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December 7, 2009

Orioles: Show us a little of the money

There was speculation in the New York Post over the weekend that the Orioles would be one of the big spenders at this Winter Meetings. We can only hope my favorite New York tabloid knows something I don’t, because everything I’m hearing points in the opposite direction.

If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you know that I had no problem with Andy MacPhail’s reluctance last year to spend significant money on short-term free agent gap fillers. The Orioles weren’t close to competing and there was no reason to waste resources on players who wouldn’t be around when they might be ready to accomplish something.

The Orioles still are far from being a playoff contender, but I think the club is at a juncture in MacPhail’s rebuilding program where it’s okay to allocate some real money for players who might help them be more respectable this year. But I mean real money, not Mark Hendrickson money.

I’m all for taking a chance on an injured pitcher like Erik Bedard if the O’s can figure out the right balance of guaranteed money and incentives. If the Orioles have to “waste” $10 million next season in a gamble to add 10 wins and get to a place where somebody in next year’s free agent crop can imagine that he can make the difference, then it would be money well-spent.

Obviously, there are some people in the front office who think a losing season is a losing season, but everybody else knows it’s a lot more complicated than that. If the O’s lose 95 games again in 2010, they will not only continue to alienate a dwindling fan base. They’ll also be burning the prime years of some of their best players without any tangible return.

Don’t you agree?

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So very well put in a small article! It is completely how the fan base feels. We know we may not be a odds on favorite for any World Series but we have to start showing that we want to compete! I think we need to overwhelm the padres for Gonzales. Guthrie, Pie, Tillman, Snyder and either Berken/Hernandez. Guthrie could be replaced by Bedard, and Tillman by Arrieta. I really don't see where the Padres could get much more and we have to start thinning our herd anyways! What do you think?

Pete's reply: I would make that trade, but I don't know if the Padres would.


I don't see the Orioles doing much before the non tender date for arbitration eligible players passes. Why trade for someone you can sign as a free agent? There is the risk that the Orioles won't be able to sign some of the non tendered players but above market salary and the promise of playing every day should be tempting for most.

I agree with Pete's point that the team needs to start being more aggressive about spending money to improve the team for 2010. I don't agree with atimin's trade proposal. That's five major league players for one guy on a two year contract. Even though the Mariners did 5-for-1 in the Bedard deal, that was only two ML ready guys, one of whom was a situational lefty for them, in exchange for a top of the rotation starter that was supposed to put them over the top. The Orioles are looking to get out of the bottom. Without an extension I wouldn't give more than Scott, Guthrie, and Hernandez for Gonzalez. With an extension I'd add two more minor leaguers that may be considered legitimate prospects, but no more current ML players.

I agree Pete, my problem is can we bring in the FA's that can make a difference. I mean a real difference like back in the early 90's when the O's brought in Rafael P, Chris Sabo, Sid Fernadez and Lee Smith. I mean real deal FA's that made the O's much better. You Remember when we didnt have quite enough and then signed Roberto Alomar and Myers to close. We Hired Davey Johnson to coach. That was the last time we brought in FA's and spent money that made a DIFFERENCE. Can we do that Pete??? Will WE???

If the Orioles bring back malcontent and clubhouse cancer Eric Bedard to poison the young guys they have here, they can count me out for going to even the 6 games that I went to last year.

Pete's reply: Bedard didn't poison anyone. He's an introvert. Not my favorite guy, as you know, but I'd take his talent if the price is right.

If someone can point to a player that is worth throwing money at this offseason, I'd love to hear it. John Lackey, maybe? After that, there's not much out there. No sense in spending money just to spend it. The FA class is weak.

Chris Sabo? Really? That was a success?

Pete's reply: There are players that could help this team. I'm not saying to spend money just to spend money, but I am saying to spend some money to make some money. If they get a little better, they'll sell more tickets and in better position for next year's ootentially deeper free agent market.

