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February 23, 2010

Andy: No worries

President of baseball operations Andy MacPhail said today that he isn't worried about the string of injuries that have impacted the Orioles during the early days of training camp and isn't pursuing any additional acquisitions in case Brad Bergesen, Chris Tillman or Brian Roberts isn't ready for the season.

"There's nothing that's on my radar screen or from my medical staff where we're getting the heads-up to be concerned about,'' he said. "There is nothing at present that we think is going to leak into the season."

I'll look at the club's early injury situation in more depth in my column for tomorrow's print edition. Look for it later tonight on the Web site.

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O's 14 in in top prospects in hardball times

The big 3 in our division:

1. TB
15 NYY

BA top 100

RAYS ( 7 IN TOP 68)


NYY (2 IN TOP 100)

Apparently other teams are also capable of developing minor leaguers too. SHocker !!

Whats more impressive 4 in the top 100 or 7 in top 68 ?

above comment mine

the real jason in south fla

And the Orioles were 9th last year before the big boys got called up (and I can't imagine that the top 100 last year included guys like Bergesen and Reimold). In other words, this thing fluctuates from one year to the next, and its generally hard to take it at face value. What is apparent, though, is that we have built a strong core of youth that can continue to serve us for years to come, and the real commitment to it that we have seen with MacPhail is refreshing.

For those focusing on the negative aspect of the prospect list (What else is new? Same group probably flip-flops in rooting for the Ravens, too), here is something to consider..

Just a few years ago, the Orioles were nearly dead last in scouting, talent development, and so on. The turn around in the short amount of time is worth getting excited over. We're not gonna catch up to other teams overnight. But we are gaining ground much faster than anyone could have anticipated.

Im certainly not banking on the certainty of suspects, i mean prospects-- ill leave that for the apologists

its funny,when ppl mistakenly think 4 in the top 100 is some overly impressive number, the prospects are cited as a reason for excitement and a testament to AM's acumen, but once its revealed that tampa has 7 in the top 68, the lists become unreliable and meaningless. Typical warehouse double speak

Bos and Nyy will always outspend us and tampa will have the advantage in the minors for the distant forseable future.

Thats why macfail's baby steps arent going to get us anywhere-- unless 4th place and 76 wins is your objective

Shouldn't it be noted that Weiters and Tillman were our two top prospects last year but no longer fit the criteria as a prospect? I'll agree that it could be a long season, but take your whining elsewhere. You're seriously worse than my sister.

"Im certainly not banking on the certainty of suspects, i mean prospects-- ill leave that for the apologists"

Translation: I can't stand all you people being hopeful and positive during Spring Training. Bah humbug.

Jason, I dare you to name one positive thing you've ever said on this blog regarding the O's...

Hey Jason,
Can't you post those really cool numbers again about how low we are in payroll?...
They are really cool numbers.
Aren't we like in the bottom 4 teams?
Your posts are so awesome with all the truth and negativity..
Can you post also how bad a GM Macphail is again? That's really neat too. Post the links to how Chicago hates him and all..
Your awesome Dude!

"The O's should be an Olympic team, where winning doesn't matter, but participation does."

Witness the irony in this instance of snark failure...

well and macphail says he isn't worried about he present injuries. this is a continuation of the orioles looking through rose colored glasses . in situations lke ths i would very much like to have a back up to the back up that will be taking brian roberts place should he become unavailable. i do hope that brian roberts does not have to spend time on the dl because of his back problems.

Peter please give your opinion on the following:
Are the Orioles truly competitive for obtaining Dominican Republic talent. As a 61 year old life long Oriole fan my opinion is that NO OTHER FRANCHISE should be able to outspend us in terms of quality scouting and a truly first class training facility there for gifted amateurs. I am puzzled and very saddened by what I percieve as a lack of effort by the club to compete in this area.

Thanks in advance for your feedback on this.

Pete's reply: I certainly don't believe the Orioles are leaders in this area, but I don't understand why you think no other franchise should be able to outspend them? In the international scouting arena, the Yankees will always have a huge advantage, just based on their historical reputation. I think the O's are trying, but they aren't there yet.

poor little chrrissy poo

he was so excited when he posted about the o's having 4 in the top 100, he didnt even notice that there were other teams with just as many and some, notably tampa even more. Thats one of the biggest problems of the apologists, they think the Orioles invented trying to build from "the ground up" well ive got news for u, the pirates and royals have been trying to build from the ground up too, so theres no guarantees-- outhouse hype notwithstanding

FYI, we would've had 6 on the top 100 if we signed sano and chapman, but our prowess in intl signings is just another in the litany of lies and myths propogated by the kool aid drinkers who like to make the happy talk but hate the honest and realistic talk. Is Jim Hunter posting here ?

75 wins yippee!!!!

...its "progress" after all. the macfail lowered expectations scam strikes again.DOnt 4get, you'll pay more for walk up tickets this yr when camden yds has its lowest attendance in history, but everything's great, dont mention that the emperor has no clothes and the apologists are content

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