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May 25, 2010

Orioles: Rostermania

The Orioles have made so many roster moves over the past few weeks that Maryland and Virginia are petitioning Amtrak for a new direct rail line between Norfolk and Baltimore.

The roster shuffle isn't going to end any time soon. The Orioles have to inject some innings into their beleaguered bullpen, so I have to agree with Jeff Zrebiec and Dan Connolly that the only logical thing to do is move David Hernandez there, pitch Brad Bergesen on regular rest on Thursday, and bring up either Chris Tillman or Jake Arrieta to pitch Saturday in Toronto.

I know a lot of people are clamoring for the Orioles to admit their mistake signing Garrett Atkins and designate him for assignment. I don't think anybody's denying anything as far as the hindsight-aided wisdom of signing him, but I don't see the logic in releasing him at this point.

If I'm Andy MacPhail, I ask Atkins to get into the indoor cage with Terry Crowley and completely change his hitting mechanics. He's got to have figured out that he doesn't have an ounce of power anymore, yet he's still up there with that open stance and that toothy grimace, which always leaves me wondering "What's this guy smiling about?" Time for some desperate measures.

At the very least, if he closed that stance, or went to the Paul Molitor no-stride approach, the opposing pitchers would not have an iron-clad scouting report on how to pitch him.

Can he turn things around? Probably not, but Michael Aubrey is banged up, Rhyne Hughes has already been tried, Brandon Snyder isn't ready and Adrian Gonzalez is not available, so why not embark on a two-week experiment to see if you can get something for that $4.5 million. I don't think the Orioles or Atkins have anything to lose.

If you recall, there were a lot of people calling for Felix Pie to be released at about this time last year, and he came around and was emerging as a pretty interesting player when he got hurt earlier this season. Different situation entirely, of course, but when you're stumbling around in the dark, you'll grab for anything.

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Well Peter you do present multiple interesting points. I enjoyed your humorous anecdote regarding the train from Norfolk to Baltimore. Personally, I knew that the Atkins signing was terrible from the start. The guy has lost it. He is not 1/100th of what he used to be and quite frankly he was never a high-level ball player. Unfortunately, this is another great mistake made by a suffering organization. I disagree that Atkins is like Pie. Pie is a prospect, Atkins WAS a prospect. He has nothing left. Might as well release him to get more postive PR with the fans. Everyone knows Andy going to take over for Selig might as well clean house now. Goodbye Trembley, McPhail, Angelos, Atkins, and Albert Belle (who is probably still on the payroll).

I'm sure the Crow will figure out a way for Atkins to break his slump. Look at the magic he is working with Jones, Weiters and Markakis. How in the world does Crowley continue to get a free pass?

I agree with the asshole above. Birdsfan2110 is one of my esteemed colleagues and he knows truly what he is talking about. Atkins is a broken down piece of trash. He just isn't the young purebreed stallion anymore. More like a crippled, decrepit mule, poisoning the team. Send him to the Frederick Keys.

Love those Horses baby!

For everyone participating in this blog, i shall let you know that the blogger with the tag "blancione" is nothing but a joke. Don't participate if you can't hang with the tough crowd buddy. You probably have your wife come up with all of your arguments for you, about Schmuck. "You allow anybody to curse at you, call you names that shouldn't be allowed anywhere much less on a blog" You know what I say to that bitchy statement? Schmuck can take care of himself, he's a big boy, stop kissin his ass like he's your boyfriend. I hope you read this Mr. Blancione. P.S. --Schmuck your doing a good blog keep it up baby

As the great Earl Weaver said, "Terry Crowley is lucky he is in ******* baseball."

You probably need a program to tell the O's players but I guess it's a moot point because no one is showing up at OPACY these days.
I'm predicting 'crowds' for this home stand will max. out at 10,000.
In the meantime, I disagree with continuing to send any player out there if he's not MLB-worthy. Of course, I'm referring to the failed Atkins experiment which should be allowed to end ASAP! I get that there's a lack of replacements within the O's system but is there not someone out there that can match his putrid numbers?
There are 30 MLB teams out there so where are our scouts? Surely, some team has a surplus at 1B in that a prodcutive player is buried at the minor league level and can be had cheap.

