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March 9, 2010

MacPhail on the contract renewals

If you think that Andy MacPhail has been licking his lips over the prospect of renewing Adam Jones for $465,000 this year, think again. MacPhail renewed the contracts of Jones, Nolan Reimold, Matt Wieters and Jason Berken because teams are entitled to do that under the collective bargaining agreement and teams clearly are under some peer pressure to hold down the salaries of "zero-to-three" player, but he said today he doesn't like the process.

“I don’t particularly care for that part of it,’’ he said. “It’s been part of our system for a long time. We counted over 200 guys who have been renewed in this CBA. A lot of them get multi-year deals, but if I could create my ideal system, this wouldn’t be it.”

MacPhail added that he doesn't expect the renewals to have any long-term negative impact on the relationship of the affected players and the club.

"It is what it is. The last guy we did this with was Markakis and we negotiated a multi-year deal. Players and the agents are awfully sophisticated. They understand what the system is and where the leverage is at different points in their careers. It's just one of those things. I would expect that the players would exercise the leverage when they have it. I think that's what they should do and clubs have got to do the same thing."

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Okay, Pete. I get the leverage argument. What I don't get is why Jones will make 65K ABOVE the minimum. Seem like he should be happy about that. No? Got any explanation?

Okay, Pete. I get the leverage argument. What I don't get is why Jones will make 65K ABOVE the minimum. Seem like he should be happy about that. No? Got any explanation?

Last week , one of the Warehousers ( I forgot his name ) , was mocking at us Negatives or Realists , by saying we cant find any BAD NEWS on the O's .

What a difference a week can make , huh?

Contract renewals are bad news?

We have a lot of negative energy in this blog. We are still 0-0 and tied for first place.

Bell stuggled in the field today... That is not shocking news. We new he was a project in the field when the trade was made. That is ok though. If he makes stides in minors this year, he will get a shot at the big club. If not, he will be a DH. We will need one of those...

The season will come down to our starting pitchers. If the starters can give us some quality starts, we will have a chance to make some strides this year. The flip side is that they could be as bad or worse than last year. We don't know. How much does Millwood have in the tank? Can Bergy pick up where he left off? WIll JGuth return to form with no World Classic? How good will Matusz be this year? Is Tillman ready? No one knows the answers to these questions. Then you still have the Brob situation and the Reimold situation.

I just think it is way to soon to get too up or too down on the 2010 O's. So let's just focus on being 0-0 and tied for first place.

Rest easy Os fans! CC Sabathia gave up 5 runs in 2+ innings to the lowly Pirates...clearly showing he's on his way to a 5.30+ ERA this year! If the Os cant catch em, they'll fall back to them!

Uh oh...

The Pirates are 3-4?!?

Sweet irony! What have you gone!?

I have a question for the panel:

What are the plus/minuses for the Os if their five starters out of spring training were:


besides sending Tillman/Bergeson down a level where they don't have anything to prove.

yeah nb, i noticed that,

I guess that just means the worst team in the AL from 09', gets to battle it out with the worst team in the NL.

The O's are 1 up, being 1-6 to the Nats 0-7.

Of course it's only ST, but the irony is hilarious...... especially since every team plays their minor leaguers who won't make the big club the same.

Let's at least make this fun!

The O's vs Nats (race for the worse ST record) continues.......

What? Bergesen was our best pitcher last year and you want to send him to the minors? I think your rotation is all minuses. This is the ytear to see what Tillman and the rest of the young guys can do.

Pete -

If it's in the CBA, why is there a fuss? Have other clubs signed 0-3 guys for bigger deals when they could have renewed?

Baseball owners walk a fine line just to save a few bucks. These are the players you're using as leverage to get fans in the stands. The so called future of the franchise.

Greedy Greek won't ever do anything out of the norm if it involves paying more money.

Both sides in a CBA -- football, baseball, whatever -- try to incorporate safeguards. They always lead to inequities even if they are temporary.

