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January 21, 2010

Are Orioles on the clock?

I used to always get suspicious that the O's were close to making some kind of move in the days leading up to FanFest -- back when it was in January every year -- so maybe I'm just living in the past, but it wouldn't surprise me if the Orioles signed their free agent third baseman in the next couple of days.

That said, most people I talk to don't believe Andy MacPhail would be particularly inclined to time a significant move for public relations purposes. And, after the recent ticket-price announcement, it would be hard to make a case that anybody on the business side is making fan satisfaction a huge priority.

Still, if you run into Miguel Tejada or Joe Crede at the Convention Center on Saturday (11 a.m. to 6 p.m.), you sort of heard it here first.

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The market has played itself out already. Maybe AM is waiting for someone to offer to pay the O's for the privilege to play for them. This makes little sense at this point.

Any idea when they are getting around to signing Bedard (or Wang)?


So you think they would have the balls to showcase Crede at FanFarce? Are even the Orioles that dumb?

Pete, have you seen this guys stats? I know, I know... I'm being negative, but isn't the fact that you're even typing Crede's name 'negative'?

Even the greatest of spin doctors can't spin Crede!

Oh and great Pete...... We heard it from you first! Great scoop!!

And great job advertising FanFarce Pete! Date/Venue/Time, etc...... Wow!

Damn I'm slow. I just thought of something.

Supposedly the Orioles are raising ticket prices because they want to do away with paying the employee(s) working at the ticket window. Right?

Why don't they replace most of the windows with kiosks?

Keep one or two window booths open for the fans who want get that "best availible seat". Charge them the conveniece fee.

And have a bunch of kiosks for the fans who just want to buy a ticket for a section but doesn't care if it's in Row A or Row Z. It would be a faster process without standing there waiting for someone who can't make up their mind. I mean, it works at the movie theater.

According to Macphail's interview with Jeff Zriebec the other day, he has pretty much done every thing he has said he was going to do, and has just a few loose ends to tie up before Spring Training.

That's Andy speak for "I feel no outside pressure to spend money merely to win games in 2010. It was never about this yearanyhow, or any future year in particular. It is all about "The Plan".

" Frankly I don't care if anybody shows up at the ballpark this year, as long as the boss is happy and the direct deposit hits my bank account every other Friday." When the time is right, I'll make my move. To the Commissioner's office and you suckers will get a new GM with a new"plan". Gotta go, need to see if Joe Crede's agent is ready to get serious".

The "business side" is not making fan satisfaction a priority? I'd lump the "baseball side" in there as well. Well, at least for the past 12 years, which by my reckoning is ample time to have done something positive.

MacPhail says winning counts this year. I'd still like to know what the hell that means. Since we don't know, I'll believe it to mean that all the young talent and basically average free agent pickups are supposed to lead the team to 73 wins.

Maybe 2011 will see MacPhail's plan lead to some actual fan satisfaction, which I define as making a push for a playoff spot. In the meanwhile, my satisfaction is gained by spending my couple extra bucks elsewhere than at OPACY.

The O's have a minimum attendance of @1,000,000 fans guaranteed via the 18 Yankee and Red Sox games and opening day. Add in the siteseers, party crowd and business networking folks and I'd guess the O's have a certainty of at least 1.5M attendees each year regardless of local team competency. But you know what, who cares? The real money is in TV advertising dollars and that is the only reason to field a good team. We won't be watching on TV Andy and Peter unless you give us something entertaining. I for one am more inclined to watch rookies like Bell and Snyder instead of worn out retreads like Crede. But after a few months of watching the young guys get overmatched I will ultimately give up anyway and go to the beach. The question for 2010 is whether I will have any real interest watching in April and May. I think the answer to that is yes to watch Matusz, Bergesen, Tillman, Weiters, Reimold, Jones, Pie and of course Markakis and Roberts. I'm still expecting to tune out and go to the beach come summer though.

If the O's announced the reincarnation and subsequent signing of George Herman Ruth, the nut-jobs that post here would find reason to complain.

I'll take Miggy at Fan Fest...

What other RPs are they looking at, Peter?


Here's what winning means to these people. You watch..... If (and it's a big if) they win 74 games this year, AM, along with the media will talk about the significant improvement.

They'll again come in last place of course. They'll again compete for being not only the worst team in the american league, but all of baseball, and they'll have their 13th consecutive losing season under their belt. BUt that's ALL beside the point!

Then as 2011 gets closer, the talk will be about not a contending team, but possibly having a 500 team.

Through it all of course, you'll have the warehousers and other positive posters talking about how the Plan is on course. It'll be AM's 5th or 6th year, and the Orioles will continue to be at the bottom of the division, but he'll continue to get a pass.

Then of course, AM will be vying to become commissioner, with whoever's 'next up' coming in to lead the 'kids' to the promised land.

The script is written.... The actors are all playing their parts . Enjoy the ride!

Get a life. You must have something better to do than post multiple times on this blog, of course you don't and still will post. How about if the O's beat your prediction and aren't the worst team in baseball you retire from this blog? Where is your negative mouth now? Time to back up your drivel.


Ok, come on here then and make a case for Crede. But please save the 'holding a spot down for Bell'..... because that's not what a major league baseball team is suppose to do.

A real major league club is suppose to put a quality product on the field, worth the price of admission.

So if they did sign Babe Ruth, you bet your ass people would be dancing in the streets. You know why? Because 'smart' people would realize that's how you develop young players.... by surrounding them with experience proven, productive players.

But guess what Shamrock? They're not going to sign an experianced proven, productive bat....and everyone knows it.

That's why Crede is a great option for AM. But go ahead, tell everyone why people shouldn't complain about signing someone like Crede. Tell everyone they're being overly negative.

Me, I'll simply post his stats!


The nut jobs who post here would stop complaining if the Orioles would field a Major League Baseball product. And quite frankly, your inference that the fans are whining "merely" because the team is getting ready to chalk up losing year 13 in a row is an elitist attitude that could only represent some affiliation with this disgusting and pathetic excuse for a professional baseball franchise.

Hey (and you know who you are - lol),

Nice try (again),

Just wear your o's hat and your bird jammy's and count the days til pitchers and catchers......

It's ok to be you... it really is....

Hey Peter,

I have to agree with wayne. It was a rather cheap way to advertise Fanfest for the orioles. You did put everything there accept actual directions to the convention center.

I don't know everyone. I'm feeling like they've already pushed me over the edge, but I believe signing Crede would be the absolute last straw. i've tried so hard to believe in something other than the promise of a better day. If they do sign Crede though, I'll just be done. Not that the orioles care, but i'll have had enough.

wayne and larry -

This is a blog about the Orioles.

What in the world is wrong with Pete letting everyone know when and where the FanFest is?

It probably sounds screwy, but the Orioles just might win the division title. Remember how bad Tampa Bay was? They won. Remember how bad Miami was? They won.Either the Oriole players are professionals who, if they play together like a team, can compete with any other team in the league. Or, they are a bunch of overpaid goof-offs who are defrauding the fans by masquerading as professionals.

This just in!

In an effort to show the fans they are willing to spend more money, the O's trade Adam Jones for... Vernon Wells!

We got our $20 million player now!

Ahh Vernon Wells...

