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February 6, 2010

Zrebiec: O’s still not left out

Less than two weeks remain before the first workout for pitchers and catchers and the Orioles continue to search for a southpaw reliever to compete with Alberto Castillo, Wilfrido Perez and non-roster invitee Mike Hinckley for the situational lefty spot in the bullpen.

Will Ohman is the guy that the Orioles really want and they watched him throw a bullpen session in Arizona about 10 days ago. Ohman, a 32-year-old who had a 5.84 ERA in 21 appearances for the Los Angeles Dodgers last season, is trying to prove that he’s healthy after having elbow and shoulder surgeries.

The Orioles have extended a minor league offer to Ohman, but he’s holding out for a major league one and a highly-coveted 40-man roster spot. The Orioles will not give him one, though they do figure to present him with a nice opportunity to break camp with the club because Castillo, Perez and Hinckley are all unproven on the major league level. Meanwhile, Ohman has held left-handed hitters to a .204 average during his career.

Japanese left-hander Hisanori Takahashi, a close friend and former teammate of Orioles’ pitcher Koji Uehara, turned down the Orioles’ minor league offer, but he hasn’t completely closed the door on the club. Still, his addition is unlikely because the swingman role the Orioles envisioned for him was the one that the club has since re-signed Mark Hendrickson to occupy.

Joe Beimel is another option for the Orioles. Veteran situational left-handers Ron Villone and Ron Mahay are also available, although the Orioles didn’t have much interest in either earlier this offseason. It’s possible that has changed as the pool of available southpaws has shrunk at this point of the offseason.

Quick plug: This is going to come as a shock to you, but Schmuck actually did some work the last couple of days. If you want to read his column on Joe Flacco that will be in Sunday's print edition, you can do that right here.

--Jeff Zrebiec

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Wow, it's really come to this? Advertising the Red Sox on your blog. How far the Sun has fallen. Embarassing.

Filler Blog..... I understand Pete!

If Castillo stinks it up, I'd like to see Wilfrido Perez make the jump.
Ohman has good career stats, but the last thing the O's need is another reclamation project.

239 days left

Castillo along with Hendrickson, were the two most impressive guys in the BP for the final month. Perez had some arm issues least year so I do hope they go slow with him because he looks like he could be the closer of the future. I would take Beimel over Ohman.

I honesty can't believe that Kevin Millar has a job, but Hank Blalock doesn't? I can't understand why the O's wont sign Blalock because he's perfect to split time at DH and get some time at 1B. The guy has some serious power plus he was healthy last season after two injury plagued season.

eh, I've seen way worse filler than this. At least there is some new info here - I thought we were just looking at the guys we already had and not Ohman or Beimel, neither of which would be bad for filling the "left handed and a warm body" spot on the roster. It could be worse - there could be 2 posts about how Bedard is not coming back

They need to covert Patton to a reliver. i don't thing he has the durability to be a starter.I'm too lazy to look up his splits against lefties but the o's have a lefty shorage in the minors that are close to being ready.

Birdland Todd,

The Orioles won't sign Blalock for the same reasons that they didn't sign or trade for Laroche, Kouzmanoff, etc.

This is from the Andy Macphail "Why we can't or won't sign{Fill in the blank}player:

He wants more than a one year deal, in which case he might block the kids, he really is not worth the money, and he dosen't want to come here anyway.

I'm not sure what Peter's point was about Joe Flacco. Basically, he said that he has potential and would do well to learn from these two masters, Brees and Manning. I agree, but so what?

Besides, any analysis of Flacco borders on silliness. Flacco succeeds as much as he does despite lack of wide receivers. Both Manning and Brees have good ones contributing to their team's success.

It took a decade for the Ravens to address the quarterback situation. I guess it will take another decade before they address the wide receiver fiasco.

Still no word on the Hendrickson physical? They must be giving him the works--bloodletting, lobotomy, perhaps even a pap smear. Or maybe Dr. Jellyfinger ran out of rubber gloves.

Thanks wayne, your comment was incredibly insightful and hit on so many points relevant to the discussion. Most people would just say nothing if nothing is all they have to say, but you sir didn't cave to that losing mentality. Nope. When anyone else would be polite enough to just be quiet, you refused to let yourself be denied. Bravo.

Gil, Something new from AM won't sign anyone blah,blah, forgot to mention how you know for a fact we won't be competitive for the next few least you are coming up with new stuff

You also can't get over that Andy didn't want Kouz....You would rather have him than an All-Star at 3rd base...hmm...interesting...

GIl, a sincere apology from me about the banker crack. Blog shouldn't get personal.

That said, Wayne if we happen to be in Sarasota at the same time, I'd be more than happy to buy you a beer.

Beimel...sign Beimel. Can't the guy pitch EVERY day?

James - wayne is known for those inane comments. That's why it is so hard to take him seriously when he does try to say something astute.

gil - Of course that's why the Orioles didn't sign Blalock and won't sign anyone for a contract of more than a year. Unless their upside is demonstratively better than the kids, he's got to go with the kids. And that's the right way to go.

He's rebuilt the system, supplied it with very high upside youngsters, and people like gil want to abandon that plan for the sake of signing someone like Hank Blalock.

The Orioles have done exactly what they were supposed to do, this year's team is far better than the one entering last season, the future's so bright ya gotta wear shades(I know that was a song about nuclear Armageddon, but you know what I mean) but people like the Bobbsey Twins(wyane and gil) aren't happy because Mac didn't sign Adam LaRoche or Hank Blalock.


Sherrill is the answer.
Get rid of the dead weight, i.e. Johnson, Albers, Sarfate, Hernandez and Andino.
No way the Dodgers would turn all those players down for him.

And he would be the undisputed leader of the bullpen.


If they are dead weight, why would the Dodgers want them?

Blalock? - Complain about Laroche if you want, but Blalock's carreer is all but over - maybe that's why 29 other teams have absolutely no interest in him either. These types of complaints just lack credibility.

Bear the Birdfan - Listing Johnson among the dead weight is just silly. Granted he struggled in his stint as a closer last year, but he's several notches above the others on your list.

didnt Villone and Mora get into a scuffle a few years ago? that would be ironic...if im using that word correctly

I do not think the Orioles are much improved from last year entering Spring Training.

Remember, all the questions last year and the team on paper was not a bad team, but what happened with injuries and under performing it became apparent that the we ended the year with a far different team.

We still have a similar team on paper with a few additions and subtractions. It is basically the same team. The defense of this team is degraded and maybe the offense is a somewhat better. The pitching is slightly improved and the speed is about the same.

If the second year players have a sophomore slump or do not play up to expectations, with a few key injuries and mid-year trades, we will end the season with the same results.

If the second year players perform at a higher level than last year ( no all stars or fantastic improvements) , fewer key injuries and AM does not trade a key reliever or other player, way may win between 64 and 74 games, or ten more than last year. A reasonable expectation.

The 500 club we seek is a few seasons away!!!

A frustrated fan,

A George Harrisburg

With all the other shortages the Orioles have I do not think a LOOGY is one they should lose sleep over.


The fact that the Orioles will not be competitive fo{more than} a few years is only a corollary not lost on even Macphail Hosanna Chorus. The main reasons are:

They might block the kids. They want more than a one year deal. They want too much money and are not worth it, the greedy bastards, and they really don't want to come here anyhow.

Actually, that canned response was developed bythe Macphail Hosanna chorus each time some other team acquired a marquee FA in the last few years. I can't claim the copyright.

Obviously 5 believers AND whatever ridiculous different names members of the Macphail Hosanna chorus like to post under to make people think there are more of you than there actually are...{Whew}...

Miguel Tejada is not and never was an All Star Third Baseman.

He is an admitted illegal drug user still under the authority of the United States penal system.

we'd be surprised if we knew how many players were under the authority of the us penal system.

Defense is one of the most over rated stats in baseball (just read money ball for the first time). Tejada will be fine at 3b as long as he hits. If he comes anywhere close to what he did last year, he'll account for more runs scored than allowed and be a HUGE upgrade over mora.

This club's gonna hit, and I'd rather have the five SP penciled in now than what they opened the season with last year. Shoot, the Os outperformed what I thought they'd do (54-108) by 10 games.


Please explain to me how Hank Blalock would be any different than Garrett Atkins at 1B.

Keep in mind that he is a lefty and the team was looking to add more right handed bats in the off season.

Now is your time to shine! Go!

I like Biemel... but whats the word on Calero? Why hasn't anyone picked him up? I know hes a righty, but he did have a 1.95 era last year on a 2nd place team.

The Kool Aiders love to point out how flawed the 09 team was....

Are you referring to the same team assembled by McPhail even after being here since 2007? He had two winters to build that team

Is that the same team you are overjoyed to be better than? Gee, the 2010 team is better than the 2009 team assembled by the same dude.

KoolAiders, do you even understand how bizarre that is?

KoolAiders think Blalock is done but think Atkins is due for a huge turnaround even though they are the same age?

No wonder KoolAiders gang up on people, there is no consistency or intelligence in their thoughts whatsoever

I started out as a big supporter in Andy, but I think the dye is cast and we are getting the same as we've always gotten, only in a much shinier wrapper.

Its been 3 winters now and we still do not look like we are anywhere close to contending. I'm sorry, but I thought we would be much farther along by now. What are we waiting for?

As it stands now, we will be a 70-75 win team and that is not good enough to get my money anymore. There is a difference between being supportive and being taking advantage of . Look at the Yankees, Red Sox and Rays and tell me who we are better than.

We've had the Winter of 08, the winter of 09 and now the winter of 2010 and how much closer to the playoffs are we?

reformed koolaid drinker =wayne=not very knowledgable about building baseball teams from the ground up


obviously 5 believers= SHAMROCK=bf=paulie=


You're absolutely right about Johnson. Over the last 2 years, up to the point that he was miscast as a replacement for Sherrill, he had a combined 2.62era with just 98 hits and 5 HRs in 117 IP. His WHIP was 10.92. I can't imagine any team not being happy to have him.

I ran into Flanagan back around 04 or 05, and he said Johnson when I asked him who he rated highest of their minor league pitchers. Flanagan wasn't a good GM but he knows a thing or two about pitching.
Johnson hasn't disappointed. If he gets back to his 8th inning role and Gonzalez lives up to his numbers, the Orioles could be one of the better teams in terms of closing out games.

Chris in Hawaii,

Just about anybody at first would be better than Garrett Atkins, who statistically is clearly on the downside of his career. We got him because he was cheap and nobody else wanted him. Just adding right handed bats who can't hit won't help. Atkins hit 9 home runs and .226 last year.

obviously 5 believers= SHAMROCK = bf= paulie=bill=new name every other day

Filler Blog, followed by Filler Post.....

