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January 23, 2010

Markakis: Another Miggy testimonial

Nick Markakis just passed through the VIP area at FanFest and joined in the positive reaction to the news that Miguel Tejada has agreed to terms with the Orioles. Technically, the deal is not official, but even Andy MacPhail all but announced it from the stage during his second fan forum a few minutes ago.

"If there's anybody in baseball you want on your team, it's him,'' said Markakis. "He's a high-energy guy who wants to be out there every day, and you want a guy like that on your team."

I asked Nick if the addition of Tejada would give the Orioles a "top-to-bottom" lineup and he corrected me.

"As much as I love Miggy and am happy he's back, I think we already had a very good lineup,'' Markakis said, "but adding Miggy just makes us that much better."

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What's Markakis, or ANY other player suppose to say, especially while at FanFarce?

Great scoop Pete!

How does this lineup sound?



Looks pretty good to me

wayne -

Where's your "FanFarce" testimonial?

Did you get to ask your question?

Did the Warehousers point you out?

Were you followed by large men in black suits and sunglasses the whole time you were there?

Come on, wayne. I was looking forward to your "FanFarce" hatestorm. Where is it?

The biggest thing the already good lineup need to do this year is to be consistent. Limit the 10 run outbursts and 1 run next day follow-ups.

Same with the pitching staff. Minimize the meltdowns and stay in games longer.

All this breeds winning. You can't build a winning culture when you get blasted right out of the gates or when the offense is extremely hot and cold.

I'm liking this. We could have done much, much worse. It seems a lot of veteran players have a "bounce-back" year sometime in their 30's, lets hope that Tejada is primed for a productive year. I mean he can't be nearly as bad as the Sammy Sosa Experiment.

Tejada put up very sold numbers last season. He batted .313, 199 hits, 46 doubles, 14 HR's, 86 RBI's, 84 Runs, .795 OPS. Keep in mind that the Astrodome is a PITCHERS park. We can't assume anything, but I like to think his power numbers will go up when coming back to OPACY. Could you imagine those doubles turning into HR's? Would it surprise anyone if he hits 20+ HR's coming back to OPACY?

This move is ridicules. AM let all the Wayne’s get to him and is compromising his goals to fix the team for the long haul. I don’t care if Miggy plays 6 months he is playing out of position and also causing Atkins to play out of position!

Looks like the O's were willing to spend a little money to bring him back. A base of $6 million plus incentives? What do you have to say about that, Wayne?

Frank -

The Astrodome was a pitcher's park, but the Astros haven't played there since 1999.

Minute Maid Park, the Astros current home, is pretty neutral.

It's interesting though, that Miggy was a much better hitter at MMP than he was on the road over the past two seasons.

For the record, Tejada is a .321/.370/.535 hitter at OPACY.

Walt -

Atkins is a natural first baseman. The only reason he shifted to third for the Rockies was because he was blocked by Todd Helton.

Andy has done what he could do in this off-season will not mortgaging the future. Sign Bedard and let's play some ball, damnit!!

Bedard will be back, but none of us should expect anything out of him this season. But still it'll be a very low risk/high reward signing.

I love the off-season moves. Veterans Millwood and Guthrie provide inning-eating stability for our young pitchers to develop.

Lineup improved w/Atkins and Miggy. We don't have an Arod type power threat - but we have 7 or 8 solid bats on a nightly basis.

And we are still stocking up in the farm - developing solid potential talent.

Its been a long time since we've had a winner, but it is great to see a very solid management team follow a strategy and work within the confines of what the market has to offer to put the best product possible on the field - without making stupid moves to "win now"...

Very exciting future for this team

It must have been pretty rough on Miggy down in Houston. He aged four years while he was away for two.

Astrodome? Anyway, Tejada needs to get hits because he's not taking any pitches. Meanwhile, ...

"The biggest thing the already good lineup need to do this year is to be consistent. Limit the 10 run outbursts and 1 run next day follow-ups." - shamrock in caps

Let's pretend the entire line-up -- I have seen three already; pick any that you like -- is stocked with guys top-to-bottom who will hit 16 HR's. That breaks down to roughly one HR per ten games for each player. If each player hits one on a different day, you would still have one game out of every ten where a HR is not being hit.

You need at least one 30-plus HR masher, and preferably two others who are in the mid-20's. (And I am not talking guys who hit 25 but bat .230 either.)

If 50% of the time you are facing mediocre pitching, you will get your one HR -- maybe with someone aboard -- and you will need to group hits together to get additional runs. Bring in the late inning specialists against your chosen line-up and you will be lucky to finish with five runs.

Four runs are more likely. Therefore, you will probably lose more than half of these games. Although IF the team can produce an ERA of 4.50 to 4.75 and a reliable closer, maybe the O's can squeeze through with a 43-38 record in this half of the games.

Going to the 25% of the games when you are facing a good team and a good pitcher. You need the mashers so you can stun a team with five runs even if you only get seven hits.

The way this line-up sets up with the mythical 16 HR's per man, these will be the games when the HR's are absent. Even if the team bats .250 against a good pitcher on a good team, without power, that is going to translate to three runs on nine hits. Every hit less than nine also becomes one less run.

The Oriole roster is set up to have exactly the one run one day, and ten the next.

Check how many times the Orioles' hit totals for their games are less than one half of the their run totals. This is when the MASN magpies bemoan being one "key hit short" and being so close and what a pity the Orioles had nine LOB but we will go get 'em tomorrow because tomorrow is different even if the line-up and its limitations are the same.

(Yeah, I know that gets the Run-on Sentence of the Year nomination.)

The team will bat better this year (I think), and we all are losing circulation i our fingers hoping the pitching will come through. It will still take a perfect storm of positives to wring out 85 wins.

I like this move. One year deal, the guy is high energy and still productive. If Orioles baseball is dead, somebody better tell the throngs of people at Fanfest today. It was a great time and it was good to see you Peter.

The term "low risk/high reward" is really starting to annoy me. At least in Oriole terminalogy.

It's like a kid quitting high school for that Assistant Manager job at Subway.

I meant to say check to see when the RUN totals are less than half of the HIT totals -- like 2R 7H, 3R 9H, 4R 11H.

Astrodome? This move is ridicules? Do posters actually think about their spelling or facts anymore?

Astrodome? This move is ridicules? Do posters actually think about their spelling or facts anymore?

1. Rusty- that made me laugh.

2. Maybe not an earth-shaking move, but bringing back Tejada is a fantastic move with the options that were available. Guys on the team already know him and like him and his bat adds pop to an already "poppy" order.

3. Mr. Schmuck- Who hits clean-up this year? I'm not sure Scott can produce consistently enough to be the guy. Do you think Weiters or Reimold start hitting homers in bunches this year? Thank you.

-The Hospitaller

A kid quitting high school to work at Subway?

I think you're confusing low risk/high reward with high risk/low reward, dave...

Tejada should bat in an on base position in the order,not a run producing one.That means batting 2nd.O's still don't have a valid clean up hitter and now too many RH hitters. Wiggy has to be going nuts over these signings.

As lousy as the O's were last year,44% of thier losses by one or two runs.If they cut that in half,they could jump in the standings.They should be a lot better against lefty pitchers.Still,middle relief is a problem and Steve Johnson could have filled thatr ole after some time at Norfolk. Dumb move letting him get away for nothing.

I just hope Tejada leaves that stupid spotlight thing in Houston. It was annoying! Can Tejada make the throws to first? Last I remember his throws to first were infuriating because they resembles sort of a lob over.

I just hope Tejada leaves that stupid spotlight thing in Houston. It was annoying! Can Tejada make the throws to first? Last I remember his throws to first were infuriating because they resembles sort of a lob over.

1st of all, Houston hasn't played in the Astrodome for years. They're currently playing in MinuteMaid Park which is a launching pad. I could probably hit one out in that stadium.
2nd, why is everyone so excited about Tejada coming back? He's no longer a power hitter, and that's what this team needs. The O's have a pop-gun lineup. They need a 35 HR/yr. masher in the middle of the lineup, not slap hitters like Atkins, and Tejada

Rich Hill was a low risk/high reward. Either way, it annoys me. That "low risk" almost had an ERA to the tune of 8.

Wasn't Jared Wright a low risk/high reward?

As a lifetime Oriole fan and the way the team has been playing the last 12 years, all I can do is to hope thing's change for the better. It's not like I can just start pulling for somebody else, so come on miggy and let's see what happens.

This is not a bad move at all, we get him for one year and reasonably cheap. He may not have the power he used to but he's still a solid, productive hitter and will do nicely at third. Now I'd like MacPhail to add another starting pitcher, either Bedard or Sheets.

Solid move. Can't complain here, making the most of what you can without compromising talent in the minors is always a plus. I'll take a >300 batting average in the lineup, combined with a magnetically positive personality, any day of the week.

I actually think this has been a great off season so far, given what there was to work with.

Bedard and maybe Delgado are the missing pieces of the puzz;le.

So does A.J. have to give up #10?

I meant to say, "Check how many times the Orioles' run totals for their games are less than one half of the their hit totals."

I took my own advice using the 2009 Orioles as an example. Regardless of final score, pitching or opponent, here are the results:

The Orioles were 46-19 (.708) if their run totals were greater than half of their hit totals. It didn't matter if it was 2R/3H or 10R/18H. It also didn't matter if Eaton was pitching or if Sherrill was a Dodger.

Obviously (I hope), I am not saying the pitching doesn't matter. But even on a club that wallowed to a 64-98 record searching for an identity, having run production matters.

That is why you go after a stud like Teixeira if you are trying to win. He may not have come here no matter what -- I am not going to debate the big unknown, and it IS unknown. But you TRY. (I did say "like" Teixeira if that particular difference-maker isn't to your liking.)

Spreading the roster with a lot of "nice players" -- 25 even -- isn't good enough to compete.

For the record, the '09 O's were 3-7 (.300) when their run total was exactly half of their hit total, and 15-72 (.172) when their run total was less than half.

As a point of reference for scoring one run in an inning, one mast bat .400 (2-for-5) to score a run with a double and a single and .500 (3-for-6) to score a run with three singles.

Yeah, I know. There are walks and errors and Gene Mauch's favorite source of demise, the sacrifice bunts, but it is just an illustration.

The Orioles will still suck as usual...and will lose 100 games as usual...and not put fans in the stands...AS USUAL!!!

I'm still feelin' the sting from his off season rant a few years ago, demanding to be traded.

Does he make the O's better? A little bit. But now the O's have a lot of similar offensive players. Staistically speaking.

They need a bopper behind Roberts, Jones and Markakis. Someone who can hit 30 HR and 100+ RBI's.

And please sign Bedard and be done with it.

Jeff -

Considering the fact that the Baltimore Orioles have lost 100 games just twice in their 56 year history, and just once in the past 55 seasons, I'm not sure you can drop in an "as usual" after your claim that they'll lose 100 in 2010.

However, regardless of what happens this season, dozens of negative commenters will come and post unsupported, senseless drivel here, as usual.

How ironic would it be to bring back Bedard now with both of the big trades from a few years back.


I just got back to York from fanfest and I must admit I was a bit startled by the turnout. The lines to get autographs at the four tables were so long we didn't bother to get any. I got there about Noon and left at three, and I milled around to see if I could spot you to say hello but could not locate you. I told the boys to be on the lookout for a handsome, athletic looking guy in an ugly flowered shirt but no luck.
I did get to shake hands with Brian Roberts just after he completed to Tom Davis 105.7 interview as he walked by.

Well, we did get free Oriole year books, hats, shirts and the free giveaways thiis year were great. My 14 year old son got his picture taken between two gorgeous Raven Cheerleaders. He is sending out to all his friends cell phones as we speak.

I saw all the coaches interviewed by Jim Hunter and most of the Andy Macphail, Dave Trembley presentation. It was hard to get close enough to the stage, all the chairs in all the rows were full . The only negative I noted about that bit was the leadoff statement from a goofy Oriole"fan" shill, who didn't ask a question but bubbled and jabbered about thanking the Orioles for everything including Baltimore on the road jerseys and moving Spring training to Sarasota. All of the true believers in the chairs lapped it up though, so I was in an obvious minority. After that, the questions were from genuine fans. I know Wayne didn't get to ask a question, we all would have known it.

I left with the pitchers session going on with Guthrie, Millwood and a couple others up there.

Overall, an enjoyable day, great weather and a surprising crowd which was buzzing about Miguel Tejada.
The fans are obviously dying for a winner, as indicated by the huge turnout

Wasn't he kind of sulky, whiny his last year (maybe it was steroids in the closet). So Markakis likes him? If all my colleagues maybe 5 plus million a year we would get along too.
I would like to see a younger guy with worse stats who at least isn't just collecting a check and mailing it in when things go bad

Wow, Miggy gets 6 mill-who were we bidding against?
I'm kind of luke warm on this; I was a huge Tejada fan before but let's hope he doesn't pull a Mora/Huff and severely regress. Not sure if he can play 3B either but on the other hand, maybe he gets rejuevenated-hits 15-20 dingers, knocks in 80, hits .300 and smiles/hustles and doesn't make 30 Errors..

TerryP -

The Cardinals and Twins are in the market for a third baseman as well.

No news about whether or not either of them made an offer, but I wouldn't be surprised if someone offered $4-5M.

Wow, I gotta say I'm real surprised that this went down. I was starting to doubt a bit, but I'm pretty enthused about this signing.

I'd love to see a few more moves in the next few days to lock things up.

1. Sign Delgado to be the DH / a little 1B. That would give us that big cleanup hitter we're still missing and could be a hedge on Atkins as well.

2. Sign Bedard: complete to circle of rebuilding.

3. Sign a lefty reliever (possibly Hendrickson, but there are better options available)

4. And, maybe if we want to get a little crazy: Trade a package like Scott, and maybe somebody from the minors for some other legit help for the bullpen. (George Sherrill is reportedly on the block...)

I think we'll see at least items 2 and 3 accomplished, and if that happens, I think this offseason can be labeled a success....or at least not a complete failure.

