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May 24, 2010

Orioles: Defending Koji...sort of

Obviously, there are a lot of fans wondering what the Orioles were thinking a couple of winters ago when they signed Koji Uehara to a two-year, $10 million contract, but you have to be fair when you're judging things in hindsight.

If you go back to that juncture in Andy MacPhail's rebuilding program, you'll remember that he was making an attempt to expand the Orioles modest international scouting efforts and make an inroad in the Asian talent market. I don't think anybody thinks that part of the equation was a bad idea.

There were two premier Japanese pitchers on the American market that winter, Koji and Kenshin Kawakami, who were being courted by a number of major league teams because of the success they had in Japan.

The Orioles went for Koji and the Atlanta Braves signed Kawakami, and -- frankly -- neither team is too happy about that now. Koji has pitched well when he's been able to pitch, which is almost never, and Kawakami is a combined 7-18 with a 4.10 ERA since coming to America and has also been injury prone.

There's no question now that neither move was a great idea in retrospect, but the O's were under pressure to find talent anywhere they could find it and there was no way of knowing that Koji would have all the problems that have kept him off the mound. The O's knew he grappled with hamstring issues, but that has been just a fraction of the problem. Uehara now is arm-sore again -- he'll be re-examined tomorrow -- and probably will be put on the shelf for another extended period.

He's not a total loss for the Orioles, but he's close, because the 19 appearances he has made -- some of them very good -- were not enough to offset his lack of dependability either as a starter or reliever.

It's regrettable for the organization, but not an unforgivable front office mistake. In this case, as in Kawakami and some of the other highly touted Japanese imports, you win some and you lose some.

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Your right blancione. This is pure GARBAGE!!! Just like the orioles.

TO: Oriole Fans

FROM: Andy

SUBJECT: UPdate of the orioles

Please disregard all previous information on judging dave t for wins and losses this year. Normally when a team starts out 14 and 31 with the majority of it's players under achieving that team would fire there manager. I have met with peter at great length this morning and we have decided to stay the course with dave. Peter suggested if we fire dave then all the blame would fall directly on us and we thought it would be in the best interest for now to let dave take all the hits. Peter also indicated to me how happy he was for washington to take 2 out of 3 from us, he said if we win it's ok but if we don't then it's great that they do.. We are really looking forward to there return trip to the yard on june 25th. I wish them all the success in the world as my accountant has told me that the profits really flowed into my bank account over the weekend. I know your really disappointed with our decison but if you don't like it you can go f--k yourself. I am in charge and no matter how bad things get my plan will work even if it takes another 10 years. But if it does i won't be around because when selig retires i am moving on to be the commish .

Yours Truly ANDY M
President of baseball Operations
or is it President of the Baltimore Orioles oh it doesn't matter i have already made so many mistakes one more won't matter.

Peter, I posted this on another Blog and was hpoing one of you migh answer me?

I know you cannot answer every comment...but I am so tired of the O's - and yet I am stuck because I will always be an Orioles fan. How in the world do they justify keeping Terry Crowley as their hitting coach? Markakis, Wieters and A. Jones do not have 10 HR's between them and we're almost in June. before someone tells me how much Markakis has benefited from Crowley - he has 2 HR's in one of the most hitter friendly parks in baseball - which makes these three's #'s even more atrocious. My #'s may be off a bit because I truly find it hard to even watch this team anymore. If Crowley isn't the program - there's another decade of pathetic baseball in store for Baltimore fans...they need to change something and soon - this franchise is almost least for those who are not paid to do so.

While it is very unfair to judge in hindsight but lets break down MacPhail's free agent signings:

Koji - 2 years 10 mil. Scouts were weary of his durability and his heart before Andy signed him.

Gonzo - 2 years 12 mil. Never a proven closer. Again, scouts were weary of his heart.

Atkins - 1 year 4.5 mil with 500,000 buyout of an 8 mil option in year 2. Coming off the worst year of his career, labeled as a "low-energy" guy. Why the 4.5 mil? Who else made him an offer? Troy Glaus got 1.75 and he has 6 HR's, 27 RBI and 19 BB with a .270 average.

Tejada- 1 year 6 mil. Has been the one bright spot, only because he is compared to the previous 3 players mentioned. He is certainly not setting the world on fire.

Not looking good.




In all fairness to Uehara, most Japanese pitchers who were good in Japan usually fail to meet their expectations in MLB. There have only been 4 Japanese pitchers in the past 10 years who have pitched more then 120 innings: Daisuke Matsuzaka, Hiroki Kuroda, Ken Kawakami and Kazuhisa Ishii. It's not the talent so much, but the difference in the way pitchers in Japan condition themselves. I think Uehara is a very good pitcher, but if he can't handle 30 pitches amidst one hot and humid game, that should be a tell tale sign that his physical conditioning does not meet the standards of MLB. And then there's the numorous injuries that have plagued all Japanese pitchers that have never matched their Nippon League success.

On the other hand, for MacPhail to invest so much in a Japanese pitcher who already had a history of injuries is an absolute failure on his part. Then also to bring him in as a starter is the icing of the cake. I totally understand the endevour to open up the Orioles to the Japanese market. But the irresponsibility and lack of foresight only magnified the mismanagement of Uehara. Now granted, Uehara signed the contract and agreed to be a starter and is a big boy who should've known his capabilities. But any reporter or scout who covers Japanese baseball could've told you that bringing Uehara here to start was a high risk gamble.

Basically, we ruined Uehara. Before it was a weak hamstring, now its a f-ed up elbow. He could've been a usefull setup man or closer AND still could've earned a $5 million paycheck. But after this catastrophe, it's going to take a lot of conviencing to bring any kind of Japanese superstar to the Orioles.

Three games coming up against three very good young starters on a team that the O's never play well against.

My friends, it is conceivable that, by Thursday evening, our team will fall to a winning percentage that starts with a two.

The fact that no changes have been made so far is proof of a completely inept organization that doesn't care about its' rapidly depleting fan-base.

Peter - Please stop this crazy talk. There is NO defending Koji. Yeah, hundsight is 20/20, but please... who else offered anything comprable.

While we're overpaying for Koji & Gonzo & Atkins, we were lowballing Tex. How stupid. Koji/Gonzo/Atikins/Tejada = 33 mil. Add that to the Tex offer, we would have been in the ballpark.

