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February 26, 2010

Orioles: Bergesen ready for next step

Brad Bergesen is scheduled to throw a bullpen side session tomorrow, and seems very upbeat about it. I did get around to asking about the bruised shin that ended his breakthrough season last year and he said that feels fine, too, but he says he can still predict the weather with it.

The Orioles medical staff ordered all kinds of tests to determine if Bergesen suffered a fracture when he was struck by that line drive off the bat of Kansas City's Billy Butler last July 30. No fracture was ever detected, but Bergesen said that he was told that there had to be something more than a bruise for the injury to linger through the winter.

Tillman update: Chris Tillman threw batting practice today and said his back felt fine. Dave Trembley said today that Tillman will next throw in Monday's intrasquad game.

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Bergesen, Tillman, Matusz - 60% of your starting staff in the hands of young, unproven arms.
The Orioles need to bring in some veterans, proven arms for the sake of getting near a 81 win season. Washburn is still out there for the signing.
This is not a dfficult concept to understand.

Why win 81 games with Washburn when they can win 74 games without him and let their young players develop?

Apparently Mr. Eilertson has been living under a rock for the past two years while Andy has preached over and over, "We will grow the arms and buy the bats."

That's the only way to compete with the Yankees and Red Sox.

This is not a difficult concept to understand.

Apparently Mr. Eilertson has been living under a rock for the past two years while Andy has preached over and over, "We will grow the arms and buy the bats."

That's the only way to compete with the Yankees and Red Sox.

This is not a difficult concept to understand.

Dave - no gurantees that more than one of the above young arms will prove to be ready for a complete season facing major league hitters. At least with proven veterans you have a better chance to make the Orioles close to respectability again.

If the bats they buy are going to be Garrett Atkins type bats, then it will be a long time before the Orioles compete with anyone

Wait till they get some of B-robs steroids when he gets them from Miggy , they will all do better......................

Wait till they get some of B-robs steroids when he gets them from Miggy , they will all do better......................

The problem with the young arms happens in August/September, when those guys are throwing more innings than they've ever thrown in the minors or college.

All of the negative comments may come to pass; but the O's will NEVER compete with the Sox & Yankees with dollars. So, they have to do it the Twins way, grow a decent farm system and see what pans out. When it becomes apparent that one of the home grown kids is the real deal, they may decide to spend the $$$ to keep him. As the O's get better, one or more established free agents may actually want to play in Baltimore. Wouldn't that be a nice switch??

Beginning to believe we'll never see a winning team again in Baltimore for a long time. To think that there will be a generation of Baltimoreans out there that have never experienced a winning season in Camden Yards is hard to grasp.

Needless to say, I am a birds fan through and through and will continue to root for the team through these tough times, because this team is Baltimore's own. Faces will and have changed, I haven't agreed with a lot of moves over the losing seasons, but the moves made over the past 2 years or so have mostly been positive (still gonna miss the heck out of Mora, but willing to give Miggy a chance at 3B).

I hope this team has a successful and healthy spring and here's one O's fan that will be waiting to root for the Birds in 2010.


You may enjoy this post. Success is written in the stars for the 2010 O's! This is cross-posted from Roch's blog as well.


In the great upcoming season of 2010, the planet Jupiter will be inhabiting the same general region of sky as the planet Uranus. In astrological terms, this is known as a "conjunction." Jupiter will be "conjunct" Uranus for almost the entire 2010 season.

Now, like all movements of the heavenly bodies, Jupiter and Uranus both make their way around the sky (orbiting the sun) at regular intervals. Jupiter takes about 12 years to orbit the sun, while Uranus takes 84. Naturally, the faster-moving Jupiter "catches up" to Uranus on regular intervals after making one trip around the sun, and then traveling the extra distance that Uranus has moved in the intervening 12 years. The "Jupiter-Uranus cycle" is therefore about 14 years in duration. That is, roughly every 14 years, Jupiter and Uranus inhabit the same region of the sky, as viewed from earth. Astrologers call this a conjunction, and in the case of the Jupiter-Uranus cycle, it lasts for about a year at a time (enough for one baseball season).

So what does this wacky stuff have to do with Orioles baseball? Well, mostly I'm just joking around, and trying to stoke the ST fires a bit, just like everyone else, but the following is really quite interesting.

This will be the 5th time in (modern) Orioles history that the team has played beneath a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. I needen't elaborate the significance of the previous four seasons to the die-hard fans on this blog (but I will anyway):

1954 - First full season of the modern Baltimore Orioles (after relocating from St. Louis).