Here are Some Great Earl Weaver quotes for you boys...
"We're so bad right now that for us back-to-back home runs means one today and another one tomorrow."
"On my tombstone just write, 'The sorest loser that ever lived.'" "If you know how to cheat, start now."

When is PIE coming back? What's his current status?

Maybe Atkins needs some more orange "juice"

Earl: "HE was released by the GD"D Atlanta Braves, for Chrissakes!"

Atkins is not smiling Pete, he's squinting because his eyesight is crap. He needs weight training to build muscle and a pair of glasses. Once again, the Orioles medical staff blew this one.

Ha Ha you actually think " The Crow" can have a positive effect on a player! Have you even been watching this team the last 13 years?

"If I'm Andy MacPhail, I ask Atkins to get into the indoor cage with Terry Crowley and completely change his hitting mechanics"

Yes exactly I'm surprised he hasn't already tried it his career is nearly over soon if he doesn't break out!.

Well, I have to agree that there's nothing to lose by trying to turn him around, but I also agree that it will very likely not help.
I know the free agent market was pretty slim over the winter, but Atkins was the best we could do?

16-44 is quite possible after the next 15 games.

Atkins has lost it. Maybe the team can excelerate the Joe Mahoney growth trend. He seems to be the only 1B in the organization hitting anything.

I'm still on the Kila Ka'aihue bandwagon.

Of course, bringing Kila in and giving him a sink/swim shot at first base makes way too much sense, so there's no way Andy's even thinking about it.

To answer Roy's somewhat rhetorical question - no, Atkins was NOT the best we could do last offseason. We could have signed Adam Laroche (.283-7-32 with Arizona) and/or Hank Blalock (.340 at Tampa's AAA affiliate before being called up last week). Just another poor decision.

PS -

If they're bringing up a pitcher to start against Toronto on Sunday, it had better be Tillman.

Tillman: 47 K/12 BB in 57.2 innings
Arrieta: 49 K/30 BB in 56 innings

Sure, you can get away with walking almost five per nine in Triple A, but that lack of command doesn't normally work out too well in the bigs.

Example: Arrieta has a 1.63 WHIP. Here are some MLB pitchers with WHIPs over 1.63 and more than 40 innings:

Randy Wolf: 1.63 WHIP, 5.10 ERA
Aaron Cook: 1.65 WHIP, 5.40 ERA
Scott Feldman: 1.67 WHIP, 5.90 ERA
Max Scherzer: 1.67 WHIP, 7.29 ERA

I could go on, but it just gets uglier from there. And just so you know that I'm not leaving out the low numbers, I could only find one starter with 40+ innings, a 1.63+ WHIP and an ERA under 5.00: Jon Niese of the Mets: 41.1 innings, 1.79 WHIP, 4.79 ERA.

Bring up Tillman. Give Arrieta another month or two and see if he can string four or five 6+ inning starts together without walking more than three in any of them.

Joshua -

The worst thing about the Atkins deal is that Andy gave him $4.5M guaranteed after Atkins put up a .226/.308/.342 line in 126 games in 2009 that resulted in losing his every day job and being non-tendered.

LaRoche was his usual self in 2009, putting up a .278/.357/.487 line, topping 20 homers for the sixth consecutive year and raking in the second half (.311/.377/.538), and he got... $6M guaranteed...

That's not 20/20 hindsight. That's not me saying "I was right" after the fact. That's information that was available then and there, at the end of the 2009 season. And Andy chose Atkins without even considering LaRoche. Absolutely pathetic...

Come to think of it, has there ever been a non-tendered player that made as much guaranteed money as Atkins is stealing from the O's?

As long as we don't bring back Castillo!!!!! Why did we bring up Scott Moore? To keep DT company on the bench? USE your players or send them away

Keep Scott at 1B and sign Jermaine Dye to bat as a DH? Release Atkins to open a spot for Dye?