NB: Looking at the future schedule: with Oakland and Toronto for six games then the 9 games the team plays against the Yankees, Red Sox and the is concievable that the team runs a 2 and 13 record for those games giving the a whopping record of 16-44. That is just downright atrocious.

A. Jones either needs to get pencilled in at LF or sent down until he figures out how to play again. Atkins should be cut.

A laughable subject Pete...

In Japan, Koji used to be a starter, yet was made a reliever for a number of reasons.

One of those reasons was that he was no longer reliable as a starter. Yet, the Orioles put him into their starting rotation immediately in 09'.

The others were mainly health reasons..... which obviously was why he was no longer effective as a starter in the first place. Brilliant!

This was all very well known to every club in America....

And as for connecting with the Asian market? Pete, the Orioles are a laughingstock team in the far east now. Few knew who the Orioles were, accept from hearing about Cal Ripken.

Now they know Baltimore though.... And do you think any player would EVER want to come here again? To the worst team in America?


Instead of making excuses yet again for this organization, the real subject about Koji should have been......

Koji The Player = BUST /
O's reaching the far east market = BUST

That would have been fair. That would have been honest.

Assuming Koji does not pitch again this year, our man made $139,528.39 per inning in his O's career. That's ~2.75 x's the 2009 median household income.

Pete can't be honest because that wouldn't be fair. Because to be honest you'd just have to call all O's mangement out, but that's not fair because they really are trying and,gee, things have been tough. So you have to present both sides, without being judgemental. That's fair.


I think Garrett Atkins is still looking for you. He squinting around wondering where you are. He may get lucky and found you - look out.

Pete, if Andy wanted to open up the free agent market for the Orioles by signing Uehara, who has he signed since from over there? In that respect the signing probably hurt more than helped because what Asian baseball player in his right mind would now want to sign with the Orioles? They see what has happened with Uehara and also see that the Orioles are getting worse, not better.

The Uehara signing then, is a perfect example of why Andy's "Plan" will never work. Andy only knows the old style rebuilding template that was in vogue back in the 60's. He is obviously reticent when it comes to assessing and bidding for free agent talent and his forays so far support that. Tejada is not an exception because neither he nor Atkins { The Andy Macphail fan club trashed me when I said last winter that the Atkins signing would go down as one of the worst in Oriole history. How do you like it now, Kool Aid Drinkers?}are supplying the power necessary from the corner infield posiitions. Tejada's defense is OK for a singles hitter who lost his power when the League asked him to piss in a bottle.

The two top position prospects acquired by Andy, Bell and Snyder have .288 and .296 OBP's respectively at Norfolk and have struck out a combined 86 times.

Folks, get used to it because as long as Andy is here this debacle will continue. His "Plan"is to trade veterens for"prospects" and fill the major league roster with washed up veterens. This time next year you will wake up and think it is groundhog day.

Call the Orioles and demand change at the GM position now

Little bit of Koji is better than no Koji.

This blog post was published at 11:31 a.m. It's now 2:55 p.m. and there's no breaking news that Trembley is the Orioles' ex-manager, leading me to think it's not going to happen today and likely won't until the All-Star Break, early September or the end of the year. 100 losses are all but assured.

How many Japanese pitchers have really been successful in the major leagues? I can't think of anyone. And by success I don't mean one hit wonders.

My point is, they're just a bunch of primadonnas. They're used to pitching indoors with AC. What does Koji want. Pina coladas on the mound? C'mon man. You get a Japanese pitcher who's a 11 year veteran and you're expecting results? Give me a break. Paying him 10 million was ridiculous. Goes on to show you that the O's scouting is downright awful like everything else concerning O's.

Pencil Koji as another MacFailure in my opinion.

Bi-Polar Os Fans:
It has been over a decade since we had a winning season. Why get so worked up over yet another unfortunate result? Pete is right, Uehara has been great when healthy. He may have had injury issues in Japan, but he wasn't constantly shelved and missing 3/4 of every season. Remember hind-sight is 20/20. Don't act like all of you saw this coming, or that every failed move the Os make you objected to before hand. It was an attempt to try and open the international market. The impact in that regard will play out in years to come, not a single offseason. Sorry you have to put up with all this bickering from petty "fans" Pete.

PS- Learn some grammar and spelling people! Your/You're, They're/Their, etc. Don't try to play the role of GM if you can't play the role of high school graduate first

Shouldn't it be Andy MacFail


Oh yeah, I saw it coming. I saw it coming when last year when the guy could not pitch more than 4 1/3 innings. That's when you knew he was going to be effective for the O's. They tried to say that he needs to work on his conditioning, but you know what? He is still the same fragile pitcher he was the second he put an O's uniform on. You had to have lived in a cave for the past 2 years not to see this coming.

The point, James, is that we all saw this coming.

Koji was moved to the pen in Japan because of injury issues, yet the O's penciled him in as a starter. Where's the logic there?

And your the 10,000th person to mention that Koji was signed to open up the international market, but what have the O's done to increase they're presence in international scouting and free agency? Nothing? Yeah, I think thats about wright.

The whole deal with the MacPhail Administration is that we've all seen these horrible moves a mile away. Sure the Bedard deal still looks good but what else has been done? Atkins is a mess, and anyone with a stat sheet could see that. Gonzalez isn't a closer and hes hurt (again). Who didn't see that coming? And, since Andy didn't do anything else the relief front, the rest of the pen (sans Ohman) is a joke. The rotation is in trouble because acquiring one veteran wasn't nearly enough. Wow, really!?!?

This is Andy's team, James. And Andy's team is a mess. when he starts to really do somthing about it, maybe the moves he makes will garner some praise.

PS - I made some grammatical errors just for you. Feel free to grade my post and make grammar 90% of my final grade. Or you could stop whining about grammar/spelling errors, as this is the freaking internet.

Why all the anger at Pete? Just because every post is not a rant against the O's? You act like he is an apologist for the entire organization (like Jim Hunter). Pete gives his opinions, and just because his is not as vitriolic as some, that doesnt make him garbage. Post all you want against the O's management, they deserve it. But these anti-Pete posts are just sad.

Sorry for the double post, my computer skills are sad too!

the blame goes to to macphail. koji was a closer the last couple of yrs in japan and the orioles bring him to baltimore to be a starter when his best starting days were over. a poor signing from the get go. may the schmuck be with you.

