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May 16, 2010

Baysox: Dog day afternoon

sabrina.jpgThe Orioles' eight-run bullpen collapse last night left me so stunned, that I took a wrong turn out of the neighborhood this morning and ended up at Prince Georges Stadium, where the Bowie Baysox are playing the Erie Seawolves.

Now, you might think I came out here to see Chorye Spoone pitch, or even to see Erie manager Phil Nevin, who was one of the greatest players to come out of Cal State Fullerton. If that was the case, I should have showed up on Friday night, when tempers flared during a rain delay and Nevin got into it (verbally) with a group of Baysox fans.

No, I came out today for the team's annual Bark at the Park promotion. Baysox fans were allowed to bring their pooches to the ballpark for an afternoon of fun that featured an appearance by Clifford.the Big Red Dog. The concourse was lined with special booths set up by local animal hospitals, pet food suppliers and obedience schools. It was a classic minor league promotion that drew a solid crowd and a lot of cute pups.

monty.jpgCheck out Sabrina (upper right), who actually came to the park wearing her custom Baysox cap, and Monty (left), who thought his dad would enjoy a nice Double-A baseball game.

I'm surprised the Orioles haven't done a "Bring Your Dog to the Stadium" promotion, but they apparently learned their lesson a few years ago when some agent showed up at Oriole Park with Marty Cordova.

OK, that's a bit harsh, but it's a beautiful day to walk your dog and watch a ballgame, all at the same time.

Baysox PR guru Tom Sedlacek offered to issue a press credential for my new puppy, but Bogart isn't quite old enough to sit in the press box yet, so I had to get some writing tips from Clifford (below).

Clifford photo by Tom Sedlacek

Baysox game update: Erie right-hander Brooks Brown held the Baysox hitless for five innings before being replaced by left-hander Ramon Garcia, who did not hold onto the no-hitter for long. Matt Angle bunted for a hit to break it up in the bottom of the sixth. Guess he should be glad Dallas Braden wasn't pitching. Meanwhile, Chorye Spoone turned in a solid start for Bowie, working six innings and giving up just a run on five hits, but the Seawolves went on to score a 4-0 victory.

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For different reasons

Lost 2 in a row to Cleveland

Hating this tough schedule

We almost won today


We were only down by 2 for the longest time

10 almost wins counts as 1 real win

38 games played. Everybody keeps talking about how the orioles will make up some ground with the so called easier teams. They had to score 5 runs in the 8th inning to win the series against a hapless hitting seattle team, they just lost 2 out of 3 against a hapless hitting cleveland team so would somebody out there tell me who is left in baseball to beat. Doesn't it bother anybody in this town that a guy who got paid a 66 million dollar extension turned out to be a punch and judy hitter, 2 home runs and 12rbi's i thought when you paid somebody that kind of money he was suppose to do more. Please don't come back and tell me just wait until the end of the year because he will put up his usual numbers. Nick m is just a good ball player thats right good not somebody that should be making that kind of money. He is not a team leader he is not a hitter that anybody fears , yes he is a very good outfielder with a great arm, but he is suppose to do more for the money that this team pays him. This town accepts anything out of there players now it's just has become unbelieve able what we accept now.Adam jones is so over rated that it's not even funny. Andy's plan was going to be nearly impossible to begin with but when guy's that you depend on have taken drastic steps backwards how do you expect this plan to work. How does everybody like this plan now . What a shame.

I'm dyin' here, i'm dyin here

Dave Trembley

If anybody has an old 1968 Orioles Yearbook, you can see if my memory is correct (I think this is found in the article titled "Let's Have Some Fun.")

Once in 1967 a dog jumped out the stands when Curt Blefary was playing LF for the Os, picked up the ball in his mouth, and the batter wasa awraded a ground rule double.

And it wasn't "bring your dog to the park day."

This blog is pretty weak

I know that lord angelos wants us to keep our mouth shut and not make fun of this years orioles here in communist Baltimore but this is just insane. The Orioles need a salary cap to contend against these rich giants like Cleveland! I mean Baltimore is a small market and we don’t own our own television rights so we will never compete with these teams like Cleveland with these vast revenue streams!! If only Baltimore would build Peter Angelos a new stadium and give him more money maybe he could get us a decent team in 6 or 7 years. I mean we haven’t waited that long look at the Cubbies!

