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February 9, 2010

O's: Washburn rumor doesn't wash

There is a report on that the Orioles are interested in signing veteran pitcher Jerrod Washburn, but Orioles beat writer Jeff Zrebiec has checked it out with Orioles president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail and it apparently isn't anything to get excited about. The O's have not had recent talks with agent Scott Boras about Washburn or Alan Nero about Chien-Ming Wang, who also has been linked to the O's in some recent speculation.

MacPhail indicated that he's pretty sure that his pre-training camp free agent shopping is complete, though he wouldn't rule out Washburn if the price comes down to a point that makes him too attractive to pass up. That doesn't appear likely. The O's do not appear to have much interest in Wang.

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Supposedly, the problems with Wang are more mental than physical. If so, I see no reason not to take a flyer on him. Money should not be an issue. Even Boras can't get blood for that turnip.

Granted, we did the same thing last year with Rich Hill, but I think we gave up on him too early. By the way, any news on where he is these days?

Washburn is probably smart enough to know that he is done and - amazingly enough for a reasonably intelligent baseball fan - I have never even heard of Alan Nero. Is there a reason for that?

Fang Guy

Alan Nero is Wang's agent.

It's likely Hill will try to crack St. Louis' rotation. Maybe Dave Duncan can find the ace pitcher that is hiding somewhere inside Rich Hill.

Fang Guy -

Hill is in St. Louis on a minor league deal with an invite to Spring Training. If Duncan can't fix him, he never could have been fixed.

Washburn rumor doesn't burn either.

I wish the Orioles would get interested in Wang.

Fang Guy,

Hill and Wang are too very different commodities. Hill has always been about potential, but never has had much to show for it.

Wang led the AL by winning 19 games two years in a row (06-07), then started the 08 season winning 8 games by early June before he tore up his foot running the bases in Houston.

I realize the argument you were making that they both are head cases. but, lets not conflate these two players. they're not the same thing.

Final 8 starts on 2009.......

7.33 ERA!

Come on AM, he's your kind of guy. You can't pass this up. He'll be cheap!

I, too, love Wang.

Just like you to exploit a small sample size, wayne. I guess we shouldn't be expecting anything different though.

I'm not at all excited about Washburn (and I'd much rather see Tillman get his shot) but it's just plain ignorant to focus on a rough two month stretch in a 12 year career.


8 crucial games..... a total disaster!

He gets traded to the Tigers for a final push for the Playoffs..... then crashes and burns (insert reasons why here).

Again... It's ONLY about W's! Has to be!

I think we should pass on guys like Washburn and give the starting jobs to the youngsters. We already have the veteran presence with Millwood and Guthrie and Washburn isn't an upgrade over either of them.

they should take a shot with wang. considering the amount of money spent on guys who couldn't play for a good little league team wang would be a guy who they should take a shot with. so what if they throw away a couple of millions. this is a team that gave brandon fahey more than one opportunity to play in the majors and fahey isn't a good double a player.

Right, wayne. He hit a rough patch at a crucial point, so he's all of a sudden a worthless junk heap pitcher.

Whatever serves your purpose.


If a disastrous 8 game slide isn't enough, his first three crummy years in Seattle must be... 23-43, 4.55 ERA, in the same time period he made $28 mil. That is almost Pavano-esque.

But, if the O's need a couple month filler, I'd give him $1mil.


You sound just like me in rain man, repeating yourself over and over and over. Never saying anything new. In fact your name kind of works...wayneman. uh oh 15 minutes to wapner, no Its baseball preseason and AM's being cheap again, yeah cheap again, cheap again...ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz

Note to Steve D. This is not a forum to discuss your sexual preferences.

please do better

The Orioles rotation lacks a big fat Wang in it

Wayneman is hilarious! Please make this a recurring joke. Gotta go to spring training.

Washburn is about as exciting as Millwood. But if you want a bunch of #4 starters filling out the rotation, be my guest. I hear Kris Benson and Rodrigo Lopez are looking for a job too.

This blog does not lack a big fat Wang. We've got Wayne.

not brooks

The best way to get rid of a troll is to stop responding to them. Nothing else works.

I sure hope no one notices that the small market Minnesota Twins are going to have a 97-100 million dollar payroll abd we're not gonna break 67-70

Cmon people, you cant expect me to keep up with the Twins, er Yankees or Red Sox do you

Tough crowd

Dustin Hoffman= bill= obviously 5 believers= SHAMROCK

as long as we dont overpay!!


