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September 18, 2009

The Schmuck stops in the Middle East

Don't know how to break this to you, but I returned to the land of the walking just four days ago and now I'm headed out of the country for the next nine days. I'm spending the Jewish New Year in Israel, even though I'm not Jewish. They say there's plenty of old stuff there for every denomimation.

So you're going to have to talk amongst yourselves for awhile, though I may chime in occasionally with a travel anecdote or something. Jeff Zrebiec and Dan Connolly also may step in with some guest entries, particularly if there's some breaking news of great note. We'll also have somebody monitoring the posts in case of a spam storm or a run of real bad blog behavior.

I'm not being shut down for the season. I''ll be back for the final week and whatever happens in the immediate aftermath. I'm guessing the first week after the season will be more interesting than anything that has happened since at least the All-Star break. Can't miss that.

By the way, thanks for jumping all over the last post and throwing out your "The 2009 season has been so long..." responses. The people on the blog obviously are far more clever than anybody on any of the other local sports blogs, and I'm not just trying to flatter you. You're all too smart and good-looking to fall for anything like that.

And, Bob, I'll definitely be back before there's a decision on Trembley's future, so don't do anything rash while I'm gone. The season ticket renewal forms don't even come out for a couple more months.

Reimold's season ends: There were a number of posters here who wondered why Nolan Reimold would wait another three weeks before undergoing surgery to repair his frayed Achilles tendon. Well, the Orioles obviously heard you, because they just put him on the disabled list and he'll have the surgery on Wednesday. The recovery time is three to four months, which means he could have been ready for next year either way, but this adds a little more wiggle room for his recovery. I know what he's about to go through and I wish him the best. I'm sure you all do, too.

Oh, and one more plug: I just put up my last column for a week or so. It'll be in tomorrow's print edition, but if you are so inclined, you can read it right here.

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Pete, you have a great time, you deserve to get away for awhile between putting up with us on this blog and your injury. I appreciate you thinking about me and i still would like the chance to get together for some poker. I promise that i am a different person in that venue. bye and have a safe trip

The season has been so long that Pete is pulling out all the stops by fleeing the country in order to visit the Wailing Wall and pray for a miracle in 2010. Be specific and ask for a legitimate number 4 hitter, a third baseman, and an established starter.

While you are there Pete, check to see if there are any young people whio can work fast, throw strikes, change speeds and are looking for work.

Have a great time, be safe and we promise to be good.

Morale is so bad that the local sportswriters are leaving the country.

Morale is so bad that Boog has a stack of resumes.....from players.

Morale is so bad that the new team logo is a white flag.

Morale is so bad that the team looks back at the 0-23 start year as the "good old days."

Have a good trip Pete. Although I think you are just looking at the next two weeks and getting out while the getting is good!

I don't see Roch ditching us for the Middle East. Or have all the women there already dumped him?

How did all the Middle East women know Roch was from Balt? He gave them all crabs.

Pete, You sure your not Jewish? You kind of added that quick, and to the point. Kind of like Austin Powers and the pump "thats not mine, baby"

Anyway have a great time. You want one post to put up there that people will post until you get back?

Just ask this question
"What do the Orioles need to do to get to 85 wins in 2010"? and please explain exactly "front office, coaching and players" that will keep em busy!

Enjoy! Went there one time myself (even though I am not Jewish) and really enjoyed the trip.

Shana Tova, Pete! If you don't know what that means, it's what we Jews say on Rosh HaShana to mean "Happy New Year".

As you said, there's a lot for Christians. Check out the Jesus boat in Tiberias, which is on the coast of the Galilee. Unfortunately, you can't really go to the New Testament landmarks because most of them are Arab Territories as of now. Always nice to go to the Western Wall, although there will be HUGE services there on Rosh HaShana, and if you go with a lady friend (I don't know how else to put that), you'll have to split up. I don't know how much you know about Orthodox Judaism, but to put it lightly it's very chauvinistic.

Anyway, you probably know all about this, but you should also check out some of the Roman ruins too. A lot of history there. It's a beautiful country, absolutely stunning.

I hope you have someone with you who can speak Hebrew because even though Israeli students take English as a second language, it's not easy to get around on just English. When my family went, I speak Hebrew, and my mom speaks a little, but my dad and brother know nothing. We also had an Israeli tour guide who could throw a word or two in when we I wasn't sure.

To conclude, I hope you have a VERY sweet new year! I suppose you're already gone at this point as Rosh HaShana is upon you in Israel, L'Shana Tova!

I don't know what your politics are and don't really care. I have friends on both sides of the fence but I have one piece of advice for you that might save your life. When you go to Israel, DON'T TELL THEM YOU VOTED FOR OBAMA! Thats if you did. Have a good trip!

Schmuck will be in Israel so long that when he gets back, he'll change the name of his blog to "The Schmuckstein Dradles Here." Oy ve!

ask the first person you see why mora is hitting fifth

repeat after me: I am too good a pitcher to let Casey Kotchman get an rbi single off of me
Say that 50 times and then believe it.

Demonimation? Was that intentional? I love it. Definitely have to remember that one.

Pete's reply: No, sorry. Just another Schmuck-up. I fixed it.

Yeah, Pete, major Freudian slip there. I agree with Mike, that's definitely a classic.

Chris, It is Oy vey! not that I am into correcting things, I am far from parfect!

Be safe.


Have a great trip, I was fortunate to get to visit Israel about 25 times and I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself. Make sure you check out a resturant called Edi, its about 25 minutes south of Tel Aviv. It's not Kosher and has seafood. Some other hot spots I liked were the Masada, the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Temple on the Mount. Each hotel offers some great tours with a guide at very cheap prices, and you can ask for the Christian Tour and they will be happy to oblige!
Have a great trip, and I guess we shouldn't take this to mean the O's have shut you down too!

We've tried statesmen, politicans, businessmen, President Bartlett, and delegations, who have suggested timetables, road maps, compromises, threats, military action, begging, bribes, and soul searching.

Now we are going to try a sportswriter who will suggest that perhaps we can achieve a lasting mideast peace by discussing the Baltimore Orioles.

Well, if there is one thing we have learned of late, it is that everyone has an opinion as to how this franchise can be fixed.

Would you rather be known for crafting a lasting peace in the middle east or for being the guy who gets the Orioles to a World Series?

That's what I thought. The two concepts go hand in hand. Their leaders likely feel the same way. Doing the harder thing is always irresistable. And since we have tried everything else over there for decades, bringing a chamionship to Baltimore is certainly worth a try. And if it succeeds, the rest is gravy.

Be very careful and stay very safe.

Bon Voyage, Pete.

Pete, can you please take Trembley with you? Once there it would be great if you could steal all his cash, credit cards and passport. Knowing how savy Dave is, he'll probably make it back to the states in about 20-25 years. By that time he'll be forgotten, along with the O's 2009 season.

Looks like Buck S is going to be the new natinal manager. If that happens DT will be a goner for sure.

I'm with you, time for a 9-day break from this season! We are heading off to Germany for 9 days to drink away our baseball sorrows.

Have a safe trip and blog to you later!

Have a great trip Pete, be safe and keep your head down.

How long will it be until Reimold can be active? I think he should play some first base in winter ball. He's a very solid outfielder, but if the O's really want a power hitter, there are many more options among the outfielders than 1st baseman or 3rd baseman and it would be nice if Reimold gave them some additional flexibility.

As Boston fans 'rightly so' take over Camden Yards yet again, you being away Pete will simply be one less media rep spinning this pathetic excuse of a baseball organization.

One less rep to tell us how the Plan is on pace....

One less rep to tell us how next year looks brighter....forgetting you've said it every year for how long?

Simply - One less O's happy talker.

Nothing personal..... I mean I do hope you have a great trip.

I mean really Pete, it must be embarrassing, even for you and your friends, to yet again feel like a visitor in your own park!

Good time to get away!

Dis seeson iz zo loong, dat Pete actually forgot dat he vuz a Hebrrew!

Vut are you tryin' to do, vit all dis gittin avay from dem Orioles?

Vell anyvay,have a great time, ve'll keep you posted!

anyone else find it curious that Trembley spoke about needing protection for Markakis...a top priority.... well, then he goes and puts Mora batting 5th again.....right behind Markakis....
Am I missing something there?

If you really don't think things look much brighter for next year and beyond...especially with all the young pitchers.... if you really don't understand Macphails "plan" is working you don't have a clue....really you should probably just follow the Ravens and then start rooting for the O's when they are over 500 because the won loss record is all you can see...


Tell it like it is Wayne! Sorry Pete, and have a great trip!

And expect the happy fans to jump all over you wayne. You know, the same one's who have the youngsters taking the o's to the promise land.

You people have been (like wayne says) happy talkers for years. The names may change from time to time, but the o's management count on each of you in order to get away with being the laughing stock year after year after year.

Just listen to the Sox fans tonight. It's not even embarrasing anymore. it's just funny!

Poor Dempsey,

You can see the pain on his face every night. You just know he wants to scream at what he's watching, but he has to hold back. At least he has the pained look on his face while Hunter is trying to tell us how the O's were thisclose. Lol! He's hilarious!

Go wayne.

Have a good trip Pete.

Peter: Since you're not Jewish, go into the Old City and eat from the Arab street stands. The fresh-baked pita bread alone is worth it.