Bringing back Miguel Tejada is just simply suicidal. He's nothing more than an extremely overrated ballplayer in a MLB that is overpopulated by such. Even though his batting is above average, he is a terrible clutch hitter. His fielding is flashy but stupid. What makes anyone think he's going to be any better at the hot corner. Rumors of his strong leadership have been grossly exaggerated. Oh, and his name was mentioned in The Greatest Story Ever Told (a.k.a. The Mitchell Report).

I was hoping for the Orioles to win a few more games this upcoming season, but I guess the likelihood of that happening has been diminished. I'm just glad that I have college lacrosse, Crystal Palace Baltimore and the FIFA World Cup to dull the pain.

Weird timing especially in the wake of McGwire's forthcoming. I would think we haven't heard the last of the steroid scandal and I certainly wouldn't be surprised to see Tejada's name resurface with some further connection to steroids.

McPhail beat the Mitchell report with the Houston trade and now here we are back to square one.

This seems like the type of move the Orioles expect you to buy into considering the ticket hikes.

Thank god it's only a 1 year deal.

I've been a big fan of Andy McPhail's rebuilding and this is probably the first move that i wholly did not agree with.

I read this blog every day,and have been since before last season. the nay-sayers are really making me sick! sure I understand the frustration of the last 12 yrs but I AM SOOO TIRED OF the pissing and moaning. get a life WAYNE, you too GILL. I dont even bother to read your posts anymore! Nice job A.M.! I cant wait for spring training.


Athletes have a million ways to insinuate that they're less that pleased with a teammate or organizational move.


You were right in my neck of the woods today. I was at the MDSPCA booth until 2:30. I was also looking for Pete in his new TB shirt.

The lines were ridiculous for autographs. So someone must like those guys.

What'd you think of Nick's beard?

I don't like it. For as bad as the losing has been the last few years, what was even worse was the whole Palmeiro part 2-Sosa era. And Tejada was right in the middle of that clubhouse. (Reference: "It was just a shot of b-12.") I know it's supposed to be presumed innocent until proven guilty, but that whole era left a bad taste in my mouth, and when Tejada left town, I felt relieved, like we could move on to the next thing. His coming back just reminds me of an Orioles era I'd rather forget. I'm willing to be proven wrong, but right now, thumb DOWN!

I think that bringing Tejada back and putting him at 3rd and putting Atkins over to 1st is great! If Miggy can come close to what he did last year and if Atkins can rebound and hit .280-.300 with 20-30 HR's, then both of these acquistions will have been HUGE.

One thing I am curious about though, why is it that fans such as Steve think that it's absolutely necessary to have a 35+ HR hitter? Yes, it's nice to have that power, but it isn't needed in order to win. I truly believe that with this lineup, providing everyone stays healthy for most of the year, this lineup will be quite improved from last year.

The O's probably won't win 85-90 games this year and maybe not even finish at .500...but they're definitely headed in the right direction...2011 I see them challenging for at least a wild-card spot.

GO O'S!!!!

Anyone worried about Miggy's previous departure ought to get over it. You would have felt the same if you came to work everyday to a nuthouse. At least Miggy was openly bothered and couldn't stand it. He was one of a number of guys who let it be known that the Orioles were pathetic and dysfunctional (my favorite for telling the truth remains Mazzone as he was pretty explicit about it).

Tejada was the best option available. I'll take him over Atkins or Crede. He's also not the missing piece to some playoff push, but that is not a goal. The O's just want to flirt with .500 sometime in the next couple years. That's all most fans wiil need to get excited.


Nope, never asked my question.... Wasn't close to happening as I stayed far away from anything that was dedicated mainly to the O's (as I said I would on a post last night). Besides, I wanted to hear AM's latest jerkoff?

By the way nb, you can call me a 'hater' all year long if you want to. Means nothing to me. But for the record, I don't hate the players, as it's certainly not their fault.

I do hate what ownership has done to this once proud franchise though. You should as well!

I support the team, I slip on my worn out O's hat and I'm there more than you'll ever be. Doesn't mean I don't HATE what has happened to this team though.

The losing can NOT be defended.... not anymore. People are happy about Tejada ONLY because he doesn't suck.... only because he's not Crede.

So go on with your 'hater' bs all day long. Means nothing to me unless it means the O's will win baseball games. If they win ONE more game then they lose, and I'm still on here complaining, then call me a hater all you want.

Until then, just get in line with everyone who loves and accepts Losing!

I laughed when I saw this this morning. I just thought well.... Peter called it. I thought it was so funny seeing as i read the article about fanfest and how if they signed anyone, we heard it from you first.

I laughed when I saw this this morning. I just thought well.... Peter called it. I thought it was so funny seeing as i read the article about fanfest and how if they signed anyone, we heard it from you first.

Don't worry, be HAPPY! We're gonna score some runs. Seriously, decent pitching and this is going to be a fun year.

O's fan in N cali,

Sometimes I piss, sometimes I moan, and sometimes I give them credit, like today.

James C.,

The problem I had was getting my bearings in the middle of the huge crowd.. Pete was talking about the V.I.P area and I guess that was the closed off area to the right of the main stage. I can't believe that Marty Bass had a long line of people getting his autograph at the Channel 13 booth.

Did you get anything to eat at the lone food concessionare? Hamburgers were $10.00. Yikes!.

I thought it was great to have a Ravens booth with the Cheerleaders letting people get their pictures taken with anyone who wanted.

I saw your booth and I wish I had known you were there.

My son and his friends were kind of in awe of the crowd, being from York County. I think it was well organized and the timing was good, right in the dead of winter.

Andy Macphail inferred he was not quite done and seemed to be hinting that he would like to acquire more left handed pitching depth before Spring Training. Bedard? Hendrickson? Both?


I'm pretty new at posting on here, but I've enjoyed reading some excellent posts from other people, some of whom are loyal through and through, others, not quite as much.

I can definitely agree with you about the losing and how it's unacceptable and how it's managements fault.

With that said, I truly believe that Baltimore is on the way back and that they're on the right track. I've hated the losing as much as anyone, however, I have never stopped following and supporting, never stopped cheering... think the Orioles fans fell bad? Try being a Pirates fan, they've got it even worse than we do.

I believe that the O's can finish very close to .500 and, if that does happen, I think that's a huge step towards where the team is headed...again, I understand your frustration and your anger towards management, that only makes sense, but, give AM credit as he's turning this team around.


The point is..... We ARE just like Pirate fans. We're just a few years behind them in the consecutive loss streak.

Go back and read Pirate Press clippings from 5 years ago. You'll see the prospects, the hype and the 'watch the kids play' themes. Sound familiar?

The O's do not and will not try to legitimately win. John Angelos will not allow it to happen. Why? Because it cost money.

26 of 30 in payroll Adam! In a market the size of Baltimore, that simply means the Angelos family is stealing from the fans.

AM has Not turned the team around Adam. Has he brought in some players? Of course! But please remember, he had NOTHING to do with players like Bergesen, Reimold, etc... And he had nothing to do with drafting Weiters. But yes, he has made a couple good trades in three years. But so have many other GM's around the league.

The difference is, the O's lost 98 games last year and they're picked (even by Peter S) to again lose more than they win this year...... And that's if the players develop.

At this time next year Adam, the SAME people will come on these blogs and say 'it's not about this year'. Why? Because that's what AM will feed the media, who has no choice but to go along....

We are just like Pirate fans Adam! Look at the record last year, then look at the O's. Then see me again at this years all star break!


You gutless wonder! I'm very disappointed! Your credibility just took a nose dive! All that trash you talk is nothing but noise!

Posted by: dave in glen burnie | January 23, 2010 1:49 PM

The Turnout!

About right....... 10,000 or so, or about the same number that will actually be in the stands on a beautiful summer night at the Yard. Not paid attendance, but those in the seats.

Unless the Yanks or Sox are in town. Then of course, you'll have 30,000 or so Yankee fans chanting 'let's go yankee's '


I heard about the shill that opened up the exec session. More people than you think came away laughing. Here's the kicker though........ At least a third of those seated, were planted, including the opening shillster. How's that for pathetic?

By the way Gil, two different scouts that I ran into today predicted 95 losses this year.

One said that it's likely one of the young pitchers will come up lame by the all star break (he wouldn't say which one), while the other two will need to be shut down midway through the 2nd half. All the while, the bullpen will again be exhausted just past the all star break.

But wait..... they're being 'negative'!

Wayne, comparing the O's with the Pirates is idiotic. The O's have not continued to trade away mediocre talent in an effort to keep down the payroll. In fact, the O's have paid to long term players they like.

The Miggy deal has little downside -- it is a one year hedge and gives them a heck of a lot more pop than they would have had without him. I like it. At least AM is making moves geared towards winnning sooner rather than later.

Wayne, comparing the O's with the Pirates is idiotic. The O's have not continued to trade away mediocre talent in an effort to keep down the payroll. In fact, the O's have paid to long term players they like.

The Miggy deal has little downside -- it is a one year hedge and gives them a heck of a lot more pop than they would have had without him. I like it. At least AM is making moves geared towards winnning sooner rather than later.

Thanks o's shill.... i mean dave!

As John said above, all of a sudden a right handed heavy roster.

Having said that, i still think you move Luke Scott ( for lefty relief) to free up space for Pie to play. Wiggy could platoon w/ Pie, back up Izturis ( by Tejada moving over), back up Roberts and obviously back up Tejada.

Aubrey should stay on the roster to play a little first - not as a straight platoon but merely to spell Atkins once in a while - unless of course the latter struggles, in which case straight platoon .

I don't think you mess with Delgado now; the big bopper is already here - Matt Weiters.

Sign Bedard.

Nice move AM. Sure Tejada's on the decline but this is a good move for this team. And if he (AM) can somehow get Bedard it would mean that he basically rented out two players (Tejada & Bedard) for two years, to get 12. Seven of whom (Scott, Patton, Albers, Sarfate, Jones, Tillman, Mickolio, Tejada and Bedard) are/could be on the 40-man. Sure, it's probably not enough to win the East but, if that doesn't get people off Andy's back then I don't what will.

o's diehard,

I know... it's tough to come to grips with. I get it!

Losing streak on Pirates tail - Check!

2009 O's = 98 L's, Pirates = 99 L's - Check!

Both teams at bottom of MLB payroll - Check!

Both teams with shrinking attendance - Check!

Both teams picked dead last in 2010 - Check!

I could do this all day......


sure, Tejada was the best move we could make THIS year. woohooo - kudos.

we should get off of AM/PA back when we start WINNING!!! until then, open game. PA got a sweetheart deal from MLB - and payroll has gone down 15%. WTF???


What gave the "plant" away was that he was sitting front row middle seat and as soon as Macphail opened the session to questions the guy with the Mike was standing right by him. He was a tall, effite, sissy guy in full Oriole attire. I figured right away it was SHAMROCK, because he was effusive in praise of Andy Macphail and was ready to get on his knees in total worship and submission.

They did not need to do that, there were plenty of real fans in the area with real questions to ask. I was curious about the seats in front of the stage becuae the people sitting in them when I got there were mostly the same people sitting in them when I left. Maybe they were tired.

NoCal fan,

That you, Hooch?!?

Wayne, why would you NOT take the very real opportunity at Fanfest to ask AM a few questions? You have spent hours namecalling and otherwise kicking the shit out of the guy, but when presented with a chance to call him on his performance, to confront one of the two men who seem to be the bane of your Oriole-fan existence, in front of an interested audience who by your account mostly feel as you do, you come up with some sorry lame-ass excuse about why you won't.
Man-up willya? Tell Andy your version of the truth. You are supremely convinced that you have truth on your side, so I just don't see how that could be a bad thing.C'mon folks, what do you think. Shouldn't Wayne lead the charge?

C'mon Wayne, don't disappoint me. Don't leave me to think that you are nothing more than a man of inaction, a suit full of bluff, with a grandiose sense of self-importance and a stupendous sense of false bravado.
Posted by: jim66 | January 19, 2010 12:32 AM

Maybe I will Jim... Maybe I will!
Posted by: wayne | January 19, 2010 10:17 AM

Wayne update: The MacPhail/Trembley question and answer session is just about over, and I'm still waiting for Wayne to pop up and call out Andy on the slow progress of the rebuilding program.


Nope, never asked my question.... Wasn't close to happening as I stayed far away from anything that was dedicated mainly to the O's (as I said I would on a post last night). Besides, I wanted to hear AM's latest jerkoff?
Posted by: wayne | January 23, 2010 7:20 PM


You gutless wonder! I'm very disappointed! Your credibility just took a nose dive! All that trash you talk is nothing but noise!
Posted by: dave in glen burnie | January 23, 2010 1:49 PM

No killer, all filler. All excuses, no action.

I didn't want to listen to McPhail blah blah...
I don't want the seats to go to Angelos' blah blah...
Pete missed the point when he peeled me because blah blah...

You're a phony. You're a coward. You're a hypocrite.

You like to talk about how others throw names and stats around. You do it, but only in negative references. Don't try to deny it, it's in other posts.
You say people are mean to you and call you names. You do it. Don't try to deny it, it's in other posts.

You can only come on here and talk junk about how the O's suck, 64 wins, PA and AM blah blah.

You think you have turned people's postivity to "your side". Is your side pessimism or just ignorance?

You claim credit for not signing Crede. Seriously? Do the delusions run that deep?

Here's what it is. You come on here and complain. You say if enough fans don't come to the games, the FO will have no choice but to change. Yet, putting all excuses aside, you still have your season tickets.

You say if enough people complain on this blog, McPhail has to listen. Yet when you have an opportunity to say something directly to him, in front of hundreds of fans at that, you didn't do it. All excuses aside, you didn't do it.

People call you out by using intelligent, cognitive reasoning. You respond with shill this, warehouser that. No point-counter point like most of the posters on here. That's what makes this blog great, intelligent conversation about prospects, players, and the like. You are what makes this blog suck, with the constant repetition of the 64 wins and all the other boilerplate.

We get it. You think the Orioles suck. You think the FO sucks. Any move they make, you hate on it.

