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December 8, 2009

Chapman meeting

Doubt it means a whole lot, but we're hearing that the Orioles may be meeting right now with the agents for Cuban pitcher Aroldis Chapman. The O's are not expected to be the highest bidder for Chapman, but he told club officials during a face-to-face meeting last month that he has been positively inclined toward the organization since the Orioles visited Cuba in 1999.

Chapman has drawn a lot of interest from big-market major league clubs, but baseball officials dispute the huge early estimates of what it will take to sign him. Still, the chances of him choosing the Orioles seem remote.

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We need some optomism here, Pete...LIE TO US!! :P

LOL.....I love it. Yeah, lie to us. We DEFINITELY need some positive spin, even if it is the furthest thing from the truth!! Come on Pete, just tell us something good.

Can't wait for someone to christen him "Oldy".

Oldy's (there, I did it!) going for a big league contract, right?

Let's see if he'll bite on five years, $20M guaranteed.

Pete, can you answer me a quick question:

I don't understand why the Orioles would trade for Kevin Millwood when they could just as easily sign Jon Garland. The last five years, Millwood has pitched 192.0, 215.0, 172.2, 168.2, and 198.2 innings with ERA's of 2.86, 4.52, 5.61, 5.07, and 3.67. On the other hand, Garland has pitched 221.0, 211.1, 208.1, 196.2, and 204.0 innings with ERA's of 3.50, 4.51, 4.23, 4.90, and 4.02. I bring up innings pitching because the O's desperately need an inning eater who can save the bullpen.

There are four HUGE reasons to go with Garland
(a) His numbers are clearly better
(b) The O's won't have to trade anyone anyway to acquire him
(c) He'll probably take less than $12 Mil
(d) He's five years younger than Millwood

Pete's reply: I supposed the short answer is that Millwood doesn't have a say in the matter. You have to convince Garland to come here. I also doubt Garland would be cheaper. The O's, if they get Millwood, probably would have to pay him $9 million and only would have to guarantee that for one year.


Yah but then the problem is you're stuck with Garland for 3-4 years.

And as was mentioned yesterday...Garland is hardly a mentor. Millwood's value would also come in his ability to teach and work with our young guys.

What's wrong with being stuck with him for 3-4 years? He's solid pitcher and has is still only 30. You can never have too much pitching and, at the worst, you have to trade with him or Guts in a few years. I'd much rather have Garland for 3 years then Millwood for one.

MLB Trade Rumors says Rangers were asking for Tillman - that's hysterical! Then it says O's offered Hernandez and Erbe - that's disheartening! Anything more than one of Hernandez or Berken is ridiculous - there are 5 or 6 guys in Millwood's calibre they can sign without giving up a prospect of Erbe's caliber.

Stuff aside, Millwood is a smarter and mentally tougher pitcher than Garland.

I don't want Garland as my "ace", though I'm comfortable with Millwood in that role for a year.

Plus, once again, we don't just need an innings eater...we need a guy who can work with and instruct the younger guys. That's not Garland.

Christopher -

Why can't Garland help instruct young players? What makes Millwood a better fit for that role?

In other news, the Rangers apparently wanted Chris Tillman for Millwood. The O's apparently offered David Hernandez and Brandon Erbe.


Why does everyone talk about "mentoring"? Sign a guy for one or two years and I'm sure he going to start teaching younger guys how to take his job. rrrriiiiggghhhttt! Why should they even give a s--t? It's all about the money, not about anything else.

So your saying there's a chance

"Millwood's value would also come in his ability to teach and work with our young guys."

I thought the O's had coaches for that! Hire another coach (Bring Flanagan back) (joking) but don't give up BOTH Hernandez AND Erbe for one year of a so-so pitcher.

Why do the Orioles keep expecting good players to come play for them if they are never interested in offering the most money?

Once again this guy is supposed to come play for the Orioles out of some... What. Sense of duty?

any thought on j dye at first base. seems very athletic and was a good outfielder on ground balls. this use to be commonplace a few years ago to bring a good fielding outfielder to first base

I'll bet on Chapman taking the most money which will not be from the O's - everything else is secondary.

fred -

Jermaine Dye is a terrible outfielder. In fact, he's been one of the three worst right fielders in baseball, year in and year out, in every season since 2006.

It's so sad to see great players like Chapman, fly about Baltimore on the way to the NY Yankes or the Red Sox and, knowing that if the Orioles really want to bring him to Baltimore they could do it.We have to face it,they won't pay good money just to make us the fans happy.So i guess i will have to see him pitching against the team the I love,The Orioles.Why NY and Boston ALWAYS get the best players Men? Chapman its withing reach for the Orioles, Just do it!

Wouldn't it be neat if the O's actually took a risk and signed the Cuban pitcher Chapman even if they had to overpay and then traded one of our top line pitching prospects for a real middle-of-the-line up corner infielder?

But AM is risk adverse and the owner won't spend money so we sit and debate about the mertis of pedestrian pitchers like Millwood and Garland.


Being from Arizona and hearing about the daily Diamondbacks news via local radio, I can tell you that Garland was not well liked by his teammates here... Just one of those guys who can't get along with anyone... why do you think he has been floating around the league for a few years when pitchers are at a premium.... I just see him as a guy who would be better on a veteran team, not on a team where he would be expected to "mentor" or lead... he's not that kind of guy...

So, basically we pass on the Cuban and spend yet another year in last place or fourth place. Meanwhile the damn Yankees are already trying to upgrade centerfield.
Doesn't the Unawarehouse get it at all?
They can't keep doing this and expect their fan base to improve. I am getting sick of the drool running down the Unawarehouse windows. Wake up in there.

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