That said, of all the places I've been, that's one of only two where I claimed to be Canadian. Practice saying "oot and aboot".

Does Bob McCrory, have pictures on someone in the F.O.? This guy has never and I mean never, done anything positive in any of his numerous trips to Baltimore. I hope the O's dump this guy because he has no chance to succeed at the big league level.

It's a damn shame for the younger O's fans, as well as for the older ones that the red carpet isn't out for Brooks, all the time. The greatest 3B of all time and an icon in Baltimore, should be in the spotlight so much more for all he did. I hate the Sox (really hate the Sox), but I give them props for always valuing their past and including past greats in various events throughout the years. I hope that Andy, can somehow act as mediator (no pun intended) between Brooks and P.A., as this rift has to end.

Classy move by the O's to celebrate Mora's accomplishment the other night. He has his detractors, but he has given his all to the O's and the community.

This whole BS thing about the #8, needs to be fixed. This is a joke that I hate to say, would've been fixed in NY.

Pete, have a safe trip!!!!

BIrdland Todd says:
This whole BS thing about the #8, needs to be fixed. This is a joke that I hate to say, would've been fixed in NY.

Fixed in NY? Say what?
Ironic and sad that NY can build not one but two brand new spanking baseball stadiums, yet after 8 years there is still a hole in the ground at the WTC site. NY should hid their head in shame.

See if there are any power hitting corner infielders while your there.

Here is my list of people in the Organization who should not {or will not}return in 2010:

OWNERS: Peter Angelos, John Angelos

MANAGER: Dave Trembley

COACHES: Juan Samuel

TRAINER: Richie Bancells


COLOR: Rick Dempsey


MASN COMMERCIAL: The Buck Toothed Kid, The Girl who was hot for the Oriole Bird

LOCAL PERSONALITES: Anita Marks, Drew Forrester

MASCOTS: Oriole Bird

USHERS: All of the Senior Seat Nazis

CONCESSIONS: All who are selling products for three times actual value

PITCHERS: Matt Albers, Brian Bass, Albert Castillo, Sean Henn, Bob Mccrory, Chris Ray, Alfredo Simon, Rich Hill, Dennis Sarfate

POSITION PLAYERS: Ty Wiggenton, Melvin Mora

FANS: Me, I am not renewing my season tickets.

what is with that garbage from Albers...the thought process was there but the execution wasn't...what is that? These guys should read their quotes the morning after, and the next time they get asked a question, just say they stunk up the joint.Brutal on all fronts.
How would you like to be the Red Sox, knowing before the season starts you'll be 20 games over 500 just for the fact you play the O's and Toronto 36 times..makes bringing back Paul Byrd all that much easier. Just a disaster.

This just in for 2010: Red Sox to substitute all games played against Orioles at OPACY for games to be played at local Baltimore area High Schools against the respective High School team. Games will be set up on a first come first serve rotational basis. Out of sincere respect for the major league Orioles, the Red Sox will give the Orioles a 500 record for the substituted games.

This just in: The Red Sox announced for 2010 that games played against the Baltimore Orioles at OPACY will be substituted by games played against local Baltimore area High Schools at the respective High School fields. Games will be selected on a first come first serve basis. Out of sincere respect for the Major League Orioles, the Red Sox will honor them with a 500 record for the substituted games.

Not that I am calling you and old Far*, but didnt you take your last vacation to Russia? What is with these intellectual vacations. What happened to the fun spring break Schmuck.....ever heard of taking a vacation where you veg out, drink alot, sit in the sun and become an idiot....come join us......oh well enjoy yourself and come back a better person....that never happens on one of my vacations....stay safe.

I suppose nitpicking about the crazy lineups may seem strange when we get beat 18-0.... however I have seen the lineups go from strange to incomprehensible...

Hey Mr. Trembley,

You stated that Weiters should be moved up in the lineup and hit where he might hit all the time.......pssst it's not the number 3 hole. In fact I will bet that no other manager would bat Weiters 3rd. I can see 4th or 5th at some point, but 3rd??? As slow as he is????
No, it doesn't make sense to me

The pitching's so bad that FEMA has declared the bullpen a disaster area.

The pitching's so bad that they've taken all sharp objects away from Kranitz.

The pitching's so bad that DT is at risk of pulling out his last strand of hair.

The pitching's so bad that Schmuck is at the Wailing Wall screaming "don't make me go back."

I just don't understand everyone who is more concerned about finding a power-hitting corner infielder than a quality ace. A true clean-up guy only comes to the plate one in nine times. Yes, he'd make pitchers throw to Markakis and might offer a bit of stability to our streaky lineup, but nothing can replace a guy to lead the rotation that's a guarantee at 14+ wins.

Thus far, the guys everyone wants to see in the 2010 rotation - Guthrie, Bergesen, Matusz and Tillman - have gone a collective 24 and 25. The remaining seven starters have gone 17 and 38. So not only does our Joe Somebody (should he win a couple more games than he loses) give our starters a winning percentage, but he pushes the others towards the back of the rotation, taking the pressure off of them. Sure the three newbies will meet pressure as the AL East catches up to them, but I think Tillman and, definitely, Matusz will be better pitchers at this point next year. Matusz is a competitor and will put himself in the running for ROY. If Tillman and Bergesen can stay the same or pitch a little better, with these other things considered, we should be a winning ball club next year.

Some people complain that bringing in a starter would take Arrieta's spot, but you have to understand that not all of our prospects will have 'great' success in the AL East. You're drinking Kool-Aid if you think a 2011 rotation of Matusz, Guthrie, Bergesen, Tillman and Arrieta will win us a World Series. Not only will we need a quality veteran to lead the staff, but one or two of these guys will not prove to be the guys they were in the minors. Additionally, if we were to trade for a big-name starter, we'd have to give-up one of our big-name prospects. I know McPhail has said that he is not trading away any of our top prospects, but if he could get a proven starter that'll win 2/3 of his games, I say we could put together a package that included either Tillman or Arrieta and possibly Hernandez or Berken.

As I said, Matusz, Guthrie, Bergesen, Tillman and Arrieta won't take us where we want to go - we'll be one starter away from a winning record and one healthy John Lackey or Andy Pettitte away from contending. Mark my word, if we waste this off-season on another Belle or Sosa, and do nothing to help the rotation, we're asking for another decade of losing. Sure a big bat to stick in the middle of the lineup and gobble up ground balls at first will make us more productive and efficient but an Adrian Gonzalez or Prince Fielder's marginal utility (VORP) does not do as much for our record as a quality starter's marginal utility.

No five players mean more for a team than the guys that control the other team's production for the first six or seven innings of the game. If we can get reliable work from our starters, our bullpen, also, looks a bit better. Some combination of Hendrickson, Bass, Albers, Johnson, Meredith, Sarfate and maybe Mickolio will start the season in the bullpen. And we'll probably have to reteach Ray to pitch, so we'll start him in Norfolk or Bowie. But after a month or two at Norfolk, we'll be able to cycle in Hernandez, Berken, Ray, McCrory, Perrault and Perez. It'll be a bullpen by contention. And we'll still have Patton, Britton, Pauley and Erbe starting at AAA with a slew of good guys, there, in the bullpen: Egan, Lebron, Wolf, Gamboa and Ouellette.

I won't go to Yankees or Sox games anymore because we just make their hitters look too good. Yeah, their pitchers make us look pretty bad too, but our wins seem to come more at the hands of our bats than by our pitched balls. Whether or not we get our first baseman, our production should rise if our starters stay healthy and Wieters starts hitting with power. A big bat would help us, but we WILL NOT compete in the AL East unless we find a true ace.

I want to see McPhail throw 7 or 8 million at Andy Pettitte. Imagine him leading Guthrie, Bergesen, Matusz and Arrieta or Tillman to 90 wins and a playoff berth; our bullpen going into the postseason with the best combination of Berken, Hernandez, Uehara, Hendrickson, Hill, Perez and a revitalized Ray, Johnson, and Mickolio finishing off games; imagine being able to attract any big-name corner infielder we want for the 2011 season, or better yet, for a playoff push next year.

All we'll be doing is imagining unless we focus our efforts on a big-name starter. Who could you guys see us going for, and who would we have to give up?

I bet that fool, Jim Hunter was running around screaming "we're #1, we're #1" after the game. Yes, Jim, we are #1, the worst team in the AL. I've only heard Hunter, call out Pie. The only reason he did that was because DT, Juan and Buck, all did so he joined in, but other than that, I've not heard him say "so and so, had a bad year." How can anyone buy what he is selling? The only one that doesn't want this season to end is Bonnie because she doesn't want him around all the time. I swear he is Kermit the Frog to P.A.'s Jim Henson.

The only positives from this game: Wieters, looks really good at the plate and Luke, might be more in demand on the trade market if he can go on a hot streak to close out the year.

Honestly, how many people will be beyond pissed if the O's, don't go out and add legitimate veterans for the rotation, BP and corner INF spots? I can't imagine entering next year with Wiggy and Luke, as the power guys and Jeremy, as the ace. I like Jeremy, but I don't feel he should be automatically given a spot in the rotation. The league has caught up to him so either he changes or he is going to get whacked out there.

same travels, pete.

