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December 7, 2009

Orioles: Stalking Soriano

The Orioles are waiting to see which free agents accept arbitration from their original teams by tonight's midnight deadline, and they are believed to be particularly interested in right-handed closer Rafael Soriano, who was 1-6 with a 2.97 ERA and 27 saves for the Atlanta Braves in 2009.

Soriano stands to get a one-year deal worth about $7 million if he accepts the Braves' arbitration offer. His agent, Peter Greenberg, is talking with clubs to gauge outside interest before the deadline, and it's probably fair to assume he'll talk to the Orioles at some point tonight.

He would be a good fit for the Orioles, who could then move Jim Johnson back into an eighth-inning setup role and -- health permitting -- use Koji Uehara and Chris Ray in match-up and middle relief.

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Even if he does accept arbitration, there's always the possibility of a trade.

Cough Cough Luke Cough Scott Cough Cough

Actually, keeping our 2nd round pick may be preferable and cost less money. If we get him via trade, there's no need for a multi-year deal if it is felt in the long run that we have someone like Mickolio who can fill that role going forward. If that makes sense...

If he accepts arbitration the Braves can't trade him until June 1. They can, however, drop him at the start of spring training.

Thanks Carl, I wasn't aware of that! You learn something new every day.

I don't think they'd drop him though, unless there was some way another team could pick him up and pay his whole salary.

Both Soriano and Bedard would be great additions.

they actually could trade him anytime they want if, and only if, he gives them permission to do so. it would be like he has a no trade clause until the middle of june.

Both Soriano and Bedard would be great additions.

Both Soriano and Bedard would be just great additions - exactly what the Orioles need. Go Mr. MacPhail!

Soriano could be an Oriole as early as tomorrow. Apologize for the earlier mishap.

give him Danys Baez money...

at least Soriano is good.

Mike Gonzalez.... he should be the guy we get as a closer. He's a free agent and we don't have to TRADE anyone for him.
Bedard and Gonzales..... two lefties we need on our staff.
I'm not sure what anyone sees in Chris Ray at this point. I doubt he will bounce back. I'm not too sure about Jim Johnson, either. I think both of these guys need to EARN a spot this spring, and I doubt either will.
I'd take Baez over Ray and I like Koji and Hendrickson to set up for Gonzales.
Use Johnson in a trade while other GM's actually believe he's still worth something.



The odds of getting a 2nd rd pick that would put up Soriano's numbers is extremely slim. Just look at how few 1st rd picks actually make it to the ML much less succeed. Doesn't work too often in baseball unlike football.
What happened to all of the 1st/2nd rd arms in the past 10 yrs?

Hendrickson isn't exactly set up guy material...

dont have to trade for soriano either

Hey Pete,

I was wondering...if the Orioles find a way to get Kevin Milwood, what would that do to the team's potential pursuit of Bedard? Would they still try to sign him as well? And if so, what would that mean for the potential starting rotation? Thanks in advance!

I keep seeing this Soriano post, thinking Alfonso Soriano, and throwing up a little...

Tell you guys what i've been thinking about ever since hearing about the Millwood speculation...

Trade for Milwood; sign bedard or sheets or harden as a FA. Then use Jeremy Guthrie and Pie as trade bait as part of a package to pick up our middle of the order power bat: maybe Cabrera from Detroit. There's been interest in both players. There may not be a better time to trade either.

Soriano just accepted arbitration from Atlanta.

The Braves need Soriano's permission to trade him before June 15th.

Can't imagine he'd allow a trade to the O's unless all of the pieces fall into place early in the season and we're contending.

So much for that.

I think the Braves would about die if Rafael Soriano accepted arbitration. They just signed Wagner and Saito plus they are trying to dump Lowe.

The O's getting Rafael Soriano, seems to good to be true because you get JJ back in his role as setup man plus it sounds like Hendrickson is coming back so already there is some pattern in the BP with the wild cards being a healthy Koji and C Ray.

On a side note, anyone else think Beltre is pricing himself out? 4 yrs/40 mil seems like a lot. Teams like the Angels might say we'll give Mora a shot on a 1 yr deal plus teams have other guys like Derosa, Crede, Billy Hall and Pedro Feliz to pick from. I find it hard to believe that Beltre will get more than Chone Figgins, but this is baseball so maybe he gets 60 mil.

Todd -

Now that Soriano's accepted arb, I'd expect the Braves to trade him to a contender, maybe even by the end of the meetings.

But who knows, maybe he'd be excited by a challenge...

On Beltre: He's a Boras client. The initial asking price for Boras clients is always sky high. Remember when Boras said the bidding for Teixeira would start at 10/$200M? Remember how A-Rod was supposed to get a $350M deal from the Yanks?

If it's true that Figgins is about to sign for $9M per, I'd expect Beltre to settle in somewhere a bit below that.

Not Brooks, it's too bad that Soriano accepted arbitration. He would've been a nice fit, but it sounded too good to be true.

Mike R. I also would like to know if the Orioles get Milwood in a trade the effect would have on the O's persuit of Bedard. It would be nice to get both so if Bedard does get hurt the O's did at least add one starting pitcher, and everyone knows they need another Lefty Starter.
I'd also like to see The O's make enough Starting Pitching moves to add Guthrie to the deal for a power hitting corner infielder. good thought Enzo!!

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