Maybe he should just change his name to "I Got JP Ricciardi Fired"...

not brooks,

I wish I knew a Jays fan just so I could get them a jersey with that on the back above Wells' number.

you am doubters are all wrong..first time in years there is a young of in young catcher in bb....signed all-stars at 2b and rf...good young corner talent in ml on the way..and best young pitchers in bb...i cant wait to watch these baby birds develop...and they will johnmyers sec334

you am doubters are all wrong..first time in years there is a young of in young catcher in bb....signed all-stars at 2b and rf...good young corner talent in ml on the way..and best young pitchers in bb...i cant wait to watch these baby birds develop...and they will johnmyers sec334

I've been an avid Oriole fan since I was a small child in 1954. I've stuck by them during the bad years in the 50's, the weak years in the late 80's and the horror-able years of this millennium. But this total lack of public relations and seemly total distain for their fans is really beginning to wear on me as a fan. I have respect for MacPhail and his family as baseball people but the O's whole FO attitude remind me of egos gone wild or something. Do they really think that the fans are going to just keep coming or do they just don't care? They really project a "I do it my way and if you don't like it - TOUGH!

I didn't say anything about Crede. You are irascibly delusional. I think you were referring to your own post in which you complained about Joe Crede.

I think the brilliant thing that MacPhail did was to not jump and sign any of these corner infielders until now (as they are all still pretty much there).

There was no talent available at the position this year worth signing. For all the complaining you all do, what, pratel, do you suggest they should have done this off season?

Is there an over/under date for the Orioles being eliminated from the division race? Memorial Day?

What is it with you guys. Look the O's got new uniforms last year and new caps the year before. If they get someone for 3b, then you will want them to get someone for 1b and maybe a big bat for DH. Get with the program. The O's are a hobby for Peter Angelos and it makes him a few bucks. We have announcers that can't announce and just the right number of players that can't play. Just the right mix to get those Red Sox and Yankee fans to Camden Yards.If the O's were more competetive we would not get them. That's 45,000 fans .. X 9 X 2'= 810,000 --That's $20m plus.

It would only make sense if they sign Miggy. I cant imagine any excitement being generated by Joe Crede signing. Why they are even interested in a guy who is less durable than David Segui and when he is actually on the field isnt much of an upgrade to what they already have on the roster.

Can't wait until Pujols is a free agent and everyone complains the O's don't sign him for $450mil/10yrs.

Aside from not mentioning Joe Crede, I did bring up their need for additional relief pitching.... anyone want to constructively add to that?

Can an MLB team be eliminated from playoff contention before the season even starts? Yep. Fans here have seen this BS over and over and the Orioles FO has the nerve this season to increase ticket prices to whore off the Sox and Yanks while not fielding a decent product to entertain Baltimore. This team is a joke. I loved the pre Peter Angelos Orioles but the moment he assumed ownership the team died. I would rather root for any other team in MLB that tries to win and give their fans a true MLB experience.

I recall going to (1991 - I think) Fanfest with my brother and hearing Roland Hemond talk about the Glenn Davis trade during one of the Front Office and Fan Q&A Sessions.

Now that's the kind of news we don't need at FanFest! Worst part is I thought it was a good move.

I think it is highly unlikely that Bedard will sign with anyone before the Spring Training since he will not be able to pitch before June. I thought the Os would sign Hendrickson as a swingman until the younger pitchers gain more experience at the MLB and AAA levels. But I'd rather see them sign Bedard over Tejeda because Bedard would be more valuable to the team over the next 2 - 3 years.

gotta say, wayne's 7:13 post is so dead on.

the FO has been talking about 'in 2 years' since 2003... doesn't matter who the GM is... the o's will never contend again under Greedy Petey's ownership. it sucks. but it is reality.

Joe Mauer (28)
Lance Berkman (35) - $15MM club option with a $2MM buyout
Adam Dunn (31)
Derrek Lee (35)
Carlos Pena (33)
Albert Pujols (31) - $16MM club option with a $5MM buyout
Carl Crawford (29)
Jayson Werth (32)
David Ortiz (35) - $12.5MM club option

Josh Beckett (31)
Justin Duchscherer (33)
Matt Cain (26) - $6.25MM vesting option
Rich Harden (29) - $11MM mutual option with $1MM buyout
Cliff Lee (32)
Ted Lilly (35)
Jamie Moyer (48)
Javier Vazquez (34)
Brandon Webb (32)

That list sure beats the hell out of Holliday, Bay, Figgins, Piniero and Lackey. Maybe MacPhail didn't sign Holliday for 20 mil per so he could focus on the boom 2011 FA class? Can't sign Mauer, Beckett and Crawford when you are stuck with Holliday and his 27 HRs.

ps... kidding about Moyer.

Whether it's Crede or Tejada or Holliday or Halladay or Pujols or ARod or anybody, signing a free agent is mostly a crap shoot. There is NO WAY TO KNOW how a player will perform in a new environment. I remember the day the Glenn Davis trade went down; I was in a small sporting goods store here in Greeley, Colorado where Greeley native (and now Rockies bench coach) Tom Runnels worked in the off season. Runnels was then managing the Expos. I asked him what he thought of Davis. He said that without a doubt, the Orioles had the major coup of the offseason, that they had signed the best hitter in the bigs, that Davis could absolutely carry a team on his back for a month at a time. That's from a very knowledgeable baseball man who had no reason to "spin" the trade in any direction. We all know how that turned out. In other sports, remember that Ralph Sampson was going to lead whatever NBA team drafted him to multiple championships, that Tony Mandarich was going to be the greatest offensive lineman in history, and that Todd Marinovich was going to be a Hall-of-Fame QB in the NFL.

sham - so what about tex??? couldn't sign him 'cause we were too cheap to make a real offer. why will it be any different with the next crop of top FA's?

SHAMROCK, there's NO POSSIBLE WAY to defend AM and Angelos.

They've run the team into the ground and are well on their way to undoing the fine work Joe Jordan has done to build the farm system.

The Hobgood draft choice last year was abysmal and was, without a doubt,MacPhail's doing.

When Bryce Harper falls to #3, AM will make every excuse in the book to not draft him.

Your high-and-mighty act is wearing a little thin.

they were in the process of blowing up the franchise when Tex was a free agent. MacPhail has signed plenty of Free Agents and made plenty of deals (see Cubs, Chicago)

plus HE WANTED TO PLAY FOR THE YANKEES!!!! Donny Baseball was his hero and he won his ring THE FIRST YEAR HE WAS THERE! With the O's, a WS was a minimum of 4 years away.

This isn't xbox, you dont click a button and complete a trade or signing to fill out your roster.

Next mindless comment????

that's not the point. point is we didn't make a real offer. if we weren't willing to overpay for a local hero, who will we make a serious bid for?

oh... and that whole Donnie Baseball crap, was, well a SHAM! He took the most money. sheesh. we tried to get him on the cheap. it's the O's MO. throw out a ridiculous offer, that will never be considered, and wham, 'but, we tried'...

c'mon folks, let's curtail some of that positive energy. Can someone please make some negative comments about any part of the Orioles? This lovefest is making me sick.
Hal W, I would like to know how they are 'well on their way" to undoing Joe Jordan's work. Don't you think if they wanted to undo it they would have fired him? What is your evidence that last yrs pick was AM's doing? I don't mind your critique, but when you say stuff like 'no doubt', well, back it up. Oh that's right, it's a blog so we can all be Rush Limbaugh and state our opinion as fact.
I'll give you that PA has run the team into the ground, but it was pretty well grounded before AM got here.
One day they call the draft a crapshoot, the next day it's a sure thing...go figure.
This Tex bs is way out of control. If he stood in front of you and yelled in your face that no way in hell was he going to play in Baltimore, would that do it for you? I bet not. Same crap, different day.
Tex this, tex that. Why does anyone think that more Oriole money was gonna get him here? The Yanks had 3 players they wanted, and they got all 3, and come hell or high water or 30m for Tex, he was gonna be a Yankee. Get a grip.

