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December 7, 2009

O's: The value of Pie

Dave Trembley indicated during his managerial press conference today that there has been a lot of interest from other clubs in outfielder Felix Pie, and there are rumblings here that he could be part of a trade for pitching help.

What a difference six months make. Andy MacPhail was criticized early last season for force-feeding Pie into the Orioles starting lineup, but Pie improved steadily over the ensuing months and showed signs of the terrific potential that had gone unfulfilled in the Chicago Cubs organization.

Since the Orioles seem very reluctant to experiment with Nolan Reimold at first base next spring -- something Trembley also confirmed today -- Pie is a surplus part who could aid in the MacPhail rebuilding plan more by leaving than staying. That said, Reimold is coming off surgery to repair a frayed Achilles tendon, so the Orioles would have to be pretty certain of his readiness for spring training to deal Pie.

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Thanks for going to Indianapolis in December so the rest of us don't have to.

Any chance we may be involved in the Edwin Jackson rumors?

Any chance we may be involved in the Edwin Jackson rumors?


...or a solid minor league starting pitcher.

I always thought it would have been hilarious if Pie came out with a "3.14" on his jersey. Maybe if he's playing in Detroit or Texas or LA he'll get the chance.

'Pi' guys...not 'Pie'....jokes are only funny when they make sense.

Montanez is an adequate 4th outfielder making Pie expendable in my book but I hate to see an area of strength weakened. One injury and then what? I don't see any high minors talent in the outfield and Avery, Angle, etc. are too far away to know what they will become.

Pie could be a Nick Markakis type of hitter with possibly more power. Pie, in his limited audition, I thought showed more range than gold glover Adam Jones.

Personally I hope they keep Pie and give him regular work. Reimhold may well need help with leftfield coming off that surgery and I thin Pie has UNlimited upside if he keeps improving as he did all last year!! He very well could be a star about to bloom!! The JOKE may well be on all the doomsayers who thought HE was a JOKE! DO NOT give him away as they so often seem to do!! We may well regret it!

Jonathan -

Did you expect everyone to pass up on the unlimited potential of Pie/Pie puns/jokes?

I meant Pie/Pi, of couse...

Not sure I understand the reluctance to explore the possibility of using Reimold at 1B... I appreciate that he seems to have surprising (looking) speed, but his achilles could be an ongoing issue for the OF... I say why not.

if the tigers trade granderson, pie could be a nice replacement in center for them, and the tigers have some players that the o's could use, like edwin jackson or even better, miguel cabrera. throw in bell, snyder, arrieta, and britton with pie, and i the o's could have their cleanup hitter for the next 5 years or more.

There was a time when I would have wanted to see Pie traded for just about anything, but after seeing his emergence last year, I probably wouldn't trade him. I'd certainly listen to offers, and if I thought it would help the team, then yes, I might do it, but don't be too anxious. Towards the end of the year, he was better than Markakis and Jones, and when you mention him with those two, you have to wonder why you'd want to see him go.

I'd rather see the O's keep Pie as a backup outfielder. Hate to even suggest the scenario but what if Jones gets hurt again? I would rather see Pie in center than Reimold and I'm not sure what the O's have in 3A as next lower level option.

Trade Scott and some mid level prospects for pitching. Move Reimold to DH and keep Pie in center,move Jones to left and have Montanez as the 4th out fielder.

Trade Scott and some mid level prospects for pitching. Move Reimold to DH and keep Pie in center,move Jones to left and have Montanez as the 4th out fielder.

I saw Pie play in Cleveland . He injured his leg running to first. He has potential. He was swinging the bat pretty well.

Did we get Montanez back, or has ron been under a rock for 6 months?

Pete, If that pitching help is Kevin Millwood, I'm not so sure I want to see Pie dealt. As part of a deal for Josh Johnson, Adrian Gonzalez or Carlos Delgado, then definitely.

Andrew -

Did we ever lose Montañez?

Last I heard, which was Nov. 19th, via Roch's blog, Lou was still a part of the organization, playing in Puerto Rico.

Also, the O's site on still has Montañez on the O's 40 man roster.

In short, what are you talking about?

Ken -

If we're trading Pie for pitching, I sure hope we don't have to trade him for Carlos Delgado, considering the fact that Delgado's a free agent... And a first baseman...

I am a Yankee fan and I would definately like to see Pie in pinstripes. More so than Willingham or DeJesus. The O's have something in this kid. I wouldn't give up Hughes or Chamberlain, but I would part with Gaudin or Kennedy in a heart beat.

The only thing that concerns me about trading Pie is that Jones hasn't played a full season in his two years here. I always look at the 4th outfielder like a utility player in that he has to be able to play multiple positions and Felix can do that.

Pie couldn't hit a fire hydrant with an Escalade.

John are you talking about the same Pie who hit .290/.346/.843 after the All-Star break last year?

Cause that sounds like someone who can hit to me.

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