When Steven Strasburg comes to the bigs this area will forget the zeros

I've been dying here

I've been dying here

Royals vs. Orioles will draw 5-7k tomorrow night


Not much left to say after seeing the post today. I think it's fair to say that people need to stop talking about the AL East from now on. It makes the fans and media that do so look pretty darn silly.

What is or record against the non AL East teams anyway? And didn't many posters say that the O's would easily be better than Toronto this year?

Dog days in Baltimore indeed......

I am getting rich here!


It is simply hillarious how all those guys said the Blue Jays would be in the basement this season... Now they are all in hiding lol

This series should be enough to put to rest any ideas of the first Cleveland game representing some sort of "turnaround."
This team has no offense except for Wigginton and Tejada.

Little League day at the Yard today... I went with my six year old son. We were both very excited. What we were so excited about turned (predictably) into a HUGE failure by the O's.

We stood in a parade line for an hour and a half. Youngest kids go last - very smart! Once inside, we were rushed around the warning track. My son was barked at by an usher because he was compelled to go touch the grass. Imagine that - a kid wanting to touch that sacred field.

Only Koji was in the dugout giving high fives to the kids. Way to earn your keep, pal. No Nick, No Adam, No anyone, except out hero, Koji.

Per order of the O's - No cameras, so I have no pics to remember to occasion (lol).

Also, we were instructed not to ask for autographs (not that any player, besides Koji, was even around). The instructions read, in bolded caps, NO AUTOGRAPHS. Good job O's.

And once all that crap was over, they ran out of hot dogs. How does a MLB team run out of hot dogs on Little League Day???!!!

After 30 years, I am seriously considering the Phillies as my hometown team. Very sad.


How dare you expect anything from this organization! Just be happy PA hasnt moved the team!! You should worship anything special the orioles give you!!


hahaha jk man

Hey Pete,

I loved the Dog Day Afternoon piece.... BUT

I have a serious request. What Kevin experienced (see 8:45 post) is a disgrace. If you can't look into it, can you see that someone at the Sun does. After all, you represent the O's for the fans more than anyone there.

It's one thing to be a very bad major league baseball team. But when your PR team is as bad as the play on the field, then the media in Baltimore has a responsibility to expose such unprofessionalism.

When this horrid organization cares so little about the kids, then the people responsible need to be exposed.

This is NOT the first time this has happened on Little League Day. It's a disgrace and the Orioles just need to STOP being such Jerks.

The Oriole Way indeed.

It is amazing that Wiggy leads the team in about every positive stat...

BA T. Wigginton .320
HR T. Wigginton 12
RBI T. Wigginton 24
R T. Wigginton 20
OPS T. Wigginton 1.067

I see MLB making some rule next year to block bad teams from having a fill in automatic player make the team... We saw macphail take advantage and put Jones in last season when kakes deserved it also it puts pressure on shitbag owners like Angelos to sign legit players. Wiggy is playing well but he should not be playing in an all star game.

Little League Day......

SInce the O's are the worst team in baseball... Since fans are staying away by the thousands..... SInce ratings on MASN and 1057 are a disaster.... AND since kids could CARE LESS about the Orioles....

Here are just a FEW things that should have gone down today.

- The kids should have been allowed (in one long line) to run around the bases. No sliding, but just the joy of touching them all...

- No photo's of the players, but camera's should have been allowed. Pictures taken from field level would have given lifetime memories......

- All active players should have been REQUIRED to attend. Are you kidding me - Koji is the only one who showed up? Good for him. Shame on Nick and the rest....

- Souvenir for all the kids... baseball.... anything....

- Hot dogs for all the kids. Seriously, they actually ran out?

I understand how there must be some restrictions. I get that. Taking pictures with players for example would be too time consuming, thus impractical.

But so much could have, should have been done.

What a waste.....

Pete, You're a nice guy, a good guy. I feeling and hope is that you're appalled. I'm sure you are.

I had no plans to buy playoff tickets after the M's series, but I did have some hope that maybe this team turned the corner, but that was dashed this weekend. Simon pitched flat out awful on Saturday, but there were so many dumbass plays from Izzy trying to steal to his pathetic attempt of trying to turn a double play that it was like only Matusz and Wiggy showed up.

The game today was awful because Hendrickson pitched a pretty good game in a spot start, but only 1 run and that was in the 9th is inexcusable against a team like the Tribe.

Going forward, how can this team play with a no hitting SS and 1B? They have to do something, as Izzy and Atkins couldn't start for most minor league teams. Atkins hasn't hit the ball hard since the 1st week and this team can't have an automatic out at SS.