Hal W (does the W stand for Wayne?)

You can defend any argument. "The Orioles have had the best intentions over the past 12 years, however their actions have simply not produced results." "The Hobgood pick was kind of a goofy selection as it seemed there were better players available" "MacPhail may pass on Harper because he's only 17 and Scott Boras will want twice what he got for Strasburg all because of a neato Youtube clip and ESPN article" All defendable arguments.

I'm not high and mighty. I am rational and sensible. I like to talk baseball and not get worked up over crazy myths about a baseball team owner losing on purpose to rape fans. Thats not talking baseball, thats silly useless emotional gossip about a baseball team. Why get so worked up?

If you all hate the way the team is owned/managed, why to you care to follow? Angelos/MacPhail are not listening to your demands, nor will they leave town.

and... finally... as i stated above - doesn't matter who is in the front office, so long as Peter owns the team. yeah, hoorah, AM made deals & signed FAs with the Cubs. Who has he signed for the Os??? Eaton? Hendrickson? Atkins? man, exciting.

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the whole point about tex is simply that he could have meant more to the o's than to any other team. and we made a pathetic offer. yeah, maybe he would have still flipped us the bird.

but, if the o's couldn't dig deep to make him a real offer, who do you think they will be willing to do it for? can anyone tell me that? based on history, the only indicator we can look to, the answer is... NO ONE.

yeah, yeah, i know, no one has a crystal ball so the question is just 'mindless babble.'


I did leave town in a figurative sense, as are numerous corporate season ticket holders. I turned in a full sesaon 6 seat lower box plan that I held for over 25 years for a 15 game 2 seat plan. Some **shole above suggested that if we didn't like it lump it so I lumped it. Bite me you jerk. Your paycheck depends on chumps like me.

See ya at the yard. I'll be watching on TV this year. I know you won't miss my measly $,4,000 but it all adds up.

I cannot believe that an NHL Jersey Woman is selling for only 30 bucks. Does not say a lot about Jersey women.
Nice post, Though it did lack the Oriole beat-down to which we've grown accustomed, you do make some excellent points about those Nike shox, and the variety of hoodies is unmatched. All in all, nice effort!


i was told the other day there was a rumor on the mlb tv channel that the orioles were thinking about jim edmands. sid thryft is still alive and well. i guess that is the only kind of deals am can make these days

Gil, you're not calling Wayne a chump because he holds on to his tickets because he doesn't want any corporate type to get them, although after what you just said, it does not seem like the corporate types are in the market for O's season tickets, now are you?

Just asking.


I'm curious if you could tell me about all this Joe Crede talk. Has McPhail mentioned his name to you or other reporters as someone he is pursuing or would like to pursue. I keep seeing his name in your blog and Roch's.

I just don't get why there would be any interest in him at all. I've grown to really trust McPhail as a good evaluater of talent and I can't see how anyone in the front office thinks that Crede can bring anything positive to the Baltimore Orioles.

I hope all the Crede talk is specualtion or just misdirection on McPhail's part which he's been known to do.

Thanks Pete.

prediction: o's will sign John Deutschendorf next year.

Why doesn't the city who was willing to take the Colts from Irsay, not take the O's from the crusty old Tyrant Peter Angelos?

leonard with a small l who misspelled edmunds as edmands, I was told the other day by someone who knows a big time rumour-spreader that the O's were bringing Dreifort and Knoblauch and Steve Sax to camp to try and resurrect their careers. I heard Edmunds was a done deal, signed for 3 yrs/15m because the O's have no outfielders and have been trying to add a hobbled 40 yr old CF. Also, a 25m offer to Randy Johnson is on the table.
Jose Offerman will be signed tomorrow to bring some real fight to the team.
If this is true....we must be getting our info from the same person!!!Imagine that...

Maybe we could ship them to Indy, anonymous, and then, 12 years later, we can get the Indians to come here. Only we'll call them the Stalliions, and 4 years after that they can win the WS!!! Now that might actually be a quicker path to a title than The Plan.

Maybe we could ship them to Indy, anonymous, and then, 12 years later, we can get the Indians to come here. Only we'll call them the Stalliions, and 4 years after that they can win the WS!!! Now that might actually be a quicker path to a title than The Plan.

Well Ankiel is off the table. He would have been perfect - could have pitched and played the field - a real bargain. Wake up, Andy!

This is addressed to wayne and his followers, especially, hal w, who made the singularly most stupid comment out of all the stupid comments made on this particular blog.

"SHAMROCK, there's NO POSSIBLE WAY to defend AM and Angelos.

They've run the team into the ground and are well on their way to undoing the fine work Joe Jordan has done to build the farm system.

The Hobgood draft choice last year was abysmal and was, without a doubt,MacPhail's doing.

When Bryce Harper falls to #3, AM will make every excuse in the book to not draft him.

Your high-and-mighty act is wearing a little thin."

I know that was aimed at SHAMROCK and I know SHAMROCK does not need me to defend him. But it was just so ridiculous it needs to be addressed.

What in the Lord's name do you mean AM has run the team into the ground? And how can you say he has undone the fine work of Joe Jordan? Are you nuts????

The farm system has never been in better shape than it is right now and it is mostly MacPhail's doing. The Bedard, Tejada, Sherrill, and Ramon Hernandez trades have rebuilt the system and supplied it with blue chip prospects. His astute drafting the past two years has left the Orioles with a potential number one starter, a number of other high ceiling players and more organizational depth than there's been since the days of Frank Cashen and Harry Dalton. There isn't a team in baseball that wouldn't want to have the
Orioles youngsters.

And you are ready to throw out people like Hobgood, a superior talent who doesn't even turn 19 until August and I am sure you would include Billy Rowell, another first round pick who has had a rough go of it at the age of 20. Must be something to be told you are washed up and you are not yet out of your teens.

Even if those two do not pan out, there's still guys like Givens, Joseph, Widlansky, Miclat, Zagone, et al. If Harper does fall to three, you can bet your bottom dollar that MacPhail will indeed draft him and sign him, because that's been his history since he's been here.

You know, it's not the almost constant negativity and self-righteousness that galls me, it's the almost criminal lack of baseball knowledge. People are going to be negative, that's the way we are. As a college baseball umpire and high school football and basketball ref, I know "fans" always think they know more than the people involved in the game In this case, it is so apparent that wayne and his ilk have no clue, not one.

I'm sorry, wayne my boy, I have tried over and over again to give you the benefit of the doubt, but no more. You just don't get it.

You think that just because the past 12 years have been horrible that the next 12 will be. So many of you keep bringing up things done in 2001 or 03 or 05. This is a new administration, people, don't you get it? Yeah, Angelos is still there, but he's the one that hired the new administration. PA has put out money in the past and will do so again, he has said so.

One guy regularly lists the Orioles W/L since 1999. Who cares? It's over and done with. It's a new day.

MacPahil has worked hard to bring this organizations depth up to major league standards, do you expect him to just forget about all the young talent he has assembled? The kids need to be given time to develop and yes, they will take their lumps but they are young and hungry and enthusiastic and deserving of our support. But so many of you have already consigned them to the trash bin of history. And that is sickening.


Pray tell, what is a pratel?????

