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December 7, 2009

MacPhail: Bedard under consideration

President of baseball operations Andy MacPhail just concluded his first media briefing of the Winter Meetings, but did not have a lot to report. He pointed to tonight's deadline for free agents to accept arbitration as a potentially important point in the week, but didn't get specific about any of the players who might come off the free agent market by accepting salary arbitration from their original clubs.

He did confirm, however, that the Orioles are reviewing the medical information on former O's pitcher Erik Bedard along with the medicals on a number of other free agents with injury issues. That's standard procedure, he said, and should be considered only a routine preliminary review that might precede any substantive discussions with the agents for those players.

MacPhail ruled out the Orioles as a player in trade talks for Tigers starting pitcher Edwin Jackson and Marlins reliever Matt Lindstrom, both of whom are rumored to be on the verge of being dealt to unidentified clubs. He also indicated that the Orioles have had no further contact with the agent for pitcher John Lackey and are not hot on the trail of Marlins infielder Dan Uggla.

Stay tuned for an intriguing update on the arbitration deadline.

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This kind of signing would be right up AM's alley......

A broken down player who can't go 6 innings, who never last an entire season. If only he was from Japan.....

useless negativity

wayne -

First off, Bedard averaged 6+ innings per start in his final three seasons in Baltimore.

Second, we all know what Bedard can do if he's healthy. Obviously, that's a big if, but it's worth it to wager a couple million bucks on Bedard if there's even a remote possibility that he'll be ready for Spring Training.

I don't doubt that Andy knows baseball but he certainly did not take Public Relations 101 or if he did he didn't get much out of it.
Baseball as a whole and the O's in particular seems to have forgotten that the fans are the ones paying for ALL of this. They seem to be taking lessons from the politicians who have forgotten the voters put them there.

Forget about Bedard. He can't stay healthy and if he dosen't feel perfect, he will not play.I feel the same as Rick Dempsey. This guy is only out for himself. I remember that he had to run from 1b to 3rd in an inter league play and he took himself out of the game --because he was tired. Please give the spot to someone that wants to play. No matter what you pay him he will be on the DL as soon as he wins two or three games. He is a real loser.

Forget about Bedard. He can't stay healthy and if he dosen't feel perfect, he will not play.I feel the same as Rick Dempsey. This guy is only out for himself. I remember that he had to run from 1b to 3rd in an inter league play and he took himself out of the game --because he was tired. Please give the spot to someone that wants to play. No matter what you pay him he will be on the DL as soon as he wins two or three games. He is a real loser.

espn said that Penny's contract offer (7.5 plus 1.5 incentives) could set the price for other injured payers like Bedard.

As long as you know what you are getting going in and don't expect him to be Christ reincarnated, he'll be fine. Give any of them a year with a club option for 2. Just don't expect him to be John Lackey, but enjoy it if he is.

Talented Prima Donna, Diva, Me First--the last thing the Orioles need is another overpayed, sulking pitcher.

You know, like what's his name who went to Seattle.

This is easy... spend a little money

get sheets, bedard, and milwood

get soriano

get vlad, and two corenr infielders

We contend next year

From Seattle, you can have him back. He is always broke, never goes past 100 pitches. This prima-donna is easily one of our worst deals ever! If you didn't learn the last time he was there or his time out here in Seattle, you deserve him!

Actually, Nic, the fans aren't paying for most of this; television revenue is.


3 mediocre pitchers, one closer, and a 40 year old DH won't make the O's competitive--maybe in the AL West or the NL, but not the AL East.


it's no longer your money when you pay the Gate. It becomes their money. At least you can vote out Politicians if they mis-spend "our" money, but I have yet to see an example of voting out Sports Ownership.

Bedard is fine. He's a lefty (which the O's need in the Rotation), AL pitcher that's played in the AL East. = Value.

"3 mediocre pitchers..."

paulie -

You're right about Millwood, but are you seriously calling Erik Bedard and Ben Sheets mediocre?

They're both horribly injury prone, but to call them mediocre is laughable.

Sheets career: 3.72 ERA, 1.20 WHIP, 3.85 K/BB

Bedard career: 3.71 ERA, 1.32 WHIP, 2.46 K/BB

Hurt all the time, yes, but when they're healthy, they're both pretty freaking good.

The O's should definitely bring back Bedard. He has some serious upside and we know it first hand! The O's have to stop this nonsense of rebuilding in perpetuity. Continually signing "innings eaters" and "stop gap" solutions like Baez, Izturis, Hendrickson etc. is pure idiocy. Nobody cares if the O's win 70 games or 75 games. If they can't field a contender then they should be developing the kids - PERIOD. Bedard is the only free agent pitcher available who has any potential to pull this team out of mediocrity. It's not that hard to contend. REALLY. All you need to do is be 10 games over .500 at the break and then you make a deal to bring in a bat or an arm. The O's aren't that far away. If the kids stay healthy anda couple of veterans have solid years, they can be 50-40 at the break. They did it in 05 but didn't have the balls to pull the trigger and the team collapsed. There is more talent on this upcoming 2010 team...

Brattard? No thanks!

I'll take Bedard at 90 pitches/5.2 innings/1.5ER/per inning/max 30 starts over just about anything we have on the staff except Bergensen. Even better side by side Bergensen. Bedard is good when he pitches and is a hard worker. Bedard also works very well with youngsters and that is what we need. Bedard is an oriole thru and thru and belongs here. Besides the historic deal to Seattle wouldn't be complete unless we get him back and keep the rewards at the same time. Very smart McPhail. I am looking forward to seeing my favorite pitcher since Mussina back in Birdland. That will get me out to the games for sure no matter what I think of the Marxist Al Gore Jr. contributor - Angelos.

Re: Bedard - Let's not take a disinclination to talk to the media as anything more than it is on the surface. We used to have a first baseman here who didn't like to talk to the press, but who put up some pretty good numbers over the years. The comments that have suggested that Bedard is a negative influence in the clubhouse have no support, at least as far as I have seen. As for his injuries, if he can give a good 6+ innings on any given start, he would be a welcome addition to the starting rotation.

Forget it about Bedard,he don't look like he really wants to play.Get Chapman.............

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