For Pete's sake that was fluffy. Koji, Brady called he want's his sideburns back.

I memory serves the O's were the only team stupid enough to think he was starting material. Everyone else had his ass middle reliever

Not Brooks,

Before the season started I made some predictions with tongue in cheek. I said that on September 20, Garrett Atkins would hit his 6th and final home run of the season. You replied, "You think he'll hit 6?" That was funny then but it's not so funny now.

I'm blown away by some of the comments in here.

The Yankees go after a guy like Irabu (even though he said he'd only play in NY), and he turns out to be a bust, but since they're the Yankees, they get a pass.

The O's make what appears to be a solid signing, turns out to be a bust, and suddenly it's further proof of their ineptitude.

I'm sick of people talking about the "apologists" or defenders, when all the naysayers and detractors are way more biased. They make up their minds about someone or something, and suddenly EVERYTHING becomes evidence to support it.

It's like yesterday, when Adam Jones has a ball pop out of his glove as he hits the wall on a tough play, and suddenly that's further proof that he sucks. Am I denying me could use some time at AAA? No, but that play was not evidence of it.

Are the O's in rough shape? Absolutely, but the Koji signing is in no way evidence of incompetence or poor decision making.

Koji is the O's signing to show they are willing to invest in Japanese players.

They have had him for two years. Is there no one else over there worth signing, now that they have given the appearance of being willing to sign Japanese players?

If they aren't looking to invest further in Japan, then the Koji signing makes no sense.

Posted by: SHAMROCK | May 23, 2010 1:41 PM
I posted this yesterday before this post was up.

NB- You are right on. If this was to open up the market to Asians, where are the rest? Or are there none worth signing right now? I don't look highly on the Japanese players as most of them are busts, or flame out quick. Unless you hit it big with Ichiro, Matsui or Dice-K, or (fill-in the blank, I am at work, I don't have time to Baseball-reference) teams tend to lose their investment.

They need to develop the Dominican scouting to find some big scary bats. Not talking about signing Cubans either, they are a bigger crap shoot than Japanses FA's.

Christopherc -

Since when was Koji a solid signing? They gave a relief pitcher $10M in an effort to get into the market, but haven't done anything in the market since.

A bust in every way shape or form.

And do you really want to argue the differences between the Yankees and the Orioles when it comes to acquiring talent? Seriously? Because that's a really, really bad idea.

Shamrock -

When it comes down to it, the only Japanese guys worth really investing in are the guys still under Japanese team control who require a posting fee. Does anyone here see the O's ever getting into a posting war with a superior organization? Didn't think so.

Gil -

Atkins is hitting .219/.258/.281. "Plan-ers" (those who are still on board with The Plan) said that Atkins couldn't be any worse than he was last year. I told them to look at his home/road splits and the fact that he was leaving the easier league and the best hitters park in the game. I was ignored. Atkins is worse than last year. At some point within the last week, someone (can't remember who it was) said that he doesn't think Atkins is really this bad.

And, guess what, there's no backup plan! Snyder was a Plan B, but he's terrible in AAA. Reimold is taking reps at first base in Norfolk, but can this team really afford to have three fourths of the infield playing out of position (I mean, I guess it doesn't really matter)? And isn't everyone finally ready to accept that Reimold's achilles probably won't be 100% until next year? So, unless Andy swings a deal for Kila in KC, I guess we're stuck with Atkins until the ax falls on his big league career. Or until Michael Aubrey gets another call, and I don't think I could handle that...

Sad, isn't it?

Pete -

I've questioned all year how well the Orioles conditioned and prepared for this season. It seems as if they assumed this season would go well, and did not work hard during the offseason. Luck, curse - I just don't buy it. You create your own luck on the baseball field by preparation (and talent..).

Pie, Roberts, Gonzalez went on the DL early. Bergeson, Mickolio, and Reimold started slowly and had to be sent down to the minors to fix things after coming off of injuries. Uehara has never fully recovered from injuries. On top of the injuries, most other players, as we know, started the year slowly.

So shouldn't the focus be on the front office, coaching staff, and conditioning staff, and why they didn't prepare better for this year? That seems to be where the ball was dropped. If Koji prepared better for 2010, would things be different? Maybe not, and maybe eating $5M was inevitable. And maybe he did everything possible to prepare - but it sure seems like not enough was done during offseason.


I think you know I'm pretty much a Plan-er (though I think I'm becoming a partial Plan-er) and I don't think I said Atkins couldn't be any worse than he was last year. What I think I did say was that he couldn't be any worse than Huff was for us last year... but even that was way wrong, so there we are.

We need us some Kila.

And a real manager with some fire. Like a Showalter.

Not brooks...I'm not comparing the O's and Yanks. I'm simply saying if a move is bad, it's bad....if it's good, it's good. You can't use it as a negative for one franchise while another gets a pass.

Koji might have been effective for the O's if they had used him in relief instead of stubbornly trying to make a starter out of him again. His latest injury indicates to me that they brought him back too fast. How many more players have to go down, especially pitchers, before someone starts looking at how they are being handled?
Why did nobody (except several sportswriters and lots of fans) figure out that Gonzo was injured in spring training? How could a professional staff miss Johnson's injury? I don't think the O's were foolish to acquire Koji, but I think they might well be to blame for destroying his arm. And by the way, where is that flood of Asian players that we "opened the door" to?

Does anyone here see the O's ever getting into a posting war with a superior organization? Didn't think so.
I would venture to say none of those guys are. Was Dice-K really worth $100 mil for 5 years? It is a different game over there. Far too much risk to pay a posting fee, let alone a fat contract.


Could there be a reason winners like Showalter and Valentine are still available?

People like to suggest them, but I think there is a reason they are still floating around.

I think Bob Melvin is the guy. But not until the off season. Someone is make interim for the rest of the year, mgr of the future search happens in November.

I get what you're saying, Christopher, but the Yanks balance out their bad moves by making good ones. Just for Japan alone, Hideki Irabu is balanced out by Hideki Matsui. The point is that the O's continue to make bad move after bad move after bad move. MacPhail said that signing Koji was an attempt to open doors to international scouting, but nothing has been done to further those efforts.