Pete, Give us something. I'm tired of supplying the Content!

George, you can't really be serious, can you? Last year's team had three retread pitchers in the opening season starting rotation and none of them lasted thru May. No one really thought Huff could duplicate his performance of the year before, his stats were sure to fall somewhere between his first year and his second year, and they did. Mora was a question mark if only because of his age.

Now you've got a new 1B who can certainly match Huff's numbers, a new 3B whose hitting skills have not diminished and has the athletic ability and arm to shine at third. Remember, Mora was not a natural 3B, he only moved there after several years as a uber-utility type guy. He hadn't played third for four years before the Orioles put him there to start the 2004 season.

The staff is definitely in better shape and because of MacPhail's efforts to bring depth to the system, even with all the youngsters who made their debuts last year, there are still several who could make their debuts this year.

I agree that this season 75 wins would be considered outstanding, but that's not the point. You people seem to think Mac's "plan" will be a failure of they don't contend this year. Mac's plan is for them to be competitive for many years to come.

Look at his track record. He was the one who brought Derrick Lee and Aramis Ramirez to the Cubs. He wasn't the one who signed Alfonzo Soriano to an abomination of a contract.

He was the one who brought Rick Aguilera, Dan Gladden and Jack Morris to the Twins, they only won two Series in five years.

The Orioles are on the same track, don't you believe different.

Andy = 3 offseasons = no significant upgrades = 74 wins = happy koolaiders


You actually thought the team would lose 108 games last year? Now I see how you could think that 70 wins probably warrants a parade down Calvert Street.
Sorry, I'm sick and tired of the rebuliding talk and gushing over the "Prospects" It's an all too familiar theme with this franchise.

Winning is all that counts and until the organization stops screwing around and goes aout and gets the players, you will write what you did and I will write what I did every spring. Like Wayne said, it;s Groundhog Day.

macphails track record = way more losing seasons than winning seasons



1993 71 91
1994 53 60
1995 73 71
1996 76 86
1997 68 94
1998 90 73
1999 67 95
2000 65 97
2001 88 74
2002 67 95
2003 88 74
2004 89 73
2005 66 96
2007 69 93 took over June
2008 68 93
2009 64 98

Back to back winning seasons only once

To the"Besbal been beddy beddy good to me Miguel Tejajda fan club;

One thing I will give Macphail credit for{other than rebuilding the farm system}was delivering a message to all levels of the organization that the use, or suspected use of PED's would get you a plane ticket out of Charm city.

Miguel Tejada was noy only an illegal drug user but a distributor and dealer, the very epitome of the cheating trash that you don't want your youngsters exposed to.

It is a compromise of integrity to bring him back to the organization that was fortunate to dump him the day before he was nailed and aged two years in the process. I for one can't cheer anything he does this year without the suspicion that he is still beating the drug testing system and making a fool out the the organization full of young players that may look up to him.

It was the absolute worst move Macphail could have made this offseason from a team culture standpoint. It was not logical considering Macpails Boy Scout image.

Only counting the 162 game seasons, MacPhail averages 74 wins 88 losses not too encouraging I must say

You forgot the 2 World Series rings!!!

3rd one coming in Balto. soon!!!

I love it that the Kool aiders have hope while the other folks have nothing but misery and a sense of hopelessness, truly the dark side.
Cmon Andy bring another one of those rings to Balto.!!!!

We are on board the bandwagon and we are even kind enough to let the others on in August when we are 10 games over 500 and everyone claims they believed in you all along...

Lovin the upcoming spring training looking forward to seeing all the young studs and Millwood and Weiters and Beregesen and winning baseball again in 2010...

the haters can't stand hope they will crash looking in the rearview mirror though

I wouldn't even answer all their hate directed toward AM the proof will be in the pudding and 2010 will be an exciting year!!!!

Let em hate and wallow in the past...kind of like Obama still blaming Bush for everything hahhahaa

Now that's good content,

Whoever MacPhails Real Record is....... Outstanding!

People, this is no longer a good GM. He has NEVER been able to adjust to FA once it became a difficult game of chess.

How could anyone, with a straight face, defend his record since 1993?

It's not an average record, it's not a poor record.... it's a TERRIBLE record!


Make him the head of minor league scouting (or whatever that job title is), but keep him AWAY from the major league club.



How some are backing this losing Plan!

Yeah, 2 rings ---- in another era! I can name others who were good 20 years ago as well. Big deal!

Look at the record...... defending it is a disgrace!

obviously 5 believers=bill=bf

no doubt about it

Why do you change your handle so often?

"another era"
that's a good one Wayne....
nice try.......
successful people in case you never met any.....succeed under many different sets of circumstances.....
If you've never met a successful person perhaps you could set up a meeting with AM and tell him like it is and how his past success in winning 2 WS means nothing (another era all that stuff).....oh yeah, you were going to ask questions at fanfest but you didn' could have asked him oh so many things but you couldn't could have told him how his method or plan is a failure ....but you wouldn't.....
and why not?

Posting someone's record isnt hating, it is providing their record

The only thing negative about that post is the results

There must be some good narcotics in that kool aid

Posting someone's record isnt hating, it is providing their record

The only thing negative about that post is the results

There must be some good narcotics in that kool aid

who really cares who is who?.....
he is me and I am him and he is her and we are we and we are all together.....


I don't consider myself a 'hater', but I also hate the record that was put out there earlier today. Why is this man still the head of a major league team?

Granted, his 2 titles make him a good hire - if it were 1993! 17 years later though, he has to be considered one of the biggest failures in the game. Is that wrong?

not looking for long term relationships....

You can argue about the future, but that record is pretty disheartening

obviously 5 believers=bill=bf

no doubt about it

Why do you change your handle so often?


Of course another era... lol! Compare payroll differences from top to bottom in 1990, 2000, and 2010.

It's gotten past him (and you obviously).... but that's ok! It's all good!

Now keep bringing up some oldies but goodies.... because we ALL know bf, you got nothing to offer.

Makes for good comedy though!

Only a kool aid drinking apologist would think that someone who averages 74 wins per year is a GM beyond questioning

In 7 of last 10 years, AM's win total has been in the 60's!

I may need to start getting negative about this guy. I didn't know it was THIS bad!

Whats wrong with you people?

Dont you know that once you prove shamrock/bill/bf/obviously5 wrong it immediately becomes no big deal


No one's asking you to supply any content.

Oh and how many Worls Series did Joe Torre win in St. Louis, where he had a sub .500 record? How about with the Dodgers?

Point being, what you did elsewhere really means zero. I'm not saying, nor have I ever said McPhail would turn this thing around. I'm just so sick of guys saying we're doomed to fail solely because of his history in Chicago.

I'm sure in life some people are nice and intelligent, but many people when they post here are complete jerks that seem to ignore logical thinking for blind passion. Things just don't always transfer....

Count me as shocked by Andy's record

I had no idea he had so many losing seasons and in an inferior division to boot

He's spoken of around here like he's never done anything wrong

James C,

So I'm a jerk for stating the obvious? And seriously, you compared an on the field manager with the head of the front office?

Got it!

And I used to think AM was just conservative..... No.... he just losses baseball games at an unusual pace.

I've seen people with their head in the sand before, but this is getting uncomfortable!

"history teaches us that we learn nothing from history"

The people on this blog have helped me understand why people thought the world was flat for so long

jason, is thatyou?

If so, funny stuff! mainly because it's true!

SB all.... Cya!


(it used to be anyway)

coo coo ca joo

kool aid drinkers like james c think that groundless optimism is more "logical" than judging a man by his previous record and results


...AM's trades of both Tejada and Bedard were timely and very one-sided so I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt for the time being.

Where would the team be right now if he hadn't made sure brillant moves? No Jones, Tillman, Bell (via Sherrell trade), Scott (yeah marginal addition), Patton (hopefully), and Mickolo (hopefully).

...AM's trades of both Tejada and Bedard were timely and very one-sided so I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt for the time being.

Where would the team be right now if he hadn't made sure brillant moves? No Jones, Tillman, Bell (via Sherrell trade), Scott (yeah marginal addition), Patton (hopefully), and Mickolo (hopefully).

...AM's trades of both Tejada and Bedard were timely and very one-sided so I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt for the time being.

Where would the team be right now if he hadn't made sure brillant moves? No Jones, Tillman, Bell (via Sherrell trade), Scott (yeah marginal addition), Patton (hopefully), and Mickolo (hopefully).

Um, those trades were 2 yrs ago

besides, trading vets for prospects has never been questioned

bringing in enough talent to win is the issue

Even if no wins come our way, Ill still support andy no matter what

I hate to admit that Im wrong

Ill never run out of new names to post under either

Yay andy

3 of 10 seasons had more than 70 wins, thats like a .300 avg

whats the problem people?

Just because Andy's teams lose way more than they win doesnt make them bad teams.

Its really all about the unquantifiable future, not the results on the field

Get with the program already

Just think, when the team is 30 games out of 1st place by Labor day, you can concentrate more on football

Think of the positives

O's finished 39 games out in '09. In Andy we trust! Who needs an Aroid or Tex? We are profitable. C'mon, babe, this is wall street, not Eutaw Street.

Youse guys cant judge a man by his performance over the past 18 seasons

Thats surely not a big enough sample size

Cmon, be reasonable

You cant judge success with wins and losses anyway

"Winning isn't a sometime thing; it's an all time thing. You don't win once in a while, you don't do things right once in a while, you do them right all the time. Winning is habit. Unfortunately so is losing." --Vince Lombardi--

Paging Peter Schmuck, paging Peter Schmuck. Please report to the lost and found and reclaim your blog.