How long is the F.O. going to let DT and the Crow continue doing what they are doing? KC and the M's made changes, but we are just going to sit back and say oh well?

Anyone else think Jones needs to go to the minors to wake his ass up? Can anyone really say that it looks like Jones really cares about how his season is going? I don't see any emotion from him.


To be fair - I believe other O's were on the field before my kid's group made it in... still, he was the only one out there by the time we came around. Again, why make yongest go last??!!

My son and I were both jazzed by the idea of getting on the grass, not even thinking the infield would be open. Dream come true, but not.

Sh%!, he just ran over and put his hand on the grass, and that fast someone ran over and said "over on the track" . He barely got a touch. Not even trying to be a problem. Came running back like he was in trouble. I told him to feel free to go touch it again. I know, bad parenting...

but, wayne, you are right on. Missed opportunity... and that's it.

Photos coulda lasted a lifetime. Bound a young fan for life by running the field. A baseball with autographs? Not too much to ask for.

Missed opportunity, big time.

How much would a freaking hot dog for all little leaguers have cost for the 4th most profitable sports franchise?

Just stupid. Plain and simple.

O's fans,

Dog days indeed. As I posted the other day, we must try and enjoy the 60 or so wins we get this and only HOPE there is massive change like we will see in the November elections. There is tremendous potential for improvement here in Baltimore, but our 12 year reign as just a horrible organization will not help us get better. We need a culture change and that begins with YOU! Accepting mediocracy is a big part of the problem! We win a game and all the warehousers are out in force, we win a series every other months and you would have thought we made the playoffs. You have a choice and that is to demand better of this once proud organization. Buying tickets and Oriole junk is feeding the warehouse. It might help if the media lit a fire under this outfit but we all know that won't happen.

Complacency can be ugly, (See Pirates, Royals and Detroit Lions).

So it's up to us, Boycott Birdland! I happened to need to kill about an hour on Saturday and watched the MASN show with Tom Davis, Pat Sajak, Johnson and was so amused that they were talking about all the negative blogging. Now you know their in PA pocketbook and on the payroll, but really what do they expect us to accept for so long!

Fire them All!

I told you so!

The truth will set you free!


It really is shameful....

Problem is, to the O's... it's a non issue. They could care less.

It'll just go away like everything else does with this organization...

Who wants to watch a bunch of pooches lay a mess in the stands in Bowie when we can watch an Oriole lay a turd in the Inner Harbor.

Lacking leadership, full of excuses, no burning desire, and constant justification for the Oriole's demise. Once upon a time there was Pat Gillick dealing and Dave Johnson captain of the ship. But, Peter Piper tossed them overboard (excuse me, they left the sinking ship of their own accord) and now we have this....down the road the Nationals have Dave Johnson in the fold, up the road the Phils have Mr. Gillick in an easy chair still helping advise Ruben. Both franchises seem to be on a good road while Baltimore continues to toss about without any leadership. Want to learn more, listen to the pre-game show on the radio. Sad, very sad....


The Orioles players barely ever get to touch the bases so why should the kids be allowed?!?!


IF the nats stay above or around 500 people will forget the Orioles and move on. They have a lot better talent that is even getting attention on ESPN and all around the nation. Angelos has done everything possible to piss off the fans nation wide so he can sell the team or whatever evil plan hes got going. There are a few baseball people in the orioles FO but they are just yesmen for Angelos to give the illusion they are trying each season.

Remember this team quit the fans by putting money over them. Most diehards still cant help but to pay attention cause they loved the team growing up and Angelos tries to exploit them by any means

Glad you enjoyed Dog Day Peter! I was also there (I've been every year) and I'm still sorting through all the great photos and 'Wag Swag' I acquired. I'm always amazed at how well-behaved the dogs are at the park. Always a great time at the park. Would have been nice if the Baysox had more offense than the parent club, but otherwise an ideal experience.


1. "It's just not fair{whine}...We can't compete with the Yankees and Red Sox when it comes to payroll."

2. "It was never about{Fill in the blank year] anyway."

3. "The marquee players just aren't worth all that money."

4. "Besides, we tried that once and look where it got us."

5. "When we try to make a trade{whine} the other teams always ask for our best prospects."

6. "The marquee players won't come here anyway."

7. "Screw the fans. It's Angelos money and he can do with it what he wants."

