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December 10, 2009

Lost in the translation

Andy MacPhail displayed a knack for international diplomacy when some Japanese reporters cornered him after the Millwood press conference last night and peppered him with questions about free agent Hideki Matsui and also Orioles pitcher Koji Uehara.

They wanted to know if there was any possibility of the O's signing Matsui to fill the run-production gap in the middle of the batting order, which was a fair question after manager Dave Trembley spoke highly of Matsui during the annual Managers Luncheon earlier in the day.

“I don’t think there’s any question he is still a very productive hitter,’’ MacPhail said. “It’s always a possibility. We’re definitely going to look for a middle of the order bat. We’re concentrating right now on corner infielders, but we can always use a good hitter.”

If it sounds like he is really open to the idea, I wouldn't get too excited about that possibility. I’m pretty sure MacPhail was just being polite.

He also would not entirely rule out Uehara as a member of the starting rotation, though it's pretty clear that the club is leaning toward using him in a bullpen role. Uehara's role, he said, will be determined based on what the club feels will allow him to stay healthy all season. I think that's already fairly obvious.

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I would not be oppossed to us going after Matsui and trading scott. Yes Matsui is older, but he is also more consistant hitter and I believe would come rather cheap and perhaps we can turn Scott around for another bullpen arm. We need a bat that can be consistant and although Matsui is a bit older, he could be a stop gap so to speak to make up for the lack of power that we might sign at 3rd or 1st base. Just thoughts.

Not a bad idea, Nell. And it would probably enhance Koji's comfort level having a team mate from home.

I have long thought that the O's should pursue Matsui long and hard. His work ethic and consistency would allow more flexibility in solving the corner infield dilema. For instance, Nick Johnson can work well with Matsui, Markakis, Jones and Weiters around to knock in runs.

You know Peter, that so called on-line chat you did the other day was pretty pathetic.

If you advertise a chat you should REALLY do it.

Take real questions and give real, complete answers instead of short hand thoughts that don't mean anything.

If you need an example of what an on-line chat should look like--take a look at what Boswell does on a weekly basis for the Washington Post!

I know you are overextended and everything, but I would like to see you raise your game...

Pete's reply: Sorry to disappoint you. Did you know that they were finalizing the Millwood deal at that very time and I was going back and forth answering a few questions and writing about the trade? And, by the way, people on the chat were the first to hear that it was done. Not making any excuses, but there was a lot going on here. I probably should have cancelled the chat, but the Web site advertised it, so I felt I had to still do it.

Mark, you're a large ass.

Well, okay-- but you are right, you should have canceled if you couldn't give it your full attention.

In case of breaking news or something timely, I think everyone would understand if it needed to be rescheduled especially if the chats were to become a regular feature.

Pete's reply: So, you would rather have had me cancel the chat than report to you first that the Millwood deal was complete? Sorry, but you've lost me on this. I was very busy at the Winter Meetings and took a half-hour out to answer as many questions as I could and you're ripping me for it. You'll have to send me along the guidelines for a good chat so I can bone up.

I would not have any issue with the O's signing Matsui and having him be a DH. He's still a productive hitter and would help out the line-up, just depends on how much money he'd want.

what is everyone's facination about Nick Johnson???? he is awful and goofy looking...

The O's sign him and everyone complains later this summer when he gets hurt or that he isn't producing and that AM is an idiot for signing him. Rather have Huff back.

Pete- can you get AM to dispel and crush any hope of getting Nick Johnson? PLEASE!

No to Matusi, can't play the field or run a lick. Atkins and Kouzmanoff are due for trade or non-tender by tomorrow, maybe we will pick one of them up then. Also, Heath Bell might be had in a trade...any word on that Pete? Thanks for the great job at the meetings!

Pete - Thanks for the chat room yesterday. I was disappointed you had to leave midstream but totally understand I appreciate the fact I was one of the first to find out about the Millwood trade.

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