"Winning isn't a sometime thing; it's an all time thing. You don't win once in a while, you don't do things right once in a while, you do them right all the time. Winning is habit. Unfortunately so is losing." --Vince Lombardi--

If wins were losses and losses were wins. andy would have a terrific record

think about it

did someone ask how many World Series Titles Andy Macphail has won. Oh, it was 2 with the Twins. Thanks for asking
It's good to have a GM that knows how to assemble championship teams, isn't it?
Oh, how many has Ozzie Newsome won? Oh just 1, oh well maybe next year

pete's busy checking on mark hendrickson's latest bowel movement

In the last 10 yrs, Ozzie has 1 world championship and several postseason appearances

During the past 10 yrs andy has lost 90 or more games 7 times

oh big fat 0 on the world championships

Ozzie well over .500 winning pct

Andy well below .500

past 2 seasons ravens were in the championship game, andy was in the cellar...oops

I cling to the distant past because the recent past is a nightmare,damn it

the future dont look too good either

still 2 to 1 in the all important world championships huh?
Oh well keep trying and ask Ozzie if he would trade some over 500 seasons for another trophey....then again some people are happy for settling for less

Im tired of keeping up with all of my names, Im goin to pick one once and for all

what do you guys like best

a) obviously 5 believers
b) bf
c)bill f
d)bill frederick

I know that I cant possibly defend andys abysmal record so I cling desperately to a WS 20 yrs ago

I ignore the more recent history that suggests that the game has passed andy by because Im not very intelligent

I also ignore the fact that andy contributed next to nothing on the 87 twins, since he was only there for a year

Have mercy on me, Im a raging alcoholic and drug addict two steps ahead of pending indictment

Andy's record is better than Ozzie if u ignore the past 18 yrs of andy's record


even if andy never has another winning season, ill support him.... I have to

Its not like I can admit Im wrong or anything

Ill just switch names again

In my world, the ravens are losers and the orioles are winners

like i said earlier, if wins are really losses and losses were really wins, it might make sense

I killed a spider and it came back as a mosquito. I shouldnt have killed that spider

...two years from now we will not be debating AM's 'goodness' as a GM because if the O's aren't in the playoffs, someone else will be GM for us to bash! Peter has no extended patience with anyone not producing.


Congrats to all you Clots fans!!!!!!

I read on this blog that someone, who will remain nameless and with statements like this should post as anonymous, the we have an All-Star Thirdbaseman? Very interesting presumption since he's never played the position and with Arod and Hell the Red Sox have 3 thirdbaseman better than the 40 year old powerless 3B wannabe!

I really hate to rain on your parade, but the number of flat out gullible posters who have bought into the BS from the warehouse is frightening, it's no wonder the stock market is taking your money!

The Truth will set you free!

I read on this blog that someone, who will remain nameless and with statements like this should post as anonymous, the we have an All-Star Thirdbaseman? Very interesting presumption since he's never played the position and with Arod and Hell the Red Sox have 3 thirdbaseman better than the 40 year old powerless 3B wannabe!

I really hate to rain on your parade, but the number of flat out gullible posters who have bought into the BS from the warehouse is frightening, it's no wonder the stock market is taking your money!

The Truth will set you free!


The savior is taking a bashing? AM's record has been exposed, sounds familiar, look at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, once exposed his popularity is less than 45% too.

Only difference here is AM is a third generatiion legacy, ok so the grandfather was a drunk and the Old man got sent exile as a league President, and after 18 years he will surely run the streak to 20 years as he assumes another loser Bud the DuD Selig as Comishunner!

All these years of futility and he still has a job, I keep forgetting he's making PA big bucks despite his win loss record! Tell me board of directors would have hired him and if they had he would have already been fired!

But for all you believers, you've demonstrated blind faith, and you just keep believing!

Wins schmins, big whoop

Camden yds still has below avg ticket prices. If we got free agents, the price would get too expensive

whats the point of a good team if you cant afford to watch them play???

Shoot Gil, you saw that mess of a staff they brought north last year...that's what led to 54 W prediction. I'm not calling for a parade if they win 74 or so games, I do think its on the way to 83 wins next year the way the team is constructed and run now.

I don't have a lot of confidence that PA will give AM the tools ($$$) to do better than that by signing outside FA's. I'm hopeful, based on the Markakis extension, that they will try to buy out some arb years for some FA years with the good young Os.

The free agent pool after this year is better than this past year but still not stellar, so we'll see. There are some names to be had if the Os step to the plate. Again, if they didn't do it for TEX, who will they do it for?

COLTS LOSE! Terps and Caps win! That's a good sports day!

hey false poster you forgot the "s" at the end of believer and you didn't even spell obviously correctly....caught again huh?
learn to spell go back to school
boy you sound alot like Wayne and his 20 or so names he uses.
I think it's only about 3 people who attack all the time going by different names...
at least learn to spell the name of the person you are posting as...
maybe I'll start posting as "me" and make it easy for you.

Hi it's me feel free to post as me.... and now it's easy to spell!

Have fun with that!!!

AM will spend next year

You heard it here first!!!

Just becuase Andy has been losing his arse off doesnt make him a bad gm, it just makes him a losing GM, so what ?

I know its only a couple people attacking because I do the same thing myself

Its fun when you're bored

Really ?

Shocker there!

OK. You can bash McPhail's W-L record if you like, but please don't even begin to compare his record as a baseball GM with Ozzie Newsome's, or any other football GM. The two jobs have one similarity: title. Salary caps, predictable drafts, rotating schedules, dominance based on one or two players (Manning or Ben R or Brady, for example) makes the the sports so different that they cannot really be compared, only contrasted.

And those of you who say "we've heard this ballyhoo about prospects before" are cracked. When, since Cal, Jr., maybe, have the Orioles had prospects to compare favorably with Weiters, Reimold, Pie, Arrieta, Matusz, Tillman, Bergeson, When?

Prospects are, of course, only that. But these kids seem many cuts above what we've had in the past 15 years!

Go O's. Now that the NoFunLeague is finally over (February 7 Super Bowl?? Really?), we can get down to the only real sport in America. Hardball!!

the macphail supporter brought up newsome, so obviously its not an intelligent comparison, then again if you were intelligent you wouldnt be gullible enough to be duped by macphail in the first place


I still don't see how Blalock is a better option. You didn't really compare the two. All you said was that anyone would be better than Atkins.

Yeah, Atkins hit .226 last year. What did Blalock hit? He hit .234. He also had about 100 more ABs and an OBP about 30 points less than Atkins. Sure, he hit 25 home runs, but he also struck out 4 times as much as he walked. Also, we do know that Blalock has more of a past as far as injuries go.

If you look at the projections of the two guys for the coming season, they're fairly similar. They aren't really different in what kinds of offense they'll most likely provide overall.

However, we also know that going into this season, the team was looking to get better versus left handed pitching. Statistically, Atkins is far better versus left handed pitching. To me, if I'm looking at two guys who will be pretty similar in what they'll provide overall, I'll take the guy who is more likely to produce in the area where I need to get better every time.

Blalock is not likely to sign for any more than Atkins did. He also is more likely to get a one year deal than anything more than that at this point. That goes for pretty much anyone left on the market. So the idea that the front office is looking at not signing him because he'd block other guys is ridiculous.

What it comes down to is he's not a player that fits in with what the team is looking for. The only way he would make sense, is if they dealt Wigginton somehow and he just served as a backup.

The reasons you gave for why the team wouldn't sign Blalock just don't make sense.

I understand the frustration you have with the team, but that, along with a lot of what I've been seeing on here (I'm not saying just from you), just seems reactionary and not really thought out. I mean, look at the second post up there. What's the point of that? Especially when Pete wasn't even the person who posted the blog?

Personally, that's why I haven't been posting so much. It just seems pointless on here. I know you (unlike some other people) are capable of so much more, but the comments on this blog have just gotten tiresome.

You guys place too much emphasis on winning, seriously

So macphail hasnt really been capable of winning. Is that what its all about?


Some people

"Addition by subtraction"

We havent used that one in a while

Lest ye forget

obviously 5 believers ,

It really doesn't matter which name you use, when you say utterly stupid and irrational thoughts we know who you are!

Where in good God did this thought come from, "Camden yds still has below avg ticket prices. If we got free agents, the price would get too expensive whats the point of a good team if you cant afford to watch them play???

I would hope the ticket prices are reasonable, since your watching a AAA team, prices should be reflective of the product and I believe supply and demand reflect that based on the average attendance when the Yanks and Sox are not in town!

Further, you really don't think a quality product, that wins more than it loses, couldn't sell out Camden Yards? You must be a Johnny come lately to Orioles baseball! You neither remember or know Jack shiite about the O's or baseball. But keep up the good work, if your objective is being a @$$ in public, your all over it!

Hi Chris,

I am not a Stats geek like some on the site. I look mainly at trends associated with batting average and power numbers, strikouts, and hits with runners in scoring position. Atkins numbers have declined for three straight seasons and I think that is a very negative trend. Getting additional right handed bats in the lineup was definitely an offseason need, but just collecting them, like Atkins just for the sake of saying"Hey,now we have another right handed bat" may not help. Once a player's numbers go South for three staright years there is no reason to expect anything but more of the same.

I predict that Atkins will prove to be almost worthless to the Orioles offensively in 2010, and it doesn't take Jeanne Dixon to come to that conclusion.

Why is everyone down on macphail ?

During his tenure, the Cubs won the NL central once in 12yrs just like the Reds

Just because the Cards won it 6 times and the astros won it 4 times during the same time frame doesnt mean anything

It will definitely be easier to overtake Bos and Nyy than Stl and Hou anyway especially without all of those risky free agent signings getting in the way

Wow, there are alot of Nestor cronies in here, does he pay you all to come in here and be negative?
You are really busting on Tejada. You must be squeaky clean. My wife is an auditor, lets check your income tax records thru the years. Cheating on your taxes is a felony. It is said, " those without sin, cast the first stone."

Everyone knows that the reason Andy MacPhail quit the Cubs was because the owners, the Tribune company handcuffed him. Also the 2 big prospects, Wood and Pryor were hurt all the time. When he came here, he had an agreement with Angelos not to do that. It is convienent to leave out his years with Minnesota which he won 2 championships, and not talk about the owners of the Cubs, but you all have a mission, Nestor must be paying you all well.

Good post, Chris. The haters are getting desperate.

Now they are attacking MacPhail's record. With the Twins, his team's were above .500 with two WS wins.

With the Cubs, not nearly as good, but he did put them into the playoffs twice and his best team lost out to a Cardinal team that won 105 games. He lost 90 games five times in 12 years, won 90 once and was above .500 five times in those 12 years. That's the way it goes on the Northside of Chicago.

With Minnesota, he won 90 three times, losing 90 twice with four above .500 teams and those two WS in nine years with the Twins.

During his tenure with the Cubs, he put all his eggs into Prior's and Woody's basket, but in both cases an idiot field manager derailed the team. Dusty Baker hasn't a clue about how to run a pitching staff, we're seeing that again with Cincinnati. Mac's last year was the year Derrick Lee(a MacPhail acquisition) broke his wirst and only played 50 games. Add that to Prior making nine starts and Woods making four, and you've got a 96 loss season. Of course, ARam(another MacPhail get) hit 38 homers, but not enough.

I dare say that MacPhail has a similar philosophy now as when he ran the Twins and Cubs and he was right at .500 with those teams. Not great, I admit, but the Twins are perennial small market and the Cubs are, well, the Cubs.

But the main point is, Mac has had a lot of success, is very intelligent and has learned from his mistakes. His third team has far more organizational depth than his first two, much of it coming thru his two drafts and his many trades.