And you put up with these people, why? Don't let them get to you. You are saying what most real fans think.

The very nature of Rich Hill's mechanics requires that absolutely EVERYTHING be aligned and working precisely.

It's not going to happen.

Either he totally changes his delivery, or he will never find any consistency for more than a few innings at a time.

It makes me squirm just to watch him.
He's ridiculous..... and anyone who signs him is out of their mind.


Thank you, Your last line describes AM perfectly!


I disagree with "..... and anyone who signs him is out of their mind." The Cards gave him a minor league contract and with Duncan's history of fixing guys (see Pinero last year), there's nothing wrong with them taking a chance on him. It's not like Hill's name is written into the rotation in permanent marker over there.


Come on man, their cheap but not cheap enough. This is Birdland!

The truth will set you free!

uhhhh... yeahhhh.... don't know if I'd wanna play for a team whose daily papers sportswriter doesn't even know how to spell his name.... I understand a grammar error here or there... but.... SERIOUS????.... With JArrod coming back to our club, (Mariners) we will have an elite rotation.... good luck in the 2010 season orioles and take care of our boy Adam!!!!


Are you a AM or PA family member? Maybe a distant relative? It's a serious question.

How a team can be so bad, for so long, and to have someone justify or excuse every single move or non move, whether it be big or small, it's just an amazing thing.

I'm not being negative (at all). Instead, I'm just curious. Usually, pure and unconditional love is saved for family, which is why I ask.

I know you're a fan through thick and thin, but you're different. Nothing matters to you. The losses, AM's major league records the past 10 to 16 years, the fact PA is voted (every year) in SI as the worst owner in baseball, the 64 wins... nothing fazes you!

I mean it's remarkable, bizarre, fascinating, weird, cool, geeky, stubborn and commendable - all wrapped up in one.

Or maybe it's just the good ole sunshine!

Gil, AM is too conservative for my liking, however i believe he'll call up Bell (if he gets off to a strong start) to play 1b if GA isn't getting it done. Remember, AM surprised a lot of us when he called up Wieters before whatever deadline there was to save an arbitration year.

ANd truth will set you free dude (nice moniker as i can't remember you're posting name) I don't think whoever says the Os are on their way to 85 wins is saying that's acceptable, its just the cap with the way AM runs the club. I too think this club, with the players they have can win 85 games in '11. Like most, I don't think PA or AM will do what it takes to be competitive with NY or Bos long term.

Thanks to all of you who answered my questions without hooting and hollering at my ignorance! I appreciate it.

I should only point out in my finest politically correct language that I was not disparaging those who have mental issues. I'm sure it brings every bit the nightmare that physical ailments bring to one's life and I would never intentionally make fun of such things.

Please no Washburn... reminds me vaguely of Eaton. We should give the young guys a shot.

As for Wang, I feel like there is some story there that I just don't know. He was sort of lucky to be a 19-game winner 2x, but why he has fallen so far so fast I just don't have the information to understand.

Keith Rowe! Thats 'the truth will set you free' guy. i gotta get me one of those!

More CUSHion for the pushin or something. Kiss my TUSH, love cush.

hows that?

If you want to play comparisons, both the Cubs and the Orioles were in complete disarray when MacPhail came to the two repective teams. The cubs did enjoy some success under him, although inconsistant, averaging 83 wins from '95 - '06 (I didn't count '94 because of the strike).

Now he's with the Orioles. At least now there's a sense of direction as opposed to 4 years ago. But the O's teams of the future can be as inconsistent from year to year as his NL Central Cubs teams were. But if his track record holds true and he runs this team conservatively, as I said, our future is as a perenial 85 game winner.

If I was the owner (haha), I'd wait until the farm system is completely stacked from top to bottom with good prospects. Because that's what MacPhail is good at. Then I'd fire his ass and hire a GM with a pair of balls that'll be aggresive in the Free Agent market when it's nessicary. And that's my fantasy....

I meant to type

"The O's teams of the future CAN'T be as inconsistent from year to year as his NL Central Cubs teams were" if he expects to make a dent in the AL East.

Sorry for the confusion

I may have been one of the few who, when Andy MacPhail was hired by the Cubs in 1994, was unimpressed with him. History would prove me right - MacPhail did nothing in his twelve seasons to make me think my instincts were wrong.

He is a fraud. Tell your friends. Tell your neighbors. And it is just our dumb luck as Cub fans that we had to suffer through twelve years of this fraudulent management.