Meanwhile, the O's are "concerned" Brian Roberts may not be ready for Opening Day.

I am "concerned" I may have to downgrade my 75-win prediction.

The Oriole lack of depth continues to echo throughout The Warehouse but we must be thankful "foolish money" wasn't spent. After all, we must wait.

And I will wait ... wait to give thanks.

I don't believe McPhail is locked into the renewable process. Tampa gave Longiria a big contract right off the bat. The same with the Nats and Zimmerman. I'm not saying Jones should have gotten an extension because i think he has things to prove first but I think McPhail has room to maneuver outside the basic agreement.

You never know when Brob is playing possum in spring training because he always comes in with one injury or another and is ready by opening day.It's the worst nightmare if Andino starts out playing 2nd.

notorious, my point was that theres been a lot of 'what should we do with the young pitchers' so if the Os did sign vets, how would that affect the record.

I agree that its time to see what these kids can do. Although I'd take Matusz over Bergeson or anyone else on the staff right now. Count me as a HUGE believer in this kid. STUFF and BRAINS.

If you buy out arb years in exchange for FA years, you gotta be sure. When Markakis signed his deal, he'd been healthy and a run producer for a couple of years. I'd think Adam is a candidate for an early deal, but he's got to stay healthy. If he plays 155 games, his production will warrant a deal. Reimold, still a lot to prove although there's a lot to like about him.

If the Os were going to offer anyone an early 'Longoria' type deal, its Weiters. I don't think there's many on this blog who would disagree, however he's a Boras client and its not going to happen.

The thing about the Rays signing Longoria less than a month after calling him up, is they get him CHEAP! Weiters would cost some dough now.

Correct me if i'm wrong (because i know y'all are shy and keep to yourselves) the Os can renew MW for '10-'11, then he's arb elibgle '12-'14? If he's healthy this year and looks like one of the future faces of the franchise (no reason to think otherwise) offer 7 ys (1 renew year, 3 arb years, 3 FA years) 72 million and see what happens.

If AJ has another year where his #s improve AND he plays 155 games, a justin upton type deal makes a lot of sense.


"Foolish" money is what good teams spend to acquire top FA talent so that they can compete. Good teams also package up top prospects and trade them for marquee talent. As you and many of us have pointed out, Angelos and Macphail have been so fixated on the farm system deal and operating the team at a payroll discount, that they have seriously neglected the product on the field at the Major League level. This one dimensional approach leaves them in the current situation with Brian Roberts, mainly no suitable replacement in the organization.

I guess we are supposed o be "thankful" for the fact that we have a baseball team in Baltimore and that we have a GM dead set on building a winner from the farm system only, no matter how long it takes or if it ever even works. Macpahail appears to be "busy" and engaged I guess that is enough for the true believers. Frankly, I still think it is hoax and a dodge and that Macphail is the Professor Harold Hill of Baseball and Baltimore is River City. In a few years the true believers will wake up and realize that they have been had. The Orioles will still be last and Macphail will be the Baseball commissioner.

I have been waiting until the opening day roster was set in order to make a final guess at W's and L's this year. I still have a range of between 68 and 74 wins. Right now the team has more questions than a multiple chice test at a Sylvan learning center.

Frustrated fan from Harrisburg:

I agree with Waspman and further declare that the contracts of Wieters, Jones, Remold and Berken will be with another team in the 3 year period or the Orioles will trade these players for more prospects. I do not think Pete A will pay top dollar for these player should they become superstars. If they do not become superstars, like Brob,they will remain on the team. If these players become superstars, they will be with the Yankee, Red Sox, Philles or some other team willing to spend the money it takes to win and not maximize the profit margin for the stock holders.

Bottom line baseball is maybe 500 ball in few years and not better than 3rd in the AL East, because the home grown players will be like Mike Musinia gone to higher payroll teams. It was a plan 30 years ago but not today. .

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