His philosophy should be comforting to Orioles fans who want long term success, draft the pitching, buy the hitters. With the Cubs, he acquired the likes of Lee, ARam, HRod, and Moises Alou. The Cubs have and seem to always have trouble developing pitchers, though Woody and Prior were great gambles and they did draft and develop Greg Maddox. You put a DLee or ARam with the current crop of Orioles youngsters, that's a recipe for winning. My guess is, he will give Snyder, Bell, Waring a chance to shine, but won't be afraid to go get a veteran if needed.

BTW, both ARam and DLee should be available next off season.

I'm sorry, but you cannot put the blame on MacPhail after the past two Orioles years. I've said it before and I will keep saying it until you learn, Mac has had to deal with 12 years of a bad front office. That cannot be overcome in two years. But the overall organization is in better shape than its been since the early 80s, when it was starting to decline.

Now it's time for the youngsters to put up or shut up, and since this group is just beginning to scratch the surface of their potential, the sky's the limit. Only time will tell, of course, but these young players have as much chance of breaking thru as any in the majors.


Your comments about taxes and me are not germaine to the discussion about Tejada, and are typical when people do not have a cogent response. Stick to the subject and people may take you seriously.


What exactly is a hater? Is it someone who does not agree with your opinion??

Truth, I just saw your post...I'm a liar and uninformed? Son, I'll put my baseball knowledge up against yours anytime, anywhere.

He won those Series's, plain and simple. Oh, BTW, the clown who said Mac's input on the 87 Twins was minimal because he was there only a year, actually, he was hired in the off season before the 85 season, his moves were minor, before 87, but some were key. He got Baylor late in the year and avoided making bad deals. He left for more money and more fame with the Cubs, but like RichD said, was hamstrung by ownership.

With the Orioles, he has that freedom and is building slowly but surely, through the draft and getting key prospects thru trades. That's the age old way to build a winner. Don't forget, he's going to have to sign the kids when the time comes, they are the key to the Orioles being a winner for a long time. So not signing a Matt Holliday to a 120/7 is the right move.

Yeah the tribune company handcuffed mcafail alright.. You cant make this up

Thats why they promptly raised payroll and then won the division back to back seasons as soon as he left

the cubs won the division once in 12 yrs under macffail, twice in a row as soon as he was gone

as soon as macfail left, they won the division back to back seasons. In 2008, they won 97 games, the most macfail ever won in 12 seasons was 90

Now that is a cop out. Breaking the law is breaking the law, doesn't matter the subject. You are easy to throw stones, but when someone calls you out, you come up with a stupid comment to hide behind. Guess I hit a nerve. People do take me seriously, or you wouldn't had responded. By your come back, maybe my wife needs to look into you. Then you make a comment about not agreeing with an opinion, but you and the other Nestor cronies always attact people for not agreeing with you. Seems like your opinion is the only one that counts.

No, gil, it is someone who is consistently negative, always spewing vile no matter what evidence is presented to the contrary. Frankly, I think some of you will still be spewing your drivel even if they win 110 games.

Frankly I get tired of being called delusional or a liar because I believe in what is going on with this team and many of you don't.

It gets tiresome, it really does, and makes this blog almost unreadable.

Its only a coincidence that the team won more and spent more money as soon as macphail left

the tribune company just didnt want to win or spend money while macfail was there, seriously

lies are I got, please dont take them away

Once the lies start, you know that the someone is desperate, especially when they forsake their morals just to try to spin on a message board

They dont actually believe what they are saying. If they do, they are beyond delusional

Dont let the facts get in the way

macphail was hamstrung in chicago ? Give me a break

Sure he was. Yeah right. You know that his record is atrocious so out come the lies. DESPICABLE

Theres nothing worse than a liar

RichD=SHAMROCK=obviously 5=bill= new handle coming soon

RichD=SHAMROCK=obviously 5=bill= new handle coming soon

Macphais record makes this blog unreadable,

I liked it better when I mistakenly thought he was good in Chicago, damn it.

It was easier to naively support macphail when I was ignorant

I cant even latch onto these lies about AM being hamstrung, even I know its total BS. I got nothing, I cant defend it anymore. I can only hope he learned some kind of lesson or that he's due or something

I cant defend it anymore. It just cant be done. Why did we hire him again?


Seriously? You're jumping on Gil for being vile?

You get so upset at those who speak facts, it drives you crazy - thus you get ugly with people. Gil is a complete gentleman, especially compared to guys like you.

Baseball knowledge? ken, you lose all cred when you put pretty much all your stock in the fact that the guy won 2 rings 20 years ago. Do I really need to explain why this hurts your cred? Do you not know how the role of the GM has 'dramatically' changed over the last two decades?

So you're saying the fact that he has 2 rings matters no matter what? That kind of logic makes those who even argue the subject with you feel stupid for entering into such a ludicrous debate.

Even taking away AM's first year in Baltimore ken, this guy has not only one of the worst executive records in baseball (over the past 15 years), but in all of American sport. He's been that bad.

Make him the head of the minor league system, as he does a fine job there...... but keep him away from the major league club.

The game at the major league level has not only passed AM by, it has run over him like a Hummer in a blizzard.

So get angry (i know you're fuming), but before you start accusing guys like Gil, you may want to stop being so defensive and abusive to people who are simply speaking the obvious!

Good post "MacFailers LIE, its all they got"

The kool aid drinkers are getting desperate. They are completely fabricating excuses for Andy's prolonged ineptitude now.

I got the feeling that there will be a lot of "new" posters soon trying to come up with even more creative excuses, It is entertaining though


Go by your name now (or just make up one name). I agree with your post, but it's not funny anymore.

The point has been made.

"Sorry, I'm sick and tired of the rebuliding talk and gushing over the "Prospects" It's an all too familiar theme with this franchise."

--Gil, it's been 2.5 years (or 4 according to some) of "prospects" and 12 years of loosing. I'm sure you know that the "prospects" thing is New...not old.


I have never called anyone a derogatory name on this blog, fact check it if you want. I stick to the subject. You may not like what I say, but that's what the blog is all about.


I posted a comment about Tejada, not about me, you, or some wild accusation that I may have broken some law. When people read the type of rubbish that you posted,no, they do not take you seriously. Tejada plays for the Orioles, I don't, and it is my opinion that he should not have been brought back based on his criminal history.
If you have an opinion abpout it, post it, and avoid the personal attacks. That takes maturity and self control, not a stream of consciousness eminating from your fingertips.

"you may want to stop being so defensive and abusive to people who are simply speaking the obvious!"

said the Black Kettle.

Almost unreadable?
Noooooo, is unreadable is more like it.
The guy that owns it doesn't even bother to show up any more.
And who can blame him?

This has devolved to what pretty much passes for public debate and discussion anyway.
Was only a matter of time.

On a side note to this fool- obviously 5 RETARDED believers-
who decided this was a nice blog name-

What a wonderfully intelligent and sensitive human being you must be. Just for being you, I wish upon a you an industrial accident in which you lose your hands, so you cannot type your crap in here any longer. How about a case of lockjaw, so you'll never be able to speak?
Maybe a case of Mad Cow. A death befitting your cruel and insensitive nature you low-class cretin.
It's way past late asking you to think before you type.


At least you are talking baseball, not about evading the tax codes. I was referring to the previous rebuilding themes under prior Angelos direction and incompetetence. I have said over a dozen times now that Macpahil's effort to rebuild the farm system has been a spectacular success and he deserves an "A+. His efforts at improving the talent level at the major laegue level have been a dismal failure and he deserves an "F". do you disagree with that analysis?

ShutitDown=Obviously 5 believers= bill= SHAMROCK=bf

I speak of the future with certainty, because I know the future.

I say things like "warehouser, kool-aid drinker, and apologist" than claim to not call people names.

I strive to make people angry, because it's easier to call names than make supported arguments.

I claim others are hypocritical, write under other names, that the O's have "agents" on the blog, and think multiple people are a singular person because I'm deflecting criticism and cause it's easier than making an argument.

I drink the Hater-Aid.

Ever notice how the warehousers start pleading with uncle schmuckie when they run out of excuses for andy's abysmal performance ?

Please uncle pete, come back, those nasty facts about Macphails record make my job nearly impossible


Pete's reply: I don't answer to Uncle Schmuckie. King Schmuckie, maybe. Unbelieveably handsome Schmuckie, sure. Uncle Schmuckie, not so much.

i think andy MacFail ought to go with what the orioles have for pitching. all that is out there is has beens and over the hill pitchers. regarding flaco, if he had some real wide outs to throw to the ravens would be an awsome team.

portrait of an apologist aka macfailer aka koolaider aka warehouser

Im not very bright

I accuse the haters of not providing facts, but when they provide facts, I make up excuses to explain away those facts

I whine all the time for a little moderation cuz i cant fight my own battles

I started with multiple names but i dont like when people do it back to me

I am impervious to reason, facts, records or any quantifiable analysis

I always talk of the future, cuz well you cant prove me wrong on that like you can with the past all of the time

I thrive in ignorance

I dont admit Im wrong about anything..ever

I think Im clever but I really got nothing but lame excuses that people see right through

No one likes me in real life

Please make them stop posting about andy's record, please

I have no problem making up a lie when confronted with a fact about andy that i dont like

Im very naive

Ive confused positivity with getting played

When its all said and done, I dont really care if the Os win, but this is the only interaction with human beings that I get

Im not above playing the victim and Im kind of self righteous-- I love to play the martyr

I attack people all of the time, but when they do it back, I dont like it. I guess you can say I dish it out but cant take it

Go Orioles--Playoffs in 2017 (10 year plan, baby)


I agree with you that his farm system efforts are top notch.

disagree about "failure" on major league level...I think it's premature to make any judgment at this point. At this point, I'd agree (cause it's obvious) that the Major league club has not improved...but Farm System effort is part of re-building the major league system. I just think it's too soon to make the "failure/success" judgments.

we can obviously disagree.

and I'm not saying NEVER add Free Agents. I agree with you that an added Free Agent (a "marquee" player) is needed. But I don't think it "had" to be this off season...there are reasons why waiting can offer better opportunities in the future. "can"...maybe it won't.

sadly, neither of us are omniscient (well, maybe you probably knew I write just about everything I did...)


While I agree AM has done a good job with the minor system, to keep saying he's done a spectacular job is a huge exaggeration in my opinion.

Granted, it is better than it was before. But we'll see! The hype on guys like Bell, Snyder and Arietta have already worn off a bit.

This team has been bad for a long time, but there have been some within the organization who have done a good job. Bergesen, Reimold, Johnson, Weiters and Markakis are just a few that were either already in the system or drafted before AM came to town.

Let see if his guys do as well as the players above before we give him a high minor league grade. Granted, he's brought in a few names.... but they're just names, something every team has.