His teams compiled a woeful 916-1011 record. MacPhail's teams finished above .500 only five times in his twelve seasons, which is also the same number of seasons in which his teams lost at least 94 games. In those twelve seasons, the Cubs failed to develope a legitmate, blue-chip offensive starter.

The plan, as it appears to have been during the MacFailed Era, was that there was no plan.

The sick part of this is that the bar had been set so low for MacPhail when he arrived. (SOUND FAMILIAR)

His two predecessors, Larry Himes and Jim Frey, did their best to drive the franchise into the ground and yet -- and YET -- MacPhail still managed to underperform each of those bozos

And yet as bad as Jim Frey and Larry Himes were, even they were not as bad as Andy MacPhail has been. MacPhail has managed to do worse than both Himes and Frey. No easy task, to be sure.

As general manager, Larry Himes' winning percentage was .483 (211-226). Jim Frey's record was actually above .500, as his teams, bolstered by the '89 club, went 324-322. Combined, in seven seasons (or, a little more than half the time that MacPhail has been in charge) the Frey and Himes regimes collectively went 535--548, for a .494 winning percentage. Andy MacPhail's Cub teams went 916-1011. A .475 winning percentage after twelve seasons work is hardly the work of a genius. The fact that he cannot measure up to proven losers like Frey and Himes is bad enough -- but the fact that he has had more resources to spend than not only Himes and Frey, but Dallas Green as well, and underperformed them all is beyond appalling.

Thanks to the Cubs' carnival barker John McDonough, who had been with the organization since those halcyon Dallas Green Days, the Cubs were able to make money in the marketing department to mask the failure of the front office. Still, shouldn't that have been painfully embarassing to Andy MacPhail? That this third-generation baseball man will go down as a more valued advertising executive than a baseball man?

A lot of similarities

Dave, it might take a gm with three balls to get the Os into the post season.

One day we'll be saying:

can you believe macphail was actually worse than beatagan or flanaquette?

Nice job using copy and paste, Cubs Fan (or whatever other alias you go by).

Unfortunately, that wasn't AM's record over his 12 years in chicago. Try your own research next time, dipshit.

Cubs fan perspective/Jason-

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Glad you care so much about our lowly team here in Baltimore to share that with us all. Your overly melodramatic take on a baseball team has led me to change my mind about AM and the future of the O's. I will begin a letter writing campaign and hunger strike until the unjust tyrant MacPhail is unseated from his throne of blood. Until then, I will punish myself like the Monk in DaVinci code until the O's get better.

Cubbie Fan -

I agree with you on most points. I grew up in Baltimore, but lived in Chicago for 6 years.

With that said, you sound like a typical Cubs fan. Kind of like everyone on this blog, you're a "die hard fan" but you complain all the time. That's probably the worst thing about Cubs fans, and now the same thing here. Always second guessing, always blaming the Tribune Company (here it's PA, The Sun, or anyone who supports the team)...

At least the Cubbies have all those 20-30 year old's in Wrigleyville to pay money all the time. We don't have that. We're more soutside here - in a good way.

You know how I know Im a Warehouser? I wear a combination of two early 1900's Cubs hat. all because I like the logo. and its blue. I like blue too.

Washburn fizzled in the late season playoff switch to DET, but Adam Eaton he is not, more like a notch above Jamie Moyer because he actually still has some life on his fastball.
Washburn's 2009 Season :
28 Starts, 176 Innings, 160 Hits, and a VERY SOLID 3.78 ERA, ranking him 11th in ERA!
His 1.19 WHIP was 6th BEST!!
Moreover his career stats, 312 Starts, 1863.2 Innings, 1855 Hits, 4.10 ERA, tell the tale of a very crafty, less hits than innings pitched, ERA near Millwood's, lefty who would actually be able to start for the whole season! Yet ya'll wanted Bedard who hasn't pitched a whole season ever! Bunch of crabby old ladies you ALL are! Can't wait to hear you cry about Tillman being rushed when his ERA is 6.00 + by mid May. Tillman's taste of the big show was great, even called for, but he too wavered down the stretch, and he had just got inserted into, and the O's, lest you be reminded, weren't playing for anything besides playing card gum. Per usual, some common sense is needed here. There is absolutely nothing wrong with adding Jarrod to a still, VERY YOUNG rotation even with him. Guthrie, by comparison has more than half the starts of Washburn, and he was our elder last year, Jeremy also boasts a career ERA (SURPRISE) higher than Jarrod's. In fact, the more I think about it, Washburn would push Guthrie to the 3 hole. This is not crazy. THIS WOULD BE VERY GOOD. Say it with me now. I think the story may have a ring of truth to it, because just like MacPhail didn't expect Miggy to be available for the price he got, so late on the stove, nor do I think he believed Washburn would be sitting here either. The Nation's economy is still bad, very bad, but in the O's baseball cloud, there may just be another silver lining, if the price is right, you can't be afraid to get 'burned by what comes out in the wash!