I made this point awhile back that Dave Trembley doesn't know how to handle a pitching staff. He takes the starters out too early not even 90 pitches sometimes in close games or he waits too long to take them out when they are getting pounded! He is seems not to be happy if he doesn't use at least 2 or more pitchers. Wade Davis, a Tampa Bay Ray rookie shut us out 3-0 and threw 124 pitches Joe Madden left him in. Is Joe Madden dumb? I think not. Trembley would have yanked him at 90 pitches put in the bullpen and probably lost the game. Earl Weaver states that he doesn't like to yank a starter that is pitching well in a 1-1 or close game. We have plenty of excuses for failing this year ,rookie pitchers,slumping hitters,injuries etc but that doesn't coverup Dave Trembley's inept handling of the pitching staff and basic game situation's . He loves the hit& run (Earl Weaver calls it the worst play in baseball) . Trembley's ill-timed hit and runs cost us many a rally. I can remember one game we lost where he tried to hit & run with Huff on first (a snail) and Mora at bat with 2 strikes--with one out net result strike em out throw them out double play . Lastly his slow reaction in addressing the season long base running blunders seems to signal a man who has lost control of the team . In short it would be best if we began fresh in 2010 with a new skipper. Thats my 2 cents worth anyhow.


Edited 9:27 PM by BIGBADBIRD

rumour has it that the Red Sox were not allowed to leave town right after the game. Oriole pitchers pressed assault and battery charges against the starting 10, and Francona had to go post bail.
Here is how i'm going to judge the rebuild next year: not going 9-29 against the Yanks and Sox. It's almost impossible to go 3-16 against a team.
Berken is pretty much horrible. What does a guy gotta do to prove he does not belong?He has been wacked around pretty good. I'm not gonna substitute resilliency for effectiveness.
The guy has no business pitching in the major leagues. Thank him for taking his beatings, and get some pitching for next year.

Guys the Orioles need to adopt the Cubs method in blaming the bad season on Milton Bradley. We have allready been doing this with Pie so now all management needs to do is suspend him for the rest of the season and blame it all on Pie. Pitching, baserunning all of it BLAME IT ON PIE!!!

To comment on many of the recent posts,

John, you are on to something, if Pie never had this hot stretch, all kinds of unnecessary focus would be placed on him as a scapegoat.

Jim66, Berken should not be penciled in as competition for the rotation next year. He should get a spring training invite as a reward for gutting it out but told he will only make the team if he shows marked improvement and is one of the 12 best pitchers breaking camp.

Fritz Jerries, Trembley not only has a pitch count 20 pitches shorter than many managers he habitually underworks his starters in spring training where Oriole starters pitch 4-5 innings when other clubs have their starters at 6 innings. He may blame inefficiency but watch how many innings Bergesen is allowed to pitch as a barometer. This is also a reason our bullpen is overworked by the time we reach May.

Birdland Todd, Guthrie should be held to a higher standard but he will pitch 200+ innings which is hard for any club to replace. However, he should not be considered a #1 pitcher meaning the club needs to add another starter to compete for that role. I also don't recommend trading Luke Scott without a legit power hitter to replace him. Streaky or not he is our best power source and hits Roy Halladay & Josh Beckett while no one else does. Also, the drumbeat for a right-handed power hitter plays into the hands of clubs trying to deal bad contracts (i.e. The Cubs & Alfonso Soriano). What we really want is to be in good payroll position once the 2011 FA class rolls around instead of holding a bad multi-year contract because we were desperate for a clean-up hitter in 2010.

Christian, you are exactly right about a starter being the real difference maker. The Rays won the division because their starting rotation was better than the Yankees or Red Sox in 2008. The O's will not contend until our rotation is better than our division rivals, period. Add the bats once our pitching is superior and we know where all the young guys belong in a major-league lineup. In a year we might not even need a 3rd or 1st baseman if the prospects pan out. Futhermore, Weiters & Reimold may become our #4 and #5 hitters. Also, the bullpen is a bloated mess. The more arms we add the bigger disaster it is. People who can't control their pitches (i.e. Sarfate & McCrory) cannot break camp with the team. Send them through waivers and let some other team waste their efforts on them. Good riddance.

Since Pete is not here, I thought I would give you the transcript of the new MASN commercial that will run for the last 6 games.

The Buck Toothed Kid MASN Commercial Part 2:

Goofy Dad: "Son, my dad used to take me to Orioles games when I was your age and I had just as much fun as your having"

The Buck Toothed Kid: "Really dad? You got to see guys like Berken, Hernandez and Guthrie, get their brains bashed in like they were auditioning for the Inglorious Basterds part 2?"..... "You are more of a loser than I thought, as It's bad enough to come to the games and see Wiggy run like a 350 pound offensive tackle and a manger who yells beam me up Juan, every 5 seconds, but the fact you still like coming to see this team makes me sick"...."Geez dad, the only reasons I come to these crappy games is to drink your beer when you pass out and for a chance to be the rebound guy, once the Bird dumps that chick, but you actually think these guys are good?"...."What the hell was mom smoking when she married you?"

Goofy dad: "Well son, I am not your real dad, Jim Hunter is"...."That's why we get these free seats"

The Buck Toothed Kid: "Oh F*^%$#*&^K".....scene ends

MASN-Be There!

In Major League Baseball's annual race to the bottom, it appears that Kansas City has moved one game ahead off the Orioles, so if the season were to end today the four worst teams would be Washington, Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Kansas City at number 4.

With a 10 game road trip ahead, the Orioles still have an outside shot at the second worst team in Baseball and could conceivably catch Pittsburgh. The Nationals appear to be a lock for the number one draft choice, but the Orioles can still make a run for it if they play the type of baseball they are capable of playing.

Dennis Eckersly said it best this weekend, "with the exception of 2, maybe 3 pitchers, this Oriole staff belongs in the minors...make that low minors". He went on to say that he finds it "unbelievable" that an organization such as this one "has been gutted this bad" & that he questioned how Trembley can really ever want to make a move with "baseball's worst bullpen". Tell it like it is Dennis. By the way Pete...when you're at the Wailing Wall, bang your head there a few times for me too. Have a safe one.

Birdland Todd that skit was hilarious man. John I think the blame it on the Pie plan may work to keep the fans around. Maybe next home game we can get mille Vanillie or whatever to come to OPACY and do a modified lip sync blame it on the rain changing rain with Pie song and dance then out of nowhere Andy Macphail rides in on a white unicorn dressed like David bowie from the 80s movie labyrinth and suspends Pie (the punishment is he actually gets sent to the labyrinth and meets Milton Bradley) then Macphail says the plan is still in action and we all get drunk and look like the puppets we are while he pulls the strings and we spend money we don’t have or shouldn’t be spending. Oh yeah Jim Hunter will also dress up as the chick from Labyrinth and perform the dance magic dance song for the 7th inning stretch instead of country boy because John Denver’s relatives called and said the Orioles give his memory a bad name.

I must say I see the resemblance between Bowie’s character and AM. Both are powerful sorcerers that control the land with mind control.

Really the bullpen is not over worked, they are short on talent. You can keep Johnson and let the rest go. Give me a break do you really want to see these young starters go 110 pitches? That is why they carried 7 or 8 guys in the bullpen all year. Things have changed but not that much, how many rookies in the last 20 years have pitched more than 200 innings in a year? Look it up. This is a throw away season, just hope the Baltimore brass gives the fans something more next year.

Look at the stats, look at the innings these guys threw. The only Oriole reliever you can say got a lot of work in happens to be Bass. Now there were times in the season where Eaton or Hill could not get through the second inning, and the bullpen had to eat the innings, but we had 7 or 8 guys out there.

Plus sometimes when you are coaching young rookies, you want them to get to a certain point where they are having success, and let them gain confidence that way. So if a pitcher pitches a pretty good game through six innings, get him out so he does not have to go through the lineup a fourth time.

Rather say that Trembely cannot handle pitching, I would say give him quality MLB pitching before making that kind of foolish statement.

Anyone want to argue with me about needing a pitcher? Anyone? Is anyone watching the game? Has anyone been watching the past couple games? I cannot believe I've caught myself thinking that if management does nothing to fix our rotation that I really don't want to watch the O's play next year. I have to watch out for my mental health - this is depressing. I don't want to pay $1 for a seat to spend 3 hours watching this junk. I don't want to spend 3 hours on my couch watching this junk. We have some talent, but we don't have a team. Teams are built around pitching, and we're going nowhere fast with what we have. Cheers to another decade of losing!! I'm watching Monday Night Football. Peace.

Way to go Trembley. Take out Henn after he looks great just to let McGory come screw it up worse. This is like American Idol for RPs

Okay Trembley what the heck are you doing?!?!?!?! You take out guys when they do good then leave scum like Mccrory on to suffer!!! Please FIRE TREMBLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Orioles need to do what the Astros did today.

Now that Robert Reid (the size fifteen sneaker bomber) is back in the news (re:outside prison correspondence), the geniuses they have working airport security are bound to be especially reactive to unusual footwear, including protective devices such as Achilles tendon boots. It will be interesting to see how they treat you and your infirmity.

Bob McCrory is the worst of some really bad relievers. Has anyone seen this guy pitch well? I agree with everyone that Henn and Castillo, should've been left out there. I am so sick of the announcers and their garbage about getting a look at the relievers because other than Henn and the guy from Highlander, these guys have been here before. The BP has one lock to return in JJ. I hope they bring back Hendrickson plus I hope Ray and Kam can stay healthy, but none of the other guys are locks. I don't know how this team will be able to fill all the holes.