I am a retired journalist, but I've never heard that word. Enlighten me, as you have educated everyone on this blog with your baseball knowledge.




So you think they would have the balls to showcase Crede at FanFarce? Are even the Orioles that dumb?
Posted by: wayne | January 21, 2010 5:06 PM

Why don't you tell us is they do, since you're going despite all your crying.

They may be on the clock. But they can't expect us to take their decade-plus rof schlock. Management has been in hibernation for most of the off-season, while the competition has been storing up riches. Camden Yards is about to become the summer home for fans of the two teams we former O's fans hate the most.

They may be on the clock. I'm not taking any more of their schlock. They're not serious about fielding a competitive team. So we're nto serious about being fans.

Tejada will play 155 or so games, will hit .300, hit 15 to 20 HRs, and drive in 80 RBIs while playing a consistent 3rd base. It's a no brainer.

I don't see us passing on Bryce Harper if he is available. Coming out of high school, he is the best position prospect on the board. The only way he falls to us if the teams in front take pitchers. With the pitching talent we already have, we can afford to go with a position prospect. The only downside is that this guy could make his way up very quickly and that could pose a potential with Matt Weiters. If anything, it is a problem worth facing. I am not sure how good he is defensively, but the kid can definitely hit with power and is a lefty to boot. I found a highlight video on youtube... take a look at his power. I don't see how AM passes on him if he is still available. He will deservingly demand BIG money.


Hi Jim, I'm not sure I understood your question. There are plenty of good seats available for season ticket plans, just check with the Orioles. More are opening up all the team as tens of thousands of new fans are dressing up as empty seats.

Pete any chance the talk of signing a 3rd baseman is a ploy to throw everyone of the true course. Maybe AM could be really looking to sign a SP someone like Jon Garland? He could then season the Young pitchers out of the bullpen or Norfolk? Another pitcher would take the load off Guthrie and give us a chance to improve by 10 to 15 more wins than we will get this year with the current pitching staff. Plus ifit were to be someone who the youngster could learn off of and we were not in any race come Aug we could trade them to a contender. Any thoughts on the team getting another opening day starter?????

The whinners prove just what little they know about baseball by constantly crying about the last 12 yrs.

The problems here started well over 20yrs ago during Eli Jacobs reign and even before.

The Angelos Clan deserves almost every thing said about them here, but the biggest sin of all was not fixing a broken player development system that had been destroyed before they bought the team.

The O's player development used to be the best in baseball, but for nearly 20 yrs. it has been almost devoid of legitimate prospects. The legit prospects that they had, they threw in as "give me's" in bad trades for washed up vets. The O's scouting was so bad they didn't even know when they had a prospect in their own system. Guys like Werth were given up for peanuts.

Scouting isn't just for drafting and signing players, an organization should be constantly scouting other teams and looking at their prospects for trades.
Getting Hoiles as a throw in for Fred Lynn is the kind of deal a good scouting dept. can pull off.

McPhail has made a marked improvement in the O's scouting. The two major trades that he's pulled netted quite a haul of players from Bedard and Miggy. Right now both guys are on the market without a taker.

If Jones was a FA, how long would it take for him to get scooped up? Or, Scott? And Andy's got a fist full of prospects from those two deals ready to help the club in the next few years.

And how about getting Turner and Waring for Hernandez? Turner's a solid AAA second and third baseman, Waring's the O's minor league player of the year. Crow gets some time to work with that kid, he could be special. And Turner's going to find his way to the majors somewhere.

Those kind of deals take scouting. If you want to debate facts. Debate the O's scouting and player development now vs. pre McPhail.

The O's got in this serious mess by ignoring scouting and player development and randomly signing FA's . But this winter all I've read on this site is sign this guy, then that guy, make an offer, be contenders to sign everybody and anybody, do something!!!
Appeasing the vocal fans has led to this continued mess, I'm glad McPhail isn't managing this team to satisfy the blogs and talk radio.

Meanwhile teams like the Twins, Marlins, and Rays are contending by growing talent through their minors.

Three ways to jump start filling your minor legues with talent. (1)Scout potential trade partners very well and dump vets for packages that include real prospects.(2) Draft High Schoolers that seem commited to college and have slipped in the draft, and then offer above slot bonuses to sign them. (3) Lose, to manuver your team into getting a few years of top 5 picks where the blue chippers like Weiters are. any's done all three.

What the O's have yet to do is spend major money signing International players. The O's still lag behind some other organizations in their ability to find and sign, top talent from around the world. That's an area where Andy still needs to work at improving.

It's brutal folks, but losing big has been part of the plan. There was more then one reason for shutting down the O's young pitchers last fall. This spring's draft is as important as FA season to the O's. There's some real talent at the top of this draft.

Right now the O's are looking hard at the guys that are just seaching for a contract anywhere, and hoping to find a peice that fits. There's a few guys out there that could help this year's club, but McPhail's probably looking harder at how the 2011-2012 pcs. will fit.

It would be nice to find a bat that will be around to help the next couple of years. Miggy won't be real old for a DH by then, he could man 3rd this yr. til Bell comes up, and be available to spot start against tough matchups until Bell improves from the right side. Then he could platoon at DH with Scott.

Sign Miggy, maybe Bedard and call it a winter. 4 to 5 solid players and not giving up solid prospect or draft pick. That's a very solid winter...

WAKEUP EVERYBODY! McPhail has made all of his moves for 2010. We will have what we've got. The only way another infielder or pitcher will be signed, is if Sheets,Garland,Tejada,or Crede's agent calls McPhail and begs to play for a minor league contract. McPhail is done for 2010 !!


Mountain fan's filibuster validated your prediction that by June people on the board would be talking about 2011. Hell, he's talking about 2012 already.

Can 2013 be far behind?

Wayne, my friend, you are a prophet. Expectations for winning are now lower than a limbo bar.

mountain man

the tigers went from 120 losses to the WS in 3 yrs and they were even worse off than the Orioles when macfail took over, so spare us the lectures about how it really takes 20 yrs to fix the Os. The major difference is that they knew elite talent wouldnt come to Detroit unless they overpaid, so thats what they did

The O's are where they are becuase thats where they wanna be. Keep payrol low enough to keep profits up and hopefully fool enough ppl into thinking its "rebuilding"

When we're still losing in 2014 maybe the apologists will catch on by then

Get ready for the worst attendance in the history of camden yards

Somebody actually posted on this blog to blame Eli Jacobs for the O's trouble? wayne might be on to something about the outhosers

Im tired of hearing how the Os have tried FA b4 when its total bunk. They've gottne plenty of mediocre FA's like Cordova, Dall, Segui,Itzuris, Wiggington etc but they havent gottne the best FA available since the 90's

tex will be a good fit when his contract is up in 2016... we may be on the verge of contention by then.


U claim that macphail has signed "plenty of FA's in CHicago"


The biggest FA i can find is 4/30 for Todd Hundley

I don't care what half of these comments say. But it is just good to see that so many people, whether positive or negative, still have a strong passion for the O's. And this will only increase as the team gets better (and they will!!)

prediction: o's will sign John Deutschendorf next year.
Posted by: jayne | January 22, 2010 12:07 AM
For John's Avatar to permanently sing "Thank God I'm A Country Boy" during the 7th Inning Stretch.

CNC Orioles Fan,

Hi Jayne,

The Yankees or Red Sox will sign him to sing. He will be too expensive for Angelos. :)

CNC Orioles Fan:
John Denver's dead, but he would fit right in at the whorehouse. Forget the avatar; bring Denver aboard. He couldn't do any worse....and he could make the same amount of progress that the current FO is making. The status quo would be better than the W-L regression we're experiencing.