This guy atimin is an idiot. You suggest giving up young talent for Adrian? Why would you give up your young players who you expect to be good, almost all of whom are already playing in the big leagues? Is Adrian really worth five players? And why on earth would you give up three starting pitchers? Who's going to pitch for you? That makes no sense at all!

i would also like to see the orioles spend some money. my question is,can anyone come up with a good pitch to convince these players to come to baltimore

Pete the headline of your article in the sunpapers this morning read WHAT NEW CAN MACPHAIL CONJURE UP.Pete last week you stated in one of your articles that andy stated more then once that he was going to judge dave t more on wins and losses this year. You said that by him making that statement you thought that meant that he was going to be more active in either the trade or free agent market. You listed 10 players in your article today that you said might be avavilable or could make sense for the orioles to acquire.Pete if they don't do anything to acquire any of these players and continue to nickle and dime after third tier rejects when do you finally become critical of andy's plan and start calling him out.I hope you can finally be honest enough to admit that his turtle like movement might finally be getting old even for a apologist like yourself.

Pete's reply: There you go again, Bob. Can I finally be honest enough? Jeez. I'm sure you meant no offense -- as usual -- but I think I liked it better when you were boycotting the blog.

Peter, are you saying spend money just for the sake of spending money? Are you saying that MacPhail should go out and get someone just to please a fan base? Sorry, I don't buy it.

Yeah, another 90 loss season would hurt, but in this case, it would be a 90 loss season on the way to a 90 win season. They wouldn't be losing 90 games with has-beens, they would be playing the kids, kids with enormous talent who are learning on the job in the majors, not an easy thing to do. But the Orioles have the man power to do it. It just takes time!

People, building a winning, indeed, just a contending team takes time and patience. Do not make MacPhail pay for the mistakes of the past. Yeah, we all know about the dozen years of losing baseball and MacPahil was brought in to change that and by all accounts, he is on his way to doing it. Why sabotage the progress made so far just to make a point?

The Orioles too often in the past have spent money seeking short term gain and not considering long term consequences.

When Duquette and Flanagan would sign an aging veteran or three, it was in the hope that they could squeeze one or two good years out of the poor guy, and have a .500 record. The farm system was among the worst in baseball, the Orioles really had no choice.

Now they have a choice. People are screaming that there needs to be an up grade at first base, I agree. But as was pointed out on the Tom Davis radio program this past Saturday, the Orioles could have as many as seven legit candidates for first base this year and next. I would love to see Mike Aubrey get a shot, he is a clone of Mark Grace and I am sure we all would take Grace.

The there's Hughes, Snyder, Waring, a possible move of Reimold to first, Wiggy on a fill-in basis, even Wieters or Scott for a break. Why trade a bunch of top prospects when the answers could already be here?

Same at third. Bell, Waring, Wiggy all will likely get time there, why spend money on Beltre(why anyone would want this guy, I do not know, he had one great year, some suspect it was aided by artificial means and his stats have gone down in the time he spent in Seattle) even Mora could be resigned for a discount, So why spend money this year when the options are just not worth it? Give the kids another year to develop, and next year when some truly big names are expected to be on the market, then Mac can jump in with both feet and pair a new signing or two with the youngins who have had another year to grow and gain confidence and voila, something special could be going on.

But no, many of you people want to give that up just to say we did something. That makes no sense. As the man said above, let MacPhail do his job, he does it well. For the first time in a long, long time, this team has options. Let the man do his job.

Pete's reply: No, I'm not saying that at all. I'm saying that he said it will be time to judge the team on wins and losses next year, which means the onus is on him to make some improvements. There are players out there that could help this team and I hope he does more than wait for the last remaining free agents who will sign for any amount.


You have the pulse of the fan base down pat. Why can't the front office understand? Or is it just that they don't give a damn?

Pete's reply: They give a damn, but the team spent so much time making bad one-year adjustments that Andy is taking a much more deliberate long-term approach. I'm okay with that, but I think it's time for a couple of decent free agents.

A sure sign that patience and goodwill is wearing thin, is when my favorite commentator and columnist {who has exhibited the patience of Mother Teresa with the Orioles organization} begins to write blogs titled "Show us the Money" and "Not so great expectations"...

I'm baffled as to why Andy Macphail would attempt to lower expectations going into the winter meetings. If it is true, and the Orioles only end up picking up a few marginal free agents, then the fans need to take a pragmatic view of where the future of the franchise is headed.

Andy Macphail now has visions of sitting in the commissioners chair. I said kiddingly a while back that Macphail would slip out of town in a few years a rich man and the Orioles would still be in last place. I didn't realize at the time that my sarcastic remark may end up being true.

If Macphail is not willing to take some chances this offseason in an attempt to improve the team talent wise, then I think we have our answers. If not now, when?