8. "We just seem to have more injuries than any other team."

9. "If Selig would re align we would be really good. It's just not fair to have to play the Yankees, Red Sox, Rays, or any other good teams for that matter."

10. "We will spend the money on good players some day when the time is right." Andy's only been here{fill in the blank years}anyhow. Give his plan a chance."

Oh, and if Super Saver had won you can bet that same Pimlico track official would have told you that he knew Super Saver was going to win because Cal Borel was riding, he was #8, and Cal Ripken was playing him.

I'm sure the same track official also knew that 23-1 First Dude would run second because he had a dream where he heard the question "How's that exacta thing working out for ya?"

Bowie really isn't an inexpensive alternative to big league ball. Way too expensive to see a game there and get something to eat. Might as well just go to an O's game and buy a ticket from someone trying to unload one for a couple bucks.

i have tickets for tonights game, anyone have a notion on whether it will be a rainout or not?


1. He writes the same sh!t over and over again.

End of list.

It's the middle of May, and the talk of the O's today is:

1. Where's Mike Costanzo?
2. Reimold's playing 1st, DH, and LF in Norfolk.
3. Ross Grimsley's weighing in.
4. Bowie's Dog Day promotion.
5. MacPhail's looking internally for help at 1B.

And then to read about Little League Day, and how the O's could have done more to attract/retain fans - kids and their parents.

Baseball in Baltimore is just plain bad. On-field product needs too many things to go right to get a win. There's nothing - absloutely nothing - for the Sun writers to write about. And there has been nothing done by the O's to distract us during this time - no promotion, or acknowledgment, or action.

I think this is as bad as it has ever been here. Even worse than Irsay.

You can extend the "dog day afternoon' into Monday and likely the rest of the year, based on comments made by MacPhail etc.
It's pretty pathetic that at the one quarter mark of the season, we still don't have a homer from our 1B!!!! That is hard to do when you think about it....I'm going out on a limb here and stating that maybe Atkins isn't panning out!
And now Andy wants to convert Reimold to a 1B when he's not hitting either and now why not add more confusion to him by making him learn a new position?
Failure to find a bonafide 1B should be one more reason to fire MacPhail, on top of his many poor moves made in his 4 year stint.


I said before the season started the Orioles would be lucky to get 20 Home combined from Atkins and Tejada...Right now they project out at around 16 combined... 4 Home Runs and 24 RBI's from the corner infield positions so far. Corey Patterson in left field, are you kidding me? It must be painfully obvious to even the most ardent members of the Andy Macphail fan club that Andy is absolutely clueless when it comes to evaluating present and future talent. Andy is WAAYYY past his prime as a GM, if he ever had one. He traded a couple of veterens for prospects and is still trying to live off the Bedard trade. Today's comments by Andy show how how incompetent he is...He created the problem at First Base and now is not sure how to solve it. He needs to be fired now so that the Orioles can bring in a young a younger GM who understands the game to begin to untangle the mess Andy has made.

Call the Orioles and demand change at the GM positon now.


By writing for the hundredth time that Gil is "boring and repetitive", aren't you also boring and repetitive?

I believe that there was a time to rag on the negative posters for consistent negativity, but that time was in Year 2 of the plan or maybe during Spring Training this year.

Now, though, the Orioles are the worst team in baseball...

- Nick Markakis, AKA the $66M Man, has 2 home runs and 12 rbi. And he's only 30 points south of his career slugging percentage, so it's not like he's in a miserable slump or anything like that.

- Brian Roberts is floundering in the baseball netherworld, somewhere between "feeling better" and "heading for career threatening back surgery".

- Adam Jones looks absolutely pathetic, and, even worse, he can't take criticism and doesn't seem to care about how pathetic he looks.

- Wieters, who was billed to play the part of "savior" in this plan, is hitting .260 with a slugging percentage south of .400.

- Atkins is a joke, yet he's still playing because the O's have absolutely nothing at first base. Rhyne Hughes was a nice breath of fresh air for about a week, but, as expected, the K's caught up with him.

- Scott is finally hitting, after a month and half, but we all know he'll fall into a horrible slump in another month or so.

- Izturis is worse at the plate than usual. And considering how bad he usually is, that's saying something.

- Miggy's hitting, as everyone said he would.

- Wigginton has been fantastic, but can you imagine how ugly this offense will look once he cools down?

