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March 30, 2010

Orioles sign Gathright

The Orioles have signed outfielder Joey Gathright to a minor league deal with an invitation to spring training. Gathright was acquired by the Orioles last year in the Ryan Freel deal, but was dealt to the Red Sox for a small consideration at the end of August. He's expected to arrive today.

Gathright will provide some organizational depth in the outfield, as he did last year. Andy MacPhail took him last year for that reason and the possibility that some other team might be willing to give something up for him later in the season. That's what happened then and that's probably what will happen this year.

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Andy seems pretty good at shuffling minor league players around. It's a shame he doesn't have the resources to do that with actual big league players. I sense frustration already amongst the masses as they sense another sub .500 year in the offing. Let's hope the kiddie corp on the mound comes through. Guthrie may end up as odd man out by the all-star break. The plate seems to be as big as a bandaid for him so far this year. and when he actually finds it, it seems to be right on the label of a Louisville slugger.

Doesn't it stink being a baseball fan and knowing your team is out of it before it even begins?

Doesn't it stink being a baseball fan and knowing your team is out of it before it even begins?

Is this all AM can do? Can he make a deal to help the current ball club at the Major League level now, this season??????

look, first of all you have to change the losing mindset of the team first. done.. then you have to change the mindset of the free agents about your team, in progress. you cannot think that the high paid free agents will come here without overpaying them for little out put.. (see albert belle). Look if you think the O's are out of it.. dont watch. jump on the bandwagon of another team, I am tired of hearing all this negativity and BS from folks on this thing.. just STFU and root for the yankees...

Why won't MacFail trade Pie to the Cardinals for Pujols? C'mon, MacFail, get r done!

I feel so sorry for any Oriole fan under the age of 25. I grew with the great teams of the 70's and early 80's. Where the Oriole way meant competive teams, hard work and winning. I'm so tired of hearing why should the Orioles over pay for top talent. Someone making $3,000,000 is overpaid, what do I care if CC Sabathia makes 22M / year. Angelos can afford to pay a team salary of $150M per year!!! Where is all that MASN money, oh in PA's checking account!!! So don't give me that we can't afford to compete non-sense. Biscotti puts a competitive team on the field and we are 50 miles away from the NFL team with the highest payroll in the league.

No link to the youtube vid of him jumping cars again?

Good post

Why the hell doesn't Andy become a GM of a AAA team? He sure as hell seems to know more about marginal & washed upped players still bouncing around than he does about bringing in top talent to play major league ball in this city.. Same old crap...different year.

So apparently everyone in here knows how to run a major league team given all the experience in running one of their own. From a business perspective, AM is doing a phenomenal job. He has put a well rounded team on the field, some of whom had to compete for their positions, others have shown flashes of brilliance and sustainability, and most of whom came from other team's farm systems without giving up much of anything in return. Managing your minor league system is one of the most important aspects of the game and if you can think of a better way of building an organization without breaking the bank then get a job with the orioles and shut up. Otherwise, be patient, watch the game and enjoy what we have. It sure is a hell of a lot more than we have had the past few years and might shape up to be something really impressive.

Also, if half of your talent is still costing you the league minimum and your veteran free agents are costing you below market prices, dont you think there is room for some serious acquisitions down the road? Why spend a ton of money now when you dont have to? The bulk of the results will come from our cheap talent anyways, not the free agents,

If the orioles only win 65 games this year then something weird will be going on. They have a way more complete team than before, so please, if .500 were our final result, I think we would make real headlines (and if you read, you'd know we already are.)

by the way, who is the idiot who thinks a Pie for Pujols would pan? While were at it lets trade Luke Scott for Alex Rodriguez, Guthrie for Hanley Ramirez, and....................Izturis for Verlander. There, that should work.

hey if we can get verlander for izturis lets do it! Also wouldn't it be funny if boog powell pitched??

Nice post Patrick...a fair number of those who post here think that you just push a button and Hall-of-Famers fall from the skies or other GM's are stupid enough to trade away talent and get little in return. I believe Andy MacPhail has done a good job rebuilding the farm system and stocking the organization with pitching...and pitching is the key. if you have a lot of it, you stay in games and you can trade it for missing offensive pieces. Over the Angelos years, the club has had nothing to offer, either to free agents or any other ballclub. So now with limited FA mercenaries, they've put together a young club with a lot of potential and it's time to see if the talent is real or not. Let's not forget, despite all the money and draw last year was the Yankees first WS win since 2000...that's a 9 year gap...what would all of these nay-sayers here been screaming if they were Yankees fans?

As for Gaithright...anybody remember the guy named Simpson who went to Cincy with Pappas and Baldschun for a guy named Frank Robinson? That move put the Orioles over the hump...maybe that deal doesn't get done without him being in the mix.

Exactly Ed. You have to find trade bait. Those players are sold in packages and help to move some good talent around.

Welcome new crop of macfailers. Correction welcome new monikers for old macfailers


MacFail added another item to the dollar menu

Another MacCheap player to take the field

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