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March 19, 2010

Gonzalez: Short but sweet

Mike Gonzalez was very pleased with his inning of work in a Triple-A game today at the Ed Smith Complex. He only needed eight pitches (five strikes) to get through a scoreless inning, but did give up a triple to Red Sox outfield prospect Ryan Kalish.

"I'm feeling better...much better today,'' Gonzalez said. "It was great to throw in a minor league game. Every day, it feels a little bit better."

His fastball topped out at 89 miles per hour, a fact that made Gonzalez smile. He said the number of pitches was irrelevant.

"It was more a test of my back than anything else,'' he said. "That waqs the big thing for me. It was a good test and I passed it. I can feel where my body is at."

On the velocity: "That's not bad. That's pretty much it, not that I look at that too much."

He is tentatively scheduled to pitch on Sunday in Clearwater, but he hinted that he might stay back and throw in camp.

"That's the only thing that might change,'' he said. "I can't get treatment there. I was able to get treatment here right before I went out there."

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buckle up everyone....

Great, a closer with a fastball that tops out at 89. That doesn't work for very many closers.




(oh... you meant that your message about Gonzalez was short and sweet. That's different.)


Why is it that a spring that made us all feel like things are looking up is just turning out like all others. Injury after injury and the closer throws "slowballs".


Please keep your personal opinions and bigotry about homosexuality to yourself. Comment about the team, the game, the injuries. That's what this blog is for. To imply that players on the team are gay, which by the way doesn't matter in the least possible way, and to do it in all caps nonetheless, is juvenile, stupid, and wrong.

Grow up.

Is he supposed to be hurling it at 95 on March 18th?

OK then...

Middle of July, hes got a problem...

If you're actually bothered in any way by Ms Littella's postings, I strongly advise you to stop in at your closest Big Lots and pick up a sense of humor.
I for one think she's hilarious and if you possessed a frame of reference that reached beyond your own navel, you might remember her character from Saturday Night Live, played by Gilda Radner.

Kudos to whoever has entertained us with these postings. You have nailed her character.

Grow up, Ryan.


I am very versed in Saturday Night Live, sir, as a professional actor. And while I understand, appreciate, and make a living doing comedy, I see very little humor in making light of homosexuality, particularly given the current climate, both political and social, regarding homosexuals. I work with actors on a daily basis. Many of my peers are gay, and face scorn, ridicule, hate, and oppresion at nearly every stage of their lives. You wouldn't find it inetersting or funny to mention someone as possibly being black, possibly being handicapped, or possibly being a woman. These groups, just like homosexuals, have had to fight for equal rights, but even more importantly equal treatment, since our country was founded. The only difference? Their freedoms are not nearly as well defined or easily attained as the other groups mentioned.

Please don't tell me to grow up. Perhaps my first comments were a little too harsh, and a little too quick to criticize. My apologies. However, I will never apologize for making sure everyone I can reach is aware of the plight of those who suffer because of ill-timed and ill-advised comments from those who may simply not know any better.

Have a great day, and sincerely, Go O's!

Kudos, Ryan. You're changing the world, one blog at a time. Keep it up, only 999,999,999 to go!


I don't agree that the other classifications you mentioned are at all "just like homosexuals".... In fact, I think it's an insult to those other people to make that comparison.
But you know what ? That's for another blog.

Whether I agree with your premise sociologically, biologically, or politically is not the issue here.

Since you have proclaimed yourself an actor, then you above everyone else should appreciate the character mentality of Emily Littella and her own little concept of the universe enough to realize that even her questionable and most sensitive issues are harbored by her in the most benign way.
If you can't appreciate that, then, other than the apparent fact that you take yourself waayyy too seriously, you must not be much of an actor.

Furthermore, I remind you, Sir, that it was YOU who first instructed the Emily poster to "grow up".
Like who made YOU the hall monitor ?

Lastly, I wouldn't see much humor in making light of homosexuality either if it wasn't for the fact that the entire concept is so thoroughly absurd and disgustingly ridiculous that even many of it's exponents present themselves in a flamboyant and sterotypical caracature of themselves.

I believe I'll just continue to have many more good laughs with them while you try to, er..... grow up.

Go O's ! Go Emily !


The Emily Littela comment wasn't funny. Gay joke or not. It was a stupid attempt at something, I don't know what.

Lets call off the ACLU rally and move on. Maybe the blog moderator can just dump distasteful idiocy when its posted?

Reminds me of someone I know that makes jokes that miss their mark and you aren't sure if you should laugh to make them feel good or tell them, "That was really dumb. You completely missed on that one."

So anyway, two cannibals are eating a clown.....
One says to the other, "Does this taste funny to you ?"

Oh, jeeeeze.... now I've done it.....
Here come all the cannibals who blog here to criticize my insensitivity.

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