Hawaii Chris -

I see you as more in the middle. You're not a full on pessimist like I'm slowly becoming, but you're not blinding follow The Plan, saying things like "Atkins can still turn it around!" or "We just need to wait another three or four years!"

I think a scale probably needs to be established. It can start with blancione on the far left and end with smitty on the far right. We'll have to figure out the varying degrees in between. We might have to come up with some sort of hate/rage extension of the scale, just so we can fit jason in somewhere. And then we'll have to have the "I only come here every once in a while just so I can say 'I told you so'" scale for Keith Rowe.

Hey... Kaz Matsui is available... we could sign him, move Wiggy to 1st and get rid of Atkins. I know this is not an impact move, hell, I am not even sure it is a good move...

At least we would have an actual 2nd basemen until Roberts gets back (if he comes back). Wiggy @ 1st is a nice upgrade from Atkins...
I am grasping at straws here...

As optimistic as I have tried to be... I am all out of pep talks... if Trembley is still managing after today, there is no hope for avoiding 100 L's... sad... very very sad...

Melvin is going to be the next manager of the Mets... He has been their contingency plan all along... if they get crushed by the Phillies, they will make the change...

Kaz Matsui is a free agent because he's 34 years old and he's got a .236/.288/.331 triple slash over his last 600 plate appearances.

Unfortunately, this is exactly the kind of move I can see Andy making at this point in the season.

Another post on here about Tex and his offer or lack of an offer. When will people get it thru their thick skulls that Tex was not coming here? Tex wanted to go to the Yankees and that's where he went. Get over it people!!!!

This mess falls on MacPhail. He signed damaged goods. Can you do anything to avoid this sort of thing? Not sure, but still,,,,its on him

Maybe Uehara can pitch for Minnesota in September, it shouldnt be too hot then

Has anyone seen what's going on on the Nationals bog where they think (and there is really convincing frame by frame evidence of) Lugo kicking dirt on Willingham after he hit the walk off last night?

Thoughts on this bog about that?
I'm ok with Jones throwing his helmet in frustration - didn't hit anyone with it, came after a long time of frustration building up - but kicking dirt on another player like that, who didn't do anything wrong, when Lugo doesn't even play every day, I have more of a problem with.

@ blancione et al

Seriously what is Crowley doing as the hitting coach? I have wondered about this for years. I know he is O's royalty, and
God Bless him, but the bats ain't there and he still is. No matter who the GM is the Crow has been there and the O's have been losing and under hitting. Maybe thats the problem. Also he has to be about 90 years old by now maybe he should retire.


Just one question about the first comment by "blancione": What color is "your pitful" and what do you feed it?

Another question: Do the insults hurt less when the insulter is illiterate?


Great post, and thank you for helping to make my point.

Yes, teams make bad signings... that's part of the game. With AM however, said signings are mostly given a pass.

You brought up Irabu. Excellent example by the way.... a complete bust for the Yanks.

The difference?

In New York, the media 'killed' the Yankee's front office. I travel up there almost every week and you should have seen the things written.

It's about accountability chris. Is the NY media too harsh? Yes, I believe they are. But I'll take accountable over what happens in Baltimore (with baseball) any day.

Now if you respond, please stay on point. No need to spin things towards having an advantage. We're all friends here... even though you don't like me much.


Can't bring myself to call for the Crow to go but okay I can admit that if it was anyone else .... I'd be screaming for it. They're underachieving incredibly badly at the plate.

The only managerial move (only move of ANY kind) that could make the O's remotely relevant or interesting is hiring Cal to manage. I'm afraid to suggest it or pull the trigger because if THAT fails (and something tells me it would) then what? Almost better to have Cal out there over the horizon as a pipe dream savior than to discover that nothing can save this team ... aside from Angelos' giving up ownership, but I'm convinced he's taking a perverse pleasure in keeping the team just to give the big finger to a city that hates him.

Tony P,

I feel your pain.... but 100 losses would have little to do with DT.

1B - First time in MLB history no home runs this far into the season.

2B - good bat (for now), no field.

SS - good glove, zero bat.

3B - new position - past his prime.

LF - who will be next?

CF - see stats since 09' all star game

RF - on pace for 7 hr's and 50 rbi's

C - developing player counted on for production - on pace for 51 rbi's.

SP - 3 of 5 in rotation with era's north of 5. Highest BAA in the league.

RP - key reliever from japan was done before he arrived. New closer never showed up. Newest closer inexperienced.

Bench - Lugo, Montenez

AAA - Not one future impactful position player developed enough to even think about bringing up (maybe reimold if he turns it around),

GM (or whatever his title is) - Exec who's loss more games than anyone in last 2 decades.

Owner - Is just as happy that Nats won this weekend.

Injury's - no applicable as every team has them.

And with the above Tony... I'm being very, very generous.

So sure....... let's fire DT.

Then what?

Then what?

All free agent signings are gambles... a few are top drawer talents at the top of their game and they cost a lot more. However it seems, at this moment, that McPhail's gambles have failed. Other than Tejada, who looks good at 3B much of the time, nothing much has worked. The people at Baseball Prospectus stated, clearly, that the Atkins signing was a poor decision. Gonzalez was (and still is) a wash... there's a lot of time between now and the end of 2011, even though time seems to be creeeping rather slowly as loss piles upon loss. It appears that evaluation of the free agents they have signed has been suspect. Who is responsible for that? Do the Orioles employ stats analysts? Mike Leake is already pitching in Cincinnati and Drew Storen (picked three and five spots behind Hobgood) are both in the majors while Hobgood struggles in Salisbury. I know it's early but I do wonder about Orioles talent evaluators...

I say it again, the Orioles hurt themselves more then helped themselves by signing Uehara. The worst thing that could've been done is to expose the ineptness of the management/ownership, which is exactly what they did. I had no problem with the Uehara signing, the warnings given to the Orioles NOT to make him a starter were ignored and they killed a highly respectable pitchers career. Who is going to want to come here after that? It wasn't a dumb signing, it was dumb to assume that he was qualified as a starter when he couldn't even hack it in an inferior league.

On a side note, it really does show extremely poor athleticism to not be able to endure a 1 inning outing just because it's humid. Either that, or the conditioning training really needs to be reevaluated

Hey wayne, how very coincidental that you and paul on the MASN blog have the same comment! Now how on earth could two people who are totally different people, leave the same comment on two different blogs on the same day? My oh my, what are the odds of that occurring??? What are the odds!

