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January 13, 2010

Orioles: Hill appears headed elsewhere

While the Orioles have re-signed a couple of their players from last year to minor league deals, it does not appear that Rich Hill will be one of them. Earlier this offseason, the Orioles offered the left-handed starter a minor league pact with an invite to spring training, but it looks like Hill is poised to accept another offer. There has been very little talk between the two sides in recent days and Hill has other minor league offers that are available to him.

It should come as no surprise that Hill likely won't return. It probably will benefit him to get out of the American League East and return to the National League. His chances of making the Orioles' Opening Day rotation were slim after the Kevin Millwood trade gave the Orioles some starting pitching depth.

Even though Hill went 3-3 with a 7.80 ERA in 14 appearances (13 starts) before his season ended due to a shoulder injury, his acquisition was a risk worth taking. The Orioles sent only a small amount of cash to the Chicago Cubs for a starter. HIll had a couple of good outings, but was never able to develop any consistency and his shoulder injury may have been a big factor in that.

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Can't blame him. The O's have touted their young arms as being the panacea of their next great success.

Regardless if it is true or not, Hill's biggest asset is he is left-handed and he will be just as left-handed pitching in the minors with 29 other teams. He has a better chance to pitch his way back to the majors with any of them -- even in the AL East.

Last year, the Orioles management was told at least a month or two too late that Hill was injuried. He probably was pitching hurt. It doesn't appear that the Orioles were counting on him being able to be able to pitch for the parent club before June or July. By then, other arms in the minors should be close to being ready.

I think Rich Hill would be a great situational lefty in the big leagues. His biggest crutch is he does not have the stuff to get guys out for seven innings. But with one of the best curve balls in the game, he would be tough on leftys one at bat at a time. Plus his fast ball would go from high 80's to mid 90's if he was only taxed for a an inning or less of work at a time.

The last thing the Orioles need is to hang on to another lame pitcher. Hill was hurt when he got here and hurt when he left. Tommy John or labrum surgery has been a right of passage for young Oriole pitchers in the past. I have my fingers crossed that the new batch of arms coming through can avoid the curse and prosper.

On another note, WSBA AM Radio 910 Hannover Pa. and the Orioles announced yesterday that WSBA would pick up coverage of Oriole radio broadcasts for the 2010 season. WSBA formerly carried Oriole Broadcasts for the York/Hanover area from 1988 to 2007, but the contract was not renewed by the Orioles in 2008. The Orioles switched to WOYK AM 1350 in York in 2008. Last week WOYK decided to drop the Orioles and carry the entire 140 game schedule of the local Independent League team, the York Revolution for 2010. The Orioles were able to quickly negotiate a contract with their former station so that radio coverage of Oriole broadcasts could continue for the York/Hanover area. WSBA currently broadcasts the Baltimore Ravens games for the York/Hanover area. Brenda Marlowe, PR Director for the Orioles was pleased to make the announcement and stated that the York/Hanover market is very important for the team.


After talking to many people, I have a feeling that if the Orioles did not play this season, not many would notice!

If baseball doesn't wise-up and develop some parity by establishing a salary cap, there will only be fans in a dozen cities who care!

Not much of a loss. Wish him well.

Pete, I know there's been the chatter about LaRoche and one hip Delgado, but I was wondering if the O's still might pull off a trade rather than signing some injured or midland FA's. Do you think it is still possible AM might pull off a trade for an actual big bat, or do you think he's done?

Or will is it just be maybe Hendrickson, maybe Bedard, and maybe a second rate 1B or 3B?

he can take that big bending curveball and $.10 head and get the Hill out of here.

He should go to Texas and get a Nolan Ryan tough love treatment for his fragile psyche and arm.

Where is wayne's obligatory "You call this news!?" comment?

Doug -

Each day that passes without as much as a whisper of an O's rumor leads me to believe that Andy is done and that the roster is set for Spring Training.

It stands to reason that, with two solid first basemen left on the market (LaRoche and Delgado) and two teams looking for a first baseman (the O's and the Mets), the O's would sign one of them. But I'm really not too sure about that...

Prove me wrong, Andy.

Fact: At this time this Hill is over the hill...and make no mistake we'll be over this Hill in no time.


What a crock! He was worth the risk? You have to be kidding? Seriously?

How about attempting to put a product on the field that's worth paying for? This guy was NOT worth the price of admission.

If anything, he should have been signed with the intent of him working things out at AAA. NOT at the major league level. What a disgrace!

And as for your response to an earlier post. Wow, how defensive!

I'm a huge Ravens fan Pete, and as I've said MANY times, I love your Raven blogs because MOSTLY, they're unbiased. How refreshing!

If the Ravens front office took over the Orioles TODAY, they'd be far better off. And you know that's true!

They'd figure out who the best baseball people were, and they'd come up with a REAL Plan. AND, they'd give the fans a REAL timeline. A timeline the fans could trust.

The Ravens always play 'meaningful' games and they're always honest with the fan base. In other words, they're winners.

The Orioles are quite the opposite indeed.

So don't get so defensive Pete. You know when you do, the 4 warehouse posters will applaud you... or is that what you were going for?

Now, how about a Blog subject that CHALLENGES Andy and the O's to do SOMETHING? That would certainly be refreshing!

Thanks for the update, Mr. Schmuck. Contrary to what some bloggers believe, this is certainly 'news" because if it weren't reported then next month we'd be asking why Hill was not in spring training. Not exactly "Pappas dealt to Reds" news, but worthy of a little 200-work notice, which is what you gave it.

Yes prove him wrong'd be the first ( i mean that in a nice way NB).

The Os were carried in Hanover, Pa on WHVR, "Your HomeTown Favorite" in 1991...I board opped a lot of the west coast games.

As bright side as i try to be, not signing Laroche or Delgado because Andy's satisfied with the roster would be discouraging.

Does anyone know why Laroche got traded 3 times last year? Is he a jerk?

I will be sorry to see him gi. I would have liked to see him in Norfolk this year and see if he is healthy. The O's let Jamie Moyer go many years ago and how many times have we been in a position when we could have used him. I'm not saying Hill will be Moyer II, but he was a LOW $$ possibility with a much higher possible ceiling.

cush -

Don't really know much about LaRoche's character, but look at the circumstances of the teams that traded him:

The Pirates were obviously in dump mode last year. They traded whatever expensive/upcoming FA players they could for young talent. LaRoche was a casualty of rebuilding in Pittsburgh.