I don't know. I'm out of ideas

Speaking of players the O's should have pursued, Adrian Beltre is hitting .335 with an .842 OPS and 17 extra base hits for the Red Sox.

But we were supposed to stay away from him because he couldn't hit, right?

but, nb, that save PGA 1.5mil. who cares about winning, right?

Pete- You're better than this. Seriously, that's one of the more off-base posts I've ever seen you write.

Go look at some of the stories preceding the Atkins signing (and in the immediate aftermath) and you'll find quite a few of us who lambasted the idea at the time. This is not hindsight. This is recognizing that signing a 30-year old player whose numbers have gone down in doubles, home runs, batting average, on-base percentage, and slugging percentage (just to start with the basics) in each of the last three years to a $4.5 million contract to play a new position was a horrible idea. That's foresight.

But now on top of that, your suggestion is that a 30 year old player who's been playing professional baseball for a decade should reinvent his mechanics in the next two weeks? Seriously? And your reasoning is that he can do it because Paul Molitor did it? Here's a thought...maybe Molitor pulled it off because he was infinitely more talented than Atkins. He had a better skill set and a better understanding of how to hit. You're comparing Garrett Atkins to a Hall of Fame player. Why doesn't every single struggling hitter just change their entire approach to be more like Molitor? That's just totally illogical Pete.

Now I'm not one you'll find on the Laroche bandwagon. For one, I think he'll cool off this year, and if he doesn't there was no reason to expect the production that he's put up. But more importantly, who cares? What would the difference be between Laroche and Atkins? According to fangraphs, we'd have about 3 more wins (which is an enormous gap this early in the season). Where would 3 more wins leave us? Right where we are in dead last. Instead, I wish they had used the money on player development. Instead of taking Zach Wheeler, Tyler Matzek, Jacob Turner or Shelby Miller in the draft, we took Hobgood so we could spend the money later in the draft. Now Turner and Miller are dominating low A, Matzek had a great start yesterday, Wheeler has struggled but shown upside and Hobgood....has been terrible. At low A. Then we pass on Sano because we don't want to pay 3 million given the risks. For the cost of Atkins, we could have signed Sano AND taken one of the more highly rated arms and STILL drafted the overslot guys later on like we did.

As far as now? It's embarrassing having him out there. He's terrible in the field. He hasn't hit a home run all season. He offers nothing. At the very least, just bring a young guy up and let him play. If Aubrey and Hughes aren't options, then move Wigginton to 1st (he's atrocious at 2nd even as good as he's been with the bat) and let Ryan Adams play 2nd. Or just let Lugo play 2nd until BRob comes back. Atkins is just wasted space at this point. He is what he is: a terrible baseball player who's produced exactly what could have been predicted given his regression and is clogging a roster spot. Send a message to the team that regardless of your salary, we don't have room for you if you can't produce. Let him go and let's move on.

The only thing working with Crowley will do for Atkins is to lower his average with risp. Seriously, how is this guy still a major league hitting coach. Check the numbers over the last 13 years and I guarantee you that even when the orioles have hit well overall as a team, they have performed near the bottom of this league with risp. Crowley has been the one constant through all of the losing on the coaching staff and how he has survived all of the turnover is beyond me. He must have something on Angelos!

If I am MacPhail and/or Trembley, I don't ask Atkins anything.

I TELL him to get his butt in the cage and don't come out until he can get a hit more than 1 time every 5 games.

Trembley is a broken tool whose warranty has expired. Andy MacFail is a scam artist. Peter Angelos is the devil.

When Andy signed Atkins he didn't know which corner he'd play. Andy's logic was he could play either spot, and then give himself more options signing a 1B or 3B free agent. So while Andy was thinking this gave him more options, it actually limited him because he was stuck with Atkins. The problem though was whoever scouted Atkins was dead wrong. If Atkins was hitting .250 with 5 HRs right now, he'd be viewed as a decent signing - not great, but not bad either. And if the stars aligned per the scout, he'd be hitting .300 with 10 HRs. But since Atkins is hitting exactly the same as last year, he's a total bust. Again, what extra steps were taken with Atkins during the offseason? I remember him saying something like "I don't know where I'll play, but I want to return my swing, yadda, yadda." I didn't read one thing about him actually changing his stance, training/conditioning harder, taking extra bp, working with someone on his swing. It was all talk and hope. And now, we think he can improve in two weeks? Pete, I have to disagree with you on this one.