Hey Odds,

That is funny....... ESPECIALLY since 1) I have never been on the MASN blog, and 2) I would NEVER go into the MASH site.

But, Paul sounds like a VERY intelligent guy to me.

Before you make accusations though, you may want to check to see if it really is as close as you say. After all, what I posted above has been said in varying ways by others around here.

If it is the same...... Paul, I forgive you for copying my post. I assume it was done as a form to educate those at MASN.

Please re-type it on every Blog you can find......

And smitty/ferg/paulie, etc....

That's all you got anyway? Instead of countering my post, you simply remain obsessed with me?


I give you my word smit man.... If I ever post on MASH, I promise to do so as good ole wayne. Why change now?

Umm Sorry... you were the wrong person to ask that question of.

Holy moly! O's fan are some mad fans!

jimontheshore -

Tex went for the money, fool. 140mil to play for a loser, or 180mil to go to a winner. Had nothing to do with wanting to play for the Yanks. Had the O's made a competitive offer, say 200mil, he came here. Instead we made a non-offer offer.

It's still a relevant gripe. Look at our 1stbaseman. ZERO Homers. ZERO. ZERO!!!

Remember 'buy the bats!' - can't do that when you are a lowballing loser team. Hence, we have Atkins.

Andy is a complete failure.

I can't believe people still defend him. Apologists, what has he done?!!!

It sucks that Simon was hurt in the game on Sunday because it looked like since the meltdown against the Tribe, he's been throwing more strikes and looks like he could be a keeper.

Anyone hear if there is a rift between Berken and Captain David T. Kirk? Seems like Berken goes far too long between appearances while some guys like Albers, Cla and Ohman are in there all the time. I know he's the long man, but does that mean he can't go 1 inning every once in a while instead of Albers and Cla? I don't get it because he's been outstanding while Albers and Cla have been erratic at best.

I would leave Luke at 1B and go with a mix of guys at DH. This might sound nuts, but Tatum has been swinging a hot bat as of late so why not let him DH a few games along with Lou instead of letting Atkins go 0-4?

"you'll remember that he was making an attempt to expand the Orioles modest international scouting efforts and make an inroad in the Asian talent market."

Please pass this message on to Andy for me: I live in France - Andy can sign me - I'm cheap, I'll go a million. True, I will be the oldest player in the MLs, which will satisfy the O's modest geriatric scouting efforts - and I'm sure I will suck and be injury prone (but remember, I'm cheap), just like the rest of the O's. And most importantly, Andy will have satisfied his attempt to expand his modest international scouting effort in Europe, a rich land of untapped potential.


Now that was funny......


You seem to have ignored a couple of significant factors which should have made the team wary? The first, already covered here, concerns the fact that Koji had already been deemed incapable of being a starting pitcher in Japan, yet the Orioles thought otherwise. The second, not mentioned to this point, is that he pitched mostly if not entirely in air conditioned stadiums in Japan. How in the world did the Orioles' brain trust believe that a 35 year old guy was going to pitch 6-7 innings in Baltimore in July and August in high humidity? What we saw last week in Texas is similar to the conditions he'd have to face later this summer at OPACY. Neither of these comments are hindsight, but rather assessments that should have been reasonably made PRIOR to signing him.

Pete's reply: Harvey, I've mentioned the climate-controlled stadiums in Japan several times over the past few days.

If you say every signing is going to be a bust, then a few (OK, most) of them are, it doesn't make you a genius. If you call tails on a coin toss every time, you're bound to get it right a few times...


Great, great point......

Of course you're not allowed to that around here... but great point nonetheless,

Lugo kicking dirt at that guy was bad ass.

Hey, give him credit. A tough two strike basehit, steals a base and advances to third. A little energy. sorely needed.

I think Trembley is so freaked out about getting criticism that his team plays way too close to the vest. Especially for a last place team with few power hitters.

Trembley walking around bristling just produces way too much baggage. Even though he doesn't seem to confront people, I think his passive aggressive digs and the fact that player development time is over has the team playing too tight. A change is needed just so people can relax.

Keep up the good work Pete.
You must have tough skin to take all this abuse by the folks on here. And just for posting some good points...
I guess after 12 and almost 13 years of losing people get a little agitated.
Oh well, a beautiful day today and the O's should be turning it around when they get Roberts, etc back.
I think Aubry should be coming to play first soon and that will really get the folks rolling. Hopefully he'll show he belongs and can help this mess.
Hernandez to the pen and Tillman to the rotation should be next move.

Pete's reply: Thanks for the kind words. I know people are just frustrated, but I'll have to call and thank Nestor for all the blog hits.

What is a more likely scenario in tomorrow night's game. Atkins (fortunately, he'll be in the lineup) gets an RBI on a hit or Braden throws a shutout? I gotta go with Dallas since he's 4-0 with a 1.69 ERA in his last four starts against the O's.

So smitty,

Which were the good points? Seriously.

Now you can get mad, or even mean... and you can also simply make the same points Pete made.

But how do you rebut what people have been saying?

And turn it around when Roberts gets back? Really? It's all about Roberts? You do realize smit that we would have never realized Wiggy's season if not for Brob going down, right? I mean the team is better with Brian, but ALL teams deals with injury's. Have you looked around baseball?

And Aubry will 'get the folks rolling'?

I'll let others enjoy commenting on that one.... I'm tired...

Go Rays! Screw the AngelO's!

First off, no, not "everyone" saw this coming. That's garbage. Koji was a dominant pitcher in the Japanese league. The thing is, he was mismanaged. I'm not saying that he should have been an All Star SP in the MLB. I think he had legitimate talent, and the signing of Uehara was justified. The Orioles screwed it up by trying to put him in as a SP. So when I say that not everyone saw this coming, I mean that Koji had the ability to perform well at the MLB level, but failed not because he was a bad signing, but because of poor management. Secondly, grammar should matter to an extent. It's one thing to mistype a word, but when you don't know the proper tense of your/you're or they're/their, kind of sad. Kudos to notbrooks and anyone else who claims to be a mystic sage of Orioles wisdom, predicting every misstep and mistake the Orioles make/ will make. Despite your apparent premonitions, not "everyone" sees the future as clearly as you do. Yes, Koji hasn't panned out, and perhaps I am the 1000th person to point out the "international market foot in the door", but my point is that it takes multiple offseasons to build these relations. Were you really expecting a flood of hispanic and asian free agents to swarm to Orioles as a result? It was simply meant to garner interest in the organization abroad and symbolize a new willingness by the team to sign players in the future. Not just this offseason, but in the future. He was the first Japanese player in franchise history, perhaps over the years more will come. I get tired of the constant bickering over every single move the Orioles make. Koji should not be lumped in with Eaton, Atkins, etc. He has talent and we misused him. The others were flat out busts. Cut Koji some slack. He's not a bum.