The Red Sox traded for LaRoche and then found themselves in a position to trade for Victor Martinez a week later. LaRoche would have been reduced to a bench role and my guess is that the Red Sox didn't want to pay a bench player whatever it was that they were paying LaRoche. Not sure why they traded LaRoche for Casey Kotchman though. They could have at least swapped him for a couple of prospects instead of a first baseman who's a non-factor offensively.

I don't believe jerkitude was a factor in LaRoche's travels. I'm in the Pirates media territory, and while I haven't exactly embraced them (I'm a lifelong fan of the AL's most pathetic team, so I don't need to adopt the NL's), I am somewhat aware of what's going on there. I get the impression that the LaRoche brothers at the corner infield spots were a positive force on and off the field. I'd be pleased to see him, especially since I strongly disagree with the widespread idea that you can just put anybody at first. Looks like we're going to have three starting pitchers with less than a full season in that role, so please, let's not 'break in' an infielder at the same time!

Danny -

You're a Royals fan?

OK, when are they going to sign someone else? Bat? Arm? Anyone? Beuller?

It is a shame what has happened to this once proud franchise. We the fans are supposed to get excitied about Hill? Give me a break. I hear the batboy may have another deal, lets get excited..

voodoosurfer -

This piece is about Hill leaving the organization. How does that equate to someone asking us to get excited about the guy?

There are plenty of reasons to not be excited about this club. Don't try to make up another just to make yourself even more miserable.

Sorry that Hill didn't work out. I was hoping that he would be a sign that the old days were back, when the O's found talent for virtually nothing (e.g., Moe Drabowsky). From what I read and heard, he has a fantastic curve but he has to stay healthy to use it. If he signs elsewhere, I wish him well, just not against the O's.

If McPhail were to bring Hill back, I would have made the trip to the the Warehouse just to smack him upside his head!!!!

Hey, if he signs with the Pads, maybe he'll hang a few for the boys June 18-20.


we have already have this years version of Rich Hill in the rotation already...

In all the talk about what players we bring in, remember that we have 150 roster spots to fill, so I am ready to accept that the majority of the professionals we hire are less than thrilling. I have plenty of legitimate complaints about how the organization is being run, but focusing sometimes on quantity of players over quality is a necessity.


I'd love to know who it is you're talking about.


Post of the day, week, year so far.

The Ravens would indeed put a better product on the field. No question about it.

Good riddance! No sense wasting a roster spot that could go to someone with potential!

Good riddance! No sense wasting a roster spot that could go to someone with potential!

Uggh. Can we stop comparing the O's and Ravens? Two totally different sports. One of which has a salary cap in place so there aren't two teams in the same division grossly outspending the rest of the league.

Actually, you know what... fine. Let's discuss the Ravens in relation to the O's. Look at the big names on the Ravens team... Joe Flacco, Ray Rice, Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Terrell Suggs... where did they come from? They were all guys that the Ravens front office drafted and developed.

When they do bring in free agents, they're usually role players, not superstars. Hmmm... who does that in baseball? Oh, yeah, the O's. Who was the big free agent signing for the Ravens last off-season? Dominique Foxworth... and most of the Ravens fans wanted to tear his head off for the first 10 games of the season!

So, yeah, go ahead and complain that the Ravens front office is so much better than the O's when they're basically operating the same way. Geez.

wayne (and larry) -

Right. Guys who have been evaluating football players their entire lives would do an awesome job evaluating baseball players.

What's next, wayne? Joe Flacco would be a great pitcher if he switched sports?

Let's not also forget that the NFL draft and the MLB draft are insanely different.

Who was the last baseball player to go straight from high school or college to MLB? Bob Feller?

PS - I know that Feller wasn't the last guy to go straight from HS or college to MLB, I just didn't feel like looking up who it actually was.

I was never impressed with Hill, but I don't think I ever saw him healthy.

not brooks,

I think wayne was just saying that the current management has had a history of interfering with the decisions of knowledgeable baseball folks, not that their football knowledge/experience would somehow translate. As for Flacco, given some of the pitching I saw last year, maybe he would be a good pitcher. He seems to have a decent arm.

Also, I found a list of players who went straight to the majors. There are indeed very few high-schoolers, and none in the past 30 years.

Think that would actually be last year for the Washington Nationals. Strasburg sounds familar.

Chris- you missed a key point. The Ravens draft good players.

the Orioles have had great draft picks for 15 years-- and they still suck.

I don't want to hear about a salary cap either-- Angelos was making plenty of money and supported a nice payroll until he ran the franchise into the ground. He sucks, the front office sucks, the entire organization sucks. the best thing that could happen to the franchise is for MLB to seize it for not attempting to field a competitive team and get an owner that cares.

Strasburg played in the minors already Warren.

Funny I thought the 'Vens already *were* running the O's drafts. Isn't that how Falco's brother got picked?

Ben -

"the Orioles have had great draft picks for 15 years-- and they still suck."

While no one could argue that the O's drafting and scouting department wasn't a mess until Joe Jordan and David Stockstill came on board, I do have to say that there's a HUGE difference between the NFL and MLB Drafts.

NFL clubs draft players based on what they need now. And the early round players go right to the NFL club and generally contribute in their rookie season because the gap between D1 College Football and the NFL isn't that big.

MLB clubs draft players based on what they may need in three or four years. And all of the players go to the minors. And most of them play at least three seasons in the minors. And the team generally doesn't know what kind of player it has until a year or two after the draft.

Sorry, buddy, but this Ravens/Orioles thing is just plain ridiculous. Saying the Ravens front office could fix the Orioles is like saying your electrician could fix your plumbing.

In response to not brooks--

seems like the Yankees, Red Sox, A's, Braves, etc. have no problems producing great talent through the draft and then supplementing it with the talent from the free agent pool. The bottom line is that the winning organizations draft and play in the free agent market well. The Orioles do neither and that is why they are an afterthought in this town (along with the fact that Ravens PR and Marketing teams beat the pants off of them just like the AL East beats them on the field).

I'm not saying the Ravens front office can fix the O's. Lord knows, no one could fix them in this state. Not until Angelos goes to the big courtroom in the sky. Until then, the Os will be in 5th place and irrelevant in baseball and Baltimore.

In response to not brooks--

seems like the Yankees, Red Sox, A's, Braves, etc. have no problems producing great talent through the draft and then supplementing it with the talent from the free agent pool. The bottom line is that the winning organizations draft and play in the free agent market well. The Orioles do neither and that is why they are an afterthought in this town (along with the fact that Ravens PR and Marketing teams beat the pants off of them just like the AL East beats them on the field).