I'm driving that Kila Ka'aihue wagon, not brooks.

If any of you don't know about Kila Ka'aihue, check out his stats here:

Set! Kila! Free!
From! K! C!

And Pete,

It wasn't this time last year that people were clamoring for Pie to be let go. Reimold was called up on May 14th last year. Before he came up, Lou had his chance. So it was about a month earlier people were clamoring for Pie to go... and even then, Pie had his moments. He looked like he was learning out there, while Atkins looks like he's unlearning. We didn't suffer through Pie's bad start nearly as long as we've suffered through Atkins. It's past time something was done.

Kila Ka'aihue this year would be like Pie last year. His team isn't using him and his time is running out. If we get him and put him at 1st, what does the team have to lose? He's not going to cost an arm and a leg, and it's not like he could put up worse numbers for the position than we're already getting. Sure, we could move Wiggy to 1st once Roberts comes back, but why sit and watch the hole in the boat while waiting for Roberts to come back with a plug? Besides, it's not like Wiggy is gonna be here all season...

(Personally, I'm hoping Wiggy gets moved before the All Star Break and Markakis gets a shot at the game this year. He may not have earned it this time around, but he's gotten snubbed in years past, so it evens out.)

Ben. Excellent post! If Atkins hasn't figured it out now, he isn't going to; time to pull the plug.
I also agree that maybe it's time to give Crowley his walking papers as many of our hitters have regressed-ie Jones, Weiters, Reimold. I realize the O's don't have the '27 Yankees roster but surely Crowley has to shoulder some of the blame here.

And Castillo is being brought up for situational lefty duties in case the team wants to use Ohman as the closer...

Castillo as a situational left-hander?

Is that the situation where the team needs a re-enactment of Jamie Walker's 2009 season?

peter how is chris ray doing with the rangers. i wonder if andy would be interested in trying to get him back from texas.

Pete's reply: He's been doing well, but I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for him to come back here.

Uh, we already have a much better first baseman on the staff. His name is Ty Wigginton. What we NEED is a second baseman. This club already has too many players in the wrong places.

Chris, KC said Kila is going to be a big part of their future, and it was killing him (Yost) to send him back down. He's not even close to being traded....

Uh, we already have a much better first baseman on the staff. His name is Ty Wigginton. What we NEED is a second baseman. This club already has too many players in the wrong places.

dcb -

Fontenot in Chicago would be a good option right now. Send Lugo and a pitching prospect.

Ray hasn't found the stuff that made him a dominant reliever in '05 an '06, but he's getting by with what he's still got. The 2.57 ERA is nice and shiny, but 3 homers allowed in 21 innings and almost as many walks as strikeouts are bad signs...

I don't think the open stance is the problem. I believe an open stance actually gives you a split second longer to see the ball and makes it a bit easier to turn on an inside pitch and pull a home run every once in a while. I think Atkins' problem is fitness. Perhaps he was a steroid boy, who knows? But if so, he needs to work out a lot harder now that he's clean. He's gonna be gone soon, so who cares.

I'm more concerned about Markakis. Those who say " he's not getting pitched to", or,"he's hitting it where it's pitched" simply aren't paying attention. Markakis is swinging right through fastballs, unable to catch up. He even has tried opening his stance and going into an Eddie Murray style crouch but thats not working at all. Three weeks ago he started resting his bat on his shoulder and pulled the ball well for a week or more. Why did he change that? He's got the bat upright again and can only spray to left field.


I read that too. That's the typical line they've pumped out in the past, but their actions speak differently. They had him up for 2 weeks and managed to get him 4 ABs. It's not like their roster is stacked.

From what I've read, a lot of KC fans are big on him, but the team never gives him a real shot. I just don't believe the BS that they really think he's a big part of their future... that's just a line to feed the fans that like him. What are they waiting for, him to turn 30?

