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December 9, 2009

O's: Closer to Millwood?

It seems like Orioles officials are getting more confident that they can complete a deal for Texas Rangers veteran pitcher Kevin Millwood. Conversations have been going on between the Orioles and Rangers throughout the Winter Meetings and a possible scenario has developed in which the O's would send reliever Chris Ray to Texas and pick up most of Millwood's $12 million guarantee for next year.

Don't know if it can get done here over the next 24 hours, but it remains a real possibility.

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For Ray? Now that's more like it. Make it happen Andy.

If that is offer, lets get it done. Nothing significant lost for an above average starter who gives many quality innings. If Andy gets this done score one for the Birds.

This sounds like a much better deal!

My only fear is that the authorities might come looking for McPhail regarding a theft that occurred.

It almost sounds too good, like the guy selling the hundred-dollar Rolex on the street. But Ray has the potential to be one of those breakout stars, so I guess the Rangers are ready to ante up and see what they get. Hope it happens!

I like that proposal of RP Ray straight up for SP Millwood and pay full $ 15 million for ONE YEAR

as opposed to giving up David Hernandez for Millwood and 'save' just $ 3 million of his salary .

I was wondered , is Oriole Park more pitcher friendly than Rangers' Ballpark?

allan: Orioles Park is about a pitcher-friendly as a racquetball court.

Chris Ray for Millwood ?? Where the heck do we sign ?? Dang that deal brings back flashes of my childhood days rip'n off the kids on my street whie dealing with Baseball cards..

@danny- Just like Arlington Stadium in Texas...

Ray was coming off injury and showed promise at times (and was a very good reliever a few years ago). Texas gets 12 million and gets a reliever that could be solid. As O's fans we all know relief guys can be hard to predict from year to year. I'd say solid trade for both teams.

I am not a big Millwood fan, but he and Guthrie should make things easier on the bullpen, while Tillman, Matusz and Bergy (maybe not, hopefully healthy version comes back strong) go through a few short outings.

?!?!?! if this is indeed what texas wants... get it done andy!

really, am I the only one that thinks it's a bad deal? A One year rental for a young former All Star?

I know Ray had some bumps and all, but w/o a closer, and giving up youth, especially one that had succeeded....

i dunno. Im a skeptic. Bad idea.

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL Let's do the damn thing and get that done!!!!

Ray for Millwood. Tis is a pretty good deal for the O's. We still need to sign Bedard though to sure up the rotation. The young guys will most likely be on an innings limit or they may want to put Tillman at Norfolk for a little while longer. You can not have enough starting pitching. Get R done Andy.

allan: Orioles Park is about a pitcher-friendly as a racquetball court.

Not true

Check the stats.. over the last decade there have been more runs scored in Os road games than at home

Millwood is not going to do much for them. I would offer a guy like Sheets a two year deal with a club option on the 3rd year. They have no chance of being in contention until year 2 or likely 3 anyway. Millwood has little upside you are paying for the up already.

Ray will rebound this year after fully recovering from his surgery and will dominate as before and become an All-Star again, at a young age... The O's will regret this in the long run unless the plan is to move Hernandez into the bullpen and he fullfills his potential in an 8th or 9th inning role.

Getting Millwood for one year is OK, but nothing special. Another Stop-Gap move that is needed for his "leadership".

for Ray,,,DO IT...DO IT...DO IT.
Ger r' done McSweatervest

that would be good.

I would have to think although Millwood becomes a free agent 1 year of service, that the O's would have full intentions of resigning him when the season is over. Most likely, they will be able to resign for less money. Millwood will not be projected as a top of the rotation guy. Maybe a number 3 at best. I think we still need to bring in a number 1. Tillman should start the year at AAA and rebuild his confidence.

1. Ace yet to be signed
2. Bergensen
3. Guthrie
4. Millwood
5. Matusz

Of course, we're proceeding from some false assumptions. Will Bergesen continue where he left off, will he be able to recreate his rather amazing level of performance which I think was beyond what most of the pundits were expecting. Will Guthrie bounce back after a lousy season? I'm confident that Matusz has the talent to be okay; Tillman as well, though frankly, he could use a little more seasoning in the minors. As we baseball vets know, you can never EVER have enough pitching. But Millwood for a rehabbing reliever sounds like a reasonable deal to me.

Millwood gives us innings, a veteran the youngsters can look up to and someone who knows how to win.
Maybe we redo the contract and keep him for 3 years.
Nobody on our team has proven they are now a consistent winner.
Done deal.


N. Johnson

Playoff Contender!!!

Make it happen Andy!!

Pete, Are you sure you didn't dream this? (Do a pinch yourself test). I can't fathom the Rangers taking Ray, when they originally wanted Tillman.

Seriously. They're hoping against hope that maybe someday he'll be a major league pitcher again. Surely they saw him pitch (or rather attempt to pitch) last season.

If this is true, this is high-apple-pie-in-the-sky level wishful thinking on the Rangers' part. I'm not saying Ray can't come back, but at this point in his comeback it would be a total shot in the dark. Maybe MacPhail caught them early in the morning when they were still drowsy, because the wheels can't be turning very fast in their collective head right now.

Are you sure you got this from an Oriole official and he wasn't dreaming? If so, than Andy needs to pull the trigger before Texas wakes up and comes to it's senses.

Not that I'm all that thrilled about Millwood, mind you (I'd much prefer the O's talk to Atlanta about a deal that would bring Lowe and Soriano to Baltimore--that's worth a discussion). Still, there are worse alternatives, I guess, and the O's could focus on signing a Harden or Bedard to fill out the rotation.

Shocking development to say the least. [In flabbergasted Jim Mora voice] Ra-Ra Ray? Ray? You're talking Ray?

Ray was NEVER an all-star people. Yes he could turn things around and and that's the risk you take. But here's food for are his stats against the Yankees? Discuss.

jj, While you're right that Ray was never an All-Star, in fairness his stats in 2006 were All-Star worthy: 33 SV, 2.73 ERA.

You can't trade nothing for something.... I'd rather trade Ray than Hernandez given Ray's injury problems

@ Danny

my question was whether Orioles' park is better place to pitch than Rangers' park IF ..........

indeed Millwood is on his way to Baltimore

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