PS- Don't point out your attempts at satire. It loses some affect when you call attention to your jest

O's = Andy. Enough said.


Dude, we suck. How much more info did you need to realize we'd f up the Asian market too?

Say it.

Go ahead, say it.

Welcome, our 2023 Indianapolis Orioles.

Thanks Mr. Angelos.

So now I'm an apologist? Really? The Orioles suck, I do not deny that for a second. I hate Angelos. I think MacPhail has failed as a GM, but excuse me for not bashing Koji Uehara, and for acknowledging that he had talent which we failed to utilize. Did I once say anything about McPhail and his "improving our team through the minor leagues" that sympathizers use? Did I say we were "moving in the right direction for the future"? I'm no apologist. The Orioles are terrible, and that is undeniable. I simply grow tired of people calling Koji a bust. He is not a bust. We ruined Koji, he did not come to us ruined. The Orioles are in dire need of help. I can't stand trembley because I feel that when a team shows a lack of passion and discipline (errors, lethargy, etc) that is the manager's fault. I think the Atkins signing was crap. I think Albers still being in the pen is ridiculous. Don't label me an apologist. I've suffered as everyone else has. For some reason I still watch almost every single game. I was 10 the last time the Orioles had a winning season, but I've stuck by them. Do not label me an apologist because honestly I care, and I'm ashamed just as much as you are. I simply don't like Koji being labeled a bust. He wasn't a bust, WE busted him.

My -O-My!!

This years Orioles team is a disaster heading for the worst record in the history of this once proud franchise.

When I say the history of this franchise I am including the Saint Louis Browns - the Saint Louis Browns, as every true Oriole fan knows, was the team that moved to Baltimore in 1954.

This years Orioles are now heading to winning less than the 1939 Saint Louis Browns who won a whopping 43 games - the lowest win total in the history of that franchise..


Yes indeed..... He was mismanaged in every way possible by this organization.
None of this is his fault... None of it.
In fact, word is Koji is a very good guy.

For the Baltimore Orioles however, he was beyond a Bust. Not only was he a bust on the field, but matters are now 'worse' for the O's in the asian market as players now know of Baltimore. Think they want to come here? Hell, American players don't want to come here.

As for your grammar issues. Did you really just say what you did? It's a blog James. I think I'll pass on proofreading what I just wrote for your benefit.

Besides, I don't have to.... We have you.

Wow Pete, You have let Nestor's cronies totally take over your blog.


Get a clue, dude. Nestor has the only real Sports media network in town. Everyone else is on the payroll. Including you, probably.

Having people with reason take over this blog is a good thing. OUTRAGE at the xxxxxxxxx of this team is a good thing. And beating up Angelos' media lackeys is a good thing too.

Go Ravens. Go Rays. Go Phils. xxxx you, Orioles.

Flawless grammar, too, geeks...

Pete's reply: I'm sure Nestor is really proud to have a classy guy like you for a fan.

Hey Wayne.
If you don't know the difference between a player like Roberts and one like Wiggington, that's OK. Just keep watching games and stuff and you may learn some things.
Certainly the number one thing this season has taught us is how important Roberts is/was to this team. How many of the one run games could have been different? How many more fastballs would Markakis and Jones have seen with Roberts on base? You can't really quantify those things but they are so important.
And Wayne the points Pete made are self evident. Go read the post again if you have trouble getting it.

You spelled apologist wrong, Dr. Grammar.

Ha! You're right. I'm such an a$$...

Pete--Have you lost interest in your blog? When you started it, you would interact a bit with your readers and commentators. You even honored a best comment of the day.

Now writing here seems like a waste of time. The street is usually full of garbage and no one bothers to clean it up.

I have no sense that you are reading anything written here or care much about the quality of the comments.

Pete's reply: I care, but it's hard to keep up sometimes.

So it seems that every single person knew that Koji wouldn't pan out. I wish one of you would have called Andy to let him know 2 years ago.

Seriously though, he took a risk, it failed. Do you want him them to never take a risk again? Yes, there were concerns about durability. But it is clear to me that Koji (when healthy) can flat out pitch.

The only way he was coming here was as a starter. That was the one thing the O's were offering that no one else did. And frankly, it was an upgrade over the 2008 rotation. Or were you all wanting Rahdames Liz & Brian Burress to get more playing time?

Wayne, one question. Do I understand your previous post correctly...the Orioles would be better if the print media wrote meaner articles?

Blaming Pete for the O's struggles is beyond absurd. Keep up the good work, Pete.

really you are arguing about where the chairs on the deck of the titanic are?

replacing captain stubbing with isaac ain't making the love boat get to japan or the dominican anytime sooner.

there were no free agents available and your team wasn't trading the few chips they had. lol. just imagine if they traded wiggington you guys would be winless. but lets be honest... would you want to play for baltimore when you could play for a team that actually has a chance? you get a guy like atkins because he is available and willing to play for you. nobody wanted koji so you got him.

2010 we can expect more of the same teams with legit money and chances to win will get the big names. if you're lucky mora and huff will come back your way.

at least you guys can look forward to the 2011 draft. first pick of a little bit of nothing. must be nice. good news is your owner is finally getting close to making steinbrenner money.

too bad your team will never see any of it


I never denied Roberts impact on the line-up. I was simply suggesting that if he didn't go down, we may have never seen what Wiggy could do with the bat. Being the teams best hitter so far has at least made up a few of those runs that we lost by losing Roberts, no?

As much as losing BRob has hurt, imagine not having Wiggy in the line-up this year. How many more losses would we have? Who knows.

And as for Pete's points about Koji. While largely inaccurate, he has his reasons for writing such. Question is, what's your excuse?

Seems to me smitty, you like to go against the obvious at every turn, simply because it's different. The Plan is in total disarray, and there's no end in site. But you don't mind.