"If I'm Andy MacPhail, I ask Atkins to get into the indoor cage with Terry Crowley and completely change his hitting mechanics": Hey, why don't YOU ask Atkins, Pete?

I'm serious. For all the problems the Orioles have, it seems like no one is asking the players, coaches, DT, AM, PA, any tough questions. Can someone at least ask DT at his next funereal post-game conference what measures, if any, the Orioles are taking to improve Atkins's approach at the plate? There are a million questions to be asked: line-up choices, bull-pen choices, baserunning decisions, etc. We are MLB's worst team, you know, so it's not like such questions are out of line.

If DT is too thin-skinned to answer them, then maybe he's not as "classy" of a guy as he's portrayed to be.

Pete's reply: Actually, I was trying to do just that today when the O's closed the clubhouse for some kind of meeting.

Petey -

When it comes down to it, Kila's a prospect. And he's a prospect at a position where the Royals already have a guy with two full seasons under his belt hitting .341/.387/.483. Oh, and that guy is two years younger than Kila.

If any prospect is trade-able right now, it's Kila Ka'aihue. Offer up a pitching prospect or two not named Tillman or Arrieta and that deal gets done in a heartbeat.

Is the subject truly about Atkins?

It really is?

And the subject before this was about Kiji?

It really was?

Pete, I think I feel more sorry for you than I ever have. You poor Fxvk!

How in the world can you even come up with anything to write about with this team anymore? You're left with Koji and Atkins?

Just by constantly bringing them up, you're continuing to remind fans what a fraud AM truly is.....


I may be onto something big here folks......

Pete can't come right out and tell it completely like it is about this organization, so he sends subliminal messages out there every day, hoping we'll finally catch on to what he's doing?




I underestimated you Schmucksters

Pete's reply: You're wearing me out here, Wayne. I'm looking at those guys because they are the subject of news or speculation at the moment. Once again, you question my integrity by implying there is some reason I'm not reflecting your opinion in print. I've shown you way more respect than you've ever shown me, but this will be my last response to you. I've spent way too much time covering Major League Baseball at a pretty high level to have my integrity questioned just because you've got some screwed-up personal obsession with Andy MacPhail. Seeya.

The Texas Rangers should have traded for every team's rejects about a week ago assuming all their contracts in the process. Then when bankruptcy was declared, local guys like Atkins and Gonzalez along with dudes like Milton Bradley would find themselves listed along with all the other unsecured creditors and be SOL in terms of receiving further pay for non-existent performance. I know it's more complicated then that and the union would cry collusion but a little clever behind the scenes chicanery would have served a lot of the primadonnas right


I agree about Trembley. I don't see "classy". I think he want to come across as classy, and thoughtful, and fair, but deep down (not so deep maybe) i think he's uptight and really concerned about his own welfare. Hard for the players to be loose when the manager isn't. Could be a reason why they can't hit in the clutch.

Congratulations Peter on being named WNST's apologist of the morning today for your Koji column. This post should put you in the running for tomorrow, at this rate you'll catch Melewski in no time.

Pete's reply: Thanks. That's high praise. I try to be more angry and bitter, but I'm just a happy guy who thinks baseball is a game and not a reason for people to assasinate each other's character. I'm just funny that way, I guess.

Chris / NB -

I think it would be more likely that Kila becomes the DH after Guillen goes at the end of this year, or sooner if KC's willing to eat the remainder of Guillen's contract. NB, they'll want more than just 2 pitching prospects. If that's what it took, I agree, it'd be done by now.


I've thought of that too, and it is logical (though wasteful since he can't actually play 1st any worse than Butler), but this is Dayton Moore were talking about. Logic is not welcome when it comes to KC GM decisions.

Personally, I think a Luke Scott and a Tim Bascom would get it done.

Chris -

I don't think Bascom could get it done.

I'd probably start by offering Scott, Ryan Berry and a younger position player for Kila and another prospect or two.

Newsworthy note:

Our second round pick from the 2009 draft is finally ready to play a professional game.

