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March 12, 2010

Roberts update

Brian Roberts was examined today by team orthopedist Dr. John Wilckens and placed on new anti-inflammatory medication, but he'll need at least a couple more days for the medication to take effect before resuming his rehab program.

"We'll wait a few more days until he's on the medication,'' said manager Dave Trembley, "and we'll see where he's at."

Orioles president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail said today that the club still projects Roberts as the starter at second base on Opening Day, but he isn't taking that for granted.

"You still have to start looking at options if he's not,'' MacPhail said.

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He should just take HGH and roids like he normally does...

Orioles better start trying harder! If they don’t they may not be able to mooch off the yanks and sox much longer because MLB will demote them for that SOP they have utilized over the last 10+ years! AL East will be a privilege soon like the way they do things in English premier soccer.

Kevin Millwood has a deep dark secret we all need to get out in the open……………………………………………………………………….HES NOT AN ACE PITCHER ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If that happens Greedy Petey will sell the team to Cal or someone else that is interested in winning and making money not just making the most money possible and losing

Yeah roids wont help his performance just get him back on the field

When did Millwood refer to himself as an ace? When did Andy refer to him as one? They didn't. Not every team has an ace and, if they do, they were probably developed in house. Maybe Matusz will be an ace in 2011. Andy described Millwood as a "front of the rotation guy." That's what he was in Texas. That's what he'll be here in 2010. It was an accurate statement.

Millwood always stinks in spring training. Look at his stats for 2009 in ST. He uses ST to work on his worst pitches. He turns it on when the season begins.

I've been a staunch defender of the "plan", but even I am starting to see some areas for concern.

I'm not worried about the W/L record, but I would like to see some of these guys start playing like they mean it.

Even through the past several months when I've fought the good fight against the haters, I have never been a huge Trembley fan.

I think this team needs a disciplinarian, a guy like Bobby Valentine, someone who will make the players accountable. This team has talent, even the most negative have to admit that, but if they don't go out and do it, what good is it? It's there for the taking for many of these guys and through the early going, it doesn't seem like they care. And it doesn't seem Trembley is willing or able to do anything about it. I know he's a great baseball man and everything, that doesn't make him a great manager.

If you think it's too early to be concerned about the manager, I give you two examples from the world of the NHL.

Two years ago, the immensely talented Washington Capitols got of to a 6-14 start, which translates to something like a 12-28 mark in baseball and they fired their coach and brought in the cherub, Bruce Boudeau. The rest is history.

The Chicago BlackHawks fired the very popular Dennis Savard after four games last season, FOUR games, brought in a rough and tough game coach called Joel Queneville, a guy who could deal with all the young dudes on that squad.

They ran all the way to the conference finals last year and this year have the third best record in the league and are expected to face the Caps in the Stanley Cup finals.

Baseball and hockey are different, I know, but you can see the advantage to realizing an early change can yield good things. Maybe something for this team to think about before it gets away from them.

Hey Ken.....welcome aboard. we have been talking about this issue for over a year.
The team needs some passion, some hustle, and some heart.

Ken, there you go again. I guess I am an older guy but I keep seeing people use the word "haters" a lot. I am not familiar with the vernacular or context that it is being used in. What exactly is a hater anyway? Is it someone who doesn't agree with your opinion? You seem far too cerebral to use some hip hop adjective. Also, don't hurt your arm from patting yourself on the back "fighting the good fight".

I wrote on another post that I really believe that Macphail has a small but vocal group of supporters. I think the press is getting ancy with "the plan' just as are {I Believe} the majority of the fans who still care. I think that f the Orioles turn in another 90+ loss clunker in 2010, Andy Macphail and the "plan" may be gone. The Old Man is known to be impulsive, especially when the paying customers are staying away in increasing numbers.

You seem like a good guy,ken, but I don't think it is fair to call people derisive names just becuase they do not agree with you and Ms. Rosy Scenario.


hater: a person that has an irrational dislike of "x".