Very well put!!! As i have said before there is a time to be conservative and there is a time to be aggressive. It's been 12 season of losing and when fans of the O's for over 50 years are getting fed up then I think it's time to be bold and may some moves to bring life into the team.

Very well put!!! As i have said before there is a time to be conservative and there is a time to be aggressive. It's been 12 season of losing and when fans of the O's for over 50 years are getting fed up then I think it's time to be bold and may some moves to bring life into the team.

Exactly whom do you propose we spend this money on? In the abstract I would agree with your point, but this year's free agent class is so weak, it wouldn't really help us to spend money.

It may be a painful sell to the fan base, but we're still more than a Jason Bay or John Lackey away from contending.

I think we're best off signing an excellent defensive third baseman to give the young pitchers the best possible defense behind them. Add a veteran innings eater to take some pressure off. The best additions will be players that will help our young talent develop.

We're not the Yankees, if we ever contend again it will be with players that come through our system, not free agents.

dave, the front office I'm sure understands, but they can't let that deter them from doing what they think is right.

Of course the fan base wants the team to go out and get Ruth, Mantle, and Mays, without considering that other teams might also want Ruth, Mantle, and Mays and without considering that you need more than Ruth, Mantle, and Mays to field a team. Sure, twelve years of losing hurts, but that light light at the tunnel is no longer an oncoming train. Keep that in mind.

Gil, what do you expect him to say? "We're gonna go out and get Ruth, Mantle, and Mays"? Of course, Mac is going to preach low expectation because everyone's expectations around here is that he's going to get Ruth, Mantle, and Mays.

I'm sure Mac could put together a package for Gonzo that the Padres would love, but then where would that leave us? Yup, we'd have one of the great first basemen, but we would be short a couple of pitchers and some other potential hole fillers.

All great teams have been filled thru the system with key signings to supplement the home grown talent. The three straight A's teams of the early 70's, the great Weaver teams were built that way, the Yankees dynasty of the late 90's had at its core a bunch of Yankee draft picks(Jeter, Williams, Posada, et al).

The trick is to draft right and keep your prospects so that that become stars with YOUR team. Remember Jayson Werth? Who in Baltimore wouldn't want him now? But he was sent off in some weirdo deal and he's a star or close to it with another club.

That, ladies and gentlemen is what we have to avoid.

Pete- I am a 35+ year season ticket holder with arguably 4 of the best seats in the house and also the world's greatest optimist but even I am about to give up hope. After swallowing the kool-ade for the last 12 years I've finally had enough. Unless there are signs of serious commitment and improvement for 2010 I'm done, and I won't lay out the 14+ grand for this year's renewal. My dad and my kids and grandkids and I represent 4 generations of baseball junkies. But the boys are finally old enough to know the difference between blindly worshipping Brian Roberts and a decent ballclub. Their coaches won't tolerate from them the indifferent play and lackadaisical attitudes attitudes the current crop ballplayers exhibits.Believe me, when they've lost us, they're in deep doo-doo!

I dont understand why everyone feels that Brandon Snyder is the first baseman of the future. The guy cant hit for power, and hasn't even seen a major league at-bat. I have more confidence in Josh Bell than Brandon Snyder. The Orioles have plenty of arms to disperse, and if your gonna get a Miguel Cabrera in return then go for it.

Bal gets: Miguel Cabrera

Det gets: Brandon Snyder, Luke Scott, Jake Arrieta, Dave Johnson' s son.

1. Roberts
2. Izturis
3. Jones
4. Cabrera
5. Wieters
6. Markakis
7. Riemold
8. Pie
9. Feliz

The fan base is fickle. If the team spends money just to spend money, it will continue to lose and the fans that wanted them to just do anything will turn on the "overpaid" players that were brought in and criticize the moves as dumb. The only thing gained will be a couple of months of goodwill and a couple more years of losing. That doesn't sound like a good trade off.

There's a plan in place. I wish it was a more aggressive plan, but it's a plan. Maybe it will work and maybe it won't. But if the result is a winning team in the next couple of years, I'll be happy.

Bedard should get the same contract Brett Favre should have got. So many million for 12 games. It seems both athletes fall apart the more they are used.