So macphail is good at making money for his boss. Whats wrong with that ? Thats what he's supposed to do. Keep expenses down and profits up. Good business. This is america, bunch of commies!

Why is this a problem ? Maximize profits.The more money you make, the better you are at your job. It works for Trump!!!

macfail makes you miserable no matter where you live

Oh... I forgot... is this blog still about Washburn ?

OK, then.
Sign him !

We need another good lefty in the rotation.

Oh if only the O's would let their success ride on Wang. I think we could ride Wang all the way to the playoffs. Wang could really pump up the back pen, but Wang also feels good in the five slot.

WANG WANG WANG ok now i feel better.


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Dear Lord, I almost hope I have to go into work tomorrow.

shamrock= bill = bf = not a fan

I dont care if the Os win or not.

Why are you guys so worried about it ? Its just a baseball team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get a hobby or something. I suggest netflix

Dave in glen burnie

whats wrong with that record, cockface ?

Add up the wins and losses it comes up to .475. He lost 94 games 5 times. Dont you even know the record of the guy you support ?

I doubt you're very good with addition and subtraction though

PLease point out the inaccuracies


Since you are clearly steaming ahead, I thought I would repost what I wrote a little earlier...

Do you think all of your made up names makes you cool? Do you have a job? I mean seriously, you spent 3 days accusing anonymous people on a blog of being the same person. Here I thought you disappeared or finally brought harm to yourself, but no, you have been doing this. What is wrong with you?

While doing all of your vital societal research, look up the reverse of multiple personality disorder, where you accuse others of having multiple personalities.


Amatuer draft june 7, 2007
MacPhail hired june 18, 2007
MacPhail got the Wieters signing done before Midnight august 15th because Flanagan sucks.

But I will give you credit for not bringing up the Forbes article. I guess in a way thats progress?
I figured it out!!!!! Jason is BIG FAN! (thank you movieaddict2010 for doing all the work on this one and allowing me to cut and paste)

Jason is in his mid-thirties, single, and still living at home with his mother. He works as a parking lot attendant in Florida, and is content to sit in his booth at night writing down passionate, articulate rants, so that when he goes home he can call a local radio sports show and prove his fanaticism for the Orioles, his favorite baseball team.

Jason is played by Patton Oswalt, one of the funniest stand-up comedians alive, and what he does in this film is really quite remarkable. He creates a fully convincing and pathetic loser, and is unafraid to reveal all the character's lowest points. If this were an Adam Sandler comedy we'd probably have scenes showing us how misunderstood and sweet Jason is, so we can understand that he's the one we're meant to root for, but Oswalt's Jason isn't so cleancut. He treats his family like crap and has terrible mood swings; he only seems truly happy when he's in his element: either witnessing a Orioles win or ranting to strangers on the radio. The fact that he must write his speeches down beforehand, and preps himself for hours in advance of calling, says everything.

Jason gets in trouble when he spots an Orioles player at a gas station in a shady neighborhood and follows him into a Federal Hill bar. After an awkward introduction, Jason makes the mistake of mentioning that he's been following the sports star and his entourage for the past few hours, and the drunken athlete reacts by beating him senseless. Three days later Jason is hospitalized and the police want his statement -- but he suddenly "can't remember" anything that happened, desperately hoping the Orioles won't be forced to suspend their star athlete. But that's just the beginning of his problems.

Big Fan is the directorial debut of Robert D. Siegel, who wrote last year's sports-themed The Wrestler. Both movies concern the plights of apparent losers, the biggest difference being Mickey Rourke's 'Ram' actually had a life at one point, whereas Jason's existence is experienced vicariously. Everyone around him tries to offer a better life, whether it's jobs or moving into his own place, but he firmly rejects them. In Jason's eyes, this is his life. He is perfectly content to be discontent, and the movie's lack of transformation for its character will undoubtedly alienate some viewers.
Does that nail it cool guy???