I know the term might be derisive, but "kool-aid drinker" and "warehouser" aren't meant to flatter either.

Both sides seem to use plenty of slander, and there are few innocents left on these blogs. Even "Ms. Rosy Scenario" probably would call folks haters.

"You seem far too cerebral to use some hip hop adjective."--nice back-handed dig.

as the old saying goes "don't hate the player, hate the game". I.E. "don't kill the messenger."


oh, any thoughts on the realignment discussions. I had posted yesterday looking for some insight from you...

I'm on the fence personally, but I'd like to hear others perspective. Better or Worse to be out of Al Beast?


Millwood wasn't brought here to be an ace. He was brought here to pitch in the #1 slot for one season (no more, no less unless dealt at the deadline). His purpose is to win double digit games, keep his ERA respectable, mentor the REAL ace (Matusz), and, hopefully, pitch well enough to draw trade interest so we can get more prospects.


A hater is just someone who constantly takes a negative point of view. It's not necessarily good or bad, it's not derogatory in this sense, it just is what it is. In fact, one of my favorite blogs on the internet is called The Hater. You can see it here-

On to baseball...

How do you see the bullpen shaping up?

If you would have asked me 3 weeks ago, I'd have asked for the following:

Gonzalez, Johnson, Uehara, Hendrickson, Ohman, Meredith and Mickolio

Now I'm wondering if (based on the way he's throwing this spring and the fact that Mickolio has options) maybe Albers deserves that last spot... If he continues his good spring, and we try to pass him through waivers, he's most likely gonna get picked up. If we keep him on the club, that gives us more opportunity to benefit from his presence, be it a trade, him doing well (remember 2008 before his injury?), or him tanking a few and then getting sent down (which would be the least desirable option of course). Either way, it's good that the team is looking at who will earn a spot on the roster as opposed to who they might as well put on the roster.

Maybe I'm just looking for humor in all of the wrong places but The President of Baseball Operations commenting on a bad back ...

... and then there's ...

"You still have to start looking at options if he's not," MacPhail said.

Still have to start looking? When does the starting end and the actual looking begin?

The Orioles used to be about "deep depth." Now, it's just deep doo-doo.

Underachiever, overpaid, mediocre loser.

"Underachiever, overpaid, mediocre loser."

You obviously know jack about baseball. Roberts was 13th in stolen bases, 1st in doubles, 7th in run scores, and 26th in hits in ALL OF MLB. He's one of the better leadoff men in baseball and has been for quite a while. On top of it all he made only $8 million last year which isn't remotely close to the top players in baseball. The cutoff for the top 25 highest paid players was $14.8 million so I imagine Roberts is somewhere in the 75-100 range if I had to estimate.

In what sense of the word is that underachieving or overpaying?

Oh and did I mention he also played on average 152 games a season for the past 6 years. He goes out every day for a crappy organization and puts up good numbers. On top of it all despite having to toil in Baltimore he chose to stick it out with the Orioles instead of going to free agency.

Brian Roberts is the least of the Orioles problems find something else to complain about.

Reading the article and your post made me think of being a kid and asked by my father if I had mowed the lawn and me saying "I'm about to get started". Didn't work on him then and this doesn't work on me now.
I'd rather him say "we have contingency plans in place in the event any of our players can't go when the bell rings"...whether it is the truth or not.


I think you're right - anyone who's been around this blog for any amount of time isn't exactly innocent anymore. Call it what we will, but there are clearly people who can say nothing bad about the O's and people who can say nothing good about the O's, and plenty (most) somewhere in between. The people on the extremes accomplish very little other than to get everyone else wound up. I wouldn't call the negative people haters since a few of them actually do it out of love for the team, and I wouldn't call the positive people warehousers because, well, I think that just sounds dumb. Anyway, I actually started writing to address your realignment point...