You're a joke. Go away. You're the biggest contributing factor in turning this blog into a polarized attack fest. Go be a hypocritical coward somewhere else.


As many as 75 employee's were asked (politely) to attend AM's session. The first guy who spoke was a part timer who's been with the O's for at least a few years now.

I don't blame him though.... at all! People need to do what they can in this economy. I do blame AM and alike however, for doing their part to stage such a spectacle.

As for Tejada.... We like the pick up only because 1) he doesn't suck, and 2) he's not Crede. Besides that, he's a way past his prime, out of position, likely middle of the order 'filler'.

I liked the guy in his prime, as his stats were amazing (roids or not). He's a shell of his former self however, and ....... well, that means he's a perfect fit!


Thanks for the attention and research....

See previous post!

Appreciate the kind words and the fact you pay attention to the truth around here.

Now go check some old Pirate clippings. The positive posters in Pitts need your help, especially since you have so much experience defending losing.....

wow, things must actually getting better in Birdland. wayne is posting in double time trying to convince everyone that the sky is falling. i felt good about things beforehand. but, after seeing this barrage of paranoid delusions attempting to bring the conversation back to the doom and gloom of the last few weeks, i'm thinking things might be even better than i had hoped. why else would wayne be pushing so hard?

but, my favorite comment from wayne today is where he takes credit for them signing tejada over crede:

"You're welcome everyone!

Whadda ya mean? You don't think I helped to convince them NOT to sign Crede?"

I love it. This is absolute classic Wayne. That's right man. the warehouse knows about you and they are afraid...very afraid. They know about all the populist rage that you're fomenting. They know that you're the only force in the universe that possibly could stand between them and their evil plans of world domination and excessive profits. but they're smart. you see, they appeased the fans just this one time. they threw us a little bone. not because they're trying to make the team better. Oh no. they gave us just enough to pull a few people away from your righteous resistance movement. but you won't let that happen will you wayne? you know better than that. bring those people back! fight the good fight twice as hard and bring the battle to the warehouse doorstep! remember wayne, only you can stop what's coming. only you can stop the evil Angelos family from accomplishing their dastardly devilish plans. it's all on you man.... may the force be with you.


Thanks bro!

Wayne, didn't think you went today?

Who told you the O's forced 75 employees to sit there to listen to MacPhail, the "scout" you talked to? Unless you start whittling it down to inviting ushers and concessionaires, excluding the players and coaching staff, they really don't employ that many people who wouldn't be manning other stations during fan fest, err... FanFarce (sorry, cool guy wayne).

Gil, now don't start calling people names, yest ye wish to be called names in return (d-bag easywriter, check my Olde English). And the only O's apparel I own is a St Patty's cartoon bird hat and jersey thats too small.

don't think that was a complement from Enzo, wayne.

Unless I missed some double-negative sarcasm in there.

Wayne, Gil, et al,

You fellows better double your posting efforts. Trust me, time is running out on you. Pretty soon, like 3 months or so, and all your caustic humor will be revealed as the worthless drivel that it truly is. The Birds are coming back, and all of your wah, wah, wah comments aren't going to hold up when the winning starts. Oh don't despair, the Yanks and Sox are in no real danger.....yet, so you will still have much to complain about, but when the improvements begin showing up you'll be revealed as the worthless whiners you truly are.

Go O's!


See you at the all star break! It's a 'can't miss'..... pretty much like how the 'hoosiers are a 'can't miss' for continuing to be real, real bad!

Hey Sham,

Of course it was a compliment. Read it again!

I've been reading the Sun blogs (Roch then Schmuck) for years. It's thoroughly enjoyable to view posts from people who care. Most are interesting, impassioned and insightful. As you may imagine, mid-Missouri O's fans are few and far between. I don't really want to interject, but I'm getting tired of reading about Wayne. What position does he play? Can we stick to the Orioles. Swear to god, I'm being bored (gored) to death. I'm imploring everyone. Please stop writing about Wayne. Please. I can't take it anymore. Please.


Actually, I am going to wish that you have a wonderful evening. My son and his friends had just a great time at Fanfest, and so did I.

My 14 year old threw 77 on the radar gun at the cage and he is all puffed up. I threw a 51 and my arm is still in the cage.

Considering what was on the table, Tejada was a pretty good pick up. He's bound to give you better 3B defense than Atkins and can't possibly produce less offense than Mora did at the position last year.

And a note to the people bashing wayne and Gil, please don't hate on Gil as he is more than capable of talking baseball with people and has proved that he is more than just a negative Nancy on many occasions. wayne on the other hand...

Well, Gil... the warehousers crank up the radar gun to make kids think they are better than they are so they buy tickets to line Angelos pockets and to make AM the next commissioner of baseball!!! HA!
(I hit 70 on it once and thought I need Tommy John afterwards)

What school district are you up there? My bro's both played at Susquehannock a couple years back. They played legion ball too after HS.

I've stuck at home the past month talking baseball with you all with a prego-sick wife, otherwise I might have gone today. just looked up the opening day 4 pack online and its gone. damn!

ben in mo,

nice try! seriously, is that the best name you can go by though? Why don't you just call it name # 7, as in # 7 of the 10 you 'try' to go by. Come on man, we're talking about the Miggy/Wiggy shuffle here. Get with the program....

Good thought, but too hard to do Ben.

Whiney women like Wayne and Gil cling to one another like teenage girls and create this maelstrom of self-indulgent pissing and moaning that ruins the experience of sports any city. If it was just Wanda and Jill, they could be ignored. Unfortunately they are simply the most prolific on this blog (which should give you a pretty good idea about their overall utility to society), so the strong reaction by the team's real fans to their dull rants is really a reaction to the ever-increasing presence of the uber-complainer, the keyboard GM (generally morose), the know-nothing know it all, lonely, staring at a computer screen endlessly, mad at so much more than the Orioles and determined to make YOU, ignorant fan, feel as unhappy as they do.

I am quite certain that Wanda and Jill would be happy to demean your opinions and cook up a few conspiracy theories on any number of topics beyond sports. Can you imagine trying to have an intelligent conversation with Wanda about politics, religion, which way is up? No thanks.

To date what has made Wanda the most pathetic of the Pathetic Posse was his insistence on writing about his season tickets- box seats you know. It's sort of an embarassing spectacle. Now, he's writing about chatting with scouts. Please. Even if this was not almost certainly imaginary, a baseball scout is a step above a little league coach. Great job Wanda, you and your scouts have shut down the debate. Time to take my good vibes and go home.

Wanda, Enzo's riff was not in your favor. But all those sad little voices in your head are probably telling you otherwise. That's all right Wanda.

See you at the All Star Break, Orioles right around .500 ball at least.

some progress(??) was made today, but if you believe it's enough to win 82 you're fooling yourself...

NY rotation>>many rooks/2nd yr dudes
wieters>posado (hopefully)
O's OF>NY OF (hopefully)

Go Os

We need more. But it ill be more fun than 09. of course 64 wins IS an easy upgrade.

Everyone who considers 74 wins a success, say "I."

(betting not too many stand up)



And thank you as well Chris!

By the way, your 'considering what was on the table' line is an all timer. I mean an instant classic!

Here's one that was on the table Chris.... Figgins.

And what does he do? Score lots of runs you say? And what were the O's dreadful at doing last year Chris? Scoring runs you say?

Nah....... Let Seattle bat him behind Ichiro instead of having the O's batting him behind BRob. Let's instead bring in a waaaay past his prime, out of position player instead.

You're right... no one was on the table, Besides, we have Bell. You know, that hall of famer we have waiting in the wings.

At least the O's didn't get Crede! There's at least one win for 2010!

love the miggy pickup, or at least like it enough for this year. why not? would also love to see delgado and bedard come on board as well. all older and beat up a bit, but they can balance out the kids for the next year or two. will certainly make it more fun, all of our eggs will not be in one basket.

jimmy jazz....... come on now! Posting by one name please!

Come on warehousers... Do better! Be better! Talk among yourselves a little if that'll help. You really need a meeting!

huh??? - why are you so angry? Its just a baseball team, get your life priorities straight. And so what if people want to be hopeful about their team? thats what being a fan is. why are you cynically challenging anonymous people on what they think a good result of a baseball season is?

if you want to be pissed off aim it at something that really matters and is screwed up, the economy, nationalized healthcare, national security, ..... not a baseball team and blog posters.

Wayne, Figgins had no intention of coming here or anywhere else for that matter. He signed with Seattle the first couple days after the signing period started.

Come back from that one. (With something other than if they didn't suck over the past 12 years he would have)


The Kool Aid must have been flowing at fanfest! To think all the positive chatter about a 40 year old player with declining skills and stats that is learning a new position he has refused to play in the past for a team he didn't want to play for! I'm excited how about you?

Can you believe this 'NEWS"! What should we have expected this is Birdland being run by possibly the cheapest owner and conservative GM in all of Baseball. What a flipping joke! Were no better off than had we kept Mora and at least he had a solid glove and only one year away from a great season (ATKINS logic)! Now everyone wants us to sign Bedard for that second half surge, how bout the plummet! You get what you pay for, and the for profit only owners will never view this business as anything other than a cash cow! I could hurl about this, is this buying the bats? How is that 4 hitter coming? Miggy did what he did with power hitter surrounding him last hear, he'll have even less protection this year! Just another sad day in the Charm City!



I just wanted to thank you for the advice on Crede. It helped us out a lot up here. I know you're not always our biggest supporter, but this time we worked together and it paid off.

Wayne, you're really something special. You've got great baseball knowledge and your opinions are always well thought out and insightful. You deliver those opinions with wit and charm. I don't know why you don't get more dates. I don't know why that last one complained about how I (I mean you) thought I (you) had all the answers. She never said that, he did but she never did, she thought I was special, she thought I was special, um, um....warehousers, warehousers, bad, you're bad, no I'm not, bad, yes you are, no I'm not...

Wow, where did that come from Wayne? as I was saying, thanks for the help on the Crede situation. You're the hero of the day. Now I know it's not always in good form the way we have our staff post on this blog but hey big fella, what do you expect? With a guy like you pointing out our shortcomings, we've got to level the field a bit.

See you at the Park,



I was lucky to throw a 51, the gun was good. he has thrown in the 70's before, so I knew that was about right. he is not a pitcher, but a centerfielder.

We are in Northeastern District but play Susquehennock. I think that is Southern York County. He also plays football so I chased his games all over Duaphin, York, Adams and Lancaster County last year.

Hey, you know I want the Orioles to win. The uniform alone used to cause the opposition to pause. This year is very important, and the team cannot lose 90 games. Time to move up.

"We'll have the worst corners in the organizations history"
Wayne Jan 23 8:25 AM
Wrong again Wayne

You can really feel the desperation of the outhousers. It will be fun when we are in the hunt for the playoffs in August and the nabobs of negativism are going nuts.

This will be big boppers, but reasonable expecatations to have 8 of the 9 regulars hitting 15 to 25 home runs and 75 to 125 Rbi's

Go O's playoffs 2010!!!

Thanks Keith for the solid post.

You're right, we should have signed Pujols instead. He must have slipped off our radar screen. Darn it. Maybe we'll finish the off-season by signing Hanley Ramirez. I think he is still out there.

Maybe we could package Luke Scott, Mickolio, Ryan Minor, Corey Paterson, Felix Pie and Kiko Garcia and get Teixeira. Heck, if we could three team it, I would throw in Meredith for Halladay. Why doesn't Andy think of this stuff? My brother's friend got this trade done in his fantasy league last year, maybe he should be running this team.

Yet another bad day for Keith in Charm City.

Um...... why is it that every time the team doesn't sign a quality player, we get the 'xxxxx was never going to come here'?

Maybe players watch The Wire too much. Sure looks like players go to other losing teams. Hmmmm!


Right? I mean it's crazy bro!

Andy Mac,

Dude, So great to hear from you!

Now get off your ass and please do something a little sooner than you did in Chicago. Saying 'I failed' isn't going to help you this time.

And that pitiful display at the Q&A today. Dude, it was embarrassing! Keep the shills locked away in the warehouse next year.

WIn games AM. And if JA won't give you the money to be competitive, then walk. At least your dignity would remain intact.

Good luck!

sham - so, i'm guessing you're afraid to stand up and say 74 wins would be a success... then again, come September, I'm sure you'll have a new 'handle.'

me , I'd prefer a bit more from 'our' team. 26/30 in payroll... top 5 in profits... do you deny that the o's could do SO MUCH more?

i'm not here to discuss your silly politics. just the o's.


Wow, that's funny....haven't posted for over a week and someone claims.....(Is that you multiple name poster Wayne?) I am Shamrock.
Shamrock, your posts are better than my feeble attempts at humor...
You and Jim66 and some others are enjoyable reads.
Great post know you get to Wayne when he thanks you and acts like you agree with him.
Just don't bring up AM's multiple World Series rings (one for each hand) or someone will want to fight you.

FanFest 2009:

"We are better than we were," Trembley said. "And we're going to get better, because we have better people coming."

By way, any reports on ticket sales? I know people had to be lining to avoid the walk-up charge.

Chris in Hawaii-

I respect Gil, because Gil posts and replies with intelligence and reasoning. I haven't bashed him, because it doesn't matter whether or not I agree with someone. What matters is intelligent debate, point-counter point. Gil's posts and responses are subject related and intelligent.

Wayne tried his hardest to spin everything directed at him into something else. His response to my last post is a perfect example of that.

It's why he's a hypocrite. He tries to call "warehousers" out for spinning but does it himself.

He calls out the multiple name users. He posts as BREAKING NEWS, LOL, and more recently, huh???. Hypocritical?

He's a coward as well. He bugs Pete to post things he wishes he had the courage to say. He had an opportunity to have his say with McPhail. Didn't even attempt it.

He's dense. People write directly to him, ask him direct questions. He replies with something completely off subject. He claims everyone misses the point of what he's trying to say. Pete misses the point, too. Either he's not smart enough to get his point across, or he's spinning those responses into something else that is self serving.

Bottom line, he's a hypocrite, an internet warrior, and a spin doctor. He has delusions of grandeur.