If you want to make this all a soap opera, go find one of their sites, otherwise, stick to talking baseball, you know, the game with bats, balls and bases, played by players on a field, not by anonymous blog posters or evil owners with ulterior motives?

Dear Chris in Hawaii:

Yes, I understand about Dave Duncan and his reclamation projects.
Kranitz is no stranger to such situations, either.... and even had worked with Hill in the Cubs system.

But find some video of Hill and his exaggerated, stretch-to-the-max, herky-jerky delivery, and tell me what YOU think the odds are against him ever being successful as a pitcher at any professional level.

I'll say it again: Unless he COMPLETELY changes his delivery, he has no chance.
Therefore, anyone giving the guy a contract of any kind first needs a commitment from him that he's going to quit the aerobics and switch to a more subtle, relaxed delivery.
If he doesn't, he's going to experience cardiac arrest right there on the mound.


1995 73 71
1996 76 86
1997 68 94
1998 90 73
1999 67 95
2000 65 97
2001 88 74
2002 67 95
2003 86 74
2004 89 73
2005 79 83
2006 66 96


2007 69 93 (JUNE)
2008 68 93
2009 64 98

Signing Washburn would increase the payroll at least right?


Good one cool guy... You posted under my name to make a funny to yourself. In doing so, you questioned whether an anonymous fan on a baseball blog really wants to see the local team win. Then you called another poster a "c*ckface" for questioning your undisputed blogospherical authority. Don't forget to share that with the rest of your virtual friends at the other blogs you frequent. Be sure to share your accomplishments with actual human people you talk to, as I am sure they will be impressed by the great work you have done.

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James C-

Yes, signing Washburn would increase the payroll, which is some minds equals a playoff guarantee.

Potential upside on him is that he is still relatively young and is in a way playing for a contract (similar to Millwood).

cockface= a face resembling a chicken

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Remember, just like in the case of Roger Clemens, the more you say it out loud, the more factual it becomes.

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just type cockface and prove your innocence

cant do it ? didnt think so

apologists create fake identifies | February 10, 2010 12:06 AM

Posted by: I cant see my own hypocrisy | February 10, 2010 12:31 AM

"This idiot really thinks he's fooling people"

Posted by: SHAMROCK isnt shoveling snow, hes posting as paulie | February 10, 2010 12:57 AM


an epileptic with a just can't stop cuttin' on yourself, lol....

OK everybody,

I am a big Orioles fan and I find that this blog is one of the best sources to find info on the O's. Also, I really enjoy reading comments about each blog entry; its interesting to hear other fans' takes on the O's.

That being said, lately I feel like this blog has become a place for most of you to have personal arguments, most of the time not related to the blog post. For instance, very few of the comments on this post even mention Washburn.

So, what I'm asking is that you guys please stop posting comments just for the sake of having the last word or attempting making your blog comment name more widely known for making a point that is completely irrelevant to what the post is about. It is truly annoying to have to sort through 107 comments to find about 10 that are relevant.

Please take your arguments elsewhere; I'm pretty sure the Sun has message boards for things like this. If not, I'm sure Pete could set one up. Try to keep the comments on these blogs relevant to each post. Thank you in advance!

I cant wait for wayne and gil to see this. They are going to get a big kick out of it

All of your goofy posts, yet one simple word would exonerate you, problem is you cant do it as paulie anymore than you could do it as shamrock

You've been stalling to try to figure it out, but no avail

if it makes you feel better, we knew before this. its just irrefutable now

the 12.25 and 12.29 posts were me mocking shamrock, nut u knew that already--still not fooling anybody,

lol, you can't stop it can you....

apologists create fake identifies | February 10, 2010 12:06 AM're killing me, lol....


i have no clue what youre even trying to say anymore

give it up, youre completely busted. move on

the 12.25 and 12.29 posts were me mocking shamrock, nut u knew that already--still not fooling anybody, lol

shamrock couldnt type it

paulie couldnt type it, dude, seriously...I know you've already called yourself a hypocrite...but really, stop proving yourself so

put this to bed by typing thw word cockface

thats what i thought

dozens of posts, but they are all missing the same word. the word that would exonerate you

Im just glad its there for everyone to see

you cant make this up


I'm not saying anything, lol....rofl....

and you're still calling yourself names,

and still proving to be the wind-up little Monkey

"clang clang clang clang"

this hasn't been a debate...this is me getting you to do what you, rofl....