Mychal Givens was added to Delmarva's roster today as an infielder. Third baseman Tyler Kolodny was optioned to Aberdeen to make room for Givens.

My take: it's about time. Where has Givens been all this time? Extended spring training?


You can't trade Berry since he hasn't been with the organization a full year yet, right?

And I say Bascom because he seems to be a similar player in that he's a little older (though younger than Kila), but still performing.


Yes, he's been in extended. No big deal though since he's still pretty young. Tyler Matzek was (still is?) in extended ST as well.

Also, you're right. Bascom doesn't get it done. Steve Johnson might be a possibility though.

Chris -

Though I'm not sure of the exact rules for trading recently drafted players, that does ring a bell.

All of this dreaming and scheming will probably be for naught though. MacPhail is going to hold his chips until the trade deadline, and then he's not going to get anything of value for Scott, Wigginton, Tejada and/or Millwood because...

a. They will all have cooled down by then
b. Other teams will be offering younger, better players to contenders
c. Both a and b

Fire Trembley now! Get rid of McPhail. Hire Rick Dempsey to manage. Boycott all home games till Trembley goes!

The whole system is in complete disarray if the GM has to ask a player to get into a batting cage with the hitting coach. I would think that...oh, I don't know...say...maybe...the MANAGER would have suggested that by now?


You're probably right. I think Luke is already starting to cool... lot of good this year's hot streak did us.

We need to open up the trade table already and get in on some prospect action while the market isn't flooded.

Very poor Pete. You and Andy can't admit signing Adkins was a mistake. If you must keep him come up with some fake injury and send him to extended Spring training. Maybe the gulf coast league could help. As for wanting to have fans come to the yard and pay good money you need a major league product. Players who are young and have promise play at Bowie and have instructors helping them out. Adkins came to the O's a mess and now after letting him hit his way mygosh we finally realize he's flawed. Poor scouting led to his signing along with uehara,gonzales and lugo. Fix the scouting so you don't sign these players then you won't be faced with having to realease them and not getting your money's worth.

Pete's reply: Roy, I could have sworn I said right in that post that it was a mistake. It obviously was a mistake. I was just trying to think of some way to give the guy one more chance to turn it around. What have the O's got to lose at this point.

Hey Pete. Back in spring training I asked if you planned to reply to more comments and engage on the blog more. You said that was the plan, but I have to say I still don't see a lot of participation here.
What's the story?

Pete's reply: Roy, I'm doing what I can, but there are only so many hours in the day. I'm here, and I'm trying to answer when somebody asks a direct question to me, but I also have to respond on Facebook and to several hundred emailers per day. Sorry if I've let you down. I'll do as much as I can, while trying to have some free time for the wife and kids.


Pete is answering. Who do you think writes all of wayne's posts?



I wouldn't mind seeing Berken get a start. I think he's been fantastic in the BP and I expect that Hernandez will be great in the BP too, but I am curious to see if Berken got his confidence back from being in the pen? Curious what you think? I know you don't want to mess with a good thing, but a lot of guys have gone back and forth from BP to SP and sometimes it works out well. I am not sure Chris or Jake are ready at this point.

I am pissed that Turner wasn't given a shot here. I hope he does well for the Mets. I don't care if Justin never does a damn thing in the bigs, but how do you know what a guy can or can't do without a steady amount of AB's? He couldn't DH, play some 2B which would allow Wiggy to move to 1st or at least take Lugo's spot? Joke!

I am not sure why the O's don't bring back Bigbie, as I am sure Larry can think of something positive to help out Mr. Atkins.


MacPhail will be on the MASN pregame show live tonight at 6:30pm to discuss the current issues.

Oh man, I wish I could see that, Trucker.

I'd love to see how Andy dances around the fact that Atkins is a terrible player. And I'd love to see the excuses he makes for why the team is so bad.

If someone could post the highlights of Andy's pregame talk, I'd appreciate it.