I'm confused. I've seen references to the Orioles FO. Does FO stand for "front office"? Because I've heard other words associated with FO.

the FO is populated by FOs.

Pete Pete Pete Pete Pete….. The Orioles have been on the clock so long the clock needs a new battery.. Change out Angelos and GTFO the clock for god’s sake man!!

I've worked my whole life at the post office and therefore have naturally grown to hate long lines and raising ticket prices on a 64-98 team should pretty much eliminate them at Camden Yards. See, a positive take! If the O's sign Crede they're greedy. Does that rhyme? Damn it......TRADE FOR AG.



Thanks my man! I'm certainly no prophet though. Figuring out who and what the Orioles have become, along with their warehouser types, is certainly not rocket science.

As the season gets closer Gil, the warehousers will be posting like crazy. I've been made aware that some posters go by as many as 10 names. This is seriously what the Orioles have become Gil. And they call us names?

Of course they'll start talking about 2012, then 13 & 14 Gil. Why? Because they have nothing else. Last year was a disaster. WIll this year be similar? Likely! But even the warehousers won't be able to celebrate 73 wins. Deep down, they already know how ridiculous they appear.

So they go to years down the road.... Just like they did prior to AM, and just like they've done since AM.

I mean look at one of the quotes above 'the orioles have had the best intentions the past 12 years'. I mean someone actually typed that Gil! Even other warehousers had to cringe when they saw that. It's actually pretty funny.

So when they sign Crede, officially giving the O's the most pathetic corners in the history of the organization, you'll get the same ole spin. It'll never end!

With all that said...... Enjoy FanFest with your son Gil. It's a good way to spend a winter day in Baltimore. Your son may not be an O's fan, but he's a baseball fan and there will be plenty of things that will grab his attention.

Me, I love the memorabilia section. I'm sure there will be a few Arod items your son will be hoping to take home.

I choose to enjoy FanFest because it reminds me of baseball. Even though the organization will be promoting the 'kids' for the 13th year in a row, I've learned to look past such and just enjoy the pure baseball aspect of the day.

In conjunction with unveiling higher, and more ridiculous prices to see a pathetic excuse for a major league team, the Orioles have renamed tomorrow's event "FanFleece".

you all done congratulating each other? How about one big group hug picture for the scrapbook.
Pretty please?

Gil, to answer your question- Rush, in one of his posts said that he didn't want to give up his season tickets because they were good seats and some corporate type might snatch them up. It was probably easy to miss, mixed in with all of the other bs he was chucking around.

Peter,I'm surprise that the Sun has not mentioned the passing of Curt Mutton (a real
good ballplayer and an even better human beingn). This sad event happened


Anyhing nice to say about the Jets this weekend? ;-) ;-)

Wayne, what are you smoking? Whatever it is, put it down. You might want to think about what you are saying. First of all, no one is waiting for anything beyond this season. The "kids" as you put it, are already here. Did you not notice how many rookies played last season? Did you forget that they all were shut down by the end of the year? Maybe you forgot that we had 5 pitchers make their major league debut. Does Bergensen, Hernandez, Burken, Matusz, or Tillman ring a bell? Did you forget we also had 3 other position players make their major league debut in Reimold, Weiters, and Montanez?

Let me ask you this, Wayne, who would you have liked to see the O's sign this off season? This has been one of the weakest free agent classes in a long time, Wayne. You really think Holliday is worth $120 million? You think Bay was worth the money, Wayne? Even if we signed them, what would you do with Reimold, Wayne? You think those players are going to be that much more productive, Wayne?

Just by starting the season with Bergensen, Matusz, and Tillman in the rotation instead of Hill, Eaton, and Hendrickson, we should win at least 10 more games WITHOUT them even improving. I will make a bet with you, Wayne. Put your money where your mouth is. The O's have had the worst ERA in baseball for several years now. I bet you that their ERA improves to the middle of the pack and that will bring us to .500, if not better. You want to bet, Wayne? You think you are a baseball genius, Wayne. The sad truth is you are sick. Go get some help, Wayne. You will never man up if the O's become a winner again. You want them to be bad and you want everyone to be sick, just like you.

Rush says: As the season gets closer Gil, the warehousers will be posting like crazy. I've been made aware that some posters go by as many as 10 names. This is seriously what the Orioles have become Gil. And they call us names?

Wayne, you can stop posting anytime you wish. You've been dubbed The Most Self-Important Blogger In the World. Enjoy the award.


Even I didn't expect the spin about 2011 and 2012 to start before the first pitch was thrown this year. If one or two of these kids blow their arms out this is going to look like a Triple A roster by August.

Remember, the team is still recovering from the Eli Jacobs era.

Frank -

I know you're addressing wayne, but I felt the need to respond...

Nolan Reimold is coming off an Achilles injury/surgery. He was great in about 350 big league at bats, but that's all the big league experience he has.

Here are some numbers on Holliday and Bay:

Holliday Career: .318/.387/.545, 25 hr per season
Holliday '06-'09: .325/.399/.563, 30 hr per season

Bay Career: .280/.376/.519, 26 hr per season
Bay '06-'09: .272/.371/.503, 31 hr per season

So, honestly, who would you rather have? A left fielder who might hit 25-30 home runs or a guy who will hit 25-30 home runs?

And signing Holliday or Bay would have killed a bunch of birds with one stone:

1. That pesky cleanup hitter problem we've had for years? Solved.

2. Instantly makes the O's relevant when it comes to future free agents.

3. Shows the fans that the team is serious about putting a winning ballclub on the field.

And probably more...

Oh, and would we have done with Reimold if we could have signed Holliday or Bay? That's easy as well:

1. Trade Scott for bullpen help.

2. Put Reimold at DH.

3. See how Reimold performs. If he's good, keep him at DH. Then you've got a good left fielder and a good DH. Or you can include him in a trade for a first baseman. If he's not very good, well, aren't you glad we signed Holliday/Bay?

Everyone: Quit it with the "What do we do with [insert prospect's name here] if we sign [insert good free agent's name here]" bit. Since when is it a bad thing to have more good players?

Not Brooks,

No, I would not want to sign either of them for that kind of money. As you put it, we will find out if Reimold can hit 25 to 30 HR's with a full season and being injury free. He played hurt all last year and played through it. He is 100% healthy now from what I have heard. Given a full season injury free, I think he will do it. Why would you want to sign those guys to huge contracts when we will see what he can do this year. There is no more waiting around. The "kids" are here and they will be starting the season with the O's. I do agree that we need a big bat, but I would rather spend the money on someone who could potentially put up 40 HR's such as AG. You also can't forget that Scott put up over 25 HR's last season. He has been very productive since coming here. I don't see why we would need to trade him for bullpen help. I think our bullpen will be much improved over a year ago. When the starters can go deeper into games, the bullpen will not be overworked and that will make a big difference. It is the pitching that has been our problem, not the hitting.

They're not coming here. Time to move on. Someone even complained about not signing Ankiel? C'mon now. This is simply silly.
Somebody list all of the players over the last 3 years that didn't sign here. Put a little comment/complaint. Then we can reference that post:
Joe Blow, in his 10: 32 post on 1/20/, the year of 2010 said...

I'd be happy if we could figure out the secret to unleashing Luke Scott's power.

If only we could bottle hiss hot streaks in liquid form, we could let him drink before every Sox & Yanks series.