Prove your not a 5 year old girl by calling yourself a liar...

than I'll prove I'm not,

lol, you still think it's funny cause I didn't type a word, omg your such a funny puppet.

you called yourself a "warehouser" lol...and Proved it, lol....


...don't be a 5 year old girl...don't want Gil to find out your a 5 year old girl do you...oh my, what will he think of

notice whats missing ?

I always knew that you had to be delusional to support macfail, but this weirdo takes the cake--he actually thinks his ridiculous posts are doing something other than proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that hes lying

i gotta admit, its impressive that he cant type and shovel snow at the same time

seriously, this has been a BLAST. Best time I've had on this blog in forever, cheers.

oh, and I bet if wait a minute shamrock will come back on, lol.

good night puppet, we can play tomorrow.

ps. I'm gonna look tomorrow to see if you're a 5 year old girl or you have all night to post your a "liar". u wouldn't want everyone to find out your secret of being a SELF ADMITTED "warehouser" and "idiot"

Still nothing...

"he actually thinks his ridiculous posts are doing something other than proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that hes lying"

...almost, puppet!! I said call yourself a liar, lol.

not really a surprise though

we always suspected it, now we know for sure

still cant type the word that would prove paulie wasnt shamrock

why wouldnt he prove it if he could ?

Oh yeah, he cant

Its not rocket science


You get out of this chatroom this instant. I told you you're not a big boy yet and you can't be staying up so late.

And stop playing with your little pecker! Really. Who goes onto baseball chats and plays with himself? You should be ashamed. This is worse than the time I caught you inappropriately touching the dog while you played World of Warcraft. Shameful. If you don't get to bed this very moment, I'm taking away your internet and juicebox privileges.

And you better not be calling people cockface again!

i guess its easier to type mindless drivel for hours than 1 8 letter word



I think if the Orioles need anoher veteran starter it wil be Koji Uehara. I don't think that they will want to pay anybody more than Koji. As I recall, Koji didn't get much run support in his starts last year. The fact that they were able to keep Sarfate in mix of right-handed relievers, frees Koji to return to the rotation. According to Trembley, there will be competition for the 4 and 5 spots in the rotation. that means neither Matusz nor Tillman has a spot locked up yet.

I think the greatest thing about signing Will Startup and then maybe Ching Ming Wang would be the headline possibilites. Consider that both were in th bullpen and both were sent in to stop a Red Sox rally and got shelled and removed from the game. How about this story......."Startup fails then Trembley jerks Wang"

I am shocked the Orioles do not go after Wang. I mean, they have been every team's whipping boy for over a decade. Having some Wang might be a good team for a team full of cheerleaders.

I am shocked the Orioles do not go after Wang. I mean, they have been every team's whipping boy for over a decade. Having some Wang might be good for a team full of cheerleaders.

I can't believe that McPhail won't even try to go after Wang. This is ridiculous!! How does a GM for a team with so many holes and weaknesses pass up this opportunity? He already passed on Ben Sheets...another stupid non-move.

I have three words for eveyone that wants Wang - Simon, Eaton, Hill

Those were last year's attempt at reclamation projects. Yes, I know Wang was far superior to all of those three losers when he was healthy (mentally and physically), but he has been a disaster the last 1 1/2 seasons. Do you really want to take half a season to see if he can get back to form. You'd really rather than see that, than give Tillman, Arrietta and others a shot to see if they are ready. That's just ridiculous.

Let the Nat's have him - they don't have nearly the pitching potential or depth, so it's worth a shot for them. Word is, besides his injury, Wang is a basket case, but maybe he'll pull it together for them.

It's gotten to where you all want to complain just to have something to say. Face it - anyone that remains unsigned on Feb 10th - either can't play anymore or is ridiculously over priced. Most of these guys will end up with minor league deals and non-roster invitations.

TO THINK THIS JARROD (isn't he the same guy who eats those Subway sandwiches???) DOESN'T WASH JUST BOGGLES THE MIND.......

(oh...... you say he DOES wash, but the rumors about him becoming an Oriole are what don't wash...???)

....oh, I see.



You lost the Blog!

Maybe it's the weather - who knows.

Not sure if you can get it back now though unless you approve each name that is submitted.

You'll have fewer post, but at least it would go back to being only about loving or bashing the O's.

Instead, as you can see what happen last night, it's become something else!

Wayne=Keith Oberman=Multiple poster obsessed with himself

This blog has become a joke because of folks like him and Jason

Pete-- Please take control of your blog! I guess you are incentivized to have as many posts as possible, but these idiots posting back and forth to each other make it literally unbearable to read. I used to peruse the comments and post from time to time, but now its the same 6-7 guys constantly repeating the same things and fighting with each other. After reading through this one, now I remember why I stopped.

