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March 3, 2010

O's: The first lineup

Here's the Orioles lineup that will face Tampa Bay Rays starter James Shields in the exhibition opener today at Ed Smith Stadium. Notably absent is left fielder Nolan Reimold, who is being brought along slowly and, of course, Brian Roberts.

Adam Jones CF
Cesar Izturis SS
Nick Markakis RF
Miguel Tejada 3B
Matt Wieters C
Luke Scott LF
Garrett Atkins 1B
Josh Bell DH
Justin Turner 2B

Jeremy Guthrie RHP

I'm a little surprised that Felix Pie is not in left field. I'll have to ask Dave Trembley if there's something going on there that we don't know about. Might just be the way Dave is splitting up the playing time, and we'll see Pie on the road trip tomorrow.

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I am looking forward to this season, if not for just the fact that it will be spring and summer. But I am not looking forward to another season listening to Joe Angel and Fred Manfra. I like Angel, but he sounds disinterested. Manfra sounds like he maxed out on his fake enthusiasm over the years, which I can't blame him for. As for TV, I only can say that I liked Michel Reghi better than any of his replacements and I have always loved listening the Palmer because he knows so much or just sounds like he does ;-) Reghi brought some excitement to the broadcast even though it sonded silly when the team started to tank. If Jon Miller were still here, they could have merged the TV and radio and we wouldn't have to "turn the TV down" which you can't even do anymore because of the delay.

Oh well, I think I'm going to go to games instead of follow them on the tv or radio. I just want to sit outside and watch :-)

Pete please study Josh Bell closely for us. Maybe he will also get to play third base later. A lot is riding on this kid and I hope he is as good as reported. If he has a great Spring maybe the Orioles can find a place for him on the roster. I have read accounts that he has power of biblical proportions, especially from the left side of the plate!

You know pete i have taken a back sit so far on anything that has been related to the orioles so far.And being a impatient person that is a accomplishment. But reading your article in today's paper about dave being the same old dave and listening to these talk shows where people have been coming on telling everybody how good a manager dave is and that andy shouldn't hold him responsible for wins and losses is starting to throw me over the edge. If dave is going to be the same old dave then that is not acceptable and it shouldn't be. Being a baby sitter and someone that the players love doesn't cut it in professional sports. Look lets not kid anybody the reason andy didn't fire him was he didn't want to bring in some other manager like for say bobby valentine who would be a task master for some of these kids. The orioles should be a 500 ball club this year and anything other then that is totally unacceptable. Again he has preached fundementals,throwing to the right bases, baserunning, bunting, so only time will tell if the orioles and for that matter if dave is going to be the same old dave like he has been the last 21/2 years. And if the results are the same then we can expect.that dave is the same Which in anybodies world can't be tolerated.

Isn't it interesting that spring training games have not even started, and you are (consciously, or unconsciously) already questioning Trembley's decision not to play Pie.

This is going to be so much fun this season listening to all the pros and cons about Trembley, Atkins, Roberts back, Miggy's transition, the out field rotation, the ups and downs of the pitching staff, McPhail's vision and execution (of his plan, not of his person), .......yes sir, another fun filled summer of Baltimore Oriole baseball!!!!!
Dont know if the Orioles will bring their A game this season, but for sure your bloggers will be "hall of fame".....

at the old stadium, 50,000
fans came out in the 80's
to see the orioles break
a 21 game losing streak...

in the upscale camden yards
business is down, and even
the die hard orioles' fans
are starting to wane.....

this is a crucial year for
orioles' baseball...anything
below .500 and a 5th place
finish is not acceptable....

I don't know if I like Atkin's lack of think a guy who is hoping to ressurect his career would be a little more upbeat.....because we don't need more low key attitude infecting the clubhouse...I hope I'm not reading between the lines here.

@bob m -

Why is this a crucial year for the O's? You think after 12 losing season, that 1 more will make or break some fans?

btw, die hard fans don't wane, thats what makes them die hard fan. The rest are just fairweather fans. this is the year the rest jump back on the bandwagon!!

Mike...... please!

Save the 'fairweather fans' and 'bandwagon' talk.

And yes, one more year does matter. You know why? Because all those one years add up. Add up to 12 as a matter of fact. And after this year, they'll add up to 13.

Be a 'die hard' fan if you'd like. That's your right! What isn't cool though, is when people preach to those who are tired of the incredible losing, questioning their teams allegiance.