Right On Schmuckeroni,

This charade has been going on long enough. No more "wait til next yr" and conceding the season b4 it begins

Im glad that fellow Os fans arent buying it anymore either. Apologists will always exist, but its good to see their numbers dwindling

Its impossible for me to fathom that ppl still have the audacity to preach patience to this beleaguered fan base, but they are misguided-- some think they are being good fans by blindly supporting ineptitude, others just lack originality and side with the GM because thinking for themselves hurts their heads

Only by demanding excellence from the Orioles, do we have any chance of actually getting it. They are quite content to put 'profits before wins' for as long as they can get away with it and they've been getting away with it too long.

The free agent market is thin this year. But you have to try to make some upgrades to this team. People here keep saying be patient but how many of these so called prospects will actually pan out? My bet is that less than half of them will actually make a significant impact. It's just the law of averages. You can't have a team of prospects. Good veterans have to be included along with someone in the middle of the order that can actually scare someone. They're pitching around Nick to get to guys like Wigginton. Having a big bat or two in the line up helps. Look at the Yankees and you can see how many of those guys had career years with Tex and A-Rod sitting in the middle of the order. I'm not saying to trade these kids but there has to be a better option out there than digging through the trash heap like McPhail does every year.

Jaybird, do you really have Markins batting 6th and Izturis batting 2nd. I'm glad some of you don't run this team. These comments are just ridiculous.

Andy McPhail is right for not wanting to give up multiple prospects. He has already made big strides in building the farm system and you don't give away young talent that easily. If you project someone to be a good starting pitcher, you keep them. Remember the Glenn Davis trade? We gave up Steve Finley, Pete Harnisch, and Curt Schilling--three young prospects who all went on to have good careers. What did we get in return? If you don't expect to be in the playoffs, you don't give up your young talent. You play them and decide whether they will be worth keeping or trading. It would make no sense to give away Tillman or Jake. It's even dumber to give up two of your prospects unless you think you have a realisitic shot at the World Series. Keep doing what you're doing McPhail. Now we see why you don't listen to what the fans want. Only a fool would take some of this advice


Some of you are just impossibly ignorant!

No one is saying spend money for the sake of spending money. But guess what? Teams MUST spend money to compete, period!

This team is robbing this city! Their payroll compared to 10 years ago is pathetic! While they can't spend like NY and Boston, it's embarrassing to continually be outspent by the likes of St. Louis (see their market size).

It's also incredibly tiring to always read how in love everyone on these blogs are with young players. It even goes back to the baby bird era. Hey folks, a team made primarily of young players will not consistently compete. Most of you are simply 'stuck' on the idea that young players with potential will 'all' reach their potential. Guess what? Most won't!

Pete, keep the blogs/post coming. Hey, you gotta justify the trip since there's never anything about the O's 'worth' writing about. Can't be easy being you these days!

Hey Wayne,

Who do you propose the team spends its money on? Got any ideas?

The FA market at 3B and 1B is extremely weak and beyond Lackey (who is a long shot to accept a deal in Baltimore...) who's worth throwing money at? We only have 2-3 openings in the lineup and the pickings are slim. Should the team repeat the $40 million+ bullpen fiasco?

The ignorant are awaiting your ideas...

Boy, Wayne, talk about ignorant. This team is robbing this city? Did you really read what you wrote, and even more significant, do you really believe it?

If spending a lot of money this year isn't just spending for the sake of spending, I don't know what is. It will likely take four or five of our best prospects to get an Adrian Gonzalez, but then what do you have? A one man team destined to maybe finish .500 but without a future.

No one is saying, Wayne, to field a team with nothing but young players. But the kind of young players we have turn into solid major league performers and maybe a couple of them will even surpass that. Yeah, maybe we don't have the second coming of Sandy Koufax, but I'll take the second coming of a Dave McNally, or a Mike Cuellar or a Rick Sutcliffe or a Doyle Alexander. Get a rotation of those guys and you will win a ton of games.

Sorry, Wayne, before you start tossing out big words like "ignorant" I suggest you get your head out of your a*ss and see what is going on here. Because it seems you are genetically disposed to see nothing but the negative and I wouldn't be a bit surprised if you wanted the Orioles to fail. If they succeed, your whole reason to live is gone.

The Orioles are close, real close, and with another season of seasoning, with all the names expected to be on the board in a year, then is the time to strike, not now, not to fill your insatiable need to feel justified.

Mr. MacPhail, don't listen to people like Wayne, stay the course and blow the future!

