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June 2, 2010

Eventful night

My friend Danny Knobler of pointed out a couple of minutes ago that today would have been a perfect day if the Orioles had wanted to get some bad news out of the way under the cover of more important stories around the major leagues.

The problems of the losingest team in baseball wouldn't have amounted to much in the headline department on the same day that certain Hall of Famer Ken Griffey announced his retirement and Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Gallaraga had a perfect game snatched away from him on the apparent last play by what appeared to be a terrible umpiring call.

Of course, that's an outrage, but there will come a time when the blown call will make the game more memorable than if Jim Joyce had made the right one. It would have been the third perfect game this year and the 21st in major league history, but Gallaraga will always be remembered as the guy who pitched the perfect game that wasn't.

He'll be remembered like Pirates pitcher Harvey Haddix, who pitched 12 perfect innings against the Milwaukee Braves in 1959 before losing the perfect game, the no-hitter, the shutout and the game in the 13th inning,

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The Galarraga scenario strikes me as the exact sort of thing that would happen to the Orioles...but then again, that would require good players of which we have very few.

Pete, can you make a case for keeping any of the current coaching staff beyond, say, Thursday?

any word on michael gonzalez? I mean did they finally sew his shoulder back together
and now he's allowed to play catch in the backyard with his kid?

MGon will be back blowing saves in Baltimore by the 4th of July

Last yr, he converted 10 of 18 opps and the apologists said that wasnt a good indicator of his abilty to close games

Maybe when crow is done fixing atkins, he can help gonzalez with his location

you think AM watches this stuff, or just reads about in the morning paper?It's tough enough for us to watch it, l can't imagine the guy with his handprints all over this mess actually sitting thru more than a couple innings. It might put him on the 60 day DL.
And I'm not even an AM basher.I can't imagine the guy could have figured it could all have gone so wrong within 50 games or so. There are so many bad things going on right now, where do you even start.

and here i am thinking it's all about Scott Moore's first hit of the year...oh, and that almost perfect game where once again an ump decides he needs to make a name for himself. I bet 99.9 times out of 100, that guy gets called out. Kind of a routine play.
Nope. Joyce gotta get in the way.

jim 66 - i sure hope not. Can't believe that Samuel gets a pass for such a bonehead move. You don't ever want to make the first out at home, but when you're 7 runs down in the eighth?????
Only on a Dave Trembley team does that happen.

only on a peter angelos owned team all this happens

and the scary thing was-the play was right in front of him.who did he think was running- gardner? Just because you're down 7, do you get reckless or play the game the right way, hold the runner, and maybe you get a little something going.? Down 7, I was screaming at the TV. Don't these guys understand how things like what he did become a habit, how people think that its ok. Its NOT ok, because that is not how you play the game! And you just keep making the same mistakes. Isn't that what Millwood was talking about???
It all comes down to playing and coaching the game the right way all of the time. And I don't care about your talent level. Its a sustained effort to be good.To get into good habits.
That play might seem like a little thing. But in the long run it's not.
Samuel is just another clueless clown. He has a history of bad decisions. Are the Os gonna be any worse without him? Not.

So A fringe pitcher has a bad call go against him, big deal. In a couple of years, nobody will remember him!

The Windmill Man (Samuel) made a return performance tonight! Somethings never change.

Funny thing is, and by funny I mean sad/depressing, is that Jeff Zbreic thinks that Samuel becomes the interim manager once Trembley finally gets the axe. I tend to disagree though. They only reason Dave is still here today has to be because AM is still looking for someone to step in as the full-time replacement right away. I mean logically that would be the best explaination, but I'm not sure how much logic has been playing into any of the O's decisions as an organization for quite some time now.

Griffey retired? Can't find anything on the Sun website about it? At least if you type his name in on the search bar, some links to articles come up!

Just for the record. The ML bargaining agreements states that a team cannot hire from without the organization without first conducting interviews so, until you hear of interviews being conducted, they'd need an interim in house manager before going outside.

Go O's!

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