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January 28, 2010

Orioles: Gabino may be next DFA

If you just can get enough 40-man roster speculation, I'm pretty sure that right-hander Armando Gabino will be the next to be designated for assignment when the Orioles have to make room for veteran Mark Hendrickson.

Gabino seemed to be a likely choice when the O's needed room for Miguel Tejada, but the front office DFA'd fellow right-handed reliever Dennis Sarfate, who would have been out of options this spring. Now, he looks like the odd man out in a bullpen still heavy with right-handed middle relief candidates -- including Matt Albers, Cla Meredith, Kam Mickolio, Koji Uehara and perhaps David Hernandez and/or Jason Berken.

Gabino, 26, was claimed on waivers in early November from the Minnesota Twins after a solid season in the bullpen at Triple-A Rochester (6-4, 2.94 ERA). He made a brief appearance in the majors last season and was shown the door early by the Orioles in his only major league start. If he clears waivers, he could still end up pitching at Norfolk.

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How is that the only truly great TV shows over the last 40 years have taken place on Islands.
I refer of course to Lost and Gilligans Island.
Is this really just coinicidence or could this also tie in with the last 12 years of pathetic baseball in this town?
And following this line of semi -thought slightly further, could the final Lost season also signal the O's escape from losing baseball pergatory?
i know it's a lot to chew on, but with your extensive knowledge outside the sports world, I though perhaps you could tie some of this together for me. Another side note. I believe you were a
Mary Ann over Ginger I thought I might inquire....Kate or Juliet?

Curious in Balto. County

I say Kate,,, no wait Juliet,,,,,,, no wait Kate....

If Gabino gets DFA, we riot!

Keep Gabino and DFA Albers! please!

Keep Gabino and DFA Albers! please!

Why do we continue to keep ANY of the worthless players that we acquired through the Tejada/Houston trade, Scott included? We bit on them as a package, ship them off as a package. They sure haven't done us any favors...maybe we could pull Sandoval from the Giants, who knows...I for one, would rather see him play 1B or 3B any day of the week over what we currently have at those positions.... plus the kid switch hits.....

@Pasadena Nick

Yeah, and maybe we can trade Cla Meredith for Albert Pujols while we're at it. As inconsistent as he is, Scott is still good for a fair amount of pop, and the verdict is still out on Troy Patton. I agree that Fat Albers has worn out his welcome, but people who just think that we can package garbage for premier players really get on my nerves. Just because the average Joe might not have heard of Pablo Sandoval doesn't mean the Giants are going to be willing to give him up for leftover scraps. "I for one, would rather see him play 1B or 3B any day of the week over what we currently have at those positions"...what a profound statement. I would also rather have won World Series the past 27 years. You should join the infamous Wayne who thinks we should "stand up to ownership," presumably by insisting we sign mediocre free agents to bloated contracts (which, incidentally, is why we're in the position we're in). I don't agree with everything Andy has done, far from it, but there's a direction for once and we're putting our faith in guys that have talent as opposed to guys we hope might magically find some.

Don't keep Gabino. Having someone with an ERA below 3.00, even if it's just AAA, just doesn't make any sense for this organization.

Pasadena Nick:

Yea, it isn't like Scott lead the team in HRs or hit more than Tejada, or anything. Ship him out.

What's the latest on Erik Bedard? I keep reading that the Hendrickson signing is likely the finishing touch on the 2010 roster ... does that mean Bedard is no longer an option, or is he simply not expected to be part of the 40-man initially because of his injury recovery?

So what's up with the Bedard talks?

Would love to see him back!

Who is going to be released to make room for Palmero ?

Not Brooks, jim66, Chris in Hawaii, Shamrock, Wayne, Jason C. in Florida, Lucky Horshoe, jimmy jazz, CB Coach, Matt, dave in Glen Burnie and others:

I was going over the remaining free agent list this morning and one name cuaght my eys..PEDRO MARTINEZ is still out there. Hypothetically, what would it cost to sign him for a year, and don't you think his veteren prescence could stabilize the staff and give Dave Trembley more options?

I don't understand why any fan would want Erik Bedard back on the Orioles.

Gil, what a facinating idea? The Os have a spot open for a starter so why not? Give the kids more time at Norfolk, put Pedro at number 1, Millwood 2, Matusz 3, Bergesen 4 and Guthrie 5. Of course, the Os would likely have to pay too much for him but in this case he would be worth it as a placeholder. Sorta like Tejada at 3rd base.