If anyone thinks I'm bashing him, I diagree. I think he's had this coming. I only speak the truth about him.

I like to read posts from positive and negative mindsets. It's entertaining, and gives different perspectives that enable me a more balanced outlook. Reading not brooks and Gil's differing opinions is great.

Wayne just likes to stir the pot and think he's the front man of the Orioles Liberation Army, when in fact he's just a hypocritical coward.

Hey Anonymous...

You just caught him. I thought they may be the same, but I wasn't 100% sure.

You nailed em!

guru - wayne does not = huh???

i happen to agree with wayne on quite a bit - mostly the futility of our ownership and that a 12 yr track record is a precursor of future ?success?

guru - you post with honesty and integrity. please don't confuse my angst with the o's for some of the conspiracy theories running rampant here...


From the The Arizona Republic
Jun. 16, 2007 :

"I don't want to go anywhere to play third," he said. "It's a position I've never played. It's not an easy position. I don't want to disappoint myself."

Funny how things work out. Two winters ago Tejada said was unhappy with the Orioles' direction and wanted to be traded. "I feeel very happy with this trade, because it's something that I've been really looking forward to," Tejada said at the time.

MacPhail made the trade under the premise of obtaining five players in exchange for one. The trade ended being a one for one trade when you consider the the Orioles got Luke Scott, Matt Albers, Troy Patton, Dennis Sarfate, and third-base prospect Michael Costanzo.

I am happy about the O's signing Miggy. I can understand fans not being thrilled, but to say the guy is washed up is a joke! Miggy has a very good supporting cast this time around and he doesn't have to be the man so I don't see any downside to this deal.

Watching the hitters last year, I always feared that if we didn't score before we get to the bottom third of the order, we were screwed, but this year is different because only Cesar is the only light hitter on the team. The lineup isn't going to be a breeze to get through and with how bad bullpens are, if you can make the opposing starters work hard, you have a shot to win.

I'm still hoping the O's beef up the BP besides trying to finally work out a deal with Hendrickson. I don't trust Albers, Sarfate and McCrory plus Kam hasn't pitched a whole hell of lot in the bigs yet to say he's a lock. There are some good pitchers out there and at this point they want to sign so I hope the FO takes advantage so we don't have BP meltdown Version 6.0

Was Millwood at fanfest and did he seem happy to be here? I don't think I've heard one interview with him since he was traded.

Damn huh???, I liked being you for a day. Now you've gone and ruined it!

Now, if we could only make Atkins = Tex, and Miggy = Arod.... then we'd have something!

Over-under for errors at 3rd -24

gee, wayne, sorry I'm not you, as some have believed.

look, everyone on this site (save for Green Lantern), is obviously an o's fan (or employee :))...

i just hope once we are heading to 3rd, 4th, come June... the 'next year' folks will show up. and not talk about 2012, 2013, or 2014...

enough is enough.

I admire Pete S. he's in a tough spot. Ive read him for 20 years. he's smart. but office polittics are what they are. sometimes you need to 'angle' your takes.

too bad we don't have more WNSTs in the market.

take the o's to task. DEMAND a winner, folks! have some PRIDE!!!

wayne -

When did I ever call you a hater? I only said I was waiting to hear about your FanFest "hatestorm", which you were ranting about all week. Now you're saying you "stayed far away from anything that was dedicated mainly to the O's"? Why the change of heart?

And of course you'll be at OPACY a lot more than I will. I live 2000 miles from Baltimore.

And now for a serious question, wayne. I'd really like to know where you got all of the following information. Could you tell me?

"At least a third of those seated, were planted"

Who told you that?

"two different scouts that I ran into today predicted 95 losses this year."

Really? Do you know these scouts?

"One said that it's likely one of the young pitchers will come up lame by the all star break (he wouldn't say which one), while the other two will need to be shut down midway through the 2nd half."

A scout who's into predicting future medical maladies? Interesting...

"All the while, the bullpen will again be exhausted just past the all star break."

Why is that?

I'd really like to know where you got all of this info from, and why you believe it to be credible.

maybe we should call this blog:

BASH wayne here!

the man is an o's fan. like you. like me. sheesh, why so much hatred on the blog.

more takes directed to wayne than schmuck!

I want a winner. I can see that wayne does too. and, i think, so DO YOU!

DEMAND a winner!

me like balitmore veddy veddy much. beisbol been veddy good to me. go a's... err o's!

Oops. That 11:54 post was me.


Sorry bout that nb. I guess I'm so use to being called a hater, I just assumed...... you know...

Anyway, you're a smart guy, obviously! You know I'm not going to say how I know about the planters.

As for the scouts.... Over the years, I've gotten to know a few of them from their time spent at the Yard. Let's just say that their jobs are far less glamorous than many people would guess. I respect what they do tremendously!

Some are better than others obviously, but they all know the game in ways most will never understand.

Of course I won't give any names, but when one speaks about bullpen burn, even guys like you and me get what they're saying ......... When it comes to the O's in 2010, it's actually an easy prediction, for obvious reasons.

Talk amongst yourselves all. I'm out!
Did the O's get better today? Yep! They didn't sign Crede. Hey, it's a start!

By the way,

Thanks for the post huh??? It's obvious that you're a passionate O's fan who simply prefers W's... I'm with you, as are others!

Next time you start a battle of wits or words, you should think about a better choice of weapons, or at least come better armed.

"The difference between intelligence and stupidity is there is a limit to intelligence."

"Wiggy must be going nuts over these signings."

Who cares? Wigginton is a role player, and now he's on the bench, where he belongs.

He is simply not a Major League every day player. Period.


believe it or not, I'm real. not an alias. Not sure how to prove that (I thought I might be able to hyperlink to a facebook page). I'm also retiring from contributing to these exchanges. Three and out (I once defended Bedard after he had pitched well and subsequently pissed off Roch and his peers by not meeting interview expectations). Congratulations posters, this is officially the Wayne show.

RIP :) Ben in MO 2:33 AM central time

Since you're going to crap on me anyway, how about a eulogy Wayne.

now I understand why everybody inadvertantly posts in multiples

James C.,

I did not get a look at Nick Markakis and the beard. The rope lines to the players were like the worst Southwest Snake line I was ever in at BWI and then some. We tried to get a peek by walking off to the sides but you couldn't get that close. I did get a look at Rhyne Hughes as he walked to one of the tables. Looks like an athlete. Tall, lean. Also saw Josh Bell walking over. The boys thought he looked like a Ravens linebacker.

Chris in Hawaii,

Is Rhyne Hughes even on the 40 man roster, or is he an invite? I was hoping that he would get a look in Spring traing.

Pete, what is Eric Bedards health status? Do you know why Chorye Spoone was a no show at the autograph session with Brian Roberts and Troy Patton?

Like Bedard he will be a low cost risk with possible a plus return.. If tejada doesn't work out at 3b he will be gone by july 31 and maybe get another prospect or two in return. Plus he is insurance at SS if izturis should get hurt or need a rest..

Welcome back to yesteryear, where the fond memories of Miggy and the winning ways of the O's will be repeated once again. (wink,wink)

How can the Orioles front office be so dumb? I must admit, they are good at it, they've had many years of practice!

hey Shamrock,

you left out Bush's supreme court allowing unlimited corporate campaign contributions....

feeling your pain, Ben in Mo


That post was in made in jest when Pete refrenced you in a previous blog about Fan Fest: The Kickoff. I was only joking, but evedently Anonymous had to use it to make a point. Omit the confusion, my bad


You gutless wonder! I'm very disappointed! Your credibility just took a nose dive! All that trash you talk is nothing but noise!

Posted by: dave in glen burnie | January 23, 2010 1:49 PM

FYI: Wayne, and Brummie/KPB who posts on the Roch blog, are one in the same person. *LMAO* too obvious...and funny


No worries about missing me at the booth. The autograph lines were nuts though. I thought I'd get one of our calendars signed while I was there, but no such luck.

That's what the beard looked like pretty much only he was in some camo to go with it. My wife wasn't much of a fan...

huh ???,

Don't be an idiot.
You can't think for yourself, you let wayne do all of your thinking for you.
Please try to follow the rest of us who actually know what we're talking about. Please try to. Please.
You're really wayne just on a different name. Give it up.
You lost all credibility when you said "SO MUCH."
All you do is talk about names like "wayne." Just like the Pirates did.
Wah wah wah wah wah.
You're a waynehouser.

Hey Schmucker, does Adam Jones give up his number 10 to Tejada? Hope not. Give Tejada Mora's number 6.

Pete, is Markakis trying to bring back the House of David baseball team?

James C.,

After seeing and listening to the players and coaches and trying to step back and take an objective view of the team as now assembled I have come to this conclusion:

I have absolutely no idea what to expect from the Orioles this year. The odds that they will be very good appear low. The odds that they will be worse that last year also appear low. The odds that they may be just OK {I'm not sure what that wins in wins and losses} appears to be the highest.

I think Not Brooks said something like that a month back or so, and I think that any of us who that tries to make a prediction at this point with any degree of certainty is talking out of our a**.

I am back to where I was at the end of last season at that is it all depends on the pitching, and that uncertainty going in is what makes me get that knot in my stomach. We are not sending a group of Cy Young winners out there every 5th day to be sure, and the bullpen is still a big question mark. That being said I don't think we have a .500 team here going in. But they may be "Ok".

jim66 if you are out there, do you think that's about where we are?

Where were all these "testimonials" a couple of years ago, when Miggy was dogging it on the field, showing up the manager, demanding a trade, and generally being a miserable human being?

I thought last year was pretty much going to be a throw away year.In disgust one day (probably game 2) I figured they could lose 100. Inviting 37 pitchers to camp and ending up with that staff, well in retrospect, you couldn't make up that stuff. You have to pitch. And for the most part, evidenced by the 5+ ERA, they couldn't.
At some point, the young players were going to arrive, and they were going to struggle. All in all, not so bad on that front.
I think this team goes in better prepared. The pitching is Millwood + young, but it has some keepers. I'm hoping that they bring in another starter, and some help for the bullpen. I think one of the most important things that gets done for this team, and needs to get done correctly, is the growth and development of the young pitchers at every level. Guys have to be slotted correctly. I don't want to see guys up here unarmed to compete. Hernandez is an example of that. Good arm, 2 pitches, uneven performances(to say the least!),balls flying all over the park.
Bad demoralizing situation.For everyone.
I love the outfield. As I posted before, Epstein or Cashman would trade their OF for the O's without batting an eye.
I sure wish that they could have a dependable 30+/100 guy in the lineup,
3 run hrs make everybody's life a little easier. But I think they can cobble together enough offense to make that not so much of an issue. If they continue with the shenanigans on the basepaths,
and some of the lack of discipline, accountability and hustle at times, then heads should roll.
If this team can win 76-78 games, the young guys keep developing, perhaps they pick up that bat, and most importantly they play the game the right way...that'd be a big step. Oh yea, not going 3-15 against the Sox and having to listen to Eckersley beat on them would be nice.

gee, James C, you're so cool. you can call people names. i remember kids like you.

this blog has become a joke w/ all the pettiness.


I think that everyone in the outfield should follow Nicks lead with the bread, maybe dye it blond too. It would be great to see ZZ Top in the outfield.


i happen to know who Brummie is and he's definitely not Wayne. Funny how people can be so wrong on these blogs at times, then come back as if no one noticed.

As for Miggy, he just seems to be another band aid for a team that has far too many holes to be competitive. It's obvious Andy's Plan is based on a model that resembles trying to build as one of the smallest markets in the league. As others have stated, this isn't a small market. That ownership has everyone thinking that way is one of the best sales jobs i've seen in a long time.

wayne -

Still wondering why you stayed "far away from anything that was dedicated mainly to the O's".

I don't mean to rail on this, but after all your posts about how the Warehousers were going to point you out how you were going to have the mike ripped from your hand and all of your requests for questions you should ask, I'm confused about why you didn't even attempt to take your best chance to show your displeasure with the organization.

Well, I guess Miggy will be an improvement over Mora, offensively anyway.

Can someone just block blog-nazi wayne from this board? That would be amazing. I'm pretty sure the only thing he's trying to prove is that there's no fun in rooting for the O's anymore, and I'm sick of hearing it.

This is the offseason! Best time to be an O's fan! Let us enjoy it!

so does anyone know how old he really is?? 37 - 40?

The plan that AM is using is a good plan for any market, except for the Yankees, who can afford 250m, 27m in tax, and can hide their recent lack of developing more than one or two players by spending cash.
If the Yankees ever decided that they needed a minor league system, with their resources, I bet they could put together a damn good one.

Maybe we can look at the Cards, who in a couple of years will have 75% of their 100m payroll eaten up by 6 players. Where the hell are they gonna get 18 productive major league players for 25m with a minor league system producing the likes of skip schumaker and the duncan boys?Oh I know, just spend more money! Oh yea, lets go tell the foreign owner we need 20m or more.
Of course tejada is a stop gap. he signed a one year contract. here's an idea: let's see at the end of the year if figgins was worth 6M more a year than tejada, especially when you have by all accounts a bona fide player waiting in the wings.

Easy now Easywriter- dont go pulling out all of your witty, "I was a journalist, I am smarter than you" quotes. Same attitude that is getting the MSM in trouble with the common folks.

f/u from your previous comment... this is a baseball blog, not an essay contest. writing requirements are slightly above that of aol instant messaging, in that, it probably isn't good to write such things as IDK? or C u l8r! WTF?! however is acceptable as it sensors the F-Bomb.

Also, while we are flexing our intelligence muscle, email me your address and you will getting an invite to my MBA graduation in December. Never mind, I will just google "Mr. Douchebag" and find it.

To summarize, my main point is that you are not on here debating other peoples ideas. I don't care what you wrote about in your past, as that is not now, where you are currently posting. Further, if you know so much about baseball and I don't, what is it that I have said that is so glaringly wrong to say that I don't know a damn thing about baseball? (Keep in mind, I do not consider PA Soap Opera/Conspiracy theories baseball talk)


Im still waiting for the largest FA signing by macphail

U listed trades and contract extensions as though they are the same as a FA

Surely, an MBA student could grasp these distinctions

So waht is AM's biggest FA signing ?