1969 - Team wins franchise record 109 games, before losing to the Amazin' '69 Mets in the WS.

1983 - Team wins 98 regular season games and WS against Phillies (to this day our most recent World Championship).

1997 - Team goes wire-to-wire and wins 98 regular season games before losing to Indians in ALCS (I don't need to remind anyone that this was our last winning season).

2010 - Who Knows? Why nOt?

I don't know, J. I do believe we will once again see a winning team here and sooner rather than later.

As many posters have pointed out, Baltimore is not a typical small market club. OPACY is a cash cow, we've all heard that MASN could be worth billions and because the Orioles are filled with youngsters, their payroll is low. That means that can save the cash for the big splurge and also for when the kids sign their next contract.

And just about the time the Orioles kids start putting it all together, the Yanks and Red Sox will be having problems. Both have major issues heading into this season, age for the Yankees, offense(Ortiz, Lowell, etc) for the Sox.

I'm not saying the Orioles will contend this year, too much will have to happen, but to think the Yanks and Sox will just roll over everyone is not being realistic. The Rays are strong, the Jays aren't horrible and the Orioles are one of baseball's potentially best young teams. That kind of grinder won't be good for the big spenders from New England and could lead to could things starting next year. They will have alot of holes to fill and the Yankees especially don't have a lot of payroll flexibility.

Now's the time to be optimistic, nothing we've seen so far says otherwise. And don;t bother me with the Orioles injuries. All teams have players that go thru aches and pains at the start of ST. Hamilton, Soriano, Lee, Beltre, for example, all have some sort of minor thing. So let's not get to overly worried, eh?

Does anybody remember the 1992 season with the "Baby Birds" - Mussina, McDonald and Rhodes anchored by a veteran Rick Sutcliff? That team won 89 games with 60% of the starting rotation as unproven starters. I'm not saying that I expect 89 wins, but it is not like it has never happened. Let's try a little optimism people, it is spring training afterall.

Eilertson is 100% CORRECT.

You grow talent but you do need to buy if you are ever going to compete--at least in this division, and if Atkins is the type of guy the Orioles are going to hitch their wagon to, then we all are in for a long haul.

Do any of you know how to look at a baseball player's peripheral statistics??

Atkins' are absolutely atrocious, so much so that the Rockies absolutely gave up on him.

Wow, it really is a tough blog to read at times. The warehousers have been out of control since I've been away.

Pete, how do you read most of this stuff?

Blind followers: Demand a winning team. Do not accept another losing season wrapped up in a marketing scheme designed to give you hope for the future. It's ALWAYS about the future in this town. It's always about 'next year'.


Don't be Stepford Fans!

Wayne, there you go. You say you don't insult people or make it personal...calling people 'warehousers' is an insult. They're just thinking positive. There were a couple negative posts that didn't insult anyone and took the Os to task without acting like they're eating everyone's first born.

YOU are a blind follower of the worst ilk. You blast the team and encourage fans to hold them accountable then give them your money and don't stand up and ask the tough question when the opportunity is there.

I know, 'lighten up' or 'do better'. YOU demand a winning team by doing the only thing that can affect the Os...stop giving them your money! And i know the excuse for that one.

I noticed a lot of new posters on this one and you have to go and piss on them with the same old, same old.

I was going to respectively disagree with a couple then saw your crap. And since I got nothing better to do, I figured I'd give some back.

Hey Cush, relax let wayne be wayne. I am happy to see he is back. He is consistent and that seems to bother you and a lot of fans. I don't agree with his style but I do agree with some of his message. I think he weathered a lot of controversy and had the guts to come back and post again. Several weeks ago we had the "Lost weekend" where Shamrock, Jason and maybe one other{maybe they are all the same} created such chaos on the blog that 5 or 6 people who had posted since day one quit the blog. He didn't call you a name or me a name. Relax, you always make salient points and are usually unemotional.

While I don't disagree with the argument that we should try and get Washburn, my reasons are not because I want him to take the place of the younger guys. I think Guthrie is going to be a big hole for us this season. I am not buying the whole "too much pressure being the ace" excuse. If you can't handle pressure, you are in the wrong profession Jeremy... Getting Washburn hedges our bets a little bit in case Guthrie does fold like a cheap suit 6 weeks into the season... the worst thing that happens is that either Tillman or Matusz gets a few more months of AAA seasoning...

I don't understand the rage about Jarrod Washburn. This is a guy with a below .500 career record, while playing on some good teams, and hasn't won more than 11 games since 2002. And in his big moment to step up last season in a trade to Detroit, went 1-3 with an ERA over 7. Granted, he had an injury, but he hasn't been injured for the last 8 years! Just because this guy one-hit the O's last July doesn't make him a world beater.