This blog is a worse disaster than the snow storm

We need more rumors! I am suffering from baseball withdrawl; I need them to get through the off-season. The Orioles / Sun are starving me... Geez, at least one rumor per day should be required.

Looks like someone stayed up drinking Red Bull talking to himself all night, then woke up early to do the same... wow.

No one really knows if the O's are going after Wang or not. Its all rumor. Plus, no one knows if the guy is physically right or not.


Look at you, afraid to post your name.

I've been saying for days that posters are ruining this Blog! Instead of loving or bashing the O's (both fair game), it's become a joke.

I'm asking that Pete accept new names as they come. He'll still have multiple posters, but it won't get out of control like it has now.

I go by Wayne! Not Jason, not anything else. I don't make names up as I go because I'm not a coward.

Pete, you've lost the Blog!

Wayne -- It's interesting that you chastise others as, with all due respect, I think you're part of the problem. Your incessant posting is one of the reasons I stopped reading regularly. While you at least stay on topic, to have to read the same coments from you 8-10 times in one post is incredibly annoying. I guess everyone has a different perspective on what this comments section is for; but, my viewpoint is you read what Peter has to say, you respond to it if you'd like, and then you're done. I enjoy reading through to see what other fans have to say, but to have to fight through ten of the same posts from one person in order to do this makes it much more difficult.

You actually believe someone is less anonymous because they use a name such as "Wayne". You really are delusional.

See everyone,

I post as Wayne
therefore .....

I am not a coward like everyone else who we don't know.

pretty funny stuff

i can only speak for me, but Wayne (real name) and Jason a close second are the 2 people who I could say really ruined the blog with personal attacks and posting the same stuff over and over.

This is my feeling: I am so done with the Waynes and other completely negative attitudes on this blog. You all think you are the only ones who know what you're doing-it's too bad the Os hired AM since you all are so much smarter than he. I find your knowledge of baseball astounding!

Since all of you are comepletey closed minded and unwilling to see anything positive the Os have done you can joined together in your miserable lives and continue your downward spiral of exsistence. I have far too many positive things to do with my time. Goodbye All!

Oh No! They're not signing Washburn!!!
Well, I guess that's it then, no World Series this year.


I don't like, and move past my post, because you don't like my perspective of the team. Pretty simple!

if you can't tell the difference with my post with others I'm talking about then maybe you should in fact stay away.

Up to you!

What's the point? At this point I don't think there is a move that will make the O's significantly better.

Sure, AM could spend some money. Maybe he could get someone that would add a win or two, but it still wouldn't make the O's contenders this year.

I expect a repeat of the last 12 years, and I hope to be pleasantly surprised.

I read this blog ever day and I've come to a conclusion. I think Wayne is a 31 year old man who lives in his mom's basement & has never been on a date. Wayne, you're complaining about Pete losing the blog and you're dead wrong. He didn't lose it, you hijacked it. AM is doing what he was brought in here to do. He explained his plan very clearly and warned everyone that it would take some time. Maybe some of us have run out of patience. I expect more wins this year than last and I expect the O's to make a push for a couple of difference makers next year in free agency. Until then, I'll ride out the storm.

Etown Jeff, Garry,

yeah, pretty much agree.

The plan is the youth, and there are exceptions to every plan.

The exceptions are Exceptional Free Agents. Not just any free agent, exceptional.

Dealing Miggy and Bedard wasn't about trying to win more games the next year in '09 or ' was a bout winning more games in the non-specific future. Obviously, it was going to get worse before it got better when Andy deals Top talent for Top Potential. Now though, there should be signs of improvement from here on out. It may even be pleasantly may not, but it'll be fun to see either way

provided everyone can make it to Spring Training in a timely manner through the snow...

Etown Jeff,

You obviously have been reading a different blog. If you read this subjects trail, especially last night through the morning, you'd see I've far from hijacked anything.

As for AM, maybe you'll want to check out years of clipping from Chicago to see how That particular Plan was explained years ago. Then notice how, a decade later. he admitted how he completely failed.

Now, we're going into year 3.5 of AM's Plan, and we're faced with another losing season. BUT, it'll all be ok to some because perhaps they'll win more games than last year. But why is that Jeff? Is it maybe due to the fact that the team only won 64 games last year, thus almost making it impossible not to win more games this year? Do you see that? That'll be a win for you?