- Patterson has been solid since his call up, but come on, he's Corey Patterson. In a week or so, he'll be hitting .240 with a bunch of strikeouts and not enough walks.

- There isn't much to say about the bullpen, where we've got two decent pitchers, Berken and Ohman. And it's a miracle to me that Ohman hasn't given up a run yet. How do you walk eight in 12 innings without letting any of them score?

- The starting pitching is the one bright spot here...

--- Millwood and Guthrie have both far exceeded expectations.

--- Matusz has been solid, aside from the hiccup in Minnesota. He's got a 3.00 ERA against the Yankees so far this year.

--- Bergesen was miserable to start the year, but he's been great since he came back, thanks to his old friend the ground ball (15 GB's in his first three starts, 45 GB's in three starts since callup).

--- Hernandez lasted as long as his could with his propensity to give up free passes and home runs. Here's hoping that Chris Tillman can overcome his shaky start on Friday, toss a few more gems and get the call to join the big league rotation. I'd rather see Tillman throw every fifth day that a bunch of spot starters.

So, aside from the starting pitching (which could closely resemble a ticking time bomb if you're looking at some of the history there), what is there to be positive about?

It's only a matter of time's only a matter of time........

Gil. Umfortunately, your corner IF projections may be on target! I had some doubts about Atkins but even his worse critics couldn't have predicted this meltdown-time to swallow that contract now. The Rays dumped Burrell so we should do the same. I think keeping a non-productive player around sends the wrong message. I'm guessing that MacPhail hates to admit failure so we will see Atkins (and Patterson-his golden child) until the All-Star break.
not brooks-pretty accurate summary of the current O's-'not pretty'!!!
O's fans have every right to be negative if we aren't seeing overall improvement in 4 years. Most of us weren't expecting a contender overnight but by the same token, I thought we would have at least shown some fight in the 4th year of the rebuild/PLAN.
What we have is a team that is a punching bag for any decent team and a worthy foe for the other dog teams-like KC/Cleveland and Pittsburgh(who must check the inter-league schedule each year!).


1. The Fans know more about building a Baseball team than Andy. Not open for debate.

2. All Baseball players Want to be Orioles First and World Series winners second.

3. The Orioles have a limitless amount of money. Infinite.

4. It's My money, not the O's or PA's.

5. No other Teams in MLB can offer players anything the Orioles can't. They all WANT to come to Baltimore, but Andy won't pick up the phone.

6. Payroll ALWAYS beats talent.

7. Prospects Never-Ever pan out. If they're not Ken Griffy Jr., they're useless.

8. Any player on Any team can be acquired by the Orioles. MLB revolves around the O's desires and needs.

9. After a decade-plus of frivolous spending, THAT plan was about to start working!!! And after 3+ years of a new "plan" it's Obvious that the Old plan of a Decade of decline was better. OBVIOUS.

10. Wins. Shut up.

11. Firing everyone not on the 40 Man is the Only way the Players will preform and the Wins will come. Obviously.

12. Independent and National recognition of the Orioles bright future is "spin".

13. Anyone who disagrees with me is either: A. One person who posts as multiple people; B. Likes loosing; C. is ignorant; D. Works for the Warehouse; E. All of the Above.

14. "The Plan" was supposed to Instantaneous and Flawless.

15. The O's are lying to the Fans...they WANT to suck. Everyone in the Warehouse laughs with Glee when the O's loose.

--Thanks Gil for the inspiration! If you can over-simplify and be antagonistic, so can us all...

Terry -

Atkins critics did predict this meltdown.

I don't have the links, but I remember reading a few articles about him prior to the start of the season where scouts and execs said he looked "lost at the plate" and that he was "done".

And here's a link to a fangraphs article that says that Atkins "will be lucky to be league average again":

And I know I was among several here who pointed out Atkins' consistently falling statistics and the fact that he was moving from a weaker division and the best hitters park in the history of baseball to the American League East.

I'm not trying to gloat, it's just that so many knew that Atkins wasn't even close to the answer for first base in 2010. And it's downright frightening that Andy MacPhail wasn't one of those people.


I'm curious to hear your thoughts on Kila Ka'aihue. KC called him up 2 weeks ago and he's gotten a grand total of 4 ABs. Granted, he's 26, but he's always been jammed behind Billy Butler in the KC pecking order. I think Andy should be looking for Dayton Moore to see if he can work a trade. Given his age and the presence of Butler, it shouldn't be that impossible to work something out for him without giving up the farm. You'd have to think that at the least, he'd be a huge upgrade over Atkins.