Hmmmmmm - In just a few days, AM will be entering his 4th year. Meanwhile, the team may end up the worst in team history, people aren't going to games, MASN's Baltimore ratings are a disgrace and 1057 is pretty much in panic mode.

And the media and you go right along.

So enjoy the ride for the period you claim it will take for AM's plan... another 2-3 years.

I have to admit... you have that going against the grain thing down well.

And Pete must like you........ As Bill Murray would say in Caddyshack.......

You've got that going for you - which is nice!

The good news is that we didn't sign both Koji and Kawakami because if I remember correctly, Andy had interest in signing both of them till the Braves stepped in and swooped up Kawakami.

The best part of the O's and Nats series was when Hunter was telling a story about seeing the President's Helicopter or something along those lines and Dibble replied with "do you want to give away all our secrets to our enemies." Jimmy never finished the story and later in the game, Dibble said to Palmer "I hope Jim knew I was kidding" and it sounded like Palmer was going to say something like don't worry about him, he's an idiot, but just laughed. I think Hunter loves Palmer and would leave Bonnie, Jimmyville and the O's to be his protege. Does anyone think Hunter could work for another station? Forget that he has no ability to be impartial, but he adds nothing to the game except bad stories and crappy one liners plus he's always mad at Palmer for not going out to dinner with him so Jimmy if you are reading this, He's just not that into you!


There's a reason no other team would sign Koji as a starter. You think he wouldn't have gone someone else if he could have?

That the Orioles felt they could return an injury prone reliever into a starter at the Major League Level is beyond incompetent. Go back and read the Blogs from back then. Many people were scratching their heads over the signing. We had hoped we were wrong.

Problem is Tully, most of AM's risk fail miserably. We don't have to go back to last year as its been well documented... Let's just stay with this year.

ANd 'risk' Tully?

Has there been a worse signing by a team this year than AM's 'risk' signing of Atkins?

How about our new closer, Gonzo? Hmm... Injury prone reliever who had 7 of 14 blown saves last year. I guess that 'risk' hasn't panned out.

And then there's Miggy. I love Miggy, and the truth is, he may be the O's mvp this year. But, he plays a corner infield position. A position that requires better than average production. Problem is, he's batting 265 and projected out to hit 14 hr's. Oh, but wait,,,, he's holding it down for Bell. Anyone know how he's doing?

And who said anything about Pete or anyone in the media writing 'mean' articles? All many of us have been asking for is the simple truth. Nothing mean.... just the truth.

They don't need to be mean like in NY..... But how about holding ownership/management accountable for the dramatically horrid state of the organization?

Not only would that NOT be mean Tully, it would be a wonderful public service for the fans of Baltimore baseball.

Wayne (not your real name)...your info is available also

Barry, What's my real name bro? I'm signing out, but I'll check tomorrow. Can't wait.

I'll also look forward to you hitting send 20 times.

Is this how you do it?


You have been the Orioles Apologist-In-Chief over the years. Exactly what is the salary paid by Angelos for this Apologist's position?

Next to Trembley, Peter Schmuck is the single least likely B'More persona to hold anyone accountable for destroying baseball in Baltinore.

I guess this 13 year fiasco is just a perfect storm of Acts of God and plan old bad luck. WHY does all the good luck go to Tampa Bay, Oakland and, now, even to Washington?

Damny we're just unlucky.

Pete's reply: You committed the mortal sin of this blog. If you had read me for years, you would know that's not true and know why Angelos hasn't taken a phone call from me since 2005. Instead, you questioned my integrity with out factual basis because you're lazy and foul-hearted, perhaps because your baseball team is so bad that it has blackened your soul. Please post on some other blog from now on. I have no interest in hearing from you again and will delete your future posts so you have to spend hours and hours trying to come up with a new screen name to fool me.

Wayne....your ISP is had, along with a lil other items..won't be long before you will have to change your phone number buddy!

Love that 1 for 24 slump Tex is in right now! Punk was never coming here, just used O's to get more from Spankees!

Look all,

Barry and his secret ISP is now making threats... all because the Plan isn't working.

Hey Barry, here's one better. Just look for me at most home games. I'm not difficult to find. Just ask around.

Pete...... You condone threats on your Blog?

As long as you have over 100 post I guess.

know what is pitiful blancione? The fact that you don't realize that your and you're are different words.

you think we're going to trust the wisdom of a guy that can't use contractions?

You're pitiful.

What I can't understand is why aren't more Japanese players flocking to the O's to collect their $10M for doing absolutely nothing.


That just about sums it all up.

Some check Pete for a pulse...wake up dude!

Pete's reply: I'm alive, I think, but the Orioles have sapped me of my energy.

Pete regardless of peoples opinion on the current state of the orioles or any other sport you have let this blog completley fall apart. You allow anybody to curse at you, call you names that shouldn't be allowed anywhere much less on a blog. Yes everybody has heated discussions from time to time , but either clean up the blog or shut it down. You now have people coming on here with the sole purpose of stealing peoples valuable information and using it for fun. I have contacted my lawyer and i promise if anything happens to any of my personal information or my families there will be severe repercussions to pay. This blog has gotten out of hand beyond words.

Pete's reply: Bob, I'm deleting the bad posts when I see them, but I can't shut down the blog because you would have nothing to do and might get into some serious mischief. can't afford an attorney!! haha What a joke...who is your wife, Colleen or Mary?? She must be proud!!

Schmuck, you don't have to try to sugar-coat the Koji experience. The guy was old when we got him. The only reason McPhail did so was to open up a presence in the Asian market and please fans who had been complaining for years about the international scouting department. Koji was terrible but in the eyes of the front office, the good press two years ago was enough to save their jobs for a while.

Pete's reply: Well, to be fair, almost all the Japanese players who come over here are old. They have to play 10 years or so in Japan to become free agents.

That can't be the real Bob Lancione. His post was too coherent. No way that sounds like him. And if it IS the real B.L., check the very first comment posted on this entry and see the irony that HE'S complaining about the name calling.

zzzzzzzzzzz to be perfectly honest i meant to say how pitful speaking in terms of what pete wrote and how once again he was trying to suger coat the situation

Just chalk up the Koji signing as another in the long list of bad ones! Lump him in with the Payton/Atkins/Ortiz/Eaton etc. A few mill out of King Peter's pockets is chump change but maybe a few more of these and he'll realize that maybe MacPhail isn't the genius he thought.
I'm guessing that it might take a few more years for that to happen. Until then, the O's will continue to scour the waiver wires(especially the Cubs!) and look to pick up fill out our roster that way. Anyone that is getting /or on the verge of getting their walking papers can always count on Andy to come calling...