And difference makers next year? AM has never, and will never go after 'difference makers' Jeff. Look it up! He simply has you fooled.

And I wish I were 31 - boy do I! And I've heard the moms basement and no date thing before, so at least try something original. Usually though, when one goes there, it's their own life they're describing..... and that's ok. I'm not judging you!


and why would it be fun either way again?

So you're saying if these future hall of fame youngsters don't meet expectations, and the O's win 68 games, it'll still be fun?

I think you just nailed what has happened to Baltimore baseball. The bar has been set so low, that failure can still make some fans happy.

The empty seats do suggest however, that most fans will no longer accept such.

The good news in 2010 will be, the ushers are letting more and more people sit wherever they want. That way, fans can enjoy failure up close.

perfect...and now the other wind-up monkey appears.

"clang clang clang clang"


Why is the default internet tough guy attack always the "you live in your mom's basement and you don't have a girlfriend" bit?

NB - I agree with what you're insinuating. But when someone feels the need to post at least every 10 posts, be the first person to comment on every blog subject with virtually the same belabored content, and do it with such consistency devoid of social conversational skills - then I can see the relevance.

Go O's


and which name(s) are you? lol! Like we don't know....

Do better!

tony -

I wasn't insinuating anything.

I was just wondering why internet tough guys are always so unoriginal.

3 things:

1) I AM right about MacPhail's record with the Cubs.

2) We have a pathetic troll among us who doesn't have the guts to reveil himself

3) With all this snow, the maturity level of commenters has gotten very low.

Should we have Log In names with a password, Pete?

Washburn would be a good addition to the staff. He is not an ace but he is somone that could give the 2nd year pitchers a chance to development.

nb - I just meant that I liked your observation

I can't believe I just read all those posts. You guys need to get a life.

3 things

1) what is so relevant about his record in Chicago?Just seems boring to me. It's about as relevant as his two world Series with the Twins. Both are over and he's working here and time will tell.
2) Do you really think posting as Dave in Glen Burnie is less anonymous than than posting with another name? I mean are you the only Dave in Glen Burnie? Although i do see the troll angle and wish Pete would do something.
3) agree with number 3

1) There really isn't any relevence. I was pointing out his track record and pointing out that his "plan" will never make the O's a true contender, except for the few years when the Yanks or Sox falter. I was calling him inconsistent.

2) My name could be James. Then again, my full name might be David Groves. But at least I'm not afraid keep it honest when I want to insult someone, as opposed to some people. I'm just tired of seeing people going with 5 different names with some kind of tawdry wit behind it.

3) It makes sense, right?


The thing is we can never spend 200 million dollars. 85 wins would work in some divisions but not this one right now.
However, the idea his plan will "never make the O's a true contender" is simply guesswork right now. There is no other way to go about it than the way he has done it. New York and Boston can afford to make more mistakes but it's not unlimited and injuries and other things can always play a role.

I used to post under the same name but the insults got too personal and juvenile so I post only ocassionaly now and let others dish out the insults to each other.

macphial== expert at lowering expecatations

speaking of same name...

check this out:

never knew this... two brian bass'es'ess dont make 1 ML ball player!

"shamrock" and/or "paulie" should get into an nasty argument to throw everyone off the trail

It's pretty clear who is posting under all the various names.....the same guy who accuses everyone else of posting under various names.....
much as I hate to admit but it doesn't seem like kind Jason but you always seem to find Wayne lurking when the multiple posts start.....well it's not like he enjoys all the attention ....or.....hmm

When the Yankees WANT a player, they sign him. PERIOD.

So ask yourself. Why don't the Yankees want a young pitcher (Wang) who was their ace just two years ago and who won 19 games two years in a row?

In listening to sports talk radio up here, no one, and I mean NO ONE, is clamoring for the Yankees to re-sign Wang.

Makes you wonder?

dave in glen burnie,

the cubs won 843 gms from1996-2006 = 77 wins per season, where do you get 83 per season ? 843/11 = 77

wang has no chance to succeed in NYC - but that does not mean he can't succeed elsewhere. If he's not hurt, there is no good reason not to sign him. At worst throw in in the bullpen - let's face it it's pretty unlikely our 5 opening day starters are all going to last the season. If he can't crack the rotation in ST, why not give him a shot later in the year if he pitches well out of the BP. Aside from the $, of course, I have no idea what his agent is dreaming of garnering for his services...

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