I love when Buck and Gary always talk about Dave has to see what he's got for next year. Sorry, but he is as good as gone. I thought they should've given Jauss, the job in August, but regardless, a new manger is needed and I hope for Andy, he is a good one because attendance is going to be so bad next year at the Yard and on MASN. I don't even know how they will get aging FAs to come here. The O's will have to overpay everyone they target.

Does anyone think the O's can avoid 100 losses? I don't.

Remember when some of you posters said that you were tired of watching the same old commercials during the game?

Well, I was watching these really neat commercials the last few days, make it week or two, and I'll be Conowingo dammed if this stupid baseball game didn't came on in between commercials and the team with the bird logo kept doing the same stupid stuff over and over, enough to make you sick of watching. Sure am glad they have those great commercials.

I have not been on this blog for 2-3 weeks, well since the Ravens started playing for real. It's gotta be Redskins fans who are still posting here. The O's are the last thing in my mind right now. Man, it feels great to be a Ravens fan. It makes me forget about a miserable team, a poorly run organization, owned by the worst owner in professional sports. It looks however as if Snyder might pass Angelos in that regard.

We are so much like that city in Western PA we hate so much. Great football teams, awful baseball teams.

I thank God every day for the Ravens. The best thing about the O's being in Baltimore, is having the Camden Yards parking lot available for Ravens tailgating.


You are a terrible fan.

Is Trembley betting against the Orioles like Rose?

Pete,have a safe trip.Make sure and visit the Wailing Wall.I think about it every time Trembley comes out of the dugout.Well actually I think about it every time I see Trembley period.When you come back remind me once again about the Plan and how wonderful Andy McPhail is,I love that story.Heard they're making it into a movie called Apocalypse Now,oh wait that was done already.Well then a guess a horror film would suffice.Milton Bradley is available,wasn't he a Cub once,look out he might just be our 9th outfielder,well if you actually consider Scott or Wigginton or Fiorentino or Pie or Montanez (who really got a bad break)no pun intended to be outfielders.Thank God for the Ravens.Too bad the Orioles can't just forfeit the rest of the season and get a head start on Spring Training.I hear Florida is really nice this time of year.

Pete,have a safe trip.Make sure and visit the Wailing Wall.I think about it every time Trembley comes out of the dugout.Well actually I think about it every time I see Trembley period.When you come back remind me once again about the Plan and how wonderful Andy McPhail is,I love that story.Heard they're making it into a movie called Apocalypse Now,oh wait that was done already.Well then a guess a horror film would suffice.Milton Bradley is available,wasn't he a Cub once,look out he might just be our 9th outfielder,well if you actually consider Scott or Wigginton or Fiorentino or Pie or Montanez (who really got a bad break)no pun intended to be outfielders.Thank God for the Ravens.Too bad the Orioles can't just forfeit the rest of the season and get a head start on Spring Training.I hear Florida is really nice this time of year.

Slugger- Amen

Dick- Bronx cheer to you.

Well the Jays are shutting down some people soon so hopefully that helps the orioles not get swept but 100 is still possible

I've seen enough...package Tillman, Scott & Albers to the Brewers for Cecil.

The season has been so long that the Orioles are already 3 and 13 in 2010

Yes they can avoid it. Win three games that is all. Also if there are rainouts in the final weekend and the games do not count, towards changing the playoff structure. So if they have 97-98 losses going into the last weekend series with Toronto, do a rain dance!


I thought MacPHail shut you down for the year! Anyway yes it is tough, hope they change "the plan" four winning years out of the last 20 years entering 2010 is tough to handle.


I saw an earlier post from you in which you said that the team should focus on the offseason and shoot for 85 to 87 wins next year{which I wholehearteldy agree with}. I have been saying all year that the Orioles need to plan to win in 2010. I know for a fact that the Orioles are girding for another wave of non renewals for 2010 season tickets, including my company's. I need to spend the marketing money where it is productive, and it is not fair to my employees for me to spend major league money on minor league talent.

CB,how in God's name does this team get itself in a postion for that type of improvement next year? And do you think they will even try?

I have tried to stick with the positive all year, but it is getting to me. As far as starting pitching the team has potential with Bergeson, Tillman, Matuzs, and maybe Arrieta. The bullpen needs to be addressed. McCrory, Albers, Ray, and Castillo (although maybe he could be OK) are not permanent answers. As far a major league lineup: a lineup with Mora, Wigginton and Scott in it are not going to get it done. IF Michael Aubrey can hit 300 and put the ball all over the field I would rather him in the lineup then some of the other choices.


They will have to do something. The fact is you cannot continue down this path, the attendance is awful (except Redsox and Yankees games) and if you do not renew I would not blame you. They seem to be making moves that make no sense, however MacPhail says on every move, this creates short term pain. I disagree with him but he is the boss. Losing Sherrill is long term pain in baseball time. Really they are getting further away year by year it seems. The fact is they need the following and everyone sees it. They have to spend money.
One premier starter, to go along with Guthrie, Matusz, and Bergessen. four or five current pitchers that will compete for starting spots (Hernanded, Berken, Arrietta and Tillman) the ones that do not win should go to the bullpen. Really not interested in the Rich Hill experiment Part Deux, injuries, unable to throw strikes and will be 30 years old. Really still believe the Orioles should have stepped up and attempted to sign Pedro when they had a chance, now they will have a ton of average pitchers to choose from because Lackey will not sign here.

Three relievers that can get people out a new long term right hander (but could fill with one of the starters that do not make the rotation (would rather see some of those guys in long relief anyway, a lefty and a closer. I would imagine that the Orioles only have interest in keeping Johnson, Hendrickson, Mickolio and Ray. For some reason they still like Albers, Bass and I think they will part with Baez.
If they do not address these issues they will loose badly again. The second worst pitching staff in baseball is not going to get better without change. I would be thrilled to see them get Wagner, but that will not happen, I am sure he wants to go out a winner. So they have a challenge there, but who knows maybe the Orioles can guarantee Wanger the full time closers job and Wagner would care about that more. Valverde is a free agent also, he would be worth it. From the left side, there is Grabow, who could come cheap, along with Brandon Lyon.

.Personally I would like to see the Orioles make a pitch to Matt Holiday, I really find it humorous how you here how deep the outfield is in Baltimore, I think that they have two solid outfielders and two that have not proven enough. If they cannot then you do not have a lot to look at. First base is going to be interesting, Scott really has not looked to bad there. Who knows if he can ever be consistent.

The only third baseman that is a fee agent that really excites me is Figgins. The rest unless you trade someone do not interest me especially Glaus who I hear mentioned sometimes. If they do not sign Figgins they should just negotiate a deal with Mora, bat him 8th and look to replace him mid year at least his defense is solid.

Now is the time for Angelos and MacPhail to change directions for all the fans. The attendance in 1997 was 3.7 million and it has been a steady slide. This year will be the lowest since 1988, at old Memorial Stadium. Radio ratings are up a little that just means that people are listening to something on their way home from work or whatever,and they are not heading to the ball park. Now the real judge is the TV ratings which have slipped a lot. So people (even before the Ravens and NFL started the new season) are losing interest in a game that was once relished in Baltimore. If you bring back the same cast of characters you will lose another 200 thousand fans, and Angelos will lose TV ratings so he gets hit twice. so the fact is investing in ball players that have talent now will be well worth it. There was a game with a rain delay last week and there was less than 100 fans left at the end, that is no exaggeration, when Weiters hit the game winning home run there was only one other person in the outfield stands to contend with to retrieve the ball. If this was between 1992 and 1997 there would still be 25-30 thousand there. I do not blame the fans at all.

You look at our area, really it is a good baseball state. Good leagues for top players like Baltimore Metro and BPA, and good high school programs.
This effects everyone, what are the kids doing if they are not watching or playing baseball? They are switching to spring soccer or Lacrosse. If this is not turned around everyone looses.

Dave Trembley is not to blame, really I do not know how he won 60 games to this point, but if the Orioles can lure a really good manager in that has good relationships with some winning ballplayers, bring him in and see if we can raid someone else. Fact is MacPhail has been raiding the Cubs but not for impact players, the guys we got were not in their plan.

What a mess!

Slugger, you are what we call a fairweather fan, and all youre trying to do is stir up trouble... i for one cant WAIT to watch the orioles battle the jays tonight, even though its on (in other words, the jays broadcast) so why dont you take a permanent leave of absence from this blog and let the real fans talk about the orioles. okay? okay.

It is a mess that may take years to sort out. We all want to see winning baseball at Camden Yards, but the organization has more issues that Meet the Press.

Your analysis makes sense and is very logical and that's what scares me with these people. I can't help but sense that Macphail intends to "work the plan" meaning that success will depend mainly on player development.

Macphail has more or less said that he will not likely trade prospects. The free agent market this offseason is not very attractive save for a few. I went back over Pete's blog starting from the first of the year and you can see the reality and depression set gradually set in and take hold.

The Orioles neeed to make every attempt to try to turn it around in 2010 and we are all watching to see if they do it. It's not up to the fans. It's up to Peter Angelos.