Please don't talk to me about maturity, you never show you have any. You amaze me, try to convey that your an intellectual, try to use big words. Attack someone you know doesn't read this blog so they will not be able to defend themselves. You attack everyday, but someone questions you, then oh my, you come all unglued. As I said, "those without sin, cast the first stone".
Tell Nestor your doing a great job spreading his stupidity. Nestor has really taken over this blog. You guys wouldn't know a fact if it hit you in the face!


Again, you gotta stop. People aren't reading your post anymore when they see your bogus names. You make good points, but you're forcing people to tune out.

That's happened to me of course, but at least people can call me names to my face.

Anyway, you put a lot of effort in, but you're losing the effect when people just move on after seeing things like Typical kool aide drinking macfailer.

Just pick a name, go by it, and have fun.

A minor league system should be judged on how well it helps the major league club

Until the major league club actually wins, the minor league system is a just a convenient distraction from the gaping holes at the major league level

There are organizations that are always ranked high but if you are always drafting in the top 10, it would be hard not to have a good minor league system

Its pointless unless it produces major leaguers either through promotion on your own team or by bringing back proven players from other organizations via trade


Now you're just coming across as a liar and a jackass.

If that's what you're going for dude, it's working for you.

Back off of people whose used jock you wouldn't be qualified for..... unless of course you want your device looked into so your names can be exposed..... Up to you!


portrait of an hater

Im not very bright--hate.

I accuse the Warehousers of not providing facts, but when they provide facts, I make up excuses to explain away those facts--hate.

I whine all the time for a little moderation cuz i cant fight my own battles--hate.

I started with multiple names but i dont like when people do it back to me--hate

I am impervious to reason, facts, records or any quantifiable analysis--hate

I always talk of the past, cuz well you cant prove me wrong on that like you can with the future all of the time--hate

I thrive in ignorance--hate

I dont admit Im wrong about anything..ever--hate

I think Im clever but I really got nothing but lame excuses that people see right through--hate.

No one likes me in real life--hate.

Please make them stop posting about andy's record, please--hate.

I have no problem making up a lie when confronted with a fact about andy that i dont like--hate.

Im very naive--hate.

Ive confused positivity with getting played--hate.

When its all said and done, I dont really care if the Os win, but this is the only interaction with human beings that I get--hate.

Im not above playing the victim and Im kind of self righteous-- I love to play the martyr--hate.

I attack people all of the time, but when they do it back, I dont like it. I guess you can say I dish it out but cant take it--hate.

Go Orioles--Never ever gonna win. Ever. Ever. Never ever.

(lol, making it too easy haters. way too easy!)


Great post......and exactly!

Hater aka bill aka obviously 5 aka SHAMROCK,

Your sauce is W-E-A-K

stick to your blind support of macphail

thinking up stuff isnt your forte

gil, that's ridiculous. Don't you understand that the guys who have been acquired to rebuild the farm are the ones who will populate the major league team? Don't you understand that high level prospects don't stay in the minors but go up to the majors and become the cornerstone? Are you so blind to what's going on that you either don't see it or won't see it?

wayne, I couldn't care less what MacPhail's past record is. I don't care if he was 0-1000. I don't care if his last job was batboy for the Lake Ray Wing Nuts. I don't care if they won't even let him watch the World Series. All I care about is the here and now. Throw out the two series wins.

The role of GM is the same as it ever was: Put your team in the best position for success and that's what MacPhail is doing. You aren't going to sit there and tell me the Orioles aren't better going into 2010 than they've been at any time in the past ten years, are you? Their record won't reflect it for a year or two, but that's the way it is with young, developing teams.

Hell, the Ravens went thru it when they first came here. But thru the draft, Newsome got and developed the cornerstones. Lewis, Ogden, Scott, Boulware et al. And they ones they didn't draft, they traded for. McCrary(?), Siragusa et al.

The Colts did it during there last big run in Baltimore. Jones, Dutton, White, Curtis, and the rest jelled and turned into a team that won three straight division titles.

And the Orioles did it for so many years, they set the standard. It is a tried and true method of building a winner. But in the years before MacPhail got here, the Orioles didn't go about things that way. They signed guys that weren't the best fit. Why sign Conine when you've already got Lopez and Millar? That didn't make any sense, I'm sure you will all agree.

What pisses me off is that no one is focusing on that. No, everyone is focusing on the 12 losing years, or that MacPhail didn't have the greatest record before.

You are all looking at the past, and not looking to the future. Indeed, just look at the present and see where this team is and know that it is considered to have some of the best young talent in the game. Not by me, but by the people who should know. Baseball Prospectus, Baseball USA, the ESPN crew, my buddy Buster, scouts and so on.

MacPhail is trying to do it the right way. Draft the kids, develop them and when the time is right, supplement them with the parts needed.

And if you look at MacPhail's past, you will see that he is not afraid to make the key trade for a big gun or two. I am from Chicago, I know a hell of a lot better than you what went on there.

In MacPhail's last year, 2006, Tribune was preparing to sell and cut payroll. It didn't help that DLee suffered a season ending injury and Prior and Wood combined to make 13 starts. Mac was at fault for putting so much on Prior and Wood. In Prior's case, the injury wasn't his fault, he got hit on the right elbow by a line drive.

In 2007, Sam Zell bought the team for the purpose of selling it. Baker was fired and Lou Pineilla took over. Lee was back and they signed Soriano to the biggest contract in Cub's history, which accounted for much of the payroll increase. BTW, that contract is now considered an albatross and Chicagoland fans and media skewer Jim Hendry on a daily basis for it.

But in 2007, the combination of Fonzie, Carlos Zambrano(drafted and signed during the MacPhail years) Lee(acquired in a trade by Mac), ARam(acquired in a trade by Mac) and others combined to win a weak NL Central.

The next year, the Cubs won 97, at its cadre many players acquired and devloped during the MacPhail years. Geo Soto, Lee, Ramirez, Z, The Riot, Mike Wuertz, the Seans Marshall and Gallagher, and more. Like in 2003, in 2008, Hendry made the tweaking type trades that put them over the top. Unfortunately, they forgot to hit in the playoffs.

All the while Zell was looking to sell and sell he did last year to the Ricketts family. But while Mac was there, the Tribune and their representative Crane Kenney, an empty suit if there ever was one, interfered with and hindered the front office. It was similar to what happened when CBS owned the Yankees before Steinbrenner bought them.

So before y'all go and spout off about what happened before, know about what you are talking.

I have no doubt Mac will make the big deal at the right time, the question is, and I know we all agree on it, is will the ownership do what is needed. That's the question. he says he will, but.....

ken -

Since you're from Chicago, can you tell us about the Front Office dynamic during the MacPhail/Hendry years?

All I know is that Hendry was promoted to GM in 2002 and MacPhail was titled as the "President and CEO" from 1994-2006 and as "General Manager" from 2000-2001.

Who made the decisions? Was Andy the top guy when it came to trades and FA's or did he leave that to Hendry? Was it a time of mass confusion like the Beattie/Flanagan era in Baltimore?

So when the Cubs won after macfail left, it was because the NL central was "weak" but the 11 of 12 macpahil years macfail couldnt win it, it was difficult ????

Exactly who do you think that you are fooling with this crap ?

This kind of garbage epitomizes the term apologist.

I would say nice try, but it really isnt i Its ridiculous.

I agree with you, wayne, that was a great post by KLaw, and why I don't understand the vitriol by the people who hate MacPhail.

His legacy is going to be based on what those kids do and we won't know that for a number of years. That's the way it is.

Threatening me now? Truth must hurt. Liar and jackass, son you don't have a clue. Looks like I hit a nerve here. Oh you can check all you want. I go by one name, I use to come here way before your act came here. There are way more of pro Orioles here than you Nestor cronies. Only one going by different names here is you and Gill. Son, you couldn't even come close to holding my jock.
As I said before, Nestor has taken over this blog.

Records are meaningless

Rich -

If there are "way more of pro Orioles here", how did Nestor and his "cronies" take over the blog?

Not brooks,
More pro Orioles meaning in Baltimore, not this blog. Obviously Nestor or ah Wayne's world is the only opinion here.

So when Andy only won 1 division title in 12 years, the NL central was tough?

When andy left and the cubbies promptly won 2 divisions in a row and had a whopping 97 wins, its because the central suddenly got "weak" ?

What was so different about the central that it was so tough from 95 -06 but it got so easy in 07 and 08?

Do you actually beleive this nonsense and if so, are you interest in any swampland ?

I got a friend in Nigeria who won the lottery and is willing to make a deal for some up front cash

RichD=SHAMROCK=obviously5 believers=bill=bf=bill frederick=paulie=jim66

straight face, it's not like the Cubs never won during MacPhail's tenure. Just not as much as we would have liked. The NL Central is considered to be baseball's weakest,much like the AL Central.

If you bothered to read my post, you'll see that the Cubs winners of 2007-08 were people in great part by MacPhail acquisitions. I named many of them, you did see that, didn't you? As much as you hate to admit it, much of their recent success is because of players acquired during the MacPhail years.

not brooks - From what my friends in Chicago tell me, MacPhail was hired in 1994 to be President and CEO. Since they were owned by a corporation, and that corporation's rep, Mr. Kenney, was not a baseball man, Mac was brought in to be the baseball man.

Ed Lynch became GM when Mac took over, and was fired before the 2000 season. MacPhail hired Hendry before the 2002 season. My guess is that MacPhail signed off on whatever deals Lynch, then Hendry made.

I do know Mac was the driving force behind the acquisitions of Lee(from Florida) and Aramis Ramirez(from Pittsburgh). And I have been told that with all the machinations of Zell buying the Tribune Co(and the Cubs), Mac wanted out. Unfortunately, I am not privy to exactly what went on. You'd have to ask MacPhail.

Hi Ken,

It is the very bottom up only rebuilding that you refer to that I disagree with. It is not a zero sum game,in that the success or failure of the club should not depend entirely on farm system promotions with an uncertain time frame for obtaining a winning record.

It is my opinion, {and I want to stress that it is only an opinion, no beter or worse than anybody else's} that Macphail should have been spending more time attending to the talent level at the major league level. I'm not sure why that opinion elicits such nasty, name calling reactions from some on the board.

Ken, I see everything that is going on and I question part of it.

Im pro-orioles
anti orioles losing


no matter if all the Kids are Albert Pujols, Andy failed in the past. to the talent of the players is IRRELEVANT.

Players ability: irrelevant.
Pay Roll: only way to determine winners and losers.
Andy: failed before, thus failed tomorrow.

keep drink your Hater-Aid kids!!!