I come up with Hundley 4/30

jim = shamrock


I am kind of anxious for the media predictions from the baseball scribes and self appointed "experts"to come out. I suspect we know they will all predict the Orioles to finish last out of force of habit, but Chris in hawaii thinks the Orioles are going to leapfrog Toronto for 4th this year.

As I said yeserday, during the Macphail, Trembley presentation, Andy M. hinted that he was looking to acquire ,more left handed pitching before Spring Training I think he is talking Mark hendrickson, not Bedard at this point. He also said that the Atkins, Tejada moves were an attempt to balance the line up against the increase in left handed starters the Orioles have faced in recent years, He flat out said he was very disappointed in the team's play against left handed pitching last year. That statement kind of surprised me, with Trembley sitting next to him.

I see the upside and potential downside of bringing back Tejada. What's your opinion on that?

Again, not saying he signed anyone to a $100 mill deal, just stating to the restless natives that the man does in fact make deals, contract extensions are deals, as it keeps a player on the team. Should he be like the Angels and let his two best players jump ship to league rivals??? Acquiring players with high contracts is also, in effect, SPENDING MONEY.

Sammy Sosa- given upwards of $122 over the 12 years of MacPhails reign of terror.

Derreck Lee $25/3 paid while under macphail

Todd Walker- $7/3

Aramis Ramirez paid $25/3 mil before while there under macphail. Not sure if that was left over pirate money, but either way, he was paid to be there.

Jacque Jones $12/2

Michael Barret $12/3

Greg Maddux $24/3

Ryan Dempster, bout $19/4

Moises Alou $25/3

Mark Grudzielanek $8/2

Alex Gonzales $15.5/3

Fred McGriff made $7 while there

Tom Gordon $5/2

Jon Lieber $15/4

Oh'Henry Rodriguez $10/3

Rod Beck $9/2

Again, my point was he makes moves, not that he is Steinbrenner and spent $2 billion dollars on his roster. Alot of these guys were good value, especially Lee and Ramirez. He would still be in Chicago as a perrenial contender if Prior and Wood stayed healthy


no problem with that. corporations come in all sizes. everybody has an interest in politics, and believe it or not, Evil Corporations spend money on Democrats too (see GE/NBC/Obama Lovefest 2008-2009)

Hey Gil,

To answer a question you wrote a while ago (when I was sleeping), Hughes is on the 40 man roster.

Wildcard prediction: Atkins continues to suffer while Hughes rakes in Norfolk. Hughes gets called up before Snyder.

I read somewhere that the O's were looking to see if Hughes could play outfield. I think that's mainly gonna be to get him ABs at AAA and keep him out of the DH role. He seems too athletic to be relegated to the DH position. I've also read that his 1B defense is really good, but I've never seen him.

wow..... I mean really wow!

Sham, thanks for the research! You helped make the case many have made in the last many months.

While there are many chicago press clippings destroying AM for consistently being out maneuvered in deal after deal, you just showed us an actual list (albeit partial) of how conservative/irrelevant AM really is when it comes to major league personnel.

Yes, he makes moves.... All GM types make moves. And you're correct, he's no Steinbrenner (no one has expected him to be), but you just pinpointed how he has long managed as if it's still the 80's.

While fans dig for info to see how bad he really was while in Chicago, all they really needed to do was read your post to get a glimpse.

Not being negative people..... So don't jump out the window! I'm just thanking Sham/bf and alike, for the hard work...... as well as thanking them for helping to make the case for many of us.

Pete's reply: You know, Wayne, I poked at you in the blog because you constantly hammer others for not "challenging" Andy MacPhail. You, as a season ticket holder, had two opportunities yesterday and, of course, when it was time to step up, you were nowhere to be found because it's easier to hide behind a first name and a Blackberry than back up what you say anonymously. That's your right, and I appreciate your contributions to this blog, but I hope you'll stop criticizing others for supposedly not having the nerve to do what you obviously don't have the nerve to do. I ran into Roch yesterday (see picture) and you actually came up in the conversation. He asked me which excuse you would use for not doing what you claim you would do if you had the chance. We decided early yesterday morning that it would be "The Orioles packed the audience with paid lackeys and wouldn't let anyone else ask questions." Ding, ding, ding. You win a stuffed Oriole Bird. Right on the money.

I am starting to think that Wayne is really Roch just acting out to help drum up posts on Petes blog lol its probably all story line to get people to talk orioles baseball....

Pete's reply: I doubt Roch would want to increase my blog traffic, but maybe Wayne is actually ME. Sort of like in "Psycho" when Anthony Perkins was actually his own mother.


Well sir, I never said they didn't let anyone else ask questions - Ding!

I have never criticized others for not having the nerve to do what I didn't do - Ding!

I even heard that you were somewhat embarrassed over the obvious planting of O's employee's at AM's session - Ding, Ding Ding!

But at the end of the day, I did not ask AM any question whatsoever (especially after one scout said something to me before hand that made me think better of it).

That said..... how can I get my stuffed Oriole Bird? Ding!


I got there too late for the earlier presentations, but in all fairness to Wayne, every time I walked over to the main stage people must have been camped out in the chairs for hours, and they appeared to be the ones that were given the chance to ask a question. I wanted to see as much as i could while I was there and could not afford to wait for the next empty seat. By the way, where were you between 12 and 3? I walked all over the place trying to locate you to say hello. Now that I see what you were wearing, I may have walked right by you. The place was such a crush of people I lost my son and his friend for an hour and they had been standing right next to me.

I used deductive reasoning on where to find two 14 year old boys and immediately located them staring at the Ravens cheerleaders.

The truth: wayne is not actually a season ticket holder and that is why he couldn't ask any questions.

Has anyone else ever seen the "scouts" you constantly refer to, wayne? Or are they just a part of your grand delusion? Are they scouts for other teams? You've been insistent that you've talked to them repeatedly at O's games, so one might assume that they are scouts for other teams if they do exist. But then... why would they be at FanFest? Why would they know the inner-workings of how the O's were running FanFest?

Here's a theory... wayne actually has met some people at O's games. Those people decided to play a little prank on little wayne and have been giving him "inside info" ever since.

The thing wayne doesn't realize is that in being an inane fool, he actually pushes quite a few people towards liking the O's more than they would because his rants and his theories are so ridiculous. In the end, wayne is actually the biggest "warehouser" of them all.

Haha wayne, you are freakin pathetic and have been called out multiple times for being a giant bag of vgaygay. WUSS. It must feel great to hid behind your computer screen, you're a cute little kitty cat. Pu$$y.


With the new season and Fanfest brings us hope and prosperity! NOT, signing 40 year olds to play a new position with diminishing tools, a bad role model (begging to get out of Baltimore, steriods) to impression a young team. So with the new season we still don't have a 4 hitter, our #1 starter is worse than the Red Sox #6 starter (Wakefield) it's nice to hear that so many have taken the Warehouse bait, line hook and sinker.

You can berate all the realists posting here, but I for one will state for the record, I told you so, mark it down, reference this blog date and call it back up at a time of your choosing. Really folks, .500 record, winning, competing in the AL East where do you get your weed?

The moves made by this front office to field a team is insignificaly better than last year, Tejada and Mora is even, Atkins a gamble, Millwood won 13 on a playoff contender. The O's improvement will be in our youth movement, but the Yanks, Sox, Rays and Blue Jays have young guys too that will get better. So the improvement provided by the Warehouse is insignificant and thats where we won't see the needed improvement!

So with great regret, I'm sorry to rain on all the Kool Aid drinkers parade, for the players I wish them the very best, knowing full well were sending these young men to a gun fight with a BB gun! I guess for all you believers you just like rooting for David against Goliath, I prefer to accect reality.

Enjoy your 85-95 loss season, but considered winning, because it was better than last year and lets look forward to next year 2011 and when the Warehouse again refutes spending some real money a 14th consecutive losing season!

The Truth will set you Free!

Hey, I only know Wayne from reading his blog postings, but I can assure you he is not Roch, Wayne knows what he's saying, most just can't handle the truth!


You're so right! Although it was a good day to get out of the cold, and although there were some good baseball aspects, it was a poorly run event.


Man, you're so right on the pulse of things. You just know the kind of scouts that come to O's games, and you even get why a few would be walking around FanFarce. You just 'get it' dude.

As for my season tickets.... don't worry bro, maybe you can grab tickets to the Pro Bowl next week. Wait.... they even took that away from Hulaville? Sorry dude!


Did you call me a WUSS? lol, I haven't heard that in many a year. I like it though! It's better than 'troll', or 'outhouser', or 'whinner'.
Bro... good job! You get points for that one....

you had your shot wayne and you pussed out. simple. You're a joke and a timid little kitty cat. Hiding behind that computer screen really empowers you. Good job dude, you fail to the nth degree. You're all talk and that means you're a little b!tch. Pu$$y, attention whore. Glad this blog gives you a reason for being, otherwise you're the most pathetic person I've ever seen.


Good stuff! Careful though, You may be called a 'wuss' (lol).

As you have noticed Keith, Pete gets the shills riled up against anyone who's truthful about this team. They seem to think that when he says something inaccurate, it gives them reason to do the same.

Heck, Chris even took my season tickets away. I don't mind though because we just have to face facts... the dude is brilliant! I mean I've been to the islands a few times and it's just not true what they say..... that they're out of touch with happenings on the mainland. It's just not true, dawn it!

Anyway, keep doing your thing Keith! More people are listening than anyone wants to believe!


More than one of us knows the other names you go by. We're here for you bro!

Let it out..... bring back all the names from the 70's, although the 'kitty cat' ting is a little weird.


Have your computer geek at the SUN at least expose those who use multiple names. I mean if I'm going to be called a kitty cat, can we at least see all the people who are doing it? Some of us know, but you can easily show everyone what kind of posters you have.

In the meantime, bring more bms..... bring it kitty cat... Damn, that's my name - sorry!

I figured out what's really sad about Wayne and Keith Rowe, Jason, etc.......They are so consumed with negativity, they fail to enjoy the O's at all. Most of us on here have followed the O's since we were kids. We enjoy the offseason (some more than others). We enjoy trade speculation and possible free agent signings. We don't like losing, but we do have hope. We enjoy this hope. What Wayne and company offers is dread. Dread isn't much fun. Keith calls it the "truth". They claim the "truth" is that the O's will stink again this year. Well, Keith, that is not "truth", that is your constant negative outlook. Baseball is a much different sport than the others. It plays out slowly over the course of spring, summer and fall.
Wayne and all can keep hammering for another couple months until the O's either show alot of improvement or not.
What you fellas don't get is that we like baseball and we love the O's. We think the way Mr. Macphail has gone about rebuilding the organization from the ground up is prudent and he's made some great and not so great moves.
But, you see, we enjoy the process!
You all want to see the results immediately. Well, you can wallow in your slimey outlook all you want, but most of us don't live our lives like that. We want Mr. Macphail to succeed like he has before.
You see, if AM succeeds, then we get meaningful games in September. If he fails like you all seem to almost wish so you can be "Right", well....then what?
We enjoy the young players coming up. We can see 100% difference between this team and the past stuff we've been sold for 10 years prior to AM.
We can see the difference between Bergesen and Matuzs and Cabrera and (insert name here). And you know what, if it aint this year, then we will look forward to next year....because "hope springs eternal"
Have a great rest of the offseason fellas and I hope you have a brighter outlook in your personal lives than you have on here......"dismal, dismal, dismal".....if that is the "truth" Keith Rowe? that will not set you free but put you in bondage.


I'm not a big wayne fan, but you're just helping to make him look good. I think the orioles are on a decent course, but I'm fine with wayne's rants because it makes positive fans try to make better cases than usual.

I also agree with some others that there are people going by more than one name, and that's just not right. And I agree that it seems that your BMS tag is just a meaner version of guys like BF and SHAMROCK.

I agree with the Plan to a point, but it's amazing how guys like GIL, Keith, Wayne and a couple others even stay around. You guys get called everything under the sun. And knowing that it's being done by the same one or two people under many names is actually kind of frightening.

Keep the blogs clean everyone. No matter which way you lean, keep it clean. BMS, I know I'm speaking for numerous people when I say, you just should find another hobby. You're a bad guy

OK, ShamRook (stet), here are some profound thoughts for you...
Under the heading of "irony":
Angelos amassed his personal fortune off the pain, suffering and death of thousands (asbestos and tobacco lawsuits). He then used that fortune to buy the Orioles, and has since caused the loyal fan base years of pain and suffering, while effecting the death of the franchise as we knew it.

BTW, thanks for calling me an elitist douchebag. Had you called me just an ordinary douchebag, I would have been highly insulted. Your way with words is quite impressive.

bf aka SHAM(dumb as a)ROCK

there is a difference between hope and delusion, LOL

sorry if i cant get giddy with delight at the prospect of making "progress" with a 75 win team,esp when it doesnt have to be that way.

U wouldnt know success if it punched u in the mouth, luckily we're in cyberspace so I cant do it


at least you don't post under easyreading.....that would not be factual

anyone who has "pain and suffering" for real because of losing baseball teams needs to find a different hobby.

"death of the franchise" .....not quite...

and to compare what people went through with asbestos to fans of a team?
Angelos didn't make most of the decisions that caused the franchise to be so awful....he did hire and fire the wrong people at times that is for sure....

don't scare me like that jason.

Shamrock doesn't need me to write for him.

haha don, you can seriously zip it right now. I live in Norfolk and go to all of the Tides games and about 45 games in Bmore to boot. I will call out any whiney pathetic person on this blog. I guess that now includes you. Have you seen a Tides game? Have you seen some of the prospects we have? Ok I thought so, when you can form a valid opinion based upon facts, then you will have some credibility. Wayne has none, he wouldn't even ask a question during "his" forum. Giant gaping bag of yes Pu$$y. He talks and that's about it. The fact that he was to much of a f'ing wuss to speak up speaks volumes. Whiney loser with nothing better to do. That's dwayne wayne.