I'm not saying the Ravens front office can fix the O's. Lord knows, no one could fix them in this state. Not until Angelos goes to the big courtroom in the sky. Until then, the Os will be in 5th place and irrelevant in baseball and Baltimore.

In response to not brooks--

seems like the Yankees, Red Sox, A's, Braves, etc. have no problems producing great talent through the draft and then supplementing it with the talent from the free agent pool. The bottom line is that the winning organizations draft and play in the free agent market well. The Orioles do neither and that is why they are an afterthought in this town (along with the fact that Ravens PR and Marketing teams beat the pants off of them just like the AL East beats them on the field).

I'm not saying the Ravens front office can fix the O's. Lord knows, no one could fix them in this state. Not until Angelos goes to the big courtroom in the sky. Until then, the Os will be in 5th place and irrelevant in baseball and Baltimore.

Ben -

I mentioned that the O's scouting/player development department was in shambles prior to the hiring of Joe Jordan and David Stockstill.

Both of those guys were hired prior to the 2005 season. Since then, the O's have transformed from one of the worst to one of the best when it comes to evaluating talent. The current young core of this team is the fruit of Jordan and Stockstill's labor; unless I'm mistaken, Bergesen is the only major part of the future that was drafted prior to their arrival. But now the issue is that Andy and Angelos aren't willing to back up the young talent with top free agent talent.

Oh, and to me, it seems like the Yankees have a real problem producing great talent through the draft. Aside from Robinson Cano, what major pieces of the big league team have the Yanks drafted (or acquired when the player was still in the minors) since Jeter/Rivera/Posada/Pettitte?

Just realized that even Cano wasn't drafted by the Yanks. He was signed as an international free agent.

add international free agency to the list of things with the orioles that are terrible. Thanks for that one not brooks

Really, Ben, the O's have had "great draft picks" for 15 years? Are you sure you want to stick to that assessment? Let's look at the past 15 years. I would consider a top 10 pick a "great draft pick."

1995 - O's draft #21 and take Alvie Shepard in a round that produced Kerry Wood, Todd Helton and Roy Halladay, none of whom went lower than 17.

1996 - No 1st round picks for the O's in a round that produces Braden Looper, Mark Kotsay, Eric Chavez and Gil Meche. (I left out Adam Eaton and RA Dickey, who also went 1st round that year)

1997 - O's take Jayson Werth with the 22nd selection and Darnell McDonald with the 26th in a round that produced JD Drew, Troy Glaus & Vernon Wells in the top 5, and only Jon Garland, Lance Berkman and Adam Kennedy in the rest of the round.

1998 - O's draft Rick Elder #26 with Pat Burrell, Mark Mulder, JD Drew, Felipe Lopez, Carlos Pena all going top 10 and Adam Everett, Brad Lidge and CC Sabathia going through #20, no one else in that round panned out.

1999 - O's draft Mike Paradis #13, Richard Stahl #18, Larry Bigbie #21 and Keith Reed #23 in a first round that produces Josh Hamilton, Josh Beckett, Barry Zito and Ben Sheets in the top 10. Alex Rios was picked #19.

2000 - O's draft Beau Hale at #14. Adrian Gonzales goes #1. Chase Utley goes at #15. And Adam Wainwright goes #29.

2001 - O's take Chris Smith at #7 and Mike Fontanot at number #19. Joe Mauer, Mark Prior, Gavin Floyd and Teixiera (who I believe the O's had their eye on) are all top 5. After that, the cream of the crop is Casey Kotchman, Gabe Gross and Jeremy Bonderman.

2002 - (You can ding the O's on this one) They take Adam Loewen #4. Going later in that round: Zack Grienke, Prince Fielder, Joe Saunders, Khalil Greene, Scott Kazmir, Nick Swisher, Cole Hamels, James Loney, Jeremy Guthrie, Joe Blanton, Matt Cain. BJ Upton went #2.

2003 - O's take Nick Markakis #7 in a round that produces Delmon Young, Aaron Hill, Chad Billingsley, David Aardsma and Carlos Quentin.

2004 - O's take Wade Townsend with the #8 pick. The best of that draft: #2 Justin Verlander. Jered Weaver went #12, Biliy Butler went #14, Stephen Drew went #15 and Phil Hughes went #23.

2005 - O's take Brandon Snyder at 13. Justin Upton, Alex Gordon, Ryan Zimmerman, Ryan Braun, Troy Tulowitzki, Ricky Romero and Cameron Maybin are all top 10 (with Wade Townsend selected at #8 by Tampa). Andrew McCutcheon went 11and Jay Bruce went 12. After that, Jacoby Ellsbury, Matthew Garza and Colby Rasmus all went in the 20's. The book is still out on Snyder.

2006 - We all know this one... O's draft Billy Rowell #9 in a year that the top ten included Evan Longoria #3, Clayton Kershaw #5 and Tim Lincecum #10.

2007 - O's take Matt Weiters. Any complaints?

2008 - O's take Brian Matusz. Any complaints?

2009 - O's take Hobgood. Too early to tell on anyone from this draft.

So there, the first round picks we took and the guys who panned out for the past 15 years. What does it prove? 1 - The O's haven't necessarily had "great draft picks" for the past 15 years. 2 - When having a top 10 pick, they're about 50/50, which given the crapshoot that is the MLB draft isn't too bad. (Also keep in mind that scouting director Joe Jordan didn't come on board until before the 2005 draft.)

We'll see how well the Ravens FO does in an environment at least a little like that of MLB next year when the safety net of the salary cap comes off. There's still non-guaranteed contracts and all the things not brooks says, but the salary cap means you can never really be that bad if you have even half an idea what you're doing (Redskins make the playoffs now and then with their own Angelos at the helm).

Oh, and the Ravens have never played in the AL East.

As for Hill, he was worth the risk for what he was. He wasn't slated as the defacto #1 or anything. He was invited to camp and earned a spot. He could have easily been off the roster on Opening Day.

Nice guy, class act and it's a shame things didn't work out here. I wish him the best. Though his cats will probably be glad they won't have to pose for the 2011 Orioles pet calendar. They were less than thrilled.

Pete... how much does Huff signing for a meager $3mil help the O's in their pursuit of one of the other marginally talented 1b/3b.

I think the price tag on Laroche just fell dramatically. Some of the other has-been/question mark guys should be signable on the cheap.

