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March 20, 2010

Orioles play .500 ball for a day

The Orioles played .500 ball today, defeating the Pirates in Sarasota, 5-2, and losing to the Boston Red Sox, 6-0, in Fort Myers in a split-squad twinbill. Luke Scott homered to start the Orioles scoring in the fourth inning of the game at Ed Smith Stadium as the O's came back from a two-run deficit. The go-ahead run scored on an error and minor leaguer Paco Figueroa doubled home two runs in the bottom of the eighth -- one of those runs scored by his twin brother Daniel Figueroa.

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Beating the Pirates but losing to the Red Sox's - sounds about right where the Orioles fortunes are for 2010.

The team needs more help now if they want to be competitive at all in the AL East.

Andy - remember Dye and Washburn are out there for the picking. There is no salary cap so lets spend some of the money that you have available!!!!

Dye-washed up
Washburn-doesn't even want to play on this coast, let alone in the AL East

Read the column on today's games. They only sent one starter up against the Sox, Garret Atkins. I'm not saying that their fortunes would have been any different had the whole starting lineup there, 'cause the Sox are one of the teams that the O's step on the field and just seem to concede before they even throw the first pitch. Most other teams they seem to at least try, but they get outplayed by the better teams because they are just not as good yet. The Sox, Angels, and couple of other teams they have a gem once in a while, but most of the time they don't even seem to try.


2 - 16 VS SOX

5- 13 VS YANKS


Do you even look at the O's lineup today vs. the Sox?

R Andino 3b 4 0 0 0
P Florimon ss 0 0 0 0
J Turner 2b 3 0 0 0
R Adams 2b 0 0 0 0
L Montanez lf 2 0 1 0
R Welty lf 1 0 1 0
G Atkins 1b 3 0 0 0
R Hughes 1b 0 0 0 0
J Salazar cf 3 0 1 0
X Avery cf 1 0 0 0
J Bell dh 4 0 0 0
C Tatum c 2 0 0 0
A Donachie c 1 0 0 0
M Abreu rf 3 0 0 0
B Davis ss 3 0 1 0

YIKES!!! Donachie! Ted Williams head must have spun in its cryostatic state!

But Tillman went a strong 5 vs the Red Sox regulars. Not too shabby.

And by the way Steve, aka Jason,

These guys will NOT need help this year. They will win 85 games and guys like you, Gil and Wayne will all be jumping on the bandwagon.

If they don't win 85 games, I will call for Andy's head myself.

No Sham, wayne is Steve Eilerston. He used to use Allan, but I guess that got old.


Steve Ellerston is negative in his own right, but he's different in style from wayne. In other words, Steve is an ass all on his own and doesn't need anyone's help. Unfortunately, there are more than a few negative posters round here.

You on the other hand are easy to detect. I know who you are, And if I know, others know as well. You need to at least try to mix up your styles.

I agree with SHAMROCK. And Anonymous, it's super easy to notice who you really are.

Thanks BF!



I've been had!

Just when you think you are talking to Steve Eilerston, you are told you were actually talking to Allan Eilerston by Wayne Eilerston. How many Eilerston's are there!?!

Someone on this blog is good. Very good at stealing the identities of internet blog posters.

Oh... I'll play your game, you rogue. The day is mine, Trebek!


I am surprised the conspiracy theorists haven't mentioned the fact the O's put their B-squad up against the Sox today... you know, with how much Andy LOVES LOSING and all.

I definitely am not Steve,LMAO

I dont know whats funnier, the fact that youre so wrong and think that youre right or that seemingly, Im now every single poster on the board who doesnt agree with the plan

Oh man. I wish I could take a lie detector but I aint steve

Shamrock, as a prolific mulitple screename poster, you should be better at detection, but I guess that why you got busted so fast. Just not very clever

I guess you suck at figuring people out like you do everything else in life.

Are you ever right about anything ?? LOL

PLease Pete, feel free to pull whatever is neccesary to determine who steve is

bill federick, are you the same as bill frederick? cant even spell your own name right? been hittting the crack pipe again

You should agree with shamrock, since you are shamrock. youre also notorious and a cpl other ones im too lazy to type

you're the one who started it all. U did it to actually try and fool ppl. I just did it to mock you. You're so mad that I exposed you that you see me in your sleep

BTW, Im not steve, dumbfuck, I dont want players like dye. Seems obvious to anyone that pays attention, but then again, you are utterly stupid in everything you do so its no surprise, you suck at figuring out who's who on here too. COMPLETE LOSER, devoid of any skills at anything. COLOSSAL FAILURE

I guess if u accuse me of being every single negative poster eventually you'll get one right, but it hasnt happened yet STUPID


I'm staying out of the drama

A little tip buddy. I wouldn't go around advertising that you spend your sat nights playing guess the poster. It makes it look like you can't get a date or that you don't have any friends. Maybe you don't and that's ok, but it's not something you should announce publicly. Hopefully, you won't be too hungover tomorrow

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