The Orioles will stand pat and Angelos will use the economy excuse and the 'plan' for the reasoning.

release Bass,

Slugger is a GREAT fan. He has simply had enough and many long term fans who have supported the team are right there. I am probably his age and the guy knows more about baseball than most of us have forgot. When the Orioles finally alienate people like him, these are fans who have spent a lot of money on the team over the years and they are not coming back. Is there a wave of young yuppies out there ready to piss thousands of dollars a year each up a tree on this team? I don't think so.

Why do you think season ticket sales and attendance are falling like a rock. The Orioles have let us down, not vice versa.

This is not Pittsburgh or Kansas City and the owner has and has had the money to fix this for a long long time.

This is not the time to compare our fan bonafides, and infer that only happy talkers qualify as real fans.

This team is terrible and is getting worse. It is time for all of us to speak with one voice and demand that the owner put his money where Macphail's mouth is.

If he does not, the people who have the money to buy season tickets are going to spend their discretionary incoem in other ways.

i'm not sure where the jim johnson from last year went, but all i know is the jim johnson this year absolutely sucks.

this team has the ability to lose it at any time.

gil, give it a rest, will you
your rants are tiring, boring and repetitious

and stop sucking up to slugger
that's just plain sick
slugger knows no more than anyone else, you included
if he did he'd have a job building a team and wouldn't have to be mouthing off like a fan on a blog..oh yea, so would you.
pay your money and go to the games or don't. we just don't have to know about it.

the o's bullpen spitting the bit oh my, who could have imagined that? only a true seer could have predicted.
these games are as predictable as rants from gil and slugger.
one voice standing up for all that is wrong in the world, starting in baltimore with that baseball team..

if this game goes to the 11th i wonder if sean henn will pitch

The dream of a 100-loss season is alive and well.

The dream of a 100-loss season is alive and well.

what's worse than a late season extra-inning game between two 60 win teams?
It looks like Toronto has more talent than the O's...what the hell happened to them?

i do admit you have to go some to give up 2 homers to a guy with 4 on the year. And to hit a guy batting 228 to force in the tying run in the ninth is pretty special stuff. I like it.

Man... a few months ago somebody said that they saw Sarfate out at a bar while he was injured.... I am starting to believe it the way hes pitching hahahah

sarfate picked a bad time to issue his first walk of the year.

ahh i get it, walk bautista(228) to pitch to hill and set up a doubleplay
These guys are sharp.
oops, plan foiled.

look at it this way. the decision about who to can from the bullpen staff and remove from the 40 man roster won't be all that difficult.

I'm rooting for a 100 loss season. I think this team is pretty special and just needs a special accomplishment to secure it's place.
To come this far, this close, only to fail, would be a terrible shame.
If you are going to be bad, don't be half-a** about it.

I am looking forward to the series with the Indians. Both teams are terrible but it will give us a better picture of just how bad the Orioles are.

jim 66,

Thanks, how foolish of me, I guess I have not been lucky enough to amass a fortune on cigarette and asbestos litigation and buy a baseball team so I could screw it up like the Angelos family has.

After all, who am I, just a lowly peasant, to hold the Royal owners accountable for 12 losing seasons in a row, going on 13 in 2010.

I lost my head, and should leave it up to experts like yourself opine on the team's fortunes.


This team cant do anything right. I bet they get 99 Ls!!

I hope the O's don't...

1) Have Johnason as next year's closer
2) Have Scott or Aubrey as an every day first baseman in 2010
3) Bring Mora back
4) Have Sarfate on this team in any role
5) Expect Ray to contribute at the major league level

Guys whats the chances the 100th loss comes at home? That would be the worst... maybe 8k people there all laughing and joking wearing bags. Maybe this team needs it to wake up.......


you're welcome

i didn't call you a lowly peasant, did i?.

i was just asking you to stop saying the same thing over and over and over again. I get your point. Angelos is lucky, cheap, evil, incompetent, and cares nothing about the city, it's baseball team or the fans. Got it.

Perhaps if all of the peasants got together....

I am going to bed like a kid waiting for X-mas! When I wake up there is a great chance Trembley will be a goner!!!!


Or any of you so called insiders is Chris Tillman going to make his next start or get shutdown?

Guys whats the chances the 100th loss comes at home? That would be the worst... maybe 8k people there all laughing and joking wearing bags. Maybe this team needs it to wake up.......


Point well taken.

I think we all agree the team should plan to win in 2010, and right now{ you are right} I have no idea, {nor does anyone} know how to right this ship in the short term.

John, i agree with you, you beat me to it, the Angel-O's are so bad they won't even make 100 L's.

Hey guys,

What's the over under for the number of innings it takes for the bullpen to lose the game, once they take over from the starter?

Wigginton deserves the lousy "I could care less about advancing the runner" at-bat award for the night. It totally negated his 2-out RBI single and shows why this guy is just as much of a hack as the former incarnation of Felix Pie.

Cameron, I couldn't agree with you anymore on Wiggy. He has been bad all year at advancing the runners and worse, he doesn't care. He complains to Amber that if he his ABs, he would have his usual #s. Sorry Ty, but you have 300 more ABs than you deserve, but Jim Hunter, says that every team needs a guy like you so you have that going for you.

Jim66, I hope they lose 100 because maybe it's the wake-up call that the F.O. needs. One of the most gorgeous ballparks in America, is empty almost every might because of the pathetic display of talent on the field. It's time to add to the core of young guys before they become like Brian and accept losing, as the "New Oriole Way."

Coach, I like Lyon and Valverde, but Valverde, wont come cheap. I still feel that you don't take away the best part of your team which was the setup man and closer when you have no one proven to take their spots. JJ, was very good as a setup man, but he is an awful closer and if you look how he is getting worse, it becomes even scarier. They had George, for 2 or 3 more years at a low, low price so even if they got Hoffman at 1 year, he is going to want 7 mil. This isn't about Bell or Johnson, this about creating a big hole when you have so, so many other holes to fill.

The worst part of this year is that even with all the promising young talent like Wieters, Reimold, Bergy, etc., that this team has such a long way to go to even reach respectability. AM, has to fire DT, seconds after the season ends and get the guy that he wants and then, he needs to be prepared to spend because what they need, they don't have down on the farm. It's sad because there are probably some kids out there that would laugh if their parents told them that the Orioles were once a model franchise of how to do things. This can't go on much longer, as most of the prized prospects are here so what's left to bring the people to the Yard and watch on TV other than a good product on the field.

Let's see - Matt Albers is terrible half the time and looks decent half the time. Same could be said for Brian Bass. So instead of pulling him after one inning let him pitch 2 or 3 innings on those days he is going well. Doesn't Trembley understand that pitchers with moving fastballs are inherently inconsistent with their control and that you should ride them when the going's good. Instead we will probably see the "7th inning guy" again tomorrow night giving up 5 hits and walking a couple guys.


Lol, I wish someone could shut down MacPhail and Angelos.

release Bass,

I bet you're a Redskins fan. I was just trying to put some funny spin to the miserable failure we call the O's.

If I were a fair weather fan, I would not be here posting on the O's blog when they continue to redefine terrible.

You calling your self a true fan as if you're some kind of martyr for still supporting a failed experiment, is laughable and pathetic.

I continue to be an O's fan because of the great tradition and memories and the hope that perhaps one day the team will be as good as it once was.

The O's of today should be ashamed of themselves, from the owner all the way down.

Perhaps you should take a break from drinking the coolaid and start to exercise some common sense. Even the most optimistic fans on these blogs have the minimal common sense to realize that a change or course is warranted at this point, and that the future is not as peachy as it was promised. There are more questions than answers, and for every step forward this year, the team took 5 steps backwards.

Give your euphoria a rest for your own sanity sake. If we all agreed and were a happy bunch of fans despite the record, we'd be like a synchronized group of fans clapping on command at a North Korean soccer game.

Why would you root for a 100 loss season? That does not change how Angelos feels about the team, he does not like what is going on, he wants to win. He wants to see people in those seats. They will not field them this way.

If I was Gil and some of the others that pay hard earned money to support the team, I would not renew until I see them make moves that will show they want to have a winner on the field.

I agree they opened a few holes. By some of these deals. If they want to improve, they have to spend money, if they do not they will lose more fans and TV ratings.

I am not saying I disagree with everything MacPhail has done. I am saying the plan has major flaws. Really if you look at the deals Seattle looks good, but only because of Beddard's shoulder troubles. If that did not happen, you really cannot say that it ws that huge of a success. The Houston trade we got two players with damaged arms, Scott and Safarte for a guy that was a all star shortstop, who really knew he was 2 years older.

The fact is the filler approach for bodies has to stop. They need to bring in these free agents, and they should make pitches to try to land all the players mentioned.

Are the Orioles purposely blowing some of these games so they are towards the top in losses? Some of what is happening seems like it.

And don't bet the house on Trembley being fired...I believe he is back next year. If it is not working within a month we may see a change, which poses a question: Would the Orioles consider Dave Johnson the ex-pitcher who played for them as a possible coach? And would that mean his son (steve) would be guaranteed the closers roll next year once he were hired?


They tanked this season. The front office didnt try one bit to get decent pitchers, hitters, manager anything and this is the end result. Not to mention the in season trades lol. Now at least many fans will look at the moves they make closer and not accept BS again I know i wont.