B Thomas is correct. I have been a lifelong baseball fan but watching what went on in the off season last year and the end of the "home grown" era. It's just sickening to watch the disparity. I want to be able to cheer on my team, not root against the big money markets. It's not worth my time.

wayne said:

blah blah blah with a heavy dose of negativity and mix with more annoying comments.

Please dwayne, tell us how you really feel. We get it, you're a troll, good job.

You guys keeping giving them your money to pocket... go pay the higher ticket prices in return for nothing. I'll keep going to Ravens games. Even in their worst years they care about the fans.

Guys..... That's it?


The difference... The Raves win, the orioles don't. You see the difference, right? Seriously..... right?

not brooks,

Just saying it couldn't be worse. Does worse than 12 losing years matter? Does worse than 64 wins really matter? At least they wouldn't lie to us.


You see the teams in the NFL that consistently fail, right? You understand how the Ravens doing well most years is different than allot of teams, right? Just checking!


Troll? Come on dude, come up with something original. You can do better than 'troll'.


The point is........ Ozzie could do NO WORSE. Hell, he could have picked up Millwood and Atkins. He could have been surprised with Bergesen and Reimold... And BEST of ALL, Ozzie couldn't have done worse than bring in stiffs like Hill, Eaton, SImon, etc......


Hey Ben,

I went to 2 games in April last year for $21 a seat average. Both were pretty decent seats (1st row in LF + low CF bleacher seats) and I got a free t-shirt at the first game and a free sandwich at the second game. Oh, and the O's won both games, so it worked out 100% for me.

How much did you pay for your Ravens seats? Did they win every game you went to?

Keep up the good work!


Dude, as you can see by Chris's response, you just went WAY over his head.

Such a response DEFINES how he and others have no clue as to why a huge majority of O's fans are fed up.

You or I could easily respond to his post, helping him to understand what he's missing.... but trust me dude, it wouldn't matter.

Pretty much similar to how another upcoming losing season doesn't matter as well.

Chris, my seats for the ravens are $90. they dont win every time. However, they are in contention almost every year because they ownership cares about the fans and the city. The ownership invests in quality front office people, quality players, quality marketing, quality game day experiences...

If you are saying the orioles are good because you went to two games and they won, then I can't argue with ya man... go out and grab that markakis jersey, a hot dog, and go to some of those dollar games when they are 30 games out of first. Have fun. At least you won't have to fight traffic to get out.

Sorry, Chris in Hawaii: Explain to me the significance of players picked before the Orioles drafted. I don't get why that matters.

This has always been the mainstream slap at Moneyball -- that the A's picked weak players. But go back and look at who was available and they did OK.

Similarly, just looking at 2005 in your summary, what does it matter that Justin Upton and Troy Tulowitski were in that draft? The Orioles had no chance to take them.

Picking Rowell above Lincecum was an obvious mistake. Even though Brandon Snyder is looking a bit disappointing, when you look at who was chosen immediately afterward, not before, I don't think you can call it a bad pick.

Gee Ben,

I may have enjoyed your post. But I guess I'll never know since all the non-warehousers talks all smarts and stuffs. Apparently I'm too dumb to understand you guys!!!

a good ole fashion 'beat down' happening on these here blogs.

section 34,

That was my point (and that's why I mentioned where those guys went), in a lot of those drafts, most of the people who panned out in the first round were gone by the time the O's drafted. If you look at the drafts Joe Jordan has had, they did pretty well and so I believe that they are definitely going in the right direction.

Don't worry, buddy. We're on the same side.


I rest my case!

By the way, of course the Ravens (win or lose) is a great experience, every time. You described it perfectly!

Opposing fans may show up in varying numbers, but they'll never take over the stadium like NY and Boston fans do at the Yard.

It's the difference between winning and losing. Some just can't understand it!

I'm excited about this news! no more Simon, Hill, Eaton and Hendrickson! It can only get better!

Looks like were playing real hard ball, with just two teams looking for firstbasemen, the O's appear to be willing to take whatevers left after the Mets sign one! Nothing new there!

I like the way that certain people can talk over my head, yet can't come up with an intelligent response to my post listing the past 15 drafts for the O's.

A bunch of freakin' geniuses in here room.

Apparently winning and losing are two different things. REALLY??? OOOOOH. Thanks for distinguishing that for me! That was waaaaayyyyy above my head. I couldn't figure out that one. Especially after it's been posted about 5,000 times in the last week by the same person.

Never mind about trying to analyze the actual game, we'll just make up scenarios where Ozzie Newsome suddenly has control of the O's and the team is now winners! Yay! Because Ozzie Newsome wins! Yay! Every! Yay! Year! Yay! What??? Oh. Mommy's saying it's bedtime. I'll go to sleep and dream about The Wizard of Oz controlling the O's. I hope mommy isn't too angry when she has to change my sheets in the morning. I just get soooo excited thinking about Ozzie.

*THIS here room.


A little incoherent there Chris? Relax..... no need to be defensive!

The simple point was/is, Ozzie couldn't have done any worse last year, or the previous 11. Seriously, think about it.

Could he have brought in worse than Hill, Eaton, Simon, etc? Could he not have been just as surprised by Bergesen and Reimold? You think he would have tried to sign Markakis in an attempt to show the fans something, anything? Would he have won less than 64 games?

I mean ouch! I could go on and on... It's actually pretty funny and pathetic at the same time. Mostly, it's hard to even debate.....

Not need to get all crazy, goofy and defensive... It's just making a point.. A pretty good one at that!

Something you old-timers fail to grasp is that not all of us grew up with winning Orioles teams. Sure, they won a WS during my lifetime, but my first memories of the O's really begin in 1988. I think the O's in the 20-some years since then have perfected the mystique of losing. I don't expect them to win, so when they actually pull off a victory it is much more magical!

Trust me, winning all the time is not what people make it out to be. My HS basketball team used to blow everyone out of the water routinely (think 120-37). I quickly stopped caring because I just assmed they would always win.

I hope the so-called plan succeeds in producing a better team and more wins, but not too many wins. Ten to fifteen more would suit me fine so I can retain that sense of wonder and amazement at each win.


You do see that teams have an easier time rebuilding in the NFL right? You saw how half the AFC had a shot at the playoffs with one game left right? You see how the parity is way different? You see how teams can just cut a bad contract and not be stuck with mistakes? You see how...