Erik Bedard may not have "poisoned" anyone but the one thing a team trying to win doesn't need -- even if he's healthy -- is an introvert. Getting 25 guys to show up each night isn't the goal, is it?

I'm not saying NO to Bedard at any price, but he should fall into the Orioles' lap at a respectable price with the Oriole focus on improvement elsewhere.

Ken, I think you are the one with you head up your *$$. The Oriole's rotation is a joke. One of the worst if not the worst. Take out the attendance inflated by visting NY and Bos fans, and you probably lose about 500,000 seats sold. So until we have some players worth paying to go see, yes the Oriole's are stealing from the city. Ask for money to upgrade scoreboards, facilities. Take cap money from the MLB and have a smaller payroll than their last winning season 10 years ago!! Annuallize, the O"s should realistically have a payroll of about $130-150mm. They could have signed Sabathia and Burnett last year and been in a competitive position. Key drinking the kool-aid and believing these Baby Birds will eventually pan out!!!!

Pete regardless of how i made my point above do you think it will come a time when even a stauch supporter like yourself becomes dissatisfied with his plan.

Hi Bob,

Please read the comment I made earlier on the blog about Pete. Also read his column titled "Macphail can wait, fans can't".

Bob, I was on Pete like a cheap suit earlier this year trying to get him to call the organization to task.

Apparently he has had a calendar in his head all along as far as when he was going to begin to question the reluctance of the team to make genuine attempts to improve the talent level.... so that the team could not only rebuild but also put a competeitve product on the field in 2010.

In his postion he can't say some of the things we want him to say, but I think he is getting his message across.

Bob, I love to read your posts because you are sincere and do not hold back, but I do think you are being a little unfair. Do you disagree?

Bedard may indeed be an introvert, but more importantly, he is a jackass with a heart smaller than the Grinch's. He's usually done after, or during the 6th, and I would not want him around a bunch of kids who might think his act is cool. Why don't you think Seattle want's him back?

Pete, I totally agree with your conclusion that another losing season in 2010 should be considered unacceptable, but your remark at the beginning about hearing that the Orioles will not be big spenders has me a little puzzled.

I guess how much spending they need to do to qualify in that regard is relative, but either you have a short memory or you've gotten signals that the O's have changed their plans abruptly.

As recently as Nov. 20th your Sun colleagues Jeff Zrebiec and Dan Connolly contributed to an article entitled "O's positioned to be buyers in free agency: Team has payroll room, needs aplenty; MacPhail says club will be more active."

Andy MacPhail is quoted as saying: "Last year, we made a couple of trades, we signed five free agents. We were pretty active. Numerically, I think we'll be more active dollar-wise than we were last year. We're organized, we have our targets that we're going to go after, and we'll see how it goes and how the market unfolds (emphasis added)."

And later in the article he suggests Peter Anglelos is ready to allow him spend more: "I'm not a big one for making any grandiose statements, but suffice to say, I think we'll be active. There's no reason to be skeptical of ownership. He's done what management has asked him to do.",0,2361869.story

Hmm, Pete, that sounds an awfully lot like what the New York Post is reporting, doesn't it?

Hey, Mike, I'm glad you could take your head out of your a*ss long enough to write. Don't people like you get tired of being so mind numbingly negative? Good Lord, the things going on with this team can be very good, yet y'all want to live the past. The past is the past, all that counts is what happens for this day forward! Get it thru your think skulls!

The Orioles' rotation is a joke? Maybe last year, but that's over and done with. Next year's staff should be better, if for no other reason than we won't have Eaton around and the kids have more experience.

But no, you still want to believe the rotation will be bad because it was bad last year. I'm sorry, sir, you a moron. People like you make me wonder why anyone would want to try and put a winner in place in the city. Ravens' fans are just as silly. What does it say about this town's sports fans that they stop supporting their team? Not much.

The Orioles were right not to spend all that money on Sabathia, Burnett and Teixera. The Yankees might have won the series, but if not for a very bad call by an umpire, a mystery slump by the Angel's lead off hitter or a series of misplays by the defending champs, then the Yankees don't win. And as it stands now, they have an old team with a ton of payroll, an $80m pitcher whose arm could fall off at anytime and a farm system that is far below the Orioles. Which team would you rather be going for the long haul?

The Glen Davis reference and comments by anonymus hit it right on the head. If we were on the verge of playoffs, giving up the young talent for someone to put us over the edge would be worth it. Not now though. The young Shilling and Harnish, along w/ Finley would have kept us in the playoff hunt during the early 90's - instead, we crapped out for the next 5 years.

