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October 14, 2009

NFL: Irsay takes a stand

No matter how you feel about the possibility of Rush Limbaugh becoming a part owner of the St. Louis Rams, you have to chuckle at Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay becoming the first NFL owner to stand up against him on principle.

irsayap.jpgIrsay (left) said this week he definitely would not vote to approve an ownership group involving Limbaugh because of the right-wing talkshow host's sometimes controversial comments about race and the NFL.

"I, myself, couldn't even consider voting for him," Irsay said, according to the Associated Press. "When there are comments that have been made that are inappropriate, incendiary and insensitive ... our words do damage, and it's something that we don't need."

I'm staying out of the political side of this debate, but I think longtime Baltimore sports fans are going to find it humorous that Irsay would suddenly get all high and mighty after his family yanked a beloved NFL franchise out of Baltimore and gave little thought to the horrible effect that would have on this community.

I guess the real irony of the situation is that Limbaugh has joined the effort to help keep the Rams from moving out of St. Louis.

Associated Press photo

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WHY is it always a problem when a conservative does something like wanting to buy a team?
If Rush was a flaming liberal no one would have said a word.
An for the league to be judgemental is a complete joke.
There are so many thugs in the NFL it isnt funny.
All the players that get arrested for everything and they continue to be able to play, Michael Vike for one.
You people are pathetic.
You need to move to Russia and experience how precious freedom really is.

WHY is it always a problem when a conservative does something like wanting to buy a team?
If Rush was a flaming liberal no one would have said a word.
An for the league to be judgemental is a complete joke.
There are so many thugs in the NFL it isnt funny.
All the players that get arrested for everything and they continue to be able to play, Michael Vike for one.
You people are pathetic.
You need to move to Russia and experience how precious freedom really is.

The son is hardly the Father. From what I have read, he is a good guy. Talk about stopping the hate....

It has nothing to do with Rush being a conservative he has made many racist comments throughout his years and he got fired from ESPN for one of them. Although I don't think Rush would be a bad minority owner I understand why a league where over half the players are black wouldn't want him as an owner. I think that There will be better ownership groups available than Rush's bid so just take politics out of it. Basically he's racist and that's the objection.

WHY is it always a problem when a conservative does something like wanting to buy a team?
If Rush was a flaming liberal no one would have said a word.
An for the league to be judgemental is a complete joke.
There are so many thugs in the NFL it isnt funny.
All the players that get arrested for everything and they continue to be able to play, Michael Vike for one.
You people are pathetic.
You need to move to Russia and experience how precious freedom really is.

Posted by: xinunus | October 14, 2009 1:47 PM

AMEN. Xinunus, this is a flaming liberal state so you have to take the comments with a grain of salt.

Anyone think this applies to the O's the last 10+ years? Sure sounds like potter & his spawn to me...

The O's suffer from something called "toxic management." Denial and refusal to accept criticism are classic hallmarks of it, and so is shifting blame to others.

Toxic management is not just a term; it's a pathology, and experts have written books about it. The leader in the field is Roy Lubit, a member of the faculty of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, and the author of "Coping with Toxic Managers and Subordinates." According to Lubit, toxic managers are "rigid, aggressive, self-centered." They're also divisive. Some of the indicators: bullying of subordinates, impulsivity, inability to concentrate and moodiness. Add it customer complaints and high staff turnover. Toxic managers actually prefer tension to stability, because it's a demonstration of their personal power.

Sound familiar?

considering his father was less than stable when he owned the team in baltimore - i find the statement ironic.

that being said - jim obviously cannot be held accountable for his fathers "sins".....

Jim isn't his father but he could do the noble thing and return the Baltimore Colts memorabilia back to Baltimore where it belongs. Indy has no ties to that history. Modell had the class to leave the Browns legacy in Cleveland. Jimmy had a chance to fix that and chose not to, so he is as much of a horses @ss and his drunken old father was.

Don't get all high & mighty now,Jim Irsay had nothing to do with the Colts leaving Baltimore. And,if I were BOB Irsay,i'd have done the same thing. I was among the ten or so fans that went to Memorial Stadium to see the Colts play in 1983. The team was not he left. And besides,Baltimore did to Cleveland what was done to us,hypocrisy at it's finest...

What Don said.... agreed.

Anyone see that that former Baltimore Browns kicker Matt Stover signed with the Indy Colts? The irony is somewhat amusing...

Yeah Don, it's the same thing... except Irsay was an irrational drunken bastard with no morals who shopped the franchise all over the place and lied about it. He took the nickname, colors and records with him to Indy. So actually, it's nothing like what happened to the Browns, who had a new franchise within a few years and kept its name, colors and history. Get a clue.