It's ok (although what's up with the 'i'm not a fan' business)? Come around.....

Guys like bms are harmless. I mean he called me a 'kitty cat'. AND, he called me a 'wuss'. I actually think that particular personality is interesting. Kinda like the feminine side of bf, sham, etc...... At least it's a creative side!

Anyway, I've asked (many times) that he and his crew concentrate less on me and more on ways of legitimately standing up for the O's. Instead though, I get above.

I guess that's what I get for being his little kitty cat.....

Isnt it funny how bf and SHAM(dumb as a)ROCK both fail to comprehend what true passion 4 a winner entails, yet they support the LOSER MACfail

he really cannot fathom y ppl are so enraged, yet calls himself a fan, perhaps he doesnt know the meaining of the word

it's interesting that the only thing that keeps people coming back (at times) is to name call.

but anyway...


that's a pretty cynical way of looking at PA: how about he worked to ensure the Law was applied to those who suffered against those who would deny human suffering and civic-responsibility due to "profit".

and just because someone makes boat loads of money, doesn't mean they're motive is might just be success. Tex is paid as a result of success not greed.

just saying...not the most solid argument.

I'm not sure the 12 years of loosing can be so simply explained as owner greed.

hey wayne you're an effing pu$$y for not doing what you say. Whomp wah, you suck and i think the turnout for fanfest trumps everything you hold dear. Eat a bag of richards. You're probably to dumb to understand. Attention whore douchebag.

Why didn't you ask a question at fanfest wayne. Oh that's right you're an effing pussy.

huh ??,

I really thank you for proving my point. You called us all out for how we go after wayne, but you just called me out when all I did was repeat wayne's list of ranting points with a twist to you. He's said all of those things to others on this blog for months. You got tired of it in one comment, imagine how we feel.

The only difference is that I just did it as a joke.

Keith Rowe,

Can we put a wager that if the O's go over .500 you won't comment on this blog ever again? I'll do the same thing if they don't finish over .500. Anyone else is welcome to take this wager with me. blancione bet against my prediction last fall and made a nice donation as a result. This one won't cost you waynehousers a thing.

This way, the truth at the end of the season will really set us free....from you're baseless negativity. You know, just like when I set you free a few weeks ago.



I've been that same way all winter too. I really don't think we'll be any worse this year, but how much better could be significant or there could be setbacks. I think the setbacks would only be due to injury, not due to just poor personnel. Again, that's my opinion.

That's why I get frustrated when someone starts telling me/everyone that they know that this is a guaranteed losing record team.

I don't think 2010 will make us need to be on World Series watch, but above .500 will happen. It will still take significant signings to get into a serious debate over playoff chances. There will be some trades upcoming too I think. There are a lot of pieces available to move in July (corner infielders on the 40-man with no future in the franchise especially). Not moved to downgrade, but move to upgrade.

I'm still on record as saying half the guys people were clammoring for this winter (LaRoche, Beltre, etc.) will be no better than who we signed. Holliday is the only one who was an impact player and if someone can post comments from Holliday that call Brian Roberts a liar when he stated Holliday was a lot closer than some think to being an Oriole, let me know.


Because bf, Sham and bms are the same dude..... They have others, but those are the name's who came out today. bms is the more feminine of the many, as you can see. It's ok though.... let's just let them have their fun.

I know one thing... just bringing up the fact that I 'may' ask a question at the exec panel has had the 100% desired effect. I mean the warehousers were so damn scared and intimidated, they embarrassed themselves with their display.

And they're still doing so..... Let's just let them. Actually, let's just let 'him' continue to do his thing, as it's just one dude!


Take the bet...... WIll be the easiest bet you ever won.

i don't see how calling someone an idiot is a joke or makes any point, other than about your character.

this is a blog. opinions are traded. just because folks have differing opinions is not a reason to name call. me, or wayne, gil, or Keith Rowe, or anyone else. and vice versa. not brooks disagrees a lot, but does it with class.


last post was for James C

I'm very separate from anyone else on this blog. I live in Norfolk and go to most of the Tides games. I travel to Bmore about 15-20 times a year. I wish the warehouse paid my way.


I just caught the list of TRANSACTIONS from AM's career of over 23 yrs and dumb as a rock thinks that his list is impressive BWHAHAHAHAHAHA

Oh man u cant make this up

So macfails largest FREE AGENT signing is 4/30, yet the apologists are guillible enough to believe that AM is going to spend next yr "when we are closer to contending" (IM actually looking forward to waht the excuse will be next yr)

They probably beLIEve AM when he says he was sincere about Tex too

LIke PT BARNUM says, theres a sucker born every minute. Ole PT would have a field day here

These cats even make up aliases and alter ego's for themselves. I think if u read the bottle a little more closely it says DONT skip doses of your medication

James C.,

I kind of got snapped back from gloom about the season by my son and his friend who were wide eyed looking at the players. They were reading the Oriole yearbook all the way home asking about different players. I feel sorry for the kids who are now entering college and haven't seen a winning season since they went to their first baseball games. Angelos has kind of wasted a whole generation of potential fans.

The Orioles need to get it right from this moment forward and do the kind of things that good franchises do. I too worry about injuries to the young pitchers that could cause a disaster this year. There are so many if's and things that need to go right you can get a headache thinking about it. Even if several of the young position players make it tto the big leagues it is unlikely that they will explode on the scene and will likely take a few years to round up their games. Look at Adam Jones. tremendous physical gifts, flashes of greatness, but very inconsistent. It will be that way with most of them including the young pitchers.

Macphail must eventually introduce proven major league talent rather than just let this process play out. I think he probably will make some trades if the team appears to be playing somewhat competitively later in the year.

Andy Macphail- 2 World Series Rings
Jason- Looking for validation on a sports blog
Question- Who is more successful at building teams that win World Series (multiple times)?


Shhhhhhhh..... You're gonna make people upset with all those facts! Didn't you know? There's a Plan in place. Don't rock the boat... ever!


My only concern is that what you're hoping for is completely rational. Problem is though, AM doesn't work that way. As players develop, he's not likely to trade anyone in order to make the team competitive. It's just not his style.

Time and time again, AM got burned by hyping his young players in chitown. Overall, it was his downfall and the reason he failed so badly during his decade in chicago.

You're so right about Jones. He's a good young player, but as young players tend to be, he's inconsistent... not to mention he now has a rep for breaking down. It's alarming when he's counted on for so much (which he shouldn't be)!

And for those who are counting on Reimold. The guy is still sore, and when you're dealing with an achilles heal, that's not a good sign as he gets closer to camp.

But even if they can develop a run scoring line-up, a huge problem last year that I haven't seen them address, the pitching is what scares people the most.

This is where AM really struggles. After his Minny days, AM has never been able to put a staff together. What he did last year to Guthrie is a prime example of him putting pitchers in a position to fail. You really had to feel bad for the guy, especially since he was developing into a nice starter. AM put a stop to that!

He also has a history of taking gambles on stiffs like Eaton, Hill etc.... He just doesn't have an eye for veteran pitchers. Even Millwood is a huge gamble because everyone in baseball knows what he did in 07' and 08'. It stands to reason that 09' was not a sign of things to come for this guy.

His only hope is that Bergesen is truly healthy and that teams won't adjust to him. Then he needs M and T to both develop 'quickly', without putting too much on their young arms...... All the while, the bullpen needs to stay semi fresh into the 2nd half.

As any scout will say... 'Good luck with that'...

I know, I know everyone..... all negative stuff to you. To me though, Gill nailed it above!

Unless AM completely changes the way he builds a major league team, the O's will never compete. not this year, not in 2011, and not while he's here.

He made us better, but only because we had gm's like Flanny. Most of you could have done better than Flanny though.

It's no longer the 80's AM! It's 2010 and the O's are going to be in last place........


bms = Big Mouth Schoolgirl

Andy Macphail- 2 World Series rings
Wayne- Hot Air extraordinaire
Question- Which one is better qualified to "build a major league team"?
Answer- The one who has already done it.

gotta love it,
Wayne is such a good baseball man that he believes the reason Guthrie struggled last year was because of the GM....
I wonder how many of your close know all the scouts you hang around...I wonder how many of them also blame Macphail for Guthries struggles...
perhaps you should have asked them when they were all hanging out at fanfest with you...
What exactly were the scouts doing at fanfest Wayne? Were they trying to determine what hand Markakis signs autographs with?

Wow. Things are getting ugly here. How about we tone down the name-calling, fellas? You know who you are.

As for me, I'm going to take a bit of a break from this craziness. I don't see anything that I can add to the back-and-forth that's been going on here for the past five months or so, so I'm done for a while.

If there's one positive thing that can be taken away from this massive debate, it's that the Orioles, after a decade of mismanagement and alienation, still have a handful of extremely passionate fans. I know that everyone here wants to see this team win. Here's hoping that happens some time soon.

As for me, I might swing by every once in a while and I'll probably comment on whatever other moves are made before the season starts, but I'm bowing out of this argument until the games start and we all get a chance to see some results.

Enjoy yourselves, everyone. And, from a guy who falls into this trap often, don't take yourselves too seriously here. Remember: it's all about the love of the game.


I'll admit up front that I no longer study baseball statistics like you, SHAMROCK,
Not Brooks, Jason C. James C., Chris in Hawaii, jim 66 and all of the other posters who can spit out what a players' average is on sundays against left handed picthing home and away. I used to. I love baseball but when you start telling me what Andy Macphail did player by player in Minnesota and Chicago I will take your word for it. I understand the game, and have coached a 14 to 19 American Legion team in Pa for years. I am really excited because my 14 year old will play for me this summ and will start for the varsity this spring as a 9th grader. As a matter of fact, the Legion did a good thing last year and now allows kids to play until they are 20, so they can play at a high level after High School.

The Scouts who come in up here chase down the High School players and are known mainly to those coaches. I get the kids for the summer and the only way I know that one is following one of my players is that the high School coach may point him out. They don't usually identify themselves to me before the games because one of them told me years ago they do not want the kid they are looking at to know there may be eyes on him that day.

I just like to have fun teaching young people the game of baseball and how it should be played. I won't be able to coach many more years so I immerse myself in that and we are already throwing and hitting in the YMCA in York

I can only holld a philosphical argument with you guys because I do not follow major league baseball like I used to so I do not want anyone on the site to think I am an expert. I just like to give my opinions but when you start spitting out the stats I can't counter with anything but what I see and feel from playing and managing the game of baseball.

This blog is hilarious, a person would never know everyone is theoretically rooting for the same team.

Hey chris in SD,
yeah the blog used to be quite different until a couple folks aka Wayne and Keith Rowe and Jason started attacking everyone personally. Of course then the attacks started the other way so now you have folks like not brooks (a knowledgable although somewhat negative poster) not even wanting to participate in this nonsense. I would like to see Pete take a little more control over those who post as other people and curse and attack people personally. There's really no need for it.


You love baseball..... pure and simply! Don't kid yourself, you know more than most!


So why bf now? Anyway, it's funny how you and your other names can't understand why either part or full time scouts may want to hang at a baseball event, especially if they live nearby. Let's see, coaches, players and front office will all be there (in the crowd and behind the scenes). Shocking!

not brooks,

Yeah, the name calling got crazy today. I was called everything from wussie to kitty cat (all by the same guy). Creative, but mostly funny!

We don't always agree nb, but I do find you one of the most statistically knowledgeable posters, thus you'll very much be missed.

I'm just tired of this team being not just bad, but very bad! And unfortunately, I believe they'll be very bad again this year.

You may not believe this, but I hope I'm wrong!

oh right....they probably don't even have cell phones so they go to these things so they can talk above all the hoopla and noise.....that's called a reach

Do we know if Miggy is really only 35? There was some question!
Add this to Sosa, Bonilla, Incaviglia, etc.


Do you even read what you type sometimes? I know you're always angry (under multiple names), but type something that makes sense once in a while. Even if it's about baseball instead of your obvious obsession with me.

Cells phones bf? Yeah, they have cell phones. It is nice to come in contact with people once in a while though. If you had any idea of the life of a scout, you'd know what i'm talking about.

Now bf (and your other names). this is the last time I'll be chatting with you for awhile. You're multiple personalities may be funny, but your obsession with me is a little weird.


Wayne gets called out, and then defends himself by saying, see how they call me out. That's no defense at all.I've heard better debate from my cat sitting at the door making a play to get outside.Grow some and answer a question or two.
Your fantastic sense of self-importance has grown thin.

I find it funny that you couldn't muster the wherewithall to drag your ass up to the mike and ask a question. At the end of the day, you're nothing but predictable. I laugh my ass off at every piece of pure unadulterated crap you post on here.

hey sham and bf!

yes, bms?

wayne and jason think we are the same person!!!!

crap... I told you they were too smart for us... can you imagine how many hours alone in their mother basements it must have taken to figure this out?

This will hopefully be the last time I respond to your irritating drivel. I don't post under various names as perhaps you do.
Most people who accuse others of doing such things are in fact doing it themselves.

I'm not angry Wayne. I'm enjoying the good moves being made by Mr. Macphail. Do I think you are a whining miserly guy looking to just cause trouble?...Guilty. Do I think you are knowledgable about baseball? Not in the least.
Do I wish you would just go away? Of course.
But you are like the little kid who throws himself on the floor in the grocery store because they can't have the candy "NOW"! That kid that just needed proper discipline.
Obsessed with you?? Only in your dreams little man.

Just talk amongst your friends and leave me out of your posts and I'll do the same for you. Deal?

way to go guys... it was probably all of that rational thought.

Man... we look as bad as Reggie bush muffing that punt.

dammit bf, why did the real one of you respond exactly after I did pretending to be you???

are you trying to make Jason and Wayne look dumb? they really thought they were on to something .

Thanks Jim66,

That's the nicest anyone's been all day!

You too however, need to stop being so obsessed with me, and talk more baseball.

Say something creative about why the O's will win baseball games this year. And maybe not the same ole, same ole?