This team won't be good (as in .500) in 2010, but allow the hand that's been dealt to play out. The Orioles have a ton of young talent that should be given the opportunity to prosper, hopefully to divisional contenders and more. Heads should roll if the team fails to progress, but let the process happen first.

Wayne, Its good to see you posting again.

Thanks Tim!

Bob, I think the 92 team is a good comparison for the 2010 squad. 92 had the kids coming into their own and I do think that 2010 squad has the makings of two guys who will have very solid years in Matusz and Bergy because they are both very poised and that's a very good trait for young pitchers, but the wild card for me is Guthrie. I think if Jeremy could pitch with an era of 4.00-4.20, the team has a very good shot of surprising people. I know a lot of fans are down on Koji, but his move could to the pen could be a blessing for the Birds because for the 1st time in a very long time there are guys in the pen who can go longer than 1 inning like Hendrickson, Koji and potentially Berken and/or Hernandez.

A lot of things have to go right for the Birds to have a good year, but that goes for almost any team other than the Sox, Phillies and Yanks. The Cubs, Mets and even the M's without a great offense, all need pieces to fall into play. The O's really need Atkins to have a bounce back year because if he does, I think with the addition of Miggy, the O's have a very balanced offense instead of a tough 1-6 and an easy 7, 8 and 9. Only Cesar is a light hitter amongst the every day position players.

I also wanted to add that it's nice to see Wayne back. It's a blog and a lot of people crossed the line when they pretended to be other posters like they did to Wayne and that's not cool. Let's enjoy talking about O's baseball and not blasting each other, as there are enough problems in the world to worry about.

I don't expect too much from Bergesen this year, but I am excited to see Matusz and Tillman pitch.

Gotta be excited about something...

Peter Angelos, please sell the team.

I'm curious does anyone really think that signing Jarrod Washburn would help compete in the AL East? The moment he left baseball's biggest park in Seattle and went elsewhere he got rocked. There are alot of teams that need pitching,someone would have signed him if they thought there was anything left in the tank.

Point taken Tony. I don't believe Wayne is an idiot and he does have good points sometimes that I mostly disagree with and sometimes do agree with. It gets old when he bashes folks just because they have a positive outlook.

B-land Todd, its funny to me that folks want to look at Millwoods 2 years before last year and assume that's what he'll do and won't look at Guthrie's same 2 years and assume that's what he'll do. The guys smart, competitive, and i look for him to bounce back at least into the ERA range you're talking about.

I don't expect great things from this club, but for the first time in years i don't feel like it'll completely suck being an Os fan.

Since we are now committed to the 2010 version of "the plan" I think it is important to let the Orioles go forward and see what the young pitchers have. All of the arguments that we had as a group over this offseason about who Macphail should sign or trade for are over. I was on the side of adding the big right handed bat, a power hitting first baseman and another veteren pitcher.

That's not where Andy wanted to go and he is the GM. The W's and L's this season are on his watch and he will be held accountable, so let's see how his ideas play out. I don't see adding anybody at this point, unless Roberts goes on the DL, as we will need fine defense behind the young pitchers.

As I wrote earlier I see two plausible scenarios this year. One, the one I hope for is that the young pitchers exceed expectations, the bullpen is solid, Atkins hits well and Tejada adapts well defensiverly to third. Also Reimold and Jones stay healthy and play well. If all those things happen we can play .500 baseball or better, then add the big pieces next offseason to contend.

Number two would be that the young starting pitchers either break down or only two of them pitch reasonably well. Atkins is a bust and Jones and Reimold spend time on the DL. This causes the bullpen to break down and the second half collapse looms. I think that if by late July the Orioles are 20+ games out and falling, we may see trades of Millwood, Tejada and Atkins for prospects.

Then it pretty much would be back to square one.

If the Orioles win 70 to 73 games with this crew, the season will be successful. When AM's rebuild is compete, we will be the 3rd place in baseball., but no brass ring.

I don't see the Os going back to square one no matter what happens this year because even Tejada and Adkins don't pan out, Os are only committed for a year on each. ALthough a one square jump isn't enough and is what we're looking at in Tony scenario 2. I see the club winning 75-78 (reserve the right to change after ST) games on the way to more. Its been said by me and others, McPhail has some nice pieces in place (whether he brought them in or not) will he (or will PA let him) do what it takes to get to the 95 win level which is the price of admission to the playoffs coming out of the AL East.

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