I just read an article about realignment (link at the bottom). I don't totally agree with the math, but even tweaking the formula, it seems like realignment wouldn't help the O's gain more than a few games unless they moved to the NL. The gist is, basically, if you're team is bad, realignment won't suddenly make them a division champ. I sometimes hate playing in the AL East, but if they can ever put together a solid team (even as a fluke for a year) and make one or both of the Sox/Yankees sit at home during the playoffs, I'll take it. The article brings up other points like revenue, etc that they would lose out on, which further solidifies it. Seems like a lose-lose situation, and I'll take the losses that I already know over realignment any day.

I like Roberts but he didnt stay to "stick it out " because he "believed in the plan"

He saw the writing on the wall and realized he wasnt getting 4 yrs anywhere else in this economy

Orlando Hudson is basically Brob with out the SB's and hes begging for a job every yr


I guess if the inertia for realignment comes from the owners there may be a real possibility that some restructuring could occur. I'm afraid if it's just what some of the fans{like Baltimore} the fans would like to see the possibilities are more remote. I don't know how you feel about interleague play but I think it dilutes the product and has run it's course of fan interest. I think the way to achieve parity quicker is to get rid of the "balanced" schedule and go back to playing all of the teams an equal number of games. Interleague play helps to screw up that idea. It worked for a long time and I remember when the "balanced"schedule came out, one of the reasons given was that it would cut down on a good deal of travel and save the teams money. I don't hear Peter Angelos complaining about it, whci does concern me. you would think he would want to put his team in a division that would allow us to comptet quicker. I must be missing something there, and with Angelos, it's always about the money.


I saw the bullpen the exact same way that you did. Albers seems to be pitching his way onto the team at this point. I also think that hernandez has a shot. The bullpen needs some power arms and if he pitches well for the next few weeks he could be in the mix. I only saw Ohman pitch one inning but I liked what I saw. not overpowering but has good command and movement in the strike zone. I think Berken will start the season in AAA. The kid has to stop nibbling and go after the hitters. He has the stuff. At least there is more competition this spring than there has been in recent years. And that is a good thing

ken, my man.........

You've almost (but no quite) come over to the 'dark side'.

I will however, continue to disagree with the Trembley haters.

Joe Torre had much the same rap until he had TALENT! Then he became a genius!

Now I know the Yanks are different than managing a group of developing players... i get that!

My problem though is, when Trembley officially becomes the scapegoat, everyone will believe the change will matter.

It won't matter ken.... not until the TALENT improves.

This has been a message from your local 'dark side' recruiter.


I was thinking back earlier today to the day Macphail was hired, back in early June 2007. My initial reaction was positive, in that the team and organization was so bad that any Macphail was better than what we had been through. That seems so long ago now. Like you, I mark progress in wins and losses, I gave him a pass in 2007 and 2008, although I was beginning to wonder why rebuilding the farm system did not also include a plan to bring in top talent from the outside to expedite the process and give the fans something to show up for... a real chance to win every night.

For me, the ether wore off between 2008 and the 2009 season. Macphail did absolutely nothing to try to make the team more competitive. It was then that I realized that the plan did not include any efforts to win in the present. Only the uncertain slog through the future, trying to promote prospects through the system to the major league level and hoping that it worked. No other facets to it. No creativity, just pile on the 10 straight losing years, 90+ loss seasons as far as the eye could see.

The small vocal core of Macphail supporters chide us constantly because they say we can't see the progress that has occurred. Progress is measured in many ways.

This past offseason Macphail had a chance to open up the checkbook and bring in some players that could have made things more interesting. He filled some holes on the cheap, and left the 2010 season in the lurch.

I honestly think that Peter Angelos thought that something would be perking by now, and so did the local press. Something in the form of at least a team that was capable of playing .500 baseball. That is not going to happen.