Oh and on your attendance rant: Attending every home game for the Ravens means fans make arrangements 8 days a year. Attending every Orioles game means dedicating 81. Baseball's energy is naturally diluted and the effect is magnified when teams lose. As a reference, attending every Yankees home game is 9 games and equates to just about 1 football game. Every football game is basically do or die, season is on the line. Every baseball game is in itself just about insignificant. Even the Yankees couldn't sell out and all they do is win. It's a completely different beast.

Keep in mind by the way that I agree with you in a lot of ways. I just think your attitude is more pathetic than the Orioles record the last 12 years. You are no smarter than anyone else here. This is not a dig on you at all. It's just addressing the fact that people can disagree with you without you constantly insulting their intelligence. Your blind venom for Angelos makes you say just as outlandish things as the warehousers do on their side. You're not that different than Chris when you think about it and you've said some pretty low things to him...

wayne, I'm sure you love the attention you get on this blog. Wow, you're life must suck to monitor it 24/7 so that you may combat anyone that disparages your pathetic outlook on the O's. Your life, I'll say that again, YOUR LIFE is now reduced to proving how much you can provoke people over the front office of a baseball team. Congrats dude, you've really made it to the big time. Hey! You should start your own awesome blog, you're a winner champ.

Chris in Hawaii,

I get your point. But within the past 5 years (as you've stated), the O's drafting is lightyears beyond what it used to be. Prior to '05, the most notible players who were drafted in order from '93 to '04 are:

Mike Young (25th Rd)
David Dellucci (10th Rd
Jason Werth (1st Rd)
Cliff Lee (20th Rd -yes CLIFF LEE)
Jerry Hairston Jr (11th Rd)
Brian Roberts (1st Rd supplimental)
Erik Bedard (6th Rd)
John Maine (6th Rd)
Jim Johnson (4th Rd)
Chris Ray (3rd Rd)
Nick Markakis (1st Rd)

So there you go, man. We even lost who could've been the shortstop of the present future (Michael Young was drafted in '04). Oh well.

**Michael Young was drafted by Orioles in '94.**

Correction. My fault.


Thanks for the post!

Yes, I do know the difference between the NFL and MLB. I'm a season ticket holder to both, and I get the distinction! I was simply responding to Ben, as I agreed with the spirit of his post.

For the record, I've never said I was smarter than anyone else here. In fact, I've often bowed to Gil as he's far more intelligent than I. Please don't confuse my passion, determination and basic common sense with overall intelligence. I mean how smart can I be to be an Oriole full season ticket owner for all these years?

James, I've been accused of saying things I haven't said and I've been called every name in the book. Even Chris has insulted me greatly simply because he fails to agree with me. You may find my responses hard hitting at times, but I don't call people trolls, idiots, etc, etc, etc....

People are fed up with the orioles and they're finally starting to voice their displeasure in ways that some dislike. To that though, I say 'too bad'. It's time that the fans stand up and say 'we're not going to take it anymore'.

It's time that Oriole fans stop sitting on their hands while Yankee and Red Sox fans completely take over Camden Yards.

Frankly James, it's just time for Oriole fans to stop being xhxcies! Fans do have a voice, and management needs to feel it once and for all.

It's not just me who's mad James. The numbers are becoming huge! People are tired! I mean just read the headline of this blog James. It's about Rich Hill! Rich freakin Hill!

It's time the Rich Hill's are no longer worth mentioning when discussing the Orioles.

I think we went to the same high school -- Pleasantville.....
I wholeheartedly agree we shouldn't win too many more games. It does get boring after awhile.
Like you point out, the way it is now, I am amazed when the Orioles do anything right -- bunt, move the runner, throw to the right base or cutoff man, execute a rundown, know how many outs there are or remember the score before committing a baserunning blunder, hire a real manager, etc. I don't think my mind could comprehend if we actually won more games.

Thanks bms,

24/7? Really? But I get your point...

As for my 'pathetic outlook on the O's, I just have one question... How can my outlook be more pathetic than the Orioles themselves? That's pretty confusing bro!

Thanks for reading my post though. I love the attention, like you say! To get said attention when I post a far less than many is awesome.

Well played bms... well played!

Simply stated, bro, you and many others crack me up. I guess in the long run it remains to be seen if these "kids" can excel at the major league level. I just choose not to root against them.

Again, it's that simple.

I will never root against the so called 'kids'. Never have, never will!

It's not their fault that so much is put on their shoulders. It's not their fault that management won't acquire productive players with experience to protect them in the line-up. It's not their fault when pitch counts will prohibit them from going more than 6 innings, thus blowing out the pen by the all star break.

It's not the 'kids' fault, at all!

I mean imagine Markakis with a big bat behind him? Now imagine Atkins possibly in the 4 hole. Then imagine Weiters having protection behind him. Now vision Wiggy possibly behind him.

It's just a shame, and it doesn't have to be this way. They don't have to be #26 of 30 in payroll. They choose to be!

Here's a response for the following post of yours.

For the record, I've never said I was smarter than anyone else here.

James, I've been accused of saying things I haven't said and I've been called every name in the book. Even Chris has insulted me greatly simply because he fails to agree with me. You may find my responses hard hitting at times, but I don't call people trolls, idiots, etc, etc, etc....
Posted by: wayne | January 13, 2010 11:08 PM

---Although you'll spin it to a different topic or misunderstand the meaning AS USUAL, here's what 10 minutes of searching found.---

So while it's likely tough for you to grasp, it really is quite simple.
Posted by: wayne | January 9, 2010 11:32 PM

Chris in Hawaii, dude you seriously are laughable.
Posted by: wayne | January 7, 2010 10:29 PM

Some of you live on an island.
Posted by: wayne | January 8, 2010 12:32 AM

Yes Jim66, you are shill for the O's.
A major shill at that! Whatever works for you dude!
Posted by: wayne | January 8, 2010 9:35 AM

You actually believe this club will seriously bid for the kind of players you're suggesting next year?
Where the hell have you been? Are you kidding me? Wake the F up!
Posted by: wayne | January 8, 2010 12:28 PM

Stop hyping yourselves and stop trying to jack everyone else off into thinking there can be good losing.
Posted by: wayne | January 9, 2010 2:28 PM

Seriously dude, you need a life!
Posted by: wayne | January 9, 2010 8:45 PM

Go ahead warehousers... spin away!
Posted by: wayne | January 9, 2010 9:40 PM

If you love losing (and many of you obviously do), think Orioles today.
Posted by: wayne | January 10, 2010 9:34 AM

Logic? Dude, nothing personal, but you really sound ridiculous!

