

He deserves equal consideration.

Rick hasn't managed professionally in 12 years.

His 'passion' and 'desire' may be great, but he chose to not pay his dues in order to become a big league mgr managing a handful of seasons in the minors. He was out of the picture for a while, then failed to separate himself when he was a base coach in the several years he did that.

WS MVP and goofy behavior aside, he is not the guy for the job.

Hey kl, you know what's embarrassing....your grammar. You're means you are, not your!

I hope they give Dempsey the job, he's earned it, and let's face it, if someone really wants to manage the O's that bad, why not give 'em a shot??

Here is the bottom line:

It DOESN'T MATTER who the bring in here until the Orioles open up the wallet to sign some talent. We've got the young talent... now we need some legit veteran players. We need a legit bat for the 4 spot. Actually we need 2 legit bats. We need Roberts back.... and we need to have Pie explode in LF. We need a good fielding 3rd baseman. We need a legit Ace.

We have none of this now... not even Joe Torre could show up and make the team - as it stands - and win.

Here are more reasons why hiring Dempsey is a good idea:

1)The team and probably whole minor league system would be in better condition than it is right now.

2)Better conditioning not only means more game time for important contributors and all players more ready to play and better overall defense, but also LESS INJURIES.

3)He would bring better energy to the team than some candidates (including Valentine)

Dempsey was the soul and backbone of the 1983 team that won the World Series. He knows baseball. He's positive, upbeat, and enthusiastic. He communicates energy and dedication.
He knows pitching and hitting. His enthusiasm and likeability alone would get people back into the ballpark.
They're going to need some good luck and positive energy from the Weaver era to turn things around.
If they had Dempsey managing and Cal Ripken in the front office, working with player development, they could build that "structure" and leadership that Paul Blair claimed has been so lacking in recent times. If two MVPs and World Series champions can't turn it around,
nobody else will be able to.
Dempsey deserves a good look. They should hire him now and reconnect with the Weaver era and system.

First of all, thanks to NYO for his brief but clear message and his url link. I put it here again in case you missed it:

That string certainly lays out the case for not hiring Rick. And the quote that contains the phrase, "FOCUS EASY" is an excelient reason by itself to read the string. If you don't laugh, check your pulse. It's in a gray colored box in the first comment by sknower.

That being said, I think I know what Rick means when he says, "Focus easy." If you remember Aubrey Huff coiling up at the plate ready to swing, I think you see someone doing just that. He is deliberate, self-contained, and ready to connect with the ball. There's a controlled intensity. He's not tense, just "focused" and ready to swing. He is often described as a "professional hitter."

It would be fantastic if we had a coaching staff that would turn our players into intelligent hitters that possess that controlled intensity.

If Dempsey can bring in some coaches that know how to intelligentlly approach teaching the skill of hitting and to teach how to recognize how the pitcher is setting up the hitters and can respond accordingly, maybe Jones, Wieter, and Markakis can become the professional hitters they aren't yet. Markakis is closest, but the fact that he can't hit until May or June says he's lacking something.

The key to success for any manager is whether or not the coaches can maximize the production from the players. That production is, to a great extent, based on how well they can connect with and coach the players.

You hear stories about how the greats like Ted Williams, Frank Robinson, and Tony Gywnn studied the skill/art of hitting. We need to have a hitting instructor that can instill that effort into our batters. And if they don't want to become professional hitters, get rid of them.

I love Dempsey. I still have the WS MVP issue of Sports Illustrated in 1983 (which, incidentally, included a little unrelated to baseball story about me and my students). But sometimes, a complete outsider is what is best for a struggling organization. Showalter is beholding to no one. Perhaps he can more easily make real assessments without the baggage of knowing too many people too well. With the very rare exceptions of LaRussa, Torre, and Cox, no manager is going to last more than 3-5 years anyway. too many things happen: personalities of teams change, expectations change, star players get disgruntled with being treated in certain ways. Make Dempsey director of minor league operations (re-installing the old "Oriole Way"), give Showalter the managerial job, but not until next year. Let Samuel finish the year while Buck restructures the whole danged organization.

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