I truly believe that Andy Macphail has swindled Peter Angelos, he has swindled the fans, and the city of Baltimore. This team is no closer to a winning record than when Macphail arrived on the scene. We are looking at another three or four years to find out if this plan will yield results. And that is sad.

Bill Parcells said " You are what you do"

Quite SImply, MacPhail loses... a lot

His tenure at chicago was a .475 winning pct

Losses have actually increased since he was hired

He's had 3 winters to improve the team

He is driving a horse and buggy trying to win the INdy 500

Abandon hope all ye who enter here

I'm a McPhail defender, although not staunch.

I don't think some realize how bad this organization was when AM got here. Other teams wouldn't even send their minor leaguers to the Os ST sight because the fields were in such bad shape, the lack of a true ST home for years, no foreign presence (sp?) like NONE, how many years did the Os go with no true GM because nobody would work for Angelos?

Andy haters will dismiss anything positive written about him and how respected he is throughout baseball. Someone named him the 12th best GM in writers opinion, but he could have put him last. Some Andy lovers will over rate this. I think its cool that someone who follows the game for a major publication gives him a decent mark.

Maybe his W/L record just shows how tough the job is? When you take over say, the Mariners like this guy did I'd like to know if he had half the problems the Os had.

A friend of mine asked Johnny Damon for me (they went to HS together, very tight) if the Os are a team he'd be interested in...he said 'not at all.' This was when he was leaving the RS for NYY. Its just one big free agent, but he probably wasn't alone.

When the Os front office went on the bullpen spending spree, I could see things were going to get a lot worse before they got better (that's when I stopped giving them my money).

I couldn't care less who Andy has or hasn't brought in, for the first time since i can remember, there does seem to be a rhyme and reason to whats going on and the Os are headed in the right direction.

The Os could've taken steps to put a better team on the field during these years, I don't see moves that would have playoff contenders, assuming they would've had to way overpay FAs to come here. The kids that are our hope lies with now were in the low minors, the vets we had were blah.

AM or whoever took over the team in '07 would've had to turn a runaway aircraft carrier. It takes a long time just stop the bad momentum.

My final verdict for AM comes after this year. I'm seeing 76 wins (right to change b4 regular season), on the way to more. What will Andy do, or be allowed to do, to make the jump to 95 wins?

12 th best... Big Woop

He was also listed as 4th best in the ALeast

Hes been a terrible, horrible GM for the past 18 yrs with only 6 winning seasons and a bunch of 90 loss seasons in that span

To be for macphail is to be for losing.

Its that simple

"The Plan" is to hope a bucnh of prospects and stop gaps magically overtake the ALeast,

its not very imaginative. Most small market teams adopt this philosophy out of neccesity, the Orioles do it out of GREED

To be in favor of "the plan" is to be in favor of GREED

didn't say 12th was great, like i said andy haters will kill him for it. He could walk on water and they'd say he sucks cause he got the bottom of his shoes wet.

and i'll start with the opinions of baseball lifers to figure out andy before some anonymus poster

Cant you formualte your own opinions ?

If you cant see what andy's objective is by now then you'll never figure it out

Andy stinks and has been stinking for quite some time

You are what you do

Andy loses, therefore he is a loser


Have you ever put laundry detergent in a fountain ??

It makes bubbles

Lots and lots of bubbles


As you know, I couldn't agree with you more.

As you also know, we're called 'haters' simply because we state exactly what's going on. Anything else that anyone says is hope and hype.

Yes, things were bad when AM got here. But are they that much better now?

If another GM besides AM came in, would we not have Markakis, Roberts, Reimold, Bergesen, Arietta, Weiters and many more?

OK, he brought in Jones, Tillman, and drafted guys like Matusz..... but would not have someone else done similar?

Would someone else had done worse than bring in players like Eaton, SImon, Millwood, Hendrickson, Koji, Atkins, Miggy, Hill,Wiggy, and so many others? Seriously Gil, who would have brought in a worse group of free agents than this guy?

And people defend such?