I am a pretty casual fan and I try to watch as much baseball as I can but I have never really seen teams use 8-10 pitchers a game and still lose lol. Oh well now we get to look forward to the Andy Macphail off season spin game. Where the Orioles TRY to sign Prince Fielder or A-Gon for a great deal of cash knowing they wont sign here for any amount just to give the fans the illusion that the orioles are trying hard to contend. You know like what they did last season with Tex. Expect Trembley back no good pickups and another close to 100 loss season in 2010. Realistically you cant expect otherwise until you see it.

I love what Mr McFail is doing! Times are rough and people need a place to go watch the Red Sox play for a discounted price! Also he is creating young generations of us in Maryland, Northern VA, DC etc. Keep it up Andy!!

Okay all you hotshots!!! What is the worst Oriole moment of the year? My pick is Wiggy playing shortstop and causing a loss hahahaha beat that one. Last night is not even close!


No on all the questions, unless Angelos's wife is like Rachel Phelps and she wants to move the team to somewhere tropical. Dave Johnson is happy where he is, retired for most the year, he is 66 now. There are plenty of guys that can manage, really Trembley is going to age a lot if he has to have a deck of cards with no aces next year.

Slugger, I do not drink Kool Aid. I see improvement but not enough to get too excited. See what the off season does, I know for a fact that there is going to be more free agent activity this year.

I am sure I am not surprising you with this fact, Peter gets money still from the Nationals from the move from Montreal.

Peter also has a new cash cow, with a billion dollars in law suites that he gets a guarantee of 1/4 good for him. Start spending now!

I do not have any choice but to hope that the the Don's get the check book out.

Not saying they are bad players. Weiters, Riemold, Bergessen, Jones, Matusz, and Johnson have great potential. Brian Roberts and Markakis or proven players that are very good. Pie, Montanez, Hernandez and Berken still have a lot to prove. Mora and Izturis have been excellent with the glove. Andino has had flashes of greatness with the glove, and did hit when he was playing a lot. Scott has to find a way to have consistency. So they are getting close enough now to bring in players that can get them in position to win. Make Cecil Fielder the manager or third base coach and bring Prince here! That would be fun.

The Orioles might lose the rest of the season with this pen. JJ Baez and Sarfate = game over. The only time we may win is after a day off playing the Indians.

Dave Trembley is the worst manager in baseball. There are better guys that got fired last season. You could make him the manager of the Sox, Yanks, Rockies, Phills heck the all star team and they would lose. Also isnt he the same age as Davey?

Trembley is 58 he just looks older because he doesnt work out, eats too much an is doing a job over his head.


Those comments were directed at the "real fan" who signed as "release Bass". I don't think that was you. I don't have a problem with your way of thinking, even though I mostly disagree. I think you have a good knowledge of the game and contribute well thought out comments. My problem is with fans that discount those who are critical with what's going on. It's the "stay the course" mentality that I don't agree with. The course obviously needs to take a different direction.

I know and have followed baseball enough to see that the O's started on the wrong foot since Spring Training, and continue to make poor and rushed decisions throughout the season.

If I were the GM of the team, I would have made a big splash in free agency in the 2008 offseason, with 2 good pitchers and 2 good infielders, and I would have eased in all of the young prospects when they were ready. Bringing the kitchen sink from the minors to the majors, only prolongs the building process and depletes the minor league system. Terrible strategy if you ask me. However, I don't think it was a strategy ("PLAN") more so that it was a knee-jerk reaction to fan sentiment and hope to make as much money as they could by throwing the occasional bone, in a form of a "prospect" at drooling fans.

These prospects have no one to learn from. There is no veteran players who are proven winners. The coaching staff is awful. You don't just become a consistent winner overnight. At best you can become a one hit wonder like the Rays, but is that what we want?

Should I even bother jumping in at this point?


This post has more self-grattification going on in Baltimore than The Block.


Are you Dave Trembley or AM? Are you just on here to drum up drama about the O's on this blog?


You bitching is growing old man. I love your skits and when you make jokes stick to that your better at it.


Slugger, in your first post you said that this was the first time in 3 weeks you commented on this blog, due to the terrible ness of the orioles. hmmm...?

I never said i was a martyr.

I never said i dont think this team needs change. DT needs to be fired now.

Im also a Titans fan, so...

at the end of the day, we're all orioles fans, so why should this even matter?


Of course DT has been fired. We just wont hear about it until the season ends.


Every once in a while I forget to put my name in but I usually come back right away and say it was me. I would never take a free shot at you or anyone without using my ID. I actually agree with you on the strategy. They should have brought in a few starters that can eat innings and pick two of these young starters to pitch in relief.. But it is not depleting the minors that is the problem. the problem is that young pitchers need to learn, there was nothing more Matusz or Bergessen could have learned. Hernandez and Berken should have pitched long relief and spot started. Koji and Eaton were bad choices to protect young arms. Who knows if Koji will ever be healthy again, especially since he is going to be 35. They signed one infielder, and you have to admit Izturis has been excellent with the glove, and really not bad with the bat. If you remember after December it was decided that Huff was going to play first base and Luke Scott was going to DH. Pie was given the left field job the moment we traded for him. If you are referring to Tex, he was never going to sign here..

All I know is that I have stopped taking this too seriously, it effects you too much if you do. We all knew once spring training started this year would be exactly what it became.. When you look at everyone that is involved with this, including myself, it is not good for anyone not to have a competitive team. Ask Boog Powell how much his business has suffered at Camden Yards. This is not just Baltimore though, there are plenty of teams that are suffering through these tough times. There are few people that are not season ticket holders that are showing up at the stadium. Remember the NL counts everyone that walks through the gate, while the AL counts ticket sales. The Orioles are averaging 23k a game this year when the Yankees or Redsox are playing somewhere else, the stadium has nowhere near that number in the stands. There are lots of people, companies, vendors, advertisers, news media, TV and Radio that are greatly effected by the lack of fans. It is something that needs to be fixed.

Funny James, I wonder if the Block has more attendance than the Orioles!


Here's my take:
No free agent worth his salt who would have made one iota of difference this year was going to sign in Baltimore.

Do me a giant favor, only because I am keenly interested in your PLAN: instead of talking in generalities, perhaps you can name names and the probable salary offers you think might have been required to bring these 'big splash' free agents to Baltimore. Expound on your negotiating strategy and sales pitch. Hint: Don't forget that the Orioles do not operate in a vacuum. There may actually be competition for player services.

Then tell me what you would have done with the untradeable Mora,Huff ,Baez and their salaries. And tell me how losing #1 draft picks helps this franchise out. Maybe you've noticed that the last 2 actually played this year, and did ok.

Perhaps as a final touch,post your resume. AM might be on the lookout for some help from ' fully qualified' individuals. One never knows.


The plan is very simple. You target the players you want, and outbid everyone else. Angelos has the money to do that, but not the will. It works for the Yankees, Redsox, Angeles. You want me to go on?

Huff and Mora should have been dealt last year when they were on fire the second half of the season. Sherril should have been traded while he was an all star, not this year.

Draft picks in baseball are overrated, especially pitchers. There are so many guys that are drafted low, that become hall of famers.

As for a final touch: Spare me your BS, and engage in some constructive arguments. The only qualifications MacPhail has is that he grew up in a baseball family, and inherited an already well run organization in Minnesota. The only thing he is going to be rebuilding in a couple of years, is his reputation as a mediocre GM.


what do you do for a living when not being a pretend GM?

Well now we are to the point of whipping it out and sizing it up? Come on boys

Slugger does not have to get a resume out but if I remember right he played first base.

Not saying that anyone is right or wrong, not saying he is not a little different on his approach but he is a fan, and just like a lot of others he wants to see a winner. Yes I do not like the way he always points fingers and believe me he is not the only one.

I do have to say the Orioles organization is a lot more organized since Andy MacPhail came here, so that is a good thing.

Slugger, you are a funny guy

You didn't answer any of my questions.

You pretend to know what Angelos can do, and why he won't do it.

Your plan, as you so eloquently stated, is to simply outbid everyone else.
That's it?

You cannot compare the NY and Boston markets with Baltimore. Ask any sports economist, or baseball economist, or any journalist, player or agent or GM. That's just plain silly,

Why don't you think the Yankees, Angels, or Redsox would'nt outspend you for a targeted player? You're in the vacuum You didn't read my hint, obviously.

Only someone who's plan is to outspend everyone else would dismiss the importance of high draft picks.

What do Jeter, ARod, Texeiera have in common? Hmmm, #1 draft picks.
And 2 were free agents who would never sign in Baltimore regardless of the money.

Yes, please go on.

CB, i don't really want sluggo to post a resume.And i sure as hell don't want anyone whipping it out.
I'm guessing he's no more qualified than me or you or my cat to be the GM of the Orioles, even though he played first base. Lots of really good GMs never played first base. He's a fan like me. Of course we want the O's to win some games, and sure, they are going to have to spend some money and get some better players in here. It's nearly impossible to home-grow your entire team.

His approach seems pretty simple to me. Beat on the owner until he outspends his rivals. That'll make it all better.

I think otherwise. I don't think the O's would win many bidding wars with the better financed teams.Do you think AM hopping on a plane to visit CC was gonna make him sign in Baltimore? Or do people want to see this sort of drama from a GM as validation that he's trying his best, even though they guy knows he has no chance in hell of signing him because the player and the agent told him so.The Orioles are never on the list of preferred teams no matter how much money they throw around. And they won't be until they earn it.
The last 2 years are nothing more than an indictment of how bad off this ballclub was run, not an indictment of the plan to rebuild the organization.
Wow, its been 2 whole years already.
Lose 100 games so what. At least this year saw some good young players come up and perform pretty well. And baseball people like the direction of the organization.