I seriously doubt Pedro would come to Baltimore, unless there's no interest from a WS contender.

It seems like the rotation is set anyway, love it or hate it.

rather see tillman every 5th day than pedro


Yes, that would be fine! Anything is better than throwing 3 rookies to the wolves.

You know Gil, as it is now, this team will need guys like Berken, Hernandez, and others to each throw in 100+ innings (like last year). Why not Pedro? At least he'd be interesting, and at least he's not Eaton.

Anyone who thinks this team still has the 5 man rotation everyone is dreaming about (after the all star break), well..... lets just say you're setting yourselves up for a big disappointment.

You have two minor league first basemen, Hughes and Aubrey, who are still on the roster and who are of little or no use now that we have Adkins and Tejada. Why don't they release them?

Is he a member of the famous Gabino crime family?

Seriously, what's with AM and the Twins/Cubs castoffs? Not there is anything wrong with them, but does AM get an ex-employee discount for these players?


1 - I don't think Pedro can physically go a full season.

2 - Like it was mentioned above, he'll likely hold out for a team the has a good shot to go to the WS.

3 - Against the Yankees (the only AL East team he faced), he gave up 7 runs in 10 innings. We have guys on the roster that can do that already.

Ron - Thanks for saying that. To everyone that thinks that we can just sign the Delgados and Pedros of the world and patch together a competitive team is insane. Nor can we ship off average players to a team for one of their best players. I would love to ship Scott More to the Mets for Beltran and Santana but I don't think the O's are in a position where teams are going to allow them to low ball for established all star players. McPhail is taking the right approach - build up the farm system and get us to the point where we are 1 or 2 pieces from contending. Then we can shop around or make a few trades. Doing it now would only set us back.

Who in the Hell is Armando Gabino ?


Bedard 'would' be icing on the cake indeed!

Let's add a 6 inning (at best), pitches when he wants to pitch, injured, malcontent to the list of game changing 2010 free agent signings!.......... etc. etc.

Posted by: wayne | January 28, 2010 10:41 AM


Yes, that would be fine! Anything is better than throwing 3 rookies to the wolves........ etc. etc.
Posted by: wayne | January 29, 2010 10:20 AM

Contradict yourself much?

Also, your description of Bedard fits Pedro perfectly.

Spin away!


I think Pedro is Cal compared to Bedard (injury prone wise). At least the guy would be worth the price of admission when he pitches.


Anyone that has been on the board for awhile knows that I post under my real name and my real name only.

I think Pete could vouch for that. If you doubt me, ask him.

You must one of the warehouser conspiracy theorists.


Re-read what I wrote. Does that say one single word about names you, or anyone else for that matter, use on here?

I could care less what anyone posts under, as long as it's not cried about by people doing the same thing. That's the only time I've mentioned it.


Pedro would bring the same thing to the Orioles as Bedard. Pitch half a season, injuries. When Bedard has made his pitching cameos, he's on the level of Pedro. Wouldn't you agree?


Same in a lot of ways, but again...... I'd pay to see Pedro pitch at the end of his career.

Bedard however, not only has always been severely overated, but he's a bad guy... A real bad guy.

Ask Pete!


I agree, Pedro'd be worth watching. But it's all about wins, right? Signing the big name when there's a comparable, if not better, lesser name just to put arses in the seats is a key ingredient of the suck soup we're all having for dinner.

You and I disagree about the process up until now (NEWS FLASH!!!). I think we can agree that signing 38 year old dimmed out stars for watchability is the wrong answer. Been there, done that, got the consecutive losing seasons t shirt.

I do think that another starter may be needed. It may do Tillman some good to be at Norfolk until June.

Thing is Guru,

It's obvious AM will never sign the big name, younger type players that would make a splash and help the O's to contend. It's simply not in his dna.

So, instead of continuing to sign stiffs like Eaton and Atkins, I'd at least enjoy going out to the park to see a guy like Pedro once in a while.

In lieu of winning, I'll take whatever entertainment for my buck that i can get at this point..


I reread it and no, I don't think I contradict myself. I t I think it is pretty clear what you implied. But that's OK, I'm just here to have fun.