Yes, things were bad when he got here. But it's going to take a whole lot more than a couple talking heads in the media to convince me things are on the right track.

And Jason,

It's been documented how horrid AM's record has been for so long now. Yet, when you remind people of such, they simply call you, me and Gil 'haters'.

haters? really?

In the end guys, I'm just sad that we have to watch yet another season of bad baseball in Baltimore.

As they say though.....

It was never about this year!

funny how losers can win 2 world series titles....
wouldn't that make them winners?

"watch yet another season of bad baseball in Baltimore"
That's just hilarious.....if I knew for sure something so ridiculous as that prediction, why on earth would I waste my time following them and commenting on them...just go root for a "winner" like the Yankees......not even a pitch thrown and so down in the how sad

yep, and earl was once a great manager, and cal was a hof player.

Time passes certain people by. In AM's case, the game changed (way back in the 90's), and Andy didn't change with it.

He deserves his rings, just like Brooks belongs enshrined.

I just wouldn't want to see Brooksie playing 3B anymore.


Hey Wayne,
I've got some info. that may help you...seriously
You said
"we HAVE TO watch"
Guess what? you don't "have to" watch, you don't "have to" pay one stinking cent to the O's. you don't "have to" comment on them at don't "have to" pay attention to them at all....and if you didn't you may be a happier person.....and so may some others:) enjoy your summer!

Jason C "you are what you do"
Does that mean if I do Win 2 World Series rings that I am a winner because that is what I have done?
Great point Jason!

Wayne, you cant definitively (sp?) say the someone else would have brought in tillman and jones and drafted matusz. AM DESTROYED the Mariners in the most one sided trade since whenever, got a decent return on a taintied tejada and we've seen past Os FO's pass up Tim Lincecum and others. So you cant say what would've happened if someone else was the gm you, like everyone else, would be guessing.

Even with Wieters, AM stared Boras down to the final hour to give him a more than fair deal and NOT a major league deal. Would the regime that drafted him caved and given him a ML deal right off the top? Don't know that either, but Andy handled that very well.

Miggy? You tell me the Os sign the NL leader in doubles next year for 5 million, I'll take him right now, not even knowing who he is.

You're not called haters because you speak the truth, you're called haters because you refuse to say anything positive about the Os. If they were as bad as you make them out to be, they'd go 0-162. The same way I'm not a warehouser cause i talk about the positive stuff...I do hit on some negatives, but i'm not going to go all mechanical clanging monkey and repeat the same things over and over.

Whats wrong with hope? If you're a really a fan, and i think you are, why not look for some...its only baseball for cryin out loud. Its not like we just found the meteor we were hoping would miss Earth is going to destroy us all in 9 months.

There's hope as in: I've been married for twenty years. I hope it lasts forever.

And there's hope as in: Gee, I hope my fourth wife is the one.

exactly waspman, she's what i have right now so i'm gonna try to find something about her i like and hope each year is better than the last.


If they were as bad as I said they were, they would win 64 games in 2009, and maybe just a few more in 2010. So you see, don't have to go 0-162 to be a bad team.

Yes, he did destroy the Mariners. How long does he live on that deal though? He made some others, and got some players, but like I've said MANY times, the previous regime (as bad as they were) brought in players as well. Do I have to name them all again?

As for Miggy, I've actually always like the guy. But come on cush, he was a last desperate move by AM because even this town wouldn't have put up with the signing of Crede. I hope Miggy does well, but he's a one year filler because many have already liftted Bell to hof status.

And what was AM suppose to do with Weiters cush? After the team drafted a stud, a team known for losing, he was going to come in here and not sign the guy? Do people really give him as much credit for that one as they do?

Finally though cush, how about mentioning all the terrible moves AM has made, without making excuses for each? And while doing so, how about AM's terrifically bad record since the game has changed?

Hope is fine cush! Not when it's based on false hype though. I am a fan, as I can tell you are. The difference is, I like watching winning baseball more than I like losing baseball.