In case you don't know...

If the O's get swept by KC and DT is still the manager, he wont be fired this year. I honestly can't imagine Dave still managing if the O's end up 1-4 against the Tribe and Royals, but I thought the Crow would've been long gone by now so who knows?

Nick needs to bat 2nd and Adam needs to bat lower in the order like 7th or 8th. I thought they would go with Corey, Nick, Miggy, Wiggy, Luke, Matt, Jones, Atkins and Izzy, but why mess with perfection.

BTW, is Jones a 6 tool player like MASN says or just a tool? I was waiting for part two of that epic commercial.

Chris -

It seems like there's always a solid first base prospect stuck in the minors. Probably because most real teams have a solid first baseman in the majors.

I know a bit about Ka'aihue and I'd be all for trading for him. If only because I'd rather see a young guy with some fire and potential than an old guy with absolutely nothing.

And a Ka'aihue deal shouldn't be too hard to swing, considering the fact that he plays for the Royals, who might have the only GM who's actually worse than Andy.

Well I am positive the team is miserable and this soone to be AM's third year I would have hoped to seen more than what I have.

Kind of brings to mind what the late lead singer for AC/DC Bon scott was said when asked if he was AC or DC? He replied ,"Neither I am the lightening bolt in the middle."

The O's need a lightening bolt in the middle of the lineup and maybe one to hit someone at the warehouse.

Pete, sorry I missed you, my brother and I scored a Groupon for half off Baysox tickets and were at the BARK AT THE PARK too. One thing I like about minor baseball--you don't have to spend a fortune and you can get seats right on the baseline. Chorye Spoone looked like he was headed for disaster the first couple innings as he had a heckuva time finding the strike zone, which has been his problem this season (going into the game he had 19 walks to 8 strikeouts...yike!), but then something clicked and he became a strike machine, fanning six. Missing a year from surgery, not an easy thing to come back from, but the kid looked good and I hope this start is a sign he's turning a corner. Also, the Baysox defense played some pretty nifty ball, including a nice toss out at the plate as Baysox catcher Caleb Joseph took a heckuva hit but held on to the ball...and Caleb gunned down a runner at second. If he ever starts to hit, he might be Wieters backup one of these days. Oh, and the dogs were cute too...


Anyone going after Chuckas and his magically inflated attendance figures for Chuckasness?

I like how everyone in the media is back to happity doo da Preakness is cured all of a sudden.

Pete's reply: We're you there?

Great post Gil, as usual.....

I know they're great post when paulie/smitty/mean anonymous, etc get mad at you. I mean you really upset him this time. He even came up with a list of his own..... which after the first couple, was simply unreadable. Was he trying to be funny? One can never tell......

I really don't know what it will take for some Gil.... But know that the ultra positive posters are only down to a small minority now. Hell, paulie and his gang may be the only ones in fact.

I'm in San Diego and the talk is how the Padres are doing much better than expected..... Similar I'm sure to the talk that must be going on in Toronto.

I wonder what the feeling of exceeding expectations must be like?

wayne -

The O's have exceeded expectations.

Everyone expected them to be bad, but no one expected them to be anywhere near this bad!

Maybe that's why Andy still has his job...

ahhh, good point nb,

By the way, how dare you suggest Markakis isn't what everyone hypes his as....... You're simply gone way too far this time.

NB, Wayne:

The Orioles have turned out to be the dysfunctional mismatched group that we predicted. Even I was overly optomisitic and said they would win between 70 and 74 games following the offseason mess Macphail left in his wake. We noted all of the weaknesses and trouble spots all winter but were called names for doing so. NB, we even said that as soon as Luke Scott goes 0 for 9 or 1 for 15 get him out of the lineup before he kills the team. We said Reimold and Jones had not proven anything yet. People were penciling Wieters in for 30 and 100 and we said it would be more like 15 and 70.

We said we needed to make aquisitions that would likely generate 20 to 25 Home runs apiece at the corners. We said get a proven closer. We called it all and now the chickens have come home to roost. This team is actually worse than we thought it would be.

The only thing that Macphail did coming into the season was plan to lose again, but he didn't think it would be this bad. He deserves to be fired for making a bad situation worse. There is no possible way to justify his further existence as GM. A season is a terrible thing to waste.

Call the Orioles and demand change at the GM positon now.

wayne -

There are some interesting comparisons for Nick's contract.