Or, you can simply keep obsessing about me if you'd like. Up to you!

wayne, like i've told you before, it's really quite a simple exercise to respond to you.
I'm really disappointed you didn't ask a question. I guess you have your reasons. Everyone here can make up their own mind as to why you didn't.I figure you're spineless. But that's just me.


Notice the timeline with Sybil? Isn't it amazing how all three are sitting by the computer waiting to hear from the other?

He's truly troubled. It would be one thing if he had any knowledge whatsoever about baseball. That would make it fun. He obviously doesn't however, thus he's just weird. Pete really should have a hotline for guys like him to call.

Anyway, how many games under 500 you thinking they'll be by the all star break? They usually don't crash and burn until the 2nd half, but I have a feeling it'll be ugly early this year.

jason... you are right about hundley. I will not even bother to go into the fact that hundley isn't even close to the highest per year deal that AM gave out, but whatever. You latched onto one piece of information and for that you feel smart. I congratulate you on all of your accomplishments. You smell terrific. Celebrate by leveling out with a cocktail of psychiatric meds and a tall mojito.

Again, you are twisting what I originally wrote. Whether the player was signed, traded for or extended, MacPhail has spent some dough. From 2000-2006, the Cubs were 12th, 14th, 12th, 11th 7th, 9th, and 7th in payroll.

Thanks Jim! Appreciate your input!

uhg... You are right wayne. you are also right to be worried about that helicopter you think you hear flying over your house at night. and the people following you from a distance through the super market. It is Angelos. And he's pissed.


PA is finally pissed!

Maybe there's hope for W's yet.......

As a sportswriter at the Sunpapers, we were told to write to a ninth-grade (level) audience, so as not to go over anyone's head. However, in order to get through to Sham Rook and his BF, I would have to take it down another two or three levels, so I am just going to go on hiatus until the professional sports season in Baltimore starts again in late July in Westminster. You guys have fun..... See ya.

jason the payroll guru... so since you believe it clearly takes spending money to win... how many WS's did the Yankees buy with $1.575 BILLION from 2001-2009? 1. They spent more in 9 years than the GDP of Belize and got 1 ring out of it.

from 2001-2009, the winners of the WS were 8th, 15th, 25th, 2nd, 13th, 11th, 2nd, 12th, and 1st in payroll.

But whatever, keep complaining that they aren't spending enough money after investing $106 mil in two players last year and $26 mil back into the roster this year. All this also goes without saying that the free agent market was thin this year.

You need to make smart personnel choices and yes, god forbid... stay profitable. Staying profitable keeps you from having, We're Broke fire sales seen around the league every season.

For the first time in 12 years that looks like its happening. Winners are built from within... just ask the 97-99 Yankees

Easywriter- good riddance, Mr. Douchebag. I enjoyed your posts about other posters and one rant about how Peter Angelos ruined your life and took advantage of Junk Science to profit from the deaths of others. (I added the Junk Science part. But, yes, as an attorney, he is an extortionist.)

Did you leave the Sunpapers on permanent disability, distraught over what the O's had become and the inability to face the world?

hey sham -

how many times did the skanks make the playoffs 2001-2009?

you may no be able to buy a WS every year, but you can sure as hell get yourself in a nice position to do so.

no one expects the o's to spend like NY or Boston. but, i'd expect them to spend a bit more than the brewers or freaking royals.

look at the perrenial playoff teams. all big spenders. once in awhile someone new sneaks in, Minn, Oak, FLA, TB, but you're going to have NYY, Bos, Ana, Philly, Chi, just about most years.

The game has changed since the late 90's. See actual payroll differences to understand why.

Unfortunately, huge spending does assure wins. No, it never assures a title, but it assures 'meaningful games'. And when you play meaningful games, you always have a chance.

Now, no one expects the O's to spend like the big boys. But to spin that it's ok that they're at the bottom of spending is remarkable. The o's will never play in 'meaningful games' if they continue to be as cheap as they are.

Saying they spent 106 mil on 2 players last year is also nothing but spin. Afterall they have to field a team. And if they didn't spend that money, where would they be in overall payroll? You do realize other teams are spending, right?

And for those who think they're saving for when the current players become free agents..... that's one of the oldest tricks in the book. See the Pirates, see KC! You really think this organization will pay Weiters 20 mil one day? Really?............ Really?

In today's game, winners can not only come from within, unless of course you use the Marlins playbook. But then again, maybe that's AM's real plan.

easywriter not easyreading....did you get fired from the Sun for being boring? I almost fell asleep reading your posts.

Shamrock, bf and bms (same fella's or not)...

Stop calling people disgusting names..... Here's the deal. It's easy to find out who owns your devices. Understand?

People have been playing along until now. I stopped the other day, but it's just gotten to a disgusting level. So you want to play?

Pete, if these guys, specifically Shamrock, bf and bms, keep it up, I'm going over your head at the SUN paper. If you guys don't want to put a clamp on them after contacting their devices, then I'll do it for you.

If the SUN doesn't want to have a talk with them, then I'll gladly list home addresses if you'd like. For anyone who doesn't understand, it's not about email addresses, it's about locating devices. Easy stuff!

Sure, some guys on here are negative. But I don't see them being disgusting like you three.

So you can be civil, or we can take things to another level. Up to you.

Wait, wayne, meaningful games? I thought winning was all that mattered?

How many meaningful games did the Mets play in last year? They spent just over 2 mil a win for all 70 of them last year. or the Astros and their mismanaged $102 mil 74 win roster last year.

Still need to build a solid roster from within and supplement with free agents and trades. After blowing up a franchise, that doesn't happen in 2-3 seasons.

5/10 top salaried teams made the playoffs in '09. 3 of the bottom 20. it's pretty clear you need to spend some. unless having a snowball's chance once every 10 years is okay for you.

yes, you do need some homegrown talent. and yes, you do need to make some shrewd deals. but you also need to bring in some FAs, and that is gonna cost money. i guess AM/PA thinks 2 outta 3 ain't bad.


We almost wrote the same post! We're both crazy I suppose!

Sure, there are exceptions to the spending rule by the big boys. The mets obviously are terribly run.

Again though, I've never said to spend like the majors. Many times in fact, I've used markets like St Louis as examples. Teams that combine young talent with proven, productive veterans. No, they can't always make the post season, but guess what? The fans in St Louis always get their moneys worth. That's all most ask!


Relax and try to ignore their name calling. I understand where you're coming from but while they get ugly and make things personal, it's never personal for people like you, me, Gill, Keith, Jason, not brooks, and so many others....

yeah, just waiting for the wayne = huh??? accusations.

I wasn't talking about you wayne. You're conviction may tick people off, but you don't call people disgusting names that I won't put in print. I'm serious about this. It's an easy fix.

You all take things much too seriously for me. All that talk of finding out who people are? Wow, it's a baseball blog. You all can have the forum and run with it. I'll come back when the grown ups are posting again.
Oh, and for the record, I never once posted as anyone else who regularly posts here on this blog (friend or foe), but someone posted as me numerous times. I think it's childish and petty.
I don't call people disgusting names whatever they were.
I have a family and worship the Lord Jesus Christ who saved my soul from a wretched hell, He's still working on me but I don't go around calling people rude stuff. The Lord helped with that.

This O's blog was kind of fun till all this stuff, so I'll leave it to you guys....
You know if the O's don't hit 500 for the next 12 years, It's not going to cause me to lose one night of sleep and I hope you can say the same thing...
It's just baseball...played by people we don't even know or that couldn't care less about us....
Whoever was posting as me at times I forgive ya but it's not cool to do.


Huh? I'm a little confused.

"i don't see how calling someone an idiot is a joke or makes any point, other than about your character.

this is a blog. opinions are traded. just because folks have differing opinions is not a reason to name call. me, or wayne, gil, or Keith Rowe, or anyone else. and vice versa. not brooks disagrees a lot, but does it with class."

First, I value Gil's opinion greatly. We usually agree, but we're always civil and both of us can see both sides of the coin. Gil is amazing people so far as I'm concerned.

Second, keep in mind that every line I used was a twist of lines wayne has used on other commenters on this blog. Mostly word for word (he has called people idiots "don't be an idiot" and Keith Rowe called me a "statistical moron" I believe before my facts set him free). You can go back and look, you can ask anyone here, you can even ask Pete. My point was that you praised wayne for his actions to us, but when I used his tactics on you, you were disgusted by it. You see the irony in your logic? I wasn't saying them seriously or with any animosity to you, I just knew you'd dislike being treated how he treats us. It's just something to think about the next time someone else does call him out. They are no saints my friend.


How about you take the bet? Surely you will stand up for your beliefs at some point. You know, since this weekend didn't quite work out. Only the Pirates put out more hype only to fizzle out more than your AM protest. So join Keith Rowe and put our IP addresses on the line.

I take the over on 80 wins. How sure are you really when you have to risk something?

not sure why you'd take out your 'wayne frustrations' on me. that's a bit odd.

so i agree with someone on a freaking blog. not sure how that translates to "you praised wayne for his actions to us." whatever that means. have fun rationalizing your actions.

James c,

Here's the deal..... I want this team to win, more than anything. I actually can't imagine how much fun it would be to have a competitive club again.

With the current team of PA, JA and AM however, it just won't happen anywhere near soon.

So you got it, I'll take your bet, although I feel like I'm taken advantage of you. Deep down, you can't think there's a shot in hell that this team will be 500 this year.

Nevertheless, you're on!


"BASH wayne here!

the man is an o's fan. like you. like me. sheesh, why so much hatred on the blog."

I just found that comment funny since you never stood up for those other Orioles fans that he criticizes. That was why I wanted you to see what it's like, not just because you agree with his stance on the Orioles. I can take when someone disagrees with me. Here's an example of what I mean though:

"Hey.... Idiot!

Of course Dave said what he said. He works for the Orioles. Wake up!

Posted by: wayne | December 10, 2009 12:23 PM"

Directed at me for when I said Dave Johnson was actually happy his son was traded to the Orioles last year.

So say what you will about my character, but you have to say it about wayne too. With your next comment, please do so. Stand up for me. Another O's fan.

This is a Top 5 In the League Lineup
1. Brian Roberts (2B)
2. Adam Jones (CF)
3. Nick Markakis (RF)
4. Miguel Tejada (3B)
5. Nolan Reimold (LF)
6. Luke Scott (DH)
7. Garrett Atkins (1B)
8. Matt Weiters (C)
9. Cezar Izturis (SS)

Then IF we Add Bedard we can go with a 6 man Rotation

They Can Give us Decent Innings and we have a Pretty Good Closer in Mike Gonzalez not to Mention Set-up Man Jim Johnson

With Not Brooks on hiatus I wonder who will start carrying the torch for Kevin Kouzmanoff? Oh wait, that ship has sailed, thank goodness.

I like the Tejada signing, and agree with Wayne for the first and most likely last time about Joe Crede. I found it immensely amusing how Wayne claimed credit for the lack of a Crede signing though, that was probably the funniest thing I've ever read on this blog.

I'm gonna take a cue from Not Brooks though and bail out of the blog for a while too, in hopes that some civility and intelligent conversation return in the near future. I used to look forward to reading all of Pete's entries and the comments that followed, now I feel like it's a huge waste of time reading 6 or 7 grown men calling each other names in post after post, never finding any interesting conversation about the baseball team that I have such high hopes for this year and into the near future.

This is for Gil. Even though I disagree with you more often than not, keep fighting the good fight man. You are a true fan, and I appreciate how you try to bring/stir up meaningful conversation here. Though you probably don't believe it, I have a feeling that we might have seen our last losing O's season for several years to come.

Mr. Schmuck, I thank you for your forum here and hope that you consider holding the comments for approval like they used to here and still do on Roch's blog, so you could cut down on this nonsense. I know that it would be tiresome to have to sift through all of it each day, but I think over time the little kids who didn't get the instant gratification of seeing their post go up right away might go away, or at least think twice before they post garbage or try to carry out childish arguements with one another on everyone else's time.

So long, and go O's.

Looks like a move to put fannies in the seats.

listen, James C, wayne never attacked me. you did. so, like i said, keep working on feeling good about your unprovoked attack. leave me out of your battles.

pretty sure you wouldn't go calling someone an idiot at a bar. or 'talk down' the way you did to me. people lose teeth that way. but in the comfort of a blog, folks are getting a bit more muscles.

stick to debating the o's, and not each other.


James C.,

I was listening to WNST 1570 sports talk radio on the way in this morning and Drew Forrester said he was very surpised that Andy Macphail caved in and brought back Tejada. He thinks it was done out of panic because Andy waited so long Tejada was all that was left. He doesn't think Macphail has done a good job, and says the Orioles are just plain a cheap organization, but until now Macphail has at least been a man of integrity. Forrester says the reason tejada should not have been brought back is because he was not just a steroid user, but a clubhouse distributor, who Macphail could not wait to get rid of.

A little background for out of town posters:

Everyone in Baltimore knows that this is Nestor Aparicio's station and he was the one who organized the "free the birds" stunt a few years ago when up to 4,000 fans wearing "Free the Birds" T-shirts walked out in the middle of the game to protest Angelos ownership. This station is so anti Oriole that Nestor Aparico, who used to cover the Orioles for the Baltimore Sun, can't even get a press pass. Angelos despises him and has said so.

So, what do you think? Did Andy Macpahil kind of compromise his principles, as Forrester thinks, by bringing back Tejada, after dumping him two years ago?

The Orioles payroll has DECREASED by 10 million from 10 years ago 10 million now is worth a lot less than 10 million then. Perhaps teh economist types can tell the value of 77 mil now vs then

Only 1 of the other 30 teams has had a payroll decrease in the past decade.

2 of 30 teams have decreased their payroll in the past 10 yrs. THe Orioles are one of them. The other team at least has a WS to show for it and was crippled by a divorce

I get it. bf/sham(dumb as a)rock, u want the Os to make money, I want them to get better players.