That's just my nature!

The game hasn't changed....

The ammount of money has gotten bigger. big deal....

not so easy to explain away world championships

winning always trumps losing. The Orioles, barring a miracle, will suck (74 wins?) again 2010. I believe this suckiness is on the way to more winning, not less like i saw when they did the bullpen overspend thing.

Like a lot of GMs, he's made good and bad moves. That Seattle deal is one for the ages...he will live off that for a LONG time. the previous regime drafted a lot good players, but while they were in the low minors there was nothing above them...another problem when AM got here. There was a huge talent gap from AA up. Thats why the embarrassing pitching tryout camp of 2009...that's something you'd get for a 21 and over league in Glen Burnie after posting on craigs list.

And I'll never see signing a guy who led the NL in doubles last year, made the all star team, and hit whatever he hit as a desparation move. They got him at a low rate because nobody else, for whatever reason, wanted him. I don't care...who was a better option that would've come here? That wasn't desparation, that was AM reading the market...something he does well and also something that makes him more conservative than some would like.

Atkins signing makes me want to puke. I'd put Bell at 1b and tell him he's a left handed hitter from now on before i would've signed atkins.

I think the hype is warranted on some of the young guys, although most 'hype' is false cause rarely does one live up to it. I'll put Weiters, Jones, and Matusz up against any 3 players any organization has 25 and under. Again, I don't care who got them here. You won't find many who wouldn't trade their top 3 for these guys. SInce Weiters is a catcher, I'm guessing less than 5.

I'm sure there are a few GMs who could've come in and done a better job. I think there are more who wouldn't have touched this job. I think there are many who would've tried the same tact that led to all these years of losing.

If I was king of the world, there are some things i would have done differently. However, i can't think of many that would have put the club on a better track than it is right now.

In fact, for the first time in a few years, I will be giving the Os my money again becuase i do believe they are headed in the right direction. Seeing a lineup with Reimold, Jones, Weiters, Nick, Matusz (if it times out), and Miggy should be fun.

If you were as smart as you think you are, you wouldn't spend money on a product that "sucks"...

Brian Roberts situation is the most important development so far in spring training.

Without Brian Roberts, it looks morre and more Brian will miss a lot of games this year, who will bat lead-off and who will play second base.

Andy better be looking hat some free agents right now because in my judgement there are no body in the organization who is ready to step up and play any where near the level that Brian can.


Good post!

In some area's, we'll just have to agree to disagree!

I can tell you want a winner. It just seems to me that you're about 2 years behind me in the frustration department. Let's hope the O's don't give you a reason to catch up!

and on that wayne, we certainly agree!

Is that the Crown i've been sipping on talking? I crack myself up.

bark at you later

Now Cush, you are a regular on this blog. You know how many times I have said that I give Macphail an A+ for rebuilding the farm system, and a big fat "F" for improving the product at the major league level. I don't know how you can construe what I think is an accurate statement about Macphail's tenure so far as to me being a hater. It is not a zero sum game. Rebuilding through the farm system only is a one size fits all approach and it as outdated as the whole Macphail clan.

If the Orioles throw in another 90+ loss season clunker this year, I think Macphail will think the wrath of God descended on him in the form of Public Opinion. He had better have something else up his sleeve other than what we see now or this will be his last season in Baltimore. He can not get away with this anymore. The local press has so far held it's powder but is ready to pounce. If the Orioles go into the second half nosedive this year and head for the 90+ loss arae again, I'll bet that the owner of this blog will be the one to come out after Macphail first, followed by the meek joura;lists in town.


everyone knows andy won 2 ws back in 87 and 91 specifically. Everyone also knows that he won one of those WS without the benefit of winning a single road game in the postseason. They also know that the twins didnt earn home field advantage for any of the series that they won

Quite simply, if played under the current system, he probably wouldnt have won wither WS without the benefit of home field advantage, since home field now has to be earned as opposed to rotated

Nevertheless, Im not trying to take away what andy did 20 yrs ago, I just cant ignore the fact that he's (presumably) tried to return to the WS for the past 19 seasons and only managed to have winning seasons for 6 of those 19 seasons

Im not ignoring his WS wins, youre ignoring the collossal loser he's been for the past 19 seasons

Joe Dimaggio had a 56 gm hitting streak back in the day. We should sign him up for CF then ?