Keith, I never said the NL central got weak. It's a very even division with two weak, small market teams(Cincy and Pittsburgh), I guess you could include the Brewers,

StL has money trouble and the Cubs are burdened by a couple of bad contracts. Houston is Houston. Its very cyclical and the Cubs got their turn. All I'm trying to say is that a lot of MacPhail players had key roles in the 2007-08 teams, is all.

And no, past records don't count, not when you should be able to see what is going on now. regardless of what happened before, the Baltimore Orioles are on the right track.

not brooks,

Here is how macphails time in chicago breaks down

If it was good, he gets credit

if it was bad, it was somebody else's fault

The Central was tough when andy was stinking up the place piling up the losses

As soon as he left, it got way easier

What does it matter, the past doesnt matter to ken anymore than it does to mark mcgwire


I keep asking the Macphail supporters to give me names of some marquee players that the Orioles should go after next year, but I get no response other than phantom posters calling me names. Perhaps if I pose the question to you you could give me an idea if any of the true believers have thought beyond the farm system and the prospects to consider help from the outside. Call me a partial believer, farm system only.

The Cubs arent burdened by anything, they are one of the wealthiest franchises in baseball and the wealthiest team in the NL

Their profits are through the roof now as they were during macphails era

Macphail is good at turning a profit, wins not so much. That is why angelos hired him. Everything else is smoke and mirrors--propaganda from the warehouse

You mention ramirez and lee. Why ?

Bell and snyder are purposely being held in the minors, so they can make their debut when there are a couple more expensive FA 1b available. You think its a coincidence that they are not playing this year.

They are being postponed til next year to give the Os a pass from spending money on a carlos pena or a aramis ramiriez. Its obvious

hater=obviously 5 believer= shamrock=bill=dumb as rocks

"Bell and snyder are purposely being held in the minors, so they can make their debut when there are a couple more expensive FA 1b available. You think its a coincidence that they are not playing this year."

Oh, this is rich. Now there's a Bell/Snyder conspiracy!

Let's forget about the fact that Bell can't hit lefties and hasn't played a single game in AAA.

And let's forget that Snyder put up a .671 OPS in his only AAA stint.

Forget the actual reasons. Forgot the truth! Forget that both of these guys have a lot of work to do before they're big league ready. Forget all of that!


PS - I'd love to see the O's sign Aramis Ramirez next year just as much as you would, keith. But considering the fact that he's not a free agent in 2013, I think that might be somewhat difficult.

I was going by what ken said

you're right, you cant trust an apologist or a guy who wont blame macphail for his disastrous time in chicago

I shouldve known better

apologists arent known for accuracy or honesty

so tell me not brooks,

do u think macphail is going to sign any big FA's next yr ?

Tell me not brooks,

How many AB's did markakis get in AAA ?

I mean there must be a minumum requirement to play for the orioles in the majors, right ?

keith -

Do I hope Andy and Angelos open up the checkbook and sign Cliff Lee or Josh Beckett and Carlos Peña or Adam Dunn? Of course. Do I think he will? Not really.

But I'll reserve judgment on the future until it happens.

Either way, to even suggest that Bell and Snyder are still in the minors because of a conspiracy to not spend money on free agents is completely ridiculous.

If Andy really didn't want to spend any money and Bell and Snyder were both ready, why did he spend $10M+ on Tejada and Atkins?


They wont answer because deep down they know mcphail isnt going to sign any one under 35 unless they are a .220 hitter or a bargain

macphail doenst care about wins, if he does, he doesnt know how to go about getting them

never take blah blah blah...

Last season, against left handed pitchers, Bell hit .193 with a .541 OPS.

He signed tejada because they always love ex orioles in turdland. The apologists are delighted

He signed Atkins becuase it was cheaper to sign him this yr than dunn or tex last yr and bay or hollday this year

Angelos isnt Pitt. He cares about making it look good. He doesnt care enough to go the extra mile for marquee players though. The best team 67 mil can buy

It works-- you have a blog full of people on here willing to believe the exact opposite of what common sense will tell them

You really need to wait until next year to see that theyre not going to do anything substantial ?

Somebody said it yesterday and history teaches us we learn nothing from history.

If you think AM is going to sign some big FA , you are ignoring his entire career as an executive

Not brooks isnt too quick on the uptake

come up here and rub mommy's bunions

and change that litter box, it stinks

wake me up when not brooks gets a clue of how the orioles and macphail operates

Its not astrophysics

not brooks,

who is the biggest free agent signing next year ?

You arent willing to say its not gonna happen, so who will it be then ?


2011 Free Agency possibilities: Joe Mauer, everybody's favorite Adam LaRoch, Carlos Pena, Adam Dunn, Albert Pujols (?), Jose Reyes (?), Carl Crawford, Jason Kubel, Josh Beckett, Cliff Lee, Rich Harden, Brandon Webb.

There are also trades for Prince Fielder or Adrian Gonz.

I think everyone talks about the same players to buy/trade for.

question answered...i think.

I think Andy already traded to get a Gold Glove All-Star player already...who, btw, got the game winning RBI in the All-Star game.

but I guess that's not enough.

Do yourself a favor and dont even allow yourself to think a big free agent is coming your way. Its not

There is a key reason why MacPhail has his job. And that is because the Cubs have been immensely profitable and have increased the franchise value tremendously for the Tribune

Cubs decade before macphail:
in the eleven seasons from 1984 to 1994 the chicago cubs:

# won 854 and lost 872, a .495 winning percentage

# managed three winning seasons, including two division titles

# lost as many as 90 games only once

since bringing on board our third-generation baseball czar(macphail) in 1995, in the twelve seasons, what have the cubs done?

# the cubs won 832 and lost 900, a .480 winning percentage

# managed five winning seasons, but just one division title in 12 years

# lost as many as 90 games five times

Stop torturing yourself

Since when does what happens in one game translate as significant progress for the franchise??

Yipeee the all star gane

Quick sign fred lynn!!!

so the problem with the statement wasn't that Andy "failed" in getting a Gold Glover...

it's that success on a big stage is bad for a young player.

interesting wayne.

Bleacher Bum -

It's funny though, that if it wasn't for that 8th inning collapse in Game 6 of the 2003 NLCS, Andy would have been hailed as a hero for getting the Cubs to the World Series for the first time since 1945.

Baseball is a fickle game, isn't it?

I bet if you asked Adam Jones what one of the Best things that happened to him in all of 2009, that "insignificant" sac-fly would be up there...

paulie=obviously 5 believers =bill=bf=shamrock

not brooks,

is it the game that is fickle, or the fan.

Common Sense ain't very common.

Touché, paulie.

P.S. - IP alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! = Jeff Reboulet

not brooks,

Did you forget they played game 7 the next day????..Oops

If my aunt had a penis she'd be my uncle


Yes, they did play Game 7, smart guy. Obviously. That's generally what happens when it's 3 games to 3 after Game 6.

But why does that even matter? If it wasn't for Bartman and the ensuing collapse, the Cubs would have won Game 6 and gone to the World Series. Game 7 is irrelevant in today's game of "What If?"

Bleacher bum,

Are you trying to tell me that people in chicago are unhappy with macphail's tenure in chicago ?

Every time i come on this blog, somebody pretending to be from chicago jumps to andy's defense

what is that all about? Im confused

Wait a minute, do you mean to tell me that people misrepresent their identity on here ?

No way!!

I really believed it everytime someone claimed to be from chicago when they jumped to andy's defense

who knew

I thought for sure that every other person I talked to that was a cubs fan was lying when they told me AM was horrible

Im relieved to know that I'll be able to get the real deal here

so let me understand wayne,

because Andy "failed" in Chicago, he Will fail again? for gone conclusion. there is No Chance what-so-ever that Andy can develop the O's into a pay-off team. None, right.

if if if if

Blah blah blah blah

If only i farted i wouldnt have pooped my pants

In all fairness, the bartman year the Nl central was weak

Dont read too much into it


Do me a favor, thee of many names. Check yourself into a hospital and get a D.U.H. test before you post again.

In all fairness, the bartman year the Nl central was weak

Dont read too much into it

To the original poster who made a comment about a redsox banner ad on schmuck's blog (BMS) you are truly ignorant to how internet advertising works.

Those ads are populated by google/yahoo etc based on a user's view history. Meaning if you keeping seeing red sox banner ads it's because you've been on (trolling on) red sox websites.

Way to out yourself moron.

Hi paulie, Not Brooks:

Thanks for the possibllities from your perspective. What do you think about my theory that Macphail was hired for the farm system deal{which is his area of expertise} and will leave the heavy lifting on FA's and marquee player acquisition to his successor?


fair question.......

But it sure seems to me that a GM who has failed miserably for most of the past 15 years (i took out his first year in Baltimore), has a MUCH better chance to fail than be successful. Doesn't that make sense?

I congratulate him for his rings. No one can take them away from him. But just as the game has past by other players, managers and execs, it's obvious that the current business of major league baseball has passed AM by.

If he were the GM of say... Toronto, would you be saying what you're saying now? Or would you simply be dismissing him in a way his record for the past 16 years suggest?

You're being an homer paulie, unconditionally. That's ok. That's your right. As such though, you're obviously not allowing yourself to see what's clearly staring everyone in the face.

So yes, based on AM's history, and based on the overall make-up of the major league club, and based on being underwhelmed with players like Bell, Snyder and Arrieta, I do believe it's a far gone conclusion.

"If he were the GM of say... Toronto, would you be saying what you're saying now? Or would you simply be dismissing him in a way his record for the past 16 years suggest?"

Funny how you say that when Toronto's new GM made the Halladay deal, which looks a hell of a lot like the Bedard deal did at the time it went down.

Apparently Andy isn't the only person in the game with the mentality that a team in disarray should be repaired from the inside out... yet you'll continue to claim that the game has passed him by... while nationally, sportswriters are starting to notice Baltimore again. Who knows better... wayne, the biggest schmuck on this blog, or people who do the work analyzing teams day in and day out? I'll go with the latter...


It's an interesting idea, but I don't see Peter bringing in a guy to re-build the farm system. You might be right in the sense that the next GM has the dubious roll of acquiring the next big FA, but I doubt it was a pre-existing arrangement to bring in a GM just to re-build talent.


well we can disagree about the type of talent brought into the organization, but really that's up to the talent to prove or disprove. As you're fond of saying, a prospect is just a prospect. (until they have a chance to play in the Majors and either sink or swim).

"You're being an homer paulie, unconditionally. That's ok. That's your right. As such though, you're obviously not allowing yourself to see what's clearly staring everyone in the face."

-- what's the "condition" i should impose on being an O's fan?

and dude, how about I speak for my own mind state rather than have your jaded cynicism speak for me.