You need to give something more than your so called Logic Chris.
Posted by: wayne | January 12, 2010 1:46 PM

Dude, as you can see by Chris's response, you just went WAY over his head.
Posted by: wayne | January 13, 2010 8:37 PM

It's the difference between winning and losing. Some just can't understand it!
Posted by: wayne | January 13, 2010 9:03 PM

---Wow wayne. You may not call people trolls, idiots, etc, but there're many ways to insult someone. Not all of those are insults, but display your I'm Smarter Than Everyone attitude that you deny.

And you rant about spin. Pete gave you a verbal smack in the lips, and you say he's being defensive without addressing the content or missing the point, AS USUAL. You spin every response to people who don't agree with you or who call you out.

So while you blah blah it up about the warehouse spin, you do the same thing. While you you cry about the injustice of the names you get called, you do the same thing.

hyp⋅o⋅crite –noun 1. a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, esp. a person whose actions belie stated beliefs.
2. a person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, esp. one whose private life, opinions, or statements belie his or her public statements.

Related forms:
hyp⋅o⋅crit⋅i⋅cal, adjective
hyp⋅o⋅crit⋅i⋅cal⋅ly, adverb

deceiver, dissembler, pretender, pharisee.

While I dislike the negativity he brings, Wayne does make some good points. But i am at a loss to think who was available this off-season that wouldn't be a very high risk vs. reward proposition. Would one dominating A-list pitcher put the O's in contention? Would one devastatingly smashing power-hitting corner infielder do it? Would getting both do it?

Unlikely. But I would have liked to see them try.

But to keep things in perspective, the last time that the O's went and got a marquee level power hitter in FA, they ended up with Albert Belle. And as dangerous as he was, it was a disaster for the O's, mitigated only by one heck of an insurance policy.

It also coincided with the beginning of the O's losing seasons. But I don't think that was the reason for the losing. I do think that it is the reason for the FO/ownership discomfort with high-dollar FA's.

But at some point, someone needs to just get over it. Since this is not going to be the off-season for it, does anyone know where we can buy a big can of balls to ship to the warehouse in late September?


That's too bad, I was pullin' for Rich last year. I grew fond of his breaking stuff - he really made guys look silly with that curve when he was on his game. On the other hand, he failed to turn his career around and it makes sense for us not to offer more than a minor league deal. I'd be glad to see him stay with us and work out his control problems down in Norfolk, but I wish him well wherever he decides to go.

"The Diamondbacks signed first baseman Adam LaRoche to a one-year deal, tweets Dejan Kovacevic of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette."

And starting at first base for your Baltimore Orioles... MICHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAEL AUBREY!

Pete -

Could you call Andy and ask him what the problem was with LaRoche?

Seriously. One year at $8-10M was too much for a 30-year-old first baseman who's a lock for 25+ home runs?

Also, could you ask him what he's been doing since the radio silence began, because it's been almost a month since the Millwood/Atkins/Gonzalez acquisitions and he hasn't done a single thing more to give this team a better chance to not be embarassing in 2010.

Sure, I'm still hoping for improvement from most of the young players, and if that happens, I still think they have an outside chance of winning 78-80 games. But, obviously, that improvement is no sure thing, it's only a best case scenario.

Hey! Wait a second! Are Andy and the rest of the front office working on the new team name and logo?

Presenting, for the first time ever, your Baltimore Best Case ScenariO's!

Funny stuff Guru76.

Wow Guru76,

Thank you so much for helping me to make my point. Very cool!

As for Pete's last response to me, he simply said something that wasn't accurate. But that's ok, he has allot of post to read.

I just wish he and his colleagues would report/comment on the Orioles the same as the Ravens.

not brooks,

Are you really surprised? How could you be surprised?

Michael Aubrey folks!!!

How could Ozzie place worse corners on a major league baseball team? He couldn't.

It really is funny people...... Ozzie could do no worse if he ran this club!

Totally agree with Not Brooks & I've been clamoring for it to happen since October. Sign LaRoach & you'll have your first baseman for years. He'd make a killing in Camden Yards with shots into the picnic area & he's well above average defensively. He's rarely on the DL & he's played on some great teams in Atlanta so the competitive juices are certainly there.
If MaFail somehow thinks signing Aubrey & Milwood has just moved us to the level we need to be at to at least win a few against the Yanks & Sox...then he needs a drug test.
Get off your as- & make a freakin deal...for a REAL player.

Pete, can you confirm or deny the Laroche rumor please. Some idiot on the talk board is freaking people out with what is a rumor at this point

Just for the fans who complain about Andy, please remind them that maybe the best trade in Andy's tenure was not the Bedard deal but the one left on the table with B-Rob and the cubs. B-Rob, a fan favorite, closest player we have to Cal of this O's era and will be probably a top five player in most O's statistical categories when done, was to be trade for Donnie Veal, the Cubs version of Rhad Liz, R.Hill, who gave the ball boys more work than the batters, matt murton, cut by the A's. . . now name one of their outfielders, felix pie, we traded half a chic parm for a year later and either marshall or gallagher who both probably now play bridge with hayden penn. Andy's press conference when he joined the O's is my O's moment. Finally a plan. . .

Gtluck -

Who's freaking out? And why am I an idiot for posting a rumor?

As for my source, I saw said rumor on It came from Dejan Kovacevic, a writer for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Here's the quote from his blog: "UPDATE 9:55 a.m.: Hearing that Adam LaRoche has signed a one-year contract with the Diamondbacks."

Here's the link:

And I'd love to be proven wrong, but since LaRoche isn't a Boras client and hasn't been a hot topic this winter, I seriously doubt anyone would throw out some fake news about him.

Wow Guru76,

Thank you so much for helping me to make my point. Very cool!

As for Pete's last response to me, he simply said something that wasn't accurate. But that's ok, he has allot of post to read.
Posted by: wayne | January 14, 2010 10:41 AM

The delusion runs deep in you.

All you ever do is complain. You complain about Angelos, McPhail, the warehousers, the spinners, people yelling "O!" during the national anthem, the way Pete runs his blog, everything.

You post some ridiculous blather. When you give a response to people calling it such, it doesn't address their response. It will say something like the 10:41 post, where you spin it into me proving your point when I used your own words to prove you as a liar. Just like when not brooks, Chris in Hawaii and the rest of the so called warehouser/spinners post stats and deep descriptions/concepts to prove their point and crush your blather.

Multiple people have called you on these things. All you can say is "Great post! (insert '09 win reference) Come on, dude! (insert warehouser/spin reference) McPhail this, Angelos that! (insert I don't name names/Bill James reference) COME ON, PETE!