Peter is right, Atkins should be released..."Pluck out his eyes, apologize, apologize"...

trembley and crowley if crowley is so great we would be in first place right now with the best line up in the league come on crow good bye and trembley you suck as a manager cant get these guys even to 500 yet or at least this season we know they are near a 500 team and he cant even get them there go back to the minors trembley good bye nice try

Atkins isn't smiling, he can't see! Get his fuzzy vision checked!

dcb, ditto re: Wigginton to first. Perhaps we could acquire Fotenot from the Cubs. He no longer has a starting position to call his own since Theriot moved to 2B.

Haha, funny post, thom... is that...? are you the...? the "thom" I think you are? If so, hello old friend! --Tom at Eagles Eye

"If someone could post the highlights of Andy's pregame talk, I'd appreciate it."

You can check it out on MASN's website under Media Lounge.

Haven't posted in a while. I told some on this blog that if you don't like how the O's are doing you should just kind of get over it and stop watching. I tried to do that because I am now thoroughly disgusted by how this team is being run and how it is performing.
It's hard not to watch though when you want them to be winning so bad.
The O's need a new chant or something...
Probably involving Angelos selling the team immediately.

Hey, They should have an open oriole recuritment day for the general public. They probably could get some better players than they have now. Besides what is there to loose now.

SORRY PETE YOU DID say the signing of Adkins was a mistake. I disagree that we should have to see him here. Send him to Fla or anywhere so he can work things out. Nolan was not allowed to work his problems out here and he hasplenty more upside

If you can't fire Trembley fire Crowley I'm not sure what All Stars he produced with his skills as a hitting coach? Any?

I don't live in Baltimore but yes Atkins has that cheesy smile like he can't believe someone is actually paying him money to play baseball

A closer sure would be nice, I get that they've had injuries but it speaks to organizational depth that they don't have one guy anywhere that can be a closer??

1B seems to be a position that any oaf that can hit can play and the O's don't
have a single first baseman in the organization that they can take a flier on?

I really do like some of the young players and they have promise but this team can't win without a middle of the order power bat/1B or closer and surely can't win without both. Trade some of these can't miss prospects while their stock is high for some major league talent and have the best of both worlds, win now and still develop for the future.

I don't get it. Atkins is here and Crowley is here, although for some bizarre reason people think we would have a different record without Crow being the batting coach.

So what Pete is saying is that since they are both here, why not work together and see what, if anything, can be fixed.

Why is this the biggest controversy since BP's Fixing Busted Oil Pipelines For Dummies manual? What's to lose?

Even the sportswriters are content with going down on this sinking ship. If it's broke--FIX it! And don't stop until you get results!

And if you ask me how, my answer is: It's not my job to fix it, they're paying people to know how to fix it. In fact, they should be paying the fans for supporting this pathetic team!

Bring back Reimold and put him in at 1B!

Fang -

I'm not sure why it's "bizarre" to think that a change in hitting philosophy at some point over the last 12 years would have helped this club.

And I'm not sure how anything could be fixed when you get a terrible hitter and a bad hitting coach together to work on something.

Tim -

Good call. Especially considering the fact that Reimold is hitting .088/.184/.176 at Norfolk since his demotion.

Put Reimold on the DL, get him to 100%, and then see what he can do.

Did Pete just say he would rather spend a bit of time with his wife and kids rather than thoroughly read and brilliantly respond to each and every message that is posted on here?


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Peter Schmuck wants you to know that, contrary to popular belief, he is more than just a bon vivant, raconteur and collector of blousy flowered shirts. He is a semi-respected journalist who has covered virtually every sport -- except luge, of course – and tackled issues that transcend the mere games people play. If that isn’t enough to qualify him to provide witty, wide-ranging commentary on the sports world ... and the rest of the world, for that matter ... he is an avid reader of history, biography and the classics, as well as a charming blowhard who pops off on both sports and politics on WBAL Radio. That means you can expect a little of everything in The Schmuck Stops Here, but the major focus will be keeping you up to the minute on Baltimore’s major sports teams and themes, whether it’s throwing up the Orioles lineup the minute it’s announced or updating you on the latest sprained ankle in Owings Mills. Oh, and by the way, that’s Mr. Schmuck to you.

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