Well,gee,MD,think we would have taken the Browns REGARDLESS of whether we kept the colors,team name,etc. Answer? Yes,we would have. See,Bob Irsay is the OWNER of the team,and it was his right to take the Colts colors with him,see? It was wrong,ignorant and heartless,but his right. The Rams and Cardinals had the same thing happen to them. Irsay shopped around like Modell shopped around. as a matter of fact,Modell IS Bob Irsay in a camel hair coat. Perhaps YOU could get a clue,hmmm??

Oh really? I don't recall seeing Modell stepping out of a helicoptor and waving to fans in different cities, then showing up drunk at the airport and insisting that he wasn't shopping the team. Perhaps YOU should talk about things you know about, like inappropriately touching little boys. Loser.

Ha! Ha! good one,MD,i like it! That's why I like arguing with Ravens fans,I always feel mentally superior! Go back to your cave,now,and get ready for a Vikings beat down on Sunday!!

What sealed the deal for Modell was that $300M (which in this era of ignorant billion $ bailouts seem small) in CASH the State of Md. gave him for "moving expenses". With every traffic jam, every pothole, every cutback at our schools, I remember that too.

Rush stands on his own merit, love him or hate him. If a druggie wants to get in on the massive profits from the NFL ala Gloria, Serena and Venus in Miami, I say let him. It's America right? If minorities can own a piece, why not a nutty Republican?

I am a republican and I would not want to see Rush own anything.

I'm not a Ravens fan, Don, just somebody who follows the NFL a lot closer than you. And somebody who knows a lot more about the Irsay years than a punk piece of crap like yourself. Now why don't you do something more constructive with your time, like working up the nerve to kiss a girl for the first time. Practice on your mother like the rest of us did.

Hey Pete, I bet you never pictured anything like this back in journalism class huh?

screw the irsay's. they bought the club to move it;carrrol rosenblum knew what was going to happen. everybody could guess what was coming. irsay ruined the colts to move them.
limbaugh gets both my vote and my ear

Bravo MD,BRAVO!! I like it! You are a creative one,sir!!

If Irsay wants to say that Limbaugh is racist he should back it up with the exact quote, in context, that he is referring to.

I remember when Howard Cossel was unjustly pilloried for a coment on TV that I heard personally and know was not racist in the least. What a bunch of hooey. We have a black president and this PC crap is just getting worse!

"If a druggie wants to get in on the massive profits"

Have you ever had chronic pain that never leaves you. I have and its hell. Sometimes to get relief you take the only thing that helps and you can get addicted... like millions on tobacco and alcohol. do for less good reason.

Hope you never go there.

Irsay's a jerk. I think liberals of his ilk should be drummed out of the NFL.

I seem to remember that Robert Irsay was somewhat incapacitated when the Browns were in the process of choosing a new name. That would mean that it was Diamond Jim Irsay, the soft, fluffy teddy bear we all saw on TV last night, who tried to fleece Art Modell when he asked for Baltimore's name, colors and history back. What was it, a hundred kajillion dollars he wanted to return the name Colts and horseshoe logo he snuck out of here on March 29, 1984 with to its rightful place in the galaxy? Jimmy Irsay could've righted the wrong Bob the Bad commited all those years ago. He chose not to. I think he's just as big a skunk as daddy was.

PAUL B TOWSON --- not a Jimmy Irsay apologist by any means. He's an a-hole just like his dad but check out this site....

Hey CB and other socialists

exactly what part of the republican party are you part of that would want to keep a U.S. citizen from owning any business he chooses?

Lets see if you are conservative and you express your opinion you can't own a business and get called a Racist. Rush is not a racist.

If that fool Irsay listened to him he would know he isn't.

Excuse me as I go burn my NFL Gear.

Jimmy Irsay may be a "good guy," but I agree with Schmuck- it is ludicrous that he be the first to call for a ban on Limbaugh getting into the NFL. If a similar standard had been applied years ago, his drunken buffoon of a father could never have been an owner-and Jimmy would not be in a position to try to impose a "non- controversial" (i.e. politically correct) ownership standard.

Jim and his drunken louse of a father are alike. If this cretin and I'm talking the son, was not like his drunken old man, why was he asking for a ridiculous sum of money to return the Colts name to Baltimore? If he is not like his drunken old man, why didn't he have the class to return the name? Why does he still hold hostage BALTIMORE memorabilia? Bottom Line: Jimmy is a PUNK HYPOCRITE and his father was an old DRUNK LIAR. Spare me the Jimmy is a nice little boy crap.

