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December 7, 2009

MASN finally makes it perfectly clear

The Mid-Atlantic Sports Network announced today that every regular season Orioles and Nationals game in 2010 will be broadcast in High Definition. Since I chided the network for taking so long to get on the Hi-Def bandwagon, it's only fair that I give MASN a shout out for adding an overflow HD channel that makes it possible to go total HD.

Gotta say, it would have been nice if they had done it last season, when I was stuck on the couch recuperating from my latest middle-age-crazy sports injury, but at least I can put my health at risk this summer knowing that I'll have two Hi-Def ballgames every day to go with my regular schedule of Gunsmoke reruns.

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Gunsmoke reruns? That's like when Red Auerbach was still the Boston Celtics' GM in the 1980s and he had strict orders for his subordinates to NEVER disturb him between 4-5 PM on weekdays. The reason? A Boston TV aired Hawaii Five-0!

if they can't give us a good team, which apparently after 10 years they can't, at least they can give us a crystal clear picture of all broadcasts. The games not in HD the past few seasons looked hoirrible on HD TV. At least this is a plus although I don't know why I'd want to see the Titanic going down in HD.

It's more like a dingy floundering in a storm in HD.

What was up with the Terp game last night? On the HD channel, the game appeared to be in HD, but it was restricted tot the box size, instead of the full rectangle. And then they had those stupid "MASN HD" logo columns on either side to fill the rest of the screen. I could adjust my tv format to fill, but then that stretches and distorts the picture.

But if I don't switch to fill, I run the risk of having that stupid MASN logo burned into my screen.

Very annoying


Have u ever found out from MASN why they dont show their "O's classics" out of the local viewing area.? Id really like to catch the home games from the 96 and 97 playoff runs. I never saw the broadcasts because I attended all of the home playoff games (home playoff games seems a strange thing to say when referring to the O's)

I tried contacting them myself, but they gave an automated (and incorrect) response about " MLB rules" even though Yankees Classics are on all the time. I heard that the reason that they arent shown is that it would cost MASN a fee to show out of their home area. Its bad enough, it took them this long to get High DEf, but cant they take care of their out of state fans? The Yanks arent the only ones who pay to show outside of their local territory. Teams like the Rockies, Mariners, and even the Royals all show their "classics" outside their locales on a regualar basis

MLB gives the Os a FREE network; cant they give something back to the fans that they have left ? Id love an explanation for this one, Ive been asking for years. Thx

If it has the bars down the side, it's not in HD. Makes no sense that they couldn't televise a game from the Verizon Center in HD. Maybe it was Comcast's revenge by not letting them use the HD cameras that are there for Caps and Wizards games? Welcome to the 21st century MASN. Now get some decent commercials.

When is MASN going to re-do their web page. It's cluttered.

Great! We'll be able to CLEARLY watch two losing teams. By mid season we may want to go back to the blurry picture!

Well, I'm thankful. The days we were on MASN2, I would see if a rebroadcast was on later that night, because then it would be in HD. I never understood why they would film it in HD but broadcast in SD. Anyway, thanks MASN!

the only thing in true 1080 hi def are dvd's. it's not that big of a difference from digital to 720 or whatever it is hi def. and the sound is better if you have a sound system. hi def just cost more money to watch. may the schmuck be with you

hey, whats your favorite gunsmoke show, mine is the "widowmaker"

fkterp: DVD's are NOT the only source of 1080i material. And if you can't see a significant difference between hidef and non-hidef, I'd check your diplay capabilities.

Pete: Will MASN also keep the O's on the same channel each night? Trying to remember which channel is which is a pain. At least make it easy for us to follow the misery in glorious hidef.

Personally I could care less. Last year I watched a total of about three innings and none of them were consecutive. Had the broadcast been in HD I probably would have watched less. It's bad enough that the O's play poorly, but watching them play poorly in HD just makes the experience more painful.


Glad to hear from a true, loyal and faithful fan.

Hi-Def for both games! At least we have that going for us. We'll clearly be able to see a fight for 3rd place for the next 30 years

If you don't see a GREAT picture from a Hi-def signal, (that is 1080p) then you probably have you cable plugged straight into your input from the cable box or it's not Hi-def..
You need to use either HDMI cables, component cables or DVI.
When you can see the individual blades of grass on the field or tobacco spit on a chin, you know you are doing it right.

Picture perfect losing!

'The Oriole Way'

Picture perfect losing!

'The Oriole Way'

Posted by: wayne | December 7, 2009 6:
Rather watch them then have to scroll by your stupid posts. What are you, 12?

More of Amber in HD..........ummmmmmmm.

Fire Suggs.

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