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June 9, 2010

Orioles: More pregame Juan

juansun.jpgJuan Samuel said he spoke to Brian Roberts on the phone today -- the first time they've talked since he was appointed interim manager on Friday.

"He thought I've been big-timing him not calling him back when I got the job,'' Samuel joked.

Of course, nothing else that they talked about was light-hearted. Roberts was on the way to a doctor's appointment to determine the course of treatment for his still-sore lower back.

"He's disappointed he's not here with us,'' Samuel said. "I told him he needs to take care of himself, take care of his health."

Samuel also updated the media on the condition of closer Alfredo Simon, who threw 25 pitches in his last workout and went through light agility drills without pain. He will throw 30 pitches on Thursday and possible will rejoin the club this weekend.

"We wil be glad to have him join us here soon,'' he said. "We need to stabilize the back end of our bullpen."

In the meantime, the Orioles are rethinking the decision to put Will Ohman in the closer role, since a lot of the instability of the bullpen has been concentrated in innings that Ohman would have worked in if he had been in his usual specialists role. Based on Samuel's comments, it seems likely the club will put Ohman back where he was and use someone else -- probably David Hernandez -- in the ninth inning.

Samuel basically said the club would just like to have some ninth innings that would require him to make that decision.

Sun photo by Kenneth K. Lam

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"We will be glad to have [Simon] join us here soon,'' he said. "We need to stabilize the back end of our bullpen."

Isn't in funny, in a sad-funny sort of way, that Samuel's talking about stabilizing the back end of the bullpen with Alfredo Simon...?

Samuel basically said the club would just like to have some ninth innings that would require him to make that decision.

Ha! Now that's just plain funny!

Several apologists assured me that Roberts back would be fine??

They even added fascinating anecdotes about their own bad backs for good measure

Might as well add 2nd baseman to the offseason wish list now

Another Julio Lugo type cheapey aint gonna cut it

Even if by some miracle roberts, recovers-- trade him anyway if u can find a sucker to take him

I dont wanna hear about how we cant sign any new FAs cuz were paying Roberts for 3 more yrs

Shut B-Rob down now. Announce it. Make plans to replace him for the rest of the season.

Why in the world would:
1. he want to come back to this mess of a season?
2. the Os need him to finish such an abysmal season?

2011...the new battle cry!

I dont expect Juan Samuel to turn this team or this season around and I understand all the reasons why an experienced, successful manager may be needed to help right the ship, but I hope the O's give Sammy time to at least make an effort and leave a mark. Tough time to come in facing the BoSox and Yankees but, with this team, every game is a challenge.

Its really about 2013 !!!

I love nepotism

I'm glad they are rethinking the decision to make Ohman the closer. He's not a closer-type pitcher; it's better to use Hernandez, or not have any one pitcher designated as closer.

The bullpen has been ravaged by injuries, bad performances, and misuse. Samuel should maintain some flexibility about using the bullpen.

Did I actually see Davey Johnson's name listed in that article about potential managerial targets for the O's?

I would love it if Davey was at the helm again, but what makes anyone think he would ever come back to Baltimore?

To Christopher:

Johnson, like every 67 year-old, would love to return is closer to Social Security office in Woodlawn...

I hope the Orioles have really done their homework on first round draft choice Manny Machado. The last shortstop phenom the Orioles touted was Ed Rogers from the Dominican Republic who was also compared to a young Alex Rodriguez. At 19 he had made it to A ball and then, 6'2" and about 150 lbs, it was thought he would fill out as he got older. Of course, after 911 when foreign nationals birth documents were scrutinized, it was determined that Rogers was really 24 years old. He went from phenom to suspect. Machado is from Brito Private School in Miami, and speaks broken English. The scouting reports are similar to those of Ed Rodgers when he was signed. Visit the school's website.

The Orioles make my testicles itch

Pete's reply: They have a spray for that.

Why do Matsuz and Tillman throw so many pitches? They certainly aren't efficient, hopefully they can improve that with experience.