I understand the macfailers now.

Ignore whats happened for the past 19 seasons in a row in favor of somehting that happened 20 yrs ago

Makes sense

pro macfail = anti common sense

for andy = against winning

And Gil, I have agreed that the on-field prlduct should be better too. However i beleive the Os would have had to significantly overpay for difference making FAs to sign. For instance 7yrs/120m for matt holliday...if i'm the Os, i don't beat that. Hes not the guy you overpay for.

Whatever the Os do this year (again i'm thinking about 75 wins) 81 wins or 65 wins, the next off season we wil know, definitively (sp?) where the Os are headed and what needs to be done to get where they want to be (or at least where we want them to be). Will Andy take the steps, or be allowed to take the steps, necessary?

Jason, pro mcphail= anti common sense? I'm pro Mcphail cause he's the GM of my favorite team, period.

I read some old articles online about those Twins WS wins. Andy does get a little credit for complimenting the talent he inherited for the 87 run. He gets a lot more for 91 as more of his stamp was on the team. As for 0 road wins, WHO CARES! You telling me if the Os win the WS with 0 road playoff wins, you're gonna complain?

By the way, its been awhile since your last payroll update? Where the Os at?

Are you guys kidding me? McPhail is not the problem with the Orioles, he is working towards a solution. If Derek Jeter had a bad back, what do you think would happen to the Yankees? Andino will be our 2nd basemen to start the season if BRob can't go. It is not really that tough to figure out... did you think they would just pluck a replacement for one of the best lead off hitters in the game off the waiver wire?? Do you expect them to trade for an equivalent? you guys make me laugh with all this ridiculous rhetoric about McPhail being out of his league... he fleeced three teams in trades in the last 3 years. You don't like the slow rebuild, go root for the yankees... I think the O's will be a lot like the Redsox in the near future. Solid Foundation of a farm system, quality major leaguers developed in our system, and the occational FA aquisition to keep us at the top...
Stop blaming McPhail for the disaster this team has been since '97. If someone told you in '98 that we were going to really rebuild and it would take 4 years to do it, you would have said that is great. So give the guy a chance to do his job and stop whining about 12 horrible seasons... they were not his fault. Have we had more losses each of the last few seasons? yes. Sometimes you have to get to the bottom before you can start to climb. I believe that downward trend is over and that this team is starting the climb back to the top. Competitive baseball starts this year. Will we compete for the division or playoffs? probably not. Will we be playing meaningful baseball into September? I believe we will... It's spring training for pete's sake (no pun intended) try to keep an open mind until we get through April and May...
GO O's

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Peter Schmuck wants you to know that, contrary to popular belief, he is more than just a bon vivant, raconteur and collector of blousy flowered shirts. He is a semi-respected journalist who has covered virtually every sport -- except luge, of course – and tackled issues that transcend the mere games people play. If that isn’t enough to qualify him to provide witty, wide-ranging commentary on the sports world ... and the rest of the world, for that matter ... he is an avid reader of history, biography and the classics, as well as a charming blowhard who pops off on both sports and politics on WBAL Radio. That means you can expect a little of everything in The Schmuck Stops Here, but the major focus will be keeping you up to the minute on Baltimore’s major sports teams and themes, whether it’s throwing up the Orioles lineup the minute it’s announced or updating you on the latest sprained ankle in Owings Mills. Oh, and by the way, that’s Mr. Schmuck to you.

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