I appreciate your passion, but you have to realize a few things.

You say "He (Angelos)wants to see people in those seats."

It cost money to put people in the seats, whether through spending on players or spending on the business side. He has done little recentlty on both. With the removal of contracts like Mora and Baez next year, the Orioles payroll will be around $50M. That is half of what it was 10 years ago. According to Forbes magazine, The Orioles have Revenue of $174M, Revenue of $174 mil,
Operating Inc. of $27.2M and
Player Expensesof 6 $92M entering 2009. That means they have cut $30M in payroll this year and were profitable when the year began!!!

In the agreement, MLB guaranteed a selling price for the Orioles franchise of at least $365 M if Angelos decides to sell the team. That's $200M profit!!! Therefore, if the team accepts an offer for less than $365 M, MLB will have to pay the difference. Additionally, the Orioles have majority control of MASN. Furthermore, if yearly gross revenues fall below $130 M, MLB will have to pay the Orioles the difference.

They got rid of most of their community relations dept. and have what is considered the worst PR dept in baseball.

He doesn't care. When will everyone get it?

Operating Inc.5 $27.2 mil
Player Expenses6 $92 mil

jim66 -
see above.

Nobody cares. This team is going to move to New England or Portland Oregon or Vegas in a few years just be ready.

I was excited to see the new movie about Dave and his years as the O's manager, but my friend said that Tyler Perry's I can do bad all by myself wasn't about Captain Dave T. Kirk so I am bummed.

The O's need 3 wins out of 10 games to avoid the dreaded 100 losses, but I don't see the O's winning 3 more.

Is Cesar paying Gary and Buck? They keep saying where would the O's be without him, but I am confused, as we are the worst team in the AL and 3rd worst in MLB so where has Cesar, taken us? His defense is nice, but does he deserve a pat on the back? Everyone on this team should be embarrassed. I heard Amber is so embarrassed about working for the O's, she tells everyone she works at the Haunted Mansion.

Anonymous, any truth to the rumor that AM is allowing the 1st 100 fans in attendance for the final game, the chance to pin the tail on the jack a$$ aka DT?

On a positive note, Wieters, is going out with a bang and Aubrey, looks pretty good out there with the glove and bat.


My friends in NY are calling Wieters Posadas replacement already...

Guys seriously enough is enough leave Trembley alone. The poor guy has to run his many famous Dave’s restaurants around the area and manage a baseball team! He even does commercials for Famous Dave’s on MASN that are on during the game. He’s got too much on his plate right now leave the guy alone.

Get used to tonight’s lineup Oriole fans because that’s what we are going to be seeing next season except Roberts will be on 2nd. No Figgins, Fielder, A-Gon just more guys like Wiggy and broke pitchers. I am just curious who they hire as a manager. If Trembley comes back I would have no logical explanation and have to think this is some kind of Major League situation and they are trying to sell or move the team. I would think all the key coaches involved in producing such a shit team would be packing. No other cities fans or media would put up with this horrible product being force fed down our throats.

Yep looks like Sherrill, Huff and even though Zaun's rays are out they are all helping their new teams... Could of used them tonight!

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Sat, Sep 26 @ Cleveland 7:05 PM Berken (5-12) Sowers (6-10) Tickets
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The way our pen is I dont see us winning any of these road games. Its going to be horrible to close the season at home for loss #100.

+n0 hOPE+, I don't see the O's winning 3 games. I know the Indians are awful, but the Jays, were lifeless till we showed up. Marte, was killing the O's in the last series so I expect the same "we gave it our all" from the MASN fools.

People are mentioning Chone Figgins, but seriously, how much would it take for him to leave a winning team and come here? If the Angels gave him 4 yrs at 48 mil, the O's would have to go 4 yrs at 60 mil, for him to even consider it.

Best offseason pick up by the O's: Mark Hendrickson, as the guy was probably the 2nd most consistent reliever behind George. I wouldn't mind seeing him back, but the fact he is the best offseasosn pick up, makes me sad. Pie, is up there, but since he was forced onto the bench for most of the year, I go with Mark.

Worst offseason pick up: Easy choice is Eaton, but I go with Wiggy. 10 HRs and 37 RBIs from a power hitter is beyond pathetic and worse, the O's avoided Adam Dunn and targeted this fool. Koji, at least he was decnt till he was hurt.

anyone lese?

Todd, thanks for making my point about free agents and Baltimore.
in a weak free agent class, let's see what kind of numbers Figgins gets. Ok, yes, he's a good player, Just because he's better than what you've got, in the scheme of building the club, he isn't what they need. Don't they need a power hitting corner infielder or two?

I'd pass, unless you want to overpay for a good hitting no-power third baseman who happens to be on one of the top hitting teams in baseball.

SadbutTrue, I live in New England. Would you like me to start the rumour of the O's moving up here?

Yanni, if the team still had those 3 guys and they won 67 games instead of 60,
what then?

Chris, the product isn't being forced down anyone's throat. You have choices. You don't need the Orioles to live. You don't have to pay attention to them. You can root for any or all of the 29 other teams.

grb, thanks for the financials.

Todd, Have you heard of a team named the Cleveland Indians? They are on their way there now. Win two of them, pray for rain next Sunday, it is a done deal

Positive elements of 2009 for the Orioles organization:

Nobody died {at least as far as position players are concerned. We may need to take the pulse of some of the pitchers to support that fact}

Angelos got richer{positive for him}

The Oriole Bird may have gotten laid {if MASN commercials are to be believed}

Some fans and unnamed "baseball people"think the Orioles are headed in the right direction.{These are probably the same people who think the economy is getting better, and bought stock in Chia pets, so it must be true}

Camden Yards looks pretty at Sunset when full{of Red sox and Yankee fans}

Winning really doesn't matter. High draft choices matter

And on that note, the Orioles are likely to receive high draft choices for years to come! Goodie!

Ok, Ok, before certain people get their shorts in a knot over my last post, it's a slow day at work and I am bored, so I thought I just would have some fun and tweak the kool aid drinkers. No harm intended.

There is nothing left to do but laugh about this season, and hope that things somehow get better in 2010.

I like CB Coach's idea to set a goal of 85 to 87 wins next year.

All kidding aside, I don't think Peter Angelos likes losing, he is a competitor as indicated by his success in business.

I predict that The Orioles will make a splash in the free agent/trade market in the offseason and surprise many of us.

CB Coach: The Dave Johnson I was referring to is the former pitcher, now a talk show host for the Orioles. Not Davey Johnson the 2nd basemen, then manager for the Orioles.

And with that, I wonder if Dave Trembley starts the year out next spring and doesn't show the team can be decent in the first month if the pitcher Dave Johnson has a shot at being a manager? With that I wonder if he would then bring in his son (Steve, who they traded George sherrill for) as the anointed closer?

Gregg, you and I will not agree on this, Angelos does care and yes we all saw the Forbes article months ago. I will ask you this; if it happened to be that you were the owner of the team, how would you react?

They are doing things in a different way now, The brass is trying to build the system for the long term. The franchise has to go through change and that is a good thing. The fact is Angelos had no idea how to run a team, but can handle complicated law suites, that he is well accomplished at. He had a issue until he put MacPhail in charge. He has stepped back considerably in the last two years. The organization is getting stronger now, so it is time to open the check book now. Angelos has to decide if he will sell the team or turn it over to family, one day soon.

They made so many bad moves over the period that Peter has owned the team, but it was even before that, the Orioles were constantly bringing in over aged free agents that were at the end of the road. At least MacPhail stuck with his plan to rebuild the entire system, instead of throwing money at big name free agents that would cost the team in the long run. Should be happy with a lot that is going on.

Figgins is the man they need. he can field get on base and field. He is Roberts age, so he is not a washed up veteran. Plus he has experience playing almost every position on the field except first base, catcher and pitcher. The Orioles might sign a big hitting veteran for first or dh, but if they do not you have Reimold, Wieters, Jones, Markakis and Scott back and hope that Scott becomes more consistent and Luke and Jones and can stay away from injury. Need a overhaul of the bullpen and an ace starter.
Anonymous, Tell your New York buddies they have a long time to wait and Posada will be long gone before that will happen.

Also I saw mention about Huff, Zaun and Sherrill helping their teams. Really it is just Sherrill that is missed and really helping the Dodgers, Huff is hitting .200 with the Tigers, yes he had a few huge hits, but that is it. It will be interesting to see where Huff lands in 2010. Zaun and Wieters need to play full time and there was not room for that this year after Matt was pulled up. In fact, I remember how upset some of the bloggers were that Matt was getting off two days a week. So MacPhail did both a favor and the Rays are out of it.

Do not flip flop, even though I do not like Anonymous, at least he is consistent with his wish.

Every one has a right to be in dismay about a team that you are passionate about. How silly some people are, Team moving to Redsox territory? Dead Vegas? Come on Vegas is in awful financial stress and will not support the team, Portland? Give me a break.

Wigginton is not a power hitter, he really was supposed to be a role player. He is a guy that was supposed to hit .270 and fill in. If he is full time he is a 15 to 25 home run guy, like Markakis and probably like Jones will end up. Wigginton is under contract for next year.