Another thing, where are all the liberal wackjobs (like Jimmy) who scream about tolerance and free speech? Guess it's only when a far left liberal wackjob does the talking. Limbaugh has as much as right to own a football team as the DRUNK LIAR Irsay and his HYPOCRITE PUNK son Jimmy does. Last I checked this is still America; although with the likes of the Obamessiah, Nancy Botox Pelosi, Harry Reid, Chuckie Schummer and Barney Fwank who knows how long it will be.

Perhaps what Rush should do is get arrested for a double murder and plea bargain to a lesser charge of obstruction of justice and he would be okay. Or maybe run a dog fighting ring for over six years, killing dogs that lost, by drowning them or electrocuting them; or maybe if he beat up women and had a lengthy rap sheet everything would be fine with Goodell and the National Felon League. But since Limbaugh is "guilty" of using his Constitutional right of Free Speech, nope, that's completely unacceptable. Ban him and send him to the woodshed. What a joke. I'm curious though, has Al Sharpton ever apologized for his role in the Tawana Brawley hoax? Or his and Jesse Jackson's support of the Duke lacrosse players being thrown off the team and expelled for something they were found NOT GUILTY of? Where's their apologies? Why is Goodell even listening to them? It's obvious why. *pointing to Goodell's weak knees* Hypocrite.

Let's hear these racial Rush statements. Quotes from the defendants are not allowed. Glad Limbaugh is going after all of them legally. Show me Rush saying it, maybe utube? They never occurred. No news media has been able to track them down, only repeat what someone said. Don't need to crosscheck sources these days if it is ok with the libs. RIGHT ON Ravenczar and FREE SPEACH IS FOR EVERYONE!

Maybe Rush should purchase a young minor league baseball team in Costa Rica. That'll kill at least 2 birds with one stone.

~~"I, myself, couldn't even consider voting for him," Irsay said, according to the Associated Press. "When there are comments that have been made that are inappropriate, incendiary and insensitive ... our words do damage, and it's something that we don't need."~~

Was Irsay talking about Rush? Or Jesse (hymietown) and Sharpton (Brawley scam) who have also weighed in on the subject?? What is amusing in all this is that Rush's comment about McNabb at its heart is the same message that Jesse and Sharpton have gotten rich on. There is racism all around us in every part of our daily life. Including in the lesson from this incident. That in our PC world, a black man can state it and a white man cannot.

Maybe the brave supporters of the man who compared NFL players to gang members should mail oxycontin to Roger Goodell to show their outrage.

Good for the league!!!

how is Rush any worse than Jerry Jones or Dan Snyder??? he was only going to be a minority owner too.

Brian- cry me a river about schools and potholes. If it wasn't for the football team, how much revenue would they draw from the cess pool that the stadium stands on today? Even if they didn't give Modell the money to come to Balitmore, they still would have blown it on other garbage such as bloated state budgets and vacant position salary allocations that get spent in other ways. You really think without the Ravens, Balto. would be some magical place with smooth roads and well educated students?

Don- Irsay drunk drove the team into the ground, that is why no one showed up. he treated the old colts like crap and ran them out of town.

So, let me see if I have this right. It was OK for presidential candidate to refer to his grandmother as a "typical white person" and get a pass on the racisim inherent in the comment, BUT...
It's not OK for Rush Limbaugh to speak his mind on what he felt was the NFL's desire for a successful black quarterback. THAT is considered racist.
I have heard his comment (ad nauseum at this point) and I don't myself feel it's racist. The other comments attributed to him were not, in fact, quotes, but quotes from a book ABOUT Rush Limbaugh.
In short, it shouldn't preclude him from being part owner of the team.

I am amused by the Rush reaction from Jimmy Irsay and Roger G. I am just off watching the Barry Levinson documentary about the band that wouldn't die and that era of senior Irsay ownership. I find it hard to believe that the NFL tolerated that alcoholic(Jimmy's words in the doc.) for all those years, both in Balto. and Ind.and is so opposed to having a controversial national figure like Limbaugh in the club.
Jimmy comes off as a real genius in the doc. with "you know" as his favorite phrase. One of Kush's coaches at the time told me that Jimmy hung around the complex lifting weights and was one of the dumbest kids he had ever met-but his dad had a soft spot if you ignored the drinking, according to Jimmy in the doc.
It's their club but such hypocrisy is a bit off putting and silly. Maybe Al Davis will be the next target, but I guess once in it's tough to get thrown out. I really hope Keith Oberman is the next minority owner candidate-the outrage should be palpable, given their aversion to controversial national figures.
You think!
The NFL-such class!

I live in Indy. I enjoy football. Colts are doing well. However Jim Irsay is a drunk and drug addict. Someone should tell him to sober up before he does TV interviews. He looks like Otis the drunk on the Andy Griffith show.