And people better hope folks jump on the so called bandwagon at some point. Because if one never exist, that means the team will still be awful, with the stadium seeing more and more empty seats. And like it not Mike, empty seats could some day spell doom for baseball in this city.

So you better hope people jump on that wagon.... if there ever is one.

I don't think it's at all fair to knock Joe Angel and Fred Manfra. As someone visually impaired, both of them I feel bring a wonderful knowledge and genuin spirit to the game. Matter of fact, I would be lost and not have Orioles baseball brought to my ears if we didn't have them. It's far better than paying the money for Orioles tickets and having a delay from the field action to the discription on the radio. I can listen and enjoy the game in my home for free! To say Angel sounds disinterested is utterly ridiculous! What broadcast have you been listening too? The man is honest and clearly has a passion for the game! Manfra genuinnly loves the Orioles and sounds far from over the hill. They're not John Miller, but they make a good team. Go O'S!!

"What isn't cool though, is when people preach to those who are tired of the incredible losing, questioning their teams allegiance."

Wayne I just about fell off my seat reading this. What's the difference between what you just described and calling everyone who believes in the rebuilding plan a warehouser and accusing them of having alterior motives for their posts? Why is that cool but when someone does the same thing back to you its suddenly uncool?


Glad you didn't fall off of your seat.

Was this a serious question though? You're kidding, right?

I'll just assume you really do know the difference.

Hey Pete, what's the word on Matt Hobgood ? Haven't heard anything about him. Is he in the major league camp ?

And by the way micah,

Not everyone who believes in the plan is a warehouser or has ulterior motives. Some do, but that's ok. In this economy, one has to make a living however they can.

Yes wayne it was a serious question and no I wasn't kidding. Just because you have different reasons for bashing someone through unfair characterizations doesn't make it any different.

MacPhails best yr as GM, he won 95 games ( once)

Since 2002 every AL wild card team has had at least 95 wins except NYYin 07. . Therefore, barring a division win, AM needs a 31 game increase in wins for the wild card.

Again, he won only 95 games 1 of 25 seasons as a GM (1991)

Hope you're not holding out for postseason baseball at camden yds with AM in charge anytime soon

02 WC - Angels - 99 W's
'03 WC - Red Sox - 95 W's
'04 WC - Red Sox - 98 W's
'05 WC - Red Sox - 95 W's
'06 WC - Tigers - 95 W's
'07 WC - Yankees - 94 W's
'08 WC - Red Sox - 95 W's
'09 WC - Red Sox - 95 W's

But we got prospects !!!!!!


Let me get this straight. I want you to understand this clearly, so you don't tax your vocabulary looking for more negative verbage. NO ONE, understand that, NO ONE on this blog is as positive as you are negative, so, you actually have nothing to complain about relative to the "positive" outlook of some of the posters here. Do have a good day. Try getting some sun. Maybe it will brighten your outlook. I'm sure your family and friend would appreciate the respite

.Go O's

Now isn't this fun......bloggers calling each other out.......and the season has officially started.

No matter whats your have to admire the passion of the fans.

We care....we are hanging in there...and we want to root for a winning team. But in the meantime we will be happy to cheer for anything positive.

As bad as it is, and as bad as it has been with the Orioles,can you even imagine what it must be like for a Cubs fan!!!!!

It is one of the true pleasures of life to have a team you care so much about that it can make or break your day.

I want to see players care, i want to see them hustle, i want to see them pissed off, i want to see them celebrate victory and be angry at losing. I am tired of seeing Mr. Cool athlete, i want to see or lose. As an Oriole fan i am sick of being bored to death. if you cant win, at least be entertaining.

Passion is the spice of life. if you have ever dated a latino, you know exactly what i mean.

Go Birds.....Viva la Orioles!!!!

Ahh, being a Cubs' fan ... seven winning seasons in last 12 years, three division titles, finishing second twice. Yeah, that IS hard to imagine.

But the heck with the Cubs. Everybody is 0-0 and we're #1 baby. Given the mixed results from last time -- especially from those who grumble about attempted humor because grumbling IS their past time, here is today's starting line-up:

Adam Bomb Jones
Cesar Salad Izturis
Nick Of Time Markakis
Miguel Here Today Gone Tejada
Matt Muddy Wieters
Luke Warm Scott
Garrett Atkins Diet
Josh Taco Bell
Justin Head Turner

Jeremy Guthwon Guthtwo Guthrie

Or since this is the '10's:



My balls itch


the word on hobgood is that he was cheaper than Matzek and grant green

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