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March 25, 2010

Chat wrap: Orioles Q&A with Jeff Zrebiec

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Get ready for a bunch of softball question, some from Oriole employee's, complete with sun/masn/1057 type answers........

Just a few pre-loaded answers......

'it's not about this year'
'75 wins would be an improvement'
'he wasn't going to come here'
'he'll give us needed innings'
'he was worth the risk'
'it's just spring training'
'tough being in the AL east'
'great watching the kids play'


Wayne: I'm not familiar with the names of all the Orioles employees. Could you please point them out to me when their questions come up on the chat? Or is there someplace I can look up the names of all the employees, so I can see for myself when they write in with Q's? Thanks!

bunch of sinnical negative doomsday pezzimist naysayers.
when life hans you sower milk make lemonaid.

How many losing seasons are left before Baltimore Oriole fans just stop coming? I never thought the Colts would leave either. Maybe they can transfer to another division like Milwaukee did and have a chance at the playoffs. It will never happen in the AL East.

I personally enjoy reading what the columnists have to say about the team, and for the most part I enjoy what the fans have to say as well. the except to that would be Wayne and his ilk. Since Wayne knows so much more about everything than everyone else, why does he bother reading what anyone has to say; why not just stay home and talk to himself?

What I wonder is why Wayne won't answer a simple question from me, seeking a little clarification on an interesting point he made. Some of the people asking questions on this chat are Orioles employees, but only Wayne knows who they are. Reminds me of Joseph McCarthy waving his list of Communists working in the State Department, but he wouldn't let anyone else read it.

these chats on here are total bullshit hahahaha

you need to get laid, wayne.

How pathetic are you folks that post on boards like this when you have nothing but hatred for the topic? Is bashing the local baseball team really that important to you?

doug loves losing

Wayne was spouting the same line after Fanfest. They only took questions from the Orioles employees...

I think back then somebody tried to ask him to identify those employees and he ignored them too. Don't expect an answer, Wayne asks the questions around here...

Garret Atkins had a terrible year last year, but many players do, and have bounce back years. The Orioles don't have a lot invested if he doesn't. If he does have a bounce back year they have him under club option for a reasonable salary.

If Atkins bounces back, he's a bargain basement find, that's what McPhail means when he said,"You got to swing for the fences sometimes."

The O's also have a hitting coach that has a track record of turning guys around. So I'd be content to see how the signing pans out instead of dismissing it as a failure in March.

Unless you're Wayne, he got that out of the way back in January...

I guess you can just ignore the fact that Atkins numbers has declined 3 years in a row

Everyone says Crowley is such a great coach. IF that's true, why do they always finish so low in offense runs scored, obp,ops, hr's etc despite playing in a hitter friendly park ?

Does every other hitting coach in baseball stink ? Is it suspicious that Atkins stopped hitting when baseball started PED testing ?

Atkins is one move that will define the AM era.

Why is bargain basement always put before best player available ?

Here are Garrett's OPS numbers outside of Coors Field by year:
2006 - .933
2007 - .773
2008 - .661
2009 - .624

FYI, Cesar Itzyuris had a 622 ops last yr

" Is Cesar Itzuris an "IMPACT" hitter"

And if a fly didn't have wings, it would be a walk.

Dumasss Dave,
What's your point dumasss?
If you whack jobs actually think Atkins is an impact hitter than you must think Itzuris is too since he has the same ops.
Then again, doofus dave might not know what ops is


I can't do it. Dude, you've officially shown your age. Either that or you have some major issues. Go to bed.

Next you're gonna start trolling the blogs with my name to "get revenge".

Explain to me what BaBib, EqERA, and SIERA is if you're bored. .

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