I've not been a fan of Everything AM has done, and I'm not "blind". I do however consider Many "facts" and form an opinion based on current performance And history. It registers, but it's not the Only or Primary means of making conclusions.


I try to look at the evidence on the table so far. The only reference to bringing in marquee outside talent is a vague reference Macphail made to"when the time is right". The true believers have developed their own spin on that statement but it is pure conjecture. Why isn't the time right now? You are probably right that there is no written agreement between Angelos and Macphail that Macphail will rebuild the farm system and then move on, but the evidence mounts with each top flight FA or Marquee player outside of the organization not donning an Orioles uniform. It takes blind faith to believe that Macphail will ever decide that"the time is right" on his watch, based on what we have seen so far. I don't think any rebuilding program should rule out the introduction of marquee taklent to the major league club until some unmeasureable threshold is met. I think Macphail needs to be called on that statement by the local media.


What I know, and what I see is........ 64 wins in 2009.

After a year and a half, 64 wins.

But ok, let's say he was dealt a mess to fix. A mess that will take a while to overhaul.

Problem is, his HISTORY suggest he's not the man for the job. I'm not suggesting that the game has passed him by.... HIS record over the past 16 years is suggesting such.

As far as the national sportswriters noticing the O's. Does that really matter? Does it mean more wins? Do you really take some kind of pride from it?

The only thing that matters in professional sports is JP is Winning. It's 110% black and white! If you lose more games than you win, you have failed. AM has failed over and over and over during the past 16 years.

That's not me talking. It's the record talking!


We simply have different time-lines. I think the man has been on the job for 2.5 years and has worked wonders to this point. That's not to say he's been perfect.

I'll extend him the "benefit of doubt", not "blind faith". Not to say I don't have doubts, believe me I do, but to this point he has acquired talent, put them in the minors, and continues to bring the talent to the bigs. What's the point of investing in the youth if he's not going to allow them to pay the dividends.

You and I agree on the need to add a top talent, but I'd hope we could also agree that it's not the Only way or that not all top talent is either a.) top talent or b.) most top talent are looking for competitive teams.

I'm playing youse like a fiddle

2007 = evaluations

2008 = bedard/tejada trades

2009 = nothing of consequence

2010 = nothing of consequence

The 10 yr rebuilding plan is ahead of schedule

Why are people upset ?

2007 = evaluations

2008 = bedard/tejada trades

2009 = Top Organization talent promoted.

2010 = it's fricken' February. February. 2nd month. 10 to go. a little early yet, huh? No spin. Total truth...February.

The 5 minute rebuilding plan is way behind schedule.

2007 69 93
2008 68 93
2009 64 98
2010 75 87 projection

Everything else is happy talk

Guys sorry Im still exhausted for those promotions last year

Its a lot of work promoting a guy from AAA to the majors, you got to make a phone call, send a fax, its excruciating

Man Im wiped just thinking about it


You're right, no matter who you sign, develop or trade for, there are no absolutes in baseball. That's why baseball is such an incredible sport. I constantly teach my American Legion teams, year after year, that baseball is a game of repitition. It is a game that must be respected. There are unspoken rules that cannot be violated. If you play for me you run out every ground ball, you never show your ass to the other team and when you strike out you take off your helmet and calmly put your bat back in the rack, just the same as if you had hit a home run. There is no celebrating in baseball it is a gentelman's game. Whether you are a 10 year old bouncing a baseball off a cinder block garage wall or having your Dad hit you ground ball after ground ball, it is a game of practice and perfection. I respect the game, and the hard work that goes into it to achieve at any level. I was a prospect myself many years ago. I have a 14 year old who will start in centerfield for the varsity team this spring and I see my unfulfilled career through his eyes, although he has many more interests at his age than his Dad did.

Baseball is not really a team sport, it is an individual sport, each with a responsibility to the team but each on an Island. That comment is from my old high school coach, John Barrett who I believe is still coaching baseball at my old alma mater.


Agreed. One of my favorite parts of Baseball is the complexity of it. I'm terribly jealous you got to play at a professional level....I only found a love of the game in college (my Pop's never let me play because it was "dangerous" to hit by that fast moving ball...but football, yeah that was safe...sigh, parents...).

I was watching a documentary on MLB channel about them making the first Israeli league and they interviewed a Rabbi in Israel about why Israeli's would like baseball.

"This is the perfect sport for Jews, cause there are a lot of rules and you don't sweat too much." --Rabbi

I guess that falls in the "it's not racist if it's your own race" thing, but he's right about the complexities.

good point wayne,

after trading away 2 of the best parts of the team to acquire prospects, not only should we expect improvement Immediately, but Andy should also make sure the return from those trades never amounts to anything by spending like a coked up Arab Prince in Vegas on established Free Agent players.

I'll take it that you're also against the trades of Bedard and Tejada. I was against the Bedard deal at the time. The way I saw it at the time, the hardest thing to replace was going to be an Ace type pitcher...maybe Bedard isn't that, but he was the closest the O's had...and we still need a pitcher of that caliber, well AT LEAST that caliber.


It is a hackneyed expression, but the little things matter in baseball more than any other sport. That's what the great oriole teams of the past were so good at. If an Earl Weaver coached team was one run down going into the seventh inning, it was Oriole territory because they rarely beat themselves, the pressure was on the other team. The current incantation has a long way to go to get back to those days and the pitching and infield concerns me most going forward.

I guess I can't get over all of the years of great baseball in Baltimore and can't help but wonder if those days will ever return.

3 offseasons = No significant upgrades=HappyMacFailers

Ramon Hernedez better than Matt Wieters?
Cory Patterson better than Adam Jones?
Jay Gibbons better than Nick Markakis?
Daniel Cabrera better than Brian Matuz?

yeap, no upgrades there. total failure Andy, please proceed to public flogging.


yeap it's the little things. Weaver was a brilliant mad-scientist, and managers today are still fully realizing it. But obviously Trembly is no-where Near Earl Weaver. I'd love to see that type of team in the O's uni's again, but that's some pretty step expectations. (but not Unreasonable).

I found this article the other day on Sports Illustrated. It's about the 1966 O's, but it's really about the City of Baltimore. The prose is out-dated (Pete would never write in that style) and it's kinda long winded, but as a historical document it's pretty interesting. I didn't know it was Baltimore that first made Ice Cream!! Hell yeah!

I hope we dont have too many promotions this year

If we do, I wont be able to sign any free agents next year

Wait, on second thought I do hope we have a lot of promotions so me and the misses can spend some time in the bahamas insterad of worrying about those pesky free agent acquisitions

If I use words like the "future" or the "plan" enough, I can start "working" from home

I can milk this thing into the 30's if I play it right

Thx Paulie but I had nothing to do with any of those improvements you mentioned excpet Jones, but that trade was credited to me.

If Im going to sell this, I cant flat out lie, I gotta finesse it a little

I need a new shoeshine boy, I think you got just what it takes

trade the teams best players prospects.

than don't let the prospects pay dividends.

prospects = investment.
investments = maturation period.
return on investment = ???

trade the teams best players for prospects.

than don't let the prospects pay dividends.

prospects = investment.
investments = maturation period.
return on investment = ???

Sheesh !!!

please, whatever you do, dont mention corey patterson

they still havent forgiven me in chicago for that one


you can't even call out my BS correctly. Brian Matusz was drafted under Andy.

Andy started in June '07, Weiters was drafted June '07 and then signed, by Andy, in August.

Only Nick was not a "product" of Andy.

Andy had nothing to do with wieters and even said he wouldve drafted a pitcher with that pick.

How did he sign wieters when he wasnt the GM yet? LMAO--thats impressive

. IF macphail was in charge of that draft, we wouldnt have wieters. Consider that the next time you rush to andy's defense

Nice try though, bill, i mean shamrock, i mean bf, i mean obviously 5

Amatuer draft june 7, 2007

MacFail hired june 18, 2007


macfail didnt draft wieters and it was duquette who cultivated the relationship with boras to make it happen

Macfail almost blew it, but angelos came in at the last minute to make sure the deal was consumated

if it was up to andymaccheapskate, wieters wouldnt be here

apparently your too illiterate to realize you Once again can't call me out correctly.

please reread, the word I used was "signed" not "drafted". Signed. A signing. A deal consummated at the zero hour with Boras for record signing bonus.


macfail = no wieters

everyone knows that (gasp) angelos saved those negotiations

always trying to give macfail credit for something he didnt do

I took corey patterson and matt hobgood because they were more signable

JD drew and tyler matzek are too expensive

you've said so much, but nothing better than...

"you may want to stop being so defensive and abusive to people who are simply speaking the obvious!"

nuff said.

you've said so much, but nothing better than...

"you may want to stop being so defensive and abusive to people who are simply speaking the obvious!"

nuff said.

Like macfail said, if it was up to him, he wouldve picked a pitcher instead of wieters

Sobering thought, unless you are named paulie aka bill aka bf aka shamrock

Im not wayne

not talking about who he would pick, pay attention.

talking about "signed".

cite sources on PA saving negotiations with Boras. I recall accounts saying it was McPhail who completed deal. ...omg, did I just say I might not know something and you might....gasp....

Go over to orioles hangout, someone has got a link up over there with that quote, Im not digging it up, IF i do, you'll say it doesnt matter anyway

I know you cant admit you're wrong (depsite how frequently it occurs)

Macfail said he wouldnt have drafted wieters and that doenst even seem to bother you at all. You like macfail more than the orioles

I guess you like cheap picks like Hobbad I mean hobgood

Paulie gives macfail credit for duquette's pick

Its certainly harder to decide who to pick than signing them to a contract anyway

Woo hoo andy signed him!

He ddidnt pick him and said he wouldnt have picked him , but he signed him.

I think you can train chimps to do that

"signed" not "picked"...look those up instead of quote. still having a word association issue, huh.

"cheap" pick Hobgood was still in record $'s draft for the O's.

"I guess you like cheap picks like Hobbad I mean hobgood"

Total $$$ spent on signing draft picks for the O's 2009 draft was higher than any previous total, including the year they signed Wieters.

Also, you should stop letting your 5 year old use the computer past his bedtime, jason.

Train chimps to negotiate with'd make a fortune.

and how much credit should duquette get for drafting the best position player of the draft that fell to the O's....seriously, you not taking that pick?

"cheap" McPhail drafted/signed Brain Matusz who got the 2nd largest signing bonus in the draft at 6.1 million.

Ohman with a 5.84 ERA Now if we can only score 6 runs...........


Interesting! Weiters gets drafted before AM gets here, yet AM gets full credit?

What moron, just arriving on the scene, would allow Weiters to get away?

But if you want to put W on AM's side of the ledger, you go right ahead. With AM's record, you need everything you can possibly get to help your argument.... even if it's misleading.