For example, only six players with service time (at the time of the extension) less than or equal to Nick's got more money per year than he did. Those players? Ryan Howard, Albert Pujols, Justin Morneau, Chase Utley, Hanley Ramirez and Tim Lincecum. Would anyone here be crazy enough to put Nick in the same category as those six?

Another one? Nick's ~$11M per ranks 7th among outfielders on their current contracts.

The average annual value of David Wright's contract is ~$2M less than Nick's. The Marlins locked up Hanley Ramirez, arguably the second best offensive player in baseball, for just $600,000 more (based on AAV) than the O's pay Nick each year. To be fair, those two were extended before they hit three years of service time.

Don't get me wrong nb, I think Nick is a quality ballplayer who deserves to be in a major league line-up. My contention all along has been however, that he's not the elite player so make hype him to be. Interesting comparisons you made by the way. Can there be a better example of how AM doesn't get the current finances of today's game? Actually, I'm sure there are.


The most concerning aspect of your last post is..... as long as AM remains, we'll be sitting here again next year saying the exact same thing.

I love your description of the O's as a.....

... 'dysfunctional mismatched group'.


Nick Markakis is a solid ballplayer who would probably start and hit in the middle of any MLB lineup. The problem is that he is one of the few threats in the O's lineup so he probably doesn't see a lot of good pitches and he also feels the pressure of trying to do too much. End result is that his power numbers are down but don't blame it all on Nick.
Yes, he's making good $$$ and may be overpaid to some extent but can you imagine the uproar if he didn't get an extension?
Clearly a case of paying more, as with the Brian Roberts contract, to keep guys in Baltimore. You have to think that both are getting sick of losing and would have probably signed for a lot less to finally be on a winner. It likely isn't going to happen during the life span of these contracts!
I really don't have a problem with MacPhail signing/extending either player. It's the Atkins/Baez/Gonzalez deals that are killing this franchise.

Good post TerryP...

I have nothing against Nick, and it's not his fault that he's overhyped by far too many fans and media.

I agree that he's a solid player who 1) has never had much protection in the order, and 2) never been in a consistent line-up.

Is he a middle of the order guy? I don't think so. There's no question in my mind that he'd be starting for the Yanks and the Red Sox though.

"Anyone going after Chuckas and his magically inflated attendance figures for Chuckasness?
I like how everyone in the media is back to happity doo da Preakness is cured all of a sudden.
Pete's reply: We're you there?"

No. I am too old for Preakness. But I have friends still in party mode that refuse to go. No of their friends come in from out of town anymore, none of the bars run trips anymore.

I could see the vast empty spaces on turns 2-3-4 (when wbal FINALLY cut to a blimp shot and not the Tom Tasselmyer roof shot w/ the stage crowd behind them, hence making it look busy) and know people that went and confirmed for me. I was in the record crowd of 121k in 2007. It was an amazing sea of humanity.

The numbers simply do not add up. A quick look on lays it out there. You cannot fit a Ravens stadium crowd into that grandstand as he is suggesting happened.

Unlike a lot of PA haters on here, I did take action and emailed Pimilico and the NYT writer who interviewed him. Waiting to hear back. Someone needs to call this guy. He is being sneaky to bring people back to drink his 45 minute wait beers.

This just gets me fired up. Preakness was one of the last great party frontiers. Now, it is baseball fan fest w/ womens minor league vball and music.



I'm really tired of my I told you so, but yet again a very average guy with a good baseball acumen sits here stunned.

The last day of training camp, after myself, Wayne and Not Brooks suggested repeatedly several months before Spring Training that the O's should try Reimhold at Firstbase. Only on the last day of Spring Training did that happen.

Now I understand that Reimhold is only playing firstbase in AAA???? Hello, AM are you listening or just that dumb. Don't answer that question you brought us Atkins and Lugo,, your judgement is no longer in question!

I really find this just figuring this stuff out at the end of May very unprofessional and quite frankly not deserving of the position these guys hold (AM and DT).

I told you so!

The truth will set you free!



Signing Nick is evidence Against Andy?!??!!

So, rather than sign Nick at 11Million per, let him go...that's what Andy should have done?

Wayne, you can't have your cake and eat it too. Over-paying Nick is bad...but over paying Matt Holliday/Chone Figgins/Jason Bay is good??

I guess for the man with a hammer, everything is a nail.

read the threads again..... I'm fine with Nick.

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