"It loses some affect when you call attention to your jest"

What you did there. I see it.

First off, to all you posters, Pete does a great job of addressing and raising the issues that are current and important to the state of the O’s. Just be glad we still have him, as The Sun is but a former shadow of itself, and not for lack of trying by the staff. I remember the days when I could delve into a copy of the Evening Sun and be absorbed by the depth and breadth of the articles, whether on politics, international issues, or sports. Reading the Sun papers in those days was a real pleasure, we were spoiled in retrospect. Because it is no longer the profitable business it once was, we’re reduced to getting what we get and wanting what we want from newspapers nowadays.

The above being said, a reporter, and even a columnist has to take a measured and balanced approach when dealing with his subjects. Pete, although I am sure he’d like to see the O’s do well, is neither a fan like us nor an owner of the team. He will never feel our urgency. Also, when you deal with a classy and stand up guys like Trembley and Macphail, it’s naturally a little bit hard to be critical. I think that is where some fans and a lot of media, Pete included, are making a mistake. If for example Macphail was an obnoxious lout like Tony Bernazard, or someone of questionable ethics like Jim Bowden, would he be getting the same kind of deference from the media for the horrible roster he has assembled? I saw the same thing in DC with Manny Acta, he’s a nice guy, has time for the media, and an ability to articulate himself well. However, he was awful as a manager, and Jim Riggleman has done markedly better. The media always took it easy on Acta, and blamed or cited the roster. But you can’t ignore that virtually with the same roster, the Nats have been a .500 team since he got the boot, and he has continued his poor managing in Cleveland.

Pete, although you and others in the media probably hold Macphail and Trembley in high regard as human beings, it is time the critical questions are asked are doggedly pursued. By ANY performance based outcome measurement, the Orioles under Macphail and Trembley have been an abject failure. If the O’s processes have improved, it is not evident from what we see on the field, or in the stats sheets in the minors. This team was doomed from the minute Macphail decided to keep Trembley on board and failed to obtain a legit set of corner infielders. I want the questioned asked openelyto Macphail and an answer demanded by the media as to why Trembley is still here. Let’s here the reason.

What I don't understand about Uehara is why we sat around waiting all weekend for him and played shorthanded while he was unavailable. I am not a card-carrying Trombley basher, but I think it's absurd to immediately give a reliever two days off after throwing 30 pitches in 2/3s of an inning. One day off, fine. Then, if he wasn't available on Friday, he should've been asked point blank whether he thought he could pitch Saturday. Anything other than "yes" should've been met with an immediately trip to the DL.

Instead, we were treated to multiple Albers outings and Meredith giving up the walk-off on Sunday when they're the two worst pitchers on the team and really should not even be on the roster.

Uehara seems a bit fragile, but I blame management for letting him sabotage the bullpen all weekend.

Please that was a very good post. You hit home on some very good points. With that said i don't believe we as fans are going to get any answers to any questions that you have raised. That only adds to our frustrtion. But great job anyway.

James -

Poor managment = bad singing.

I really have know idea how you could right that post from 10:41 last night without realising that you were contradicting yourself the entire time.

PS - I'm still waiting on my grade, professor.

NB - why are you blaming the singing? Would you rather they lip sync?

/just for the lulz, y'all. No need for grammar police

Let me elaborate on that a bit more...

"Koji was a dominant pitcher in the Japanese league."

I guess that could be true. He was certainly very good as a starter from '99 to '06, and he had a great year as a closer in '07. But injuries forced him into that relief role, and when he came back as a starter in '08, he wasn't nearly as good.

"The thing is, he was mismanaged."

I'm assuming that you mean he was mismanaged by the O's. And if that's the case, you're exactly right.

And here comes the big one...

"The Orioles screwed it up by trying to put him in as a SP."

Ding ding ding! That's why it was a bad signing! I mean, seriously. If the O's had signed Billy Wagner to start, would you have called it a good signing? No! And it's exactly the same deal with Koji. It was a bad move because of how the team decided to use Koji. Plain and simple.

"Secondly, grammar should matter to an extent. It's one thing to mistype a word, but when you don't know the proper tense of your/you're or they're/their, kind of sad."

Sorry, but it's pretty ironic that this sentence stands exactly where a new paragraph should have started...

It is one thing when you mistype a word and a different thing when you don't know proper tenses, but, as I said before, this is the internet. Are you trying to tell me that in your entire life of typing, you never accidentally typed "there" instead of "their"? Heck, even Pete had called O's players by the wrong name before. I think we had a "Brian Bergesen" throwing for us in one game. The point is, this is a place where people throw out there opinions very quickly without reading them. Who cares about the grammar, as long as the post is coherent? And if the post isn't coherent, well, you probably wouldn't want to read it anyways. But, really, the last thing we need around here is the grammar police.

"Despite your apparent premonitions, not 'everyone' sees the future as clearly as you do."

I had a "premonition" that both a 30-year-old product of Coors Field with declining stats and a 35-year-old, injury prone reliever from Japan would be busts. I apologize for taking ugly information and using it to tell people what I expect.

"I am the 1000th person to point out the 'international market foot in the door', but my point is that it takes multiple offseasons to build these relations. Were you really expecting a flood of hispanic and asian free agents to swarm to Orioles as a result?"

No, but I was expecting some form of interest/bidding on guys like Sano and Chapman, as well as a dozen or so other foreign free agents who have signed with other teams since the O's signed Koji.

You can keep on telling yourself that signing Koji was a solid move that fell apart because of management, but, as I said before, I was a terrible move because of how it was managed. And the fact that Andy hasn't done a damn thing to improve this team hurts the Koji deal even more, as I can't imagine that any other Japanese player will have any interest in playing for a terrible team that misuses its players.

Hey, if the Orioles that had drafted Tim Linceum instead of Billy Rowell, Rowell would have been the next coming of Ken Griffey Jr for the team that got him, and Linceum would have been out of commission for the last two years after getting Tommy John surgery.

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