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March 25, 2010

MASN finalizes 2010 lineup

The Mid-Atlantic Sports Network announced today that it has finalized its broadcast lineup for the 2010 season. Four former Orioles players will alternate as color analysts alongside Gary Thorne and either Jim Palmer or Mike Flanagan. The first three names -- Eddie Murray, Brady Anderson and Mike Boddicker -- already were known. The fourth member of the group is former pitcher Ben McDonald.

Sounds l like an interesting and diverse group of personalities. I'll be very interested to watch the interaction in the booth when each makes his first appearance. I'm sure a lot of attention will be paid to Murray's debut, since he had such a tense relationship with the Baltimore media.

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Could be interesting to listen to these guys, but c'mon.. Bring back Brother Lo for a game or two.. Everbody wants him, or did Peter the Great ban him from the park....





2nd rate hacks






C'mon, the only media with whom I recall Eddie having a frosty relationaship were the sportswriters. One in particular, Ken Rosenthall. But that's all water under the bridge isn't it Pete? Unless of course you have some need to dredge it all up again. After all, the guy did become a hall of famer. He deserves a modicum of respect, don't you think.

Pete's reply: Sure, but Eddie's issues with the local media long predate Ken Rosenthal joining the Orioles beat. I've got my own stories about that, but I'll keep them to myself because it's all water under the bridge.

Only a Balto-moron fantasizer idolizes ol' clean pants Eddie! He leaves me flat!! Why pay him to come back and comment now, when he thought outsiders looking in were not worth talking to in his salad days!
Mickolio is ready obviously....

Is there a channel schedule for the hi-def channels?

Jason in south flordia.......

I live in Maryland, obviously, and I have never seen YES aired here or Yankees Classics (unless it's ESPN blowing them). I have Comcasts digital preferred package and YES isn't part of the lineup. In fact, I don't think YES is on digital premier either.

I don't know. I don't have Direct tv and I don't pay attention to other providers. All I'm say is it might depend on demand on location. But if you want to know the most recent O's Classic I've seen on MASN, they showed Game 3 of the 1970's WS, and the game Cal finally sat out in 1998. Oh, and Eddie's 500th HR.

I assume, being that you're from south Florida, that there are more Yankee fans in your area then in the Baltimore/DC metro area. So maybe that's the reason why? Do you get Boston games too? Toronto? Texas? I'm asking because probably the only other networks you get down there are TBS and WGN.

Hey MASN SUX, how about turning the caps lock off, and really no need to post it 10 times. Thanks

I will turn the volume off when Eddie Murray is a color analyst. He is a 'prime rectum' towards fans - WHAT an INSULT by MASN!

Right on, Boomer. At least someone is old enough to remember what a social misfit this guy was. Only the purists who evaluate stats would find this guy in the beloved category. Give me Dempsey. Lowenstein, Either Robinson, Belanger, etc., but not someone who thumbed his nose at the faithful. We paid for his lifestyle and he couldn't be civil with the press!!

Gary Thorne back - guess I'll be drunk all year (by the third inning)as I take a shot for every mistake he makes!

I can't believe after the career he had, and where he would have stood if he had been an Oriole for life, we still have to be subjected to the childishness of this Eddie-bashing. Social misfit??? His legacy of contributions to the Baltimore community remain as strong as ever (see: Carrie Murray Center). He was one of the all-time greats in the history of the game, much less the Orioles. And, let's be real, he was run out of town by a short-sighted owner and by (some) members of the press who had an agenda that can charitably be called mis-guided (I'll never forget "Stan the fan," with blowhard authoritativeness, stating that Eddie was washed up because his doubles production had diminished from the previous year). Really??? I, for one, am thrilled to welcome him back to the family.

Best TV announcers O's ever had were Mel Proctor and John Lowenstein. What are they doing these days?

For those of us not old enough to remember, could you or anyone else here fill me in on the problem with Eddie Murray. I'm inferring that he had a bad relationship with the media/fans, but are there any examples out there?

Belanger's dead. But Murray was a poor choice since he really wasn't fan-friendly like brother lo was.

What are the HD channels.


You obviously have absolutely no clue what you're talking about. here. Please shut up. Comcast doesn't have anything close to the sports package that DirecTV does. I live in MD and have and work for DIrecTV (the best provider there is) and I watch YES all of the time, along with with SNY,STO,NESN,Prime Ticket, fox sports' south,colorado,arizona,northwest, chicago,houston, detroit, cinncinatti,southwest,utah,rocky mountain,oklahoma,indiana,kansas city, wisconsin,ohio, pittsburgh,tennesse and many more, I also get several comcastsportsnet affiliates among others too

Please do not compare the crap sports coverage of comcast to my network ever again.

Comcast is the worst package there is, especially for sports. I suggest checking the DirecTV sports pak option online. The channels are available nationwide, regardless of where you live. The blackouts of the classics have nothing to do with where a person lives or any geographical preferences, but whether or not the network pays the out of market fee. Surprisingly, NESN does not pay this fee either

Anyone in the country with YES can watch a Yankee classic, including in Maryland. YES showed Cal's last game a while back. You just need to upgrade to DirecTV.They are the best at what they do. Comcast is a joke


Early in Murray's career, the New York Times wrote an article about him that he didn't like. Afterwards, he had very little trust in the media and turned down a lot of interview requests.