Or maybe there's some power in his beard...

Release the beards!

Angelos = forever rebuilding

Frank -

That's the difference between us.

You're willing to wait and see how each and every prospect pans out.

I think that Andy should be adding proven major league talent to complement the kids.

I think that your plan is going to result in another several years of waiting for kids to pan out.

You think my plan is going to result in wasting money on players who may not be much better than the cheap kids we already have.

Blah blah blah...

(As you can all tell, I'm getting extremely sick and tired of the back and forth that goes on here...)

Wayne is right on one thing. There is NO WAY the O's youngsters can win. It just never happens. Top young talent can't win anything. Proven fact. Period.

Wayne, you've made me see the light.

AM should trade Matuz for Moyer. Riemold for Milton Bradley. Tillman for Pavano. Markakis for Veron Wells. Roberts for Uggla. Weiters for Molina (anyone of them...they're all winners and cost plenty). Jones for Jim Edmonds. Bergsen for Randy Wolf. Then the O's would contented. With a bunch of "winners" and money spent the O's are obviously better suited to Win in the AL East.

If only Andy cared, he'd realize that "potential" is not a sure thing...but Matt Holiday...Championship.

(excuse the dripping sarcasm....I'm gonna need a bib)

and who said the O's are selling "youth" for 12th season in a row? Really? maybe you meant 12 month in a row....cause there's never been the youth movement in O's like this year.

not brooks,

couldn't have said it better myself.

Potato. Patoto.


the you tube video of Harper was pretty cool though.

Not Brooks-

Wrong again. I did not say let's wait and see how every prospect pans out. I said they are already here. The only difference between us is that my expectations are higher than yours. I think Reimold will hit 25-30 HR's next season, Weiters will hit at least 20 HR's, Bergensen will be the true ace and win 15 games. Matusz will make a serious run at ROY, and I think Tillman will continuously improve as the season progresses.

The only prospects who are a "wait and see" are Bell, Snyder, Waring, Arrieta, Erbe, Britton, Joseph, et al. The list goes on. Those players are not here yet. The ones I listed above are here now. We all know next season's free agent class is MUCH better than this season. I think we will be more competitive than you believe. You can think what you want. Just admit you are wrong when the O's surprise you and do better than you predict.

cheers to not brooks... finally, someone who makes sense. (and does it w/o provoking the revulsion so many have for wayne).

Well, at least we don't have any of our top prospects deciding on a career change. Grant Desme, one of the A's top OF prospects, who just tore up the Arizona Fall League, just decided to leave baseball to enter the priesthood.

Frank -

The prospects are already here, but we still have no idea what any of them are going to amount to.

The fact that you're using the word "will" for all of these guys is just plain ridiculous. Suppose pitchers continue to exploit Reimold's biggest weakness (high heat)? Suppose Weiters' minor league power doesn't translate and he turns out to be a high average, modest power type of hitter? Suppose the league adjusts to Bergesen and he gets smacked around a bit and loses his confidence? Suppose Matusz gets hurt? Suppose Tillman flops?

Even Adam Jones is still a mystery at this point because of his injuries. Can he be the stud defender with 30 home run pop that some scouts projected? Or will injuries limit his playing time and potential, slowing him in the field and keeping his power in check?

All of those guys are "wait and see" guys, as we have absolutely no idea what they can do over the course of a 162 game season. Sure, they guys you listed are "here", but what does that mean? The only reason they're here is because this team has been so pathetic at the big league level for the past several seasons. The only young players that really earned their way to the show were Matusz and Weiters. The rest of them are here by default.

And, by the way, I've already said that this team could "surprise the heck out of the American League" (look back in Pete's posts, it's there somewhere...). If all of the guys who came up last year put it all together, the 2010 O's could be a .500 team. But I know that the odds of that happening are extremely long. Not because of a lack of talent, but because of a lack of experience and big league track record.


I posted a reply but the blog site went down so I don't want to be redundant in case it appears. To recap, you know what I think, I know what you think, and nothing etiher of us thinks or writes is going to change either of our minds....or have any effect on anything that Angelos or Macphail does.

So our only option is to praise "The Plan" or bitch about Angelos and Macphail.

Not Brooks has posted "Prove me wrong Andy!" so many times since October he has developed carpal tunnel syndrome.

not brooks & Gil -

Hey, you're state of mind sounds familiar. I was there last week. Remember?

Hopefully something happens soon that we can all yell at each other about again.

Too bad we never got to 500 on that one post.

In baseball you just can't win unless you have solid scouting.

Without solid scouting you sign FA "names" without knowing what warts they really have. The O's have done a lot of that over the last 20 yrs.

Meanwhile former O's player development people and scouts left here and spread all over baseball. A lot of them went on to run other successful teams. You can't rebuild a team without rebuilding the scouting dept.

That's step one, has Andy done it, or not?

Step two is restocking the minors, I've said they need at least one to two more drafts to get the minor leagues stocked to the point that there is a quality product at all levels. And they can advance players up a winning ladder, not going from one town to the next playing losing ball.

I take in some games at Bowie and Frederick every year just to watch the kids. There's some promising talent down there these days, could say that a few years back.

I never said the O's were writing off 2010, they wrote off 2009 to get another draft as a top 5 team. This year I'd expect the goal to be .500, if Trembly can't produce it he should be gone.

2011 & 2012 the O's could and should compete at least for the wild card.

And I'm glad somebody brought up the Detroit Tigers, isn't that the same Detroit Tigers that were dumping contracts left and right this winter? The same team that baseball writers every where are saying that blew it by handing out over market deals that they couldn't afford to pay?

The O's are to follow that plan to rebuild and compete? Now that's a plan!

With all of these rosey projections, Im going to go out on a limb and say ppl arent familiar with the term " sophomore slump "


Boy, are you ever right. I just wish Macphail would hurry up and sign Crede so we would have something new to rip him for.

The tigers are dumping contracts because of the economy. Maybe you heard there's some industry there.. I think that they might have been doing so poorly that there was a :bailout Nice try though. Beisdes, theyve been playing COMPETITIVE baseball the whole time too

Tell me mountain man, why didnt the Os sign Sano ? He plays a position of need where we have no viable propsects

If you're going to rebiuld from within, you should get intl players too.

Oh but we didnt want to compete with the high dollar, free spending twins

IF youre going to build from within, u cant blow your #!1 draft picks like the Os did this yr taking Hobgood because he was more "signable"

Keep the excuses coming though bf, i mean mountain man

The funny thing about an announcement perhaps being forthcoming for FanFest with a possible "Miggy" signing is I seem to remember when the Orioles signed "Miggy" the last time, he couldn't make FanFest because he was playing ball for the Sandlot Islands or whomever.

"Are Orioles on the clock?"

I'm not even sure the Orioles are on the calendar!

The O's took Hobgood because Joe Jordan liked him. That's it. And considering Joe Jordan's track record, I think he's earned the right to take whomever he damn well wants to take. The two years prior to last, the O's paid top dollar for Wieters and Matusz, so you can take that "signability" argument and stuff it up your crack.

I'd agree that the O's should have been in more on Sano, but you can't overlook that they also had just signed Gyvens at SS, who is similar in age and was also projected as 1st round talent. To say they have nothing in the minors at SS is misleading when Gyvens and Sano aren't that different. If Sano was the end all be all as far as SSs go, don't you think more teams would have been in on him? Like the Red Sox maybe?