I dunno, you have pretty low regard for Andy, so I'm stunned you can extend him the credit for not being a moron.

just saying!


So it takes 30 comments to clarify somethiing as inane as whether AM picked or signed someone? Even still you're taking shots at each other because you no one can stand to let someone else have their own opinion around here.

I'd love to read this article where MacPhail said he wouldn't have drafted Wieters.

Does anyone have the link?

Google is your friend Not brooks, even if people arent. He said he wouldve taken a pithcer. Hard to believe since hes taken a pitcher with the last 2 picks. I know macfailers dont believe you can judge a man by what he does. Records scmecords

Yeah, its really hard to believe AM wouldnt have drafted wieters with the 1st pick considering he's taken pitching with the 1st pick in the last two drafts (grow the arms)

The Orioles hadnt dealt with Boras for years and Duquette brokered that reconciliation, yet macfailers want to credit macfail with another gm's work

as wayne noted macfail has done so little, they have to give him credit for another man's work, You dont expect them to stop believing in myths now do you

Paulie says big deal wieters "fell to Duquette"

Players fell to macfail last year but he reached for a cheaper guy that was ranked in the 20's on most draft boards

After macfail keeps wasting his 1st rd picks on cheap players, the koolaiders might figure it out. I seriously doubt it, but they might

If you really think ponson I mean hobgood was the 5th best amatuer available, I really cant take you seriously

You know who drafted Wieters, Matusz and Hobgood in the last 3 years?

Joe Jordan.

Now let it go.

Already tried Google. Couldn't find it. That's why I asked for the link.

In case you were wondering, I've searched:

- macphail "i would have drafted a pitcher"
- macphail would have drafted a pitcher
- macphail wouldn't have drafted wieters
- macphail "i wouldn't have drafted wieters"
- macphail didn't want wieters

and I haven't found anything.

One more thing: Who would you have picked over Hobgood? Tyler Matzek? Aaron Crow? Grant Green? Does it really matter? In five years, maybe five 2009 first rounders will be in the majors. And maybe two of them will be impact players. Maybe Hobgood will be one of them, maybe he won't.

In the end, I'll trust Joe Jordan over reactionary blog commentators.

Cant I get some love ?

Borass and Petey didnt talk for years. You know how hard it to get a couple of stubborn Greeks to let bygones be bygones ?

Shucks, I worked my arse off on that one and I wouldntve let the Nats outbid me for Tex either, just so you know

yeap, I spent an hour searching for the aforementioned article.

nothing. nadda.

the burden of proof is on jason to prove he's not liar.

Andy's signature is on Matt Weiters contract.

Andy's signature is on Matusz contract.

those are facts.

PS - If you're going to talk about how MacPhail "keeps wasting his 1st rd picks on cheap players", why don't you actually do some research and see if it's true.

In his tenure with the O's, MacPhail has spent big on one first round pick (Matusz) and not so big on another (Hobgood). I think you need more than two examples to make a case.

Just cuz you cant find it, doesnt mean it wasnt said

Maybe it was in a radio interview

I originally saw it on Orioles Hangout and its been discussed on other forums

DOnt really know, dont really care, I have no reason to doubt the poster, he was a big macfailer who talked about it

You should really go that site, you are not even allowed to question macfail over there. You would love it

This will blow your mind NB

But there are literally millions of links with untrue information too

Link does not = truth neccesarily either


BTW, Not brooks macfail was criticized in chicago for going cheap in the draft too. I keep forgetting chicago doesnt count, my bad

jason -

This isn't about MacPhail. I'm questioning you.

Until you offer some proof, your supposed "I wouldn't have drafted Wieters" quote is a load of garbage.

And sure, a link doesn't always lead to the truth. But a link is better than nothing.

PS - I even signed up at Orioles Hangout and searched the same lines that I searched and Google.

And I found this...



I cant find the link that says I woke up this morning

I guess Im still asleep ?

Wake me up when you find the link that says Im awake

Hey let me know when you find links for the spoken word on radio

If there isnt any link, it couldnt have happened

I cant remember if I tossed one off last night and I cant find a link either way. Im lost

DOnt you ahte that ?

Generally speaking, its not neccesary to make up things to criticize macphail

this guy heard the same thing about macpahil

maybe he has more time on his hand to dig up the original link

Its impossible to know what macphail wouldve done, but he sure as hell didnt pick weiters so he cant take credit for it

We have the third pick this year and you cant miss on picks that high no matter who you are

jason -

Don't you think that if the GM of a rebuilding organization said that he wouldn't have drafted the guy who was the #1 prospect in all of baseball last year, it would be somewhere, ANYWHERE in print other than an off the cuff comment by some poster on a message board?

Yes, just because something is not on the internet does not mean it isn't true or it didn't happen. In fact, until now, no one knows that I had an apple at 10:30 am Hawaiian Standard Time this morning.

But do you see the difference between that tidbit of info and the other one you are purporting as truth??? One, my eating an apple, is insignificant. The other, your idea that McPhail said he would not have drafted Wieters, is newsworthy.

If that had actually happened, you would definitely be able to find it with a simple google search.

Sadly, I know that this is not going to make a bit of difference to you, because you won't be able to get your brain around the concept.

All of the arguing in the world doesnt change the fact that macphail didnt draft wieters like the apologists try to give him credit for


guys, just drop it. i liked it better when people thought I drafted wieters. OK so I didnt draft him, but it sounds good when people credit me for it anyway

bringing this up is almost as bad as discussing my days in chicago. I just wish it would go away. I like the myth of macphail better than the performance of macphail

who is this chris guy, he doenst know the difference between franchise value and profit margin and he presumes to explain things to people

I got to admit, the people who support me arent the sharpest tools in the shed

I just won the lottery in Nigeria and Im willing to sell my ticket for a little cash advance

I love my supporters.

They obsess over internet links but couldnt care less if we crack 80 wins this year

If they ever decide to care about wins, I might have to get off my ass and do something

Why I think macfail wouldnt have been smart enough to draft wieters.

I know MacFailers hate to use precedents, but what else is there

He's wasted #1 picks on such forgettable names as Todd Noel, Ben Christansen, Luis Montanez, Bobbie Brownlie,Corey Patterson and Ryan Harvey. Most of these players are out of baseball, and some are still flailing away in obscurity, apparently no closer to real major league sucess than they were when they were drafted by Andy MacPhail's "braintrust".

I get it macfailers think AM wouldve drafted MW, but they also think he's the guy to lead them to the promised land --ignoring any evidence to the contrary

jason -

I'll say it again and maybe this time it will sink into your incredibly thick skull-

Wieters, Matusz and Hobgood we're all drafted by...


Your little tirade is beyond pathetic.

jason -

Your link lead to a post where some random guy said, "Tellingly, [MacPhail] has suggested that he would not have drafted Weiters if it had been his choice." Are you seriously giving me a random comment on a message board as a source?

Again: No source = Load of crap. The guy from the Sun blog didn't even say that he heard it on the radio, as you suggested in your 11th post on the (made up) topic. What's next, jason? Was it a Podcast? Did you see it on Twitter? Did someone hand you a note on the street?

You would think, that if any GM said he wouldn't have drafted his organization's best talent, word would have gotten out to someone and there would have at least been a blurb about it here on Pete's blog. But in reality? Nothing. As expected.

For the future, jason, random commentators on random message boards are just as unreliable as some links.

Anyways, could you pull a blancione and promise to leave if the Orioles don't win more than 75 games in 2010? I think everyone would appreciate it.


Do you think all of your made up names makes you cool? Do you have a job? I mean seriously, you spend 3 days accusing anonymous people on a blog of being the same person. Here I thought you disappeared or finally brought harm to yourself, but no, you have been doing this. What is wrong with you?

While doing all of your vital societal research, look up the reverse of multiple personality disorder, where you accuse others of having multiple personalities.


Amatuer draft june 7, 2007
MacPhail hired june 18, 2007
MacPhail got the Wieters signing done before Midnight august 15th because Flanagan sucks.

god your dumb.

But I will give you credit for not bringing up the Forbes article. I guess in a way thats progress?

I figured it out!!!!! Jason is BIG FAN! (thank you movieaddict2010 for doing all the work on this one and allowing me to cut and paste)

Jason is in his mid-thirties, single, and still living at home with his mother. He works as a parking lot attendant in Florida, and is content to sit in his booth at night writing down passionate, articulate rants, so that when he goes home he can call a local radio sports show and prove his fanaticism for the Orioles, his favorite baseball team.

Jason is played by Patton Oswalt, one of the funniest stand-up comedians alive, and what he does in this film is really quite remarkable. He creates a fully convincing and pathetic loser, and is unafraid to reveal all the character's lowest points. If this were an Adam Sandler comedy we'd probably have scenes showing us how misunderstood and sweet Jason is, so we can understand that he's the one we're meant to root for, but Oswalt's Jason isn't so cleancut. He treats his family like crap and has terrible mood swings; he only seems truly happy when he's in his element: either witnessing a Orioles win or ranting to strangers on the radio. The fact that he must write his speeches down beforehand, and preps himself for hours in advance of calling, says everything.

Jason gets in trouble when he spots an Orioles player at a gas station in a shady neighborhood and follows him into a Federal Hill bar. After an awkward introduction, Jason makes the mistake of mentioning that he's been following the sports star and his entourage for the past few hours, and the drunken athlete reacts by beating him senseless. Three days later Jason is hospitalized and the police want his statement -- but he suddenly "can't remember" anything that happened, desperately hoping the Orioles won't be forced to suspend their star athlete. But that's just the beginning of his problems.

Big Fan is the directorial debut of Robert D. Siegel, who wrote last year's sports-themed The Wrestler. Both movies concern the plights of apparent losers, the biggest difference being Mickey Rourke's 'Ram' actually had a life at one point, whereas Jason's existence is experienced vicariously. Everyone around him tries to offer a better life, whether it's jobs or moving into his own place, but he firmly rejects them. In Jason's eyes, this is his life. He is perfectly content to be discontent, and the movie's lack of transformation for its character will undoubtedly alienate some viewers.
Did I nail it cool guy???

A film major (audio visual club for college) who has proven that reading or math really isnt his strong suit and is A guy who admits that he only makes 30k a yr is even attempting to crack on someone else ?

Oh man, I guess wasting your time and mommys money at film school results in this pathetic attempt at humor. No wonder these guys sit around eating cheetos in the basement all day

There is nothing now to top what happend in 66, Tom Phoebus tossed a no hitter with an outfielred [ Blefery ] catching and Brooks stealing away a sure hit by Petrocelly. Unreal at best.Tippy 3 pick offs in the same inning is a close second.

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