It's obvious they are the same person. Oh and A-Rod is that guy too. And so is every other Dominican born player because...

C'mon, Gil. You're smarter than that.

Several apologists assured me that Roberts back would be fine??

They even added fascinating anecdotes about their own bad backs for good measure

What do you take notes or something? Got yourself a little binder to keep track of the baseball blog? you dork.

He shouldn't have dilly dallied in spring training waiting to get the epidural. 3 shots and PT is all he needed. Pneumonia didn't help either. Oh well, he has surgery and is ready in plenty of time for Spring Training. You can recover from back surgery. Calm down big guy.

btw... I am one tweak away from getting my PhD in back pain. So there.


matusz gets a decent amount of K's, thus high pitch counts. Overall, both are still inefficient, but they are still learning.

I don't know if its just me, but teams seem a lot better at fouling pitched off the O's pitchers, driving up pitch counts.

Mitch Williams made a good point talking about Roy Halladay on the radio. Says he attacks the strike zone and doesn't throw too many junk chase pitches. Just goes after the batter.

And again we see the Orioles and how bad they are defensively with guys all over the place playing out of position. Scoft can't handle a line drive, Lugo boots a routine grounder and Wiggy can't jump more than 2 inches for a high-hopper.

Hi Chris in Hawaii,

You know I like and respect you Chris. The fact is that the steroids were and still may be a part of the prorgram in the Dominicans. Machado is not from the Dominican according to records, but just check out his high school website in Miami which has not been updated since 2009. I was just trying to make an analogy. By the way, Machado looks like he is 33 not 17, but thats just me.


"The Orioles make my testicles itch" - What can I say?

"They have a spray for that." - Pete Schmuck

A spray? How do you know?

My gosh, Davey Johnson? Now?

Is that a knee-jerk reaction to the death of Rue McClanahan?

I had to chuckle about Mitch Williams' quote about Roy Halladay -- not because it's not true (it is true), but just given the type of pitcher Williams was.

Gil -

Here's the website for Brito:

There's actually an article about Machado dated April 27th, 2010.

I'm not sure where you heard that Machado's not from the Dominican. Everything I've heard say that he was born in the Dominican and raised in Miami. Either way, I'm not really sure why that matters.

any more trash you feel like posting?


The only update to the school website is about Machado. Nothing else is current and the site looks so amateurish that my 14 year old son could have created it. Some Baseball websites have his bithplace as Miami. As I said, I hope the Orioles have really done their homework on this kid and don't find out later that he is 23. There is every reason to be suspicious about the age of baseball players from Latin America. More than a few aged after 911 and miguel tejada aged two years just recently.

Steroid-Boy-Roberts is finished.


Didn't the Nationals sign a kid from down there a few years ago that turned about to be 4 years older? I think he used his younger brother's ID. I remember there was a big flap over it, and they confirmed it by sending team reps down to talk to friends and relatives
I think it cost the GM his job, or was a contributing factor. all I'm saying is before they pay this kid a ton of money they better send a team of people down to check out the kid's background.

You're absolutely right that the O's should do their homework, Gil.

I just don't think the design or upkeep of a high school website has anything to do with anything. If Brito's site looks like it was designed by a 14-year-old, my high school's website looks like it was designed by a 6-year-old.


Interesting. Even the public school websites here in Pennsyltucky are professionally done. It just didn't look right to me.

Here's why the Orioles need to be careful.. from Sports Illustrated, February 2009....19 year old Esmailyn Gonzalez, the Washington nationals hottest prospect who is tearing up the Gulf Coast League with a .343, is actually 23 year old Carlos Alverez Daniel Lugo. Gonzalez, or"Lugo", from the Dominican Republic, received the largest international signing bonus in franchise history, 1.4 million. The Nationals GM Jim Bowden has refused to comment at this point.

If you fine folks are done discussing testicles, testicle sprays, and why who knows what about testicles and testicle sprays, I have an actual question:

Hobgood. Is he a legitimate prospect or just another wasted first round draft pick?

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