And the Tigers have been bleeding out the butt for a couple of years now thanks to some crazy contracts. Go back and look at your profitability data, jason. Check where the Tigers rank. Was losing that much money worth tanking at the end of the season? Was overpaying Maglio Ordonez $19 million worth his 9 HRs and 50 RBI last year? Was $10 million for Dontrelle Willis' one win a good buy? How about paying Nate Robertson $7 million to put up a 5.44 ERA in middle relief?

Detroit gave out a lot of bad contracts to get that World Series appearance and now their team is pretty much in shambles again. And their farm is producing jack. If they were fiscally responsible, they would have gotten more than pennies on the dollar for Granderson & Jackson.


I love the ole 'we're already better because we've replaced guys like Eaton, Hill, etc'. You guys make it so easy.....

Again, who brought in those stiffs last year? I keep forgetting!

When you put a 'team' together that is a 'disaster' guys. like 2009 was, of course the following year will automatically look better. It's called getting 'duped' or 'snowed', which is what they did to you.

Now, Paulie....... I can't tell, but you were serious? There's never been a youth movement during the past 12 years? No 'come watch the kids play' and no 'come see the baby birds'? Nothing like that? Ohhhhh, you said 'not like this year'. Lol, ok, got it!

Warehousers...... No one is saying the O's don't have some quality young position players as well as arms. All teams that lose year after year have such. The O's just have a few more than they've had in the past, that's all.

Two of these players were Complete surprises to AM last year. Bergesen and Reimold came onto the scene, and are both players AM had Nothing to do with. Let's just see how both (each coming off of serious injury's) perform in 2010 before getting too excited.

As for the young arms, no one has any idea how they'll perform this year. We can hope for the best, but do you know how many bad teams have hopeful young arms in their system? They're just names of young talent guys, developing on the major league roster. For now they're just names..... Nothing more!

Instead of surrounding the 'kids' with proven talent, allowing the youngsters to develop without having all the pressure placed on them, AM has again taken the CHEAP way out. CHEAP = 26 of 30 in payroll guys, no matter how you spin it.

And as for the 'who would you have taken in the FA market this year'? Come on guys, are you serious? No, I wouldn't have taken Bay due to health issues....... but no one guys?

Oh, that's right.... No one out there's as good as the guys we have. Never are, because our prospects are legit. Lol... if you only read press clippings from other cities saying the exact same thing.

So enjoy your 'It's not about this year' theme guys. One would think you'd get tired of saying that, but I guess not! After all, losing is all you know and it's what you strive for. I mean what would you guys have if you couldn't say 'we have a plan in place'? My goodness..... what would you do?

Ok, now talk among yourselves warehousers. Spin away....... After all, you're representing!

Do so proudly!

"This is a new administration, people, don't you get it? Yeah, Angelos is still there, but he's the one that hired the new administration. PA has put out money in the past and will do so again, he has said so."

It's the same administration until the team competes. I don't mean break .500. That's for chumps who want to feel good about not being the Pirates.

If the youth pans out, this team has a shot at being decent. In the meanwhile payroll is low so Angelos can make money. It's the best of both worlds. Sell hope for 'next year' and make money due to reduced costs.

Let's assume the O's youngsters mostly pan out. The O's will be in a position where they'll need key acquisitions. Both a bat and a pitcher to compete in the AL East. They'll also need to lock up some more key players (e.g. Jones). We have to take it on faith that the O's will do so. If there's one thing the O's don't deserve, it's the benefit of the doubt. They've earned our skepticism in spades.

Bottom line is, put that winner in the AL East on the field and shut up the naysayers. Problem for 2010 is we'll have to wait until 2011 to see if the O's really intend to compete. It could certainly happen, but in the meanwhile talk is cheap.

Man - some of you guys really like sucking the fun out of good baseball talk.


How can you confuse Orioles baseball talk with good baseball talk?


Are you going to put your money where your mouth is? Also, Reimold and Bergensen are not coming off serious injuries. Are you serious? Reimold played hurt all last season. He could have kept going, but he had the surgery so he would be 100% healthy the beginning of the year. His injury will not be an issue. Bergense had a shin contusion. How is that serious? Did he blow out his arm? He, too, is 100% healthy now. Nice try though. Both of those players will put up good numbers this season.

By the way, the only reason we signed Eaton, Hill, etc. was to give the rookies some time to come up later in the season. Guess what? They made it and showed great improvement towards the end. I can only imagine what they will do starting the season opening day. You need to get yourself some prozac.


It's happening. dedalius is now talking 2011, which would be Macphail's 6th year on the job'' to see if they even intend to comptete.

I'll bet you a 2012 and raise you a 2013.

2011 is the completion of the 4th year. 2007 is a bonus since he got here in August (and saved Matt Weiters from playing Independant League ball)

Frank -

Are you serious?

Bergesen went down in July and we've only heard recently that he's 100% healthy. Regardless of his status going into the 2010 season, if a guy misses the final two months of the season and needs another three months to get to 100%, that's a serious injury.

Same with Reimold. Sure, he was playing on the bum Achilles, but he ended up needing the surgery, didn't he? He wasn't able to just rehab it, was he? The Achilles Tendon is the thickest and strongest tendon in the human body. Any time you have surgery on something like that, it's serious.

There is a big difference between a season ending surgery and career threatening, neither of which are the case for Reimold or Bergensen.

I guess you can't remember your own staff meeting. Macphail was hired June 2, 2007, and that counts for year one. Open your hand and count your fingers and see how you do after that. It's 5 and I count in fiscal years since the useless offseason after 2011 will be 6. O, forgive me, the time won't be quite right, but we will be closer than we've ever been. Somehow, The Mayans must have had a vision of Peter Angelos and Andy Macphail and decided enough was enough.

I'll get to see Atkins play next year in the Independent League.

Easywriter- you made my face turn red. Here I thought it was Rock n Roll all night, and "Part of" everyday, and its actually "PARTY" everyday. In this case I clearly omitted the second "t" and flipped the l and e, meaning to spell "prattle", you know as in to talk or chatter idly or meaninglessly; babble or prate. or to utter or express by chattering foolishly or babbling. Makes sense right? (ok- I thought Pratel was Latin. My bro took latin and high school and never got far enough to know to correct me.

But again, debating the delivery, not the substance. If the grammar and coherance police was a real entity, many posters on this page would be facing 200 years at San Quentin.

And yes, in mid summer, we will all be talking about next year, as baseball keeps going, year after year after year... actually only until 2012 when Obama regulates and Nationalizes it to promote fairness and equality and to make the Yankees sign free agents for the benefit of other teams.

2007 was MacPhail digging through the pile of poop that was the Orioles, he did not do anything until that offseason, the beginning of the 2008 season.

Either way, you said 6 years. To borrow from The Simpsons:

Boys: [gasp] Mickey Rooney!

Rooney: Hi, Milhouse. The studio sent me to talk to you, being a former child star myself, _and_ the number one box office draw from 1939 to 1940.

Bart: Wow, spanning two decades!

Chris, please don't let the facts confuse the situation.

wayne, you asking a question tomorrow or just gonna spit the bit as you approach the

not brooks,
now you're a doctor?
cut the crap.

There is no Wayne.
Wayne is about 24 names on here.

pablo. al. dunceboy. runoffatthemouth. whiner. crybaby. barb. larry.
all the same person. i missed a bunch.
I was informed only recently....
His junk is the funniest stuff posted on here. Pure unadulterated garbage.
regardless of your politics, every blog needs a Rush.