Nobody seems to have a problem with a big time Obama crony being the new head of the NFLPA.Not surprising that he would want to chop the head off Obama's biggest critic. The real racists are on the left.Sharpton and Jackson have made fortunes shaking down business and people with race baiting.

how bout the Dolphins and their ownership group. Guess it's OK since Fergie did that concert for the environment and all...

Pete, I love that this is the prick that 'speaks up' about his opposition to Rush attempting to be an owner in the NFL. Then of course the other blow-hards in the media that jump in right behind him.

I am not a Rush fan and I find his commentary (on the most part) too extreme or just plain annoying, but I don't think any of these guys (the commisioner included) should be grandstanding over this one. I think this is simply 'race-baiting' because the guy made some provacative comments about 'the media' when it came to seeing McNabb do well. Quite frankly, as a black man...I did not find this offensive...was shocking he went there...but not offensive (or racist). I find that people in general love to hop on the Civil Rights Movement 'bandwagon' and get their names in the paper on how they 'won' against 'the man'. I find that these guys on the tv (and in the NFL) who are barking the loudest are the BIGGEST hypocrits. So what, the guy had problems with pain killers, and is able to buy a team because he is successful enough to do so...I think we have people who are just jealous of him being so popular.

Should Rush have been given the opportunity to buy the Rams? I would say yes. I have tried (and tried) to find all these racial comments people are talking about in the media, and they are just not there. Which leads me to say this is a witch hunt and he just got burned at the stake for something I believe he did not do. All in the name of helping with 'maintaing' a certain 'image' in the NFL. That is hypocracy as well. Really. you think we would have seen such an uproar if Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton were involved in a purchase of an NFL team??? I highly doubt it...Hell, I would bet the NFL would have accepted them with open arms.

Funny, a league filled with people that break laws and constantly do things (like drugs), find it offensive to have such a person to be an owner. I know if it were my a$$, I would be thrown in jail for more than half this crap - and forgotten about.

...Just food for thought.

Lets encourage Rush to buy the Orioles!!!

Fact: Baltimore only had 12,000 season ticket holders when the Colts left.
Fact: The Colts had over 250,000 applications when the Colts arrived in Indy.
Fact: Baltimore stole a viable team from Cleveland which had over 80,000 screaming fans packed in the Cleveland Municipal stadium ever week.
Fact: Rush Limppaw IS a racist.
Fact: Jim Irsay is not Robert Irsay.
Fact: God knew what he was doing when he named you "SCHMUCK."

Posted by: Rob Dawalt | October 17, 2009 10:31 PM

Wonder why you left out a very important FACT in your diatribe:
Cleveland built a brand new stadium for the Indians, a team that averaged about 6,000 fans a game if they were giving out a promotion item on that particular day. Cleveland built a brand new arena for the pre-LeBron Cavaliers, a team also going nowhere; Cleveland also built a rock and roll museum. Meanwhile Art Modell was only asking for a couple million for improvements to the Mistake by the Lake and kept getting turned down by the city. Who's the real villians here? Get your FACTS in order before ranting nonsense about 'stealing a team'.

Another important "fact" you left out. The Baltimore City Council turned down numerous requests by Tiger Bob *hic* Irsay to have the Sunday 'blue laws' changed. Perhaps you remember, then again, I'm sure you don't, the city of Baltimore made the BALTIMORE Colts kickoff time at 2pm for early games instead of 1pm like every other city. Tiger Bob *hic" Irsay tried for years to get the law changed so the BALTIMORE Colts could be seen nationally at 1pm like every other team. It was the Baltimore City Council who said no and left the kickoff time at 2pm. The bottom line in both of these cities NFL franchise history is the REAL FAULT can be found in the pickers and stealers in local government who sat on their collective arses and did NOTHING. At least Modell had the class to let Cleveland keep the name and colors of the team; unlike Tiger Bob *hic* Irsay and his punk offspring who wanted more money (liquor was costing more in Indy I guess) to ransom the city of Baltimore again. Screw Jimmy the Punk and his drunken lush of an old man.


Hey brian and xininus. your an idiot. Figured that would get to u a little. Because you obviously are one of those people who comes to blogs, albeit a SPORTS blog to discuss how well read you are and bring up studies. Man, its pretty obvoius this isnt the LIBERAL media and him being a conservative isnt the reason he doesnt get the team. Try not to be an idiot and think about alllllllllll these other owners. Pretty sure their political idealogies line up very well with the conservative party. He shouldnt get a team, not because hes conservative, not because hes for big business, not because hes pro life, not because hes for the death penalty, but because HES AN OUSPOKEN RACIST. He said himself that people want mcnabb to do good because hes black. Very ignorant comments from a very ignorant man. Much like yourself. Go read a book on it buddy.

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