An O's fan going on 35 years, I see a light at the end of this tunnel - be a skeptic if you wish (after all these years of losing - you certainly are entitled) - I'm still choosing to see that light - hopefully it gets brighter this year.

I'm guessing the O's are going to have to overpay to get anybody interested in coming here. I'm not advocating they waste $ but they need to start changing the perception that this is a deadzone for free agents.

Ken, I'd rather be the Yanks in a NY subway minute. Even if their farm system is suspect they're only ever one free agency cycle away from addressing their weaknesses. In fact, the Yanks oughta save themselves some $ and disband their farm system cause they already got one in the rest of MLB. MLB sucks.

I'm not sure how much of this problem is McPhail's and how much is the fact that, as long as Angelos owns this team, free agents of any value will ONLY show interest in Baltimore to improve their leverage when bargaining with their real targets--the Sox, Yankees, etc. of the world. As Syd Thrift said, it's like we're playing with confederate money--players whose agents have any brains will avoid Baltimore like the plague, and rightfully so, until they show any promise. It helps that McPhail has pointed the team in teh right direction but his will never be the final authority. I give him 1-2 more years before he leaves in disgust or is fired for "incompetence."


Fans like you are the reason the losing continues. You're the kind of fan that looks at a 64 win season and concludes 'we're close'.

The Angelos family LOVES fans like you. You know that, right?

You'll be the same fan that says next year (after 70 wins) 'we're even closer'.

All fans like you need to do is - keep it up. Keep feeding the losing and help to satisfy the warehouse that enough fans are ok with the promise of a better day.

You'll get your wish by doing so Ken. You'll never root for a winner, but you'll enjoy your world of 'we're close'. You'll thrive in it in fact....

Hey Wayne,

I think some of the fans are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome from all of the losing. They are so used to it that they actually are beginning to embrace the organization that has abused them for all of these years.

Until the paradigm changes and the Orioles act like they want to win rather than just try to placate the dwindling number of fans, the losing will drag on and on and on. If you have been following Andy Macphail for the last year he has made more contradictory statements than O.J. Simpson.

This team would have to pick up 3 top position players and two top pitchers just to approach .500 in 2010 and that ain't happenin.

Oh, they will sign a few ragged out bums and declare victory. And lose another 90 games.

And I feel sorry for the fans who actually believe the hoax that future commssioner Andy Macphail is putting over. No one has probably leveled with them about Santa either.

Sorry people but until the Orioles win 81 games it is what it is. And it won't happen next year.

Gil i appreciate even the little bit of support that you gave me in your posting. At some point and time you have to starting putting people to task and i don't think we get that all the time from certain people.Gil pete can't stomach me but that is ok .

Pete's reply: Can you blame me? You're the guy who thinks that if somebody disagrees with you, they must either be lying or taking a payoff from the team. So, obviously, you delusionally believe there is no correct argument that isn't your own. That apparently is why you feel it's appropriate to end every comment with a personal attack. I think that's kind of sad, but if it makes you happy, I guess I should be happy for you.

Thought the owner was going to spend $50 million per year from his MASN revenue on the O's. This money must be piling up somewhere else, but there must be SEVERAL big-ticket stars on the screen....must be a well-guarded secret who they may be.

Why don't you think Seattle want's him back?

I just watched an interview with Dave Trembley in which he spoke about Bedard in the highest of terms, how much he respected Erik and his pitching, and his strong desire to bring him back if he is healthy. The question then should be, why would the O’s want to bring Erik back if he is what you are accusing him of being?

I would not want him around a bunch of kids who might think his act is cool.

This is getting tiresome, not to mention being stupid. If the kids are that impressionable and weak-minded to let themselves be influenced by or distracted (and this is not saying that Bedard is a bad influence, as Mr. Schmuck already stated he isn’t) then they are not cut out to be major leaguers, and those would be the kind of players that I do not want on my team!

Hey Pete,
if the Orioles get Milwood in a trade what effect would that have on the O's persuit of Bedard? It would be nice to get both so if Bedard does get hurt the O's did at least add one starting pitcher, and everyone knows they need another Lefty Starter.
I'd also like to see The O's make enough Starting Pitching moves to add Guthrie to the deal for a power hitting corner infielder.

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