I raised the issue this morning about Pedro only to stimulate discussion. The Orioles have a whole staff of six inning pitchers, so why not add one more? I have continually posted in opposition to signing Bedard becuase of his injury, however ESPN reported this afternoon that the Orioles are believed to be pursuing him. I will have to defer to Macphailas he has access to the medical records.


I'll explain my post's meaning, since I may not have been clear.

----This is wayne's post on another thread:

Bedard 'would' be icing on the cake indeed!

Let's add a 6 inning (at best), pitches when he wants to pitch, injured, malcontent to the list of game changing 2010 free agent signings!.......... etc. etc.

Posted by: wayne | January 28, 2010 10:41 AM

----This is wayne's post on this thread:

Yes, that would be fine! Anything is better than throwing 3 rookies to the wolves........ etc. etc.
Posted by: wayne | January 29, 2010 10:20 AM

-----To me, that is a contradiction. Hence:
Contradict yourself much?

-----I feel Bedard and Martinez are similar at this points in their careers. Hence:
Also, your description of Bedard fits Pedro perfectly.

-----I've said to wayne before that he spins things while saying others are doing it. Hence:
Spin away!

The only thing about you is the fact that the second wayne post is directed to you. I don't have a problem with you, and have said as much before. Although we disagree about the plan or whatever the term is now, you don't insult people and you make good points backed by analysis to support your position.

As far as wayne goes, I've been insulting to him, and he to me, but I am willing to bury the hatchet. He has his opinions and point expression style, and I have mine. Oil and water, but no reason to hammer back and forth.

And as far as Bedard goes, if he will sign for a one year audition, fine. He won't be ready until June/July as far as I know, but injuries are a part of the game. Who knows what the rotation will be like then.

There's been talk on here about shutting the rooks down again this year. It would be better to have Bedard then having to call up someone who isn't ready. And if all goes well, no injuries, rooks progress in AAA and MLB, can you bait?

Bedard, Scott, Wiggington, D. Hernandez or Arrieta, Waring would make a good starting point for negotiations with the Fathers for Gonzalez. They'd probably laugh thier asses off, but it's a start, right?

Technically, Tillman's not a rookie. yes, guru they would laugh their asses off. Wiggington? There will be a taker, but it'll be like the Huff deal. You want Gonzo, you gotta START with Arrieta, Reimold, lower minor league P prospect, and Snyder.

Like where your heads at.

Right about Tillman. I'm just referring to the rookies of last year as rookies still, I guess.

That's a wishful trade more than anything. The Padres are cost cutters, so they'd want prospects and young 'uns. I think your offer would get them thinking.

The thing that worries me about Gonzo is the contract situation. Not that the O's wouldn't shell out for him, just that we'd be keeping him warm for the Red Sox.

But who knows. If we had him batting 4th, the youth continues to progress, a couple of vets bounce back, Boston could be looking at third place.

Ahhh....we all can dream.

Are wayne and guru children or do they just act like it?


I apologize for not paying attention to the point you were making. Now I get it.

I have a feeling Bedard is coming back, especially after the ESPN report. Guru, I would like to try to hold on to Waring and see what he does at Norfolk. I got to see him play a few games at the end of the year at Bowie and he hit one that must have gone 450 feet. He is tall and lean and really gets some leverage into his swing.


Nailed it. I'm 10 years old.


None needed.
I'd like to see Bedard come back, for depth if nothing else. I thought we had the next Mussina type ace when he was coming into his own, but those injuries...frustrating. Pitch count killed him, too.

I've never seen Waring in action, but everything I've read on him is mainly good. And, someone said on here that being there tells you much more than even video can. I agree.

Would you put Waring ahead of Snyder, potential wise?


Snyder is probably a more polished contact hitter and can use the whole field. He hits line drives to the gaps. Waring strikes out a lot and is just trying to see ball hit ball, but when he makes contact the ball jumps offf his bat I don't think Snyder will ever have Waring's raw power.

Defensively, thet is not a whole lot to choose, although Waring has a stronger throwing arm. Waring plays some third and more first base and looks like he could even play a corner outfield spot or first base. I think Snyder is a first baseman or DH, you will see this spring that he does not throw very well, although he is accurate.

Waring will hit a lot of home runs at Norfolk, but will have to cut down on his strikeouts and settle on a defensive position.

Cush, I have no problem with trading those four or something a little better than that for Gonzo- as long as the Os get to negotaite a long term contract before the trade is final. You don't get anything for nothing.

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