Make a new boilerplate. This one is tired. Try to make an original wayne point once in awhile. Nobody cares about the drivel you've been posting for the last however long you've been commenting, because it's all boilerplate. IT"S TIRED. WE GET IT.

I really enjoy this blog, positive and negative posters alike. Both sides make excellent points. There are quite a few knowledgeable people on both sides, who will be respectful enough with each other while making educated arguments. You however, spout the same thing over and over, and show no respect.

So I'm going to get on the bus with Chris in Alohaville, and be done with you. I don't care that you don't care, just save your time and don't address me. If you do, don't expect a response. There are far too many other posters who have respect, intelligence and connection to reality to waste any more time on you.

"Something about how I don't care if you respond to me.

Something about how I've started a revolution that has led several "warehousers" to the light.

Something about how you can't tell the difference between winning losing. Really!? It's easy!

Something about how something is WAY over your head.

You're a shill! Spin away! Love losing!

Whatever, dude!"

- Wayne's response to Guru's 11:32 AM post


I don't blog much, but you've got to be kidding.

Ok, I'll give it to you that Roberts is a fan favorite. I can't really think of too many options the fans had though. Brian is a good player, but he's certainly not a great or franchise player. And if I remember correctly, Andy wanted to trade Brian, but just didn't get what he wanted in return. That's certainly different than what you suggest.

As for Pie, I guess we'll see. No one has any idea whatsoever if this guy will turn in to something or not. Yes, he had a good month or so, but personally, I feel we have to wait and see on this guy.

And as we go into year 3, what exactly is the plan again? I understand about the minor league system, and I'm not discounting that. But what is the plan to win in Baltimore again? Are we talking 2012, 2015? If so, I'm with others around here and have no interest anymore.

Now this must be a joke...

"The Diamondbacks and Adam LaRoche have an agreement on a one-year deal that will be finalized as soon as he takes a physical, has confirmed. The deal will pay LaRoche between $4 million and $5 million, sources say. News of the deal was first reported by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette."


not brooks-
I absolutely agree about LaRoche. He reportedly signed for 1/4-5. They gave Gonzalez 2/12.

So...hmm I'm just trying to think how giving LaRoche 2/12 would be such a bad thing. He is an instant improvement (as it all stands today, not in July) over Aubrey or Snyder. Who knows what they'll become. We have seen what LaRoche can do.

I like the plan of building with youth and from within. But dang man, when there's a good option for cheap that's an instant upgrade, what's the delay???

McPhail shouldn't go with "The Plan" with no room for deviation. Sometimes, you just have to pull the trigger and let the chips fall where they may.

If Snyder tears it up at AAA, you either have depth at first or trade bait at the deadline. If Snyder doesn't progress, and Aubrey doesn't improve on the end of '09, where are they? It's the '09 who's on first game again.

I've always been a build the system and win young kind of guy. But you can't live by it blindly.


Listen, I know what you're doing, and it's ok. The problem is, you just don't have a leg to stand on. The Orioles consistently loses year after year, and you're running out of things to be positive about.

I know guys like you are frustrated. You know this team is going to be bad this year, and you know that unless the improbable occurs, they'll be bad again next year as well. Beyond that, you really can't go - because it's pointless to predict that far into the future.

You guys don't like it when I say Ozzie couldn't do any worse. It makes you so mad. It ESPECIALLY makes anyone associated with the Orioles mad as some in the organization are incredibly jealous of the Ravens success.

As far as saying the same thing over and over. That's simply how you wish to look at it. Many people don't see it that way however. What do you want me to do....debate about Aubrey playing 1B this year? You want to debate Atkins playing 3B? How bout I just leave that to you guys.

To not see how some of you (not all) are connected with the organization would be ridiculous. People have known it for a long time and all I did was point it out for the first time. That's all!

To not see how the media treats the Orioles completely different than the Ravens would be ridiculous. People have known it for a long time and all I did was point it out for the first time. That's all!

But really, I do understand. Deep down, you're upset as well. Upset that not only is the team going to be awful again, but upset that AM is giving you nothing to help with your argument. I get it.... makes your job very tough.

So bye Guru! Never asked you to respond to me in the first place, but I do appreciate (again) you making my point for me by doing the research you did. Was good stuff!

not brooks,

I know you're getting a little upset brooksie. I mean this guy would be the perfect proven, productive veteran that would be huge in helping the young developing players on the team.

But to the warehousers, Laroche is just another of the 'who of this crop of fa's would help the o's anyway'. You know however brooks, that this guy is a very viable fa to acquire. You don't buy what some are trying to sell. You get it, even if you don't want to show your disdain.

When your rumor comes true though, you won't admit it, but i know you'll be upset. Possibly very upset! Others will be upset as well. Even warehousers will be mad because if the Orioles signed him, they could come on these blogs and say 'see, you just have to be patient. In Andy we trust'!

Pete would love it as well because he could create a Blog subject that isn't about Chapman, Hill, etc. It would be real news, and real reason to think people care 'anything' about the fans.

Lorache gone - Aubrey in!

I don't have to be negative guys... The O's do it for me!

Hill is the type of guy the O's should be looking to keep. He is not reliable but has high upside. No need to spots or money on innings eaters or league average 1B like LaRoach.

#26 of 30! You need no other answer than that!

PETE - WAKE UP! Where's your commentary explaining why the Orioles would pass on a proven player that would help the developing players?

At least represent the fans by asking WHY. Can you at least do that?


In all due respect, if you feel so strongly about your discontent towards the Orioles front office, why don't you take your stance to a higher level? Hollering about it on a blog for a local newspaper is a road to nowhere. Expecting Schmuck to form some kind of rank against the Orioles is highly unlike. He's only going to do what The Sun expects him to do, report what's going with the team, which is about all he's ever going to do.

In order for him to write a column about the fan's discontent, the fans need a louder voice. Their own. And the last person to stage any kind of stance against the Orioles was Nestor Aparicio, like him or not.

I mean form a march, form a protest, form a website, form a petition. Take your own action. Otherwise, you're a person screaming in a closed room with a bunch of other people screaming. Expecting anyone from The Sun to speak for the fans or against the Orioles is pointless. It all about what you want to do, if of course you REALLY, truthfully feel that passionate about what you're talking about.

Or you could just be blowing smoke and only using this forum to vent.

wayne -

How is it not abundantly clear that I'm already upset?