Dear Jason C(razy)-

Todd Hundley is the ONLY one you could find? What are you digging threw piles of the Miami Herald? I said signed or made plenty of deals- and did not qualify that with good/bad, just that he will make deals. That being said, the man has done okay in the past.

Juan Pierre- Trade with Marlins in 2005, 204 hits in

Derreck Lee- trade with Marlins 2003 Gave him a ga-zillion dollars

Todd Walker- signed in 2004 from Minnesota, solid 2bmen

Aramis Ramirez, trade 2003, given a ga-zillion dollars too.

Shall I continue???

Jacque Jones, signed in 2006, hit .285 27 81rbi

Michael Barret, signed in 2003, solid, consistent #'s for a catcher

Greg Maddux, resigned in 2004

Ryan Dempster, signed 2004

Moises Alou, signed 2001

I think I'll stop.... Oh crap here come more...

Mark Grudzielanek, signed 2003

Alex Gonzales, signed 2002

Fred McGriff, traded for in 2001

Tom Gordon, signed in 2000

Jon Lieber, signed 1999

Todd Van Poppel, signed 2000

Rick Aguilera, traded for in 1999

Oh'Henry Rodriguez, signed in 1998

Rod Beck, signed in 1998

wayne's world! party time! excellent! woowoowoo!

have any stats on the injuries suffered by those 2 O's?
~Seriousness of injury-scale 1-5.
~% of players who had said injury.
~% of players that required surgery
~% of players who recovered and to what % from said injury.
~length of career after injury.
that kind of crap.

So Wayne, signing the best RP on the open market, trading for a solid SP and a corner infielder with upside. That and it is still 3 weeks til spring training and the same marginal talent is still out there.

At least we aren't rooting for the Dodgers (McCourt Divorce), the Angels (replaced Lackey and Figgins with Piniero and Matsui), or the Phillies who ridiculously traded Cliff Lee their playoff hero for a pile of dreaded prospects but signed Joe Blanton to a 24 mil deal?

hey, if we're not gonna talk baseball, let's not talk baseball...

gil, please re-post. I'm not averse to reading things twice, or more. I've been wading thru Wayne's repetitive crap-rant ps-i hate the O's-malarky for weeks now. Not that it's ever gonna stop.
I give you credit for at least registering your personal disgust with the O's by dumping your ticket package. Now i'd hope that Rush would do the same and not put his money where his mouth isn't...

...and a corner infielder with upside means nothing???

sorry, incomplete thought.


Sorry Jim, I have an old computer and it has been infected by the hallucegenic drug use by the Oriole employee who identifies himself as SHAMROCK. I hope the Orioles HR still allow 3 visits to Shepherd Pratt for their employees. He will need it.

Jim, are we already already talking about 2011 and why.

the really funny thing Gil is that I actually did work for the orioles in '01-'02 when I was in college.

Marty Cordova was not my fault. I only did tours and ticket sales.

The first half of Shamrock's name certainly qualifies him to work for the Orioles.

SHAM rock, the emphasis on SHAM intentional. U shgould consider a name change to FLIMFLAMMEDrock

Ive noticed a common theme about the outhosers and none of them seem to be able to READ

I ASKED NAME THE FREE AGENTS MCFAIL HAS SIGNED and you have trades and contract extensions listed but not really many FREE AGENT signings. Y not mention his bowel movements, its just as irrlevant to the original question

If U are dumb enough to fall for the Os bs, I guess youre too stupid to differentiate the differences in these transactions. Poor SCAMrock, not very bright

Ill make it easy for you NAME THE LARGEST FREE AGENT CONTRACT ever given by mcfail. JUst to be clear, trades and contract extension to players already on the team doesnt count FREE AGENT SIGNINGS ONLY--NOT ALL TRANSACTIONS, simpleton

-Hopefully even an idiotic outhoser like u can understand that very simple question

p.s Ive suspected all along that u had to be some kind of naive moron to fall for the Os propaganda and i think SHAMrock and chirs's ha's inability to comprehend the most simplest of statements epitomizes that obvious truth

jim -

I don't need stats to understand that a guy needing surgery on the tendon that connect the leg muscles to his foot had a serious injury.

I don't need stats to understand that a guy who needed five months to get to 100% after a shin contusion had a serious injury. By the way, pitching is about a lot more than the arm, Frank. A lower body or back injury can affect a pitcher just as much as an arm injury. And some lower body or back injuries can lead to arm injuries, as the pitcher might put too much strain on his arm by compensating for the lower body/back injury.

Come on, guys. I'm not saying that Bergesen and Reimold aren't going to be any good because of their respective injuries. I'm saying that the injuries were serious and there is a chance that there will be some lag time for each of them to get back into the flow of a big league baseball game.

I still have just as much hope for those two guys as both of you do. I'm just taking a more realistic approach as they're both returning from serious injuries.


MacFail signed Lee for 22.5 million. Lee signed his extension with MacFail's successor in 2007, so the "gazillion" macffail spent on lee is actually 22.5 million. LMAO

R u a shameless liar or just completely ignorant ?

It kinda makes sense to support macfail if u dont know his actual record LOL. U would think that such a fervent supporter would know waht they are actually supporting before spouting off at the mouth all the time

I dont know what bothers me more about the apologists-- their dishonesty or their ignorance

nb, i was joking around. i was hoping you'd play along and post some funny numbers is all. the blog has lost it's sense of humour, if it ever had one.

If you don't like the team - why do you spend all this time complaining about it?

Why not just head down to Nationals Park - and root for the other MASN team....Or better yet - go get your Yankees hats and root for a sure winner.

Dear dumbass who can't read and has anger management issue in florida...

read what I wrote. you are responding to what I wrote by twisting it so suit your argument. I merely said AM signed plenty of players and made plenty of deals. The concern is that he has made too few moves this year. I said nothing about big money or whether the signings were good or not, just that he did in fact make moves.

Your irrational psychosis clouds your judgment. I don't know why you are so angry. Go kick a foreclosed house, break a shuffle board stick pusher thing, or sit in the AC for a little while. I would hate to see you at Burger King when they give you fries instead of the onion rings you clearly ordered.

I hope this helps... remember, whatever is causing your pain and angst, its not your fault...

NB- "I'm just taking a more realistic approach as they're both returning from serious injuries."

Realist approach? Nothing is grounded in reality here. You clearly don't know what blog you are posting on. This is the get angry at the baseball team that is ruining my life blog.

Insane person in florida-

Fervent supporter? Apologist? Dishonesty? Ignorance? dumb enough to fall for? obvious truth?

what in the hell are you writing about? politics? the american revolution? war? taxes? socialized healthcare?

this is a news blog about a baseball team. You are calling people names on a baseball blog. Do you think if you sound smart or angry enough you will become the next Jim Rome or that espn is reading this and they're going to give you a job?

You need to get a life. Get out and make friends, join a social group, take up exercise, learn to fish.

Same to you easywriter, Mr. I like to go on baseball blogs and make funny elitist journalist quips about people's names or their grammar/writing style rather than share constructive thoughts about the local baseball team.

Or while were calling each other names, how about I just shorten that to Mr. Douchebag?

Finally, an eloquent thought....calling me Mr. Douchebag. That really stings.
As far as constructive thoughts about the local baseball team, you could have read them in the Sunpapers while I was a sportswriter there, and working in the PR department of the Orioles -- and not as a college intern. But then again, can you even read? You sure can't spell or write. And you definitely don't know a damn thing about baseball.

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