He was also very introverted publicly and because of this, the media painted a bad image of him to the public. Because of this, some fans began to turn on him, yelling insults and even racial slurs. In '86, former owner Edward Bennett Williams suggested that Murray was "lazy" because he didn't slide and needs to stay in better shape. The media then chimed in and said he needed glass, didn't slide enough and didn't hustle. The media also went as far as blaming losses on him. At this point, during the '87 season in an interview, Murray had had enough and suggested it's time to move on.


I have been an Orioles fan since the early 60's. I have spoken with Eddie and found him to be a delightful person. He was a little on the shy side but he had a great sense of humor. He became very suspicious of the press after being interviewed by Murray of the LA Times. This interview occurred while he was an Oriole and influenced his subsequent relationships with the press in Baltimore.

Frankly, as far as his relationship with the fans I hadn't heard about any problems with them until this thread. As I said, I met him and I thought he was great.
Obviously, many other people thought he was great too considering how many of them showed up to his induction ceremony.

Eddie Murray never had a problem with the fans, he had a problem with The Fan, And in that, he's not alone.

The people who hate Eddie Murray remind me of the people who wanted Ray Lewis to go somewhere else. Some people just love to be miserable.

I have interacted with Eddie Murray on numerous occasions (well over 25); including, Cal Ripken's Winterfest and he was outright COLD towards all fans. I've seen this way too many times for it to have been an isolated incident.

His relationship with the media - we'll I can only go my what I've read. His relationship with me and other fans - HORRIBLE!

If he lumped the fans into the same bin as the media, which he did, then that makes him dumb. But this isn't the case - he's just an arrogant self-centered jock &/or jerk..

Eddie never had problems with the fans and for the most part the fans loved him too. All you have to do is recall when he made his return to an Orioles uniform the year he hit his 500th homerun and returned to a packed house all of which were chanting his name in unison for his entire at-bats. Everyone of them. Those bozos that posted before are just morons that like to complain about the O's and when good things happen they just make crap up.

Boomer you are full of it. I went to a night with Cal and Eddie at Sports Legend and he was a man of the people and a great story teller. Tell me this, what's your agenda?

I've been an O's fan since the late 1960's and Eddie Murray provided more clutch, heroic hits than any other player over that time. In his prime, there were few hitters more feared with the game on the line. Equally dangerous from either side of the plate, 3,000+ hits and 504 non-juiced home runs. I was proud to be in Cooperstown for his 2003 Hall of Fame induction. Eddie has a good sense of humor and his knowledge of the game is encyclopedic. I look forward to hearing him on MASN.

D -

I was just stating what the common perception of him was in the 80's. It's been well documented, so there's no point of name calling.

Personally, I thought he was a great ball player of his time. He was jacking 30 HR's at a time when 20 HR's was a goal for most all-stars. Yeah, he was quiet with the media, but who cares? So was Harold Baines and people laugh about that.

bring back Mel and brother Lo

Murray never had a bad relationship with the media.
He simply had no relationship at all with the media.
Therefore, since the media were the ones doing the reporting and Eddie was not, they made it seem like he was the one with the problem.
Murray was focused on the game every minute he was at the ballpark.
He's a no-bullshit kind of guy and, as we all know, 3/4 of the questions asked by the media are bullshit.... and Eddie never felt obligated to participate.

His demeanor in the booth is going to be very different because he is no longer a player or coach and will relate his observations as such.

Eddie Murray had problems with media types like Stan the Fan and Mike Littwin (and in my opinion for very good reason), but he was great with the fans.

I remember a cool, dreary evening in 1988 when 0-21 was long past and it was too early for temps to drop like that. My dad and I saw a flock of people heading towards a Corvette in the parking lot of Memorial Stadium.

The lot had pretty well cleared out by then. So my dad and I took a detour from our secret parking place to see it was Ed-die Ed-die everyone was following.

Ol' Number 33 got into the Corvette and started the engine. Just as I was about to ask my dad if he thought Eddie had signed any autographs, the driver's window went down.

Eddie sat there (and my dad and I stood there) for 45 solid minutes with Eddie signing autographs and having brief but warm conversations with those around him.

When it all cleared out, Eddie looked over to us. I was never much for autographs -- don't really understand all that junk really -- so I just gave Eddie and impromptu thumbs-up and left with my dad.

Not knowing Eddie would be traded months later in one the worst days in Oriole history, I wish I had exchanged a few words with the man.

I have no idea how he will be as a color analyst but I refuse to sit by and see his name sullied because there are those who believe what some jackals with journalism degrees wrote/said about him.

I'll second what Waspman said. Back in the day I worked for a major downtown bank. The employe activity department would arrange for a sports personality to come and sign autographs in the employee cafteteria on occasion. Cal Ripken, Eddie Murray, Jim Palmer and others sat there for two hours on a Friday afternnon numerous times signing autographs and talking to the employees.

Eddie was extremely friendly to regular people. One Lady asked him who was the hardest pitcher to hit. He said Nolan Ryan at 5:35 PM in the twilight.

DirecTV Installer

You're right, I didn't know what I was talking about. That's why I was trying to make I obvious that I was assuming. I don't know much about DirecTV and I'm not trying to learn. I'm fine with Comcast. I don't need 800 channels. I don't care about YES, NESN, Futbol and so on. No offense, but I don't watch enough TV to care.

Eddie Murray wasn't one of the best clutch hitters in his prime. He was, without question, the best clutch hitter of that period. George Brett would be the only player even close and he would always come in a distant 2nd in any poll in those days.

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