To let a proven 25 homer guy get away when they only would have had to pay him $6-7M on a one year deal is just plain ridiculous.

Where was Andy M and the front office when : "The Diamondbacks and Adam LaRoche have an agreement on a one-year deal that will be finalized as soon as he takes a physical, has confirmed. The deal will pay LaRoche between $4 million and $5 million, sources say."

This was cheaper by 2-3M per than Atkins? How low can the O's go? This is just unbelieveable.

Haha, Dave. I suggest a hunger strike in front of the warehouse.

On the subject of LaRoche, would anyone be surprised if he had and turned down a bigger offer from the O's?

I think we are all going to be SHOCKED by the O's final FA signing (and by shocked I mean confused and disappointed).

From where I'm standing, I cannot see how this team will be any better this season than the last. I'm already busily training my brain for the September state of mind. Get ready for Jim Hunter happily recounting the details of yet another loss, and how the occasional base hit is a sign of hope for the future. Prepare for more funereal post-game press conference from a near-comatose Trembles. Roll out the welcome mat for Sox and Yankee fans to take over your stadium while the young players are booed at home. Thrill to the intolerably obnoxious and amateurish MASN commercials-this year's batch featuring O's pitchers jerking their heads back to watch homers fly to the tune of Fly Me to the Moon by Ol' Blue Eyes, with the Oriole bird closing them out by submissively playing dead while being beaten with bats ala Joe Pesci in Casino.




We'll all be shocked. Then we'll all log on to bitch and moan. But at least we're showing a pulse, I guess.

I predict Mark Hendrickson will sign before February 12.


I'm on it! Trust me, I'm trying!

McPhail has been clear he wants Atkins at 1B, so why would he sign LaRoche? He'll lock up Crede and then call it an off-seaon. Like it or not...and I certainly don't.


No. We should play Atkins at 3B and sign Jermaine Dye's EXELLENT glove to play 1B. Since, you know, anyone can be thrown there. Including Riemold.

We need a good "clubhouse guy". Let's bring back Millar to be our super sub. Yep. A $6.15 foot long from subway. With pastrami. On wheat. With gouda.
Eat your heart out Lasorda.

No, I changed my mind. I'm getting a Reuben from Attman's on Lombard. Or should I go to Joss Sushi on Charles St? See ya'll in an hour.

Let's be realistic here. Since the World Series, the call has been that this year's free agent offerings would be tepid at best. Next year's crop looks alot better. Why spend millions on a guy for a one year rental? Save the free agent dollars for next season. And besides, who says an offer wasn't made to LaRouche and he passed? You can't force people to play here. It's the proverbial catch 22. Quality players want to play for a contender which we are not. The way we become a contender is to sign quality ballplayers. Since we can't sign them, we have to grow them, hence our now vaunted farm system. 2010 was never going to be our year, as I'm sure you all know, and I understand that you're all just looking for the warehouse to throw us a bone or maybe a bag of nachoes (if we can get them past Schmuckster), just to keep us interested. As for the marketing campaign, I haven't seen the new O's commercial yet, but if it is indeed featuring O's players craning their necks while balls fly out of the park...well, as a marketing/PR professional of many years I can only say...yuck. I think fans appreciate THE TRUTH more than anything else. So here's what I envision. Screen is totally black, nothing on it, blank. Then in walk Wieters, Matusz, Roberts, Markakis, Jones, Reimold, Guthrie. You start with the vets, they come out first. "Okay, we're not going to candy coat it," Guthrie says. Roberts: "Things haven't been going quite as well as you may have hoped these past few seasons..."
Markakis, jumping in: "Well, maybe more than a few..."
Back to Roberts: "...when you look at the wins and losses."
Guthrie: "But there are signs of life at the Yard..."
As Guthrie says this the screen goes from black background to gray and slowly lightens as the younger folks, like Jones, Reimold, Wieters, Matsuz, join the vets.
Jones: "So we hope you'll pardon our dust as the construction continues..."
Matusz: "Because things are looking brighter..."
finally Wieters: "...all the time, all the time." And by this time, the screen is completely white, can't see players anymore, but hear their voices. Wieters voice then says, "I mean, it's gotta get better, right guys?" And you hear the other players laughing. Words THIS IS BIRDLAND (because, let's face it, they're not dumping that brand anytime soon), with the Orioles phone number for tickets and website. Just a thought as I'm sitting here and typing on my lunch break. I'm sure if I had a bit more time, I could make this better. Thoughts?

I have a better commercial maxmorf.

White background. Oriole bird sitting in a single chair, back to us watching the Orioles. The bullpen gives up a game winning homer and the O's lose again. Oriole bird produces a revolver from his wing. Cut away to plain white screen with "This is Turdland" stamped fading in. Sound of a gunshot, and feathers burst into shot.


Groundskeeper: Yes, that might work in the "CRAZY PEOPLE" world (recall the 1990 Dudley Moore movie where Dudley plays an ad exec who accidently sends out his "truth in advertising" ads like "Come to Greece: We're nicer than France" and "Volvo: Boxy, but Good!"), but in reality where we try and rise above sophomoric sarcasm...not.

Just to put it out there, but does the LaRoche deal pass the sniff test for everyone?

To think he had much better contracts on the table at some point, but this is what he signed for? That means contracts were pulled and I'm sure his agent was trying to get them back on the table. Anyway, with such a pathetic contract, I wonder what the rumors on his health were.

Maybe he has a Beltran like surprise in the works for the Dbacks? Just seems fishy.

Dick Hill, how are we going to get over the hump without him? Were is he going, Walmart?

Hill sucked last year and the year before.
Major League pitchers pitch through injuries.
Major League pretenders use injuries as excuses.
I'm happy to see we are ridding ourselves of the pretenders, even when we try to keep them...... it seems as though someone is looking out for us.
Bass, Baez, Burres, Waters, Eaton, Hill, Ray, Walker........ Johnson should get traded next. I don't trust him anymore.
Get the guys out there who can strike people out without giving up home runs in between.
All these guys with inflated ERA's need to get shown the door.
And GODDDD am I glad Adam LaRoche signed with somebody so that those Oriole fans who love him so very much will finally stop talking about him.
The Braves couldn't use him and neither could the Red Sox. He's obviously not even fodder for the Pirate lineup.
And if I read one more expressed yearning for Carlos Delgado, I think I'll puke.
Let's just see who has a better year in 2010...... Delgado or Aubrey Huff.

I thought Hill was poised to sign with another team? The silence is deafening.

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