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November 12, 2009

Ravens: Monday night madness

Everybody likes to play on a national stage on Monday night, but a lot of players still try to downplay the MNF hype. Take Terrell Suggs for instance:

"All I think about it is, all my ex-girlfriends are going to be watching me play,'' he said, "and be sorry they dumped me."

It's not exactly a premier matchup, since the Ravens have slumped to 4-4 and the Browns are just 1-7, but Todd Heap thinks that the atmosphere at Paul Brown Stadium will still be super-charged.

"Us going into Cleveland...the background that goes with it...the history, it's going to be crazy."

The Ravens can do a lot to quiet the crowd by putting up some points in the first quarter instead of stumbling out of the gate and playing catch-up all game long like they did against the Bengals and Vikings in their last two losses.

"That's going to be one of our goals during the second half of the season,'' Heap said, "getting off to a faster start."

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Hey Peter, long time no chat.

The Ravens are really disappointing this season so far, though I can't be too upset at the record, I am more upset by how they play.

That last loss to the Begals was a game they very well could have won. The defense made adjustments at the half and shut down Cincy and kept them to 17 points.

The Ravens could not answer on offense. The difference might be the amount of speed Cincy has on defense now compared to the lack of speed the Ravens have other than Ray Rice. Heap isn't fast, none of the wideouts are particularly fast, and there is only so much Ray Rice can do on dump offs out of the back field.

The defense is looking really porous this season. They aren't stopping the run, and can't stop the pass at all.

I'll keep watching as I am a fan of the Ravens and Orioles and always will be.

The Ravens better stomp all over the Browns. If they look lackluster against them, fans will be going wild.

I am a writer and a big sports fan. How can I become the next generation Peter Schmuck?

I'm glad you asked. Eat a lot of Doritos. Come up with a really memorable last name...(sorry but Schmuck is could try Trevor Dork or Putz.....I think you get the idea). Next, you have to develop an extremely thick skin. You could go over Blnciones house on a weekly basis and just discuss when the O's might be good again (NEVER) or you might try just making a few ttpos on some posts and getting used to the Grammer police telling you that you are a complete idiot.
Also, strike up some conversations with Gill and others and tell them you like Macphails plan. That will be good enough for a ton of insults and insinuations about how they secretly bankroll your Blog.
Oh. and if you really want to develop the necessary cahoonas to follow me, just write on here that Angelos has spent a ton of Money and would really like to get the team back to the World Series and after all he's not such a bad guy is he?
Then go grab some Peanut Butter Kandykakes, throw on some flowered shirts and let the money come rolling in.
Sincerely, Pete

I'm sorry Trevor. That was really me. Pete only pays me to write glowing comments about him from time to time. I stepped over the line. i believe I hit most of the important points, but Pete should really give you his insider tips himself.

All of my associates think I'm a dork anyway for being an O's fan, so that's covered. Everyone is a critic, even in life, so the thick skin is covered. I like McPhails plan, just admitted that on your blog, therefore I get more insults. I'll pass on the Doritos and go with the cigars, porter, and Velvetta covered cheeseburgers. I think I might have the makings of a pretty good blogger. I'll let you know how it goes. And will remember to give you plenty of credit when I win the Nobel blogger award.

Ah! A Terrel Suggs sighting. Watching the Ravens play I didn't know he was still around.

The Orioles website is giving fans the opportunity to vote for the greatest Oriole players at each position. For the outfield,Albert Belle is listed as one of the choices, but Paul Blair is not! Huh?
Pete, your comments are welcome.


Suggs, ex-girlfriends ... sounds like Pre-Sizzle.

Nothing like waiting for the second half to get off to a fast start.

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