The Os spent 94 mill in 07

The Os will spend about 67 mil in 2010 (or about 30 million LESS under AM)

. U momos beleive AM is "waiting" to spend on a FA--HIs record proves that he doesnt believe in FA

I prefer the Os too add elite players to their roster

bf/sham prefers money in peteys pockets

after its been proven that AM WILL NOT SIGN ELITE FA'S shma/bf changed the argument to the yankees, LOL. BTW, at least the skanks are in it every yr--thats waht i want too.

AM has saved petey about 100 mil in payroll over the past 3 yr. The Os continue to languish in last place with no realistic chance to win a pennant this yr.

AM's last 4 seasons in charge of baseball teams have all had more than 90 losses CHI/BAL

You play to win the game

bf and shamrock (and possibly more) are the same poster

U have to have serious issues to create aliases for a msg boarc

Pete, Y cant u expose the imposters ? I really dont care if someone calls me names, but dont create fake ppl to do it, LMAO

bf aka shamrock-- since AM won his 2 WS

12 of 18 losing seasons

9 of 18 seasons in last place with more than 90 losses

No FA"s signed for more than 30 million

I just want the Oa to have a REALISTIC shot at winning every yr-

The Os put profits before wins

Some ppl are ok with that, but these ppl post under aliases and never come up with any sound reasoning behind their "ideas" When confronted with facts that refute their ill conceived "ideas" they change the subject

I suspect bf/sham is suffering from some sort of mental illness to post under aliases on a msg board

last thing for you James C -

Since you asked me to, I will stand up for you if I see unprovoked attacks. I haven't been hanging around this blog for months. I haven't witnessed anyone calling you names.

It's a blog, and is supposed to be for fun.

Some of the best posters are bowing out because of the animosity here. It's not needed.

I consider the matter between you and I closed. For the most part, I value your posts. We may not see eye to eye, but I've seen that you can make good arguments, and do it civilly. Perhaps you were joking, perhaps you had a bad moment.

Go O's.



I think at the end of the day, even AM realized he couldn't bring in another stiff like Crede. We still have weak corners, but could you have imagined the revolt with atkins and crede?

He wanted Tejada out of here a couple years ago + he preaches the importance of defense. So what's he do? He brings him back and puts him at a position he's never played.

I've even heard that there was disgruntlement from within when AM wouldn't pull the trigger on LaRoche. He was a terrific fit, at the right price, and an excellent middle of the order guy. Plus, players would be playing their experienced defensive positions. By not signing LaRoche, AM created a mess.

So yes, it definitely appears this was a desperate move on AM's part.

And for the record Gil, you don't have to be anti O's the way Nestor is to be banned from the press box. Media types who have done FAR less than Nestor have had their press passes taken away. It's shameful and I'm told is unlike any other organization in baseball.

Gil, if this teams struggles badly going into the break, things are going to begin getting interesting in the warehouse. The Plan is officially and 'finally' on the clock!


I thought that Laroche and Kouzmanoff would not only have been good fits for the team but at the right price. I think we missed Laroche over the difference of maybe a million a year, although I don't think anyone really knows what the Orioles offered.

I hope the Orioles start to turn it around this year and that the young pitchers succeed. But just for pure speculation, and I know people are going to come out of the woodwork and call me names for this......but what if the nightmare scenario happens and the pitching staff falls apart due to injuries and/or performance. If the Orioles have another second half collapse will Trembley get fired? Could Angelos give up on Macaphail and fire him too, or will he stay the course with Macphail regardless of what the 2010 record is?


I think larry may have put a stop at some of the ugliness. It's one thing to call someone an idiot (i too have been guilty of using that word, mostly in fun). It's quite another however, to see the names that were being thrown out by a few posters yesterday. All I could do was laugh at he hate that was being thrown out there. Problem is, the insults were so over the top, we not only lost a good poster in not brooks, larry threatened to expose those who were so ugly (and I think everyone now knows who they are).

the best thing about the Tejada deal is that it's a one year deal. he will have to play the good teammate role to get another contract next year. he still hits .300 with a bunch of doubles, so that's not bad.

AM had his back against the wall. he had no choice but to pull the trigger on miggy. he may, or may not, have backed himself in the corner. regardless, i think we all know crede was a ridiculous proposition. as was atkins/aubrey. it's quite possible laroche wasn't coming here regardless. unlike, tex, he's not someone to go way beyond the market for. self-induced, or not, miggy was the only choice.

as for wnst - they are not o's haters. bob hayney, ray, drew, and even nestor love the o's - just not the way the team has been run over the last decade+. just my opinion. certainly better than the fluff you get from the fan.

so yes, AM may have compromised somewhat, but what choice did he have. and, i think, we're better for it give the remaining alternatives.


If people call you names Gil, it's simply because their heads are in the sand. History proves that you can not rely on the development of young pitchers. All one needs to do is look around MLB. For every King Felix, there are dozens of Ian Kennedy's. It's just the way it is. The way it's always been.

This team is relying on basically three rookies in their starting rotation. One is fine.... Two is pushing it.... but three? Three is just crazy!

Even if one or two of them don't break down Gil, the odds of any of them giving us 225 innings is improbable, at best. That said, what does that mean for the bullpen?

Jason Berken and Hernandez HAD to give this team 100 innings each last year Gil. Is everyone so naive to think similar won't happen again this year, especially if Millwood reverts back (like many think he will) to his pre 2009 days?

And that's just the pitching Gil. We haven't even talked about how they didn't score runs last year. I suppose Pie will fix that this year.....

And I'm not even being negative. It could get ugly Gil!


I like listening to Bob Haney, but rarely get the chance. He
really knows Baltimore Sports. I wish the station had a stronger signal becuase I pick it up and lose it just around the PA/MD Line. Nestor has burned his bridges with the Oriole organization, but overall, when I am in range, I tune to WNST because Drew, bob, Nestor and the gang tell it like it is. I do think that Nestor has gotten extremely bitter which affects his objectivity.


agree 100% about wnst. i'm up at the pa/md line too and lose it just north of hampstead. nestor, at one time, was pretty good. you're right though, he lost his objectivity a few years back. to his credit, i think he realizes it and is going off the air again. bob, drew, ray and the rest are good people.

1370 is a decent alternative too, but that seems to lose signal even sooner.


I have never tried 1370, who is on iin the morning? i live North of York so I listen to 1090 WBAL on the way in and back for the traffic reports.

Did you know that the Orioles are back on WSBA 910 out of Hanover? WOYK 1300 in York dropped the Orioles to pick up the York Revolution Independent League team.

IMHO the Os would have been better off signing Delgado for one year and leaving Atkins on third. Then they would have had a CHANCE to have a solid number 4 hitter for one year at least.

To all those who place Scott at number 4 you just can't put a guy there who is as streaky a hitter as Scott. Last year his bad streak lasted the the last 3 months of the year!

Also, Tejada isn't an awful move just not the best one. Still, even with the nay sayers let's say this:
Atkins, Jones and Reimold each hit in the .290s with 20-25 HRs; Weiters becomes the .300 30 100 guy this year; Pie becomes a fixture at the number 2 spot in the lineup as DH and some time in the field and hits .290 with 15 hrs; Tejada has a .300 15 hr year ; Markakis and Roberts have their normal years; the rotation of Millwood, Bergesen, Matusz, Guthrie and Patton are a solid starting 5; the bullpen is the 5th best in the A.L. If all that happens the Os are a contender, if some of those things happen they will be more exciting then they've been in years. BTW, none of the things I mentioned are much of a reach.


Rob Long (formerly of WNST) is on in the AM from 8-12. Followed by Jim Rome from noon-3. The PM is Jerry Coleman 3-6.

Yeah, I heard the O's were back on in Hanover. I'm about 10 miles from Hanover. I had to bounce between the York station and one out of Westminster last year. 105.7 doesn't make it too far north either. Goes from the O's to Led Zep in an instant. Though, that's not exactly a bad thing either.


We still have room for Delgado, though I don't expect any more moves. Except for Hendrickson, and MAYBE Bedard, if he'll take a incentive laden deal.

Sure, some of your predictions could come true. Hope springs eternal. For many years I said the same thing. DCab, this is the breakout year! Ponson, Loewen, JJohnson... I bought in. They were always on the verge of that breakout year.

Funny thing is, we are closer than we have been in many years, but I am just burned out. I truly believe Matusz is the real deal. Depending on 3 rooks/2nd year guys in the rotation is VERY risky. You need some proven horses, and backup plans for your backup plans when it comes to pitching.

It's also not a stretch to think Tillman will not mature, or develop another pitch, Bergy will go through a soph slump (or have an setback on that leg).

Who knows about Pie. Y'know, don't believe what you always see in September, or April, as the old cliche goes. Can Jones stay healthy (and stop swinging at the low & outside junk)? Questions are a part of baseball. We just have too many playing in the AL East, IMHO.

huh? They are all questions and I too thought the Os were ready for a breakout year many times before. DCab, myGod! Has there EVER been an Os pitcher who could drive a fan more crazy than he?

I have no faith that Atkins will even get close to his best years. I am concerned that Bergesen may suffer from his injury because of the painful memory of the comebacker. He wouldn't be the first casualty of such an injury.

I think too much is expected of Jones. He's somewhere between the player the first half of last year and the player after that. Guthrie may improve and thrive now that he's not the ace. I predict that by the end of next season Matusz will have ace like numbers. I further predict that the best hitter for both power and average next year will be Weiters.

Finally, I predict the most interesting year of the last 13 with the Os wininng around 85 games. They will be poised to get the big bat needed to compete for real in the AL East. Another well deserved question is: will they actually try to acquire said big bat?

History proves that you can not rely on the development of young pitchers.

I get your idea, but that is not a totally accurate statement.


The Angels have done ok.

that's just off the top of my head.

Pitchers like Felix Hernandez come along once or twice in a generation of pitchers, but he's still kinda young, so maybe we can hold out on all the praise and see what kind of career he has.That's fair I think.Using Ian Kennedy looks like the ooposite end of the spectrum. maybe there is a happy mediuim in there. Guys like Petite, Lester,Mussina...

How many pitchers threw over 225 innings lat year? And out of how many that had, say, 30 starts? How many had 30 starts?

How many teams had only 5 starters last year? How many teams had at least 8 start more than 3 games?

The prevailing wisdom in today's game is to not let a pitcher under 25 throw more than 200 innings. And max them out at no more than 20% more innings than last I don't see Tillman or Matusz getting anywhere near 200 innings even if they are healthy enough.
I figure that there will be another pitcher or two signed here, and Tillman becomes the 6th starter, maybe working out of the pen like Bass did(but a lot better).Just a guess...


For the record, I should be a man of my word and say no one should call you some of the things they have either.


I think there is something to what you heard on 1570. Some guys seem all about it on the roster. I don't know what Tejada did in Houston's clubhouse, but maybe he's turned the corner when he got a bit of a reality check from Congress. I'd really wonder if this quake happened in 2006 or 2007 what his response would have been? Maybe he is contrite now though?

I said before that I'd really have to believe McPhail wouldn't spend that money without asking the guys he's committed long term money to. I do think McPhail was in a corner and ironically I think he overpaid, but it should work out about the same. Tejada was making enough money last time to command his way and he knew it. This time, he's on a one year deal and he has no pull to demand playing time if he's slumping or anything.

We'll see, but it seems he's gained some perspective in lefe. Maybe not, but if he throws a tantrum, he's easy trade bait.

thanks james c

"shamrock", "bf" and "bms" posted consecutively pretty much one minute after one another from 8:01-8:12

How did they do that in real time like that if they are different people? how did they know the other was there at that same time ?

This is bizarre

Trade, reassign, or release Izturis, Johnson, Hernandez, Andino, Berken, and Albers.

Reacquire Sherrill.

Sign Bedard. We need a veteran lefty in the rotation.

Move Jones back to shortstop where he will be less injury-prone and have a chance at an actual career.

Put Pie in CF and leave him there.

Reimold, Scott, Atkins, and Wigginton share and rotate between LF and DH.

Move Guthrie to the bullpen where he excelled initially with the O's.

SW Roberts 2B
L Pie CF
R Jones SS
L Markakis RF
R Tejada 3B
L Aubrey 1B
R Reimold LF
SW Weiters C
R Atkins DH

RHSP Bergesen
LHSP Bedard
RHSP Millwood
LHSP Matusz
RHSP Tillman

Gonzalez L closer
Guthrie RH setup
Sherrill LH setup
Uehara all-purpose RH
Hendrickson all-purpose LH
Mickolio all-purpose RH
Meredith all-purpose RH

L Scott DH LF
R Wigginton DH 3B 2B 1B LF RF SS
R Turner 3B SS 2B 1B LF CF RF
R Moeller C

Gil, I don't know if you are old enough to remember the Os from 65-72 but I am and it is quite a wonderful thing to watch your favorite team in your favorite sport be that good. I truly hope your kids get to see that too. My hope is a little selfish because if they do I might just be around long enough to see it once again.

The tone of this has been very negative and disrespectful, which is pretty much what one sees in politics and too many other parts of life these days. Many of you have a good bit of baseball knowledge, all of you have passion. Some of you refuse to believe that anything the Os and their players do will turn out positive. Some of you believe everything they do will turn out positive. The truth is usually somewhere in between.

But, I wish to point out that the Os are in a much better position going into this year than last.

If one looks at the starting 5 you know what you're going to get out of Millwood -the rest are guesses. Probably two will exceed reasonable expectations (Matusz, Bergesen?) and two will fall short (Guthrie and number 5?). As for position players, you know what you're going to get out of Markakis, Roberts, Miggy, Izturis and Scott. The rest are question marks. Experience indicates some will exceed reasonable expectations (Weiters, Reimold, Pie ?) and some will fall short (Atkins, Jones ?). So, what does that mean? Well, the Sox, Yanks, Phillies and other very good clubs have far fewer question marks. They likely know what to expect of 90% of the players on their teams going into the year and much of those expectations are very positive. The Os haven't had that luxuary for many years. They did during their good years and that's where they need to get to be good again. And, yes, they do need a killer number 4 hitter!

For those who have no idea what this team will do this year, I am solidly with you brothers! As has been said by others here-Hope Springs Eternal and I much prefer hope to despair!

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