Nice challenge for you; Besides saying fire the manager, sell the team and MacPhail must go. Say precisely who you believe the Orioles should go after to bring a winning season. Who and why and who you would get rid of. I have already posted it here, instead of being generic lay it on the line:)

Hi Dan,

Sorry about that. I was assuming you wanted to see the old skipper come back. I like Dave Johnson the pitcher also, but I do not know about him managing. Does a real nice job on TV and Radio though.

CB- what article are you talling about? I'm not talking about the SI article about Angelos, I'm talking about the value of the team and revevues.

You don't know Angelos and his intentions. I have been in the warehouse and can tell you that the family has almost no interaction with the employees and none with the players.

The Orioles could spend $50M on players and still make money. They cost themselves the loss of attanedance and marketing revenue. If attendenance increased only 500,000 a year they could make an additional $10M. An that is every year!, b

You can like MacPhail all you want and like the young players the Orioles have, but anything regarding ANgelos' will to win in baseball is subjective. But the fact remains, he has alienated a generation of fans. By the way, his son has no interest in running team.

When the history of the Orioles gets update, the Angelos era will go down as the worst in the teams storied past.

In order to get actual paying fans in the seats the final series vs. Toronto, the O's will have a daily Reverse Food Drive. Each fan that buys a ticket will receive a can of beans from Oriole principle owner Pete the Greek. Come on out & meet the entire "braintrust" of this organization as they give you the gift that will keep on giving...and we're not talking about Johnson, Albers, Baez & Guthrie. Come out & share a can with Andy as he explains exactly where we are in "the plan"(handouts, graphs & assorted other bullshi t extra).

Hi Greg, Forbes did a financial statement on Angelos and a review of the status of Angelos and the team, it was not favorable. I know about what SI said also.

I can tell you by fact that he wants success. We will find out later.

I did say they needed to add some proven veterans, I hope you read into what I said. I think we agree that it will take too much time this way and I also said that yesterday or the day before that the team has lost more than one generation. Kids are doing other things.

They certainly are not that interested and that is not good.

You know if Peter had this hands off approach seven years ago, no big deal, but fans are losing patients which makes it a challenge. It is like waiting until almost the end of a bad marriage to make corrections.

MacPhail has a tough job here and he works hard, it does not mean everything works but he is doing what he can to make the organization achieve long term success. I just hope he gets a little further along before he becomes commissioner.

Did anyone else hear that Markakis, got in trouble with the IRS? He claimed his salary under charitable donations.

Friday night it's Orioles, losers of seven straight, vs. the Indians, who have lost 11 in a row. I'm extremely confident that Cleveland's skid comes to an end tomorrow.

Awesome AAA matchup tonight!! BAL Vs CLE hahaha! If the Orioles though cant beat Carmona and a bad CLE team tonight they deserve to lose 100.

Haven't posted in a while but have enjoyed the Sluger and CB show! Look, I've been an O's fan since 1954 (yes, I was 8 at the time). This is the most disappointing year I've ever seen. I think that's because the entire team, the entire organization and even the fans have become used to losing and expect to lose.

We, all of us, who care about the O's are in a downward spiral of negativity and we don't have anyone to lead us out of it.

It is depressing to watch Os games. I haven't looked at the numbers but we have to be the worst team in baseball since the all star break. Remember then? We were only 6 games under .500 and were playing much better. There was hope we could end the year with 82-85 wins. What happended?

Please don't say the bullpen was worn out. I think they just don't have any talent. When Hendricksen is your best bullpen pitcher... well you see my point.

How do we turn this around? We have some pieces. Weiters, Roberts, Iztarus, Reimhold, Jones, Markakis, Pie, Matuez, Tillman, Bergensen are keepers. That leaves 15 spots to fill. We can't turn over that many spots in one year, so we'll probably keep Andino, Wigginton, Scott, Hendricksen, JJ,and 3 other relievers. That leaves 7 spots.

We need two corner infielders and I agree with Slugger we need to target two and outbid for their services. That leaves five spots.

I agree with everyone who says we need a veteran, proven starter. Again, target the guy and outbid for him. In fact, trade some prospects for a proven winner. Just get ONE to lead the way. Hernandez, Berkin, Arrietta and the forgotten lefty are not ready-yet. In fact, I'm not sold on Tillman and Matuez completely but let's give them a try. You can add Guthrie as the number 5 starter. Three slots to fill. You need a backup catcher. 2 slots. Relievers. Target 2 and outbid for them.

I do not know who the free agents are but based on your posts if Figgins is available ok. If Fielder is available, by all means.

We desperately need a manager who does not tolerate a losing attitude. I don't know who is available because it seems all the good ones are taken. If there is someone out there, target him and get him. You know who I'd love to see get the job? Joe Morgan!

Joe Morgan is insane

Tom, is that a script for the MLB segment of How Not To Be A GM? Perhaps a standup routine?You are actually adopting the 'outbid for them' strategy? And applying it to relievers? The two fools from a few years ago tried that, remember?
Ok, even the Yanks, Red Sox or Angels don't outbid anybody for relievers... Who would you be bidding against? Other idiots who think like that?

Desperation should not lead to dumb. 8 years of dumb has got them to this point.

Hernandez is not to be trusted.Once again, struggling with the bottom of the order.
Doing his part on the Drive for 100.

CB Coach-
You sound like a bright person and optimistic. Spend some time in the warehouse and you would feel differently. When was the last time the ownership had a civil unscripted conversation with the fans? Or the employees? Or the players?
Or the media? Eli Jacobs was more forthcoming and at least he had good people in the front office working hard to keep the Orioles from becoming a civic embaressment.

jim66 is right.FA impact players DO NOT want to play in Baltimore no matter how much money the Orioles are willing to pay.This is a big problem for AM.Don't look for any FA signings this winter.Improvement will have to come via trade and Andy knows it.


I am involved.

They do have conversations with the players, from Andy down, Angelos has relationships with several players and he was really liked by a lot of players all over the league back in the 90's for his one man show of not having strike players come in. I do not know any owners that have open communications with the fans. I believe that Andy MacPhail is one of the best at communicating with the fan base, scripted or unscripted. That is a good thing. Actually Jacobs was the opposite.

In his 1994 book The Baltimore Orioles: Forty Years of Magic from 33rd Street to Camden Yards, Ted Patterson made the following observation of the new majority owner:
“ Jacobs was a New Yorker with a flat personality who found it awkward being in the public eye. Winning and losing seemed inconsequential. He used the Orioles as a vehicle to entertain and impress high rollers in government, business, and entertainment."

Unfortunately for the franchise, the tragic neglect of its scouting department and farm system, which actually began under Williams, would continue as Jacobs was reluctant to spend any money on improving the operations. On the field, the team seemed to revolve around Cal Ripken, Jr. and not much else. The only positive was the opening of Oriole Park at Camden Yards in April, 1992 creating new revenue streams for the Orioles.

Most people forget Angelos spent a lot on players before, most did not work out for the long term, he basically just got stung too many times. But he is trigger happy on managers and GM's to the point good managers that are in demand will not come here if their current position(s) has solid ground under their feet.

I disagree that the Orioles cannot get the free agents to come here. There are less teams that can afford to pay in these economic times. The bigger problem is the free agent talent out there at this point. There is one number one starter now, and three or four closers, not much else for pitching. Corner infielders are thin on numbers also. and I will be the house that Wigginton will start at third next year, or Mora will restructure and play maybe 70-80 games then they will move Bell in. I would rather see them go after Figgins, as I said previously but who knows if that will happen.

I know of what I speak also. John A spends more time in South Beach, Saratoga, etc. then he does at the warehouse. There is no team president and when they had one, Joe Foss was an empty suit. The team gets nothing done because the 'ownership' is never there.

Other owners and team Presidents do communicate with the public. Larry Luchino has a weekly radio segment in Boston. John Henry gives interviews all the time.

MASN is run like an 3rd rate organization. Ask the peeople who work for them.

Jacobs has people in the front office who are now heads of departmnets and VPs on successful teams all over the league. Angelos drove them all away and though there are people who work for the Orioles
who are very quailified, the leadership is a joke. They aren't allowed to do their jobs and there is no support to make it a better organization.

By the way, when Pat Gillick wanted to trade Bonilla and Wells to get younger and keep the team moving forward, Angelos nixed the trade. Sure they made the playoffs, but who is to say they wouldn't have with the trades. The end result was they left, we got nothing, Gillick quit, Johnson, etc. That was downfall of the Orioles.

Oh, if you are saying Angelos spent money and it didn't, it is only because he signed players like Albert (I need to sign him beacuas ethe Yankees signed Bernie Williams again and I I will show the Yankees) Belle.

Lastly, Jacobs winning percentage as and owner blows away Angelos'.


What is wrong with South Beach? Where would you rather spend your time? John tried to throw in his ten cents and build a fantasy team years ago, he is not running the team, MacPhail is, trying to build for a future, but the plan is not working now, does not mean that they cannot get better.
The fact is that if they do not want to trade top prospects they have to go after free agents.

Also I never said I did not like Jacobs, but also I do not put him on a pedestal.
And people seem confused that it was Jacobs that led the Orioles to Camden Yards, when it was really Edward Bennett Williams. Anyway it is all good, the owner is who he is.

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